Oil! - The Glory of Honour

Ghetto Rock - CD - 23:26

87_oil.gifOlder thing which I borrowed from my friend. Band Ol! comes from USA and contains members of bands like The Bodies, Workin’ Stiffs, Trust Fund Babies and The Radio Reelers. After looking into booklet I saw that it will be quite funny stuff. Fictitious prologue abound founding the band in 76 and some murders of members and their assistans. When I saw the photos of “band members” I was convinced. This is typical funny Oi! band similar to Hard Skin, Gonads or Splodgenessabounds in music, wanna be 80´s sound and lyrics which are quite funny. For example about skinhead dad who kisses his children with baseball bat, about fights at night and how to beat 12 wimps with tights or about how is necessary beating punks. Other lyrics are goal-directed with boots, punches, beers and braces. On CD is 13 piecess so when you look at playtime they are no rogations but short and fast songs. Music is simple but catchy, band has two guitars which you may recognise in some songs, vocal is shouted and it is similar to Romper Stomper soundtrack (from which is Pulling on the Boots there). Bass is very expressive and playful. Funny project in skinhead redneck style which surprisingly caught me!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 24.06.2010

Prilično Prazni - Jedan minut nje dovoljan

DIY - CD - 38:36

160_ppjedanminut.jpgThis is the first album of Serbian band from Beograd which you may know from gig in Pilsen from autumn 2010. Review of their second album Samo Borbeno you may find somewhere here and I buy this on the gig to make their discography complete. On album you can hear 12 songs in English but also in Serbian language including two covers Because You´re Young from Cock Sparrer and Maniac from Peter and TTB. Album is more into streetpunk/Oi! Sound then the second one which is more into rock but you will hear rock influences for example in song Beograd or Get Out. Also many good singalong refrains are there. English and Serbian songs are in balance and most of them I like Jedan minut, Samo prašina and from English ones You and Me. Lyrics are against politicians who are making promises before elections, then about their mother city Beograd and the hardness of its streets. In booklet are all lyrics except covers and also band photos with thankslist. CD costs together with t-shirt circa 13 € which is great prize and when you find this CD somewhere do not hesitate and buy it!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 10.12.2010

Retaliator/Loyalty - England Expects

Blind Beggar Records - EP -

197_retalloyalty.jpgOlder split EP of two English Oi! bands Retaliator and Loyalty but I buy it now and when i look on the cover I see that it was released on 2004 so I can write review on it. Each band has one song. Retaliator comes with Bridge too Far which you may know from regular album When Duty Calls, Loyalty has Crack Dealer there. Bridge too Far is skinhead anthem which is hard to the bone music and which will hack into your head like an axe. It is about the way of life which isn´t fashion trend and time to time you should wake up in a cell. Crack Dealer is classic theme about drug dealer scum. But I have to say that Loyalty music is little bit simpler then Retaliator but it has their atmosphere. To EP is added paper with both lyrics and on the backside of the cover you´ll find band photos. Retaliator is for full points, Loyalty for 6, together 8.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 04.03.2011 •  Buy HERE

Riot Squad - 1998 - 2004

Punk Machine Records/Radikal 1977 Records - CD -

41_riot squad.gifThis skin band Riot Squad(according to Condemned 84 song) comes from Valencia which you may also recognise from their songs where they sing „valenciano“, so local patriots as fuck I think.This CD maps their songs from 98 to 04. It contains 17 songs in middle rhytm and it is in their mother tongue. In songs are typical skins topics like pride on their city and country, working class problems etc. Except spanish and  „valenciano“ they have 2 songs in English. Booklet is not so well done but if you know Spanish you can read about their history. It isn´t such a hit band but fans of Spanish Oi! will like it.
Author: Okoun  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 06.04.2010

The Janitors - Bloody Boredom

Une Vie Pour Rien? - EP -

171_janitors_bloody_boredom.jpgThis is the first EP of nowadays well known Oi!/streetpunk band from La Rochelle and it was pressed in 1300 copies which means that the people like the band and buying the EP´s. On EP you´ll find three songs on A side Bloody Boredom and on B side Bourgeois de gauche and Durango 88. Music is skinhead r´n´r with touches of 77 punk tock so you should expect guitar with light booster and little bitof garage sound. Song Bourgeois de gauche has singalong refrains and it is slower than other songs. Last one Durango 88 is on same note as the first one. First and the last one are sung in English, the middle one in French (according to its name). Good debut which is possible to buy for good prize (I buy it for 3€). To EP is no paper with lyrics so you have to put up with the cover with band photos.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 04.01.2011

Ultima Thule - Vikingablod

Dim Records - EP -

136_ultimathulevikingablod.gifAnother from many seven inches from Ultima Thule released by Dim. I really like 7´´ because they contain songs which aren´t on regular albums. On Vikingablod (Viking Blood) you will find three songs. On A side is one called Då svallar vårt vikingablod!, which is old folksong. It begins with pub chorus and continuously went to normal song. On B side are two songs so you have to change the velocity to 33rpm. First is notoriously well known cover from Sham 69 called Harry up Harry and the second is called Vinklingar och svek and you may know it from Vikingabalk album or from Once Upon a Time in English version called Branded Banned. I don´t have the original album to compare if this song is remastered or recorded in new version. Another good 7´´ which will nicely looks like in your collection and also for good price.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 22.10.2010

Ultima Thule/Blind System - Punk Was

Dim Records - LP -

161_utbs.jpgMini LP of two Viking rock bands who covered 5 classic pieces of punk rock so you will find here Carneval in Rio (Punk was) from Die toten Hosen, First Time from The Boys, Organized Crime from UK Subs, legendary Baby Baby from The Vibrators and Friggin in the Riggin from Sex Pistols (this is recorded by the both bands together) So good tribute to bands which used to play 77 style and the songs didn´t change and you will know that these bands were inspiration for Ultima Thule and Blind System. Good to the collection but I prefer regular albums.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 14.12.2010