Östra Aros - s/t

Switchlight/RPO Records - LP -

1188_ostra_aros.jpgSecond album from Swedish band based in Upsala is out due to cooperation of Switchlight Records and RPO Records and i tis limite to 300 copies on black vinyl. First album was called Upsala and it was released just by RPO Records. The band plays in four with one skinhead and three dirty rockers with walrus mustache like Hulk Hogan – skinhead sings and the rest také care about the music. On LP are 12 songs in Swedish. Album is opened with song called Ärrad Själ (Scarred Soul) and it really shows you the band style and force you to listen the other songs. Song is lead by Frederik´s vocals, refrain is great singalong where the rest of the band sings and guitar with steel sound. Guitar shows you also great solos like in second song UA Skins. LP continues with songs called Åsiktsmaskinen (or Tangentbordskrigare which can be translated like Keyboard Warrior with nice rnr guitar), Raka Rör, Sveriges Stolthet (Pride of Sweden with viking rock beginning and great refrain again), Kröka I Parken (which is the slowest from LP and i tis true blues/southern rock mainly at the end), Vad Var Det Som Hände Igår (What Happened Yesterday), För Lång & Trogen Tjänst (with nice refrain again), Du Är Död För Mig (You Are Dead for Me), Fylla & Grova Ord (with nice rnr beginning like from Chuck Berryho) and Frihetshymn (Hymna svobody). I really like songs UA Skins and Sveriges Stolthet. Cover i salso fine and it combines band logo with Upsala coat of arms. Inside is sleeve on LP with lyrics (just in Swedish) and band logo. On the backside of the cover is band photo on cannn battery. If you like bands like Projekt 9, Sabotage, Dead Nation from Finland (with similar line up), Oldfashion Ideas spiced up with dirty bikers rock´n´roll this is straight for you. For me big surprise because I don´t know the band before and full points because it really won´t bore you at all.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 14.08.2019

Hard Wax - This is the Sound

Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl - LP -

1187_hard_wax_LP.jpgSecond LP from Tom´s mod beat/bovver rock project is out on Rebellion Records (350 on oxblood vinyl for Europe) andLSM Vinyl (150 black pieces for USA) and it contains 10 songs, 5 on side A and 5 on side B). Since the first song you will surely clap your hands or stomp your feet because these songs have really nice melody and drive. In some songs (like Living the Dream, Razor Part Rebels or the title one This is the Sound) you hear keyboars. I really like the guitar riffs and solos and they go really under your skin. Other songs are called Days of Glory (with nice swinging rhythm and saxophone), Boys of a Saturday Night, Stomping All Over the World, Not Just A Pin Up Girl, In For a Penny, etc… I REALLY like Living the Dream about how you looking forward to at the end of the week, Razor Part Boys about football and terraces culture and the title one This is the Sound (which you may check here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utvt48pIu-s). Cover is done in retro way so just the title in round letter font. If you like previous albums and singles you didn´t make a mistake when you buy this album. Top!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 17.07.2019

Crown Court - Mad in England

Rebellion Records - EP -

1186_cc_mie.pngMad in England is three piece EP which is out as a European version on Rebellion Records (version for US was released year ago on Goner Records). Graphics is different then US version and it is in style of previous stuff like Capital Offense, The English Disease and Ruck´n´Roll. Songs are called On the GG´s (side A), Mad in England and Fight or Fall (both on side B). First song is slower, you may hear mouth organ at the beginning and at the end is fine guitar solo. Song is the longest and it in style of classic rock or blues ock. Second piece Mad in England and the last one Fight or Fall are in their style---guitar without booster effect and fuckin´ fast hi-hat which gave together nice Chickswick sound. Fight or Fall has slower refrain then Mad in England which is really straight forward and which really plays hardball. The band plays in five (you may hear members in HC bands like Arms Race or Violent Reaction) and guitars are complete each other – again check Mad in England. If you like previous stuff from Crown Court this EP is a must have piece because it is one of the best band from the islands nowadays. Great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 02.07.2019

Svornost - Volání rodu

Palin Records - CD -

1185_svornost_volani.pngAfter 15 (!!!) years release Milosek second CD from his studio project Svornost. On previous album were 4 songs and now on this one are 7 songs including Intro and CD is called Volání rodu (Calling of Tribe). Album was released due to support of his friends but we can hope that there will be some other stuff released on Palin Records. Music is again out of the focus of his original band Operace Artaban. There are mainly female vocals (again you may know them from OA), playful guitar (played by Zelenka who recorded first two albums from OA) and keyboards. 15 years ago there were differences in music and lyrics compared to Operace Artaban but nowadays it is just music (just check their last album and song Člověk proti světu – Man Against World). The title of the album and also the songs show ((Volání rodu, Dokonalý svět – Perfect World, Úsvit naděje – Dawn of Hope, Obránci a tvořitelé – Defenders and Creators, Balada o víře k přežití – Balad about the Faith to Survive and Ostrov domova, lásky a vlastní krve – Isle of Home, Love and Own Blood). CD is very patriot and idealistic and topics of the songs are about defending Europe and European values, better world and other ideal stuff. Playtime is around about 21 minutes and songs Intro, Úsvit naděje and Balada o víře k přežití (both just with vocals and keyboards) are about minute. I really like the last song which is the hardest and you may hear latin recitative there. Booklet has just two pages with photo of European cultural heritage and short dedication in English. In the background is picture from the Battle of Tours where Charles Martel won against Arabians and Berbers. I really miss the lyrics especially their English version because when there is English dedication the non Czech listeners will want to know what are the lyrics about and this project is mainly based on lyrics. Fine piece which is not for everyone because of the musical focus.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 26.06.2019

The Hawks - Faith and Truth

Total Noise Records - LP -

1184_hawks.jpgLP compilation called Faith and Truth from Japanese band The Hawks contains three songs from 2017 demo CD (on CD is also Intro) and six songs from split with Legitime Violence Respect and Honor East Meets West but some songs (like Jazzy, with its swinging rock rhythm, Don´t Give up Right Way or Mi Wo Tsukushi) can be known from demos, EP´s or CD singles. You may know them also from compilation Don´t Give up Right Way released on This Means WAR five years ago. So together you may check eight songs in Japanese plus Case of Pride cover from Skrewdriver. LP is limited to 250 copies. Music is perfect, catchy, singalong, vocals are changing and supporting each other and there are also plenty of guitar and bass solos. Just check the first song Mi Wo Tsukushi or the next one Kiiroi Ookami (Yellow Wolf). Third one Makoto No Koe has in some parts (like refrain Your Voice, Your Pride, True Voice) the fastest tempo and rhythm (HC/metal influencesú but in some parts it is pujre singalong just with vocals and drums.nejrychlejší tempo i rytmus (trošku z HC a metalu), ale v jistých částech se to hodí do halekačky, kde jede třeba jen zpěv a bicí. In last piece Sakase Kimi No Na are also keyboards. Inside is paper with lyrics (just in Japaneese) and photos from the gigs. Cover is done similar as the demo CD. Again I will not rate it because it is similar to This Way Is…Right Way compilation from This Means WAR but I am really glad that it is out on European label.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 27.05.2019