Núcleo Duro - Botas

Força Bruta Records - EP -

1162_nd_botas.jpgFourth EP from this hooligan band from Lisboa (whose 1st EP was released back in 2011) was released again on Forca Bruta Records and this black cover is limited to 69 copies, second version – green is limited to 50 pieces. If you have problem to imagine how sound hard, cruel and brutal Oi!, just take your time and listen to Núcleo Duro. You will hear also keyboards (like in songs Sempre a Combater and Freak) which gives to their music special feeling (but I will put there also saxophone like on their Ódio Eterno EP) and sometimes too much distorted guitar (Freak). The sound is in the traces of 80´s/90´s French bands like Warboots mixed with US latino Oi! like Klase Dirigente or Venganca Tatuada. Together you may check four song called Botas, Sempre a Combater (Always Fighting), Freak and Curva Sul (with great bass). Cover is done in very simply (as usual compared to their previous EP´s), inside is paper with lyrics plus photo in the background with boys from Curva Sul in action on the pitch. I really do not know more about the band, just their email. Cruel, hard, true, fuckin´ limited and the best release they´ve done yet!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 10.12.2018

Boot Boys Social Club - Obrazy smutku

DIY - CD -

1161_bbsc_os.jpgThird full album (and fourt official release) from BBSC is out again in DIY style and it is called (Pictures of Sadness). There are some line up changes again – second guitarist moved to bass. Together you may check 10 songs in Czech. After the first hearing I have to say that this is the best album they´ve released! Music is calmer middle rhythm (so do not expect some heavy stuff), guitar is playful (just check songs Obrazy smutku, Parazit, Divadlo loutek or Naše zem) and I really like Vlasta´s vocals which is not hard or rough and it fits well to the music. Album has also great lyrics which are meaningful and serious so occupation and its consequences (from the Russians point of view - Ие КоLопII, USA – Okupant - Occupier or both - Studená válka – Cold War), hard 50´s when communist system were destroying everything normal around (title one Obrazy smutku – Pictures of Sadness), drugs (Divadlo loutek – Puppet Theater), celebrities which are “famous” just due to their scandals (Produkt doby – Product of the Time) or distorted picture of skins which you know from media (Skinhead Story). Most of all I like Naše zem (Our Country) which has slow beginning just with bass and the title one Obrazy smutku. Booklet is also best from the stuff they´ve released – all lyrics, hand-drawn thematic pictures and band photo. Since 2012 when they have released their debut album they have done a lot of work which end in this album which is really great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 05.12.2018

Facção Opposta/Asedio - s/t

Combate Brutal Records - EP -

1160_f_o_asedio.jpgSplit EP of Facção Opposta from Portugal and Asedio from Spain is out on Portuguese label Combate Brutal Records in two versions – (black and white cover in 100 copies plus 20 testpressingsú. Each band has there two songs in their native language. FO has there songs Inveja (Envy) and Rapazes Desta Nossa Europa (Boys from our Europe) and both songs can be checked on youtube. Asedio has there songs called Hinterland and Dottore Della Peste (Pestilance Doctor). FO are more experienced so I will start with them. In those 8 years since their first release they grow up like wine and they invented their own dark sound in middle rhythm with nice bass in background, great singlongs and guitar solos which can be heard in both songs. Solos are in both songs but in Rapazes Desta Nossa Europa is great Joao´s vocals in many levels. In Inveja is great refrain. Asedio are playing in five pieces (but on photo are just four members) and the name means something like Siege (cover is done according to the bands name). They have already release two albums (both on Mendeku Diskak). Vocal is not rough like vocals in FO and they music is not so dark. Guitar is also playful and their tempo (or rhythm of the drums) are is faster and more classic then FO. This EP has also big hole in the middle, inside are lyrics, photos and all done in black/white colors. Great split EP from Iberian Peninsula and I really check previous stuff from Asedio. Great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 03.12.2018

Volver - Burning Bridges

AMTY Records - CD -

1159_volver.jpgVolver is three piece punkrock band from Sweden with members from Gatans Lag (Peter) and Oldfashioned Ideas (guitarist Nicklas) and this is their debut album but on song A Mind of My Own is official vide from 2015 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ak5XvwvNtIk. From the beginning the band shows that they know how to play fast songs like I Don´t Care (hardest song from the album I think) and Drop Dead (which are more into Oldfashioned Ideas style), but mainly they play melodic stuff like Forever with accordion at the bregining, Final Goodbye with some acoustit parts (which reminds me Saturday´s Heroes or Dropkick Murphys), Society, which is totally great and for me one of the best songs from the album or the last one The Stories and the Songs which is fully acoustic. I have to say that it is really great and guitar solos in some slower songs are amazing (No Excuses, Where Do We Go, etc…). There are many parts just with the vocals and guitar which I really like. I have just digital version of the album so I don´t know much about the cover. I really recommend it to all those who likes slower and melodic punk rock.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 30.11.2018

Subculture - Tales from Promise Land

Rebellion Records/Crowd Control Media - CD -

1158_subculture.jpgSubculture is the band which comes from Cambridge and this is their first official full album after 35 years on the frontline. They have released many singles/EP´s (like the last one called Ain´t Done Nothing Wrong from 2015 released on Contra Records) and compilations (like split with ABH from Captain Oi! collection). From the above mentioned single is there song She´s so… Their music is melodic and vocals are covered like in song Snake in the Grass with nice vocals part at the end or in song The Clock. There are some songs which reminds me clockwork band Foreign Legion (like Devil Dog and Hark Hark which sound like Smiling Assassin in some parts due tu significant bass and two tone guitar). In song Babylon is great bass solo. Last piece is called Beautiful Pea Green Boat, it is just with guitar and the title is also nema of new wave/dark wave band from the end of 80´s. Hardest songs (if you can say it) are the first one Shipwrecked or Are You Angry. Many songs has spoken intro from the news or something like that. Old sound in new clothes but without the lose of nostalgia.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 23.11.2018