Crucial Change - The Fire Next Time

Combate Brutal Records - LP -

1204_cc_fire.jpgFourth album from this Seattle based band is finally out on vinyl (I even don´t know if CD was released because on discogs it is not mentioned) thanks to Combate Brutal Records from Portugal. Compared to the CD there are three bonus songs . – Absolution (released on Oi! the Tape 2), Missing Page and The Choice. Songs like Solidarity, The Watcher, 7/26 and The Final Call you may know from The Watcher tape released in 2016. Song Forgotten Identities was released on split EP with Albert Fish. Together there are 15 songs. The band was reviewed on BB many times so we can skip the introduction. Musically it is perfect and songs are really well done – just check tracks like The Final Call, The Watcher, Hand in Hand, July 26, The Time, etc... There is no weak piece and everything fits together. Lyrics are very critical to capitalist system which is not ok for many workers (songs like Solidarity, Dignity) but also supporting of the Kurdish movement (Hand in Hand) where I have personal problem with the end of the song and shout PKK because speaking about freedom and liberty together with communist party is incomprehensible for me (real communism and other bullshit and craps). The same goes with the song 26thJuly which is about Fidel Castro movement 26-7. Cover is perfect with many nice illustrations from the book Devises Heroiques (1556) which contains many illustrtations for coat of arms or guilds. LP is limited to 200 copies (two cover versions) with paper with lyrics inside and some band photos. Musically it is perfect but there is some ideological shift compared to previous records ( (Legion 33 – Rockin´ the Reds...).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 16.01.2020

Faction - S - s/t

Combate Brutal Records - LP -

1203_faction_s.jpgDemo tape of this French band was release in 2019 on Le Diable Au Corps label and now it is out as single sided LP through Combate Brutal Records. Together on side A you may check seven songs in French and last piece is cover from NY sXe band Judge (which was originally released as New York Crew). In band plays members from well known bands like Lion´s Law, Bromure, Chrome Reverse, Outreau or Tchernobyl. The band says that they are playing negative Oi!. It is middle/slower rhythm with hard vocals and darker sound with light guitar solos. Songs are called Soleil de Plomb (Burning Sun), Zéro (Zero), Croire (Belive), Poseur, Marée Noire (Black Tide), Pierre Tombale and B.S.C. From the first song the band hits you really hard on the chin and it´s a pitty that the B side of this LP is empty. Sound is raw but quality, other members help vocalist Fred in singalongs (like in Zéro or Croire) and bass is really significant (like in Pierre Tombale where are bass and guitar solos together at the beginning). LP was limited to 200 copies (100 with black cover and 100 with white cover). Inside is paper with lyrics plus graphics from drummer Tonio and some band photos. Check them, you won´t be disappointed and bored.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 10.01.2020

Strike Back - MMXIV

Zerowork Records - CD -

1202_sb.pngStrike Back is three piece band from Madrid which has released two albums and one EP and this is their complete discography out on one CD through Zerowork Records. You may find there all songs from Arde Madrid (Fierro Records, 2014 - 11 songs), Alone in the Battle (Fierro Records, 2016 - 4 songs) and About Justice... (Tough Ain´t Enough Records, 2018 - 3 pieces). Most of the songs are in English (instead Arde Madrid – Madrid´s Burning, Mordaza – Gag, Incapaces – Incapable and Bien Atado – Well Tied). The band plays in some songs Chickswick style, in some songs I was really surprised with combination of solos and hard music (like in Unknwon Soldier which sound like a mixtrure of Combat 84/Pöblers United and it is the best song for me or in Traitor), sometimes they sounds like melodic Evil Conduct (We don´t Care) and sometimes I hear viking rock (Beginning of the End). Even they are playing in three pieces the music is perfect and guitar and bass are playing nice solos (guitar in Beginning of the End, Destroy, Divide, etc..., bass in Changing). Lyrics are serious (about nonsense wars, government which act the same and it doesn´t matter if they are left or right, police brutality, etc…) but also fun (for example if you can imagine that on radio is just OiOi music and everyone is a skin). I know the band just by the name and I was fuckin´ surprised because all 17 songs are perfect. Booklet is just one page with band discography. I will leave it without rating because there is no new songs but I will really recommend it to you. Check them!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 09.01.2020

Ultima Thule - Charlataner

Dim/Ultima Thule Records - LP -

1201_ut_charlataner.jpgAt the end of the year this Swedish legend came with brand new album called Charlataner. On LP you may check 12 songs. Last piece is Vikingbalk live, then you may find Swedish national anthem Du Gamla Du Fria (in slow version with male and female opera vocals) and also Jämtlandsången from s/t single. LP is opened with song called Sveket (Treason) with main vocals sung by child. Next two songs deal with Swedish kings - Riddarholmskyrkan which is church in Stockholm where kings are buried and Kronan, Äpplet och Svärdet (Crown, Apple and Sword). These songs are in standard Viking rock rhythm. Next piece is slower and acoustic called Dalvisan with female vocals (different than on other songs – Anna) with nice melodic refrain. Last piece on side A is Nordens Stjärna (Northern Star) which begins acoustically and it came later into normal rhythm. Side B is opened with I Din Syn Så Darrar Jag followed with slower piece Fädernes Kyrka (Religion of Fathers) with really melidc vocals. Slower and partly acoustic is also the next one En Vän För Sverige (Friend for Sweden) with violin. Next one is above mentioned Du Gamla Du Fria (which can be checked on followed by Land du Välsingnade (Blessed Country) which is also sung in opera style with same duo as previous song. Duo is Louisa and Mathias from Balders Lyra. The song is from 1923 and you may know italso from Projekt Gleipner´s single. LP is ended with live version of Vikingbalk from 2019 with Janne Thörnblom. Cover is done as gatefold with lyrics and photos inside from summer gig in 2019. If you love Ultima Thule you will not hesitate with buying this album!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 08.01.2020

v/a - Brasil Oi! Vol. 3

The Firm/Rotten/Detona/Comandante Records/Skin Col - CD -

1200_brasil_oi3.jpgThird part of compilation of less known Brasilian bands contains 18 songs from 9 bands – Brutalität, Escuderia, Hated Kids, Antiporcos, Doc 21, Dedo Podre, Urban Riots, Causa Torpe and Bravure. Instead of the first band Brutaltät and one song from Hated Kids are all songs in their native language. First band Brutaltät plays nice hard music with perfect guitar. Their first song Meaningless Kid was released on spilt EP Skinhead Rock´n´Roll released on Firm Records/Tough Time Music. Second band Escuderia has experiences just from compilations. Their music (and vocals especially) are not as hard as Brutalität but the guiatr is still perfect. Third band Hated Kids has more garage sound and they have released s/t tape. Their sound is more into 80´s poppy Oi! Their second song Sunday is into bovver rock sound. Next band Antiporcos has really punk sound and both songs have been already released. In their second song you may hear banjo. Fifth band is called Doc 21 and they have already released something. Musically it is faster and their second song is into HC. Sixth band Dedo Podre are playing melodic streetpunk (they have split EP with Gimp Fist). Their sou nd is again into 80´s like Cockney Rejects. Seventh band is Urban Riots and they have female vocals in the first song. Sound is more garage. Last but one is called Causa Torpe and it reminds me brazilian bands like Tropel. Last band on the CD is called Bravure and they are slowest from the bands on the compilation. In booklet is just photo from some historical football match and big thankslist. I miss there some small info about each band plus contatct on them because some of them are really unknown. But the compilation is great in genneral because it introduce you some great new breed bands from Brasil.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 06.01.2020