Aires and Graces/The Broadsiders - s/t

Longshot Music - EP -

482_aires_broad.jpgThis is older split EP of tho US bands, the first one is called Aires and Graces and they come from Tacome and it is band when used to sing and play bass Matt from Noi!se. Second band is The Broadsiders from Texas city Dallas and they are still playing I think (on BB is also interview with them). Each band has two songs there (Aires and Graces has there cover from Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer). The Broadsiders plays music with non-boostered guitar with big touch of Southern rock´n´roll and the fact that they have two guitars is really great. First song Don´t You Know Who We Are? Ism about people which judge you and your band and they didn´t even know you and your music. Really great guitar solo is here. Second is called Underground Treason and it is dedicated to underground scene. Aires and Graces opens their side with song Damage Done which is about the fact that you can hardly change things you done. Their music is more straightforward (they played in three pieces compared to The Broadsiders who are playing in five) and it is absed on Matt´s vocal which changes from rougher to melodic tunes. Graphics of the cover is well done and inside is paper with all lyrics. EP is red/black splattered. Nice EP.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 21.01.2013 •  Buy HERE

Albert Fish - News from the Front

Your Poison/Zerowork/Criminal Attack - CD - 35:24

521_af_nes.jpgSecond album from this longly playing streetpunk band from Lisboa (the first one was released in 2002) is called News from the Front and it was released due to cooperation of many labels mentioned above. Together there are 12 melodic songs in English. Band plays in five and both guitars can be heard well in their music (like solo in songs Scavanger, No Plan or Wake Up). Also there are many singalong refrains and the rhythm is quite fres (but there are also slow songs like No More Regrets for example). Lyrics are about corrupt politicians, about people who suggesting yout that their opinion is the best one, but they are just repeating nonsense taken from the news, about the scavenger who terrorize the land (I think it is about some kind of political dictatorship), survival in the city streets and also depressive view on life and world…not so funny and happy lyrics and it reminds me Italian band Bloodline when depression and hopeless is leaking from their songs. CD is done as a digipack with nice booklet full of photos, cartoons and thankslist. Quite older stuff but great album for me.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 29.04.2013

All Bandits - Edycja Limitowana!

Olifant Records/Nadsat Productions - EP -

480_all_b_EP.jpegEP from Polish band from 2009 released on their home label Olifant and Portuguese label Nadsad Productions in 250 hand-numbered copies. EP contains three songs in Polish - Skinheads and Pan Choragiewka (Mr. Chameleon) on A side and Chwala Bohaterom (Hail to the Heroes) on side B. First song is classic ode to the skinhead cult with all the stuff which belongs to it (like patriotism, tattoos, fights…), second is about men who are changing opinions like chameleon their skin and the last one is about heroes which fight for freedom of Poland. Musically they are playing typical Polish Oi! (like Analogs for example) which is melodi and full of guitar solos which punk rock sincerity and sing-along refrains. Most of all I like song Chwala Bohaterom which is in middle or slower rhythm and the lyrics isn´t cliché song about beer and fight. Inside is paper with all lyrics with their English translations (but the color is hard to read) and many photos. All Bandits are quite common guests on Czech stages but this is their last new song released (EP from Poink Records contains older songs – except of one I think) so I will surely look forward to hear some new songs from them. This is pretty good EP for me.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 15.01.2013

Bakers Dozen - Raise Hell

Step 1 Records - EP -

44_Bdraisehell.jpgAfter their first EP Pick a Victim, the band put another 3 songs on EP for vinyl lovers and the EP is called Rise Hell, maybe it is tasting before they CD split with Skinfull which is in plan. Raise Hell was released on UK label Step 1 Records and you will find there songs Raise Hell, Had it Coming and Nightmare UK. Which is rare for me is the fact that side A is played on 44rmp and side B on 33rpm, interesting. Music of Dozen is the same after those years of playing but the sound from vinyl is better for me. The absence of lyrics isn´t good but Jon sings clearly but you won´t catch everything from the vocal. All songs are on the same level and they´re listening quite well. Most of all I like the last one Nightmare UK. For lovers of British Oi! and vinyl collectors great thing to their collection!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 07.04.2010

Balefire - On the Road to Redemption

Thug Beat Production/Mother Fucking Sounds - CD - 26:28

2_balefire.jpgTwo piece and maybe only studio project of Barryho Demery from Infa Riot(he recorded drums, guitars, keybords and back vocals) and Pete Roper from Retaliator(he recorded bass and main vocal). In booklet is written that the project was founded during some reconstruction of some house and the house stays shithole so they belive that they did better job in music…and they fuckin´did!!! So the sound…completly something different…like Soultamer who sounds different then Badlands, Razorblade and Discipline Balefire sounds different then Retaliator and Infa Riot….calm, melodic, catchy music, melodies are slowly grave on my mind and keyboards are making really good background of whole sound. On Pure Impact is written no punk, no oi! no metal but something like catchy rock with punky edge. In some songs you can hear also acoustic guitar(like in Senlac Hill, which is about battle between English and Normans in 1066 where the English were beaten or in last one Hard Rain, which is about rain which wash all scum from the know what the poet wants to say…). Pete sing naturaly with no hardness and roughness in voice and you can hear everything clearly. First song The Pub from Hell has great catchy refrain so first day I hear the CD for ten times circa. On CD is 6 songs together…and I like the first one as I said and There´s something about her, which is about skinhead girls. Booklet contains some(two) photos and lyrics. Together great thing which I want to recomend to everyone and I am sure that I won´t put the CD out of my player for a long time.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 16.03.2010

Bandeira de Combate - Skinhead Rock´n´Roll

Arcabuz Records - CD - 54:14

219_bdc.jpgThis CD of Brazil Oi! band which have played since 1988 you can hear 17 songs. First ten is mixture of live songs recorded between 1988 and 1996 containing well known songs like Estaremos no Front or Pátria minha. Second part is studio record from 1995. CD was released on Arcabuz Records which I didn´t heard about. All 17 songs are in Portuguese. At first...I really don´t like live songs on CD even you should imagine how band can play live and breathe atmosphere from the gig but it really isn´t my cup of tea. I didn´t like different sound quality between the songs but it is logical because every song is taken from different gig. In booklet are no lyrics just thankslist and few black and white photos so I can´t speak about the lyrics...some songs I can translate by myself because I know words like Carecas, Brazil, Honra, some with the help of google means I am the Law, A Matter of Honour, Crim Wave, Hard Day, Fight and Win, Power, etc...from which you may recognise that this will be 100% skinhead stuff. BDC are playing middle rhythm which is cumbersome (in good meaning of this word) which is typical for Spanish (Ultimo Asalto), Portuguese (Faccao Opposta) or Brazilian bands (Tropel). Drums are supported with bass which you can hear clearly and loudly which plays simple bass solos which complete drums very well. Songs on this album are taken from albums like Inverno Oi!, Triunfo da Vontade or Ao Vivo or from compilations like Brazil Oi! or Um grito de Uniao. I didn´t know much about those records so I can´t say if they are regular albums or live ones but it prove my opinion that this album is compilation. I really like the second part of the CD (mainly songs Atitude and Dias Difíceis) and I can´t find any bad thing there but first half I jump over so together for 6 points...but who like live songs will like it altogether more. Thing which is hardly to get here for sure and that´s why I am rating it even it is compilation.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6  •  Date: 22.04.2011

Bandiera de Combate & Kill Baby, Kill! - Rocking in Sao Paulo, Rolling in Brazil

Oi! Ain´t Red Records - CD - 33:01

49_bandiera de combate.jpgI am listening this CD for circa one month again and again and I can´t get it out of my head. It is split CD of Belgian and Brazil band or better to say that singer of KBK went to Sao Paula to made a CD with BDC and it is brilliant! It is great skinhead rock and roll and singers of bands are changing song from song, only first one Tenacity is singed together. Songs of KBK are faster and more compact but songs of BDC are more aggressive and rougher so one band supply the other. Greatest songs are second one Battle Flags, which has lyrics about skinhead way of live till the end, musically absolutely well done. Tehn Estaremos No Front and Red Flags Burning. Last one Rocking in Sao Paulo Rolling in Brazil with Motorhead music and lyrics about journey to Brazil and having fun there. In booklet are all lyrics plus some photos. Strongly recommended!
Author: Safy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 11.04.2010

Body Shot - Ruins

DIY - CD - 22:11

199_bodyshot.gifBody Shot is more hardcore band from Holland and this is their first album butr people who play there aren´t greenhorns because they used to play in bands such Badlands, Best Wishes, Offside or Knockdown. CD contains 10 songs with cover Nothing from Negative Approach and all other songs are also in English. Songs are really hard, just take Offside and make them faster with higher sound quality of guitar and more solos plus one guitar more and you will have the sound of Body Shot. Who likes Slapshot will like also Body Shot. Lyrics are very critical to religion (Traditional Values), corrupt government (Secret Brotherhood), lawyers who defend guilty criminals and rapists with no shame (Devil´s Advocate), media (Through Blooodsucker´s Eyes) etc…Most of all I like title song Ruins and then Traditional Values. In booklet are all lyrics and on the back band photo stylized into figures of action men and who order it will receive figure of singer Maarten for free :). Good stuff for fans of harder music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 09.03.2011 •  Buy HERE

Böhse Tanten - Made in Madrid

Antisozial Records - CD - 24:18

37_bosetanten.jpgPromo CD in paper cover of Onkelz revival band from Madrid(you can suggest it from the name) and on CD is 8 songs from this legendary band and some are in mother tongue of naughty aunts. Concretly there are songs Dick und Durstig, Fussball und Gewalt, México, Die Stunde des Siegers, Stockel und Strapse, Wilde Jungs, Ich Lieb Micg and Keiner Wusste Wies Geschah. First and last is in German languafe, others are in Spanish and except the song México all has changed topics of lyrics. I didn´t realize this from lyrics, because I can´t speak Spanish but there is some annoucment on the cover about this. So what can I say more to it…cover band which can evaluate only man who can speak Spanish or Spaniard who will understand the new lyrics to old songs. I leave it without classification.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 30.03.2010

Bonecrusher - Our Nations Burning

Longshot Music - LP -

321_ep_bonecrusher.jpgOur Nations Burning is ten inch LP released by Californian band Bonecrusher in 2009, year before their last full length We are the Working Class. Who knows this album will also know that there are two songs from this maxi EP – the title one Our Nations Burning and Under Suspicion on side A. On side B there are two others songs called Remember and Last Man Standing. LP was released in two colours – the red one and black/silver which fits more to the Bonecrusher´s sound. First two songs are known so I will go directly to B side. Remember start like Chaos from 4 skins (the title melody) but it went to harder song with chorals in the refrain. Last Man Standing is little bit rougher and when I have to pick out the songs which represents Bonecrusher it will be this one. Covert voice of the singer, singalong refrain and part with just bass, drums and vocal plus violent not so funny lyrics about some social topic or crime. But I can´t describe the lyrics in detail because there is just paper with band photo and advertisement to other releases from Longshot. But it is something about how you should be the last man standing and do not give up the fight. I really love Bonecrusher and that´s why I bought this album and I really recommend it also to you.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 12.01.2012 •  Buy HERE

Bootprint - Notre Force

Dim Records - LP -

145_4S678.gifBootprint is three piece band from Montreal and they are really without compromises. Their mini LP really proves this. They play hard classic rough Oi! in middle rhythm similar to French bands like Haircut or Warboots – simply the French Oi! school. MLP contains six songs including two covers - On the Streets from Skrewdriver and Montreal Skins from The Ejected. Now speak about their own songs – 2 are in French and 2 are in English. The first one called Wake up is about their love to hippies and their way of life. Then we have On the Streets song and first side ends with song Avec Fierté (With Pride). I don´t know their language so I think that it will be about the love to their country, denying all strange and refusing humane leftwing. B side opens song Notre Force which is dedicated to Montreal crew C.D.M KREW. Then comes second cover Montreal Skins. Last song is called Said & Done and it is about skinhead pride, fights, friendship, loyalty etc...LP contains lyrics to the songs and some of their photos. Who loves French Oi! and who isn´t too much into melodic things this is LP for him. Possible to order on
Author: Okoun  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 08.11.2010

Bootstroke - Football, Drinks & Rock'n'Roll

Anfibio Records - CD -

40_4S645.gifOrthodox skinhead-hooligand band from Greek Athens. It is a little bit exotic for me because I haven´t got any different Oi! band from there. They play nice Oi!streetpunk with not so rough and natural voice and chorals. CD contains 10 songs...and circa half of them is in English and the rest in Greek which is great because I like bands from all parts of the word world who sing in their mother tongue. Nice cover and booklet with English and Greek lyrics(which are written in their letters). Straight forward street band and nice music for three piece band.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: Bootweiser  •  Date: 05.04.2010

Brutti E Ignoranti - Alla Faccia Vostra

Pull the Trigger/Shame and Scandal Records - CD - 30:36

67_brutti.gifItalian and according to their name ignorant Oi! band from Milano which play in typical four pieces line-up with one guitar singing in their mother tongue. On CD you will find 12 songs which sound kicks you back into 80´s which isn´t nothing for me…but we will see…Musically it is faster simple Oi! and band said this in their statement that they are skinheads who play music and not musicians who try to be skinheads. By the way it is typical Italian stuff, but this is more simple than other bands full of singalong refrains. According to lyrics and pictures which are next to them the band didn´t care about some important world problems and they like they skinhead way of life especially sex, music and booze. Booklet is well done, in the middle is collage from photos and lyrics which are in Italian but near the picture is also translation of the name of the song into English. After the first hearing I like two songs called Furgone and Falliti, the rest was lightly above average and this feeling didn´t leave me after other hearings. For me it is something little above average which didn´t stand out of the crowd of similar bands from Italia (may be only the thing that they aren´t political band is kicking them out of the crowd). You can buy it on
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6  •  Date: 11.05.2010

Combat 84 - Tooled Up

7th Cavalry Records - EP -

98_combat84.jpgRepress of this mini album which was released in 2000 and it was sold us very fast. No wonder – one of the essential bands of Uk Oi! scene from 80´s came with new thing after several years. On blue EP or mini CD you will find five brand new songs called We´re Back (you surely see video to this song), It´s Kickin´ Off, Whatever Happened To My Country, Politically Incorrect and Getting The Fear. So We´re Back is clear what it is about – the return of the legend, second is about pre-match atmosphere in the streets, so drinking in pubs, checking other firms, stations, back streets and finally some riot. Whatever Happened To My Country is confession of man who isn´t afraid to say clearly what he think about terrorists, violence in the streets and other problems on which you are call attention and people said that you are fool or extremist. Another song (first on B-side) is in the same level and it is called Politically Incorrect. What was normal in past is now signed as incorrect so paying for girl in the bar, let her to go to the room first, wearing your national team dress during the match etc...Last song is called Getting the Fear and it is about defending the family and home on first place and about trying to stop the politicians who just hunting money. Lyrics are similar to their which they wrote in 80´s – no compromise, conservative, patriotic and defending the traditional values. But music is more harder than before – more metal guitars which I like and cited and rough vocal. Try to look after this re-edition because I think it will be sold out also very quickly! A must have album possible to order on CD on
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9+  •  Date: 28.07.2010

Combat 84 - Orders of the Day E.P.

Victory/Step 1 Records - EP -

190_c84-ordersEP.jpgWhat should man write about the album with songs of band which everyone knows and many bands and people go in their footsteps. The Band with big B which is one of the basic bands of musical part of our way of life which we chose. EP Orders of the Day is the last repress (and according to the web really the last) repress of their EP from 1982 released again in 2009 on limited vinyl in 250 green pieces (which I have) and 250 orange ones. EP contains 4 notorious known songs so on A side is Violence which made the band famous and Combat 84, on B side Poseur about people who changing their style like socks from punk, across skinheads to mods and teds and the last one is immortal anthem Skinhead – anthem of all bald bad boys. Cover is the same like in the past and on its back are lyrics to all four songs. Who has gramophone don´t hesitate because this repress of the band and listening to their sound from the EP is something unbelievable and it kicks you back to the time which we didn´t experience. CULT!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 23.02.2011 •  Buy HERE

Concrete Gods - Welcome to the Empire Club

Underground London - CD - 39:23

146_concretegods.jpgOi!/Mod which comes from Isles with members of the bands like Superyob or Straw Dogs so when I noticed this I look forward to hear the album. On CD you can hear 12 songs of luxury played melodic britrock which takes the best from mod beat, strreetpunk and pub rock so in their music you´ll hear bands like The Who, Cock Sparrer, Eddie and the Hot Rods or The Small Faces and who likes albums from Superyob will love also this band. On CD you´ll also hear great cover from Pulp – Common People and if you didn´t know this song you didn´t realise that it is cover because it fits well to other songs of the band. Really nostalgic and calm thing. Lyrics targeting the British society (which was better in old years than now) and generally about the changing of the Ol´ Britain to worse. You can noticed this from the name of the songs like Just Like Churchill, Boring British Town or Unhappy the Land that Needs Heroes. In vocals you can hear time to time female one which gives new dimension to the singalong and some songs are acoustic from half. Most of all I like the song called Half Day Closing. Album is well balanced and I will not really put it off my stereo for some time.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 11.11.2010

Condemned 84 - Oi! Ain´t Dead

84 Records - EP -

284_condemned-84-oi-aint-dead.jpgRe-edition of EP which was released as a second released thing from the band in 1986 on RFB Records. This version is from 2009 and it was out on division of Step 1 records – 84 Records in four colours (black, green, red and orange – which I have). EP contains 4 songs - Follow the Leader, The Nutter on side A and Oi! Ain´t Dead and Under her Thumb on side B. All these songs you may find on full length album Boots Go Marchin´ In which was released for the first time through Rock´o´Rama in 1991. I have no doubt that everyone knows these songs but OK, music of Condemend 84 is hard as nails Oi! with no compromises which kick you into the balls after 20 years with same strength as in 80´s (can´t imagine what did this music with people in that age). Band never left their statements and who saw them live have to agree with me. Cover is the same as in 86 – simple British camo. For me are the songs on B side (which become anthems for all skinheads around the world) more known and I like them more but it doesn´t change anything on the fact that this EP is cult and even if you have whole album with them at home it is ok to pay fuckin´ 7€ for this and have it at home. Full points for sure!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 27.10.2011 •  Buy HERE

Control/Marching Orders - Stand Your Ground

Contra Records/Longshot Music - EP -

325_Control_Marching-Orde.jpgI think that this split EP was released because of the film Green Street Hooligans 2 (bullshit really) because of the fact that both bands have their song on its soundtrack (Marching Order have on it song Brothers in Arms which is also here and Control has there Home Fires Burning which isn´t on this EP). On blue vinyl (the Ep was released in 1000 copies and 6 colored versions) has each band 2 songs. On Australian part of the EP is the song from film Brothers in Arms (which was released on 10´´ Dead End Street before) and it is punk rock singalong about the fact that if we stick together we have to win everything and you can hear acoustic guitar there. Then we have Never Let You Down released later on full length album Days Gone By. This about the fact that I will always stay by your side, never leave you and never let you fall down. On the British side of the album contains songs released on debut album Hooligan Rock´n´Roll – the first is Stand Up and Fight great song about the fact that we have enough of all around and the time to rise against the system is coming. Song has great end part with refrain and vocals in the background. The second is called Be a Vigilante and it is about the fact that crime is rising, human rights are for psychopaths and the time has come to show the scum our strength. As I said in reviews before, music of Control is on high level with street influence in hardness and fierceness similar to harder Argy Bargy stuff. In the cover from Muna is paper with lyrics, photos and advertisement on other releases from the labels. For those who have the albums from which are the songs taken is not necessary to have this EP at home but as a introduction of both bands is great because both bands have there the songs which really represent their style.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 18.01.2012

Coup de Masse - Mourir pour vivre

Pure Impact Records - CD - 39:47

5_coupdemasse.jpgAnother new band from Montreal with two members of Bootprint (guitarist and singer plays bass there and drummer keeps his drums), but who reads BB carefuly knows this from Bootprint interview. Band plays in five pieces and their music is little bit mor technical then Bootprint because of second guitar. So on one hand less hardness but on second more solos and melody. In song called Larmes de sang you can hear female vocal. Band plays similar music as old French melodic bands like Komintern Sect, Skinkorps or AOC for example. On album is 11 songs all in French so I don´t know what are they about, but near every lyrics is picture what is song about. Booklet is really well done(PI rules) with collage of photos in the middle and with current and previous line up of the band. A must have for fans of French melodical Oi! Oi! music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 16.03.2010

Crucial Change - 33

Dim Records - CD - 67:33

7_crucialchange33.jpgSome songs from this CD was on their myspace for such a long time and there were a statement that this album will be released by Skins on Attack Records. Finally 33 was released by Dim(like the LP vision of their first albun American Made,which is placed here as a bonus). Cover of the CD is very similar to Evil Skins classics Une Force, Une Cause Un Combat so it means skinhead with bat wings and devil horns. So together with the bonus album there is 22 songs on this CD. Three piece band which go in footsteps of typice US Oi! and their themes like 100% patriotism for USA, denying of communism, drugs and pimps, cult of skinheads and working class, PC and viking mythology … the name of some songs speaks for themselves so Patriotic Pride, Standing Strong, Born Free etc. for example. Who likes music and lyrics of bands from States like Best Defense, Counterattack, Squiggy, Kicker Boys will like also Crucial Change. Also one cover version is here and it is Stolz from Bohse Onkelz but with English lyrics. Most of all I like songs Tree of Life, Skin and Wings of Raven. Another great thing is booklet which has everything what it should have so band photos, posters and lyrics. You can buy it on
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 16.03.2010

Disturbed Mother Fucker - Life is so Serious

Mother fuckin sound - CD - 32:16

25_disturbed motherfucker - life is so serious.jpgAfter the Oi! ain´t dead tribute CD come Jonesy with regular album with his own lyrics…and it worth to hear it. Lyrics are very humorous, critical, personal and double mening. It is about seducing women (Do You Want Some? or On the Hunt), life story of Mr. DMF (Growing Old, My Life), booze(Stella), canceling the tests on animals and to them on rapists and peadophiles(Animal Testing), Homer Simpson(Hail) or enjoying Valhalla(On the Way to Valhalla)…great last words in this lyrics:”Odin can you pass me the ketchup?” All lyrics are with grace but alsop very sincere. Music is quite similar to TMF stuff but the guitar is more “garage” (like on Sex Thugs and RnR album), sometimes the music is cumbrous, but not in negative meaning and it is more into dirty Motorhead like rock´n´roll. Voice stays the same and incommutable. In booklet are all lyrics with pictures and some words by Mr. DMF why and how this album saw the light of day. Who likes Jonesy´s projects will like also this CD!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 21.03.2010

Dockside Hookers - Killing the Music

Longshot Music/Bandworm Records - EP -

327_dockside_hookers.gifDockside Hookers is skinhead band from Quebec in Canada and this is their debut. The band used to play in three but they add second guitar to receive more melody and I have to say that it work! On clear vinyl with black and white spots you will find four songs - (punk is not about clothes, marks, fashion and trends but about the thing which is inside your heart), Wrong Place at the Wrong Time (drinking in the Irish pub), Pride (about the pride on your badly payed work and the instinct to survive) and Hail to the Working Class (greetings to all who work with their hands and they are tired but they still supporting their family and they are still proud). From the previous text you can see that it is classical themes. Music is an interesting combination – mainly you hear US streetpunk sound which fits great to the band with two guitars and their solos. Sometimes there is changing in the vocals which I really like and singalong refrains. Sometimes it sounds like Evil Conduct with dominate bass (parts of Pride song). In their own biography band wrote that they were influenced by bands like Dims Rebellion, Subway Thugs, Cleats and Niblick Henbane. Inside is paper with lyrics, thankslist and paper with code for download which is good if you want to listen to them for example in your telephone. Good thing, mainly for the fans of US sound.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 20.01.2012

Drugsmokkel - Young, Blond and Still Awake

Support Your Scene/ Mother Fucking Sounds - CD - 36:36

48_drugsmokkel.jpgHere comes punk girls from Holland and their band Drugsmokkel, also new for me. Two blondes and one guy behind drums and their punk rock. Three chords and drums are ok but the voice is like from space. Music is good, simple and fresh punk, but the voice is out of rhytm and it cuts my ears sometimes. First song Fuck you is good but then the quality goes lower. 16 same songs and I can' t remember any. I think that girls find their fans between punks but their style isn' t my cup of tea. Booklet is nice - some photos and lyrics. Possible to get it on
Author: Safy  •  Rating: 4  •  Date: 11.04.2010

Evil Conduct - Home Sweet Home

Randale Records - EP -

34_evilconduct_home.jpgTwo songs EP from this earlier born Dutch skins which aren´t necessary to introduce is out on Randale Records. On EP you will find two songs with expressive titles like Home Sweet Home (video of this song is on youtube) and One of the Boys, so don´t expect any diversions from classical lyrics(coming back home to the streets which know you or return of lost friends from your youth) and not even diversions from music which you surely know from past albums. Melodic guitar and voice and also 100% sincerity this are the things to expect from this single. When you watch the video you want to be older and covered in tattooes, this is the music straight from the heart for some time and it still has balls to knock you down with one clear hit. A must have for all lovers of bomber jackets, braces, shirts, donkeys, crombies and DM boots. Hit as fuck!!!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10*  •  Date: 28.03.2010

Evil Conduct feat Franky Flame - The Way We Feel

Randale Records - EP -

45_evilconductfrankieEP.jpgBefore me is split of old skins Evil Conduct with Franky Flame. When I saw it for first time it was a must have record for me and it fuckin worth to buy it. On EP is 4 songs and the first has name like the album. The Way We Feel and Franky Flame plays his piano there and sings. Also this is only one song when Franky sings. Second is classic Evil Conduct stuff…simple music which I like a lot.Side B and first song After the Rain. Song about how the sun shine after the rain and about god times which comes after bad ones. Catchy music, singalong and Frankie´s piano. Really great. Last one is called Brogues and Crombies and it is about beautiful skinhead style. So what can I say Evil Conduct is nice example how the things should look like. Music again with piano and keybords. Booklet with all lyrics, photos and other skinhead stuff. Must have…
Author: Safy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 07.04.2010

Gerbenok - Auf Gedeih & Verderb!

KB Records - CD - 42:41

90_gerbenokauf.jpgAfter their debut and split with their colleagues Unanstbar from Tyrol comes Gerbenok with brand new stuff - album Auf Gedeih & Verderb out on KB Records. On this album you will find 12 songs with good played faster streetpunk in their mother tongue. The band played last year in CZ so you probably know them. Songs are very melodic and I don´t know if it is this fact or the fact that the songs are so melodic but I said to myself after first hearing Damn I heard this before...All together is hearing very well similar to other German band Iron Fist. Voice is not artificially rough but naturally calm and sometimes the guitar plays killer solo which fit into the conception well. On cover are only four members so it means that they “loose” one guitar but I didn´t recognise it and music is still on same level as on the split. Lyrics are quite common so refusing of politics(Statement, Szeneverräter), old times(Vielleicht ist es beder sind), beer and booze (Setzen!Saufen!), provocation etc...Best songs are Provokation, Vielleicht ist es beder sind(which is really melancholic and almost sad) and last song Statement which is cracked punk rock which I like about the attitude of the band. Booklet contains everything what is necessary and due to the photos you will see that the band really like to drink...why not. This is good music which worth listening and it has energy so good to your car for example.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 30.06.2010

Hungrige Wolfe - Hungrig Bissig Wild

KC Music Limited - CD - 59:21

109_hungrig.jpgNext album of the band of fans of third half I bought in Kuggnas. The band has more and more fans every day. Music of this hooligan band is really interesting.l It is powerful streetrock with all hate and hardness from the streets but also melodic and acoustic ballads or songs supported with acoustic guitar. I was really surprised by great melody of refrains and CD is listening very fine. I like more playing time which is around about 45 minutes but this really runs very fast and it didn’t become boring. The fact that band knows how to play is that except two songs have other (11) more than 4 minutes. Lyrics are surely about football but not just about it and they aren´t primitive or simple but they make sense. They are for example about scene in Germany and the scene police which controls the band (not only KC band I think), about the fact that you should give back the hits you receive, about the relationship between mom and son or about the fact that you aren´t alone in a a pack of real friends. Other are surely about football, tattoo or drinking. Middle or slower rhythm are obtained (like songs Meine Träume, Ich bin wie du atd…) but band knows how to play harder things like Auf ein Neues, Das ist mein Ding, Tätoiwiert, Voller Stolz or Wir schlagen zurück. To CD is added great booklet with loads of photos and all lyrics which some of them are really long which is cool. Who likes nice music (and who see something more than Oi! Oi! Hate and Beer) which can be hard but also melodic and pleasant will like this album because it fits 100% in this conditions which I mentioned.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 27.08.2010

Iron Fist - Es wird immer weiter gehen

KB Records - CD - 44:58

374_Iron Fist-Es wird immer weitergehen.jpgIron Fist is streetpunk band from the western part of Germany and this is their second album released in 2009 (I get it little bit late). There is little change in line up compared to their first album – they have different bass player but the rest is the same – four people, two guitars. On CD you can find 13 songs (including cover from Knochenfabrik – Filmriss and Ich liebe das Leben from Vicky Leandros which is song for woman and piano). I really like the first CD of the band because it stands out from the standards of German Oi! bands because they are playing (and singing) not in rough style and they have use for both guitars and they are not here just for making the sound stronger. Music is very various from fresh streetpunk (like songs Wir stehen hier about the fucking politics or Kopf hoch mein Freund about the fact how you should held your high and not just regret yourself), then middle rhythm singalongs (like Ich hab´ das Glas which is one of the best songs on the album about the memories of old friends and girls or Dieses Leben bleibt mein about the fact that nobody should speak to your life because it is yours) or to ballad with piano and acoustic guitar (Der Weg about how men go through his way of life even if you don´t know the target). Booklet is done in similar way as the booklet by the first CD – thematic photos to some songs plus some band photos and foreword. First album of Iron Fist was really for me but this one really proves their position. I don´t know if they are active nowadays but I hope that they are because it will be bad if they will not release nothing new.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 04.04.2012

Jenny Woo - Acoustic Oi!

DIY - CD - 17:48

33_jennywoo.jpgName of this album let us know how will be the music on this CD. Yes…Canadian singer with asian roots and her 5 songs on DIY slim CD played on acoustic guitar. In some songs someone took the lead guitar instead of her and also banjo is used. Songs have names like I´ll Rise Again, What I Am, Sorry(which contains part of Sorry from 4skins), Our Oi! Music Song and Alberta Rose which you can feel pride and tradition from. Jenny has deep and clear voice and music…simply just acoustic guitar songs. Who loves acoustic songs from Badlands for example…so this similar…hust slower and voice belongs to woman. More about Jenny Woo will be printed in next issue of Boots and Braces which will be out in May 2010 and there will be an interview with her…also some songs you can hear on Together nice calm music which is good for Sunday afternoon. Most of all I like last two songs Our Oi! Music Song and Alberta Rose. Booklet is only one list of paper with photo and thankslist. Who loves calmer music then Oi!/streetpunk will appreacite this CD. Unusal thing.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 28.03.2010

Kalevalan Viikingit - Work and Fight

Olifant Records - CD - 37:20

10_KalevalanViikingit.jpgTwo piece band from Finland(the name means Vikings from Kalevala) and as they say they are playing Hakkapeliitta rock which is something like rock from north. Album was released on Polish label Records. On CD is 10 new songs plus 3 bonus songs from Boys from the North EP. 7 of them are in Finnish and 6 in English. Music is really interesting. Guitar with no booster effect plus bass solos, similar to Voice of Anger album from Perkele but more into rock´n´roll(sometimes like rockabilly or country rhytms) and you´ll be Nera the sound which Kalevalan Vikingit plays. Also plus many short citar solos are addend and in some songs you can hear harmonice. Musical ideas are really great! In booklet you will find all lyrics(except bonus songs). I can´t speak about Finnish songs but I think that English lyrics are very simple and full of cliche but maybe this are true feeling sof band members. But for me is this minus. In booklet is also thankslist and band photo. Most of all I like songs like Sven Dulfa, Kuolleet Sotilaat, Boys from the North or Tyomiehen Kesa. Interview with the band is on Good stuff with great music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 16.03.2010

Kampfzone (Erstschlag) - The Early Years(1994-96)

ES Records - CD - 34:52

85_kampfzone-erstschlag.jpgThis is collection of early period of Kampfzone. In that time they called themselves Erstschlag and they had different singer. On the CD you will find 6 regular studio songs, then 2 live songs and 7 songs from demo with little weird sound. 4 of first 6 you may know from EP called Made in Germany, but other you will hear for the first time because they were previously unreleased. So what can I say more...who like Kampfzone will like also this album but it is really early songs so do not expect any musical wonders. Voice is softer then Denny´s vocal(but I think every vocal is softer then Denny´s) and music is not so hard like older albums. Musically it is similar to typical German bands for example like Broken Buttocks or older Vortex. On CD is also 3 covers sing in German language from classics of genre so Übel (Evil – 4 skins), Laut, Stolz & Punk (Loud, Proud & Punk – The Business) and Kampf dem System (Fighting the System – Criminal Class). Most of all I like first songs in normal quality especially first one Harte Zeiten and On the Streets. Lyrics are about hard work, streetlife, beer and other typical subjects which starting bands sing about. In booklet are some photos and posters. For me it is something to make the discography complete and not for buying it because of extending your musicals horizons.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 5  •  Date: 22.06.2010

Kraftheim - Midgards Zorn

DIY - CD - 43:42

424_kraftheim - midgards zorn.jpgThis is second full length from German vikingrock band which was released in DIY way. Beside these two albums they have also EP called Geächtet released on the same label as the first album – Dim Records. I have to also say, that Kraftheim are ex-members of skinhead rock band called Broken Buttocks which released also EP on Dim. The band play in four but they have two guitars which is great for vikingrock genre because of the solos. Title of the album is Midgards Zorn which can be translated like The Anger of Midgard (which is the world of people in Norse mythology) and on the album you can listen to 11 songs in German language. Compared to the first album the music is better and after the first hearing I have feeling like “damn I have to hear these songs somewhere” but after studying the booklet and the paper with lyrics I recognize that there is no cover version. So it means that the band plays melodic music with great vocal which fits into the music and the band can be compared to other bands from genre. For example songs like Des Hammers Heimholung, half acoustic Der Sühne Sold or Weltenfeinde are great hits. According to the titles the songs like Nagelfar, Hels Reich, Odins Boten, etc… are classics about Norse mythology. Booklet is just two pages with some forest photo and band photo plus paper with lyrics and explanation about the DIY release and thin booklet. But music is great and I am very glad that I bought this album (even 3 years after the release date).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 29.08.2012

Last Riot - Demo 2003/vonne Strasse

Fight Back Records - CD - 54:04

86_lastriot_demo2003.jpgRelease of the demo from 2003 of three piece skinhead r´n´r band from Saxony plus 4 songs from EP vonne Strasse... this is what contains this CD. Together 15 songs and most of them you may know from their first album Böse Jungs which was released in 2004 on Dim. Sound quality is OK but not as good as regular album. In demo part you will find 11 songs and as I said before, 9 of them are placed on Böse Jungs (for example Oi!Oi!Oi!, slower Mädchen meine Traume and beer hit Hasseröder) and 2 you will hear for first time - Was ihr Verdient and Alter Mann. Then we have 4 regular studio tracks from EP which I didn´t this is songs Sexy Lady, regular version of Was Ihr Verdient, Vereint and Voran. Here the sound is 100% better, great r´n´r sound with great drum kit especially high hat which almost melt into one sound. Another thing which I like on the band is the fact that they can play fast song and in other they play almost acoustic one and also changing of the vaocals. Pure skinhead stuff in style of other Oi! Oi! Oi! aus Sachsen Anhalt bands like Backstreet Firm or Rampage. CD is packed only in paper cover. So counted together - EP on CD plus demo songs. Possible to order across Adler Versand for 7€ which is good prize for almost 60 minutes of good music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 23.06.2010

Mummys Darlings - For the Bootboy´s Soul

Randale Records - LP -

46_mummys darlings LP.jpgSecond album of our friends from Munich. Iwas really surprised. If you know first album it is full of saxophone and ska motives but now no sax and even less ska, sound is harder and album is more compact then the first one. I think Mummys has very bright future. First song Back to attack! Is really nice. Fourth song Frienship is also good for me, part of the song is in ballad style and it is about how should friendship look like. Work is the Curse is hit about how to win a championship in booze and it has great sound. No compromise – I like raw guitar and lyrics about spreading rumors what you should or shouldn´t do. But the boys are saying what they want and doing what they want…100% agree. First from B side is Shut up, Listen up - and it is against all so called skins who think that shaven head and bullshit speech is everything. Again great singalong. Another songs Oi! Oi! music and Let the Good Times Roll , 40 Years of Burning Hearts dedicated to 40 anniversary of skinheads. Cover of LP is great and contains all lyrics and photos and thankslist. I am excited!!
Author: Safy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 07.04.2010

Neparkovat Vjezd - Pro děti ze všech měst

DIY - CD - 30:37

71_nv.jpgBand Nepoarkovat Vjezd comes from Karlovy Vary and they have played since 2001. After demo and some garage recordings this is their first official record which you can whole hear on but CD is CD and 6€ is OK prize. I found this band little bit underestimated but I think it will change because of this CD. On it you will find 11 songs which mean circa thirty minutes of music. Band has only one guitar but in some songs they really know how to sell their punk rock and their strength is mainly in singalong refrains like in songs Rock´n´Roll a Tatranky, Now Future, 1984 a dál, Cesta (which are more serious then other more into beer drinking lyrics) or Rozjetej vlak. On CD is also song Fešáci which you may know from Czech and Slovak Streetkids vol. 3 compilation. And it is about how beautiful are baldies. By the way booklet is two pages with photos and thankslist plus added paper with lyrics. Who likes the idea of punks and skins shouldn´t be afraid to buy this CD and to invite the band on some gig.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 26.05.2010

No Alliance - Just Getting Started

Dim Records - CD - 28:21

123_noalliance.jpgCanadian band in which are members of Bootprint and Coup de Masse and Just Getting Started is their second album. The band plays faster and more simple music then bands I mentioned before and it is also more punkier and the vocal is more shouted. On album which has circa half and hour you can find 12 songs of fast streetpunk with sound of Oi! and punk bands from the 80´s like Ejected, One Way System, Blitz etc. Even the first song Soldier kick you in the balls like old Exploited and second is Virtual Warriors is one of the slower and more into Oi! songs. Band plays with two guitars but I didn´t notice this from the music because mainly it is faster songs. Lyrics are normal and typical for Oi! band like booze, fights, acab, internet warriors, politics and booze again. Me personally like minimum of the songs the rest is boring or too fast for me but try to listen them on In booklet are just photos, some posters and thankslist. From Canadian bands which I mention at the beginning is this weakest for me. Possible to buy on
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 5  •  Date: 23.09.2010

On the Job - Rock ´n´Oi!

Contra Reords - CD - 34:54

237_onthejob.jpgOn the Job is one of many young streetpunk bands which come from Sweden and this their first album. On the Job is four piece band and they have two guitars. On album are 11 songs – all in English. Band has similar sound like their colleagues The Clichés, Saturdays Heroes but you will also find rudeness of Battle Scarred and Toy Dolls there. But most of the songs are in the poppy Oi! sound. Music is run by the vocals which aren´t rough (like The Pride for example) and melodic guitar in style of The Crack and The Business from Welcome to the Real World era. Themes of the songs are about the boring work (Carry On), about reckless of the youth (Ready to Riot), rich bosses which treat you like shit (Rich Bastards), how does it look like when you visit disco (A Night at the Disco), good old violence (Violend Conduct or Hate Song) or prison break and escape from the law (Running from the Law). Most of all I like Ready to Riot about memories when you were young and make some mess in the streets and Running from the Law. CD is digipack and booklet contains all lyrics and photos make in style of police evidence. Nice music for fans of softer music for lovers of bands which I mentioned before.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 07.06.2011

Paris Violence - Rivages de la Tristesse

Trooper Records - EP -

324_EP-rivages-tr.2.jpgNext EP from the variety of Paris Violence EP´s released in 2009 with poetic name the Shores of Sorrow. Album was released for the Europe in 500 copies with this cover and for US with different cheesecake on the cover through Koi Records again limited to 500 copies. EP contains 4 songs – the title song Rivages de la Tristesse and Perle de Mon Empire (Pearl of My Empire) on A side and Le Baiser de la Sphynge (The Kiss from Sphinx) and instrumental outro Confins de la Solitude (The Borders of Loneliness). Again original names for streetpunk/Oi! songs with inspiration from the depths of human soul, fantasy, decadence, dandyism, occultism, Art Nouveau and other things from the Paris and France in 19th century. But you surely know that because you know that Paris Violence in not “just another band” (just look at the back of the cover where Flav is dressed in style of dr. Watson from Sherlock Holmes stories). On Ep you will find again many non-traditional sounds like keyboards, piano or samples. Beside Flav the EP was recorded by the guy called Sylvain. Music didn´t cross the lines of their previous albums and the best songs for me is the second one called Perle de Mon Empire with great keyboards during refrain. There is no paper with lyrics for detailed description but who likes their previous works will not be disappointed from this EP.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 17.01.2012

Paris Violence/Kamizole 13 - Croisons de Fer

Trooper Records/Islika Productions - CD - 37:57

152_parisviolencekamizole.jpgI really, really don´t know what number has this album of one man project called Paris Violence After splits with Foreign Legion, Hetairoi and Soiré´e Grisaille is here split CD with French band Kamizole 13 which I didn´t know about. Album is called Croisons de Fer which means Iron Cross and according to graphic of the booklet you can look forward to good piece of martial streetpunk music spiced with keyboards and samples. Also the titles of the songs are about army like My Commander, The Swords, I am in the War etc...Every band has 6 songs there and I really talked too much about PV in the past and I will talk about them in the future for sure so I will consider more on second band – Kamizole 13. This is also one piece band which is called JF Baille and he also record all guitars, bass and program of the drums. Their sound is slower but more straightforward and the drums are programmed without synthetic sound so if I didn´t know that they are automatic I didn´t realise this. Also they play without keyboards. In booklet are only three lyrics, 2 from PV and one from Kamizole 13 but its lyrics was written by Flav). Also there is short thankslist. I like more the second band because I am a little bit oversaturated by PV but this bands fits together in music and I think also in lyrics.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 23.11.2010

Plakkaggio HC - Fronte del Sacco

- CD - 23:44

12_plakkaggio hc_-_fronte_del_sacco.jpgQuite interesting three piece HC band from Rome area. In 2006 they released album Il Nemico a now they are back with record Fronte del Sacco(something like In front of the Crowd). I was really surprised with the range of bands in thankslist or band which influence them from Oi!/streetpunk classics like Cock Sparrer, Nabat etc…then HC like Warzone or Madball, and also black metal like Darkthrone, Burzum, Bathory, Marduk or some grindcore bands ..such a mixture..and hen you look at thein gigs…i tis the same from Last Resort to Agacothles so here we go! On CD is 11 songs, 8 in Italian language and 3 in English and in one song (War Black Metal Edge) they have singer from Payback(their review i salso hear) on vocals. When I am listening it again and again I am recognising that they style is really mixture of what I said efore so you can find melodical and streetpunk singalong songs typice for Italy like Germe or Granito or HC sounding songs like first one Tempesta, Fronte del Secco or No Rules(with typice HC street lyrics) and also metal songs for example War Black Metal Edge. Booklet is fine with apocalyptic design only one thing the letters is done something like in azbuka so I have to concentrate more on readning. Length isn´t too long but every song is different so you didn´t recognise it. Band on live stage must be massacre to see. Recomend to all who likes harder music and who doesn´t listen to one style of music!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 16.03.2010

Plan of Attack - All or Nothing

Randale Records - LP -

29_poa.jpgAnother of many great Australian bands which let us know about their existence by this 10´´LP. And who´s are the band members? Ok so for example singer Barry comes from Irish band Skint (more about in interview with POA) and on guitar is Viktor from Mouthguard who´s got Czech origin and he often visits our country, which you can see on thankslist. On LP are 6 songs, 3 on A side and 3 on B side. Album starts with fuckin´ great song Back from the Dead which I fell in love with after the first hearing. This is the sound of Oi! band from 21st century!!! Another songs are Two Sides, Crash Course, Just Beacuse You´re Paranoid, All or Nothing and Path of Least Resistence which aren´t also bad and the number of 6 songs on this album really fits me well because the band didn´t become boring. The songs are in middle rhytm BUT the music really has balls and the sound from gramophone underline this fact and I am sure you won´t put the LP off your recorder for a long time. Catchy but hard melodies and great bass plus singalong are the things which band can sell really good. To the red vinyl is added paper with songs and some photos and all together packed in cover with well done artwork. For those who don´t have gramophone, album is also out on mini CD which you can buy on One of the best things from last time!!!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 23.03.2010

Pressure 28 - Dodging the Bullets

Big Dog Records - CD - 9:11

14_pressure_dodging.JPGBand of which I though that broke up in 95 is back with mini CD out again on Big Dog which is probalby label of someone from the band. CD is paper cover without lyrics and photos but it was for 3 Euros so I took it. On CD is 4 songs - Dodging the Bullets, Time for Action(cover from mod band Secret Affair), Waste of Time and Do Wot U Like. First song is faster si streetpunk style, second is slow melodic thing, understable with great bass guitar and it becomes my favourite after first hearing of the CD. Third is similar to second and fourth one kick you back to 80´s. What is in commom to all songs on that album is bass guitar which is witthout mistake! Comparing to previous album the sound on this is you will 14 years difference from last recording is session. So together good choice for buying but I hope that in the future I will hear regular album with booklet.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7+  •  Date: 16.03.2010

Punto D´Onore - Jednou budem dál

DIY - CD - 16:02

15_puntodonore.jpgDemo with seven songs in paper cover of young band from Prague recorded probably in rehersal room. And you can buy it for 40 CZE(1,5Euro) from the band(contact on And I was really surprised with some things…at first qulity of sound…I really don´t know how long does it all také but the sound is quite good. Second is good…in most of songs guitar with no booster…i means Skrewdriver, Perkele, Badlands, Templars style. In song We are the Boys you can hear also two tone guitar and touch of ska rhytm. Another unusuality is the fact that except one song is everything in English. And now negaives…so I think that some work on the voice is necessary, I don´t expect any Caruso :) but as I said I think it is necessary, because sometimes the vocal isn´t clear and I can´t understand some words. Anyway…all the best to the band because some songs are really Here to Stay, which has simple beginning but really catchy. On CD is also well known hit Skinhead Girl. I leave it without classification because it is only I said keep on going lads!!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 16.03.2010

Razorblade - Shitting out Nails

Step 1 Records - EP -

32_razorbladeshit.jpgBefore the fifth studio album came Razorblade with 3 brand new songs EP Shitting out Nails on orange vinyl. On cover is their frontman Wouter as he sits on the toilet and he looks very happy even he should shit out nails haha. Names of the songs are Killer, Black Flags and Shitting out Nails. Black Flags are about righ and left wing extremists who are marching on the streets when normal people are trying to sort their lives. Shitting out Nails is about the sound of the band and growing up in backstreet scene. Theese songs are similar to other Razorblade stuff from previous albums. Song Killer doesn´t fits to their stuff…maybe it is only my feeling but I like him most. Who have gramophone have to buy it before the regular album will be out…so put rpm on 33 and come on! Good stuff and I hope that album will be even better!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 26.03.2010

Razors In The Night - Cary On!

4Subculture Records - CD - 18:20

16_ritn.JPGBoston five piece Oi!/HC band with name inspired from Blitz and their CD for Europe with two bonus songs. CD is out onCzech label 4Subculture Records and it is its 5th solo release..Congrats…So on CD is 8 songs in style from melodic streetpunk like first song Carry On! to HC (The Summers). I really like the singalong vocals whre you can hear also female voice which made song completly different. Music is melodic with guitar and bass solos and you will clap your feet for sure. Lyrics are about loyalty to the cult(Carry On!, Skinheads Alright!), rich kids(Hipster Holocaust), life in debts (Insufficient Funds). Booklet is in two pages wit lyrics and photo from their gig in the background(looks like good rock´n´roll show man!) + thankslist and contact. This is for every fan of street music because it is great mixture of hard and melodic sound. Only the length
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 16.03.2010

Retaliator - Patriotic Alcoholics

Step 1/84 Records - EP -

191_retaliator.jpgAnother EP re-edition is out now from Retaliator which was released in 2002 on Camden Town/Guilty Records with different cover. The front cover from 2002 is now back cover. On EP you´ll find 4 songs. On A side is Patriotic Alcoholics and Take these Chains on B side is Fighting on the Streets and notorious well known 4Q from Blitz. These songs you may know also from split CD with The Gits. EP is on green, black, red and orange vinyl. I am sure that you know the band I will introduce you their sound...It is really hard and it doesn´t sounds like other bands from British Isles. Guitar is hard, time to time metal touches with solos like in songs Take these Chains. Best song is for me Fighting in the Streets for sure which combines hardness with great singalong refrain. As a interestingness I can add that one of the guitars is played on this EP by bass player and singer of Loyalty Steve. Good re-edition from great band and good piece for people who loves small vinyl.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 24.02.2011 •  Buy HERE

Rien Ne Vas Plus - Demo

DIY - CD - 35:42

386_rnvp.jpgDemo record of three pieces band from Magdeburg and two songs from this CD you may know from Oi! Ain´t Red Recods compilation. Demo is just CD-R with black and white cover in slim package. On CD is 10 songs including intro and outro in German language and some titles are Hass sund Stolz, Way of Life, Scherben, etc... Sound is classic demo but I think it should be worse but it is covered little bit. Mainly it is typical German Oi! but the band knows how to play slower and more melodic songs with guitar solos like In einer harten Zeiten, Scherben or Deutscher Adler. These songs have hit ambitions if they would be recorded with more clear sound but instead of this rough version I like them. The band has potential to the future and I will look forward to hear some new songs or these songs re-recorded. But as information about the band, this demo absolutely satisfies me.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 27.04.2012 •  Buy HERE

Röde Orm - Patriot

Ultima Thule Records - CD - 53:20

104_rodeorm_patriot.jpgAfter six years comes Red Snake (this is the meaning of the name of the band) with fourth album called Patriot which is recorded with new singer and drummer compared to their previous album from 2003. On previous albums we waited also so long because of setting on fire the Studio Valhall where all materials burned. Band played for 15 years and I liked their previous albums (mainly the first one Stolt) so I bought this CD on Kuggnas festival. Cover is thematic – Odin on eight leg horse Sleipnir. Band really knows how to play after the 15 years and everything fits well like cogged wheels, music is in middle rhythm and it is also melodic with light metal touches which is common in this genre plus time to time singalong and all in Swedish. In last song Svenska Hjältar (Swedish Heroes) you´ll hear also accordion and whole song is style llike song from the pub celebrating all Swedish heroes and it advise you how to get drunk when you listening to Röde Orm music and I believe that someone really gets drunk during listening. Instead of this you will find also a Swedish national anthem Du gamla du fria (Thou ancient, thou free) which is played almost by every Swedish patriotic band. Other songs are called I Swear on this Land, United Fight, Loyalty, Cross on the Flag, Master of the Sea etc so themes of the songs are clear. Most of all I like songs Enad Kamp, than Patriot and Mitt Ord. Band unfortunately split up but singer Eddie is going to continue with some projects co we will se what will happened. In booklet are all lyrics plus some photos from live gigs and from studio. Fans of viking rock will love this album and to other – try to listen the band on their myspace where are some songs from this album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 20.08.2010

Rozpor - su uchylny zido bolsevicky fetaci !!!

DIY - CD - 52:59

52_rozporrozporschylnidobo.jpgRozpor is one of most discussed bands in Czechoslovakian street scene. Someone loves them another gets angry when he hears their name. Band is controversial because of their radical antifascist attitudes which they didn´t afraid to show. I will leave the question if is this ok or enough without answer, it is everyone choice and opinion how to deal with that fact. So the band has face and it has their place on our oi!punk scene. The prove is their last album „Rozpor su uchylny zido bolsevicky fetaci !!!“(Rozpor are weird jewish and Bolshevik junkies). Good name for album taken from some internet discussion. On CD are 14 songs, 5 old, but new recorded from first album „Nezabudneme!“. First song „Ženské zbrane“ (Women´s guns) is about all girls in scene. Well played hit song which made your blood run faster. Another one is „Skinhead O’Connor, which is fast and strict– Sinéad O’Connor isn´t skinhead but hippie! And third one „Mimo kontroly“ (Out of Control) shows that no monitoring from the state won´t be tolerated. Another great melodic song is „Skús žiť inak“ (Try to live different) and it in same rhytm as „Mimo kontroly“. How is Rozpor think about good show you can hear about in „Nikto nám nebude kurviť našu šou“ (No one will piss us our show). Go on stage, dive into crowd and no problems from the organizators side. One of first new songs which I hear from first album is ballad „Moj pohreb (Parte)“ (My funeral) which is also in video version and it is most untypical song from album and whole production of the band. I didn´t like at first but at the end I like it and mostly from lyrics point of view. Thirteen is called „Núdzový plán“(Emergency plan) which is good but I don´t like the lyrics which are against their land…it isn´t my cup of tea and you can´t expect any patriotism from Rozpor. The other negative is the fact that some songs are boring and when they didn´t appear on this album nothing will happened and the album won´t be so unbalanced. So the weaker songs are for me „Mudrlanti pojebaní“, „Každodený výcvik“ and instrumental one called „Nad ránom v Bratislave“ which I really didn´t understand. So together who likes Rozpor will love also this album and who didn´t like them this album won´t spark a flame of love in his heart…
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 18.04.2010

RUST - Lean Mean Street Machine

Pug Music/STP - CD - 33:52

172_rust.jpgRUST is streetpunk band from the Australian city Sydney and I have to repeat again that the scene there is expanding outside the continent thanks to good bands which are prepared to tour Europe. In RUST plays veterans of streetpunk scene who used to play in many bands before. Sound is influenced by all branches of rock music so you will hear hard rock, rock´n´roll, punk rock etc… and it is surely inspired by Aussie bands like The Angels, Rose Tattoo or AC/DC also Motörhead and surely from punk rock Toy Dolls (some songs are similar to them in music but also in lyrics – just like the song Female Japanese Psycho Killer). On CD are 11 songs in style which I described and which isn´t typical but this is the thing which I like. Some songs (like Oi Oi Aussie Rock´n´Roll or Urban Legends) you may know from Backstreet Yobs compilation, other from split EP with On the Job. Most of all I like song called Urban Legends. CD is packed in nice digipack, but in 12 pages booklet are “just” band photos...on every page one big and detailed photo. Also there is thankslist but I miss lyrics little bit. I recommend this CD to those who like bands like The Bridgeburners with little bit faster drive. For those who didn´t know it we have also interview with them on our pages and they said that in 2011 we may expect European tour of the we can be surprised this year!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 05.01.2011

Slick 46 - Young Love

Contra Records/Longshot Music - CD - 13:48

99_slick46.jpgSo the last CD from the letter from Aussie Pug Music is from the band called Slick 46 from Melbourne which tagged themselves as a working class streetpunk. Band line up is made by two brothers on guitar and drums and bass is played by girl and after the Move Aside and Stand in Line albums this is their third release. All the members of the band support each other in vocals. On CD is 6 songs and musically it is average Oi!Punk with touch of old classics like Rejects or Ejected spiced up with U.S Bombs and they main drive is in the vocals. Lyrics are about standing on your own feet (Stand Up), against street preachers and sects which knocking on your flat and pissing you off (Johnny Jesus) and also about denying the people who are changing leave the scene and live mainstream life (Follow the Leader) or rich youth (song Rich Kid which has beginning similar to Hey Little Rich Boy from Sham´s). Greatest hit is Johnny Jesus and Follow the Leader for sure. Booklet contains all lyrics and one band photo. This isn´t my cup of tea but sometimes it is good to make your musical horizons little bit wider. Look on their myspace or youtube where they have video to song Move Aside with old line up.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6  •  Date: 02.08.2010

Stomper 98 - 10 Years Birthday Bash

Sunny Bastards Records - DVD -

173_4S763.gifStomper 98 is five piece skinhead band from Germany. But drummer comes from USA and he plays drums also in The Templars. And now to the DVD. It was released to 10th anniversary of the band on Sunny Bastards Records. On cover is photo from the gig and it shows you how great was the atmosphere there. When you open the cover you find great booklet and two discs. First one is DVD with the anniversary gig from Leipzig, interview with the band and their beginning and shoots from tours and also some videos from festivals like Punk&Disorderly and With Full Force. Second disc is CD with live songs from the gigs. All is in great quality and done in professional way. And now shortly to the gig...Stomper 98 are excited before the gig in backstage and since they hit the club with the first song it become hell. Audience is 100% skinhead. They show cross section of their songs with some talking between them. They play in faster rhythm sometimes with ska touches. I really like the last song - Chaos from 4skins. During that many people goes on the stage and singalong with the band at at the end 5 minutes shouting „skinheads”. Everything is done in their mother tongue, also the interview with no subtitles. But really good piece into collection of every fan of good skinhead music.
Author: Okoun  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 07.01.2011 •  Buy HERE

Templars - Outremer

Rebellion Records - CD - 37:39

50_templars - outremer.jpgReedition of Outremer album from 2005 which was released on US label GMM Records comes out now on Rebellion and it contains 12 songs from the 1999-2003 decade. From Templars I like most album The Horns of Hattin so I was curious when I saw this reedition. I shouldn´t introduce the band, skinhead rock with dominant guitar with no booster which is sometimes spiced with touch of r´n´r and band with great melodies which jump immediately after listening into your head. This fits 100% for songs like Frontline, True to the Cause, Anonymous, On the Edge, but also slower ones like Alone in the Crowd or Situation Critical. Lyrics are about friendship, loneliness, army, necessity to work, history of the band, internet warriors etc… All lyrics are inside and all are done in style of pages from old templars books. So added together…great album with accurately playtime of band which has formed the cult for circa 20 years. You won´t be bored if you will listen to this. Possible to buy it across
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 15.04.2010

The Agitators - Among Friends

High Lake Hill Records - CD - 43:27

70_theagitators.jpgThird album of this streetpunk band from Antwerps I found in my postbox. I like this band and CD for review always please me so here we go! The name of the album “Among Friends” really represents atmosphere of their music and lyrics. Simple and unbelievable melodic guitars, parts of tracks only with drums, bass and vocal…melodies which will be written under your skin after first hearing. The music and the voice aren´t rough…I think it is for fans of bands like The Business or The Crack but count with sound from 21st century. With they exposure and sincererity they are for me like Evil Conduct and Superyob. Lyrics are mainly about football (Red and White – footballanthem as fuck, 4 Minutes which is about beating Dutch in 85), and also theme of modern football business (No to the Merger), refusing politics on gigs (Point of View), friendship (Friends are there for You), women and maybe some personal story of a band friend, whose had friendspeech with her wife but he already took care about his children and he was great dad for them (Now She´s Gone), internet warriors (Cyber Warrior…great refrain!!!!) and of course booze (What I got in Mind…drinking lager all day long (definitely)). All lyrics are in booklet which is well done and I have nothing to say wrong about it. So resume…album with accurately playtime from fine streetpunk band and you can also read older interview here with them. Play this CD in your pub and I guarantee to you that you will not leave it very early!!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 24.05.2010

The Bruiseheads - Wasting Away

Rebellion/Dirty Old Man Records - CD - 17:47

26_bruiseheads.jpgYoung Oi! band from Holland area Brabant and thein debout miniCD out on Rebellion Records. Music and lyrics are like using carbon paper on 80´s bands…middle rhytm which is time to time faster or slower in some parts of the song. Oi!/streetpunk which is spiced by some guitar solos, chorus oooo in refrain and singalong parts, but together music which didn´t surprise you after years of hearing similar bands. BUT you can feel great energy from the band and enthusiasm for playing music, why not, they are young so I wish them all the best with music to the future. On CD is 7 songs which are about skinhead cult and elegance of dressing, weekend fun of skinheads like booze, gigs, fights or girls. Most of all I like the song Better Dead then a Ted when Bruiseheads swearing on people who left the skinhead way of life and who are into rnr mode…sad truth which people don´t like so much. Booklet is thin, just two pages with lyrics and few photos. Those who like bands from 80´s will also like Bruiseheads. This isn´t my cup of tea. You can get it across
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6  •  Date: 21.03.2010

The Clichés - Bottom of the Barrel

Pretty Shitty Town Records - EP -

106_cliches.PNGSo this three-piece band comes from Sweden and you can find interview with them on old version of Backstreet Battalionu. Current members used to play in bands like Act of Contempt, Clockwork Crew etc… and this is their four-song EP limited by 500 copies. I will compare their sound to their more famous colleagues from Perkele. The first song has similar name like EP - From the Bottom of the Barrel and lyrics is about music from the street which band plays and which is straight sometimes tough but it is played from heart. Second on A side is called Steelcaps and Elbows and it is about fun on skinhead gig. First song from B side is called Fate or Luck and it is about the fact that man didn´t know what will happened and if the luck or fate will be on his side. Another is called All for Show which is about hypocrite politicians who are just playing theatre for us and behind their false smiles are just money, greed and power. After it is a hidden bonus of faster song and it is probably called Get Out of My Way (which I found out from refrain) so this is a little bit rarity on EP. Pretty Shitty Town added also a paper with lyrics and on other side of it is some funny photos of the band. Who likes slower melodic streetpunk in style of Perkele or French band The Janitors will also like this EP.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 23.08.2010

The Gits/All Bandits - Oi! Pro Patria 1

Olifant Records/Nadsat Productions - EP -

231_all_bandits_the_gits.jpgThis is split EP of two Polish bands from city of Lublin. On A side you´ll find The Gits and their song Urodzeni Miedzy Dwoma Rzekami which you may know also from English version called Born between Two Rivers. On B side is their younger colleagues All Bandits with song called Oi!czyna. EP was released in four version (yellow, blue, green and red) and it is limited to 500 pieces. Inside you will find the paper with lyrics. Song from The Gits is about life in city on the border of Wes and East Europe where you drowned yourself in alcohol and politics above don´t give a shit about you. I don´t like too much their vocal but In Polish it is really 100% better than in English. Song from All Bandits is about oppression of Poland during all those years but the anthem will sound if there is someone who will live for this. I like this song more because of the melody and using the fragments of Polish national anthem. Good EP and fine stuff for fans of Polish music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 24.05.2011

The Headhunters - Give Us Some Heads

Dim Records - CD - 44:36

126_headhunters.jpgAfter great album called Eat this Dickhead with very sweet Oi! sound are here Ultima Thule with boxes (here you can see them without boxes) again. Yes this i The Headhunters and this is re-edition of their second album from 2003 released on Dim in 2009 with different (and for me with better) cover art. On CD are 12 songs in English and most of them are in slower rhythm (remember Ballad of a Broken Heart from first album, so similar to this one but not so sweet), but also faster ones (like the last one called Public Service Media) but also ska (Headhunters do the ska). Music is fuckin´ melodic, Janne´s voice fits perfectly to the musicand I have to say that the slower songs like Falling Down, I Will Stay (cover version) or Moving On really fixed into my mind. Themes of the lyrics are critic of the sytem, love, society but also pain of soul or memories on old times and standing against things which oppress you. I speak about the good songs before (the slower ones are really really well done) but also the last one called Public Service Media or We Know Our Rights are good. In booklet are just lyrics. High quality music and the fact that I don´t give 10 to this is because I still love their previous album more. Possible to order on
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 30.09.2010

The Loose Skrews - Sworn to Fun

Dim Records - EP -

384_Sworn to Fun.jpgThe Loose Skrews is US band from Atlanta and they have been playing since 2003. On this EP which was released by Dim Records and which is limited to 500 copies you can listen to 4 songs - Sworn to Fun and Warm Beer, Cold Soul on side A and Another Wasted Day and We Will Be Over on side B. The Loose Skrews is no Oi! band which you may guess from the label Dim Records but it is some kind of drunken punk rock with image like Anti Nowhere League. Band has five members and two guitars which can be heard in solos like in song Another Wasted Day. As I wrote before it is faster punk rock with rock influences and sounds to me like stuff for choppers lads. Lyrics are about the low life on the streets where you have no job, no money, you are drinking, your girl also and your whole life goes to hell (which is characterized in song Warm Beer, Cold Soul – beer is getting warmer but your soul is getting colder). Graphics of the EP is done in black and white and inside is paper with lyrics. This EP is more for the fans of dirty rock´n ´roll spiced by punk rock. The band has released 4 full lengths instead of this EP so try to listen them on
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 24.04.2012 •  Buy HERE

The Patrons - Pride and Dignity

Support Your Scene/Mother Fucking Sound - CD - 14:58

47_patrons.gifThe patrons is brand new zoung band from Holland and I am really excited from this 15 minute album. Two skins and one punk in their teenage years play really good music without shame. Streetpunk as fuck with great ammount of young energy. CD contains only 7 songs made from punk rock across oi to rnr but in good meaning so they don' t play themselves on Elvis. Songs I like most are Streetrat, Bootboy Rock and Roll and Pride and Dignity. Lyrics is classics, fun on the streets, riots etc. Really recommended. Buy on www.
Author: Safy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 11.04.2010

The Pillage - We Bear Arms

Dim Records - CD - 30:27

19_pillage - we bear arms.jpg4 piece and 100% army and military oriented Oi! band from US Atlanta. Militant is cover, on which you can see fighting skeletons of US soldiers from civil war, 1st and 2nd world war and from Vietnam. Militant and pro army oriented are even lyrics from which you can smell gunpowder, oil and bombs…most of the lyrics are like that. Others are ´bout illegal immigrants who came to states, friendship and problems of working men. Band plays really melodic style and even some touch of ska you can hear in some songs. Band also can´t deny that they have come from the South. You can hear this on guitar and her solos which are very playful. And also in singalong refrains. About the refrains you will think in style “dammned where I fuckin´ hear this melody”(for example songs like 211 or The Code…which are also one of the greatest hits from the CD). Other hits are for example Hero or Persecuted Patriot. Album is Word listening and it listens very good, not too hard music, just fine music with smell of pride and rescpect to thein country and ancestros who built it. 100% patriotic Oi!/streetpunk! You can hear it on and buy on Sat Congs!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 16.03.2010

TMF - Hey Ho! Let´s Go!

Koi Records - EP -

110_tmfhhlg.jpgThis EP contains two songs which were recorded in 2007 together with Sex, Thugs and Rock´n´Roll album which has most garage sound from whole TMF discography. EP was released by Koi Records from Texas which are specialized on releasing coloured vinyl. My TMF EP is violet-brown. So as I wrote on EP you will find two songs, on A side Hey ho! Let´s Go! A and on B side song Boring. Side A I like more, lyrics is about violence, hate and about man who is guided missile and ticking bomb. Song on B side is about nothing....really about nothing. It is about how 12 lines and chorus is OK to make some lyrics. To well done cover is added paper with lyrics. Fine thing which didn´t turn aside from the TMF discography.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 30.08.2010

Ultima Thule - The Best Of…Polish Edition

Olifant Records - CD - 78:40

127_utbest.gifSo this was really masterpiece from Olifant Records. Polish edition of the best of from Ultima Thule (20 songs plus 3 bonuses) in great digipack which can be lay out into both sides with many photos of the band and also of their fans plus history of Thule in Polish on extra paper. From 23 songs you should know 22 and the last one you can hear only there because it is previously unreleased and it is called Broch och Straff(but they have a little bit weak sound). Swedish songs are 21 and English only 2. You can hear songs like Stolt och Stark, Skinhead, Ragnarok, Mitt Land, Witchhunt, Potarna Till Hell, En För Alla etc, etc…you know what will be here I think. Two songs (Sverige, Sverige Fosterland and Du Gamla Du Fria) are from times when in band sings Bruno Hansen. Yes it is only a “best of” stuff which you can make by yourself at home but with this digipack has to be big work and the nice cover proves this. Also the prize which this cost on (10€,-) it is perfect! Perfect cross-section of production of perfect band! But I don´t rate best of albums...
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 01.10.2010

v/a - Underground Anthems

Your Poison/Infected/Can I Say/Zerowork/Bandworm R - EP -

559_va_ua.jpgOlder compilation released on EP through labels mentioned above and it contains 4 bands - Decreto 77, Albert Fish, Red Union and Ultima Sacudida. All bands except Albert Fish have there song in English. Decreto 77 are from Portugal and they have there song called What Democracy? which is quite nice punk rock with two guitars. Albert Fish ar also from Portugal and they covered song Puto da Rua from Opiniao Pública which is also Portuguese band but I don´t know anything about them. This song is more hard then the previous one. Red Union comes from Serbia and they covered The Gates of West from The Clash. It is faster then original, but OK. The EP is closed by Spanish band Ultima Sacudida with their Punk Rock Song. I made a review on their album Raw and Loud which can be found on BB. Inside are band photos, line-up, contact and short thankslist. Two from four bands were unknown for me so I am glad for this. EP is limited to 500 copies and it is more for people who likes more melody instead of hard and tough music. It is compilation so no rating from me.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 19.07.2013

Vindicate This - Stronger than Yesterday

At the Poor House Productions - CD - 34:12

66_vindicate.gifFour piece band from Swedish Malmö and their debut 15 songs CD. This band has four members but it has also two guitars which you can hear from the sound which is similar to bands like Templars (there is photo with them inside) or their compatriots Righteous. Ligtly boostered rocn´n´roll guitar with time to time solo and singalong refrains. Lyrics are nothing funny at all, so unemployment, fiting in society, hard work, loneliness but also some positive lyrics like Glory Days which isn´t about old days but some instruction how to make glory days from these days in which we are living. Songs which I like immediately are: Where Did You Wanna Go, Fed Up, Scapegoat and last but not least singalong Back Home and Everywhere. Booklet is black and white but very well-arranged with all lyrics and collage of photos in the middle plus thankslist. Who loves Swedish streetpunk and compilations like Brewed in Sweden will also like this CD which is possible to buy on
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 10.05.2010

Warrior Kids - A la Glorie des Losers

Randale Records - CD - 33:44

28_warrior kids - a la gloire des losers.jpgThree piece band from south of France – Marseille which plays thein melodic music to us for such a long time. I have only album Carton rouge from them and I really like it thanks to the great sound of the band…the quality of record is absolutely perfect and the singer really know how to sings and the bands stand out of the box called “French sound”. Sound is melodical punk rock or call it sugar Oi! if you want and you can hear also SKA songs and songs with rnr touches. The whole sound is based on guitar which change a lot during the song and you can hear that guitarist really enjoy playing on it. Take Superyob Vannila Muffins spiced this with Ramones and Pride, slow down the drive and you are near the sound of Warrior Kids. Can´t imagine this? So try their myspace and see. On CD is 13 songs in style which I described but all songs in French so I really don´t know what are they about. In booklet is lyrics but also only in French plus few photos. All together it is one big ease and it reminds me summer time. For the quality of record speaks also the fact that this CD is out on Randalle Records. You cann buy it across
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 22.03.2010

Wiens No.1/Gewohnheitstrinker - Geteiltes Lied

Randale Records - EP -

258_gw_wiens.jpegThis is little bit older split EP of German singing Oi!/streetpunk bands - Wiens No.1 from Vienna and Gewohnheitstrinker from Freiburg. Every band has there three songs and one from these three is cover from the second band on EP. So Wiens No.1. has there they songs like Krieg and Hooligans in Uniform plus cover called Moderne Zeiten and Gewohnheitstrinker has their song called Fremde and cover Leck uns am Arsch and also Skinheadformation from band called Braunglass (they have also split with them by the way ). Both bands play in five pieces with two guitars but Gewohnheitstrinker sound more moder and more melodic…similar to their Weimar colleagues – Spy Kids. Their song Fremde (Foreigner) is about how people feel themselves like foreigners in their homeland thanks to politicians and so called democracy. Really nice singalong refrain… Skinheadformation is about the band and how super skinhead band they are and it is something like manual to Oi! bands…und the last one Leckt uns am Arsch is classic protest against values of mainstream society which we give a fuck about (in this song is also two tone guitar). Wiens No.1 has there song Krieg about the horrors of the war where people turn into beasts, Hooligans in Uniform is about cops who act people who are against but they have uniform to protect them and the las one called Moderne Zeiten from their colleagues with no lyrics inside but the title is clear…the tush of modern time which you have to follow. Cover is well done – mascots of both bands doing armsport. Inside is paper with lyrics and band photos as usual by EP´s from Randale. Both bans have very strong singalongs so who likes all the oooo and aaaa whooping will love this EP also.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 11.08.2011