1.                 Hi so at first can you please introduce your band, members, your hobbies, etc…

Hello!!! We´re Luisma on the guitars and vocals, Rober on the bass and Rene on the drums. Luisma played in a lot of bands in the nineties and Rene too. I ( Rober) also played bass in punk rock bands and toured around Europe. The band was on hold for 3 years but now we´re back again to kick some asses!!! We want to play again rock and roll for the skins!! Football, beer and chicks!!!

2.                 How did you find Guadaňa and why you choose this interesting name?

We started into music 20 years ago so Guadaña is another band in our large background. We´re going to record a full length soon so now we´re taking it seriously. We liked the name for it´s relationship with the death, the grim reaper, etc….

3.                 From the album we can recognize that you are fans of Real Sporting de Gijón. Is it difficult to be a fan who doesn´t just sit and eat sausages? Have you got some problems with your fans attitude in your personal life?

The cd released thru Crowbar records is a little tribute to our team. We love Sporting de Gijon so we wrote some tunes in it´s honour. We´re hooligans not fans. We hate that wankers!!! If you love your team you must be a hooligan! Yes! We had a lot of troubles with the police in the past. A lot of fines…..

4.                 Are you supporting Against Modern Football movement? And what about fireworks on the terraces? I think that your biggest rival and enemy is Oviedo, is it true?

Yes!! Denitively!!! We hate modern football and all it´s fucking laws. Can´t stand why we have to support this shit. Fireworks were great! They gave the terraces an atmosphere of chaos and violence. Rock bands use fireworks in their concerts so hooligans must use it again!

Oviedo is a city of pussies. They don´t have hools. They don´t have pride. They only have crappy rock bands for queers.

5.                 Your music doesn´t fit to typical Spanish scene, was it intention? Or it is just coincidence?

Yes, you´re right, our music doesn´t fit to the Spanish scene. We like rude bands like Almighty lumberjacks of death, Haggis or Limecell so we try to sound more aggressive than the typical Spanish bands which are more classic Oi. We love classic bands like Cock Sparrer, Skrewdriver, Last Resort, etc… but we also enjoy Antiseen, Murderer´s row, Tattooed motherfuckers or The Corps.

6.                 Now question about political arrangement of Spain. Are you for strong united Spain or for more or less autonomy of some regions like Catalonia or Basque. And how does this work in Asturias?

That´s a “really difficult to answer” question. Umm Let me tell you that I´m really tired of politics. Asturias deserves more autonomy. We´re tired of centralism of Madrid but we still want to be united.

7.                 Are you oriented with your music just on football fans or do you play on Oi! and Punk actions?

We play for hools and for punks and skins. We don´t give a fuck about left or right wing. We´ve play on football parties, skinhead gigs. We know how to play and we give them a good rock and roll show.

8.                 How does the scene look like in your city? It is difficult to organize gig there? How often do you play live?

We´re from Gijon but now we´re working in Brussels. In Gijon is not difficult to organize concerts. There´s a lot of gigs of punk rock but there aren´t any skinhead concerts. There was two cool bands: one was Reconquista a right wing oriented RAC/ Oi foursome which recorded 2 albums. There was another called Oi N´ast but now they´re disbanded. They played Oi rock in the vein of Ultima thule and Perkele. I heard  the singer and the guitarrist started another proyect called Sambre in a more folk/punk style. There a lot of bands of other styles like Matadero (our brothers in hooliganism!!!!) playing death-punk.

9.                 Do you know anything about Czech republic?

Yes I´ve been there two times. I´ve been in Prague, Brno, Pardubice, Turnov, and other town near the border in the north near the pass. I know that Viktoria Plen is going to win the league for the first time in his history in the year of it´s centenary isn´t it? I know Orlik, Buldok, The Riot, Pandemia, Godless Truth, etc…There are a lot of good bands there.

10.             Plans for the future?

Recording a full length, trying to find a label to release it, touring around Europe, drink beer, fuck and fight.

11.             Thanks for interview and last words for our readers…

Thanks a lot for the interview!!!!!! Backstreet Battalion rules!!!! Cheers!!

Interview was done by Okoun