Strike First - Wolves

Rebellion Records - LP -

1222_sf.jpgStrike First from Atlanta was built on the ashes of DDC which were going to release brand new album this year. So instead of this there is a debut record from Strike First released on LP (100 black and 200 splattered) From DDC there is singer and guitarist Wynn who played also in Fatskins. On LP are 8 songs including Bring It On Down from Oasis (in harder version) and re-recorded version of Fight Like Hell (about fighting the cops) which was released on split with Assault and Battery in 2015 (and I think there is different singer). Song The Enemy can be checked on You should expect perfect streetrock with nice guitar/guitars and playful bass and singalongs (check the last Wolves for example). It is hard to pick some song which is above the others. The first one Unbreakeable is anthem dedicated to all friends and family which are behind you, next one Dead End Boys is about all backstreet kids, The Flame is about the spirit which is inside you no matters how old are you and Dirty Kids which is similar to Dead End Boys. Inside is paper with lyrics, photos and destroyed bomber. Perfect streetrock!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 02.07.2020

Albert Fish - Live Ericeira

Fightback Records - CD -

1221_af_le.jpgLive album of this Portuguese band, where Rattus is on the bass and which came into some line up changes (female vocals instead of male ones) – vocalist Ines from Nostragamus and Booby Trap sings, is out now on Fightback Records (which are responsible of Clockwork Boys, Gimme Five or 53A releases in the past). On drums is Saavedra who play also in Falcata and two guitarists – paulo (which is band for quite long time) and Alexx. Record was done in august 2019. Together you may check 19 songs including two covers - Angústia from Censurados and Puto de Rua from Opiniao Pública. Other songs are from all albums like Strongly Recommended, Ao Vivo Na Feira Mix, News from the Front or split Friendship with Blind Alley Dogs. So you may check their hits like Sindelar, City Rats, The World is Ours Tonight, Do it All Again or Future for example with female vocals and in raw version due to live recording. You should expect nice punk rock in middle rhythm but Innes knows how to shout (just check songs like the las piece called Broken System or Politrics with melodic/shouted changes in her vocals). Instead of covers are all songs in English. Booklet is two pages with photos from the gig and sound is OK because the band is playing for quite long time (first album was recorded in 2002). I leave it without rating because it is live gig but I will look forward to their new records in new line up.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 30.06.2020

Stealers - Never Enough

Rebellion/Stolen Stereo Records - CD -

1220_steal_ne.jpgThis Dutch band has already released two albums and one EP and this is their third full length pice and it is called Never Enough. In band you may find Rudo from Razorblade on guitar. Compared to their previous albums they have just three piece line up and main vocals are now sung by bassist Jesse. On album you may check nine new songs in English – see album teaser All nine songs are in perfect rhythm of dirty and raw rock´n´roll with touches of Rose Tattoo, Carburetors or Nashville Pussy. I really like songs like slower Little Bit then Shoot the Man Down, Ride, Game and the last one Crawling with perfect start. Who likes sharp guitars (riffs or solos) and rnr vocals with all those yeah stuff this is just for him (again check the teaser to hear it). Cover is done similar to previous graphic – gangsters in masks, guns, etc… I don´t know much about the inside because it is just in electronic format.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 29.06.2020

Roials - Zeit zu Handeln

FK Produktion - CD -

1219_roials_zzh.jpgAfter thirteen long years came this band from Dresden (which is playing for 25 years) their third (or better to say fourth) album called Zeit zu Handeln (Time to Act). Compared to their previous album (and also compared to their live gigs) they have change on vocals and bass but they are still in four pieces with only one original member Timo on guitar. Album is out on CD (digipack limited to 500 copies) and LP on FK Produktion with 11 songs in German language including instrumental intro (which has nice western touches and acoustic guitar like Ghost Riders in the Sky). In some songs you may hear fast two tone guitar (Überzeugungstäter – Persuader and Fuck You). Sound is typical German Oi! in middle and time to time faster rhythm with singalongs and nice guitar tunes (for both just check Egal or 25 Jahre). Lyrics are about friendship (Alter Freund – Old Friend), things around band (Wir sind die Roials – We Are the Roials and 25 Jahre – 25 Years), tabloid news which media presents to cover up the real problems (Egal – No Matter), results of drinking (Nie wieder – Never More) or about the fact that we don´t care what sheep think about us (Fuck You!). I like songs Alter Freund, Nie wieder or Therapie. In booklet are lyrics plus photos. I really like all their previous stuff and I am always looking forward to see them live (playing and also have a drink with them). Great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 22.06.2020

No Quarter - Society Falls

Askania Productions - LP -

1218_nq_sf.jpgSecond full album from this Birmingham band was released on tape and CD back in 2018 on Askania Productions and now in 2020 it is out on LP (300 copies on white vinyl). The band has released also EP, some compilations and split with Bakers Dozen. On CD and LP are 11 new songs but the graphics is different (cover of LP is taken from the photo in CD booklet). They are playing in five and Jedd is now just on vocals except songs The Kids Aren´t United and Fuck Your Agenda where he is responsible for slide guitar (which I love). Songs are faster and you may hear it nicely in songs like Society Falls, Facemelter (with perfect solo guitar) or Fight or Flight. There re also slower stuff like Adam Johnson (which is dedicated to ex football player who is now in jail due to sex with underage girls), Heads Held High or Taxi Driver (with nice refrain). Topics of the songs are downfall of society where everything weird is excused by democracy, cowards (Facemelter), poseurs and so called original and true skins (Yellow Lace Brigade with nice rnr riff, The Kids Aren´t United and Try Hard), killing taxi driver (Taxi Driver) or sung history of the band (last song That´s That with acoustic guitar and which is the best song from the LP together with the first one). Booklet of the CD is done better for me then paper added to LP but on both are lyrics plus band photos. One of the best new breed British Oi! bands mainly due to the rhythm and solo guitar. Really great album!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 05.06.2020