Combat BC/The Tenderizers - Close Alliance

DIY - LP -

1195_combat_tender.jpgDIY split LP of Combat BC with Melanie (you may know her from her previous release Melanie and Secret Army) from German city Köln and The Tenderizers from Belgian city of Brugge is out on 180 g LP limited to 300 copies (first 100 contains songbook from Combat BC). LP is sold out or the prize on discogs starts at 32 Euro. Each band has there six songs English. Combat BC has fine guitar (like solos in Without a Pride or Whisky Song), bass is loud and you may hear it in each song (just check rock´n´roll riffs in Warriors) but the main is vocal – Melanie knows how to shout. Rhythm is faster and their music is full of energy. I really like their last song Wanker. The Tenderizers are playing in five and this is their third release. Music is slower and calmer (vocals are not so raw :)) and two guitars are always better then one. In last song Nothing at All you will hear female vocal in singalong refrain. Sometimes I hear Badlands, sometimes are hear older Skrewdriver (due to vocals especially on their first song called What the Wise Man Says). I really like their song Till the Music Dies (which was released on their debut CD also). Whole LP is manufactured as a gatefold and inside are band photos, song titles and thankslist. On the front and back cover is coat of arms of the city which band comes from. Interesting thing for fans of not so known bands all done in DIY which is not necessary have to be b/w copied cover.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 30.10.2019

Pressure 28 - Way Back Then

Powerfist Records - LP -

1194_p28wayback.jpgWay Back Then is LP/CD compilation which is out on Powerfist (or Break the Chains Records) with 16 (and on CD 17 songs – CD is including cover from YDL Skinhead 88 – Pressure 28) songs. The band is playing since the beginning of the 90´s and they have released just one album (Unified from 2011 which was released after their reunion), one EP in 90´s called Up Yours on Helen of Oi! Records. In 1992 they have released demo tape called Anfum´s. So what are the songs on compilation? The band has appeared on many compilations in 90´s like Oi! the New Breed, Working Class Anhems, Oi! it´s Streetpunk, More Working Class Anhems, Oi! the Next Generation or EP to the zine Skinhead Times. Last two sonfs from LP were previously unreleased – Clocking In and The Lion Still Roars. Because i tis compilation, the songs have different sound quality and most hearable it is on last two unreleased songs. The youngest songs on this LP are from 1995. Lyrics are about John Major´s government which is not so good for working men (Off With Their Heads), songs about cult (Kids on the Move, Oi!´s Alive, We Are the Army), working class (Working Class Man), unexpected future (1993) or British pride (The Lion Still Roars). Mostly i tis in middle rhythm and the music is not so hard. So booklet----perfect. A4 format. 12 pages full of band story, interview, lyrics, posters, discography and many photos plus two postcards. Cover is done in Union Jack version (350 copies) or St. George´s flag (150 copies). If you like the bands from early 90´s like Blank Generation, Boisterous or Another Man´s Poison and you haven´t got above mentioned compilations where Pressure 28 has their songs, this compilation is straight for you.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 23.10.2019

Bloody Mary - Poselství moci

DIY - CD -

1193_bm_pm.jpgThird album from this Brno based punk rockers is called Poselství moci (Message of Power) and it is released three years after their last album and again in DIY style. If you compare their line up with the last one they have change on bass and the rest is the same – four pieces with two guitars. Together you may check here 10 songs in Czech including cover from The Pride called Skinhead Girl (originally it is Princess for One Night). After the first (and also after many) listenings I have to say that the band really grow up and really worked hard on guitars and melodies. Also singer Rorýsek works well with his vocal so you may hear clear vocals (like in (Maskovaní machři – Masked Boffins) but also rougher one (like in the first one Exploze – Explosion). I also like bass which can be nicely heard in each song. Perfect is sonfg called Poselství (Message) with the beginning just with vocals and guitar and which is about destroying of the Earth. In song Přátelství (Friendship) you may hear mr. Špenát from Neparkovat Vjezd on vocals and also the rest of his band in refrains. Topic of the song is clear – friendship which is not obvious nowadays. On this song you may check also official video from 2017 The band knows how to play serious songs (like Hrdina – Hero about soldiers and their destiny which is in slower rhythm, Ráj – Paradise about migration to Europe – with this song the band will surely piss off many people but I think they have already did it :) or Baron which is about prime minister of our country and his communist past) but also funny pieces (like Vánoční – Xmas which is about all mess around Christmas – markets, buying, cooking, drinking and evening with family near Christmas tree or Černobílej svět – Black and White Word which is the anthem of tattoo artists who are putting their art on human bodies). Booklet is nice – lyrics (with mistakes but nobody is perfect), many band photo, thankslist and greetings. Nice album and thumbs up for the band evolution.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 22.10.2019

Coldside - Call for Justice

Demons Rum Amok Entertainment - EP -

1192_c_cfj.jpegOn Dutch label Demons Run Amok Enterntainment will be out EP of US band Coldside (1st November) with three new songs called Call for Justice (side A), Back Stab and Guns Up (side B). EP is limited to 300 copies on gold vinyl. First two songs has around about 2 minutes, last one has První dva songy mají něco přes dvě minuty, poslední asi 1:45. Kapela má za sebou čtyři dlouhá alba, z čehož poslední dvě .45. The band has already released four albums and last two are reviewed on BB. In band are playing ex members from Wardogs or Vietnom so you may expect good ol´ sincere HC. On long albums they have also songs which were pure streetpunk but this is not the case of Call of Justice EP so all three pieces are in hard´n´heavy cathegory. First song is heavy duty steamroller with nice singalongs and swinging/jumping changes in rhythm. Second one is faster and drums are more straightforward and the last one is with (I think) guest vocalist who has higher vocals than Chewface. At the end they are singing together. Cover reminds me the graphics on Euphemism LP from Hard Resistance. Who likes Ryker´s, Tech 9, Madball and other classics of the genre will love Coldside. The band should play in Europe in the first half of November (Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Belgium) but the tour was cancelled so they will play there in 2020.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 15.10.2019

Close Shave - We Are Pariah

Pretty Shitty Town Records - LP -

1191_close_shave_pariah.jpgSecond album in new Close Shave era is called We Are Pariah and on vocals is Lurch who had sung also on 10992 album Lone Riders. In line up is bass player Jeff Jeff (No Quarter), Jedd Baker (No Quarter, Luna Vegas) and Steve Walker (ex Section 5) bnut you surely know these facts. Album was released as LP (white – 2nd press, red and gold version) and also on CD (in cooperation with KB Records). Together you may check 11 songs. I really like second one 20 Years On (which has working title Wedding Bells II) and which is continuation of song from Lone Riders about wedding. This version is about divorce and troubles but also about the fact that no golddigger will destroy your heart again. Next song is called Festival of Hate with nice guitar and bass line, then Come to Brum aboht not so easy life in their city. Side A is ended with nice singalong Plant Pot. Side B is opened with serious song called 1974 which is about bombing the city by PIRA and death of 21 people. Song has slower instrumental start which gets into standard rhythm after 2 and half minute. There is also song about poseurs called Cunts Anthem, then song about how the greyzone is great called In the Great Again where band makes fun from Rebellion Festival and HITS. There is also song about keyboard warriors called Angry Man and the best one for me is the last one called Beginning of the End with perfect bass line. CD version has better booklet then LP (more photos). Inside are hand written lyrics with corrections and drawings . Who likes rock Oi! and prefer Lone Riders instead their early stuff will love this album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 08.10.2019