1. So at first can you introduce your band, members (age, hobby, work...) and tell us how you met each other?

Hello, and thanks for the interview. The band is Lonewolf. My name is Chris, I play guitar and contribute vocals. Matt sings. Eric plays bass. And we are between drummers at the moment. Matt and myself are bartenders, and Eric does some mysterious job involving large buildings and fixing shit. We’re all too old to be playing in bands, but we still do it anyways haha. As far as hobbies, the usual: drinking, talking shit, etc.

2. When and why came decision to start the band and why the name Lonewolf NYC?

We started the band due to a severe lack of good Oi! coming out of NYC. In the 90’s NYC was, in my opinion, the best skinhead scene in the USA. Times have changed, people have dropped off, and now there’s only a small core of skinheads in the city. Basically Offensive Weapon was the only real skinhead band playing out anymore. So we came together to fill that void. The name comes from the idea that even when your backs against the wall, and everyone turns on you, you still stick to your guns and go out fighting.

3. I know your drummer is playing in Klase Dirigente...have some other members any experience in playing in different band?

Yes, Eric plays bass in Carnage Krew, and I play guitar in Offensive Weapon and Criminal Intent. Our former drummer Nico plays in Klase Dirigente and Venganza Tatuada. We had Skip from Wolverines filling in on drums for us for a bit.

4. You have release some songs on Boots on the Streets and Werewolves of the Night II compilation plus split EP with The Wolverines...can you describe the cooperation with the labels (Street Rock, This Means WAR and United Riot Records)?

All the labels have been great to us as far as I can tell, especially working closely with United Riot, being they are from our hometown. Scott from Street Rock is a really nice guy and very professional. I haven’t had much personal contact with WAR, but I really like their label and am very happy to work with them.

5. Can you describe your songs and their topics for our readers?

Our song topics run the gamut of topics from the downfall of values in our society, to hunting down pedophiles and other scum, to the violence of everyday life. We try to write songs that aren’t the typical “oi oi boots fight drink” lyrics. I personally am very interested in politics and I hope that some of that shines through in the lyrics.

6. Can you also specify your sound little bit?

Our sound is raw and stripped down skinhead rock. I don’t like to call it Oi, due to all the bands out nowadays bastardizing that term with their safe and gentle, feel good bullshit.

7. Do you prefer vinyl or CD´s and why?

I personally prefer vinyl. I’m a huge record collector, and I think vinyl just sounds better and looks cooler. But nothing against cd’s, as long as the music is getting out there.

8. What are your musical influences? Do you prefer US or Europe bands and new breed or older ones?

Our musical influences run the gamut from classic RAC and Oi, to the 90s NYC Oi bands. Our major influences include: Brutal Attack, Vengeance, Skullhead, Combat 84, the Betrayed, Infa Riot, mostly the 80s British sound. The first Oxblood 7” was a huge influence on the raw sound we tried to capture on our latest recordings. We all listen to hardcore as well, but I don’t think much of that shines thru in the music. I prefer mostly the classic bands from the 80s, whether they be European or American or Japanese, but there’s current bands out there that I really respect that are killing it including: Legitime Violence (best live band I have ever seen hands down), Aggroknuckle, Beyond Hate, the Wrongdoers, Skinfull, Kategorie C, Lemovice, TMF, Legitima Offesa, Pitbullfarm etc.

9. Can you tell us something about 211 Crew and other friendly crews (from Battalion 49, etc...)?

211 is my family and a stronghold in NYC, as well as other parts of the country and even the world. B49 is another crew out in NYC, which we are friendly with. Basically the only crews the matter here.

10. You come from New York, can you briefly describe the life there and what should we see there from the tourist and skinhead tourist point of view (like bars, venues, bands, pubs...)?

The skinhead scene is pretty small in NYC nowadays, although it’s had a bit of resurgence from where it was in the mid 2000’s. There´re some bars in Brooklyn that are ok, if you don’t mind being crowded in by hipsters. Venues are next to none for our type of music, for a while we were putting on shows in the back of a pizza restaurant! There’s a huge 2 day festival in May we are putting on which would be the time to visit! Contact United Riot Records for details.

11. Are you follow any team from NY in some kind of sport (baseball, football, soccer, hockey, basketball...)?

I and everyone in the band are huge hockey fans, we follow the Rangers. I don’t really follow many other sports but the other guys do.

12. What about the gigs...it is difficult to find a place for playing in your city?

It’s gotten extremely difficult to find place to put on gigs here. Antifa is on a witchhunt, and try to shut down every show we put on. But we’re smarter than those keyboard warriors, and through secret venues, not announcing the venue until the day of, etc. we have our shows go on without a hitch, albeit only a few times a year.

13. Do you know anything about Czech Republic...?

I’m not too familiar with your country sadly, but I do love Czech pilsner!

14. Plans for the future...

Hopefully just playing more gigs and releasing more records. I’d like to see the American real skinhead scene grow stronger.

15. Last words...

Thanks for the interview! Look out for more from us in 2015.