Bombecks - Auge um Auge

Dim Records - LP -

200_Bombecks_auge.jpgEye for an Eye is third long play album from three skins from Eisenach city whic older people may know as a city of Wartburg car. On LP which was released on Dim Records is 13 songs in German and it is typical German Oi! which has bass as a dominate instrument which is really layful and makes music more fresh. Band titled themselves as an Oi! Rock´n´Roll and this really fits because the guitar is really in rnr style like in songs Das was zahlť, Unsere Name ist Gebrant or Nur Du. Bombecks aren´t afraid to play in ska rhythm (song Dr.M). But there is also harder songs like Arbeitslose Arbeiterklasse, Wie ein Sturm, but also melodic singalongs like football song F.C.W. Also slower ones are presented with more serious lyrics like Die Freiheit which is about the situation in East Germany area during 2004 which wasń t surely too pleasant for ordinary people. Othe themes of lyrics are unemployment, scene police, friendship, music, etc...To Lp is addewd paper with lyrics and Dim Records offer. People who likes German Oi! Oi! music will surely like this album. I like it also...
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 10.03.2011

Condemned 84 - Best Of

Dim Records - LP -

4_condemnedbestof.jpgWhen can I start when I have in front of me the best of band which is one of the basic bands of this machine which you live for and which you sacriface all your free time, your money etc. Condemned 84 is cult for me and I am glad that I can see them after all those years playing live. On two LP´s is best of their songs which you have surely at home. So on first LP: Oi! ain´t Dead, No Way in, Battle, Under her Thumb, Bootboys, Up Yours is finishing first side, second side: Unite, Psycho, Were gonna Win, The Boots Go Marching in, In yer Face. All songs singalong with me :). Second LP side A: Keep the Faith, Child Killers, my best one Feel the Fear, Nutter and Remember this. And side B When Saturday Comes, Face the Agression-really freezing in my spine when I hear this song, Skinheads – it´s all about this, no sunday school for bored kids who doesn´t know what to wear, Trouble and the last one WE WILL NEVER DIE! Cover is made from all other albums which they made + all lyrics. Top.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: Šafy 10  •  Date: 16.03.2010

Cropped Men - Death Sentence

Bronze Fist Records - EP -

304_croppedmen.jpegCropped Men is band from Japan and this is their EP released earlier on Bronze Fist Records and it is called Death Sentence. Band has three members but in vocals you will hear members from Empi, Jin-rai or The Foolishness. EP contains 3 songs - Death Sentence on side A and Death or Glory and Skinhead Soul Mate on side B. Songs are in English but I don´t understand too much the lyrics because they are too cumbersome even after I´ve read them on the paper. First one is about death sentence to criminals who committed sexually focused crime, the second song I didn´t understand and really I can´t say what is it about and the third one is about skinhead attitude and way of life. First two songs are very heavy-handed and dark with rumbling bass but with melodic refrains and the las one called Skinhead Soul Mate has really ass kicking melody. Time to time there is some guitar solo. On the added paper are lyrics and band photos. Cover of the EP is done in well known exotic graphic in far-east style. Harder Oi! music with touch of rock hardness like Motorhead. Have a look on this album but I don´t know where.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 05.12.2011

Dowina - Brezalauspurch

DIY - CD - 16:04

56_dowinabrezalauspurchcd.jpgThe band from Slovakia with unusual name and unusual name of album. So Dowina means Děvín(castle on Slovakia) and Brezalauspurch is old name for capital Bratislava (Pressburg). Five piece band signify good music and it is really brilliant. Even the cover art is unusual for our county, looks like cover from Templars (middle age pictures of battles) and the music….great. Inspiration of Viking rock is almost tangible, mostly in first song Betrayed Warriors, in second song called Little Alex you will hear inspiration by Perkele and mentioned Templars and fourth song for example is called Endless Blue and it is great ballad with acoustic guitar. Another great thing is changing of vocals, this is the thing that I have always liked. All songs are completely in English which is a little bit weird but it doesn´t change my opinion on music. In booklet are all lyrics and on CD is band photo. I recommend this to you, quality music quaranteed! Order it across
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 23.04.2010

Enhärjarna - Sprit, Knogjärn & Tre Kronor

Dim Records - LP -

63_enharjarna.jpgLittle bit older album of this Viking rock band from Sweden which you surely know about, but I got the original LP just now. For those who didn´t know them in band play Bisson from Steelcapped Strength or from Forbidden Rage and Puncc from Battle Scarred and also from Forbidden Rage. In this line up they recorded this album. When they play live they have different drummer and guitarist from Sniffin Glue Im think but back to the music. On LP is 13 songs, 5 in English, 7 in Swedish and 1 instrumental intro. There is no paper with lyrics but on the back side of cover, there are lyrics of English songs. Music is in one world brilliant and your back will freeze from some of them. So the best ones are Warriors, next song called Moder Svea whioch is hit as fuck and great song when you see them live, Vikingrock Band is in Motorhead style and last but not least Tillbaks till Valhall. In some songs you can here the banjo also which gives different level to this music. Lyrics are about mythology I guess from the Swedish names then hard life of rockers or rumours by computers for example. Recommended to all fans of Viking rock, buy it oin LP or CD, it doesn´t matter because this is the top band of this genre!!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 05.05.2010

Get Out - The Cutting Edge

Blind Beggar Records - LP -

204_getout-cuttingedge.jpgThis is older (but bands third) album from three piece Dutch Oi! band which was released on German label Blind Beggar. LP contains 11 songs, which 10 are in English and last one called Brabant is schón! Is in their mother tongue. Band plays classic Oi! like Condemned 84 or Section 5 (from new bands similar to Skinflicks or On File) but the music has more rock influences but also some 2tone like in the beginning of We are gonna Take It. Although they play in 3 music is good class and you will hear some guitar solo for sure. Lyrics are in line of typical Oi! bands so the themes are the sincerity and purity of Oi! music, denying the drugs and their users, rats in the media and in politicis, etc... To LP is added paper with lyrics and big thankslist and on the background of the paper are many (really many) photos of the band and their friends. Most of all I like songs This is Our Way and It´s Over but other are also cool and there is no weak one. If you like classic Oi! with not so many influences from other styles, this is the album you should look for.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 16.03.2011

Operace Artaban - Společenství dobráků

Rabiát records - CD - 54:13

42_operace_spolecenstvi.jpgAlbum called Společenství dobráků(Society of Goodies) is fourth album of Brno band. CD contains 21 traces and traces from 14 to 20 is telephonical chats with some nice plumber . Last song is called Friend and it is English version of song Přítel from first album of OA. There are quite funny things like Šaškec, 2:1 pro skins and Společenství dobráků but also serious songs like  Přítel, Zatracený. In some songs appears new singer „Jemen“, who sing in songs like Our Cult and mentioned Friend. The rest is sang by old singer Srnda. Also some patriotic songs are here like Tvoje země and even ska rhytms - Skabiát. Bookle is well done(as usual on Rabiat Records). This CD was released also on digipack version. As a bonus are there 2 video clips Skinhead tady je and Společenství dobráků. Have this album at home is a duty for all Czech skins.
Author: Okoun  •  Rating: 10+  •  Date: 06.04.2010

Retaliator - Against The Grain

Blind Beggar Records - LP -

225_4S915.gifThis vinyl version of Against the Grain album was released by Blind Beggar Records in 2005. It is the second edition because the first one was out on CD in 2001. Author is well known English skinhead band Retalitor. Against the Grain is their second album. The band plays hard British skinheadrock. Against the Grain contains 11 songs and the last one is cover from Oi! legend Condemned 84 call Unite. First two songs 2020 Vision and Against the Grain are about values which unite us - denying trendy stuff, be true and proud to be different, etc... Next song called Days of Glory is about memories to good old days and to those who betray their friends and ideals. 4th is about ancient history of British Isles whern Vikings ruled most of the area of the country. Song Freedom is really actual in these days when different oppinion against mainstream is forbidden and criminal. But the boys from Retaliator have recipe for the PC soldiers:"we'll dance on your fucking grave". I will speak more about the next song called Sarah. Really sad song against child molesters. It is description of real situation. 9 years old girl Sarah was kidnapped, raped and murder by some human monster. Hang high those bastards. Next song is called No Mercy where boys sing about that self defense ain´t no crime. 9th Vicious is about Violence, 10th Epithaph is the peak of the album. Slower song with great lyrics driectly from their (any my) heart. "A NATION DIED, YOU WILL NEVER TAKE MY PRIDE!!!!" And the last one is the classic one from Condemned 84. To have Retaliator at home is a must and for those who can play vinyl also. Really masterpiece album for every collector.
Author: Okoun  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 12.05.2011 •  Buy HERE

The Clichés - No Justice, Just Us

Bandworm Records - CD - 30:57

279_theCliches_noJustice.jpg„I think it was 2003 or 2004 that we recorded 3 tracks just for fun, we didn’t have any idea what we would call it or anything at the beginning. We just wanted to have some fun in the studio drinking beer and having a laugh making old fashioned Oi!/skinhead rock’n’roll“ (from interview on old link of BB). That´s the beginning of the Swedish band The Clichés in 2003. The album „No Justice, Just Us“ is their the first album released in 2005. It´s easy oi!rocknroll for every fans of Perkele. It sounds like punkrock in 1977, for example like „All Skrewed Up“ from Skrewdriver :-). There are classic lyrics about proud, beer and working class! The cover is made like digipack with booklet where you can find all lyrics and some photos. This album is good example how good job can be made from the joke… :-)
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 17.10.2011

The Index - Owarinaki Boudou

Out Laws Records - CD - 30:10

275_the_index.jpgOut Laws Records 2005 The Index is Oi!/punk band from Japanese city Osaka and they have played since 1985. They have released two EP´s (Make Merry and For Men – Hallberd Shield) and tow full length albums (Indian Rock´n´Roll and this one - Owarinaki Boudou). Album contains 11 songs on circa 30 minutes of music. Titles of the songs are all (except 2) in English and lyrics are instead of songs like This isn´t Final Riot and The New you! Which are English and two in Japanese, in mixture of these two languages which is typical for bands from that part of world. Songs are from melodic pieces like Only History Holds the Answer, Raise Your Voice, Raise the Flag or The New you! (with keyboards) to really fast ones like This Isn´t Final Riot., but mostly they are with melodic refrains and solo guitar which proves that they are palying for quite long time. Also vocals are changing so the band didn´t become boring. In booklet are all lyrics (but the Japanese parts are untranslatable) and photos. In thankslist are bands like Hawks, Eastern Youth, Youth Anthem or Booted Cocks. Interesting exotic band.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 22.09.2011

The Janitors/Lutece Borgia - Looting the Pubs

Une Vie Pour Rien? - EP -

186_janitors_lutece.jpgAnother one from older EP´s from Janitors released on UVPR Records, now it is split EP with Lutece Borgia. What is great on EP is the fact that the cover is packed in paper with many photos from their tour (they played also in CZ) and photos are ordered like table game from start to the finish. Every band has two songs there. The Janitors starts with their Rochelais 80 in their mother tongue and second is notorious known cover from Blitz 4Q in English. Lute Borgia has the first song in English and second in French. The first is called Long Live Summer and second Bialystok. Both bands play similar style with old school guitar like 77-82 but I find Lutece Borgia more limber. To the EP is added only the mega paper with photos but no lyrics. Good think for a few bucks.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 09.02.2011

The Revenge - Don´t Stop Fighting

Cergy-Pontoise - CD - 22:37

89_revenge.JPGThis is English sing project of Nico from well known Paris band Haircut and this CD is limited to 200 pieces. On CD you will find 8 songs and in booklet lyrics of 4 of them. First song Try to Resist is hard as nails Oi! in middle rhytm and scond song Don´t Thread on Us also. After these two songs I try to listen it carefully because it remains me Swedish band called Pöblers Unite which play similar style to the Revenge and the song Try to Resist proves this very well. Lyrics are about violence, street justice, football, army etc... Sometimes the sound is jumping a little bit and also the English accent is sometimes weird but who is good!Some songs are very simple which is nothing surprising from French bands. I am glad to have this CD at home because I didn´t know a shit about this project and I was really surprised. I also didn´t know if this is their only album. Who likes bands like Combat 84 or Close Shave, will also find his way to The Revenge.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 29.06.2010

v/a - An International Tribute to Johnny Cash

Rebellion Records - CD - 78:00

295_cash.jpgThis is again one of some older CD´s which I receive nowadays but I have to say that the timing was really precious because I really start to look for Johhny Cash songs and streetpunk, Oi!, HC compilation of his hits in harder versions really fits to me. On CD is 29 songs from 29 bands like Strongarm & the Bullies, Judasville, Reno Divorce, Peter Pan Speedrock, Emschekurve 77, Discharger, The Pug Uglies, 7er Jungs, Dead50’s, Southern Way, Couchdrivers, Banner Of Thugs, Social Combat, Springtoifel, Floffgirl, Hateful, Toxpack, The Regulars, Vortex, Sweet Poison, Get Out, Subculture Squad, Superaction, For The Fame, Badlands, Confuse The Cat, Razorblade, Riot Company and Barry Lewis, so you can see that this is well known and also not so well known bands which were in scene around 2005. Other necessary thing is the fact that on CD is around about 80 minutes of music – and I have to say great music. You will find here known hits like Don´t Take Guns to Town, Guess Things Happen That Way, Ghost Riders in the Sky, San Quentin (in German and in English), Highway Men, Folsom Prison Blues, Thing Called Love, I Walk the Line, Devil´s Right Hand, Wanted Man or Ring of Fire. I have to write every single song, really because by Johnny Cash´s songs have rule that every piece is original and hit also and the covers are done in similar way. Some stay in country style but some are really hard (you can see it on the songs Devil´s Right Hand and Thing Called Love, which really fits into streetpunk clothes). Booklet is perfect and every band has photo, contact mail and webpage there. Yes it is “just” a compilation but I will recommend it to every fan of songs from Man in Black.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 22.11.2011 •  Buy HERE