Antisocial Skinhead Club - s/t

DIY - CD -

1243_assc.jpgNew German band which has released their debut album in DIY style on CD and LP (both 300 copies) is made from five guys and some you amy know from other bands. Bassist Ian is from Buzz Off!, drummer is from Schusterjungs and guitarist Schlick plays in Sorry No!, Insidious Skins, Brachial or Backstreet Firm. Most of above mentioned bands play typical stomping German Oi! with some faster ska touches. Music of ASR is little bit different (but also faster ska motive is there in song Vinyl). Rhythm is middle/faster and two guitars are perfect so you may hear nice tunes in songs like Hoch in Ehren, Angepasst, Ausgebautet or in Out Of My Way. Vocals are not rough but shouted. On album are 13 songs – 8 in German and 5 in English including covers from Vengeance and Brutal combat with their lyrics (Für die Skins – Pride and pain and Skinhead). This choice may show you what you should expect – 80´s with all the roughness and sincerity. This can be heard in music but in lyrics aalso which are about skinhead cult and all the stuff around – pride, music, drinking, memories, friendship, etc....On cover are band members and isnide are lyrics and some other photos. Graphics is similar to releases from Sorry No! so I think it is done by the same person. If you like classic sound and above mentioned bands with some mode melody this is excatly for you.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 26.11.2020

Núcleo Duro - Noites de Terror

Combate Brutal Records - LP -

1242_nd_ndt.jpgNúcleo Duro is hooligan band from Lisboa and if you are checking BB regularly you surely know reviews on their four EP´s - Sporting Hooligans, Má Onda, Ódio Eterno and Botas which are all released through Forca Bruta Discogs between 2011 and 2018. Noitas de Terror is complete discography and you amy check 16 songs on the LP. EP´s were strongly limited and the LP is limited also – 2x 100 copies with different cover (black and gold) The band plays slower and raw Oi! with keyboards in some songs (Sporting Hooligans, Má Onda ,Sempre a Combater, Freak) or saxophone (Ódio Eterno). Because you may check BB for reviews of all EP´s I will not write too much about them here. Musicaly it is similar to bands like Warboots, Klase Dirigente, Combate 49 or Portuguese project Gume, but with harder sound. Cover is perfect (as usual on Combate Brutal stuff) – there is paper with llyrics, pictures, photo of Sporting Lisbon firm plus history of the band (but just in Portuguese). Nice discography composed from things which are hard to buy on one LP. I am interested if they are still playing and if they are working on some new stuff.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 24.11.2020

Anti Clockwise - Volume 6

DIY - EP -

1241_acw6.jpgSixth four song EP from Magdeburg band is out in 300 copies – 250 in their classic comix graphics and 50 with their friend Krauti on in who has also song dedicated to him there. Both vinyls are green. On EP are four songs – Sind Wir Die Letzten? (Are We the Last?), Für Krauti (For Krauti), Mieten Runter, Loehne Rauf (Rents Down, Wages Up) and Strassenkoeterblond (Street Blonde). First song Sind Wir Die Letzten? has nice singalong refrain (like Buzz Off! for example) and nice guitar and bass tunes and it ask the crucial question if we are the last generation which will attend the gigs and cause troubles sometimes….hopefully not. Second song is dedicated to their friend Krauti who is almost on every gig here and there with band or without and really enjoy everything (and we can prove it that Krauti is really perfect guy and friend). Third piece is about classic topic which is solved almost by anybody that the half of your money goes on living and rent and it is the fastest and shortest piece from the EP. Last one is classic “skingirl” song. Since the EP Vol. 4 they have two guitars and it can be heard on the sound and all those solos and it reminds me Templars singing in german. Booklet is standard – lyrics, short description of the lyrics and photo from the gig. ACW is getting mature like wine and this EP proves it for sure!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 23.11.2020

Ihle - In Allerbester Jesellschaft

Ihle Records - CD -

1240_ihle.jpgIhle is band from Magdeburg with members from Anti-Clockwise and this is their debut album which can be translated like In the Best Company. I think the band gives someway a tribute to the beginning of the skins and punk subculture in old DDR (photos in booklet, song titles, …) and bands like Daily Terror or Deutsche Kinder. Musically it is harder and faster then ACW and it doesn´t have the “Templars” feeling and the sound is more into 80´s punk. Together you may check 13 songs in German and one of them is with Czech refrain and it is called Ahojky Kamarádi (Cheers friends) and it is dedicated to Czech bands (Neparkovat Vjezd and Normals!?) and gigs here in Czech which band likes to visit in passive or active way. Other songs are about history of German skins in DDR (DDR Skins 1 -3) and their problems with Stasi or about the fact that Germany skins are different then English ones and all the things around spirit of 69 and clothes looks like fake. Some songs criticize consume way of life which sometimes infiltrates punk, etc… In last song DDR Skins 3 are in lyrics mentioned songs from bands like Troopers, Fasaga, Rabauken, Daily Terror, etc... Cover is done as a digipack with lyrics and photos from 80´s - skins, suburbs, factories, etc… My German language is nothing special so the lyrics are deeper for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 20.11.2020

Pressure Trap - Walls

Oldschool Records - CD -

1239_pd_walls.jpgSecond album of this Polish mod beat band is out on Polish label Oldschool Records (do not confuse it with the German one) which is releasing bands such as The Analogs, Lazy Class, Zbeer, etc... First album of the band was called All-Nighter and it was released two years ago in cooperation with Contra Records. The band plays in three pieces and CD contains 10 songs in English (some of them can be checked in the youtube channel of the band CD is done as a digipack completely in red color with lyrics and band photo and musically it is really nice and melodic music in the line of The Manics, Cock Sparrer , etc… In song called Bombs you will hear keyboards and two tone guitar, in Pleasure Trap is nice change in rhythm from slower to faster and back. In Needful Things is noce fast rhythm and perfect guitar solo. Lyrics vary from serious topics like the fact that you don´t have to play roles which society wants you to play (Roles), walls (imaginary or real) which are built between poor and rich (Walls) or war which affects those who are not interested (Bombs) to personal things and feelings like in songs Pressure Trap or Red Rose (with keayboars again). I don´t know the band before but it really worth listening if you like melodic stuff.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 16.11.2020