Alleged Bricks - Place Your Blame

Street Anthems Records - CD -

59_4S472.gifAlleged Bricks comes from Washington DC and they play really sharp streetpunk spiced with hardcore which is dominant in some songs for example in The Pain, No More, Locked Up and Necessary Evil. Vocal of the singer is full of true HC hate. Themes - booze, carpe diem etc...yes and one more..hate to emo kids. Album Place your Blame contains 14 songs and this is also their first album. For those who loves harder and more agrressive Oi! will like to listen this band. You can buy it on
Author: Okoun  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 02.05.2010

Gerbenok - Wer zuletzt lacht

United Kids Records - LP -

8_gerbenok.jpgI have here LP of German skinhead band Gerbenok which I didn´t know before I bought this LP. I have it at home for long time but I forgot it and I don´t pay attention to it. But it was mistake. It is such great German Oi! but no music wonder. Three chords, simple drums, sometimes solo..but together well done. Singer has quite rough voice which fits into music. On LP is 12 songs sometimes fulled with some German speach. All songs sounds similar – middle rhytm, no love songs for children but not even fast ones. Best songs from LP are definitely Bootboys Sachsen Anhalt, Freundschaft verband uns, Abschaum der Szene and last but not least Immer wieder (luxurious song). All themes are classics: friendship, work, Saxony and hate to hippies.Booklaet contains photos and thankslist. Sooo Gerbenok don´t surprise you but they pleased you with good music and catchy lyrics.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: Šafy 8  •  Date: 16.03.2010

Last Laugh - Memories not Forgotten

American Defense Records - CD - 27:24

201_lastlaugh.jpgLast Laugh is band from US city Tucson in Arizona. When I look in booklet I recognize the fatty guitar player with moustache and I said to myself:”Hell I know him.” And I know him from Blue Collar Criminals because some people in both bands. On the first sight you see patriotic cover which is almost on every stuff from American Defense and inside is some speech about the role of national flag in today society. 11 songs are in rough and raw style like The Unruly, Marchring On, Boot Party or mentioned BCC. In first song you will hear saxophone. Lyrics are about memories of old skinhead, their state Arizona, posers, gigs, drinks, fights, skinhead cult…In booklet you´ll find all lyrics except Self Control and Strength to Go On (I don´t know why but I don´t think that these songs are covers) and few photos. I like songs Hooligan Army and We´re the Ones. Who loves pro American Oi! wilth rough voice like bands mentioned will like also Last Laugh.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 11.03.2011 •  Buy HERE

Riot Company - Riot Anthems

KB Records - CD - 41:45

125_riot company-riot anthems.jpgPunkrock band from Hildesheim and I am sure that you already hear about them. This is their second album, older but I find the way to it as far as now. Band plays in four but they have two guitars and from the first song you will be smashed by unbelievable energy and passion for playing which can be felt from every single song doesn´t matter if it is fast or slow.On album called Riot Anthems you can listen to 14 songs in which are 12 from English and 2 in German and it is really great mixture of great faster songs but also some with two tone guitar or just acoustic and slower ones. CD is opened with song called Scene Police which I shouldn´t comment. Bunch of wankers who don´t know anyone but they know everything about everyone. Another great song which really re-charge me is called Riot City when you can hear ska guitar in the beginning but it slowly went to feaster song about the quarter of the city when the pubs are closing early in the morning. Another hit is True Friends about friendship which stood for ages, ballad Fragen and last but not least song Hildesheim about the place which come the band from. Another songs are about justice, life which throw you up and down , girls, work, etc...Nothing too serious but also nothing stupid. Band reminds me Battle Scarred a bit with their catchy rude songs. In booklet is missing nothing so I can recommend this without any doubts. Possible to buy on
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 28.09.2010

Ruction - Love Us or Hate Us

Dim Records - CD - 40:21

121_ruction.gifSingapore band called Ruction (don´t confuse it with the English band with the same name) is part of Adelphi Crew and this is their first long album (till now without EP´s and comilations). On CD you will find 12 songs in English and after the first song you will think about band ACAB because of the similar dense songs and even the guitar solos are more exotic and you will hear different sound then you will expect from similar bands from Europe or America. Lyrics aren´t so exotic and themes are classics like judging the skins by normal society and police, lies, gossips, power of money, drinking with friends, people who are into mode trends, justice etc...Best songs for me are surely the first one Lion City Skinheads, Lighting(this is the best one for me…) and When We Got Drunk. You will faster songs but also the slower ones with protracted refrains and even the ska tunes. Booklet is standard one from Dim records with lyrics, photos, thankslist plus advertisement on other Dim products. A little bit older thing which will be liked by all who loves exotic bands. Possible to buy on
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 20.09.2010

Stanaz - Nikdy viac!

Streetrock Records - CD -

224_stanaz.jpgThis isn´t new album but the band which existed for a short time and had released only this interesting album. I remember when I visited some street shop and I saw there this album with title Bratislava streetpunk and I really don´t know about the band named Stanaz which comes from Slovakia. But as a man who support the CZ/SK scene I bought it and look forward to their tunes. After the intro (Beethoven 9th) comes really hard music. Thug vocal, fast and hard guitar riffs...musically it is HC/punk. And you can hear influences from bands such Casualties, Non Servium, Rozpor, so do not expect some Oi! in British style but hard and fast punk. Songs are short (around about 2 minutes) and on CD are 15 (including intro and outro). Stanaz has really interesting lyrics which are without compromise. On the back is GNWP logo so I expect lyrics against fascism and against patriotism (as usual in trendy antifa scene of nowadays) but the lyrics are out of borders of rules of AFA and other clubs. Many lyrics are against Nazis but also many against communism, RASH, in song Generácia (Generation): „We are the kids who don´t want fascism, we are the kids who defend the country...We never want the return of communism... …“ Or in song Falešná tvár (False Face): „I invite him on a beer to the pub where are many people, he speaks what I want to hear, , smash the nazis, smash the reds!“ So I can say that this isn´t one sided think. The song which is really against the mainstream in antifascist scene is called „Homokláda“ (Rectal Cowboy), and I think the anti sexists and humanist movements really don´t sleep well from the lyrics like this one. From my opinion the band which continues in footsteps of The Protest which belonged to SHARP movement but they deny any politics in scene.
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 10.05.2011