Paris Violence - L'âge De Glace

Islika Productions/KB Records - CD -

1251_pv_ladg.jpgIn 2020 celebrate Paris Violence 25 years anniversary of the band and they have released some stuff in re-edition and this is one of them. Album was originally released back in 2001 (as 9th album of the band) and now it is out CD in digipack through Islika Produktion/KB Records and on LP through Common People Records. Both versions have new cover art (and on both albums is booklet with original art which I like more) and songs are remastered. Together you may check 10 songs in their classic style of Oi! wave – keyboards, amples, acoustic guitar, solos, etc.... (check the beginning of Psykhouchka or Troisième Nuit Dans La Bagnole for example). Compared to current records this is little bit rawer and twenty years abbys between the records can be heard mainly on Flav´s vocals which are rougher. In that time only Flav recorded all instruments. Topics of the songs deal with history (Proti současným nahrávkám kapely je tohle trošku hrubší, přecejen odsup dvaceti let je poměrně dost a nejvíce je to asi patrné na Flavově vokálu, který prostě kdysi zněl hruběji. Taky to byl pouze Flav, který v té době nahrával všechny nástroje. Témata songů se týkají opět historie (Paris Commune for exaple in song Raison d´Etat) or lonelines of man in modern city which looks live but finally it is desert (Dur d´etre un ange) or the time when idols fell (Le crepuscule des idoles). In booklet are all you need – lyrics, photos, pictures plus a few words about the record (all in French). Classic.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 09.02.2021

The Choice Few - One Way Street

Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl - LP -

1250_ch_f.jpgThe Choice Few is new band with Mike (Last Crusade, Victim´s Choice, Thankless Graft or No Heart) in line up which came from Vancouver, Canada and this is their debut which will be released through Rebellion/LSM. On album you may check seven songs including cover Nobody Loves Me from The Letters (which was originally released as a single in 1980). LP will be out in the middle of February and it is limited to 200 black and 300 silver copies with lyrics and download code inside. Tha band plays in five and their music is mixture of pub rock, glam and sreetpunk. Do not expect hard and heavy and fast stuff, melodies are slower, guitar is without booster with some nice tunes and solos (just check the first song on B side Ain´t Got a Clue for example) plus covered vocals (first song Out on a Tenner for example). If you check the title song (which is really slow :)) One Way Street on youtube you will recognise how the whole album sounds. It is hard to pick one songs which is above the other but I really like Start Anew with perfect melody and vocals in strophes. If you like above mentioned bands plus some mod stuff like Giuda or Hard Wax, this is exactly for you.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 03.02.2021

Komintern Sect - Plus Fort Que Tout / Quand Meurent Les Légendes

Combate Brutal Records - EP -

1249_ks_ep.jpgThe first ever (!!!) single EP of this French legendary band (founded in 1981) is out limited to 200 copies (100 with black and 100 with sivler cover) on Portuguese label Combate Brutal. Both songs are from the first era (1981 – 87) – first song Plus Fort Que Tout (Stronger than other) is from Les Uns Sans Les Autres album from 1986 and Quand Meurent Les Légendes (When Legends Die) is from Dernier Combat from 1985. Song on A side is absolute anthem, singalong, ultramelodic, call it as you wish…simply perfect piece from the beginning till the end and it was chosen right for this single. Second song is harder (mainly due to vocals) but in refrain it switches again on more melodic level. Inside is paper with lyrics, poster (different in every version) and short comments to both songs from singer Carl. Graphics of the cover is perfect again (as usual on Combate Brutal stuff). Content is not new so I leave it without rating but I really love whole album graphics, old photos and whole idea to put some songs from them on 7´´.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 02.02.2021

Savage Beat - New World

Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl - LP -

1248_sb_nw.pngSingle sided LP of this Dutch melodical band is limited to 600 copies (all in black but 150 with red, 150 with silver and 300 with blue printed band logo on picture side). On A side are 5 songs with around about 16 minutes playtime and you may know song Trapped from split EP with Death Ridge Boys. The band has already released one album plus some singles and splits and in their line up are musicians who are/were active in other bands (just check previous reviews). On the song New World is preparing videoclip All songs are in great rhythm with steel sounding guitar with perfect solos (Trapped, All Bars In Town, New World) or melodical riffs (League of Fools). You will also hear some singalongs for sure (Trapped). I really like the second songs League of Fools and the last one how to drink the city dry – All Bars In Town. It reminds me some songs from Buzz Off! (because of tambourine in Killing Time) or faster Hard Wax. It music which you can hear again and again and it didn´t become boring. Add perfect graphics (the picture on not playing side of the LP) and you have another perfect release at the beginning of 2021.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 20.01.2021

Live by the Sword - Exploring Soldiers Rise

Rebellion Records - LP -

1247_lbts_esr.jpgSecond full album from this Dutch/US project is called Exploring Soldiers Rise and it limited to 500 copies (400 clear with blue/silver splatters and 100 black). On LP you may check eight songs with epic names like A Glorious Iron Blaze, Into a New Dark Age (which is nice slower song and you may check it on, Scars of the Ages (demo version of this song was released on flexi disc two years ago) or The Inevitable Fall. From the song titles you may see that the band (or specially Wouter who is responsible for music and lyrics) is interested in history, battles and other musical styles from viking rock to metal (just check his solo guitar almost in every song). It is hard to pick one or two best songs but I really like A Glorious Iron Blaze (with perfect vocals mainly in refrain plus nice guitar) than Whispers of a Vicious Kind with nicely distorted guitar at the beginning and next one The Inevitable Fall which are both fastest songs from the LP or The Great Mountain with perfect main riff and dramatic pause before the end. In booklet are pictures from Michiel Eikenaar (who was singer from Nihill who passed away two years ago) and from Johan Pregner who is also into dark arts. This is perfect album which combines catchy streetrock, viking rock and epic metal into tasty musical cocktail. Great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 19.01.2021