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The latest news:

New Patrons album

x_1458_patrons_paranoid.jpgOn CD is out new album from The Patrons called Paranoid Nation.
Author: Peddy  • Date: 06.09.2018

Split from Sabotage and No Heart

x_1457_artwork.jpgOn Rebellion Records, Bords de Seine and Longshot Music will be out split from Sabotage and No Heart.
Author: Peddy  • Date: 05.09.2018

The latest reviews:

Arogants - 1

DIY - CD -

1151_arogants.jpgDebut album from Arogants which hail from east part of Bohemia contains two record sessions – Epizode 1 and 2. Difference is that the 1st one was recorded with two guitars. Both contain 6 and 6 songs. Boys have experiences with playing on deifferent bands like Driák, Everyday Hate, Svarog, Todleto Rebels or Out of Control so it varies from punk, Oi! to HC and you may hear and feel in their sound. There are ultra melodic songs like Skinhead Rock´n´Roll ort he last one against war Nezažiješ, Nepochopíš – No Experience, No Understanding (which has acoustic start and you may hear keyboars in it), but also harder stuff like the first one Arogants, Závidíš (You Envy) or Loser Skinhed. Singer has really nice vocal and he knows how to work with it so you may hear many levels from melodic to rough, guitar has nice riffs and you may hear that guitarist likes harder music (but there are also solos like in Timebomb), bass in the background with the steel sound (like in Pijavice – Bloodsucker). I really like song Pokrytec (Hypocrite) with nice singalong like from Normals?! Lyrics are both serious (like Čikatilo or Nezažiješ, nepochopíš) and classic topics like Working Class, way of life (Žádný vyzrálý blues – No Mature Blues), fun on gigs (Arogants), violence (Vem ho tyčí – Hit Him with Bat), etc… Booklet was done by tlustej Tony so whole stuff is in comix/cartoon style, inside are lyrics in Czech (English version can be found on their bandzone), short thankslist and band photo from the pub. Nice debut.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 18.09.2018

Mean Streak - s/t

Shout Proud/Bambule Records - EP -

1150_mean_streak.jpgSo I really don´t expect this line up. So Garry Hodges (4Skins) on vocals, Deptford John (Combat 84, Exploited, UK Subs) on guitar, Dave Reese (The Straps) on bass and Mark Hannan (The Crack, The Blood, The Elite) on drums. EP is limited to 500 copies – 100 on white vinyl on Shout Proud Records and 400 on black vinyl on Bambule Recordz (which is label of the band I suppose). On EP you may check four songs called Mean Streak, See No Evil, Still Angry and You Don´t Know Me. If you expect classic British sound you expect it right but it is more clear then in the past. Garry has also more covered vocals compared with older albums. I really like B side of the EP especially song Still Angry when band describes that even they are older they are still full of rage. You Don´t Know Me reminds me B-Squadron stuff and second song See No Evil is like from 4 Skins. Inside is some band photos plus long thankslist. Main cover is done very simple – brick wall with band name. Who likes classic stuff will surely look after this EP, I think that Bambule Records version will be still available.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 17.09.2018

The latest interviews:

Hammer and the Nails


Author: Peddy  •  Date: 15.03.2017



Author: Peddy  •  Date: 23.01.2017

The latest gigs:

x_425_sab.pngInfo: Sabotage in Slovakia

x_424_krestPRaha.jpgInfo: Praha