Doubling Boys - Bide Luzea

Primátor Crew/No Turning Back/Tough Ain´t Enough - EP -

1121_db_ep.jpgDoubling Boys is five piece band from Basque country which has already released CD Denbora Aurrera Doa in 2010 for example and this album is also out on LP through Primátor Crew. The band plays quite long (their debut was released in 2006 and the band was founded in 2004) and this is their first new stuff since 8 years (line up changes, etc…). EP contains three songs - Bide Luzea on side A and Skinhead and Bad Reputation on side B. Cover can be translated like Long Way. EP is limited to 500 copies, it contains insert and it is out due to cooperation of three labels. First two songs are in Basque language, third one is in English. If you like slower Oi! with nice vocals and melodies, bass solos in the background and singalong refrains, you will receive this from Doubling Boys In their songs Bide Luzea and Skinhead. The last one Bad Reputation is fastest and it contains playful rock´n´roll guitar. Again I have to say that native language fits more to the bands and Doubling Boys proves it again. I do not know much about the insert because I have just electronic copy but the cover is done well. If you like melodic stuff like Codi de Silenci, you will love this. Nice one!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 16.02.2018

Para Elite - Do What We Do

Streetrock Records - LP -

1120_pe_dwwd.jpgThis is the last album of the US band Para Elite which was released in 300 copies (100 black and 200 red/black) on Streetrock Records. The band was disbanded because singer Sean moved into another state. On LP you may find seven songs (including re-recorded Don´t Wanna Hear, which you may know from split with Total Annihilation and cover He´s Red from Skullhead). So it means five new songs which are called Do What We Do, Take It or Leave It, …to You, Funeral Pyre and One Voice in the Crowd. Line up is similar as on previous album . four pieces with one guitar., but the guitar is really great with solos (just like in Don´t Wanna Hear or the last one One Voice in the Crowd). The guitar is really cool and it sounds differently in each song. I was quite surprised with the song Take It or Leave It with keyboards and tambourine which is into mod beat sound like Secret Affair or The Manics. Some songs have nice rock sound like the first one Do What We Do. Lyrics are about giving back the cult and Oi! into the right hands and about the fact that we don´t really want anyone to told us what to do and what should we think (Do What We Do, Don´t Wanna Hear), about the fact that we don´t want and we can´t be what we are not (Take It or Leave It), song for those who don´t give up the fight and who still stand against all (…to You), about dying nation which is led by fools (Funeral Pyre) or about the fact that you should face the problems and you should not hide and keep on slowly dying every day (One Voice in the Crowd). Inside is paper with lyrics, band photos and thankslist. Are you into pure skinhead bands with no compromise attitude – so check Para Elite.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 14.02.2018

Nalkas - Rock´n´Calle

Total Noise Records - EP -

1119_nalkas.jpgNalkas is brand new band from Chile (city of Puerto Mont) and they have two Orgullo Sur members in line up (singer and guitarist Willy and bass player Carlos who helps also on vocals). On Total Noise Records is out their debut EP (but as 12´´) with four songs in Spanish - Perdedor (Loser) and Los Mejores Tiempos (Best Times) on side A and Nunca te Dejaré (I´ll Never Leave You which is in spite of romantic title about booze :)) and Rock´n´Calle (Street Rock) on side B. The band plays in four and they have two guitars. Sound of the band is more dense to me then Orgullo Sur (just check the beginning of Los Mejores Tiempos, which has also great solo guitar at the slow beginning and fast end) which is done by the main guitarist Alex I think. Guitar is really plaful and in each track is nice solo. Most of the songs are in middle rhythm but the last one Rock´n´Calle is the fastest and Nunca Te Dejaré is most melodic. If we compare them with Orgullo Sur (which are really melodic) this band is little bit more melodic then them and Spanish language really fits into this kind of music. Vinyl is black and inside is paper with lyrics, band photos and photos from the Puerto Mont area. Nice piece. By the way some songs are on youtube.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 05.02.2018

Victory - S.O.S.

Pirate Press/Oi! the Boat/Rebellion/Longshot Music - LP -

1118_victory_SOS.jpgAfter some singles, split EP´s and compilations is finally out LP from this five piece band from Minnesota. It is out on CD version but also on LP – 1000 copies (100 black, 250 white/blue, 250 blue and 250 white/blue splattered). Together you may check 13 songs but Enemy of the State you amy know from split EP with The Clichés, Midwest Unrest from Voice of America 3 and Piss and Whisper (with catchy refrain and nice bass solo) and The Crew from The Code single. So it means 9 new songs. Music is playful and you should expect typical US OI! sound with singalong refrains and choruses (like in True Breed or Piss and Whisper). Song topics vary from historical ones (Silver Bayonet about the battle in Ia Drang valley which was one of the first battles in Vietnam), across songs about the friends who are not here anymore (Frank´s Song), about big brother NSA and their eyes which are everywhere (Enemy of the State) to the songs about their crew (The Crew) or drunken nights (One Last Chance). To the S.O.S. song is also official video which you may see here and together with Cut Throat these are two hardest songs from the LP. I really like the cover which is put into patriotic style – personalized Statue of Liberty and sign Victory on the back side which is made by Marines. Inside is paper with lyrics but I miss some band photos. So first LP from Victory with few songs from their previous releases with great cover and nice playing time. A must have for the fans of US sound.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 31.01.2018

Tango 14 - Kioskos, Bares Y Tribunas

Mendeku Diskaks - LP -

1117_tango14.jpgTango 14 is punk rock/Oi! band from Argentina (Boulogne in Buenos Aires province) which is really into football. This is their second album, first one was out in 2012 and it was called Esto es Nuestro. This one is called Kioskos, Bares y Tribunas (Kiosks, Bars and Terraces) is out just on LP on SPanish (or better to say Basque) label Mendeku Diskaks – 500 copies, 400 on black and 100 on white vinyl. Album has been aleready released back in 2014 as a part of the Union y Difusion zine. On album you may check 10 songs in Spanish. I didn´t know about the band before so I was quite curious what style they play. Musically it is really soft, slower and ultramelodic style which will reminds you (also because of the football topics) Vanilla Muffins (but they are faster and they play just in three pieces - Tango 14 plays in five) or slower songs from Orgullo Sur and Salud Por Los Skinheads album. I can hear also poppy Oi! sound like Welcome to the Real World from Business or pub rock influences. Do not expect anything hard/heavy, expect smooth vocal, clapping of hands or slower guitar solos. I will hardly pick up any favourite or best song because most of them are slower anthems like Argentina with nice refrain, Che Barrabrava, Brasil 2014 or Es Mi Vida. Songs are quite long - (playing time between 3:14 and 4:34). Cover is also fine – photo from the terraces, inside are lyrics and long thankslist.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 30.01.2018