Top Dog - Razor Reg

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music - EP -

1080_rr178.jpgAfter full album and single comes Top Dog with brand new Ep called Razor Reg. It contains four songs - – Razor Reg (check it on, Our Turf, The Riff Raff and Fear No Foe. First song is dedicated to famous ganster from the 60´s whose name is known by everybody and I think that it is about Reggie Kray. Song starts with nice steel bass. Second one Our Turf is about the quarter of town or land where do you come from. Third one The Riff Raff is about life of man who was born to bad conditions and it follows him during his whole life – troubles and jail. The last one Fear No Foe contains steel bass again and there are vocals from other band members. In each song you may check some small guitar solo, sound is rawer and vocals is more shouted then rough. This EP continues in their previous stuff and I like more side A (first two songs) then side B. Cover reminds me Sin City graphics and in the figure I see drawn Marv. Fine.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 26.05.2017

Concrete Elite - Iron Rose

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music - CD -

1079_rr177_1.jpgFirst full album of this Texas self-propelled howitzer massacre is out on well known label combination on LP and CD. On album you may check nine songs called Stronger Than Ever Before, She's A Hammer, Death Drums, Men At Peace, Last Of The Gang To Die, Iron Rose, No Filth All Fury, Arise and Tryhard with playing time around about 23 minutes. In interview the band spoke about the topics of the lyrics and you may feel it since the first song (loss of mother/father). Similar topic is also in the song Last of the Gang to Die swith nice refrain and great guitar tune in the background (both songs are one of the best from the album). If you didn´t know what is brickwall Oi! check any album from Concrete Elite. Rough voice, cumbersome sound, shorter songs (just two of them have more than 3 minutes), HC touches and killer guitars. In song Death Drums is nice ending of the song (tuning down of the instruments one by one). Last song Tryhard has great singalong refrains and song Men at Peace can be checked on Who likes early Razorblade stuff in slower rhythm will love this album. On the album cover is death plus roses on barbed wire. I really like Cocnrete and this debut full length proves it. Killer!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 23.05.2017

Mr. Teddy and the Sidekicks - Born in Wrong Time

Ambrak Crew - LP -

1078_teddy.jpgMr. Teddy and the Sidekicks is Slovak rockabilly band which comes from the city of Martin and this is their debut album released on LP in DIY style (496 copies – 100 red and the rest on black). The band plays in five piece line up with two guitars (main vocals are sung by second guitarist Mako) and they have also saxophone which gave them big beat sound. Together you may check 10 songs in English plus instrumental Intro. Sound is really good and who likes old stuff from The Sharks or The Meteors for example. Swinging and slapping double bass, guitar solos with steel r´n´r sound (which are in each song) and singalong refrains. In song Last Night I hear dark country like Johnny Cash or P.Paula Fenech projects. Lyrics are about classic topics of this genre so dancing (Just Bop, don´t Stop, Shake it Up), drinking (Booze Ale Wine), youth (21), cars and speed (Pedal to the Floor), bad boys (Bonnie and Clyde, Jails) etc… Inside are all lyrics plus many band photos in retro b/w style. I will leave it without rating because I am not too much into this style but check them, they sound good!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 10.05.2017

Kalevan Soturit - Hail Ukko!

Hakkapeliitta/Vikingarock France/Rolling On - LP -

1077_kal.jpgAfter demo CD-R Kaukomieli (check the review on BB from 2016) comes Ari with full LP of this Kalevalan Warriors called Hail Ukko! (Ukko us Finnish god of thunder, harvest and weather). On LP which is limited to 300 copies you may find 9 songs (last one is Kaukomieli which you may know from demo) in their native language. Songs are called Metallisoturi (Metal Warriors), Korven Kutsu (Call of the Wild), …Ja Hän Taistelee (…and he is Fighting), Alakulo (Melancholy) and Mennyttä On (The Past Lives). These songs are on side A. Hail Ukko! (it is not necessary to translate and in this songs you may hear also roaring thunder), Linnavuoreen! (Castle), Kalevan Soturit and Kaukomieli are on side B. Rhythm of the drums is not marching as in other Ari´s projects and again you may hear keyboards, samples and humming, acoustic guitar, significant bass and metal guitar (like in Alakulo or Menyttä On). There are also parts where Ari recites but also melodic singing (like in Kalevan Soturit). Inside is paper with finish lyrics and Nordic graphics (hammers, Vikings, runes, …). Topics of the lyrics are quite clear from the titles – history, mythology, nature… Ari told me that now he will have break and we should expect just some re-releases and compilations. Instead of this LP they release also single EP Valkoinen Myrsky/Eteenpäin.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 01.05.2017

Haymaker - We Are Haymaker

Randale Records - LP -

1076_hay.jpgThree piece Czech/Dutch band Haymaker with Tim (ex Discharger – guitar and vocals), Tiger (ex Saint and Sinners – bass and vocals) and Vlad (ex Disdainful – drums, vocal) released on Randale Records mini LP/CD with six songs in English (including Skinflicks cover – What I am). Tim used to cooperate with Saint and Sinners on Alcoholic Anthem song and with Vlad on song Change the Establishment. Album is opened with We Are Haymaker (video is here, Skinhead (video is here and you may see that the blueprint is similar to Saint and Sinners videos like Keep Hold or Skinhead 4 Life or some Evil Conduct clips – walking the streets, drinking beer, and some shots from the gig) and First to Die (which reminds me most the Discharger songs mainly due to smoother and acoustic guitar and nice refrain – again the video is here On side B are songs Hold on to Your Dreams (no it is not cover from Stars and Stripes and according to the title it is great singalong with passages just with guitar and vocals), then above mentioned cover and tribute to Chicago crew Fear City Skins (which is a big hail to this crew which invite them behind the pond). Lyrics can be guessed from the titles but for me they are not in quality of Discharger´s best Sword of our Ancestors era. Music is surely above average band ant it has all it should have. Tim is great composer with no doubts and also lyricist and that´s why I want to hear more his personal and deeper lyrics in Haymaker´s music. But maybe he has them just for his solo acoustic project. Cover is professional according to the photos and graphics but it is nothing more or less then photo of three lads in front of railway station. Inside is paper with lyrics plus some more photos from the gigs and contact. As I wrote before surely above average music but I miss there THE spirit which Discharger had.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 28.04.2017