Albert Fish/Crucial Change - s/t

Esnaquiza!/ Can I Say Records - EP -

1144_cc_af.jpgSplit Ep of Portuguese band Albert Fish (which have so many splits that I can´t count) and US Crucial Change is out on Portuguese labels Can I Say Records and Esnaquiza!. Each band has there two songs in English - Dead City and Plastic Age from Albert Fish and Forgotten Identities (which will be out also on The Fire Next Time album) and Why We Fight from Crucial Change. Albert Fish´s side should be played on 45 RPM. First song is slower melancholic piece about city concrete jungle where rats with angel wing shiting on people :), second one is faster thing about current material world where people need nonsense things for being happy. Albert Fish are playing in classic four piece line up. Crucial Change plays also in four but bassist Tyler sings (or singer Tyler plays bass :)). Their side should be played on 33 RPM. Songs are slower and technicaly more advanced. The lyrics are far from their previous albums but the sound stays the same. Both songs are about nation, oppression, capitalistic values which stand on building a career and necessity to fight against it. In first song is nice guitar solo and in second one nice bass solo. EP is limited to 300 copies on black vinyl, inside is paper with lyrics, photos and line up. Nice one!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 13.08.2018

Rogue Trooper - Class Decline

Rebellion Records - LP -

1143_roguetrooper.jpgRogue Trooper are four piece band which came from Massachusetts and this is their second official release. They have already released EP called Boots on the Ground and demo. From the demo you may find here re-recorded song called Army of One. Both demo and EP can be checked on Together there are eight songs. Music is hard to describe – there are fast songs like the first one The Squeeze (can be checked on but also slower pieces with nice guitar and melodic vocals like Army of One or Structural Steel but also rock stuff - Where are the Townies with nice part at the end of the song. Other songs are Class Decline, Tough Shit, Head Aginst the Wall and Rebel Without a Job. Sound is more to older bands but its quality is clear. Graphics is in the style of their previous stuff – simple black/white cover. Nice album with hard to compare sound.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 09.08.2018

Fuerza Bruta - Verdugo

Rebellion Records - LP -

1142_fuerza.jpgThis is repress of album called Verdugo (Executioner) which was released in 2017 throug Under Watchful Eyes and Foreign Legion (two presses) and which was sold out really fast. This LP is limited to 1000 copies (500 bronze, 300 black and 2000 red/white - enemy blood inside bone white vinyl :)). Band comes from Chicago but they sing in Spanish. Together you may check 8 songs and in some you may hear also keyboards (Nación Dividida - Graphics of the cover can be compared to bands like The Detained, Battle Ruins, Hammer and the Nails or Shipwrecked and yes, their style can be compared also (thye played together on gig in Berlin). Band plays in five pieces and it can be heard in sonfgs like Asocial, Hijos de la Calle (Street Kids) or in Verdugo. In line up you may find guitarist Ian, who has experiences with bands like Snake Handler, Lost Legion or Korova and who is responsible for the synths mentioned above. Inside is also insert with lyrics. Graphics is same as in the first press and cassette. Great piece and high amount of pressed copies I good for those who hasn´t got the first versions. Super.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 08.08.2018

Pulhas - Velha Guarda

Bigorna Records - EP -

1141_pulhas.jpgEP from Pulhas which was originally released in 2016 as CD single on Zerowork Records is out now on vinyl on Bigorna Records. There is review on CD version so if you check the history you may find it and find there also facts about the band, members, etc… So on side A is song Velha Gurda, on side B song Pulhas. EP is out in three versions – silver one limited to 50 copies and black and white one, both limited to 90 copies. Cover is nice rip off of Skinkorps classics. Songs were recorded in 2014 and according to insert they should be out on vinyl in 2015 which is year before the CD single. Inside is done in the way you expect from Bigorna Records – lyrics, photos, thankslist and nice insert. Song Pulhas is faster one with spoken vocal (except in refrain), Velha Guarda is darker and more into the unique sound of Gume with nice guitar solo. Title can be translated like Old Guard and it is about people who were born and lived in the real not in digital age and whose opinions are not hidden behind the PC. CD version wa for 7 points, this will be for 8 and I would like to recommend it to all fans of Bigorna releases and dark sound.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 20.07.2018

v/a - Total Noise #1

Total Noise Records - EP -

1140_total_noise_1.jpgOn Total Noise was released compilation EP with bands like Aggro Knuckle, Orgullo Sur, The Prideful and Battle Cry. Two of them (Prideful and Battle Cry) has recorded extra song for this EP, AK and Orgullo Sur has there songs which were already published (on split CD with Booted Cocks and on maxi EP). These songs are called Forward and Ruinas Del Estado. Prideful has there Burn the Red Flag and Battle Cry Won´t Go Away. Prideful sound is really rough, tempo is faster and guitar tune before strophe and after refrain is great. Title of the song is quite clear. Battle Cry from New York are plying little bit rougher and the song topic is also clear – golden times of skins which are coming back. Ruinas del Estado you may know from 2015 review. EP is closed by Aggro Knuckle and their fast metal sound and English which can be checked just with the lyrics sheet. Cover and also inside graphics is done in style of the original Total Noise EP released in 82 with bands like Dead Generation, The Gonads, The Business and Blitz. Ok so two new songs two previously released songs but from albums which are difficult to order. I hope that Total Noise will release some new stuff from Orgullo Sur, Battle Cry or some unreleased stuff from Prideful (like Riding the Storm for the unreleased split with Pressure 28). Inside is paper with lyrics and Total Noise plan for releases and also photo/logo of each band. Nice compilation numbered as 1st label release released now in 2018.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 29.06.2018