Alleged Bricks/The Barons - East Coast Street Rock'n'Roll

Neck Records - CD -

60_split-alleged-barons[1].jpgSo here we have split CD of two US bands Alleged Bricks and The Barons. Alleged Bricks has 3 songs there and they play faster streetpunk with HC influences. The Barons comes from Wilimngton city(west coast of US) and they have 4 songs there. They play classic US rock´n´roll and it is nothing interesting for me. Alleged Bricks are good and I like them but The Barons plays boring music for me. Booklet is didn´t exists. But for those who want to make their musical horizonts wider and hear new bands from USA this CD is for them. Possible to buy across
Author: Okoun  •  Rating: 6  •  Date: 03.05.2010

Bulldog Spirit - Ain´t No Angel

Trial and Error Records - CD - 15:43

336_bulldog_spirit.gifBulldog Spirit is and Australian Oi!core band from Melbourne which released their self titled debut back in 2003 on Brutus Records from Italy. This is (I think) their second album from 2007 – mini CD called Ain´t No Angel. On cover is thematic motive – Albrecht Dürer painting calld 4 Raiders of Apocalypse. On CD is 6 (especially 7) songs which combine Oi! and old school HC (it can be seen on first two songs Prey the Weak and Ain´t No Angel with more melodic parts in strophe and harder in refrains). They covered also song We are the Blood from The Trouble which is punk band from USA. Music is similar to their colleagues from All in Brawl – band knows how to play HC with typical preaching but they also sometimes get in touch with other not so hard styles of backstreet music (like refrain in True Till Death?). Lyrics criticize modern society - Prey the Weak (how protect weaker members of the society against the violent streets) or B Grade Citizen (about beggars who didn´t want to work and making mess in the streets), about people who suggesting you about their opinion (right or left wing) and under the mask of fighting the censorship they are against the freedom of speech (you can apply this lyrics in 100% on nowadays society) – song Ain´t No Angel or song about posers who get tattoo and the tattoo is the only think which didn´t fade when their leave the scene - True till Death? Booklet is done in black and white and on three pages you will receive all information which you need to know about the band plus you can see some photos. Bulldog Spirit is the band which is more for the fans of harder stuff but the sound is OK and it is listened very well.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 06.02.2012 •  Buy HERE

Bulldozer - On the Blacklist

United Kids Records - CD - 31:27

57_bulldozer.gifFive piece band from Barcelona and their first CD after six years of playing. On CD is 11 songs in English plus one acoustic bonus. Musically it is mixture of streetpunk like Discipline, punk rock from US like US Bombs or The Bridgeburners and also country or rock and rollu. Melodic thing with two guitars which play solos and singalong refrains full of OOOOH. Mos of all I like songs Steelcapped Angel which is about skingirls and their beauty and then the last one Alcoholic RnR Band. In booklet are all lyrics with related pictures like fights, bad laws, Friday nights, factories, friendship and of course pubs.You will find here also band photo and thankslist. Band isn´t bad but for me it is very inexpressive. Possible to order it on
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6  •  Date: 25.04.2010

Degradace - My Love, My Grave

Tiger Records - CD - 47:34

263_images.jpgThe band Degradace exists more than 10 years. It was made many interesting changes during the history of the band. The album „My Love, My Grave“ was recorded in 2007 and the album means the progress from punk rock to rocknroll. The album cover is only a paper pack which looks like a classic LP cover. There is also booklet with lyrics and pictures. CD cover looks like old school rocknroll LP. The first song is „Welcome To The USA“ which is very good punk rocknroll. One of the best songs are „Vrať se zpět“ about the roots of rocknroll, „Sweet little Tommy“ about a small white boy with black skin :-) The best song is „Moje láska, můj hrob“. There are also two older songs which are played on acustic guitar. This album is good music for punk and rocknroll lovers. Rocknroll made in USA…
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 03.09.2011

Dropkick Murphys - The Meanest of Times

Let Them Eat Vinyl - LP -

62_meanest-times-dropkick-murphys-cd-cover-art.jpgDropkick Murphys from Boston after many years on the scene, may of played gigs and meny of albums, splits, compilations....comes with their 6th regular album. When I seeked for some info about this album I found that it was released in many versions. In my hands is version with two vinyls and black cover with 17 songs. It is Europe version because on cover is label called Let Them Eat Vinyl. Cover is black with backpipes on cover and tracklist on back side. Booklet contains all lyrics with some forspeach. DM plays the same style since their beginning so punkrock with hard vocals, influenced by US punk rock school spiced up with folk. Simple the harder Celtic Punk. Something like Pogues but harder and harder and you can smell whiskey and tattoo miles away from that style. In DM lyrics are classical life themes, like everyday hard work, no surrender, standing for your family and friends etc...Also covered Irish ballad is there called Fairmount Hill and really catchy and shouted song called Johnny I Hardly Knew You. The greatest hits are first one Famous for Nothing and last one Never Forget. I like their album Warriors Code more and on this album they are returning to rougher sound like Do Or Die album but I like it also. But I give them one point less then on Warriors Code.
Author: Misantroop  •  Rating: 8/10  •  Date: 04.05.2010

Fear City - Our Way of Life

Nail Wall Records - CD -

58_4S396.jpg This five piece bald band comes from Chicago. They play faster Oi! which sometimes crosses into skinhead rock and roll. Our Way of Life is their first regular album with 14 songs unexpecteable in English.  Like most of the American Oi! bands, boys from Fear City are big patriots which is proved in song Old Glory. Other themes of songs are also classic booze, street fights and other fun stuff, pride on working class and hate to stinky hippies. Booklet is not so good, just a few photos and some lyrics. So who is looking for good US band should buy this CD. Possible to order across
Author: Okoun  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 02.05.2010

Gerbenok/Unantastbar - Oi! Knocks the Best

KB Records - LP -

36_gerbenok_unantastbar.jpgSplit LP of two German singing bands, which one of them is from the north of Italy, from South Tyrol and the scond is from Saxony. Each band has got their own regular album and I think that Unantastbar has even two. On the cover is photo of bunch of skinheads and I can´t belive that everyone is from the band but I count it and I realize that every band has 5 members… so it means two guitars…great. Both bands has 3 songs and on B side is one bonus – together played cover from Rabauken - Alfred Tetzlaff. Both bands play melodic German Oi!, Gerbenok is little bit faster compared to slower Unanstbar which I like more, but live on stage Gerbenok are great. Lyrics…so pride, life, booze…typical skins songs.Greatest hit from Unantastbar is song Anders which I played circa for 10 times at first and from Gerbenok is good Wir sind immer noch da. All lyrics are included on paper given to this LP. Ok album from OK bands.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 30.03.2010

Haine - ...mai piu!

Pull the Trigger Records - CD - 26:27

129_haine.gifFour piece Italian streetpunk band from Bologna with two guitars, singing in their mother tongue and surely influenced by cult band from their city – Nabat. Thenname of the album means ...never more! When you open the booklet you´ll see many photos of classic tattooed skinheads and at the end are lyrics translated to English. Like most of other bands from that area has Haine typical sound, which you will hear in melody, faster drums and according to it also faster rhythm of songs. Lyrics are about skinhead way of life, hate of politicians, beer, fun on the streets, life in concrete jungle, violence etc...I will compare them to new bands like Reazione or Brutti Ignoranti but I like their music more. Strada Birra e Lealta´ or the first one called Parasiti are great songs for me. Cover is well done and you can order CD on for 8€
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 07.10.2010

Haircut - Pas de Treve

Bords de Seine Records - CD -

9_haircutpasdetreve.jpgHaircut with thein fourth album made another step forvard. Sound is more full and compact then on thein album Violence. But i tis still typice rough French Oi! which is typice for this band. Again in the slower rhytm. CD contains 14 songs. First on eis the greatest hit which catch you and you won´t turn the album off. Again two songs in English – Last Chance and Keep goin´. Booklet is great with photo galéry in the middle. But again lyrics only in French….
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: Okoun 9  •  Date: 16.03.2010

Kampfzone/Les Vilains - s/t

Kastelein Records - EP -

194_Kampfzone - Les Vilains.jpgI was looking for this EP for really long time. I was going through distributions in Europe and it bring the success because I found it on Bords de Seine. I want 5 copies for me and friends but Nico wrote that they have only 4 pieces. I really love the cover picture and when I see the back cover it was the same. Here you can see skinhead girl drawn as the Virgin who took care about skinhead put down from cross, really great idea and graphically brilliant. Every band has two songs in their mother tongue on EP. Kampfzone had songs like Voor de Kastelein! and Zerreisst die Ketten (Break the Chains). First is really brutal (especially the voice) and second is more melodic. Les Vilains had here Justice De Rats with great solo guitar and Internet Warrior. 100% skinhead sound, attitude and everything around. I can´t give anything less than full points because I really search for this EP for eternity.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 02.03.2011

Kerozen - Rat Race

Bords de Seine Records - CD - 62:46

132_kerozen.gifFrench band from Paris in which play five boys and this is their CD released on Bords de Seine and it contains their demo from the 2006 so together 21 songs. I don´t know too much about that band and I can´t speak French so I don´t know what are they singing about but in booklet are some thematic pictures so you can guess. On cover is engine of motorcycle and on the back side is old photo of some rockers. Music is on the line of punk rock and streetrock, band knows how to play singaong songs but also hard songs with r´n´r influences. It is mixture of Toxpack, Discipline spiced up with The Bones. Some songs will on regular part of the album and some in the demo part but I have to say that the demo has the same sound so if there is no title that it is demo I didn´t recognise this. In booklet are lyrics on 12 songs from normal album and a few pictures. Band photos is under the CD. Album is too long for me and songs are similar so I am little bit lost at the end and this fact doesn´t change after more listening. Music is not my cup of tea but I have to admire that Kerozen knows how to play. Songs which I like are Gangster Nr.1, Rock´n´Roll formol, Opération commando and LadySoul for sure. Possible to order on
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6/7  •  Date: 14.10.2010

Make It Count - Leeway

GSR Music - CD -

210_Make It Count - Leeway.jpgI found this band in 2008 when their support Madball in Prague club Abaton and there I also buy this CD which I still like in spite of 3 years gap. Make It Count is HC band from capital of Germany and it was founded in 2005. Their style is straightforward, aggressive and fast. You can hear metal influences (hard guitar riffs) and also punk influences (speed and straightforward). Singer reminds me Hatebreed vocalist. Most of all I like fifth song called „One Step Ahead“, which you may see as a video on youtube. Lyrics is about trends and posers in HC scene…most people look for how you look like not about the fact what you did for the scene (this fact isn´t just in HC I think but also in other subcultures). My second best song is „Whatever It Takes“ with slower but great rhythm. Lyrics is about the way it´s gotta be – true friendship– „No matter what you´ve got or where you from. We are all the same, we can count on each other.“ All together – good music which kicks and gives you good piece of anger and energy…
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 01.04.2011

Nidhöggs Vrede - Nidhöggs Vrede

Ultima Thule Records - CD -

103_4ec3a2984d28bc343a9d21de24069bcd_full.jpgHi so this is another viking rock band from Sweden called Nidhöggs Vrede which bellongs to my favourites. The name Nidhöggs Anger speaks about the themes of 13 songs on first and meanwhile the last album of NV. Oh the name again. Nidhögg is a snake living in the well under the root of Yggdrasil in Niflheim. NV started in 2001 as a one man project of Andreas Momquist. Change came in 2007 when other people help Andreas and in March 2007 they released they debout on Ultima Thule Records. Current line up is 4 people. So back to the CD. As I said before it has 13 songs including intro. Album has great sound, songs are in faster rhytm. I will not speak about the songs in detail because I think it isn´t necessary. They are classic themes like ragnarök, heimdall, loki and other gods from North.Who wants to know more just rewrite the lyrics into translator. Booklet is weaker, but it contains all lyrics and some photos from studio. On cover is Yggdrasil with the snake. I will recommend this to all fans of viking rock. I was pleased to hear them live and it was really kicking, even better than album. According to backstage info they are preparing material for second CD and they are searching for new label because things from UT Records is possible to get mainly across their shop and nowhere else.
Author: Okoun  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 19.08.2010

Paris Violence - Mourir en Novembre

Combat Rock/Trooper Records - CD - 50:09

51_paris violence - mourir en novembre.jpgAnother reedition of this specific French studio band which was previously released by Flav himself in 2000. This band really surprise you with their non traditional concept of streetpunk/Oi! music and mainly his use of keybords, automatic drums and synthesizer sound. Lyrics are completely in French(don´t have a clue what about they are) with some pictures in booklet of different side of Paris, so tower blocks, dirty streets, night clubs etc…and about this are maybe also lyrics. Even the title of the album is depressive, it means Death in November. Music is really interesting and worth listening but after some time some songs float together, maybe because of automatic drums and relatively long playtime. But it doesn´t change the fact, that Flav has great ideas in music which you can see on quantity of production of Paris Violence. You can expect everything from this CD except clichés. Possible to get it across
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 17.04.2010

Paris Violence/Foreign Legion - Send in the Legion

Trooper Records - EP -

329_EP-Envoyez_legionTR.jpgAnother older split of French band Paris Violence and clockwork punk rock band Foreign Legion from Wales. On yellow vinyl has every band two songs. On A side you will find Foreign Legion with their live versions of songs Powergames and Wake Up from the gig with Agnostic Front in 2005. These songs you may know from their previous album What Goes Around Comes Around released in 2002 through DSS Records. Music is melodical punk rock which is between poppy Adicts and hard Major Accident (they have a split album with them). The quality of live songs is awesome and you will hear no shouting from the people during the song. Paris Violence has there songs Mort au Combat (Killed in Action) and Orages d´Acier (Steel Storm) which is cover from old French band Plastic Gangsters. Songs were recorded in 2006 by Flav, keyboard player Sylvain and guitarist/bassist Tony. Cover was done in two different versions (500 copies from Trooper Records and 500 from KB Records) and on the back side of the cover you will find some band photos (on one is also guitarist from Mouthguard Victor). I have to say that these songs are the hardest one which I ever heard from Paris Violence and maybe it is because of the quality of the vinyl sound or by the two guitars which make more tough sound. Good piece into collection especially because of Paris Violence songs because I don’t like live songs too much so when Foreign Legion put on the EP something different I will give more points.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6  •  Date: 24.01.2012

Pressure 28 - The Best of EP!…92-95

Big Dog Records - CD - 20:48

13_pressure_28.jpgComplete discography from 1992-95 of this british Oi! band of3rd wave. Well together only eight songs, but think about the fact that the band have songs almost on EP´s and LP compilations released by Hammer Records a Helen of Oi! so you can hardly buy this nowadays and 5 euros is fair price. So as I said 8songs of british melodical Oi! school similar to old Last Resort, Cockney Rejects(for example song Get Ready and fourth 1993 is very similar to them in accent of the singer). So no surprise for you, because you know what to expect, the band play in four pieces. In song Saturday Night Fever you can hear two tone guitar. On the back side of cover is history of the band which is good…but inside the booklet is nothing to read. Anyway you have choice to hear all things which was released by the band who kept on running British Oi! scene in the first half of the 90´s.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 16.03.2010

Punishable Act - From the Heart to the Crowd

One Voice Records - CD -

82_pnshact_fthttc[1].jpgGerman band Punishable Act aren´t greenhorns on HC scene, band was founded in 1985 with different name which was changed two times till now. I receive their album called From the Heart to the Crowd which is best of their songs. 13 years on one CD. Musically it is raw hardcore sometimes more melodic but really classic sound. Lyrics are about friendship, memories on times which were different then now, freaks in the scene and also about so called democracy which is here. Music is really great but I difficultly understand the voice of singer even with booklet in my hand. Booklet has all lyrics with good pictures and I think it is good cross section of the band career. Who loves good HC with quality, let´s go and listen to Punishable Act on myspace and decide if buy the CD or not. It is not 100% but it is also great and worth hearing. Possible to order on
Author: Kolci  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 14.06.2010

Section de Guerre - Rien a Perdre

Bords de Seine - EP -

383_section de guerre-rien a perdre.jpgSection de Guerre is next from the bands from Quebec around the Quebec Stompers Crew and this is their EP called Rien a Perdre (Nothing to lose) which was released in 2007 on Bords de Seine Records. I have no further info about the band and their discography. EP contains 4 songs - title one Rien a Perdre and Guerrier Urbain (Urban Warrior) on side A and Imprévisible (Unpredictable) and Gang de Rue (Street Gang) on side B. Band has five members and from the title of the songs you may recognise that they sing in French. Music is rougher Oi! in middle rhythmsimilar to bands from this area like Bootprint or Legitime Violence and French voice really fits well to this kind of Oi! music. Guitar plays time to time solo and main vocal is supported by singalong from other members (like in the first song). Second song called Guerrier Urbain isn´t so hard as others and it is similar to music of West Side Boys. EP is limited to 300 pieces but there is no paper with lyrics so I can´t say more details about the songs, but from the titles you can guess what are their about. Those who like bands mentioned above and who likes early Ultimo Asalto works will like also this music. I like it so check their myspace on where are some different songs.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 23.04.2012

Terrill - This is the Demons Night Out...

Rebellion Records - CD - 38:17

303_terril.jpgTerrill is horror punk band from our western neighbours (Hannover) with members of Subculture Squad (one of them is running German division of Rebellion Records). Band is very much influenced by Misfits (see their logo) and other proof is that instead of their own songs they cover many Misfits songs like She, American Psycho, Dig up her Bones, From Hell They Came and Scream (play in acoustic version). Also you will find Ramones cover here - Today your Love played live (good quality) and depressive song called Away from darkwave band Deine Lakaien. So it means 7 cover songs. Together there is 15 songs so it means 8 songs from Terril (but Back Again has here normal and acoustic version plus intro so it means 6 their songs). Some of them came from demo of the band Release the Wolves but if this weren´t written in the booklet I didn´t recognise it. Lyrics are pretty clear – graveyard, zombies, aliens or werewolves inside us. Two guitars, horror punk r´n´r vocal in mixture of Glenn Danzig, Michael Gravese or undead Elvise style, horror-comix image and booklet in style of cheep horror books from dirty bookshop with many photos and posters....this what you should expect if you buy this CD - plus two quality acoustic songs. This CD will like fans of Misfits, Wednesday 13 or Shadow Reichenstein for example and horror punk in general but also people who time to time want to swerve from Oi!/streetpunk box of music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 02.12.2011 •  Buy HERE

The Rabble - The Battle's Almost Over...

Border Music - CD - 54:31

281_thebattlesalmostoverwebversion.jpgThe Rabble is well known punkrock band now from Auckland, New Zealand. The band plays since 2001. I saw their video clip „Blood & Whiskey“ two yaers ago and I have loved the band. After this I visited their live show and bought the CD „The Battle´s Almost Over…“. This album is full of melodic punkrock in american style. Their music is based on bands like Dropkick Murphys, Street Dogs and Rancid. There is a lot of rebellion and punkrock depresion in their lyrics but all songs are melodic. Each of the songs is exceptional and it makes you pay attention for all time. My favorite is... „Blood & Whiskey“ which is about a dirty cities. Other favorites are „Bored“ ,which kick your ass :-) and „This World Is Dead“ where sings the vocalist from The Unseen. The songs „Devil´s Highway“ and „Zombies“ are almost in horor punk style. Nevertheless, the most excellent song of the album is „The Battle“ with pipes and chorus. The music on the CD is really excellent and the cover of CD is very good job as well. It is made like digipack with very good graphic and there is also a small poster. Many reasons why go to their live show and buy this album. I recommend it...
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 20.10.2011

The Young Ones - No Bollocks, Just Oi!

Alive and Kicking Records - CD -

18_young_ones.JPGThis band of rude youngsters come from Holland but they sing in English. Yes they jump into Oi! really fast and they succeed. This is fast Oi! with lot sof singalongs, boys are young and you can feel that need to shout it out. Vocal is without pretended roughness and you can understand every single word. Traditional skinhead lyrics, sharp and loud guitars and rough drums….this is good old Oi!sound for me. Black and white booklet, lyrics and thankslist + some photos. Come on boys. Forever Young!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: Bootweiser  •  Date: 16.03.2010

Ultima Thule - Once Upon a Time - A Collection of Raven Tales

Dim Records - LP -

102_utcollection.jpgThis is I don´t know what number re-edition of album which was first released in 1995 on CD and it contains 12 of according to the band greatest hits translated in English and you surely know and hear about this album before so it will be shorter. The album was also released on LP in 2000 and 2001. This is the limited picture disc version off 522 copies in cover with brief history of the band in English on the back which is unusual language for Viking rock bands and they stories. From 12 songs are 5 from album For Fäderneslandet, 4 from Vikingbalk, 2 from Svea Hjältar and 1 from Carolus Rex compilation. Band starts in really high level with song God of Light which is followed by který následuje provařená Songs of Wolves. On A side has place also slower ballad called Bearing North and side is finished with great one called The King is Dead. B starts with killer Proud and Strong (Stolt och stark), followed by Ravens and another heart attack called Fatherland which make every strong and brutal Viking cry. B side ends with another ballad My Land. On CD are more English songs – covers like Be my Baby, Johnny Rebel, Hurry up Harry, Rhytm of the Rain etc which aren´t here but it really doesn´t mind. For that speaks the fact that the album was re-released in so many copies, none of songs is bad. This was my first album of that band few years ago and also one big reason for me to became a fan of them. I really hope that band is thinking about some Raven Tales part 2 with English version of some songs from later albums because it will be great I think! 101% recommended!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 18.08.2010

Ultima Thule - Glömda Barnen

Dim Records - LP -

312_ultima thule glomda barnen.jpgGlömda barnen (or in English Forgotten Children) is four songs mini LP from Ultima Thule with songs which was released just on special CD box to 25 years anniversary of the band in 2007. Title song Glömda barnen was released in remixed version on the last album of the band Korp Kvädet (this version is rougher). Other songs are Den vise vet (The vise knows), Irrvisa (don´t know what it means) and God morgon världen (Good morning world). Songs are in typical line up of Ultima Thule which is characterized by Janne´s cocal, rubbed guitar with plaintive solo with touch of north underlined by drums in middle rhythm. Den vise vet begins as half acoustic ballad with great rocking end. These four songs you will find on clear vinyl and total playing time is around about 20 minutes. Fans of the band surely won´t be surprised because Ultima Thule has some level of quality and this LP isn´t under it. Graphic is done in typical Viking style and there is no paper with lyrics as usual on some Dim Records releases.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 19.12.2011

Ultima Thule - Konungens Kurir

Dim Records - EP -

101_thulekurir.jpgTwo new songs which are possible to hear only on special 4CD edition released on their 25 years anniversary or on this EP released by Dim Records. On side A is song called Konungens Kurir (Royal courier) and on B side is song called Klocksång (something like Song of clock). Do not expect nothing more or less than typical classic by the founders of genre called Viking rock fortified by the sound of vinyl. One minus which I find on EP´s from Dim is the fact that rarely there is some paper with lyrics and this is that case so I don´t know anything about the meaning of the lyrics. I am little bit crazy into EP´s (even more then into LP´s) so who wants to make his collection wider try to contact for example Dim records. Limited collection of 500 pieces.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 06.08.2010

v/a - Southland Skinheads Armed with Truth

American Defense Records - CD - 47:20

178_southland_skinheads.jpgCompilation with 18 songs with 9 bands which come from the South of USA came out under the American Defense Forces as a second issue of the compilation. You can hear bands like ATF(American Terror Force), The Pillage, Smash Points, The Offensive, Vanguard, The Stouts, Better Dead Than Red, Vaticans and The Sluggers. With some of them you can find interview on our webpage (like The Pillage and Smash Points), some of them have review on our page (The Pillage, Vanguard) and some of them are brand new for me or I know them only by their name. Whole compilation is mixed wit patriotic, pro-American, pro-arm and anticommunists songs which are celebrating fallen soldiers in wars and attacking on crime, terrorism, censorship and oppression from the bureaus but there is also a few songs about drinking in the bars or way of life. Booklet is well done on hard paper and every band there has photo or logo, all or some of their lyrics, contact and thankslist. At the end is some short article about necessity of freedom of speech, right to bear arms, etc... Most of all I like ATF, Vanguard and last song of compilation from The Sluggers which is together with song from The Pillage really singalong thing. Really interesting compilation which takes you deeper into the sound of bands from the South of US.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 27.01.2011