Aggressive Combat - Survive

True Force/Bandworm/Teletetxo/Anfibio Records - CD - 16:28

55_agrescombat.gifSpanish or well Basque band and their four song mini CD with cover of hit song I got Your Number from Cock Sparrer and with videoclip. Band plays in five pieces which means that they have two guitars. Music is melodic similar to their colleagues from Ultima Sacudida or The Agitators, so it means melodic streetpunk/punk rock with same vocal and great bass which didn´t leave you to sit calmly. Band has classic pub song called Pub Stories so if you know song from Agitators Pub Where I Belong or from Endstufe Unsere Kneipe you will notice that this song is in same line and spirit…electric guitar spiced up by acoustic one and singalong refrains. Lyrics are about misunderstanding and lack of interest from ordinary people and problems of working class. Videoclip is made on song Pub Stories and the story line of it is nothing special, drinking in a pub, hard to get a work and the fact that your girl did´t like when you drink a lot. Booklet is two pages of lyrics with band photo. Possible to get this on
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 22.04.2010

Antipati - Sleepless

DistrOi! Records - EP -

79_antipati7.jpgI have to sincerely admit that when I saw the cover this EP I said to myself…”what a fuck” but it prove the proverb: “Don´t judge the book by its cover.” On EP are 4 songs called Sleepless, On my Bike, Sometimes and MTV Conspiracy. First one is put into you very fresh punk rock and it is about confused man who can´t imagine what he want and whole his life is in mess and that´s why is sleepless at night. In second song is changed vocalist I think because voice is little bit higher then in first one and the song is slower. It is about naive, blind and weak person which you can play with like puppet. B side starts with song Sometimes which is again in calm rhytm and it is about people who just dream and who are afraid to do real step forward in real life. Last one MTV Conspiracy is for me the best one from the EP. In contains the parts when vocal is supported only by guitar and other instruments begin to player later. This is thing which I really like and here it is 100% done. Song is about the fact how MTV act on youth and make EMO stupids from them and their main goal is to earn money. First song is musically similar to Oxymoron but others calmer are similar to bands like Die Hunns or Revolvers. Melodic punk rock with not so funny lyrics. When I didn´t look at the cover, I find this EP really well done, and for me it is better then they regular album. Possible to buy on
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 09.06.2010

Blood Pints - Lucky to be Alive

True Force Records - CD - 33:30

128_bloodpinsts.jpgThis is five piece band from Madrid which plays slower Oi! music and their debut CD released on true Force records. On CD, which is limited to 500 picese are 12 songs, 11 in English and 1 in Spanish. Music is slower maximum is middle rhythm with a little bit monotone drum kit, band has two guitars so time to time solo, vocal is nature and together makes little bit old school skinhead r´n´r sound but nothing extreme sound and the band is based on bass line which has also some solos. Together it is similar sound like old bands - 4 Skins, Last Resort and from new like Greek Jungle Fever. CD is opened by song called 90 minutes which is about football (better to say about fun according to football), next songs are for example Streetfight, Lucky to be Alive, Summer in the City (really good piece), great light rock´n´roll one Disgusting Man, anthem Skins of Madrid, which has beginning similar to legendary Chaos and you will know from it that Skins from Madrid fuck in their cars. When you wait for a while after hearing the last song, you will also hear acoustic version of this piece which is really pub chorus. Booklet is all right with all the thigs. Good band which is listening well but together it is little bit phlegmatic for southern nation. Possible to order on
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 04.10.2010

Blue Collar Criminals - Kindred Spirits and Unheard Cries

H8 Piece Records - CD - 39:04

38_BCC.jpgFive piece band from Arizona and their debout album. It is typical US product with cover, line up, visage of members, lyrics and sound. Music is faster and influenced by punk and hardcore but it isn´t unmelodic. On CD you will find 13 songs including 2 covers - Walk of Life from Dire Straits and harder version of Violence in our Minds from Last Resort. Some songs from this album you will find on their page Band really knows how to use their instruments but I miss any expressive idea or song which I will remember after first hearing…so I think there is many bands like this one in States. I will lever up the bass and also singalong…this is the things which Yankees can do excellently. Lyrics are depressive so hard life, povetry, streets, booze, lies, broken heartsetc…Booklet is well done and it has everything which is necessary. Surely listenable album but not such a bomb for me. You can order it on
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6  •  Date: 31.03.2010

Bombecks/Test A - Chapter 15

Oi! The Nische/Zonenrock RecordsAfter the Bombecks - CD - 35:02

181_bombecsk_test_a.jpgAfter the Bombecks gig in Prague where I completed their discography I decided to write some reviews on some of their albums and this split CD with their friends from Brandenburg is first in line. Album is called Chapter 15 and in the time of its release Bombecks played for 15 years and Test A for 16. Every band has 5 songs on CD. Album is opened by Bombecks with song Gift im Blut, continuing with two Oi! rnr songs called Hier sind Wir (where they reminds me Endstufe and song is about the evolution of the band during the years) and Im Promille-Takt, Das Waren noch Zeiten is song about what thinks are given to the world from DDR so (Trabant and Wartburg) and last is called Nur du… and on its end you´ll hear medley from old songs from Oi-Rock´n´Roll album. Band Test A was unknown for me. Band play similar to Bombecks but they play in four pieces and they are less straightforward then their colleagues from Thuringen. Their half is opened by song Zonenbrut, second Traurig aber Wahr is about band story (like Hier sind Wir from Bombecks). Other songs are called Papa sagt, pub song Freitag Abend about looking forward to weekend and football hit Das Spiel. In digipack is booklet with lyrics with many photos in the middle from the gigs, pubs and football a few serious band photos. Meanwhile the last album from Bombecsk and also from Test A which they released and I hope this isn´t the last because they know to play after 18 years of playing and they prove it when they played live. Good piece of German Oi!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 01.02.2011

Bovver Boys - Tooled For Trouble

Sunny Bastard's Records - CD - 34:05

3_bovver_boys.jpgBovver Boys is streetpunk band from Germany and CD Tooled for Trouble was released in 2008 on Sunny Bastards Records. Bovver Boys belongs to streetpunk band which prefered melody instead of hardness and speed. When someone plays me their CD I will gues that this band from UK and 80´s similar to Menace, Section 5 or The Crack spiced sometimes with touch of rock'n'roll. On album is 12 songs all in English including two covers, first is "No Pain, No Gain" from Evil Conduct and second is "Pogo in Togo" from for me unknow German band United Balls. All CD has playtime around about 35 minutes and the greatest song is probably the first one "Stupid Faces" which stucked in my head after few hearings of the CD. Other hits except "Stupid Faces" are for example "Backstreet Rock'n'Roll" and "Monday Morning Hangover". CD is packed in digipack with all lyrics(except covers), promo photo of the band and short thankslist. In lyrics is nothing unusual, just normal problems of working people which are going on monday to work with hangover and which belongs to subculture which wears Ben Sherman shirts and doesn´t care about revolutions.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: Misantroop 8  •  Date: 16.03.2010

Crane de fer / Coup de masse s - s/t

Bords de seine records - EP -

6_crane_de_fer_oi_coupdemasse.JPGSplit 7´´ of two bands completly in French languafe even the bands are come from across the sea. And it is because they are from Canada. So first band is called Crane de fer and has got two songs there..first is called Carré de gazoon and it is faster Oi! with rough angry vocal…similar to other French singing bands.. I like this. Next song starts with some French speaking and then … A.C.A.B from good all 4 skins and song is called T.F.S.B. and it seems to me that singer can´t sing so fast..but good cover indeed. Second band is called Coup de masse and their first song has simple drums, but great singalong refrain with angry voice. So result is good and the song is called Cul d´ enfer. And then back to England and tribute to Last Resort and their Violence in Our Minds. Of course in French. If I hear this on the gig I will jump three meters high. For me good split EP.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: Šafy 8  •  Date: 16.03.2010

Danny Diablo - The Street CD Vol.1

Countdown Records - CD -

69_67041[2].jpgSo I received CD of Danny Diablo named The Street CD vol. I... I have to say that when I saw Danny Diablo on youtube it wasn´t really my cup of tea but I enjoyed it…tattoos, guns, bitches so I look forward to the CD.... So here we go…Intro and then first song not so bad called D.R.E.A.M. and I know it from CD from Transplants, then second, third and nothing is happening and ninth song called Sign Of The Times... I hear guitar riff…wau..I looked on the cover and really…featuring Freddy Cricien of Madball...interesting mix of HC and hip hop budt after two minutes end...then tenth song again nothing new under the sun, eleventh called S.K.D. Party is better(I have to hear guitars!!) but also no hit, going on…thirteenth Sweet revenge isn´t also good (interesting guitar solo) sixteenth song Private Hell is some guy who really screams…I came to final song and I realize that I am little bit disappointed…after the hearing I heard circa 100x madafaka, 60 gangsta and 43xnigga and I was 43 time shot (because of the sounds in background of songs) and I didn´t enjoy it too much. I probably have to see the picture of tattooed guys like on youtube. So first half of the CD is about nothing for me and the second is passable so added together no wonder. But they really didn´t record the CD because of my music taste so I think that some people wil really enjoy it....DMS 4ever!!! Possible to buy on 
Author: Kolci  •  Rating: Boušák - 4  •  Date: 18.05.2010

Danny Diablo vs. The Vendetta - When Worlds Collide

Sliptrick records - CD - 39:28

30_0504460[1].jpgFusion of italian band The Vendetta and spawn from New York Danny Diabla give birth to this album. So at first my feelings from this CD are divaricated. And very much. On one hand great hardcore which is in cca third songs and on other hand rap which completes it. Yes sometimes it fits and I don´t care about it for example in song „Never Satisfied“, but when the whole song is made in hip hop style, it bores me. But this New York you know.Greatest hit of the album is song NOW which is only one in pure HC and as a guest is here good old Roger Miret from Agnostic Front with his perfect voice. I also like song Storm Clouds and videoclip Snow White which is more into rap but it isn´t too bad at all and I can listen to it. I am comenting just music because cocain which is Snow White about isn´t my cup of tea. So what can I say. This album is for everyone who likes New York scene and not just hardcore part of it. Music of The Vendetta is great and I think when they would make the album without Danny Diablo it will be better. It will be great HC like their albums before. Booklet is good but no lyrics inside. You can buy the CD on
Author: Kolci  •  Rating: 5  •  Date: 25.03.2010

Fed Up! - Fuck Your Life

United Riot Records - CD - 25:32

54_fed_up[1].jpgFed Up! is band from New York which plays oldschool HC. After relasing a few 7´´and split albums they have put out full CD named Fuck your Life released in 2008. In first song you can feel touch of legendary bands like Agnostic Front, Cro-mags or Warzone. But the voice of singer Dennis is a little bit tame and sometimes you can´t understand a word. This is only thing which I don´t like on this CD. Music is really expressive with great sound and well played. Booklet is also made well and contains all lyrics. This are about classical HC themes like tattoos, streetlife, pride and also one funny song Butt-man and it is about man who likes to watch girl´s asses on the streets (who doesn´t like this haha). The last rhyme of the song is the best „If that girly aint got no butt, then rice and beans will plump it up! :). Together CD is good but there is no single hit song which I like most and which I want to play again and again which is pitty. Possible to buy across
Author: Kolci  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 20.04.2010

Hetairoi - Acogidos por Caronte

True Force Records - CD - 43:12

118_het.jpgI always like bands which are original in some ways and different from others. In music, themes of lyrics, etc... Hetairoi choose as their themes ancient Greek mythology and this is quite original. People sing about Vikings, Slavs, Indians but I never hear an Oi! bands singing about Zeus, Olymp or Pallas Athena. This is their second album (they have one split with Paris Violence...another original Oi! band which I like). Album is called Acogidos por Caronte and it means something like Under Charon´s Protection (Charon is ferryman who transports dead souls across the river Styx). On CD are 13 songs and 3 of them comes from EP Indoctumiuga Ferre from year 2005. This album is more “softer” against their debut CD but it is still quite hard but the songs are more singalong and melodic and band uses more acoustic guitar and keybords. Album is opened by intro in opera style like first album of Ultimo Asalto which have similar evolution like Hetairoi – from hard stuff to more melodic one. Great songs are the second one Expulsados del Olimpo (Expelled from Olympus), which has great refrain and even it is in Spanish I sing it for myself, than Escudos de Plata (Silver Shields) and the tenth Negras Naves (Blac Ships). New songs are finished by pompous outro Ab Aeterno. After it come bonuses from EP. From titles of songs you know that I didn´t lie about the Greek mythology: gods, Olymp, underworld, ancient battles etc..etc...In great booklet is almost all lyrics and their translation itno English so you will know what are the songs about. Photos are here a\lso so I didn´t have too much to criticize. Really great music which estimates every lover of good music. Possible to buy on
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 13.09.2010

I.C.1 - Out of Control

RACords - CD - 53:18

53_ic1 - out of order.jpgIC1 is four piece skin band. Members of them plays in different bands, vocalist Andy is from Razors Edge and other 3 guys are from Carpe Diem. These boys really know how to play, their music catch you at the beginning and it didn´t let you go till the last tone. Sound is great and professional for me without any discussion. Album contains 15 songs. After the first song you will know why they choose name I.C.1. Lyrics are classical skinhead themes. Most of all I like songs Stick Together and Skinhead Legends. Booklet is also well done so you can look foraward to photos of I.C.1 members, their fans and also old well known skins photos. For skinhead music experts a must have record! Strongly recommended!     
Author: Okoun  •  Rating: 9+  •  Date: 18.04.2010

Iron Guts Kelly - Axe to grind

H8 Piece records - CD - 27:09

31_ironguts-front[1].jpgThis album is for all who loves good old HC from 80´s. Iron Guts Kelly from Kansas bring on their fourth album great mixture of old school hardcore, metal and punk. Almost thirty minutes of great music and I didn´t find any song which I didn´t like. From the crowd stands last one „With Me“ which is the best one from the album for me. Lyrics is about friendship and music is really catchy and melodic. Other lyrics are about war, religion fanatism or work. Booklet is only two pages but with all lyrics with some weird drawing. CD is perfect on one hand with raw music with great vocal and on other with lyrics. For me one of the greatest CDs from the last time so I am not afraid to give it 10 from 10. You can buy the CD on
Author: Kolci  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 25.03.2010

Konec hry - demo

DIY - CD - 12:58

105_584-image-konechry_demo.jpgI didn‘t know the band KONEC HRY till recent times, on bandzone profile isn’t a lot of information about the band, so I don’t know how long guys play nevertheless important thing is that they play. They play very good. So I bought their demo for 60 crowns. The price is low, so it is copy CD and there are 5 songs and booklet with 2 pages of texts and photos. The most important thing is music and it is excellent. It is very good played and melodic oi!punk with very good sound. The first song is “Tvoje volba” telling about decisions in life – motto of the song is “Life is fight!” The second song is called “Pátečni večery” and the text is similar to the fourth song “Konec hry”. Very interesting name has the third song “Bílej jezdec” but it is not any continuation of traveling of white rider in sad Europe. The lyric is warning for the girls to be cautious from any princes on white horses who become bandits. And the last song “Dávno pryč” is telling about bad experience caused betrayal. Everything is very good job in music and lyrics as well so the band has the future.
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 22.08.2010

Lumpex 75 - Blyskawic Slad

Olifant Records - CD - 44:34

122_lumpex75.jpgBand which comes from our north neighbours but from far far city (Gdansk) and you could see them in our country for several times. Blyskawic Slad is their second long playing album released on Polish top label Olifant records in nice digipack CD with 17 songs...really big portion of music. Lumpex 75 plays in 5 pieces and they like viking rock a lot which was proved by their older cover from Ultima Thule so influences by that style you can hear also on this album (mainly the title song). I really like their lyrics because they are touching more serious themes for example song Nasze Miasta, which is about taking back the Polish cities into their hands after WW2. Then Emigracja which is about the fact that Poland is your home and you will never leave it to work abroad for more money and also Zjednoczona Europa which is about the danger of western society and their influence on normal people (like TV serials, or advertisements). Also classic topics are there like media and problems with them, love to your city, filthy politics etc. Two songs Przeciwko Vam and Przepraszam you may know from bonus CD which was near zine Nie Jestes Jednym Z Nas 11. Album is really well-balanced in all levels and to the booklet is added lyrics for sure. Who like Polish bands won´t be disappointed by this group. It is possible to buy on
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 22.09.2010

Marching Orders - Last Train Home

Longshot Music - LP -

319_mo_last_train.jpgLast Train Home is third mini album (after Last Drinks and Dead End Street) from Aussies Marching Orders which you might see in 2011 on their European tour. 10´´ contains five songs - Had Enough, Last Train Home, Jordy Boy on side A and Voice of Ignorance and Won´t Take it Away on side B. Those who didn´t have gramophone may know the songs from their CD which was released on Bords de Seine called Nothing New (because this album was released just as a vinyl). Lyrics of Marching Orders are really depressive asi I wrote in reviews before and they underline it with melancholic music and you can hear this in title song Last Train Home with great singalong. But these bands are needed also because life isn´t just about fun, booze and women and you aren´t holding good cards enough to win. Lyrics are about the violence on the streets when you can easily become a victim, hard life of person with sad destiny (Jordy Boy) about the smart guys from middle class who wants to speak about the problems of the working class (Voice of Ignorance) or pride in your heart on the fact that you can stand on your feet against the world (Won´t Take it Away). Music of the band was described in detail in prevous reviews and this album fits to it very well. Vinyl is in black and green combination and when you play it it looks like some kind of Matrix. Paper with lyrics and some pictures is added inside. The best songs are the title one then Voice of Ignorance and Won´t Take it Away. I can recommend this band for sure mostly to the fans of vinyl because they are releasing mostly on this medium.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 10.01.2012

Mummy´s Darlings - Stormtroopers of Rock and Roll

Sunny Bastards Records - CD - 42:33

11_mummys_darlings.jpgMy first contact with this bunch of traditional skins and one renee was during their gig in Hildesheim where they shared stage with Condemned 84. They play as first band and I enjoyed them. Then I bought their CD and organise their gig on my birthday party in Prague. Mummy´s Darlings are mixing Oi! with traditional ska sound which is the thing I don ´t like but they are fucking great on stage!! But back to the CD. First song is really hit as fuck and it is called Burn Baby Burn and you can hear saxophone there. Second song is regular ska about football. Number three is Weekend Warriors, which is brutal song without ska rhytms. And here it goes..SKA changes to Oi§..sometimes it is good, sometimes not so good. Most of all I like last song We´ll Walk Ahead. So together…quality made CD with good sound, but Mummy´s Darlings are great band on live stage. Booklet is excellent, full of photos and lyrics…and that´s what we also like…
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: Šafy 8  •  Date: 16.03.2010

Njord - Mot himlen...

Vikingarock Records - CD - 41:49

100_njord.jpgSo this band cruises Swedish Viking rock scene since 2001 and this is their debout album but you should know them from compilations like Carolus Rex or Party på Valhall. Album is called Mot himlen… which means something like Against Heaven. Band is constituted of three boys and one girl and it has two guitars. After recited Intro they crush to you with song Fornstora Dagar(Good Old Days) which is unbelievable melodic and catchy and it really become one of my favorite songs and I sing it all the time. Another good song which I remember very well is fifth För alltid patriot(Forever Patriot). Then come song Ragnarök which is harder than other songs on album, guitars are heavier but vocal keeps his level and melody like on other songs. Than come first and the last English song called The Vikings from The North which is about Viking conquering the new words. Band can play also slow songs which is proved in last but not least song called Om vi för landet måste slåss…(If We Have to Fight For Our Country…). As I said all songs teemed with unbelievable melodic music which you will whistle and howl in spite of the fact that you don´t know what are the lyrics about but for experts who knows some Swedish words will think out what are the songs about. Patriotism, Vikings, history, mythology, family and pride – this are the themes which have all songs in common. Lyrics should be found in booklet also with photos. One critical note from my side…why did band didn´t take advantage of girl vocal which isn´t in any of thirteen songs… Band is great on the stage and they know how to make people move and you will see that they love to play live. For me one of the best bands of this genre.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 05.08.2010

Olde York - Empire State

Countdown Records - CD - 34:06

61_4S642[1].gifSo I have to say that when I receive this CD I didn´t know any shit about this band. But first tunes tell me that I was right with my ideas. Old school New York hardcore as fuck (even the name Olde York... ). Band has influence mainly in bands like Warzone, Brekdown and older pieces from Sick of it all and Agnostic Front. With few information which I found about the band I have to say that the band dissociate themselves from violence and gang wars. Greatest hit from the album is definitely Wanna Go Out which is harder Oi! song. Another great song is surely Still Believe which is slight about current state of HC scene and musically it is great piece! Booklet is also well done and it contains all lyrics. If you like NYHC this CD will look great on your collection. Get this across
Author: Kolci  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 03.05.2010

Paris Violence/Soiré´e Grisaille - Haut les Coeurs et Mort aux Cons!

Trooper Records - CD -

88_parissoire.jpgFlav from Paris Violence really influence a lot of people with his music and one of them maybe suggest to found similar project called Soiré´e Grisaille (which means something like evening grey) and released split CD with more known Paris Violence on Trooper Records. PV has here 6 songs, SG 4 and the last one was recorded by both of them. Names of the songs can man translate like Hope, Instinct of Hunter, Bayonets on rifles!, Under the Ruins etc.... I didn´t want to introduce Paris Violence again because you have info about them in previous reviews so I want to focus more on Soiré´e Grisaille. Their music is slower than their colleagues (colleague) from PV. Singer has deeper voice and all together sounds darker and decadent then Flav´s band mainly because of keyboards. I like also the sound of their drums more than synthetic drums of PV but I think it is because I heard more albums from PV till know. Booklet is two pages of some medieval battle which issong called Bouvines 1214 from Paris Violence about. Really good thing for listeners who want something more than Oi! Oi! Oi! give us 10 more beers. Nothing against this attitude but the fact that music and lyrics has evolution in such conservative style as Oi! music is, is great and it is step forward. And bands like Paris Violence, Soiré´e Grisaille or Balefire from England proves this very well.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 28.06.2010

Prilično Prazni - Samo Borbeno

I.C.S. Records - CD - 28:11

35_pp_omot.jpgThis band I bought from friend absolutely on blind. I never heart about them even not their name. Band came directly from Belgrade and this is their second album. Band said that they took inspiration from classic bands like Peter and Test Tube Babies or Stiff Little Fingers. On CD is 9 songs and two of them are in English (Bomb and Roll the Dice) and the rest is in Serb. Band plays melodic music with singalong refrains like in 77 punk rock or similar to football chorals (Samo borbeno, Doktor) but space is also given to harder guitars and rnr solos(like in Dalje idem sam, Ja sam taj). Whole sound is very compact and coherent, check their mp3 on Booklet is just two pages with no photos, but with all lyrics and thankslist where are Serbian bands like Šaht, Potres, Direktori or Pogon BGD for example. Good stuff from eastblock. At least check their music on myspace.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7+  •  Date: 29.03.2010

Slick 46 - I don´t Wanna...

Longshot Music - CD - 30:07

192_slick46_i_dont.gifSlick 46 is streetpunk band from Australia and I did the review for their newest album Love Young in the past. On I don´t Wanna is different line up (but also 3 pieces) and this album is played only by men. On CD you can hear 13 songs in middle rhythm when you definitely hear influences from early Cockney Rejects (like in Everything you Want) or from newer Foreign Legion from Wales. So you can imagine how does it sound...vocal is put into normal level and you can understand everything clearly, drums are doing their business well and all together sounds great and melodic. Some songs have parts just with drums and vocal with time to time guitar riff and that I like very much. In two songs (I don´t Wanna and Oi! it´s Friday) are vocals from guys from Marching Orders. Lyrics are about how we won´t be like normal sheep in society, we won´t to live like them, act like them and even die like them, about the fact how it is difficult to stand on your own feet, about wish to quit the boring job and start to live and also about some beers and looking forward to Friday evening. I really like songs Everything you Want, No matter What and City Bye Night (really hit songs with great melody). In booklet you´ll find all lyrics and many photos from the gigs. Album Young Love was average for me but this is much more it on 4subculture.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 25.02.2011 •  Buy HERE

SOT - Sed Och Tradition

Olifant Records - CD - 51:07

17_sot.jpgOlifant Records komplete all four singles of the band ($köldmö, Vi ses i Valhall, Uppror! and 12 Gyllene Riddare) plus 4 brand new pieces. Band plays in 6 with 2 girls who sings and one plays akordeon I think. Other instruments are also exotic like mandolíně, akordeon which I mencion efore, violin plus guitar, bass and drums. Band is similar to other swedish bands with female voices like Hel or Dagaz but this band is slower and more into folk thing….and that´s the thing which make them different. On album is 13 songs sing in Swedish, musically i tis very calm and pleasant thing, really worth listening. Booklet is great, photos of nature and traditional buildings, all ylrics(only in Swedish) and photos of the band members and thankslist. Strongly recomended to people who likes viking rock and different style of music!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 16.03.2010

Templars - Out of the Darkness

Templecombe Records - EP -

182_out-darkness-templars.jpg7´´ from knights of New York from 2008 which was released on their own label Templecombe. EP contains two song called Out of the Darkness and Weighed Down. Out of the Darkness is slower song about the fact that sometimes you have to come out of the darkness on the light and fight for the things you believe and against the thinks which are against you. Second one Weight Down is faster in style which you expect from the Templars and it gives you the advice that you shouldn´t believe what is writte in the newspapers and what politicians said and you have to use your mind and brain and don´t get blamed by TV or by people who see just profit in you. This was heard from the EP because there is no paper with lyrics but on the other hand the design of the cover and the plate is very good and of course the music which has balls. Good piece for collectors of vinyls.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 02.02.2011

The Fialky - Šance

PHR - CD - 37:24

108_CD1.jpgSo band The Fialky found the place in Czech punk rock scene. Boys are playing their 77punk for some years and they have many fans. Her first long album „Průser“ kick me into balls so I looked forward to their second album „Šance“. First of all the sound is much clearer and they change vocal (most of songs is sung by drummer Tom). Album starts with hit called „Černý ovce“, which has great melody and lyrics also which is about the fact that man can´t do thigs only for money. Tom´s voice is really great surprise. Second song „Pogo“ is sung by old vocalist Kečup. Link of the melody is really great and I have it my head for two days after first hearing. Third one is called „Počernice Boys“ and it is anthem for all streetkids because instead of Počernice you can place there any name of any city. Next one is about the fact that punk rock is a way of life. Then came song about memories of old times when we were young. But I also find some song which I didn´t like for example „Tenisky“, „Singl“, or „Rum a kola“. It is mainly songs about women. I like this topic but I don´t like the performance. But this is only my opinion. Most of all I like song „Víkend“ in which you will hear also keybords and for me it is top one from the album. Last song of the album has same title as album itself and it is little bit slower. Booklet is coloured into violet and pink colours with many photos of the band members and also from the gigs. Also you will find there some fragments from interviews from zines. For album are also typical singalong refrains and really great sense of melody. Compared with the previous one it is softer but more melodic. „Šance“ didn´t disappoint me...fine album which fix the position of the band.
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 26.08.2010

The Junkers - Maszyna Nienwišci

Olifant Records - CD - 46:49

94_junkersmaszyna.gifI received third album of Polish band from Szczecin which has woman singer Mucha. I always like this band since I´ve heard their debut CD To jest Oi!(This is Oi!) because they weren´t afraid to touch the metal, viking rock and psycho sound so they made their sound more complex compared to other bands. They´ve proved it with their second album called Nasza Volnošc(Our Freedom) and now they are here with their third piece. On CD cover is written 10 songs but on CD is 13. There are covers like Majkel Džekson from Rezystenja, Komunišci from Ramzes and the Hooligans and last but not least Gol Pogon Gol which is immortal rnr hit Go Johnny Go from Chuck Berry. The first song Maszyna Nienawišci (Hate Machine) will kick you to the ground with their rubbing guitars, drums like heartbeats and great vocal. Another great song is 100 Procent (100 Percent) and it is about anger and hate and also no remorse of people who are working till early morning and they have to go to work with full up buses and trams and how is difficult for them to behave normal in ordinary society.Next song Ferajna (The pub) is great punkrock ode to pub where they like to drink with description of other barflies. Typical figures which belong to every good pub or bar. Another great hit is called Po Drugiej Stronie (On the Other Side) and it is about people who likes to live like outlaws relying on their instinct and intellect. Other lyrics are about football, warriors, life problems etc...Music is great and band knows how to play fast and hard songs and also the slower ones for example Obcy Wiatr. Booklet is on great thick chalk paper includes all lyrics(except covers) and photos. The best Polish band at the moment possible to buy on for 8 €, so I won´t hesitate if I were you.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 08.07.2010

The Wednesday Night Heroes - s/t

Longshot Music - CD - 37:38

445_wnh.gifThe Wednesday Night Heroes is Canadian punk rock band which was founded in 1997 in Edmonton. This the repress of their first album released firstly on Longshot in 2001 and then as a LP on Blind Beggar Records. The band has also couple of singles and some new albums also. Band plays in four in classic line up with one guitar and it consist of three pounks and one skinhead. Compared to the first version there is one bonus previously unreleased song called Rebel Boys. Musically it is faster punk rock with shouted vocal similar to The Casualties in some tunes. Some songs have also singalong and catchy refrain like General Strike, Don´t Tread on Me or Our Common Struggle. Lyrics are classics – protest songs against the system, unity of streetkids, booze and trouble, poseurs, etc… Booklet is done as a gatefold with one side with lyrics and second with big photo collage. Also thankslist is there. Who likes faster punk rock will like their music but it is not my cup of tea at all.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6/7  •  Date: 24.10.2012 •  Buy HERE

THUG - s/t

DIY - CD - 33:51

96_thug.jpgSo this is five pieces Aussie streetpunk band from Sydney and how we know Aussie´s bands this will be not so ordinary streetpunk. This CD was produced by Steve King from legendary Rose Tattoo and their singer Angry Anderson has vocal part in song Gunnin´ 4U so I think that this really proves quality of the here we go. On CD you will find 11 songs of streetpunk which isn´t afraid to take inspiration from other music styles like rock´n´roll, pub rock or hard rock. I don´t know which band I will compare THUG to but some songs are like Section 5 and Superyob, other like Brutal Attack and the other like mentioned Rose Tattoo. In song Going Down you will hear pub piano like from Franky Flame songs. Vocal is normal, no screaming or not too rough and in really fits great to their music. From 11 songs I will speak little more about Gunnin 4U which is about the treachery of your best mate, then Forever Forward which is really rock thing about no surrender in life instead of trouble which life causes and how to go forward and forward. Next is hit We Made It which is about skinhead cult and backstreet life and next Going Down which I mentioned with piano and it is about the fact that sometimes there is fight in the bar. This is the theme which is mentioned very often in their lyrics (name THUG fits well hehe). In this song you can hear also guitar solo played in slide style which isn´t very usual especially in streetpunk style. Booklet is little bit weaker – no photo of the band, just two pages with lyrics and thankslist but fuck it...THUG music is played with 100% energy and I couldn´t find song which bored me. Another good band which come from the smallest continent in the world and which worth your attention and hearing. You can order it across in digipack version which I didn´t have so maybe this version will be different then Aussie one which I have. Recomended!!!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 26.07.2010

v/a - Raridades Vol.1

Your Poison/Infected/Can I Say/Zerowork Records - EP -

558_va_raridades.jpegOlder compilation released on above mentioned labels which contains 4 songs from Portuguese punk bands from 80´s. The bands are Crise Total, Peste & Sida, Censurados and Vómito. Their songs are called Policia de Intervecao, Medo Nuclear, Jorge Bruto and Orgia Paroquial. According to the titles they sing in their mother tongue. I was surprised because I expect fast punk which was typical for 80´s but each song is different. Orgia Paroquial is more into ska/two tone and it is happey song with saxophone. Medo Nuclear has great singalong and fine solo. Jorge Bruto is more into rock´n´roll. Songs are taken from some older compilations or demo recordings so the sound is not so clear but you didn´t expect that from the EP called Raridades. Inside is some kind of punk commix but just in Portuguese. EP is made on white wax and limited to 500 hand numbered copies. I will not rate this because it is compilation but I am glad that I have it because I know just the band Crise Total before hearing this.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 09.07.2013

Vanguard - Hard Road to Travel

Dim Records - CD - 43:10

120_vanguard.jpgAnother band from big row of US bands which were released through Dim records. Band Vanguard comes from Northern Carolina, they play in 5 pieces and this is their debut solo album after their split with another US band ATF. Band plays slower brickwall Oi! where dominates hard bass line and skinhead lyrics with no compromises. If you like the bands like Counterattack, Total Annihilation, Boot Party or older things like Kicker Boys or first album from Last Resort you will also like Vanguard. As I said before the lyrics are really without any compromise, so I would give to you nice example from song Fencewalker: „I´m not SHARP or white supremacist but you don´t care and you still insist on seeing things only in black and white“. Lyrics of Vanguard are about posers (Brand New Boots), rotten system (PCL), patriotism and negative attitude to terrorism (Patriot Action), fight of Americans in different wars (Fight to Win), narrow minded look on skinheads (Fencewalker), and also some good old ultraviolence (The Horror Show) etc. This is just few things which are enough to you to make an opinion about Vanguard. Me personally like the title song What we Bleed, than Patriot Action, Fight to Win, The Horror Show, but most of all Fuck the Blues. Booklet is folding but the lyrics are written like normal text without paragraphs so it is difficult to read them. Thankslist and band photos (one photo) are also there and the fact that the album was released on Dim Records is a stamp of quality so don´t be shy and afraid and order it across
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8+  •  Date: 16.09.2010