Battle Ruins - s/t

Rebellion Records - LP -

1319_brLP.jpgSecond repress of the first full album from Battle Ruins is out on Rebellion Records. Original version is from 2014 and first repress from 2016, both released on Rock´n´Roll Disgrace. Numbers are same as on EP repress – 450 clear with splatters and 300 black. ON LP are seven songs (4 on A side and 3 on B side) and they are called Regain And Conquer, Slaughtering The Wolves Like Sheep, Streets Run Red, Hate Wheel, The Coming Of The Beast, Immortal Assault and Black Eyes Of Revenge. From the titles (and from the intro with burning fire) are clear again that this will be about fights, battles, fortresses, swords, axes, etc… This is the first piece I ever heard from Battle Ruins in the past and I have to say that this really made my day. Especially the A side which is perfect. Most of all I like Hate Wheel which is about Hannibal´s victory in Battle of Cannae and the first piece Regain and Conquer. In the last song Black Eyes of Revenge you will hear also acoustic guitar. Cover is done again as gatefold with lyrics, photo from battlefield of Cannae and band photo. Perfect again!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 29.05.2024

Battle Ruins - s/t EP

Rebellion Records - LP -

1318_brEP.jpgRe-edition of this Boston based band EP which is out on Rebellion as LP and it contains all four original songs (Blood Eagle, Traitors Stomped Out, Warpaths Ahead and Heart of Fire and Stone) plus two bonus tracks Cut Bloodline and Cold Iron Death from cassetes and demos. LP is limited to 300 black copies and 450 clear with splatters. Original version is from 2010 (Rock´n´Roll Disgrace), repress is from 2017 on same labal and it really cost much now. Cover is done as a gatefold with lyrics and band photos. Now to the music. I think it is not necessary to introduce Battle Ruins. For me it is phenomenon. Lyrics about wars, battles and fights from Roman Empite to nowadays (this EP is mainly about Viking times), Brandan´s perfect vocal (who is not afraid to use high tune levels like in Traitors Stomped Out or Heart of Fire and Stone), NWOBHM influences on guitar and totally non-cliché attitude towars the music. Brendan has experiences with many projects from HC, punk through hevy and black metal. If you compare these EP with later songs of the band you will realize that this EP has the fastest thythm. All songs can be checked on youtube, so try them if you don´t know them. Perfect!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 14.05.2024

Ultra Sect - Rose of Victory

Rebellion/Turn Up the Oi! Records - LP -

1317_ultra_sect.jpgUltra Sect is band hailing from San Francisco, which plays in four, but with two guitars. This is compilation released on Rebellion Records and band label Turn Up The Oi! (which is also song on the LP). On side A are songs from War of the Roses (2018) EP and on B side from Final Conquest (2019). If you did not know this fact you never recognise any sound differences between the sides. Two guitars can be heard in the songs straight from the beginning – just check solos in Built at Last or Class Hate. Guitar is perfect also at the end of Turn Up the Oi! I really like song Stolen Lands which is the hardest from the LP for me and I can say that whole B side is little bit harder compared to A side. Lyrics are about historical topics (Violent Acquisition, Power through Victory and Stolen Lands), about hard life and strikes (Built to Last), classic topics about “way of life” (Turn Up the Oi! and Modern Nights). LP is limited to 150 black copies and 350 gold ones. Graphicaly it is perfect, with lyrics and photos inside. I will leave it without rating because it is “just” compulation of two EP´s.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 09.05.2024

Horda - Odeio Pessoas

Combate Brutal - LP -

1316_horda_odeio.jpgSecond full albim from this Portuguese band/project is out again on their home label Combate Brutal in two versions limited to 100 copies each and each with different cover. Title of the album can be translated like I Hate People. Together there is ten songs in their native language and except classical instruments you may hear also saxophone and keyboards, which I really like! Playtime is around about 23 minutes. The first song Morte Lenta (Slow Death) kicks you straight into the balls – fast rhythm, saxophone, perfect bass line and rough vocals. Second one Batalhas (Battles) continues in the same line and the other songs on side A Parasita and Bootboys (with perfect shouted refrain) also. Mundo de Betão (Concrete World) which is the last piece on the A side is slower song with keyboards. Side B is opened with Regeneração (Regeneration) which starts also with keyboards and bass and together with the previous one these are the best songs from the album. Then came Código de Honra (Code of Honour) which is faster, Boneco (Puppet) withs poken word, Nós Contra Eles (Us Against Them) and the last one Odeio Pessoas (I Hate PEople). So the rhythm is slower and keyboards and sax gives rto this album really 80´s Oi!/RAC spirit. Inside is A2 poster with perfect graphics, lyrics and thankslist. If you like Combate Brutal production and bands like Núcleo Duro or Gume which aren´t afraid to do experiments with sax and keyboards and which have really dark and gloomy sound you will love this album. It´s a pitty that this is (probably) just studio project.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 15.04.2024

Strongarm and the Bullies - Drive On

Rebellion Records - LP -

1315_satb_do.jpgAfter19 (!!!) years came this band from South California with brand new full album. In line up are just two original members (singer Eric and guitarist Jared) plus Caleb on guitar, girl Chalon on bass (Toughskins, Bedlam Knives) and drummer Chris (Voodoo Glow Skulls, Autorithy Zero). On album you may check 12 new songs of perfect streetrock with faster tunes (Shit Show, Sail Away), melancholic ones (blues pieces My Disease, or the beginning of White Crosses which came later into standard rhythm), r´n´r stuff (Fame and Fortune, Sinner of Saint, Red, White and Blue) and in the last song Honor Among Outcasts (which is one of the best pieces from the LP and which is about the fact that we don´t need your plastic smiles, credit cards and houses because it is all fake) you will hear Twisted Sister and their We're Not Gonna Take It. Interesting is the fact that the band built their own studio for recording. Cover is done by Johan Prenger (wolves on the front side of the album) and Ramon (who is responsible for the iron fist and the rest). LP is limited to 5000 copies (250 black and 250 transparent red), inside is paper with lyrics + band photos. This has really great drive!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 12.02.2024