Svornost - Volání rodu

Palin Records - CD -

1185_svornost_volani.pngAfter 15 (!!!) years release Milosek second CD from his studio project Svornost. On previous album were 4 songs and now on this one are 7 songs including Intro and CD is called Volání rodu (Calling of Tribe). Album was released due to support of his friends but we can hope that there will be some other stuff released on Palin Records. Music is again out of the focus of his original band Operace Artaban. There are mainly female vocals (again you may know them from OA), playful guitar (played by Zelenka who recorded first two albums from OA) and keyboards. 15 years ago there were differences in music and lyrics compared to Operace Artaban but nowadays it is just music (just check their last album and song Člověk proti světu – Man Against World). The title of the album and also the songs show ((Volání rodu, Dokonalý svět – Perfect World, Úsvit naděje – Dawn of Hope, Obránci a tvořitelé – Defenders and Creators, Balada o víře k přežití – Balad about the Faith to Survive and Ostrov domova, lásky a vlastní krve – Isle of Home, Love and Own Blood). CD is very patriot and idealistic and topics of the songs are about defending Europe and European values, better world and other ideal stuff. Playtime is around about 21 minutes and songs Intro, Úsvit naděje and Balada o víře k přežití (both just with vocals and keyboards) are about minute. I really like the last song which is the hardest and you may hear latin recitative there. Booklet has just two pages with photo of European cultural heritage and short dedication in English. In the background is picture from the Battle of Tours where Charles Martel won against Arabians and Berbers. I really miss the lyrics especially their English version because when there is English dedication the non Czech listeners will want to know what are the lyrics about and this project is mainly based on lyrics. Fine piece which is not for everyone because of the musical focus.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 26.06.2019

The Hawks - Faith and Truth

Total Noise Records - LP -

1184_hawks.jpgLP compilation called Faith and Truth from Japanese band The Hawks contains three songs from 2017 demo CD (on CD is also Intro) and six songs from split with Legitime Violence Respect and Honor East Meets West but some songs (like Jazzy, with its swinging rock rhythm, Don´t Give up Right Way or Mi Wo Tsukushi) can be known from demos, EP´s or CD singles. You may know them also from compilation Don´t Give up Right Way released on This Means WAR five years ago. So together you may check eight songs in Japanese plus Case of Pride cover from Skrewdriver. LP is limited to 250 copies. Music is perfect, catchy, singalong, vocals are changing and supporting each other and there are also plenty of guitar and bass solos. Just check the first song Mi Wo Tsukushi or the next one Kiiroi Ookami (Yellow Wolf). Third one Makoto No Koe has in some parts (like refrain Your Voice, Your Pride, True Voice) the fastest tempo and rhythm (HC/metal influencesú but in some parts it is pujre singalong just with vocals and drums.nejrychlejší tempo i rytmus (trošku z HC a metalu), ale v jistých částech se to hodí do halekačky, kde jede třeba jen zpěv a bicí. In last piece Sakase Kimi No Na are also keyboards. Inside is paper with lyrics (just in Japaneese) and photos from the gigs. Cover is done similar as the demo CD. Again I will not rate it because it is similar to This Way Is…Right Way compilation from This Means WAR but I am really glad that it is out on European label.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 27.05.2019

Grito! - Maldicao

Zerowork/Bolhao/No Exceptations Records - CD -

1183_grito_maldicao.jpgGrito! is streetpnuk band from Portuguese city Oporto which was founded back in 2010 and this is their third full ablum (they have also split EP with Albert Fish). CD was released due to cooperation with labels above and it is just in papr cover. The band recorded this album in three pieces but it didn´t affect the sound and you may check 11 songs in Portuguese (including Intro). Album title means something like “Curse” and in the first song you will catch from refrain that “punk is my curse”. This song can be checked here There are 77 influencese for sure like I songs A T-Shirt dos Ramones or the next one Porto Arder with nice refrain and great loud bass (which has nice sound in whole album). Next great singalong is Último Gang da Cidade (The Last Gang of the City) or Os Putos Estao Aqui Kids Are Here). Last song Porto d´Abrigo is acoustic and I thing that it is some kind of traditional tune. Acoustic is also their song Pirata. And the last song which I like is called Guerreiros sem Armadura (Warriors without Armor). For me really nice surprise from the melody point of view but it’s a pitty that it is just in paper cover but baybe someone will release it as an LP, because it is really great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 23.05.2019

Gol Nord - Llevant U.E. Rock´n´Oi!

Prevail - LP -

1182_golnord.jpgThis is repress of Spanish football project with members from Glory Boys, Riot Squad and Shaved Dogs which is out on Prevail Records. Original version was released on CD in 2006 and on LP in 2007 on Dim Records. Current version is out in two different colors and two different covers (which I like more then original one) plus test pressing (with rip off cover from Tolbiac Toads). On LP you may check 14 songs (including Intro) with 7 covers from 2 Minutos (Todo lo Miro), Dimple Minds (Durstige Männer), Dire Straits (Walk of Life with keyboards at the beginning), Zóna A (Cervena Armada), Skinkorps (Vive la Biere), Cockney Rejects (Hate of the City) and Sham 69 (Ulster). Covers and also their own songs are put into football topics which deal with their club Levante UD founded in 1909. Band plays in five pieces and you can really hear it…covers are great but their own stuff also – just check songs like Forca on Tour, Sempre Presents or Llevant + Alcohol with nice refrains and singalong melodic music but also heavier things like Llevant U.E. Skinheads or faster 3u24. Inside is paper with lyrics, photos, short story of the band (just in Spanish) and two postcards. In some songs didn´t fit lyrics to the song title but when you pay attention you will get it. Who likes Glory Boys, Mercancias and other Spanish bands will like this project because simply it is Glroy Boys with different vocalist. Nice reedition on quite new label which started to release top quality records!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 22.05.2019

Marass/The Nitters - Punks not Red

Olifant Records - EP -

1181_marass_nitters.jpgSplit EP of two Polish bands which are singing in their mother tongue was released in 2018 on Olifant Records and i tis limited to 300 copies (150 with this and 150 with different cover). Each band has there one song called Punx Not Red. Nitters song is taken from their one and only album from 2007 called Nic Nas Nie Paca, song from Marass is released just on this EP. Nitters music is more technical because they are playing in five pieces, tempo is middle and whole song is underlined by short guitar solo. Interesting fact is that this song was covered by Stavros for his project Spirit of Patriot. Nitters vocals are more sang and not shouted like Marass vocals. Marass recorded this song in three pieces and guitar and bass was recorded by one person. Song is faster due to thy drum rhythm and there is also one guitar tune which lead you through whole song. Both songs deal with the problém that reds want to influence punk and your opinions. Bot lyrics are on the back cover of the EP. Fine stuff with typical Polish sound.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 14.05.2019