Battle Ruins - Glorious Death

Rock´n´Roll Disgrace - LP -

1138_br_gd.jpgSecond press of second official full length album from this Boston based band is out on Rock´n´Roll Disgrace now on blue vinyl and limited to 500 copies. Band is lead by Brendan and whole bunch around bands like Hammer and the Nails, Boston Strangler, Rival Mob, Stone Dagger, Lovely Lads, Peacebreaker, Magic Cirlcle, Mind Eraser, Soul Swallower, etc… The band plays in five pieces and they´ve started their career in 2009 with cassete, then came single and first full album. Since that time they become cult (just look at the prizes on discogs) and there are also three bootlegs of their songs released as three singles through Battle Ruins Fan Club. On this LP you may check eight songs and three of them you may know from promo cassette released last year - Glorious Dead Lay Under Waves, Slain Stripped Skalped and We Are the 10th Legion. Most of the songs are in middle rhythm (so do not expect any doom metal) with nice Brendan vocals with nice high tunes (Same Enemy, Atomic Fire or the last one The Day the Idols Fell) and great solo guitar but there are also faster pieces (Below the Black Sun and Slain Stripped Skalped). Do not expect any kind of cliché – these lyrics are about war (from Rome through Hiroshima to Vietnam), suffering, evil, glory, etc…and be ready for the fact that each song is a top one. Top of tops are for me Atomic Fire and We Are the 10th Legion. Inside the cover is paper with lyrics and picture of dragonship. Really cult album and full points from me!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 30.05.2018

Tachanka - Vengeance de Classe

Mendeku Diskaks - EP -

1137_tachanka.jpgTachanka is band which comes from Brittany and this is their debiut EP which title can be translated like Class Vengeance. Also the band title is quite unusual and it is machine gun pulled by horses. EP contains four songs Une Historie Qui Finira Mai (Story which Ends in May), Né Pour Être Chomeur (Born as Unemployed), Tous Des Salauds (All the Bastards) and title one Vengeance de Classe. Music is slower and sound is quite depressive, dark and post punk and most of all it reminds me Portuguese project/band Gume. At the end of the first song you may hear also female vocals. Most of all I like the second one Né Pour Être Chomeur with nice guitar solo and refrain. Next piece Tous Des Salauds is most melodic mainly in refrains. Guitar has great steel sound in all sounds. Whole EP can be checked here I do not know nothing more about the band and cover. Really cool release because of the gloomy sound and thumbs up for Mendeku Diskak for releasing such bands
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 10.05.2018

Hostile Minds - Life on File

Union Records - EP -

1136_hostile_minds_EP.jpgLife on File is EP from Hostile Minds released last year on Union Records (which is probably label which belongs to Hostile Minds). On EP you may check four songs. It is opened with No Fucks Given (with Carl from Komintern Sect on vocals) followed by Life on file, Diehards (there is a clip on this song and All our Lives (there is also clip on this piece The first song kicks your balls - it has nice refrain and I really like the French part which refreshes the song. At the end is great guitar solo. Title piece Life on File is shortest one and whole song is underlined with higher guitar tunes. Diehards is another killer with significant vocals. Last one steps out of the line because it is ultramelodic singalong (in strophes Tom is supported with drummer vocals and in refrains sings whole band) and it is more into stly of Hard Wax (where Tom plays also). Cover is black/white and on the backside is band photo. Inside is EP on black wax. All songs can be checked on Great stuff.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 03.05.2018

Bakers Dozen/No Quarter - Bootboty Rock´n´Roll

Olifant Records/Askania Productions - CD -

1135_bd_nq.jpgSplit EP of two bands from British Isles is out due to cooperation of Olifant Records and Askania Productions is called Bootboy Rock´n´Roll. Each band has there six songs. CD is opened by Bakers Dozen from Scotland. The band was founded in 1995 and they made up their own style based on Jon Scott vocals. On bass is playing Gordy from On File. Their part of the album is opened with song Just a Boys Game, followed by great tune One for the Ladies, then we have Streets Run Red with Anger (for me the best song from Dozen) against all who are denying rising crime and violence on the streets, then came Witness Protection, Re-Invented Man about all the so called skins who knows everything from the books and internet and Sex Tourist about those who are travelling for the payed pleasure. Second band on the split is No Quarter from Birmingham, which are younger but they find their way to their listeners. Their music is fresher and more aggressive and you may hear it from the first song Bootboy Rock´n´Roll which hits you with classic rnr sound. In similar way is the next piece We´ll Never Be Beat which is about band story. Then came Pack Mentality which was released as digital single before, 2013 is about the band and their lives in Birmingham back in that year and last but one Council Scum. Last song on CD is called Play it Loud and it is from glam rock band Rabbit from Newcastle where used to play original AC/DC singer Dave Evans by the way. In booklet are lyrics and photos. Both bands perform their best on the CD and I have to recommend this album for sure. By the way No Quarter are going to release brand new album called Society Falls.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 23.04.2018

No Heart - Can´t Get Out

Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl - LP -

1133_no_heart.jpgNo Heart is new band from Canada (city of Victoria in British Columbia) and they members used to play in bands like Last Crusade nor Thankless Graft and you may know them from the split 12´´with Aussies The Opposition. This is brand new album released through Rebellion Records/LSM vinyl with 10 new songs on it. According to the cover the band plays in three pieces and their music is powered by guitar with no booster effect which sounds like steel and which reminds you bands such as Templars, Righteous, Crown Court, Veros, Janitors, early Perkele (Voice of Anger) or Legionaires for example. Most of the songs are hard and straightforward like Can´t Get Out (which is really into Templars), faster Better Way, Come and Gone (with nice solo guitar), Face in the Crowd (great drums and part with bass + drums) or Do it Again (with one of the best songs from the LP due to breaks and singalong refrain). The band knows also slower songs like Same, Left for Dead or Standards. Vocal is rougher but not so much and guitar is really playful. Cover is done quite simply but I think bands wants this. I can´t speak about the inside because I have just digital copy. Great LP which will not bore you for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 20.04.2018