45 Adapters - Don´t Trust Anyone Who Doesn´t Dance

Contra Records/Longshot Music - EP -

272_45adapters.jpgSingle of the band which I introduced little bit in review on split EP with Stomper 98. This is three song EP with fuckin´ long title which was recorded with older drummer Pat. EP contains songs DTAWDD on side A and on side B there are Throw it Out and Brand New Good Old Days. EP was released on 500 copies (50 black, 150 clear and 300 splattered) with bog hole in the middle of it. As I wrote before the band is really into old school sound (like slower songs from Pressure 28 like Pull no Punches) with dominating bass like from ska or reggae song which is sometimes more playful then guitar (but there is also many guitar solos). First song is about the fact that you should enjoy the live music and dance till you drop. Throw it Out – you surely know this feeling – put all into small box and throw it all away (I really like this one). Last one speaks about why just celebrate the good old days and why not make some new good old days because time is running fast and we will have to remember them. To EP is added paper with advertisement on both labels and lyrics. I don´t like too much the cover of the EP but it fits great to the title. Who likes bands with older sound will be satisfied with this band.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 16.09.2011

8°6 crew - Old Reggae Friends

Une vie pour rien vinyles? - LP -

222_1116-150x150.jpg8°6 crew is a skinhead band from Paris which praise traditional ska, skinhead reggae but they also have some Oi! songs. Band contains 11 people. Album Old Reggae Friends was released oduring autumn 2010 on Une vie pour rien vinyles?. It is their 3rd long album. First was great Bad Bad Reggae (where they have 3 Oi! songs) and 2nd is called Menill'Express. And now to the Old Reggae Friends. It is released on LP but also on CD and I have to admire that the cover is really well done and as a bonus is there songs on EP which is good news for collectors. Album contains 10 sonfgs, every side 5 plus 3 songs on EP. All are in mother tongue which is usual by French bands (patriots maybe :)). The first song is called Too Strong is in pleasant ska rhythm which make your mood better and give you some energy. In next song called Le Juge they play skinhead reggae with no compromise. Greatest hit on the album is song called like the album - Old Reggae Friends which is at the end of the first side. First on B side is called In the Shebeen and it is also for lovers of skinhead reggae. Bonus EP contains 3 songs: Still rebel and I need help (side A) and I need help and United (side B). Booklet of LP is really great and well done and you can open it like a book. On the cover is photo of football stadium and inside is the photo of the same stadium but with terraces full of fan - luxury old school As I said really nice piece to collection of one of the few skinhead bands which are into traditional ska and reggae.
Author: Okoun  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 05.05.2011

Agent Bulldogg - Ett Tusen Glas

Randale Records - LP -

154_agentett.gifGreat re-edition and vinyl premiere of one of the most cult bands from Sweden is out now on Randale Records. Picture discs mainly hasn´t got booklet. BUT this one has it and really great. 22 pages in style of old zine with old interviews with the band (in English and German), news from newspapers, album reviews from past, reports from the gigs, lyrics and titles of songs and short comment to them in English...I was very happy with this because I have something to read on toilet and in the bath. Band becomes popular because of their great music with accent on guitar but also because of brilliant use of saxophone and keyboards (in ska song Staden vaknar) and people didn´t care that they didn´t understand what they sing about. So you will hear notorious known songs like Ett Tusen Glas, Mit vall, mott liv, Gnällig (also with sax), Sveriges Röst, Supa Ikväl etc…Really who has gramophone this is must have album and who doesn´t have it just by one and then buy this album because it is really great job with many additional information which make your horizons about this band wider. Band has reunion now so I really looking forward to some gig!! LP is limited of 500 pieces so buy it for example by www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 26.11.2010

Agent Bulldogg - Livsstil

Randale Records - LP -

159_livsstil.gifThis LP was released in 1191 at first and then as a CD in 1997. It is debut of the band and it was put out through their label Coitus Records. As I described by earlier reviewed LP the Randale Records make a great job with this reedition and put out great picture disc with booklet stylized into old fanzine with interviews and reviews from old zines like Kraft durch Froide, Pure Impact, Tighten Up etc… Also the lyrics are there and instead of them also the English titles of the songs and description. So man will know what are the songs about. For example Svea Rike is about patriotism and fatherland, Ultra-Supa is the first song of the band and it is about ultra drinking, Livsstil speaks about the way of skinhead life etc...Other themes are journeys of Vikings, justice, honour, etc...Album is slower then Ett Tusen Glas and I like it a little bit less. But three songs which are on the top: the first one Karl XII, then Stockholm Skins which is great hit and it should be in jukeboxes I think and Svea Rike. Great stuff limited to 500 pieces and you have to have it at home because CD´s are sold out I think so you have to buy the gramophone. Possible to order on www.4subculture.com and don´t wait!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 08.12.2010

All in Brawl - Demo CD

DIY - CD - 5:34

97_allinbrawl.jpgDemo CD of new Aussie band in plastic case with 4 songs called All in Brawl, In Our Hearts, Scumbag Parents and On One Hand on it. Musically it faster Oi! with touches of HC (for example song On One Hand is pure hard core) similar to some US bands. Band themselves have letters CCHC in logo so I guess that it means Canberra City Hard Core. First song kick you in balls and it is about brawl in bar (favourite theme of lyrics by antipodes), second is anthem about this baldy cult which we praise third is about idiotic parents who rather drink down the pub instead of taking care about their children which are breed by TV. Last one is great HC in music and also in lyrics level which is about friendship and respect to people who deserve this. Start of the song is slower and singer really preach the lyrics there. Who likes the bands like Razors in the Night for example and other bands who are mixing these two backstreet styles will like also this band so I hope that regular album will be released as soon as possible. In black and white cover you will find paper with lyrics. Try to hear them on their web http://www.myspace.com/allinbrawlact. This is demo so I leave it without rating.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 27.07.2010

Anti Clockwise - Demo

DIY - CD - 20:29

357_anticlockwise-demo.jpgDemo and I think also the first recorded stuff from this three piece band from Magdeburg released as a CD-R in paper cover (but I think they put it also on EP) with list of songs (no photos or lyrics), but it costs 3,5 € and when you have the rest of band discography you will simply buy it. On CD you can listen to six songs in German, sound of the record is OK but it is very silent so you have to make your stereo louder. Music is middle rhythm with punk drive similar to the first EP from Spy Kids. Topics of the lyrics are (according to the song titles) loyalty, cops, hard life in East Germany or laws and standards which you have to pass. The band is surely more into vinyl stuff because as I said before this was reelased also on EP and all their other records also so those who haven´t got gramophone have to hope that they are going to release something longer on CD. This is underground CD from underground band. I leave it without rating.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 09.03.2012

Antipati - Frågor som rör allmänna

Kjell Hell Records - CD - 46:21

147_antipati-fragor.jpgAntipati is Swedish punkrock band from capital city Stockholm and this is their second album (on first is review on old version of BB by Šafy). On album are 12 new songs in Swedish plus 4 bonus songs from EP Sleepless from 2008 which is also reviewed here. These songs are in English. In band are people from music groups like The Righteous or Contemptuous and some of their members are in the reunion of Agent Bulldogg! Band combines melodic streetpunk with touches of other styles underlined by two tone guitar Jåg.maste or by keyboards and saxophone which always kick my ass and I like the bands which use it like Skint and their first album. Music is typical and similar to bands from this corner of the world and who likes bands from Sweden and who doesn´t care about singing in Swedish will like also this band maybe for two guitars which complete each other. Band is in digipack version with lyrics on new songs in Swedish but with short English explanation. Background of the booklet is from the photos of the band and the graphic is similar to previous album. I like songs Politiker then Grabbarna and mentioned Så jävla svensk. Band which knows how to play really pleasure you. Order on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 12.11.2010

Antonella´s Klasse Kriminale - Dead End Street

Razorwire Records - EP -

211_AKK_single.jpgThis is single as a taste before regular album called Phoenix from singer and songstress Antonella, which you may know from old line up of band Klasse Kriminale, but also from also Italian band called Fronte del Porto, French The Herberts or English bands like Battle Zone, Aceface, Straw Dogs or Superyob. From Concrete Gods is here drummer Pat McVicara. On red vinyl (there are also other colours) you´ll find two songs – title one called Dead End Street and Kids next Door. Music takes best from 80´s o 77 punk rock, glam rock, mod revival and brit rock plus high vocal of Antonella...so who likes bands which I listed above will like also listening to this EP. First song is about how you don´t want to stuck in dead end street where anyone telling you how useless you are. Second one Kids next Door is about the others from neighbourhood who living their lives better then you and your life leaking you between fingers. Single is limited to 600 pieces in green, red and white colour. Good taste before regular album from misses who done really lot for the scene...
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 04.04.2011 •  Buy HERE

Asociale - 1990-2010 Complete Collection

Bandworm Records/BSOI - CD - 31:25

142_asociale.jpgHow does the name of the CD say this is complete collection of records from Italian band called Asociale. And when you look on the back it is only 11 songs because band released just one seven inch vinyl called Novum Comum and some songs on compilations from 90´s like Oi! Siamo Ancora Qui!, Oi! Its a World League or Oi! Against Silvio. Except these five older songs you´ll find there also six new one from which three have to be out as an EP Como Sud,and other three are cover from Italian legend Nabat – Asociale Oi!, then early Skrewdriver´s Antisocial (A-SO-CIA-LE) and as a bonus Asociale Dub which is dub version (something like crazy Trapper Ain´t Got A Bird in dub version from Peter and Test Tube Babies). What I really like is well done booklet (and thic one) where you can read about the band history, you´ll see all their releases and line up which record them, also lyrics but only in Italian and many photos from the gigs (with Templars), studio sessions and parties of the band. Band plays typical Italian Oi! with simple tunes but great melody plus time to time two tone guitar. You´ll probably hear some songs from the band (for example Hoxton Tom For President! Is famous I think). I like more the new songs from them like Como Sud or Muori Infame!. Maybe it is because they play with two guitars now. So together good completion of discography of the band which didn´t belong to some faomous or well known but they surely had their fans and they receive surely some new with this collection. Possible to buy on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 03.11.2010

Automatica Aggregazione - Ancora Noi...Ancora Oi!

Manco A Li Cani! Records - CD - 43:38

92_4S809.gifI got a new CD Automatica Aggregazione band, which I have never known till now. Except for their myspace profile, I didn’t found any information about the band nevertheless it is classic Italian streetpunk/oi! – melody, three chords, fast temp, so classic… Everything is confirmed by the first song ANCORA NOI…ANCORA OI! – easy melodic skinhead rock‘n’roll with lyric about skinhead life. Very similar topic of lyric has also the sixth song GENERAZIONE. The music in general is very similar each other, so there is nothing to write about. The exception is the fourth song RADICI for example, which is slow in middle temp with lyric about freedom and reminding roots like rude boys. Slower song is also the eighth IMPARATE A CAMPA, which is unfortunately without translating to English in booklet but it is cover of Cock Sparrer (We Know How To Live). The third good song is PATRIA MIA with excellent melody in refrain and interesting lyric expressing positive relation to hometown. There are 11 songs including intro on CD but except for mentioned songs the rest of album is not so interesting. I can’t say that it is a bad music, it is only my opinion and if you like Reazione or Klasse Kriminale it can be next interesting band in your collection nevertheless it is not so high-quality music like these bands. On the other hand the band is without any politics. Everybody can judge on profile http://myspace.com/automaticaaggregazionepunk.
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 05.07.2010

Bakers Dozen/Skinfull - Looking for Trouble Vol.2

Mother Fucking Sounds - CD - 37:39

95_bdskinfull.gifSecond of advised split CD´s of bands from isles is playing in my stereo now. On this Vol.2 CD you can hear 6 new songs from Scottish Bakers Dozen (oh sorry only 5, 1 is cover) and second band is youngsters from Coventry Skinfull again with 6 songs. Album is opened with Ghost of British Justice, which is about senseless laws and corrupted judges in Britain. A second song is here faster one called Looking for Trouble which is hooligan classics about atmosphere in the city before the match. Another great hit is fourth The Face of Hate about hard times when laws are just for someone and not for you and when the crime rules the streets. Similar lyrics has also the next one Day of Vengence. Together all songs from Dozen are very critical to laws, police, judges, politicians and other state administration bodies in Britain. Their music is staying the same but I think they improve the guitar which has great solo sometimes like in first two songs. Bakers Dozen finishing their part with cover from Section 5 – Madman which you may know from their Street Rock´n´Roll album. Skinful released their debut thisw year on Pure Impact which I wasn´t too pleased with but I was looking forward to this. Sound is similar, band improved themselves little bit but comparing to other bands from both splits they are still the weakest. Their part is opened with the band anthem called Skinfull where the band advised you not to drink too quick. Second is called Scum and I really like it because it is against drug dealers. Another good song is last but one called Paradise Prison and it is about bad prison system in UK where jail is like paradise and not like the place for punishment and everyone can make requalification there and they set you free after some years. Last song is punky one called We Hate You where you realise who and what makes the band angry. Their greatest hit is called This is Oi! where band sings about the current scene in UK where in spite of sifferent political views people enjoying the band in one room without having a fight. For me one point worse than the Vol.1. Possible to order on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 10.07.2010

Battle Scarred - Gevalia

Barracuda Records - CD - 39:13

91_bsgevalia.gifSwedish skin band Battle Scarred is on the scene for quite a long time(I think from 1995) and this is their new album for this year which is fourth long album from them. Battle Scarred plays fresh streetpunk full of sharp guitars and catchy melodies. Band is influenced by hit bands like Toy Dolls, Vanilla Muffins or Die Toten Hosen. Band has changed line up for several times and on this album are some guest musicians also so except regular members like Puncc, Pontan and Pitch is there Bisson from Steelcapped Strength on guitar and then Svulf and Pip (girl) on vocals. Album is named GEVALIA and it contains 12 good songs, 10 of them in English, 1 in German and 1 in Swedish. The first song THIS IS WHO WE ARE makes clear that this album will be good and you may know it from their myspace. Even first words of the lyrics: God save the gentlemen in blue, every word the media says is true…indicates what it will be about. Fuckin´ system, bullshit media and our attitude on this. So good played streetpunk and catchy melody. Second song is even catchier then the first! It is called WAY OF LIFE, little bit of cliché but it has soul. Vocalist has good and unique voice and in good is that all members are changing in singing which made good combination. Third is called IT’S US WHO RULE and it is about who makes the rules. Classic united song. In fourth song, boys will reveal what is “Gevalia”. Nice piece with female vocal. Fifth is called REFUSE TO OBEY with great guitars but no lyrics in booklet (note of Peddy:it is cover from Gatans Lag). Sixth is typical weekend anthem called FRIDAY NIGHT AGAIN. Another song is called 1882 and it is in Swedish and it is also some traditional. Lyrics is in the booklet so if you know the language you will know what is it about. Eight song called CRUSH YOUR HEART AND HOPE YOU DAY is the best one for me from the album. Great melody, good lyrics, voice and vocals...it is dangerous combination. Next is Toy Dolls cover BARRY MANILOW played great. Another is called NOWHERE TO HIDE and it is about losers and lies. Eleventh GET OF MY BACK is another hit from hits with good lyrics and melody. Last song is cover from Rabauken HEY MEIN FREUND sing in German. Soooo together I was really pleased with this album and there is no weak song. Lyrics are cliché little bit but it has spirit and this is pure rude punk from this bunch which has played for more than 15 years. Booklet is well done with photos, lyrics, discography, thankslist and few words about Gevalia. CD has around about 35 minutes and it was released by Italian label Barracuda Records. This lads play great music which lyrics kick you a few years back but andother nail you to the ground. No politics there just pride, patriotism and mainly....Oi! football and booze. Possible to buy on www.4subculture.com
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: Žaba  •  Date: 01.07.2010

Beerstreet Bois/Ani krok späť! - Street Anthems

DIY - CD - 32:57

76_aksbsb.jpgSplit CD of two young Slovak bands from Bratislava and Nové Zámky. AKS released one demo CD called Pravda je dnes iná, which is reviewed on old version of BB. Beerstreet Bois you may know only from CZ/SK Streetkids III compilation and song called Rock´n´Roll Rebels Crew. Now they change line up and they play little bit harder and they recorded 5 new songs. Oh just 4 because the 5th is cover from Cock Sparrer – Riot Squad. Another songs are called Stay the Way You Are, Street Anthem, Present for You and Era of Religions. Even first song is hard and other are almost in same line. Songs are about typical HC themes like street life, revenge, refusing of politics and also refusing fanatical religion. As I said music is little bit harder but nothing brutal, choppy and cracked guitar and shouted varied singalong vocal. AKS begins this CD also with harder song called Sme tu zas! (We are back), when band clearly says how they stand behind their opinion even it isn´t sometimes correct. Second song called O čem sa nehovorí (Taboo) is against queers and their continuous talking about so called equality. Third is called Konzument (Consumer) and it is greatest song from AKS on this album with good melody and singalong refrain. Last but one Psí vojáci (Dog Soldiers) is well played song with great guitar like from their colleagues from Dowina. Last is another cover from Slovak so called celebrity Braňo Mojsej called Do vody ma hoď (Throw me into the Water) and it is good dancing song on live gigs. All CD is put into great digipack and on drawn cover are all band members, in booklet are lyrics(translated into Slovak in case of BSB and also into English in case of AKS) and thankslist to all rascals from CZ and SK. Prize of this is only 7€ so don´t wait and contact the bands for it. See you soon brothers!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 03.06.2010

Bleed - Bedlam

Mother Fuckin´ Sounds - CD - 32:16

217_bedlam_bleed.jpgThe Bleed is punk formation which comes from English city Wakefield and this is their first CD called Bedlam and it was recorded in 3 pieces line-up was released on Mother Fuckin´ Sounds. On MFS CD´s is standard high quality booklet and this was done also here – 16 pages with lyrics and thematic photos from horror sanatorium, few words about the band, photos and thankslist. Band titled themselves as a hardcore/punk with worst musical reputation in their area but it´s not true, really…it is middle or mainly faster rhythm, sometime more simple but the sound quality is good and you can hear every musical instrument and the vocal also even it is sometimes really straightforward. Guitar is not monotonous and you can hear time to time solo. In song Prostitute you can hear two tone guitar at the beginning. Themes of the lyrics are picking the latest trends without using your brain, nihilism, dangerous suburbs full of drugs and violence, brainwashing TV and radio, cops, dark sides of society like pedophile preachers, corrupt politicians and hiding the truth behind false smile. Songs which I like are Urban Decay, Final Solution and Riot Squad. I didn´t hear that before and I didn´t even know them I was quite surprised and for the fans of British punk it will be good choice.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 19.04.2011 •  Buy HERE

Bloodshed Remains - What We Live For

One Voice Records - CD -

77_15204[1].jpgBloodshed Remains is maybe only one HC band which I know from Austria. The band was founded in 2006 and has 5 members. I receive this CD which was released in 2010 so here we go. I was full of expectation when I was putting the CD in my stereo and listening to first song "HCB" and I was pleasantly surprised. Knocking and well played hardcore with great sound, I like this. I was hoping that other songs will be in same spirit. Second song is called "1980", you can deduce what it will be about. Yes the beginning of HC scene in New York. Also great song. Next is called "My own way" and it is about the fact that you have to live by your best and other people can´t change this. Another great song with good vocal. And I can speak in this way about every song. Most of all I like song "Source of strength" with brutal guitar which is about friendship and pride. CD contains 14 songs and circa 30 minutes of good music. Booklet is simple with all lyrics and I can´t tell anything about it. This CD is good for every fan who likes various hardcore spiced by metal. You can buy it on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Kolci  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 07.06.2010

Bonecrusher - We are the Working Class

Knock Out Records - LP -

198_bonecrusher.jpgWe are the Working Class is last full length album from California streetrock band Bonecrusher. They made some taste with 10´´ single Our Nations Burning from which you have two songs (Our Nations Burning and Under Suspicion). LP is out on home label of the band – Knoc Out Records and it is limited edition of 300 copies. On LP you´ll find 13 songs which is cca 45 minutes of music. Bonecrusher play streetrock as fuck when dominates Noah´s foggy voice which is typical for them and you´ll safely recognize Bonecrusher because of this. Vocal is supported by two guitars which play great solos which fit to the music conception very well. Every song on that album is great and I am listening to it for almost 14 days. But I will try to pick up the best songs for me. Three consecutive songs (last two are from A side) called Under Suspicion about the false charge which falls on you and you can´t do anything against and We are the Working Class…real anthem of the band. Both songs are armed with great refrain. First song from B side fits to this triad and it is called I can´t Deny which is about the fact that you shouldn´t deny how you feel in modern society which cancel the values, morals and hopes, the society which rewrites history…Other grat songs are Out of the Wreckage, Society´s Waste, The Future and all the rest. Music of Bonecrusher is hard and raw nut it has something which is most important – soul and sincerity which you can feel from not so happy lyrics. In LP you´ll find paper with all lyrics and band photos. One of the best albums from the end of 2010 and you have to have it at home doesn´t mind if on LP or CD because this is music with balls and I can´t give them anything else then full points.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 08.03.2011 •  Buy HERE

BootStroke/Jungle Fever - Pride of Athens

Anfibio Records - CD - 34:10

65_junglefever.gifSplit CD of two Greek bands whose come from Athens. Every band has five songs on the album. Bootstoke plays melodic streetpunk, they singing in their mother tongue and they are influence by continental bands like Discipline. Lyrics are completely in Greek and you didn´t find them in booklet. I think that it will be good to put them into English or just the names of the song, because I really don´t know what are they about. But surely they have one lyrics about football :). And now…Jungle Fever. I didn´t know them before. They sing in Eglish and they are influenced by British school of Oi! and you will feel bands like The Last Resort (song Subculture proves it), Retaliator or Condemned 84. Instead of lyrics on song Band of Brothers is there lyrics on some song called Burning Britain which isn´t on CD but everyone makes mistakes. I like Jungle Fever more because I know what are they singing about (hard life, new breed in scene, subculture…) and I was really surprised by their music style. In booklet is only lyrics from Jungle Fever as I said before, some photos and thankslist. Thanks to both bands you will know how does scene look like in Greece which is still little bit exotic for us. Possible to buy on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 07.05.2010

Booze & Glory - Always on the Wrong Side

Step 1 Records - CD -

72_booze & glory.jpgBrand new pure skinhead band from London. This is the new breed in the scene and they are fuckin good! For me it is surprise of the year. Four piece band with two guitars which play traditional but fresh and catchy Oi Skinhead Rock´n´Roll, vocal is natural with no pretended roughness. Lyrics chant about working class, skinhead cult and their mother city London. Together 9 songs with one cover - Joe Hawkins from The Oppressed. Booklet is really great, coloured with lyrics and band and band´s friends photos. Pleasant album with style. Skinheads! Our Loyalty and Pride! Possible to buy on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: Bootweiser  •  Date: 27.05.2010

Booze and Glory/The Warriors - s/t

Randale Records - EP -

166_86_boozewarrior.jpgAnother split EP which Randale Records prepared for us at the end of the year – now four songs from British bands – classics The Warriors and new British-Polish breed but well known in Europe now - Booze and Glory. Warriors have songs called England, which is about the fact that love to your country is nothing more or nothing less and people who want to see something else behind it are pricks and second called Predator, which is about the monsters who are raping and killing innocent women. Band is dominated by Saxby´s vocal and who likes their previous CD´s should know that the Warriors stay the same. On second side is band called Booze and Glory and songs like England will Never Change and Working Hard Dressing Smart. And the first one is really great hit with superior refrain in style of we survived IRA attacks, Falkland war so come on terrorists you cunts because England will simply never change. This is the best song from the EP underlined with melodic solos. Second is anthem for all workers who are doing the same job for years and who have to listen to stupid bollocks from the boss…and they don´t care…To the EP is added paper with lyrics and couple of photos so you will know what are the songs about. I like the new bands more so I prefer the Booze and Glory side but together it is well done job with new songs on vinyl. Possible to order in short time on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 20.12.2010

Brain Drain - Trnem ve voku

BD Home Records - CD - 33:52

111_454129.jpgFirst regular album of this young punk rock band is between people for some month and I have to admire that difference between their demo from 2008 is great. When I wrote the review on it I end it with words : “ sometimes slower rhythm and more accent on some songs”. Boys hear my words and this album is really more professional. On CD is 12 songs in punk 77 style and it starts with good song „Zpátky do ulic“ (Back on the Streets) with piano. Another good one is called „S nikým nic“ (Nothing with no one) – funny song about serious themes and title song called „Trnem ve voku“ (Thorn in the eye) is about the fact that you sometimes met some people which you didn´t want to know after some time and we have to love our real friends. Another good songs are „Zatoulanej pes“ (Maverick Dog) in good middle rhythm, Podfuck“ (Snatch) and „Švédský drogy“ (Swedish Drugs). On all of these songs you will see the evolution of the band. And last but not least....great ballad „V davu sám“(Alone in the Crowd) really kick me into balls. Serious sad lyrics and bad mood, but great melody and rhythm. Not only this song but whole album has soul and intensity which is the facts which put the band into different level then their demo. Another great punkrock band which has future!
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 05.09.2010

Brassic - Voice of Freedom

Hostile Class Productions - CD - 31:28

175_brassic.jpgAfter two demo records we have now full length CD of Brassic from California, USA which you may know for example from Real Enemy no 8. Band plays in three and vocals are done by bassist Mongo. On CD called Voice of Freedom you´ll find 10 songs from which are 2 covers - Fuck L.A from Lone Soldier and Evil has Landed from Arresting Officers (which I didn´t like in their version I prefer original or versions from Sons of Liberty). Band plays easier but melodic music which stands on guitar with no booster effect with iron sound similar to their current colleagues from Crucial Change. Topics of the lyrics are 100% for USA, skinhead pride, brawls, thug kids influenced by rap music or queers...Who loves bands like Crucial Change, Counterattack, Total Annihilation or Kicker Boys or Squiggy from the older ones will like also Brassic and their style. According to some info they plan to hit the Europe during this summer so there can be possibility to see them live. Most of all I like songs Warriors, Fight to Win and last but not least Voice of Freedom. So the end....another of conservative patriotic band from US with 80´s sound and attitude.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 21.01.2011

Burning Streets - Is It in Black and White?

Sailors Grave Records - CD -

586_b_s_boston.jpgBurning Streets is band which comes from Boston and this is their debut (and compared to this date quite old) album released on Sailors Grave Records. The band plays nowadays in five pieces and they have also new album called Sit Still from 2012. You could see the band a few years ago here in CZ (in Pilsen I think). On band you should find ten songs of pleasant punk rock with all those singalongs, solos and chorals. Sometimes i tis almost „chewing gum“ punk rock for example the last song called Throwing Rocks which is also greatest hit and the part of the strophe went really fast in to my head – „Life captures beauty, but it tears you down, I´m alone and I´m scared, but this is who I am, this is what we are, throwing rocks at the stars“. This CD was recorded in four but with two guitars (Drew sings) and in song called Tea Party (which is about the revolt against British Empire) you may hear also singer from The Welch Boys whose are also from Boston. Songs are about typical american life which is based od TV, fast foods, about the fact how is difficult to step out from the line and walk your own way, about the fun in the band and playing gigs and about the fact how is importatnt to have dreams. Great music with melody so give´em a chance. In booklet are all lyrics, thankslist and band photo. Most of all I like songs like Tea Party, The Reason, Throwing Rocks or Final Chance. Who likes Dropkick Murphys, Strongbow or US Bombs, will like this band also. Great music to the long journeys in car.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 09.10.2013

Bystreet - All Those Drunken Songs

Mangy Little Mut Records - CD -

196_4S881.gifAfter a long time I got a CD of russian band. Bystreet comes from the capital of Russia and they introduce their streetpunk/rock´n´roll on the last CD „All Those Drunken Songs“. According to the headline of album is clear that they are not any politicians, only pure fun. I would compare the sound of songs to boston´s veterans Dropkick Murphys. For examlpe the sixth song „Teddy Boy“ is typical folk punk song with funny story about a boy whose father was a gambler and mutter was a slut... :-) Other funy songs are „Drinking Class“, „Tits, Kicks And Drunken Sex“, or „One more Beer“ so the main idea is alcohol and fun. The cover of CD is made as digipack and has design like a beer-mat. Only skinhead song is the second „S.H.A.S.H.“ (Skinheads Against Skinheads), which is about skinheads who adjudge other skins only for their clothes and music they listen… Generally it is very good album with proffesional sound, which make you funny.
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 02.03.2011 •  Buy HERE

CarceredurO - A chaque époque ses héros

Pure Impact Records/Bords de Seine Records - CD - 34:28

168_carc.jpgFrance and Viking rock look like weird combination on first sight but when you think about for example Aussies who play it also it is OK so why not. In band play singer and bass guitarist from Haircut and guitarist who used to play in bands like Tir Groupe, Kerozen, West Side Boys or Urban Crew for example. On CD you can listen to 12 songs including intro and outro and all except one is in French (the English one has title In the Wind and it sing by the girl who plays bass – it starts as an acoustic song but it ends like normal hard song). You can listen also to cover from Enharjarny – Berserk where the band add also violin which gives new dimension to the song. In interview you can read that the album is dedicated to heroes from all lands and countries and the songs with titles like William Wallace or Peuple du Nord prove that fat. I can´t speak French but who can speak this language can read all lyrics in booklet on graphical well done background. Music is palyed with guitars on metal edge but for example song Coute que Coute (At all Costs) is really metal. Good well balanced album for lovers of quality music which isn´t domain of bands from the North yet. I hope that it won´t end as a studio project and it will possible to see them live. CD is possible to order on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 22.12.2010 •  Buy HERE

CL1/First Offense - This is Rustbelt Streetpunk

Dim Records - CD - 20:26

148_cl1firstoffense.jpgSplit CD of two for me absolutely unknown bands from USA - CL1 from Toledo and First Offense from Akron. On CD is every band substituted by 5 songs. Album is opened by first mentioned band and song is called L.A.C. which you may know from youtube clip. Band plays faster streetpunk with cracked and screaming voice. Band plays in three and you receive what you expect from US band but for me it is too monotonous and fast and it isn´t my cup of tea. From their five songs I like mainly Drinking Class Heroes. Second band called First Offense plays in five pieces and they have girl on bass. Songs are also faster but vocal is more into HC, mainly in first song The Opening Bell. I like First Offense more than their colleagues from CL1, music has more melody and song 27 Kisses is punk rock as fuck and they have also more serious lyrics (CL1 is mainly about booze) like bullying in school - song The Worst Revenge. Booklet is well odne with photos and lyrics and it is folding. But music is not so good for me, so for me it is an average CD.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 5  •  Date: 15.11.2010

Condemned 84 - The Real Oi!

Haunted Town Records - EP -

245_condemned_84_the_real_oi.jpgIt was long long time ago when Condemned 84 released album. I think that it was in 2004 and it was album No One Likes Us We Don´t Care released through Hit Records. Now here comes the taste – EP called The Real Oi! where you will find brand new studio song (but recorded live – it means that all instruments together, not every single and then mixed) called I Just Wann Be Famous. On the second side of the vinyl you´ll find song The Sound of Oi!, which you may know from Oi! Fuck You 1 compilation and live song No One Likes US We Don´t Care from Germany 2009. EP was released on US label Haunted Town Records which will release this year also the full album In From The Darkness in both CD and LP version. EP is limited to 1500 pieces (300 red, 400 clear and 800 black). New song will continue on the place where last album finished – middle rhythm with guitar solos which underline the vocal. It is about the people who want to be famous on whole planet at all costs. Other two songs aren´t necessary to introduce because they are notoriously well known. EP is made in old school style which really fits to band who plays for more than 30 years. You will find paper with lyrics inside and also paper with add to prepared album which will be available as soon as possible!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 23.06.2011 •  Buy HERE

Contra Boys - Podziemne Miasto

Olifant Records - CD - 31:50

139_contraboys.jpgThird album of Polish version of Kategorie C. Band belongs to supporters of Slasku Wroclaw and in thankslist are mentioned other friendship teams and their fans (including many members of well known Oi! bands) like Lechia Gdaňsk, Wisla Krakow and Motor Lublin. On previous album Od kolyski až po grob band weren´t afraid to experiment with hooligan hip hop which is very popular in Poland (on this CD there is no hip hop:)). On CD is 10 song in Polish. Music is very melodic and this is their slowest album which they released – all is max in middle rhythm, sometimes chorale like olé olé olé which you may know from terraces. They also use acoustic guitar as well. Lyrics aren´t just about football (also like Kategorie C) but you will find lyrics for example about their city which is full of prostitutes, dealers etc, but also love to the street when they grow up and have funny and sad memories bonded with some stories which they lived. Other themes are life in stress which leads to nothing, hating the politicians whose just lying, critic of PZPN (which is Polish Football Association) and death of friend where is mention one wisdom that man receive the best flowers on his funeral. Song is called Kwiaty (Cela Nr 3) and it is one of the best songs on the album. Other songs which I like are Nienawidze Polityki, chorale based PZPN and last one acoustic 0700 Mowi Wiola. Another great thing is booklet which is in black and white but some graphical parts are in silver which shine and glare (the cover is also like that). Fine thing not only for fans of third half.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 27.10.2010

Control - Trouble on the Streets

Step 1 Music - EP -

183_control_trouble.jpgWe informed you recently about the upcoming album from English band Control so here is the EP from 2010 as a taste called Trouble on the Streets. It was released on Step 1 you will find 3 songs - Trouble on the Streets and What if on side A and Thirty Years Ago on side B. First song is about riots on the streets which are caused by workers which are exploited by society and politicians with low IQ. Second is about the question What if, so what if Hitler won the war, Hiroshima wasn´t bombed, South won the Civil war, etc...and how is said in refrain – history is written by winners. Song on B I like most of all and it is about the society 30 years ago which was more normal, crime was punished, you receive good money for hard work and patriotism wasn´t a crime. It wasn´t perfect but the country belongs to people who live in it. Band sings that they want to live 30 years ago. First two songs are faster well played streetpunk like Bakers Dozen and the last song has slower parts but the refrain is in fast rails again. What I like is guitar solo in every song. Lyrics are on the back side of the cover and also band photo with short thankslist. So looking forward to March to the new album!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 03.02.2011

Crossfire - Tomorrow Burns

4Subculture Records - CD - 39:22

114_crossfire-tomorrow burns.jpgSo my friends, this is another abroad band which is released on Czech label 4subculture Records. It is Austrian streetcore band came from not so far Vienna so I really hope that someone will organise their gig here in near future. Music of the band is similar to Dutch Discipline, Bulldozer or Ultima Sacudida but you will find also influences of punk rock like and r´n´r like Bad Religion or Social Distortion. Their melody is powered by two sharp guitars, singalong and changing of the vocals. On 40 minutes album is 12 songs all in English and most of all I like the title song called Tomorrow Burns which has really catchy refrain and it is about how man have to fight against tyranny and do not give up in his habits, then Belive whic is about the fact that only faith is believing in truth and next one A Red and White Inferno is about how band loves playing live and touring. Another lyrics are about love to your city and its nightlife, despise and refuse of normal society and Austrian pop bands, drugs danger etc...To this add well done booklet which is standard in 4Subculture releases where are all lyrics and photos of band members so the result is very good album which is 10th released on this label. Really good piece and all the best to the label and I wish them ten times more good releases. Possible to order on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 08.09.2010

Disdainful - Farewell

DIY - CD -

176_farewell.jpgOne of the top and also controversial skins band from CZ/SK scene ends their carrier. Why I said that Disdainful are top band? In their start they start to play Ultima Thule covers and after it they find their own style and their go on in harder and harder skinhead rock. In 5 years of their existence their played abroad with soma good bands. And why they were controversial? Their style had attitude and put in crossfire all activists which some people don´t like. So they were also boycotted. And they ends because of different attitudes on next musical future of the band. So this is for the necrology so now to the music. This CD is possible to download for free from webpages. It should be an split CD with Discharger but according to the break up they did it in this way. It starts with song „Backstreet Battalion“ whic is for me similar to Mettallica stuff from Ride The Lightning era – hard cut riffs with melodic parts and solos. Second „Superstitions“ is faster and more straightforward and it looks like more simple song but it is also hard. Third is my favourite one. I like always their slower melodic songs and this is the style of „Velvet Revolution“. Last two songs are much more into metal for me and even I like metal I prefer more simplicity in skinhead band. The rest of album is live gig from Motoraj. So together the band did many things during their existence and I hope that they haven´t said their last word yet.
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 24.01.2011 •  Buy HERE

Donars Groll - Von Liebe, Hass und alten Riten

Mother Fucking Sounds - CD - 38:59

78_dg.jpgThird album from German Vikings recorded again in different line up and released on different label. Bass now took girlfriend of frontman Miesl Rese. I was looking forward to this CD because we have good relationship with this band and their prove is two gigs which they have played in CZ and their invitation to their gig in Görlitz city. CD is called About Love, Hate and Ancient Rites. It contains 10 songs plus intro. 2 songs are in English and the rest is in German. Music is good mixture of viking rock, streetpunk, r´n´r with light touches of metal and ska and also you will find two slower ballads there. One of them (Merseburger Zauberspruch) is sing in some kind of old German dialect. Lyrics are surely about mythology like song Raben am Himmel (great piece), Ewige Asatru, then about our beautiful girls (You are the Girl), fucked up age which we live in, when traditional values are destroyed and people who preach them are threaten like fools (Zeit des Verfalls which is really true song and Rebel Song), patriotism (All unser Stolz which is singalong similar to Rabaukens Unser Vaterland) and friendship (last song and ballad Warum?). Booklet contains all necessary things like lyrics, photos and thankslist. From three of their albums I find this the most soft but it listens great and Miesl give to the vocals all his best. Together the music of Donars Groll has idea, it is original and quality. Hope that we will see each other on or under the stage, really recommended. Possible to order on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 08.06.2010

Dorian Gray Orchestra - s/t

Rebellion Records - CD - 27:17

207_dgo.gifDorian Gray Orchestra is band or better to say side project of members of Hannover band Subculture Squad and I should admire that I didn´t know this project even the home band. On s/t album you can hear 10 songs, two of them are here in normal and also in acoustic (unplugged) version, there is also bonus song Anabel-Lee which is recorded together with Subculture Squad and cover If Drinking don´t Kill Me from US country singer George Jones with little bit harder music. This orchestra took inspiration from rockabilly, blues, country to punk rock. If I should describe their sound I will start at solo albums from P.Paul Fench, Johnny Cash spiced up with US Bombs with double bass, banjo, harmonica and steel guitar. After the first hearing I can t say anything about it but after few more I realise that I like it. It is completely different music what you use to listen and you should have mood for something like that. I can´t compare with some band from this genre because I am not listening to many bands like these but I guarantee to you that Vampire Girl in normal or acoustic version will be in your head for some weeks. I imagine the band recording or playing crowd in Renegade serial in some dirty stinky bar somewhere on South. The booklet has just two pages with thankslist with no photos or lyrics. I leave it without rating but it doesn´t mean that I will not recommend this to you.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 24.03.2011 •  Buy HERE

Double Knockout - Poor Mans Poetry

4Subculture Records - CD - 28:33

74_doubleknockout.gifHere we have another tally on gun stock of Czech label 4Subculture Records. The victim is now Swedish punk rock band from Göteborg and Poor Mans Poetry is their debut CD containing 12 songs of pleasant punkrock, from slower songs to faster rhytm. It is typical band from Swedish school similar to Vindicate This, Dims Rebellion or Antipati. R´n´R guitar without booster somewhere sounds like US Bombs and it lightly plays captivating solos and it is very expressive. In one song (Wicked Mind) took the vocal some girl instead of singer which is always good change. The album contains not so many funny themes and the name of it fits very well and concrete song Poor Mans Poetry is very expressive. Other lyrics are for example about innocent send down - song Waiting (slower one), rebel chopper tune called Highway Stranger (really good song), description of sound of the band Meteor, hard life Going On, ale also nobel themes like booze in songs Dirty Water or Kings Head (name of the pub which band like). In booklet are lyrics and some photos of band members. Who wants to know more about the band just look at www.stillcrucified.com there is an interview with the band and CD is possible to get classically on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 01.06.2010

Enhärjarna - The Resurrection

Dim Records - LP -

83_enharjarna-the-resurrection.jpgThe Resurrection, this is the name of I think fifth album of this Viking rock superstar band from Sweden. Line up contains from vocalist and guitarist Bisson, on bass plays Puncc from Battle Scarred and second guitar is by guy from punk rock Sniffin´ Glue. This band is really good for me and I like them more then founders of style Ultima Thule (mainly because of using non-traditional instruments like banjo, mouth-organ and metal double pedal which is greatly heard in first instrumental song called Ride of the Valkyries, which continuously came into regular song called Tillsammans vi stä which is also great). On album are 10 songs, 4 of them in English and the rest in Swedish. One of the English songs is called Cash was a Punk and it is cover from him A.K.A. Folsom Prison Blues in punk rock version...really great version of immortal classic. From the rest of songs I like Heeded for the Call which is about Vikings and battles...then Swedish one called Arbetslöshetsklassens hjältar and according to the name it is about working class heroes. Also the slow ballad is there and it is last song called Våra själar brann. Side A is for me little bit better then B side and I like it more. Vinyl which I have is blue but I think there will be also other combinations of colours. I miss the lyrics at least lyrics of English songs but vocal is clear and if you know some English words you will catch the sense. Really great resurrection of legendary band for me.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 16.06.2010

Evil Conduct - Rule Ok

Randale Records - LP -

167_Evil Conduct RuleOK.jpgThe end of 2010 brings really good albums so who wants to have musical Christmas Eve or who don´t know what to do with money which he receive…buy music – is the one of the ways! Rule Ok is another album of Dutch classics Evil Conduct which cooperate during last time with legends like Franky Flame or 4 Skins and they also played in cradle of Oi! in England. Album contains 12 songs which 2 of them you may know from EP Home Sweet Home (the title song and also One of the Boys in re-mastered versions). Album is opened by great song Skinhead till I´ll Die which you may know from clip from youtube and second one is What´s Happening? And it is about the evolution of the band from small pub gigs to big festivals. In similar spirit is whole A side so songs about drinking through the weekend and having problem in work on Monday and the last song from A side about life choices and living according to yourself and not to the rules. On B side is interesting song called Time for Action about working class and song All Around which have good refrain but I don´t like the strophes which are just pieces of lyrics from classics of the genre like 4 Skins, Sham, Cockney etc…other songs are about people who live normal boring life and who try to leave it or the last one and slow Victory about the respect to the workers To the LP is added paper with lyrics and some photos. Really good album from perfect band but I will have some exceptions…the cover is little bit simple for me and I really don´t like it. But the style of music….simply Evil Conduct so I am sure that you´ll know what to expect. Possible to order on www.4subculture.com – both CD and LP version.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 21.12.2010

Faccáo Opposta/Máo de Ferro - s/t

Can I Say/Bruised Knuckles/Zeroworks Records - CD - 31:11

131_maodeferro.jpgEuropean version of split CD of Portugese band called Faccaáo Opposta (which means something like Opposite Fraction) from Lisboa and their colleagues from the land behind the sea Brazil who speak the same language called Mao de Ferro (Fist of Steel but do not be mistaken with the band called Fist of Steel). First band has six songs on CD which are sung in their mother tongue. They play in four in classic line up and they play catchy but hard music similar to Ultimo Asalto from Spain or Tropel from Brazil. Middle rhythm, accurate drums and rough vocal which is greatly supported by bass link which can be heard very well. Guitar puts some solo time to time into your ears. Half of song was recorded after half year break so the sound is little bit different but nothing dramatic...but the first half is more dynamic and I like all three songs called Dia de Jogo, Skinheads and Faccáo Opposta. From second half I like song Anti Hippie. Second band is five piece (more about them in their interview for Boots and Braces 4) and except classic instruments they have also accordion. Band plays a little bit faster than Faccáo Opposta but you will also find ska rhytms there abd band is more exotic and not even because of accordion. I like their song called Vamos Para o Bar which is really singalong (it is about going to the pub) and last but one called Verdadeiros. Lyrics of both bands are in Portugese but wit translator you will something out like false promises, bars, way of life etc... I also like the graphic design of the booklet where are also photos and band contacts. So what can I say...split CD of not so well known bands with quality which is higher than some well known. Good surprise. I can´t speak about Brazilian version but you can order both versions on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9+  •  Date: 13.10.2010

Fed Up! - Sheer Poetry

United Riot Records - CD -

155_m_f05649eebcca44cdaa59e2b2c7ef301e.jpgAmerican band Fed Up! was born in 1997, so they are not any beginners in the scene. We can say they play oldschool New York Hardcore. Influences are Warzone, Marphys Law or Agnostic Front. The new album „Sheer Poetry“ confirms all these facts. You can find there 12 short songs. In any songs we can hear punk influences. There is oldschool sound as well, which is too much garage for me but it is all right maybe. Lyrics are about friendship, pride, antifascism, anticomunism, etc, so the typical terms for all fans of NYHC. Finaly, I prefer more hard (metal) sounds like Hatebreed, Do Or Die,… but if you are fan of oldschool bands I can recommend this album. Possible to order on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 27.11.2010

Game Over - s/t

Olifant Records - CD -

165_4S846.gifAlbum Game Over of the band with the same name from Polish city Nowa Huta begins with calm intro which fits somewhere to poppunk. But the next song is starting with singalong and it goes on in faster rhythm so it looks like it will be more into classic Polish oi!punk. The third song „Pokolenie 80“ is the top of the album for me. Song has good melody and also rhythm goes well. But the rest of the album floats into one piece. Album isn´t bad but also it didn´t surprise you with anything. I like first three or four songs but after it I am little bit bored. Maybe the twelfth „Alternatywny glos“ where you can hear nice contrast of the rhythms of ska and punk rock. But when I want to listen to some Polish stuff I will listen to Analogs, Junkers or Contra Boys which have more self express. Game Over are similar to these bands but they don´t come with anything new and they are falling into average grey. Also the cover which is done like like digipack didn´t have any booklet so you can´t watch photos or read lyrics and rate the band image…Possible to order on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 17.12.2010

Gli Ultimi - Questi Ani

Forever True Records - CD - 22:47

184_questiultimi.jpgGli Ultimi (The Last Ones) is Italian band with people around Viterbo Skinheads Crew (you can read interview with crew member on www.lonerider.skinhead.cz) and this is mini album which was recorded in June 2010. CD is pressed but it is in slim cover and you will find 4 songs from studio and 3 live songs including cover True Believers from Bouncing Souls and except this one are all songs in their mother tongue. Song titles are for example Hero, People Like You, King of the Quarter etc...but you can´t read the lyrics because booklet is only paper with band photo and thankslist plus adds on labels and distributions which support the band. Band sounds simply Italian, you surely know what I am talking about because you know some of Italian oi/streetpunk bands so...simple but catchy melody, normal voice (no rough) and singalong refrains and all together makes your feet stomping for sure. I really like second song Senza tempo which is slower and I hear something like that skinheads are timeless generation. Live songs are in good quality and you recognise that band knows how to play. About lyrics I can´t say more as I write before...people who likes bands like Roll Call or Ciurma Skins and Italian Oi! will surely like also this band.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 07.02.2011 •  Buy HERE

Glory Boys - Skinhead Resistance

Dim Records - CD -

75_m_168a68b334d24c6da7660e82e35b7158.gifSo I look forward to this CD from Glory Boys as a little boy on Christmas. And it really exceeds my expectation. Glory Boys play classic Spanish Oi! but on one or two levels higher then I´ve heard from this country.  It is brilliant CD with great sound which catch you directly from the first song and it didn´t let you go from stereo. Band comes from Valencia and Skinhead Resistance is their first long album. They sing only in English which is unusual for bands from this country but many people will appreciate it because they will know what are they sing about. Album contains 11 songs. First Out Tonight greatly opens the album and it is something like longer intro. Second is called My Land and how can you feel from the name it is about Spain and people who really love it and also about them who betray it because of money. Song Trendy Punks is really actual – kids from rich families who are playing on real punks and according to GB they should be beaten little bit. In song Dreams In Black And White they sing about the past and how did city look when they were young. I really like Your Choice which is about struggle of our way of life. Natural Born Drinkers is about love to alcohol. Eight piece Skinhead Resistance is hit as fuck. Best song of the album. And when you hear the refrain your spine will freeze! Lyrics are about our values pride, honor, loyalty and their defense which is unknown to this modern society. GB also touching more serious themes like in song Police State and Living In A Lie. Wrong Time, Wrong Place is everyone experience-nothing pleasant really. So booklet…decently done...and contains everything necessary. Lyrics are in English. Cover of booklet is oldschool photo. The boys have two thankslist one is greetings and one is hate “greetings”. Words on the end-really great album and one of the greatest things which has been released this year. This is must have CD! So get of your asses and buy it on www.4subculture.com
Author: Okoun  •  Rating: 10+  •  Date: 02.06.2010

Glory Boys - My Land/Natural Born Drinkers

Crowbar Records - EP -

130_glory boys_my land.jpgEP from band from Valencia which came really fast into top ten of many people. On EP which is limited of 300 pieces are two songs which you may possibly know from their album Skinhead Resistance released also this year. Songs are Natural Born Drinkers which are about the fact that we are drunken elite which rule the bars and which stay on their feet in spite of being drunk as fuck. Second is called My Land and it is about people who can betray their own land with no shame for the money. Also bonus song is hear which is some marching tune (it is not anthem I think). EP is put into really old school style, just black and white paper cover with one photo and lyrics to Natural Born Drinkers. EP is black with stamp Skinheads Valencia and label logo. For vinyl fans and fans of Glory Boys this a must have thing! Possible to order for 3€ on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 12.10.2010

Greenland Whalefishers - Songs from the Bunker

Rebellion Records - CD -

158_gw.jpgThe fact that folk punk has home in every country is proved by this well known band from Norway - Greenland Whalefishers. They have played since 1994 and they are one of the oldest band of this style. But they still playing live gigs and their music hasn´t got decreasing tendency. Their play straight ahead style and they sound has quality but still has underground touch. They have also played in our country for few times. Their CD was released in April 2010. It doesn´t offer you some cheap melodies but well done music. That´s why some people will not like it after the first hearing but when you listen to it you can´t stop it. In their music are dominant musical instruments like flute, mandolin, banjo, violin etc...All together is underlined with typical pub voice and vocals. For fans of highland pipes is here one instrumental song with this instrument. On CD you´ll find 15 songs (including intro, outro, two instrumental songs and 8 second speech). They lyrics talked about hypocrites, meaning of life, love, death and booze. About hypocrites are my favourite song called - Police Chief Inspector which is open speech of a copper and it isn´t too good. Whole CD is well balanced adn you will also find some slower songs likeThe Guest, In the Bunker but also faster ones like Waiting, Back up Man, Drunk vs. Love sick. There is no doubt that the band worth listening. Possible to order on well known address www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: Ironic  •  Date: 06.12.2010

Grober Knüppel - Unbeugsam

Asphalt Records - CD - 46:46

140_GK-Unbeugsam-Cover.jpgSo after some time I receive CD of the band which I didn´t really know anything about and when I see the CD cover and booklet I wasn´t also much more clever...Whole booklet is done in funeral image and in the middle is photo of 5 guys in black clothes in sweatshirts with GK letters(Grober Knüppel). So you have to recognise that they will play hardcore for sure...I put the CD into player and waiting for the tunes and....great amount of aggression, speed, energy, hardness etc... with no warning. It really kicks my ass. First song „Mit Vollgas An Die Wand“ is HC as fuck with no compromise. You have to love it or hate it, there is nothing between (look on youtube there is a video to this song and you will recognise what does “hardcore” mean)...What starts in first song continues in second called “ Rein, Rein, Rein!“ Third song „Hart Sein“ is different, rhythm is getting slower and song is like a machine. I can hear a little bit of Rammstein there. Band goes back to the hard core in fifth „Wer Schützt Uns Vor Euch?“. As a week song I will tag sixth „Ein Kleiner Arsch, where boys go more into alternative styles which is not their domain. Seventh song is more into punk „Ich Halt Euch Fest“ and it is very fresh. About lyrics I can´t speak so much because German isn´t my strong side. But the album of this German band is very positive and who loves good HC with metal and punk touches without compromise have to look around where is possible to buy this album.
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 01.11.2010

Guadaňa - s/t

Crowbar Records - CD -

220_guadana1.jpgThis band comes from harbor city Gijón which you can find on the north of Spain. Band has three members and all are the fans of local football club Real Sporting de Gijón. This hobby you can feel from whole album where they sing about supporting their club, violence and alcohol. Music is ass kicking streetrock with punk rock touches. I can´t compare it with none Spanish band.From the first tune it is like tsunami. If I can describe the sound with colors it is one big black darkness with great voice of the singer and altogether it is really uncommon experience. Rhythm is middle with time to time solo like in songs Sangre rojiblanca and mainly in song called Esta vida me va a matar. Album contains 8 songs including 3 covers. First is El norte está lleno de frío (about the north and football violence, next cover is Esta vida me va a matar which is rock and roll song about rock and roll music. Last cover is called Cuidado from old Basque punk band called Eskorbuto. It is about not not changing the ideals ( „….. we are the same as on the beginning......“). And now to their own songs. First song is Somos del Sporting (We Come from Sporting) is anthem about the football club, next is called Sangre rojiblanca (Red-white Blood) shows that this lads are really loyal to their club (Sporting has Red-white colors). Third is called A por ellos and it about 3rd half. To football belongs beer and about that fact you can hear in song Cervezas y Sporting (Beer and Sporting). Fourth song is called Aunque ha pasado el tiempo is about the fact that even you are older you will still fight for the things which you believed when you were young. Booklet is just pages with lyrics in Spanih, no photo just cover with Death on cover which has something to do with the band name La Guadaňa (Scythe). At the end I will say to be more careful during recording because the sound is sometimes not too clear.
Author: Okoun  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 26.04.2011 •  Buy HERE

Gume - Lisboa

Bigorna Records - EP -

531_gume.jpegThis is quite older record from the Portuguese band (or better to say a project because there are just two people) Gume (which means something like blade of knife) and because I like stuff which was released by Bigorna records I decide to write a review. EP is called Lisboa, so the band comes from the capital city and on EP you will find three songs Lisboa, Rumores (Rumors) and Somos Nós! (We Are the Ones). All songs are in their native language. Even it is just two piece project (singer and bass player) they invite their friends so the classic line up is complete – guitar and drums plus also saxophone which I realls like in Oi! music. Lyrics are about the pride on their city, about rumors which are destroying skinhead scene and about working class and its hard life. Music is really great but it is not for everyone. The sound is not classic, it is more into stuff like Paris Violence and the band isn´t afraid to make experiments (which can be seen in the last song Somos Nós! Or in the first one Lisboa with passages where is just vocal and instruments went background). As I said it is not music for masses. EP was released by three different labels (Bigorna, Zeroworks and Extremocidente) each release has different cover and my EP is clear. Bigorna Records is famous for high standard of the cover and this is their first release with this great artwork. Extra sleeve for the EP, lyrics in Portuguese and also in English plus offset printing. I like original bands and this is one of them and I hope that they will release something more in the future (but I don´t know ifthe band is still active).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 16.05.2013

Hammer and the Nails - Maxi EP

Rock´n´Roll Disgrace - LP -

345_hammerandthenails.jpgHammer and the Nails is next one from many other great bands who come from the Boston area and this is their only one official release yet (they have released four song demo from 2009 and also they have some songs on compilations like Oi! the Support or 30 Years of Oi!). Band has four members, but also two guitars and the LP was released on US label Rock´n´Roll Disgrace. Members have experience with playing from bands like Close Call and Fit for Abuse and I think that singer and guitarist Brian plays also in Tommy and the Terrors. On LP you will find 5 songs titled Ten Fingers, Set to Ruin, Faux, Icepicks and Sleeping Giant. Music of the band is similar to music of Bonecrusher and Bridgeburners...rough vocal, melodic refrains (really like the song Icepicks – refrain What we really want is to restore the trust in defense, So we´ll take you one by one, until the nation has control again will be in your head immediately after the first hearing and the same goes with the ending guitar solo), guitar with many engaging rock guitar solos and lyrics which aren´t so funny. I really like the las song Sleeping Giant which is about the fact that not all problems ended with the cold war because many states still openly supporting terrorism and we are closer and closer to the final darkest hour of mankind. Not funny is also the cover with pictures of middle age torture and executions. Inside is paper with lyrics and black and white photo of the band. All five songs are great and I have to recommend it to all who have gramophone. Those who haven´t got the gramophone have to wait a while for the CD from the collector´s edition released by Rebellion Records (with some bonus songs i think). We want more so that´s why I am not giving full points.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 20.02.2012 •  Buy HERE

Hard x Times - Life is a Battlefield

UVPR Vinyles - LP -

266_hardtimes.jpgHard x Times is five piece band from French capital city Paris and they have released some EP´s and album called We take shit from no one. Interesting is the fact that singer Phil (who used to play drums in Anti-Patik) used to be into WP stuff but nowadays he is openly showing his Jewish origin but this review won´t be about that because you can read about it on different webs so back to the music played by Hard x Times. Except classical musical instruments you will hear also keyboards and saxophone in the last song called Hommage. Also you can hear singalong refrains with many guests (also with female vocals). Music is melodic but also hard and impetuous similar to their colleagues from West Side Boys but with more rough voice and sound in genral. Band knows how to play and it is underlined by the sound from the vinyl (but who will buy the CD will have 5 more songs which aren´t on vinyl). Well done is also insert on the cover with many photos of current and past band members, people who took some part in recording and many friends photos plus thankslist. I can´t speak French and the themes of the lyrics aren´t clear to me from the words but musically are great songs like Douce Nuit, Nos Regles and the last one Hommage which is recitative in English (classic goodbye song at the end). Worth hearing for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7+  •  Date: 07.09.2011 •  Buy HERE

Insane Youth - Wasted Lives

Mother Fucking Sounds - CD - 12:19

116_insane youth - wasted lives.jpgYoung band from UK (Oxfordshire) and their debut CD which is for introducing them is out on MFS. Insane Youth is bunch of punks and skins and the line up is for English conditions very young, maybe new young blood? On CD are only 5 songs and I think it is something like introduction like in Control case and then will come regular full album. Songs are called Punks and Skins, Cider, Fags and A Fight, Squaddie Bait, English Pride and Good Old Days. Music is typical British Oi! from 80´s, something like their colleagues from Skinfull and also lyrics bring not so big innovation. So united, booze and hangover, good old times when people stood for themselves more than now or how it is important to bring back English pride and culture. Beat is changing from the slower one to faster even in one song and the first one is typical for this. In folding six-page booklet you will find all lyrics, some photos and thankslist. The whole CD is for me like CD of the Dutch band The Bruiseheads in musical and also lyrics part. Lovers of old classic sound will not be disappointed but I like more different things. Possible to buy for 8€ on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6  •  Date: 09.09.2010

Kaiga - Ishin Denshou

Bronze Fist Records - CD - 36:51

188_kaiga.jpgAnother Asian stuff from Bronze Fist Records come now from country of the rising sun. Band is called Kaiga and the album Ishin Denshou and this is all what I can say :). Classic stuff from this corner of the world where in white letter is only the name of the band and album and other is Japanese letters...and this I can´t write even in google translator. But I found something on the web so the names of the songs are Kantetsu, Saku, Rensei, Onore no tamashii, Kyokou, Inochi, Wakagi, Aa nippon and Senkou, together 9 pieces which is little on 36 minutes time so it means that every song has 4 minutes in average which isn´t to usual. Music is brutal mixture of hardrock with HC and metal influences and riffs in middle and slower rhythm with metal passages just with guitars and bass without drums. Also guitar solos are well played. Singer sings faster and the vocal changes in refrains but I can´t leave something in my mind from it. Other thing which I like on CD´s from Japan is the graphical design which is good also on this album. Who likes bands around SSS like The Hawks or EMPI just bands with non-traditional sound will be satisfied with this CD.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 16.02.2011 •  Buy HERE

Kalevalan Viikingit - Pohjolan Korkeajännitys

4Subculture Records - CD - 32:02

43_3cz5pkkq1xae.jpgThis Finnish band was founded in 2007 and according to their words they are playing „working class rock’n’roll“. Music well I can agree because when I want to compare them first on my mind are their brothers from north Perkele, so yeah it is oi! rock’n’roll. Lyrics I can´t judge because almost all songs are in Finnish and there is no translation. But two songs are in English, it is „Skinhead Pride“ about classic bald theme of pride, fights and friendship. Second „I Don’t Believe In Anarchy“ is band statement what they think about some militant punx. I don´t really know what are other songs about but according to pictures in booklet it should be Finnish history, vikings and skinhead pride. Music is very pleasant and melodic and it is mostly in middle rhytm. CD was released on Czech label 4Subculture so if you like Perkele or The Clichés for example don´t wait and buy it!
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 06.04.2010

Kärbholz - Du bist König, du bist frei...

Asphalt Records - CD - 24:13

144_karbholz.jpgCD 24:13 Asphalt Records 2010 German band in style of Böhse Onkelz or FreiWild and their single which is out on branch of Bandworm a a taste before their regular album which will be out in 2011. CD contains 5 songs plus video which can be played on your computer. First song Du bist König wil be on the future album, second Gottes Werk und Teufels Beitrag is made specially for this CD and another three Hier!, Was ich will a Mein Weg are live songs from GOND festival where play bands in style of Böhse Onkelz (like Engel in Zivil, Stainless Steel, Betontod, 9mm etc…). Video is made to song Warum hasst du mich? from Mit Leib und Seele album. I will start with the live songs - Hier! and Mein Weg are slower songs with acoustic guitar and you can hear how crowd sings with the band and you should imagine the great atmosphere of the gig. Other songs on CD are in style of Deutschrock bands which I mentioned above. In booklet are lyrics on two new songs and in the middle big photo of the band (from the festival..it looks great). Fine taste before new album for specific range of listeners.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 05.11.2010

Kareliaani - s/t

DIY - CD - 15:16

163_KARELIAANI Cd.jpgThis is solo album of Ari who is singer and leading person of Kalevalan Vikingiit. He isn´t any novice in making music, because insead of Kalevalan Vikingiit he used to play in metal bands like Morningstar or in Minotauri. On solo album he recorded all stuff instead of drums. It contains 4 songs which are sung in English and it is slower rock style with acoustic guitar and you can hear also keyboards. What is also interesting is the cover of the CD which is made like DVD, the CD is limited edition of 100 pieces (but just CD-R with printing) and inside is paper with lyrics. Songs have titles Free North, Kustaf Horn, Let the Fires Burn and Torsten Stålhandske. From that you can notice that lyrics are about history and mainly about some generals who fought in wars in the past. As I said music is more calm and slow with rock influences and with patriotic lyrics without subculture themes. I like it personally more than Kalevalan Vikingiit. Interesting thing for collectors and also interesting music which you may order from www.4subculture.com for 4€.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 16.12.2010

Kids Of The Streets - Under Attack

Oi-Family Records - CD -

203_4S874.gifLast time I have luck on CD´s with not so well known bands and I feel tense little bit when I put the CD into record player if the music will be too interesting and I should write something to the music. And it happens all the time and also know by young band called Kids Of The Streets. For short time I receive CD from Russia. First song is in AC/DC style with hardrock riffs and it is called „The Story“. It slowly goes to second song (title one) called „Under Attack“ which is in classic streetpunk rhythm. Fourth song is calmer and it is called „Moscow Region Skinhead“. When I listen to this not so well known bands I try to compare them with some more well known and this is similar to Roger Miret And The Disasters. Greatest hit from that album is eighth song called „A Way Of Life“ with great melody and good lyrics about the fact that sometimes the things didn´t go well but you should keep your pride and your way. Also happy song „Fight Back The Terraces“ is good and it is about old skinheads and bootboys who spent their time on football. Band has clear cut political position (patches like „100% anti-racist“, „stay S.H.A.R.P.“) and although you are not some antifa supporter I don´t see reason why not listen to this music, because it is really interesting.
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 15.03.2011 •  Buy HERE

Konec Hry - Zločin č.2

DIY - CD - 17:54

157_konechry2.jpgAfter their demo which was out in 2008 and of course you can find the review here on BB comes out their second album called Zločin č.2 (Crime no.2). Band comes from Brno and they play in four but they have two guitars. On album you´ll find six their own songs in Czech plus one cover Watch Your Back from Sparrer. Sound is more into punk but not so heavy and hard and the guitars are little bit raw but I like it. Most of all I like the lyrics. The first one called Sametový podvod (The Velvet Trick) when band criticize the system which we live in and their “freedom of speech”. For me the best song from the album. Second is called Přítel (Friend) and it is about treason of your friend. Thord is Opilý a tetovaní (Drunk and Tattooed) and it is about how we live adn how we give a fuck about society which doesn´t like us. Four is Brno and it is about the returning to city where you come from. Špatný karty (Bad Cards) is second best song for me and it speaks about the fact that you shouldn´t give up things in life and you should believe that some good cards come and you´ll win. You´ll hear also female vocal in that album...Last one from the band is called Království (Kingdom) and it is about how easy is abusing the power. Last one is the cover mentioned before. CD has good booklet of two pages with lyrics and band photos. Nice thing for 3 € so who is interested just write on band´s mail konechry@seznam.cz and give´em the chance!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 02.12.2010

Les Vilains - Skinhead Family

Pure Impact Records - CD - 49:41

134_Les Vilains_Skinhead Family.jpgLong waiting is over. After the tasting in form of compilation of singles and songs from other compilations are here Les Vilains with second long studio album. Line up is completely different then line up on first album not even because of personal tragedy in the band (already second tragedy). On guitar is Eef who you may know from Dutch bands like Offside and After the Fire, bass is Teun from Short Cropped and drums are by Sven who plays also in The Pride. On this album were use some guitar solos and vocals of Dieter Samoy from demo tapes. About him are also first two pages of booklet, where Suck written a few words in three languages, what Dieter mean for him. But back to the album. Graphic design is similar to the first one, red background, all lyrics in French with short preface in English. On CD you can hear 13 songs which aren´t too much musically different than first album and why not. Lyrics are about the power of skinhead cult where friendship sometimes means the same like family, about the fact that everyone tries to put a political stamp on you, about people who are always criticizing things around and they are doing nothing, about the fact that the luxury isn´t in money but in people and friends around you, death penalty, nonsense of religious wars, about the life and death of band members and last but not least about the place which was founded by Suck and Rianne – De Kastelein. Album ends with Flemish disco song. In the end of booklet are few black and white photos of the band and thankslist to almost whole world. Most of all I like songs Skinhead Family, Politiqement Incorrect, Grosse Saloppe, Dieter & Olivier and De Kastelein. Try to get is because it worth it! Band made up by skinheads playing for skinheads and that´s the way it´s gonna be!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 18.10.2010

Loyalty - Roaring Three Lions On To Victory

Loyal Records - CD - 13:15

243_loyalty_roaring.jpgMini CD with four songs about football released to the occasion of World Football Championship in 2010 on label of the band. As I wrote on CD is 4 songs called Roaring Three Lions On To Victory, Psycho, Clu band Country and England 5 Germany 1 (which isn´t song from The Business but the content is similar). First song is about the faith of people in fact that England will win the championship thanks to this faith and support from the ordinary people. Second song Psycho is about Stuart Pearce, who is coach of representation under 21 but also ex-player of Nottingham, West Ham and Manchester City. Nickname Psycho came from the age when he was active player and he was very hard and though. Third song is about supporting your team from august to may in good times and bad times and also about supporting the national team. Last song is description of England´s legendary match in qualification 2001 in Munich when England beats Germany 5:1 and Michael Owen has hat trick. Loyalty stays true to the classic sound so if you like their older CD´s and EP´s you will like also this mini CD. In booklet are lyrics and ban photo with thankslist. At the end I will make short advertisement…check the web page of the band http://www.loyaltyengland.co.uk/ and if you have paypal don´t hesitate and order something. I ordered 2 EP´s and this mini CD all together for circa 14 € with postage. Band is working now on brand new CD called Heads Held High which will contain 6 news songs.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 21.06.2011 •  Buy HERE

Maddog Surrender - Bethlehem Steel

4Subculture Records - CD - 36:12

73_maddog.gifThis an Europian edition of album from US band from Pennsylvania which was released in 2008 and was put as a free on internet. This version is little bit changed instead of cover Going down the Bar from Wretched Ones is there cover Fuck´em Up from Dutch band After the Fire. Band plays in 4 pieces but with two guitars which I always like more. On CD are 14 songs and last two have little bit different sound because of different studio recording. Musically it brickwall Oi! like Bonecrusher, Patriot spiced with Blitz…this is how the songs sound. But every song is different some are faster punk like Jinx or Exploited and some are melodical. Lyrics are about fights, tradition of punk rock and Oi! style, beer of course, laws of working men and about no interest of wars in different countries in which are US troopers. Booklet is black and white with pictures of machines and factories. Most of all I like songs Viva Tradition, Sobber Living, Going Out in Style and Not my Problem. From their names you should think of what the band sings about. Michal is really doing great job now with 4subculture records and I hope that he won´t give it up because he is also making name of Czech scene abroad. I like this album because of its variousness. You can buy it on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 31.05.2010

Major Disappointment - s/t

TFB Productions - CD - 29:34

209_major disappointment.jpgI received this CD from Pejchy who is doing Lone Rider webzine because he received more CD´s from the band on review so at first i would like to thank him (you can also read the interview with the band on www.lonerider.skinhead.cz). Band comes from Michigan and this CD which is their debut record was recorded in three pieces line up. On CD you can listen to 12 songs of faster rhythm with influences also from 80´s punk bands like Special Duties but also as usual by US bands some hardcore touches like Slapshot. Vocal is little bit shouted and band is titled themselves aas anti-trendy abrasive oi! In booklet are some photos and thankslist. However lyrics aren´t there. Songs which I like are One of those Days, singalong End of the Line and No Apologies Made. Band is going to the studio in short time (one of the new songs you can hear on United Skins for Freedom of Speach compilation – it is called One). Fans of Oi! from the land behind the ocean will be satisfied with that album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 29.03.2011 •  Buy HERE

Marching Orders - Days Gone By

Contra Records/Longshot Music - LP -

235_m_o_days.jpgAnd here it is...stuff which I promised week ago...the last thing which I look forward to from Marching Orders discography which I missed and which is their first full length album Days Gone By. This is the second pressed version because the first was really fast sold out. Vinyl is orange and transparent and together with other versions is limited to 500 pieces. On album you will find 14 songs including cover Assault and Battery (from Rose Tattoo as usual habit of Aussie´s bands). First song will show you the style of the band. I is called Stranger to New World and it is about the world and their fast changing. Next great song is third Everyday Life which is slower thing about people who are living usual lives and at the end their recognise that they waste it. Song has great refrain. In similar line are also songs Walk Alone, Days Gone By, The Weight of the World or The Years Pass Me. They are all about frustration, melancholy, loneliness, gloom and pressure on you from class above yours (like songs on Nation of Ghosts EP). And you can feel this from the music that it isn´t anything funny. You will simply feel it from their music....I have it also when I am listening to the music of Red London, Superyob or Dims Rebellion. You simply feel that band is living what they singing and vice versa. Other songs are with influence of Rose Tattoo like No Escape, Mass Hysteria (about media ant their lies), Moment of Clarity (how you get sober during Sunday morning after Saturday´s drinking) or last anthem called Pride of Melbourne (about the fact that the city where you come from can´t be replaced by anything else). To the LP is added paper with lyrics and portrait photos and also with brief history of Aussie´s subcultures Skins and Sharpies with some great photos from the early 70 ´s (like the cover one) which evoke you the spirit of that time. Great thing!!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 01.06.2011

Nežfaleš - Pár lacinejch triků

Cecek Records - CD - 30:45

149_small_cd_2010_big.jpgLast album of Nežfaleš is out for some time and we have to decide if the album is good or bad. So at first we have to say that the album starts where finished the previous one. Raw, melodic and sincere punk rock´n´roll with genius lyrics. Band plays what they know to play but they are getting better and better. Don´t expect primitive shouting with two strophes . Lyrics are without clichés but just themes from topics of everyday life of common people full of irony and reality. On CD itself you will find 11 songs full of life stories and funny songs about not so funny things. I listen CD almost one month and I didn´t find some weak songs, nothing is missing and also nothing is resided in. Everything is enough. I will speak about two songs which I like most, the first is Úspěch (Succes) which is about the fact that important thing in your life is to have your own opinion and don´t get fooled by money and second one Budoucnost (Future) which is calmer song about how important is to live in reality and not in the future or in the past. I can speak about every song on this album in this way because every song is independent part of perfect puzzle and these two illustrations are for the people who have punk rock in heart to decide if the CD is for them or not. For me it is one of the best albums of the last time on CZ/SK punkrock scene.
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 16.11.2010

Noi!se - Walk Beside Us

Longshot Music/Contra/Durty Mick Records - EP -

273_noi!se_walk.jpgDebut EP of band from USA, Tacoma released again on their home labels in 700 pieces (I have white version which is limited to 350 copies). Design of the cover kick you back into 80´s/90´s where bands like Squiggy, Kicker Boys or Stars ruled and it was made by JM Design (Jen and Muna). Black and white cover with eagle and American flags looks really beautiful and also the inside of the cover is great with passport photos of the band members, logo of the band and lyrics. EP contains 4 songs - Blame and Pushing On on side A and Reason Why and Walk Beside Us on side B. First one Blame is about how man should keep on fighting and never give up even he was pushed down by life for many times, second Pushing On is about man who is prisoner of the world around but also prisoner of his mind. I really like this piece and for me it is the best one from the EP with sad lyrics similar to some songs from Marching Orders. Thir Reason Why is about people who giving up things in life without even trying them. The last one called Walk Beside Us is anthem about the fact that even if you have problems in life, you feel week, etc...you never walk alone when you join us and walk through life with us. As I wrote in review on their later LP changing of Matt´s and Nate´s vocals is great and it is not so drowned like on their 10´´ LP This Is Who We Are. Great and melodic music, which can be compared with Patriot and above mentioned Marching Orders. Really good EP and I am looking forward to next one and I hope that we can hear full length album from them in the future.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 19.09.2011 •  Buy HERE

Od Jutra - Na Gruzach

DIY - CD - 36:06

390_od_jutra.jpgOd Jutra is the title of Polish HC band from Wyszków city which lies north from the capital Wroclaw and moreover this album they released also EP called Sens źycia (Sense of Life). This album is called Na Gruzach (On the Ruins) and I think it was released directly by the band. CD contains 12 songs of brutal sound (which you may guess because of the cover) and two of them are taken from the EP - Zlosiejca and 2974. Band contains from five pieces (two guitars) and they have drummer in common with Bachor. Singer sings in Polish language which is unusual in HC style and this is the first HC band from Poland I ever heard. Their style is more metallic HC with great tough and solid sound with great drive from the drums so it means no bushed classic metalcore. Music is typical hardcore, guitar stops or guitar playing alone in passages without drums or just with hi-hat cymbal. Booklet is well done, pictures, lyrics, thankslist and graphic in general – apocalyptic and dark. And the lyrics are the same, just look on the titles like Wieczna Wojna (Endless War), Epidemia (Epidemic), Sila, Honor i Walka (Strength, Honour and War) or title song Na Gruzach (On the Ruins), etc… Sound is on great level and I have to say that the band really took seriously their studio session. HC is not my cup of tea for sure and I never heard about this band before. But I was surprised because of the sound and music quality and also the design of the whole album, so who like HC music check this band, I leave it without rating because i really have no experiences and bands to compare with.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 10.05.2012

Offensive Weapon - s/t

Pure Impact/Crowbar Records - CD - 20:57

27_CD OFFENSIVE WEAPON.jpgAnother patriotic, antiterorist and proamerica oriented US bands, now i tis 5 piece band straight from New York City with drummer who also plays in HC band Fed Up and in famous Oxblood. On CD is 8 songs, 7 in English and 1 cover in Spanish(they have probably some Hispanic guy in band) and it is “Es por tu nacion” which is Böhse Onkelz music "Wir ham noch lange nicht genug" with lyrics by Spanish band Klan, but it is played also by Division 250. Lyrics of the band and their themes are mencioned at the beginning of the review so war wit terrorism, manipulation by media, but also little bit NYHC lyrics so backstreet family, brotherhood, fights on hands but also on knives and bars. Music is faster, voice is more shouted, guitar is playful and bass is great…so together great music which didn´t allow you to sit on chair. Booklet is just two sheets of paper with lyrics and a few photos. Most of all I like songs Face of Death, Offensive Weapon and Yellow Journalist but there is no week one on the album. A must have album for lovers of US bands from 80´s or 90´s like Across the Hudson, Youthful Offenders, Kicker Boys or Total Annihilation. Buy it on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 22.03.2010

Oldfashioned Ideas - We´re In this Shit Together

Hommage de Poule/Jaguar Trust Records - CD - 29:17

151_oldfashioned.gifSwedish streetpunk scene is putting out great bands in last time so just listen to the bands like Clichés, Double Contact, Antipati, Vindicate This, Saturday´s Heroes etc. And this band Oldfashioned Ideas proves this again. They come from Malmö, and they play in three pieces (bass player sings completely in English) and this is their debut. Mostly they play in middle rhythm but for example the first song named like the band is really fast punk rock. I was also surprised with the quality of sound of music played only in three but I think they will prove this when they play live. Big power of the band is hidden in refrains which can kick your balls but some of them are simple but with great melody like third song Disturbing Presence for example. When I have to compare them with some new bands I will surely choose Plan of Attack and Bonecrusher (mainly songs Young and Foolish about street fights in 60´s between mods and rockers or The Anthem). Other lyrics are about old times without when the coffee was coffee, when the film wasn´t disturbed by commercial break, then about the hopeless of people in social crisis and also about bad behaviour of politicians whose don´t have always the best plans with people and about living on the edge of the law…Booklet is made in standard way – lyrics, collage of photos in the middle and thankslist on the end. I found the band on myspace www.myspace.com/oldfashionedideas, and the songs which are there really kicked me so I order their CD – so just try to listen them and if you will like it just write on www.4subculture.com and order it there!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8+  •  Date: 22.11.2010

On File - Breaking Rules

84 Records - CD - 41:26

23_on file - breaking rules.jpgHow many fuckin´years we´ve been waiting for another album of this smart Scotsmen? I think 8 long years and it really worth it!!! Hedgy left guitar and he only sings whic you can hear mainly on live gigs but also this album is more melodical then The Real Mc Oi! On album is 13 songs which one (Stuck in 82) you may know from Oi! Fuck You album. Another 12 is brand new stuff and really well done! On lyrics you can see, that some of On File members are born earlier, so you will hear about schooldays, playing football as a child and then choosing between beer and football – I think that some of you will know this also(Football vs Birds and Beer), first love(First Bird), teenager years, growing up in towerblocks (Multiculture), but also normal lyrics about power of friendship(Number One) and alcohol (I´m Drunk). I can recomand this album to every skinhead. It isn´t not so special difficult music with many solos but ordinary melodic and catchy Oi! music from his cradle and you will really like listening to this CD I am sure! Add good booklet with lyrics, pictures, photos and good playtime and you will recese compulsory must have album. In october 2010 you will hear them in Czech… so don´t watt and buy it on www.4subculture.com!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 18.03.2010

On the Job/Stamford Bridge - s/t

Contra Records/Longshot Music - EP -

259_onthejobsplit.jpgThis is little bit older split EP of US band called Stamford Bridge which is another side project of Carl and Phil from The Templars which includes keyboards and Swedish band On the Job. EP is released in 600 copies, 250 in blue with red and white splatters, 250 in blue witj yellow splatters and 100 black (I have this one). Every band has two songs on the EP.. Stamford Bridge has songs For a While and If Only. Sound is slower Oi! with oldschool sound spiced up with mod beat, pub rock and glam rock and I have to admire that it is really great. And as I said before Carl plays here keyboards in both songs (but also guitar and bass as usual) and in second song If Only you will hear female vocal. Interersting is the fact that both songs were recorded in 2004 but they see the light of the day in 2010. On the Job comes from Carslcrona city which is harbor founded in 1680 to honor the king Carl and which produced warships…and about this topic is the first song called 1680. Second song is called Constable Henry which is classic story of local zero who join the boys in blue and then he makes your life difficult (similar song you may know from their colleagues from Saturday´s Heroes – Jimmy Law). On the Job are playing fresh singalong streetpunk with two guitars which isn´t too difficult music but it listens well and melodies are easy to remember. To EP is added ppaper with some info about both bands but lyrics are here just from on the Job. Good piece from bands which both worth listening
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 23.08.2011

Operace Artaban - Best of...

Rabiát Records - CD - 67:24

180_operace artaban-best of.jpgThirteen years, four regular albums, one split CD with Začiatok Konca and few song (not only) on CZ/SK Streetkids compilations – this is the reason for the band to think about Best of album and mapping their own discography. And this is directly what did Czech band from Brno Operace Artaban which plays since 1997. On album you´ll find 19 older songs in original versions which most of them you surely know from the albums or live gigs of the band. Songs are taken equally from all albums. So you can see or hear how band evolved in music, themes of lyrics and how band changes vocalists and guitarists. As a bonus (20th song) is song called Oi!lé where band took some inspiration from ABBA, Bonnie M or Czech fairy tales but lyrics is in skinhead rhythm. In booklet which is made like school exercise-book you´ll find short comment to every song, time axis with albums, map of Czech Republic and Europe with places where band played and some photos. Under the CD is lyrics to bonus song. You surely know the video to this song which you can find on youtube. CD is well done and it is for the people who didn´t have early albums of the band at home and they want to hear the songs on original CD and the prize which is 8 € isn´t too high for more than one hour of music. So who wants to buy it will surely know something about the history of the band. You can buy it by Kabanos on the link bellow or on www.4subculture.com. Good best of.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 31.01.2011 •  Buy HERE

Orgullo Sur - Salud por los Skinheads

Pure Impact Records - CD -

179_4S869.gifAlbum Salud por los Skinheads is second thing from Orgullo Sur. This skinhead band comes from exotic country of Chile. Music is not so hard or wild. This is for lovers of slower style. Boys play in slower or middle rhythm Oi! with some harder touches but definitely Spanish style with time to time singalong like song Al estadio (Hooligans). Album contains 9 songs with 8 are from Orgullo Sur. Last one (the 9th) is from old Chilean r´n´r band The Ramblers. In lyrics they sing about classic weekend drinking, football violence, patriotism and other nice things of life. Drinking is mentioned in first song Fin de semana (Weekend). Another is called Al estadio (Hooligans) is about the club you support and celebrating the good times. Third is about the pub where skins fro mPuerto Montt go to drink some beer. Next one is about is about the city Puerto Montt - 100% local patriotism. 5th and 6th song is called Chicos Skinhead and Salud por los Skinheads and it is about us – the SKINHEADS. And the 7th song is great but I have to tell the content after 10 PM but everyone knows what is going about the one night stand. Lyrics of the song Skinhead Chile is about the love to your country, denying the lies of politicians, etc... Last one is called Rock del Mundial is the cover song. Booklet contains lyrics but only in Spanish which may cause problems to some people but also it contains many photos. Really recommended this album from the proud south.
Author: Okoun  •  Rating: 8+  •  Date: 28.01.2011 •  Buy HERE

Paris Violence - Le Vent Divin Souffle Toujurs

Islika Productions - CD - 45:45

150_parisviolencelevent.jpgLabel Islika Records noticed Flav´s love to Japanese culture and bands and they released this CD with 12 songs and even there is no lyrics in the booklet I recognise that songs are bonded with one theme – Japan and its culture. Title of album is something like ”The Wind from Gods will Always Blows”. Even the songs are hiding something Japanese – titles are for example Bushido, Doki no Sakura etc… In booklet you will find collage of Yukio Mishima photos who was Japanese writer who stood for the traditional values and who became famous by fictive rebellion against state and ritual suicide sepukku after it. Even if the booklet will have lyrics I will not understand any. PV are playing non-traditional mixture of Oi! music combined with dark/new wave and keyboards and samples of exotic musical instruments are characteristic for their music which is everything but not standard. Album contains new songs but also new versions of some old stuff and some bonus tracks taken from single maybe which puts together good 45 minutes of music..Cover is also in Japanese style – samurai fighting with enemy. Album will be pleasure for fans of the band and for other it may be inspiration for learning French because only thing which I don´t like on that band is the fact that I didn´t understand any word.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 18.11.2010

Perkele - Forever

Bandworm Records - CD - 38:43

135_perkele.jpgPerkele Forever. This is the name of 5th long album from this guys from Göteborg whose play since 1993. After the Voice of Anger, No Shame, Stories from the Past, Confront and mini album Längtan comes the band with this album. You can taste something from the album because of video to song Always Coming Back. Music are the same old Perkele which made their own sound during several years which like people from all around the world thanks to the melody of the songs so when all goes well why change something. Difference against the older albums is the fact that you hear also piano, mandolin or violin and the whole album is calmer then for example hate storm like first one Voice of Anger. Album is opened by pompous theme like from film which goes continuously into song Punk Rock Army where is sung that with the power of the chords and the beat you break everything which stands in your way. Second song called Me is about the fact that in spite of people getting older they are still rebels in their hearts. Other songs are about false promises of politicians, about not needing the extravagant banquettes and parties but needing guitar and the band to play in (this one is with the mandolin), love to the music, pride, time to time powerless where everything is against you and last but not least hit song Always Coming Back whoch I wrote about at the beginning. It is about how band likes to return to places where they played and how they like singing for the people and with the people on or under the stage. On album are changing slower or faster songs and all fits together very well. Who likes melodic music and likes to sing a refrain with the band this is the music for him! From all songs I will lever up Always Coming Back then slower ballad with keyboards Someday and country influenced What Have I Done or limber Heads Held High. To all this add digipack where I miss some band photo but instead of this it has everything without mistake! It is possible to order on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 21.10.2010

Pressure 28 - Spirit of 69/Pull No Punches

Longshot Music - EP -

177_pressure28_EP.jpgAfter mini CD Dodging the Bullets is appeared one of the bands of third wave of British Oi! - Pressure 28 and with them you can also read and interview by us. EP was released on US label Longshot Music and it contains two songs. After putting out from the cover I was surprised by design. EP is transparent with red-white-blue smudges on it like Union Jack. So now to the music…after the setting the record player on 45 rpm you can hear the title song Spirit of 69 which is in slower style about defending skinhead style against lies and how to fight for things he believes. Really nostalgic thing which you can hear on myspace page of the band http://www.myspace.com/oioipressure28. After this song you have to turn the EP and hear the song Pull no Punches which is even slower than the first one and I like it more especially the refrain which will stuck in your head for a long time. It is about old geezer at the end of the street who is unpleasant on you for the reason that this isn´t THE England which he fought for and people haven´t got jobs, pride and respect…so more nostalgic song than the first one. In EP you´ll find paper with lyrics, some photos and advertisement for other Longshot Music products. So first Best Of from Pressure 28 didn´t hit me too much, Dodging the Bullets was better and this is absolutely great for me so try to buy it somewhere!!!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 26.01.2011

Prohibice - Stínadla se bouří

DIY - CD - 45:17

39_prohibice.jpg1st CD of young band from Prague released DIY after three years of playing. On CD you can find 15 songs on which you can see the eveloution of the band from simplier melodies to new, better songs. CD was recorded in four pieces line up with two guitars but I think they returned to three pieces. Yes the CD is made DIY but sound is OK and also booklet is well done with lyrics, photos and preface(but all in Czech). Guitarist and bass player are changing themselves in vocal and sometimes one said half sentence and second said second half…I like this and in some songs it is great. Some lyrics are patriotic, some are about baldies, stupidity of crowd, football, “democracy” etc. I like to listen the CD, boys are playing better and better and songs are like are Květinový blues, Svoboda slova, Hrdinové naší doby, where is pushy solo at the beginning or slower songs like Krajina našich srdcí and last one Víkend. CD is for 15O CZK and you can buy it across http://bandzone.cz/prohibice or on some gig. There aren´t too many Oi! bands who releasing CD´s so really buy it in first wave, band made only 100 copies so show them that people who are buying CD´s and supporting the bands are still living!!!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 31.03.2010

Proti směru - Na cestách

DIY - CD -

169_553377.jpgProti smeru is one of the first oi!punk band I have ever heard. I remember how I liked their sound and lyrics on their the first album Skins, Punks, Rebels and I was very proud to be a skinhead. :-) The time has past, I am still skinhead but Proti smeru is more punkrock band. This fact is approved by the new album „Na cestach“. The first song is called „Cim je nas vic…“ and it is about slanders in the scene. Important thing in punkrock is fun, not politics. To all intelectuals – Good Night Uncle Fido! There are balads as well, for example the third song „Klaunova zpoved“ or the fifth song „Nekonecny pribeh“ which is for all broken heart. Another interesting song is also the fourth „Na cestach“ which is thanks to all fans, who support the band for many years. The song „Punkrock“ is inspired bands like The Fialky, Nezfales,… which are friends of Proti smeru. At the end, the album has very good quality and it has much better sound than previously album. Proti smeru is no more hard clockwork oi! band but their pure punkrock is very good as well.
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 30.12.2010

Punkfront - 100% Hass

Oi! Ain´t Red Records - CD - 17:18

124_punkfront.jpgMini CD of brand new band from Berlin with two punks and two skins in the line up out now on Oi! Ain´t Red Records. On CD you can hear 6 songs in German from which is one cover from Schleim Keim In der Kneipe zur trockenen Kehle which was one of the first punk rock bands in DDR. Lyrics are in spirit of punks not red and the names of the songs and title of the album (100%Hass, Fuck Crust…), so the united without fuckin´ politics, sarcastic song about islam or song about how man shouldn´t give up things even if they aren´t going well. Band can play fast stuff like two songs which I mention but also slower and more melodic songs like Und morgens ruft der Muezzin and the last one which I like most called Verraten und Verkauft. In well done booklet you will find all lyrics (except cover), photo collage and thankslist. Who likes straight in your face punk with non PC lyrics in style of Jinx try this band. As an introduction of the band mini CD is OK but we want more! Some songs you can listen on http://www.myspace.com/punkfront/ and also order CD for 6€ from label distro http://adler-versand.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 24.09.2010

Rampage - On Attack

Skins on Attack Records - CD - 31:34

107_rampage.gifDebut album of 100% skin band from Sachsen with members of ex Brachial, Backstreet Firm, Kriegsberichter or from still playing colleagues Anti Clockwise is out now on Skins on Attack. Band has their motto on CD and it is 100% Aggro Culture 0% Mainstream Oi! which they proved in interview where they said that they like playing on smaller gigs for skins. On cover is also quotation from E. Fromm which warn us against the spirit of consume and fully mechanized society ruled by computers. On album is 11 songs from which are 2 in English and the rest in German. Band plays simpler faster Oi! where first guitar sometimes do solo and it is more than clear that band members like classic Oi! music from 80´s with singalong, whooping vocals and passages where plays just bass. Lyrics didn´t surprise you at all – pride of the cult, working class, enjoying playing for skins, tattoo, tradition or eternal fight with medias. In booklet which is stylized like newspapers called Skinhead Times you will find all lyrics and photos from the gigs. I like songs Get Out, Was ich so schätze and Intoleranz. Fine band with sympathetic attitude for orthodox skinheads. Buy it on www.4subculture.com and don´t forget to read an interview with them here!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 24.08.2010

Razorblade - Die Jungs/Hart wie Stahl

Bandworm Records - EP -

84_razorbladejungs.jpgAnother EP of one of most important European skinhead bands of present time is out – Dutch band Razhorblade. This EP 100% greets their fans in Germany because you will find two songs in German language on it. EP is hand numbered and it is limited edition of 250 copies. I like this vinyl more than previous EP Shitting out Nails because it is more into their early style. First song is compliment to all their German friends who they drink with and about the gigs and festivals in Germany. Second song can be translated like “Hard as Steel” and it is about how are the boys from Razorblade and how is their sound (it includes killer solo at the end of the song). Vinyl is black and on the back is both lyrics. I hope that this vinyl and also the previous one Shitting out Nails is just tasting before regular album. So when I cite part of lyrics:”hard music, happy and loud...people who listen us are called antisocial...Razorblade – hard as steel!” Who has gramophone won´t be disappointed.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 21.06.2010

Razorblade - Musik für Spinner/Wij Zin in de stad

Bandworm Records - EP -

174_razorblade_musik.jpgDutch thugs came out with another EP with German song and it should be a taste before whole album which will be out during spring 2011 and which will be sung in German. On EP are two songs one in German and one in Dutch. EP is limited to 500 pieces which 250 are orange and other 250 are in colours of German flag. On A side you´ll find song Musik für Spinner where band explains little bit why they sing in German and to who is dedicated the song...not for the radio listeners and high class but for the outsiders and antisocial people. Second side is in Dutch and the title means something We are Back in the City and I can´t understand a word from it. Band plays their brickwall Oi! with rough vocal which make from them one of the basic bands from current scene. Great is also the fact that Bandworm gives to the vinyl a paper with web page when you can download these songs in mp3. I also like the cover which is made by guy called Michiel Eikenaar and he´s a master of black arts and I can say that this cover really rules. For the fans of the band must have EP and good taste before the fifth regular album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 20.01.2011 •  Buy HERE

Razzapparte - Tuscia Oi!

Anfibio Records - CD -

193_4S885.gifRazzapparte is oi!punk band from Italian city Viterbo. I heard about them for the first time when I receive this mini CD Tuscia Oi!, but they aren´t greenhorns. On their web we can read „oi! music since 1995“ so they played for 16 years. The CD is released as a 15th anniversary of the band. CD Tuscia Oi! contains 5 songs but every song worth it...really fresh and melodic oi!punk spiced up with some folk influences. I really appreciate great sense for melody and the changing of the rhythms which isn´t ordinary by Italian bands. Greatest hits are for me the third one Spettri Del Passato which proved the changing of the rhythms, it starts like slower one, continues in faster rhythm all underlined with great melody. Second song which I like is the fourth one La Marroca which is styled into Italian folk song with accordion. Really fresh and happy album which you will like after first hearing. I am not fan of Italian bands and also fan of mini CD´s with 5 songs but this one I will surely buy too.
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 01.03.2011 •  Buy HERE

Retaliator - Complete singles and rarities


208_4S896.gifHow does the title of the album say it is collection of songs from Retaliator which were released on EP´s, demo songs and song from Oi! Fuck You – Best of British vol. 1 compilation. Album contains 24 songs. What I like on first hearing is great sound in spite of the fact that some of the songs are older and come from demo…really good job. Booklet doesn´t contains lyrics to the songs but description of the EP´s and facts which lead to compose these songs. In booklet are photos of the albums and a few band photos. Retaliator plays raw British Oi! with good piece of anger and hate. Most of all I like songs from Patriotic Alcoholics EP mainly the song with same name. Band sings about actual themes like decadence of British culture by peaceful Islam and its followers whose put some bomb into building time to time, but also friendship, fun and alcohol. If you don´t have EP´s from Retaliator or you aren´t plan to collect them this is the choice…go and buy this CD.
Author: Okoun  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 28.03.2011 •  Buy HERE

Saturday´s Heroes - Set to Sail

Bandworm Records - CD - 38:24

138_saturday-s-heroes-set-to-sail.jpgBand Saturday´s Heroes comes from Sweden and has played since 2008 and this is their first official record released on Bandworm Records after two demos and song on compilation called Chaos in Sweden. Bandworm is releasing many digipack and this CD is also one of them so be prepared for great cover with well done booklet. Band plays pleasant punk rock like Dropkick Murphys, Street Dogs, Bouncing Soles, US Bombs or their countrymen Bombshell Rocks with two guitars full of melody and singalong refrains. Except normal musical instruments used in punk rock you will hear also acoustic guitar and harmonica. Band sings about lack of interest to rumours from the high society and their false values, (I don´t Care), how violence ruled the world (Violence), about cops who can excuse their bad behaviour by their uniform but at home they are beating their kids and wife (Jimmy Law), some sailor theme (Set to Sail) or about the fact that friends stay on your side all the time but with the girl you can break up, etc... Some songs are full of melancholy like Brothers in Beer or Keep Maching On for example. Most of all I like hits Jimmy Law, Blue Lights of Justice and Where We Are. Whole CD brings you good mood and taste of summer time with friends near the water with beer in hand. Quality album from not so well known band yet. And the word “yet” is very important here. You can buy it on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 26.10.2010

Shaven Heads - Demo 2010

DIY - CD - 19:30

373_shave_heads_demo.jpgDemo with seven songs from German band Shaven Heads which you may know from limited EP or from threesplit with Bronco Army and The Prideful released on Skinhead Beat Records (the first songs from this demo are there in better quality - No Surrender and Skinheads). Besides their own songs the band has there also two covers - Trou du cul from Les Vilains with German lyrics called Du bist ein Idiot and Skinhead Spass from Vandalen. Other songs are called Discofratzen, Kranke Welt and Shaven Heads. Demo has little bit rougher sound comparedto EP or too threesplit but I have to say that in spite of the fact that they are playing in three pieces the music is really good and they aren´t afraid to use guitar solos (likein title song Shaven Heads or in No Surrender). Demo is just CD-R in slim cover with band photo, list of tracks, thankslist and title cover. Band has similar subtitle like their colleagues from Rampage - Null Prozent Mainstream and as I wrote before they really know how to play and I hope that we can listen to some other record with better sound soon (because the threesplit and EP is really cool). It is just demo so I leave it without rating but focus on the band, really true underground.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 03.04.2012

Skinfull - Drinking Class Heroes

Pure Impact Records - CD - 39:22

24_skinfull - drinking class heroes.jpgThis band from Coventry used to have a name The Aids and they released one EP which wasn´t so good for me. They change the name, rerecorded 2 songs, made 10 brand new and boooom CD is out on Pure Impact. Five piece band follows the footsteps of 80´s bands, so it means middle rhytm, slower and clear vocal and lyrics about streets, Britain, terrorism, booze, hooligans, EU, bouncers and strippers but also about bad driving of inhabitants of UK. Band has two guitars so some solos are there and some song are into rock stuff like song Lapdancer and they reminds me Cock Sparrer in Diamonds and Pearls era, and from new bands they sound like Scum so no musical surprise for me. In first song Smash em to the Ground you will heart a part from CV3 from Oppressed. Songs which I like are anthem of the band Love it or Leave it, which is about people who doesn´t work and who just parasiting on social system, then Suicide Bomber, Unity and EU Law. For me lightly above average. You can buy it of course on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6/7  •  Date: 18.03.2010

Sour Bitch - Live Fast, Die Pretty

Demo - CD - 11:52

81_478207.jpgSo after some time I want to support another young and talented punk rock band so I bought demo CD of girly band Sour Bitch. It was on their gig in Motoráj but they didn´t play because of some organization troubles. When the mistake is is hard to recognize but I was little bit disappointed. And that’s why I heard them only at home from CD. The first song of the album is in good fresh rhythm and also the name proves "Live Fast, Die Pretty" this. Second song "Bullet For You" isn´t also slow but the melody is in front of the hard rock'n'roll riffs which is more better for this song. Third "Here We Go" kicks you back into harder rock'n'roll and the rhythm is getting faster again. Last two songs are called "Cherry Bomb" and "West Side Town". The last song has great melody and it is more into darker or horror punk atmosphere. In spite of the fact that this is a demo CD and the girls are young (around 16-18 years) the work they´d done is good in style of punk rock'n'roll style with sympatic and rawer garage sound. You can hear whole demo on their web http://bandzone.cz/bitchestpritch .
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 10.06.2010

Spy Kids/ Normals?! - s/t

Warboots Records - LP -

119_spykidsnormals.jpgAfter the gig on 6th January 2010 when both bands played together here in CZ, come news that the bands are going to record the split album. I was pleased more when I hear the fact that will be also out on 10 inch vinyl limited to 500 pieces. Every band has 4 songs on LP and every band also sings in their mother tongue. So I start with Normals?! Band has another guitarist now and it has more dense sound than first CD. They have songs called Kotva a Kříž (Anchor and the Cross) which is dignified open song with melodic tunes, second is called Dluhy (Debts) and it is faster and you will know after the hearing that having debts is punk. Another thing Bez války se neumírá (There´s no Dying without War) and it is slower song in style of Zona A and it is about that even the things are bad, somewhere are really worse and last one is called Falešnej kamarád (False Friend). Band has there also English version of the lyrics so all can read what they are singing about. Spy Kids has only one guitar and you can hear it from the sound. First song is called Keine Zeit (No Time) and it is about how you should forget the problems from your work and have a nice evening with the friends you like, second is called Der Arbeitsegoist (Workaholic maybe...) and it is about the fact that if you work too much your family will hate you and you will hear good guitar solos here. Third is Skinhead Rebell and it is directly about that what you are thinking that it is about. The last one and also best one for me is called Supervision and it compares the Big Borther of nowadays (DNA, tapping, etc...) and methods of Stasi which was German secret police during communism. In Spy Kids plays girl and you will hear her voice in singalong refrains. Their lyrics are only in German so you should do your best to understand them. LP is possible to buy for 8 € which is good prize and there aren´t so many copies left and I thon that CD will not be more expensive. Cover is nice, you can see coat of arms of Prague and Weimar on it plus paper with lyrics, photos and contact on the bands inside. Good debut of Warboots Records and nice work from both bands.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 14.09.2010

Staré Pušky - Sladkých 11

diy - CD - 43:00

115_pusky.jpgI have no idea where to start and how do I write a review, not more than listening to actual CDs, so even though anything can describe in two sentences, I simply this band can not cheat. Debut of the Ostrava Jesenicko Opavian trio is truly phenomenal and not only because of excellent lyrics, which reeks of humanity every bit as well as through music, which is to say a little more Punk Rock, so it is much more mature and with many musical influences, if it is enumerated, it might be able to feel the protagonists concerned. I have no idea why, but if this should be a retrospective journey into the seventies and eighties, then the band members Degradation and succeeded against the direction of one hundred per cent, which I was due to their not exactly middle age was a nice surprise. Pursuing paths of both groups mentioned above, I know that what they are doing has never been so bad. And even in one of them. We simply can not help noticing that the DEGRADACE of the style goes from prehistoric punk bands of the first American with a dose of underground rock, for which he would be ashamed nor sons The Stooges, MC 5, or the New York Dolls and the PROTI SMERU with more streetpunk sound back often playing the melodic note, but if you take all of this together, multiply by ten and add to the saxophone, piano, Hammond organ and violin, is slowly getting to the sound of STERE PUSKY. And believe me, that nostalgia for you isn´t just the music and lyrics that you hear, is very successful and packaging is composed of yellowed photos and rearranged Supraphon logo find one of the best ideas ever that the band had in our country. The album contains 11 songs - discuss each of them would be for more than a mere review, in any event during the entire listening to smile, nostalgic memories, sometimes even laughing at the end and can state with open mouths and wide eyes. After six songs you will hear the familiar crackling vinyl, which tells you that you are somewhere in the middle of a CD so you have enough time to fumble, either if this is so exceptional, and famous pre-board, or if you are somewhere on the journey from one side plays ETC .. Vladimir Mišík, Chuck Berry or Zona A: o) Anyway, try STARE PUSKY compare with anything, went wrong would you like it, are unique, even if you take something from everything, and it is doing so at least to me an interesting group. Good things in person you can tell me that playing in his head even though it is just not listening and the lyrics come to me as if perhaps I should write, but unfortunately, someone is talented, and above all faster. Clips, which can be seen on Youtube the whole atmosphere around this bunch will be augmented. While it is true that when I saw Bart in the video "Princezna z plakátu", I could not help but smile, that guitarist Gluecifer and especially their video" Desolate City "is ingrained in him made an impression: o) .. You cry, you laugh, or you can let it cool, but it does not happen to me, I heard a record more than a hundred a month after release. Anyway, I wish them utmost success, he deserves it without discussion. So, if you do not have home CD Sladkých 11 from the "Doctor of broken hearts," Get him quickly. You'll be happy and most importantly it will always be happy to return .. www.starepusky.cz
Author: Vlad_the_Bulldog  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 08.09.2010

Stato Asociale - Otre la Gloria

Barracuda Records - EP -

389_stato20asociale-oltre20le20gloria.jpgEP of this Italian band which has out demo CD (which I didn´t like too much because of the sound) and regular album called Grezzo, Stupido & Cattivo. Four piece band sings in their native language and on EP are three songs - Oltre la gloria – For the Glory (side A) and Odiati e fieri – Hated and Proud and Skins and punx (side B). EP is limited to 730 pieces and I have dark green version. In spite of the fact that the band comes from Italy they didn´t have typical Italian sound and their music is relatively hard which you might see on the first song Otre la gloria. Other two songs aren´t also in borders of typical Italian Oi! sound because of the rougher voice of the singer. In first and second song you can hear quite good guitar solo. From the sound of the band you will know that they are inspired by the bands from the 80´s and even the topics of the lyrics didn´t surprise you (even if you know just the titles). Inside is paper with lyrics (just in Italian), band photo ant thankslist. This EP will like the fans of 80´s sound.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 09.05.2012

Steel Boots - Nuestra elección

Mai Morirem Records/Oi! Shop - CD -

253_4S954.gifSteel Boots is 5-piece band from Spain or better to say from Catalan capital – Barcelona. Nuestra elección is their debut album. They play mixture of streetrock, punk with some HC touches and they aren´t afraid to have some songs in reggae rhythm. You surely appreciate their metal solos. Boys started in slower rhythm which becomes faster at the end. In spite of the fact that this is their debut CD the sound is very good. Album contains 10 songs. Their songs deal with friendship - „Que no cambien las cosas“, „Para ti“, eternal rebellion „Crucificado“, enjoying life and gigs „No“. They are also singing about important and more sad themes like being the guest of the state „Esa alambrada“, how can woman hurt you „Lejos de ti“ or alcohol addiction „Negro corcel“. In song „Tiempo atrás“ they are thinking back to their youth and streets where they grew up and to old friends. Album ends with song „Santa muerte“ (Holy Death) with the HC touch and lyrics about the glory of death. Booklet is well done. Unfortunately their lyrics are just in their mother tongue. Steel Boots aren´t non political because they have contacts on Opció K -95 but in lyrics you will find no politics themes. I can recommend it to you and I am looking forward to their next album.
Author: Okoun  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 27.07.2011 •  Buy HERE

The 4 Skins - The Return

Randale Records - LP -

68_4skins - the return.jpgAfter comeback of Last Resort comes back another legend from the 80´s. In line up is the first singer Gary Hodges and other members are from Indecent Exposure On LP you will find new versions of old classics so Brave the New World, Jealousy, Sorry, Evil, One Law for them and Yesterday Heroes, then cover from Slade Come on Feel the Noize and 7 brand new songs. I was really sceptic to this album, like to new album of Last Resort but they convinced me after the hearing…will 4 skins to the same? This is what I was saying to myself when I was putting the LP on my recorder for the first time. On first hearing I can´t sing chorals on this. And it sounds like the space between the older songs is filled with the new stuff…nothing more nothing less. On second time I took the paper with lyrics and go with the paper song by song and I find some good ones which I will remember especially Thanks for the Memory, Take no More and Soldier Graves (which is the best one from the new ones for me). Don´t expect nothing more then classic sound from classic band on music and even lyrics side (lyrics are about football, denying of boring life, memories on 80´s, politicians etc…). LP´s from Randale records are great…full of photos and you can lay the cover out…great in one word! I am afraid that the album as little bit weaker then come back album from Last Resort. It isn´t really bad but you will expect something more from the legend! You can buy it on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6/7  •  Date: 12.05.2010

The Analogs - S.O.S.

Street Influence Records - CD - 40:21

170_analogs_sos.jpgPolish band The Analogs didn´t need any introduction because of their wide discography and many gigs which they have played in Czech. This album is released under licence on Russian label Street Influence Records. It contains 14 songs from which are 7 new and 7 are live versions of older ones like Dzieciaki atakujace policje or Gzdie oni sa which isn´t nothing more then Where are They Now from Cock Sparrer. In spite of the fact that I am not a fan of releasing live records I have to say that its quality is very good and it is well done cross section of whole discography of Analogs. On CD is also circa 8 minutes document called Kilka Piosenek O Žyciu which is about the gig in jail which was organised by the band. Document is commented by guitarist Pawel who spent 3 years in prison. 7 new songs are in style of melodic punk rock similar to their colleagues from Anti-Dread where plays Pawel also. I like the title song S.O.S. and also Muzyka može byč bronia where you´ll hear keyboards and ska rhythms. In booklet with naval map on the background you´ll find lyrics to the new songs and also photo of the band. Good thing but I will rise the new songs to live songs ratio. Buy on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 03.01.2011 •  Buy HERE

The Black Tartan Clan - The Loyal Men

4Subculture Records - CD -

64_btc2.gifDouble CD of this Belgium band whose propagation is a big credit of Czech label 4 Subculture Records which release their debut CD and even this one (or two CD´s:)). On first CD is 10 brand new songs in same spirit as first album Boots, Kilts and Pipes. I think that they changed their drummer but I didn´t it for sure because all men with hairy legs in kilt looks the same haha! Another my feeling is that the CD is a little bit softer and slower then the first one. There are four almost acoustic songs like She´s the One which is about the girl of your dreams, My Father My Hero which is clear what is about, Old Man with very melancholy lyrics and catchy refrain and it is about autumn of life and the first song – ballad called Scotland Part I. Other songs are faster, mainly the boozing Strong, Loud and Proud, Na Fir Dileas (the Loyal Man) with melodic refrain or singalong song Kilt Song with snatch guitar. Second Cd is full of cover songs, for example I recognise Bank of Roses from Dubliners, Warriors Code from Dropkick Murphys (acoustic version), Country Roads, If the Kids…from Sham 69, Wild Rover from Pogues or Dubliners, I am not sure and also some Brittany traditional (I hope so) called Borders of Salt. Soooo who loves celtic punk rock or who loves a lot of melodic music for good prize…buy it! This is the music which pumps some energy in you and beware you´ll surely drink some beer when you will listen this. Possible to buy it on well known URL www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 06.05.2010

The Blakauts - Jak w Stanach

Olifant Records - CD - 39:18

353_blakauts.jpgThe Blakauts comes from Polish city Szczecin and this is their first album. The band (in which plays guitar also guitarist and singer from The Junkers – Syn) play dirty rock´n´roll and instead of nine songs in Polish you can hear covers from Motorhead (Bomber), Social Distortion (King of Fools), Elvise Presley (Jailhouse Rock) or Pitbull Farm (Army of Assholes). According to the mentioned bands you can imagine what inspire the band and their sound proves it (like the songs Wredne Ryje, Helldiver or Titty Twister). To their favourite bands I will surely put also Nashville Pussy. You will hear some dialogues from the film From the Dusk till Dawn. Band plays in five and besides two guitars you can hear also mouth organ. The title of the album means something like “Like in USA”. The whole album is in style of all “billy” styles, country and punk rock. In booklet are no photos and lyrics but some kind of weird comix. The band is interesting because they are combining this style of music with Polish language which is unusual because the English sounds better into this style- But their musical qualities are great. Interesting CD from our northern neighbours released through Olifant Records.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 02.03.2012 •  Buy HERE

The Broadsiders - Pressed to Kill

Contra Records/Longshot Music - LP -

254_broadsiders.gifThe Broadsiders is the band from capital of Texas, Dallas and this 10´´ is their fourth released think and it is out on well cooperated labels Contra Records and Longshot Music. On brown/beige LP you will find 7 songs called Castle Law, Southern Identity, 1836, Lion´s Den, Reaction and Face Value. Album is recorded in three pieces line up but with two guitars – lead guitarist Dan recorded also bass guitar. Music is skinhead rock´n´roll like Templars or Brass Tacks but with many more solos thanks to the second guitar. Whole sound is spiced by Southern rock. The band is really proud that they coming from the South – just listen to the song Southern Identity – about guns and big Dodge vans or to the song 1836 about the founding of Texas state. Other songs are about the decisions which you have to make when you are young and this decision can affect your whole life (Lion´s Den), the law to own a gun (Castle Law), some good alcohol fueled violence (Reaction), about posers who changing their views like socks (Face Value) and the last one and for me the best one from the album called Modern Times which is about the fact that time is marching on and we have to deal with it. I really like whole album…the style which they play plus Southern rock influences. LP is hidden in the cover with lyrics and thankslist. It is whole made like newspapers (also the cover of the whole LP) so I was little bit confused when I see it but at the end I find out how to read the lyrics. Good piece of music with great graphic and for the fans of LP´s and classic sound this is a must have album!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 29.07.2011 •  Buy HERE

The Clichés/The Janitors - s/t

Randale Records - EP -

153_clichesjanitors.gifSplit EP of French band The Janitors and Swedish The Clichés. Both bands aren´t greenhorns on vinyl medium and also both bands play similar style influenced by old sound with guitar without booster. Music is simple but very catchy. On EP has every band two songs in English - Clichés has Sensitive Age and Easy Does It and Janitors Concrete Blight and PC 1984. Clichés has more “free” guitar and vocal and together they are more slacked, Janitors has more “rubbed” guitar and also the voice is deeper. Song PC 1984 is cover from old British punk band called Crisis. Both bands play regular skinhead r´n´r. There is no paper with lyrics added which is pitty because I want to know what are they sing about. On back side of cover is photo from gig which they played together. Good EP which will fits well to every collection.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 24.11.2010

The Corps - Bottle of Rock´n´Roll

Bandworm Records - LP -

133_corpsbornr.jpgWell well well...this is LP review but I have at home also CD version so I will speak about both of them. Why? Because CD and LP are little bit different (on LP is cover from The Kids – This is Rock´n´Roll which isn´t on CD) and CD was release through Rebellion. So The Corps ends their European tour to this album few days ago. On album are 5 brand new songs and 2(or 3) covers from Motorhead – Ace of Spades and Rose Tattoo – Nice Boys. From this choice of covers you may recognise that band slide more into r´n´r like Nashville Pussy or Nine Pound Hammer and you can hear this from the music which is also spiced by influences of Aussie bands like AC DC or The Angels. From whole album flows on you true r´n´r sound like unstoppable steamroller which destroys everything which stands in the way and band plays this way also on live shows. In music are many guitar solos and sometimes I think that guitarist use slide technic. CD is opened with song All My Money, which is about how to spend money for girls and whiskey. Second one is slower called Snake Eyes and Alex sings there about the fact how can girl bewitch you with her look. Third is rock one called I Am Death and it is about faces of death. Bottle of Rock´n´Roll is faster thing like first song and it describes the gig where you forget all worries when you drink from bottle of r´n´r. Last song before covers is called Ain´t Enough and it is about how you get a girl who is wanted by everyone and it isn´t as good as you expected. In booklet you will find all lyrics plus few photos and thankslist. By LP it is the same but it is on hard paper. LP is on green vinyl limited to 250 copies so you can buy it on www.4subculture.com where you can buy also CD version. I don´t give maximum points because it is “onl” five new songs....we want fuckin´more!!!!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9+  •  Date: 15.10.2010

The End/Haircuts - Indonesian Skinhead Division

Bronze Fist Records - CD - 51:41

187_theendhaircuts.jpgSplit CD of two bands from Indonesia - The End and Haircuts. The End has 10 songs on CD and Haircuts 12 and most of 22 are in English (very simple English). So the first band The End…hard like cast iron guitar with no booster in style of The Templars, The Legionaires, early Perkele and classic time to time clichés lyrics. Interesting is music transfer of football chant from 70´s – zigger zagger zigger zagger Oi! Oi! which you may hear on British stadiums. All 10 songs are in English and first of them you may know from Oi! It´s an Asian League compilation which was reviewed before. Band plays for 15 years (but the material was recorded in 1999). The Haircuts are more harder and tougher and they proved it in Intro and they are more similar to British bands but for example in song Big Mouth you recognize old school HC influences. They have 5 songs in their native language and I like it more than the English songs because band is harder and I feel that they like to sing in Indonesian more. This material is from 2004. In booklet you´ll find all lyrics, collage of photos from the gigs and from the streets and detailed description of every band my Matt Kelly from Dropkick Murphys. Matt´s descriptions are translated also into Japanese so if you don´t know English you can read this :). Almost one hour of good music from bands which you don´t hear often in our region so recommended to all people who are interested in Oi! music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 10.02.2011 •  Buy HERE

The Gonads - Glorious Bastards

Contra Records/Longshot Music - CD - 46:59

403_gonads.jpgSo this is album with eighteen songs from Garry Bushells´s Oi! band where appear many other musicians like original guitarist of The Business Steve Whale. The Gonads are famous for their tongue in cheek and sarcastic lyrics and they prove it with the first song Oily Rag (about the fact that stinky smokers have to take back the pubs in Britain) or song John King Is a Veggie. Music and also lyrics are similar to Splodgenessabounds or Peter and Test Tube Babies (even they have some songs into ska/two tone like Badly Done for example). You will hear also rock´n´roll (Mistress Material, Fat Cat Splat) ballads (The Devil´s Own Daughter) or country (Buy me a Drink You Bastards). In many songs you also hear female vocal. There are also some serious songs about the horrors of war for example (Billy McFadzean) or song Devil´s Own Daughter form the age of Oliver Cromwell. On album is also single Charlton Boys which is about football and it is based on song Guiness Boys from The Business. CD is packed as a digipack with lyrics (but not to all songs) and in the middle is black/white photo collage. I didn´t take too much care about this band, I just know that they are playing but this album really surprise me and you will not be bored for sure!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 26.06.2012 •  Buy HERE

The London Diehards/TMF - Looking for Trouble Vol.1

Mother Fucking Sound - CD - 36:46

93_ldtmf.gifFirst of two split CD´s of current top Oi! bands from good old Britain out on MFS label which really know how to work! First band comes from London, they called themselves The London Diehards and they have six songs there. If you didn´t know anything about them just read an interview on older version of Backstreet Battalionu but if you are too lazy I will tel you something about them. So the line up is made by two members of ex-Retaliator, Tel from East End Badoes sings and on drums is Cherry also from East End Badoes. Album is opened by fuckin´ hit called No Compromise, which I like since I´ve heard their demo. Lyrics is really great. Fuck off to all who spreading rumours about your band, fuck off promoters who didn´t invite your band to the shows and didn´t want you on their actions. Just do the gig by yourself like in the past. Second is called City Streets and it is about hard streetlife. Third Organised Crime is about exploiting ordinary people from politicians and about nonsense wars for profit of the rich. Four is hit song also and it is called London Town and it is about the London of nowadays like next song Goulston Street (street connected with Jack the Ripper). Last song Suicide Bomber is about suicide attacks in London underground and about the laws of those who preach hate against Britain and and about laws of Brits. London Diehards is really top band and they proved it when they playing live and they are dignified successor of Retaliator. On second half of the CD you will hear six songs from famous TMF which I wrote some review about before. Interesting thing is the fact that on bass plays Ciaran who plays also guitar in London Diehards. Whole sound of TMF is similar to last DMF solo album so it means “drowned” and deep guitar which I like. First song is called Deadset and it is about the fact how should man be hardest in his opinions, second I am a Doctor put Jonesy into role of doctor who is searching for redemption for all and the redemption is death. Who is song about the think who to belive to and who not, , It Belongs to us is about the fact that TMF band belongs to their members and no rumours and gossips change this. Tough Man is classic song against internet heroism and last one Heart full of hate is about the born of hate in your heart even you have good childhood for example. Together it is CD with 12 songs plus good booklet with all lyrics, thankslist and photos. Great thing which you can buy on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 07.07.2010

The Riot - 10 let

4Subculture Records - CD - 42:40

137_theriotgnas.gifAfter the longer waiting on second album Česká krev the guys from Vyškov band The Riot worked harder and we wait for this album only for 2 years which is good time. So I won´t waste your time and I will come to the review. You will be surprised by very nice digipack which has to be very expensive. On the cover is burning logo of the band and also logo of GNAS. I open the box and put the CD into stereo with many expectations. On album you can hear 12 songs from whitch you may know some from Streetkids compilation for example or from the myspace. There is also one new made song from their first album Dr. Martens Bootboy called Děti ulice (Streetkids) now with the number 2010 and it is done in ska rhythm (something like changed song Rabiát on Skabiát from Operace Artaban). Another thing to mention is the fact of putting some English songs on CD (Out of This, GNAS). Band is getting better and better and they aren´t afraid to use acoustic guitar with Mexican sound (like in slower song Tvůj styl – Your Style) in which band sings about how it was difficult to be a punk or skinhead during communism. On CD are some other slower but very strong songs for example Vždycky (Always) about not changing of ourselves and enjoying our way of life. Other songs are about using your own brain instead of advises of other people (GNAS, Můžu ani nechci (I can but I won´t), also some funny lyrics like about their ex bassist Ondy called Vyholený pták (Shaven Dick where is used music from Lars Frederiksen. Another light song with funny lyrics is called Budeme žrát (Let´s get Drunk) and it is about the pre-wedding party of their drummer Lešek.. After the last song you will hear bonus from Michal David called To zas byl den which you ma know from video. Booklet is without mistakes – Czech lyrics translated into English and the same by English songs. In the middle is collage of band photos from the gigs or other parties. This is amust have for all people from CZ/Sk scene because this digipack for just 10 € is really for free. And who will download it is a wanker and he eats shits. Howgh! Possible to order on their label webpage www.4subculture.com. This is for full points boys!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 25.10.2010

The Templars/The New Chords - s/t

Randale Records - EP -

156_templarsnewchords.gifAnother split EP in this case even double EP from US fix star The Templars and French new/old band The New Chords which is nothing more than Vero and her husband Boni from The Veros. Every band has 3 songs and one of them is cover or song with lyrics from another person. By Templars it is song called Old Days by New Chords it is song called The Templars from their colleagues. So at first we will speak about the design of the EP. Cover is opening like book and from the side you put the EP in. On every half of the cover are few photos of the bands and thankslist. Bands have in common also the fact that all songs were recorded in two. Templars plays live but how it is with live playing by The New Chords we can speak about. Templars is running their specific style with r´n´r base with timt to time solo and they are slower compared to the second band. Titles of their songs are Down to the Wire, Old Days and Blood, Sweat and Tears. Second EP is musically little bit faster and melodies are better easy-to-remember and both their own songs (Back Home and Antisocial Today) are big hits with touch of female vocal in refrains. One thing which I miss there are the lyrics. Randale Records are doing great job now and they are releasing good band after good band and I hope they´ll continue in this! For fans of skinhead r´n´r great piece to the collection. Possible to order on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 30.11.2010

The Warriors - Unite the Scene

Randale Records - LP -

206_warriors_uts.jpgThis is 5th album from band where is some people from older The Last Resort line-up (and where used to be people from Gundog and Deadline). From Warriors I have at home album called Cross to Bear which I really like. Album Unite the Scene contains 12 songs (CD version 3 more bonus songs including covers from Last Resort – Working Class Kids and Cock Sparrer – Watch Your Back). On LP is 12th song also cover from Last Resort – Horrorshow which continuously reassume on 11th Clockwork London. Lyrics are about uniting the scene, about the fact how politicians try to catch you in their crossfire, gigs in Bridgehouse Pub, drug dealers, etc… Most of all I like the title song Unite the Scene then Compromise Your Beliefs, Fist and Fury and Political Crossfire. Music is Oi! sound taken from textbook “How have to British streetpunk look like”, but some songs are weaker or too simple. Paper with the lyrics is added to the LP so you can read what are these songs about, but you will understand it directly because Saxby´s voice is clear. People who like classic sound from the British isles won´t be disappointed and those who like more wild sound with other influences look for something else.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 22.03.2011 •  Buy HERE

The Widowmakers - Reap What You´ve Sown

Reaper Records - CD - 24:44

143_widowmakers.jpgThe Widowmakers is pretty new band in which you´ll find people from Belgian scene (drummer and guitarist from Short Cropped according to photo) and from Dutch scene where I didn´t recognise anybody. I´ll try to made an interview with them but they wrote back that they are too antisocial to answer the questions so I have only the CD review. In booklet ar pictures of four EP´s but I didn´t hear about any of them and I think this is their debut. On CD you can listen to 11 songs in English including cover Society´s Fodder from Riot Squad. Who likes bands like Short Cropped, Glory Boys or Offside will like also this band which is similar to them but with more punk touches like Braindance and which is faster like early Exploited era. The sound is also little bit 80´s but here in positive meaning. Band starts to kick your balls even from the first song called Widowmaker which is about the fact that death didn´t make differences between rich, poor, sinners or smart guys and they take your soul anyway. Singer really spreads his anger and hate in very fast way. Second song is about our scene which is more DIY and it will never sell to mainstream labels. Other songs are about troubles with police who are allowed to do everything, child molesters, problems in job because you are what you are or classic one about politicians and media. I really like songs Death before Popcharts, Dressed in Blue or Drop the Bomb but others are on the same level, which kick your ass. In booklet which is black and white you´ll can read all lyrics and on the back cover is band photo. They´ve done their debut very well, so we will wait what they make in the future. Possible to buy on www.4subculture.com - it worth hearing.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 04.11.2010

The Wrongdoers - Helsinky

Crowbar Records - CD - 23:41

162_wrongdoers.jpgFour piece band from Finland (according to the title of the album) and their debut recorded during 2009-2010. And I can really admire that with Skinhead Resistance album from Glory Boys (which is also the first big record from mentioned band after 10´´ LP) is this one of the top Oi! albums of 2010. On cover you can see 4 tattooed guys in prescripted clothes and after the opening of the cover you´ll see CD with Finnish cross and logo. CD contains 8 English songs which really catch you after the hearing. Positive is also the fact that the band has modern sound which I like more than simple 80´s era. Sound is similar to Glory Boys again but the band has only one guitar but it doesn´t matter during recording of the CD. When you put the CD into recorder the first song Here to Stay about skinhead way of life really smashes you down and the second will kick you in the balls when you are on the ground. It is called Fighting for Your Life and it is about the fact that many people wants to rip you off without any mercy. Another great song is fifth called My Home which is about Finland and it has great refrain and seventh Oi! for Finland which will probably be the anthem of the band. Another themes of the songs are fact that everything is for sale now, situation on the city streets which is getting worse and worse and the streets didn´t belong to people which has home in that city and memories. I guarantee to you that you´ll hear it at 3 times minimum for the first because you simple will like that music you will tire of it so I want to say to the band that the next album should be 2 times longer at least. In booklet are lyrics plus a few photos, just two pages but the music is important nor the booklet. 100% skinhead band which a must have for you...looking forward to see them live. So buy it on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 15.12.2010

Ultima Thule - Korp Kvädet

Dim Records - LP -

112_utkorp.jpgSince releasing their last album Yggdrasil have passed long four years and now it is another album of masters of viking rock Ultima Thule called Korp Kvädet which means Raven Poems. On yellow LP limited of 500 pieces released on Dim Records you will find 12 songs which two of them you may know from previously released 7´ and 12´ - songs Konungens kurir and Glömda barnen. LP starts no compromise song called Ensamt Öga II (Lonely Eyes) with perfect rubbed guitar, second Tro inte (Don´t Belive) stands in similar line, third onel Tysta folket (Quiet People) is slower thing about the fact that you should stand against subjection. Then came two previously released songs which I spoke about but Glömda barnen (Forgotten Children) is remixed. A side is finished with Katrin Servenius, which is about woman who wanted to fight by his husband in Sävar battle in 1809 and it was the first woman who was nominated to deserve medal for bravery. First song on B side is called Ordet Fritt, next one Jorden Lotar gott (Land Smells Good) is slower ballad. Third on B side is Darra drake darra (Quiver Kite, Quiver) and it is one of the greatest songs from this album for me. Another is called Sävar 1809 and it is about battle when clashed Russian and Swedish soldiers. Swedish were beaten and the song is also one of the greatest on the album. Last but one is called Hat&Våld (Hate and Violence) and last one is Alexandra....really hit song, acoustic ballad with great refrain which will be saved in your head for very long time. Inside is paper with lyrics (just in Swedish, I think that short text in English about the song will be great, surely you can use translator but from the translation you will not be so clever so I want to appeal on the band because we really want to know what are the songs about). Album is in my stereo and in mp3 player for such a long time and it looks like that it stays there. It is possible to order on LP or on CD on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 06.09.2010

v/a - Japanese European Friendship

True Force Records - CD - 56:20

113_jef.jpgAlbums of Japanese bands are hardly possible to buy in Europe and know some new info about bands from the land of rising sun is difficult because of language barrier so every compilation with those bands is great because of that and also I like these bands because of great killer compilations Werevolfen and Fight Back for Rising Sun which really cut me into pieces. Here are bands from (and not only from) True Force Records and from Japanese side bands from Bronze Fist Records. For European side is here War Risk from Belgium, then Hetairoi, Janitors, Royal Stakeout from Sweden, Bottlejob, Dowina, Soultamer and Berliner Weisse. Bands mostly presenting their previously released material and some bands I didn´t know like War Risk or Royal Stakeout and both of them are really cool. For Japan is here bands like Urancho, Noroshi, Worth, 4B-Union, AntiFad, The Voi!ces, Rogue Trooper and The Ditchman. In folding booklet you will find band photo, contact, line up and lyrics (in Japanese without translation). So I really like Noroshi with accordion, then metal influenced Worth, Rogue Trooper with their song No Surrender which I like most from Japan part and The Ditchman with their catchy song in 77 style. Minus is unbalanced sound because every song comes from different studio which is typical problem for compilations. I am not rating compilations but this is really good one because of the information about exotic scene and the contacts on the bands (myspace pages) from which you may know other bands from Japan. So for people who loves non-European, non-American and non-Australian Oi! music will also like this CD. Possible to buy on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 07.09.2010

v/a - Oi! We Still Say “Fuck You“

Mother Fucking Sounds - CD - 43:31

117_Oi we still say fuck you.jpgThis is continuation of collection of song from British bands which first part was out on Ascalon Records and later re-edition on MFS. On CD are 15 songs from bands like Wasted Nation, TMF, Citizen Keyne, Wasted Life, The London Diehards, Pressure 28, Keyside Strike, Insane Youth, Bakers Dozen, Streetpunk Drunks, Churchill, Scum, Breakout or Skinful, so you may see that there are well know bands but also greenhorns in UK scene. I like more the bands with new sound so I really like the first song from Wasted Nation – Streets of Fear, Citizen Keyne and their Police State (whic is about the fact that police are messing with normal people and real high crimes are left without patience), The London Diehards are here with Wake Up (long clever lyrics about politicians ant their stealing, corruption and their pre-election promises), than come Pressure 28 with Pull no Punches which is great slower songs and I fell in love with it after first hearing (looking forward to the new long album), hitting Keyside Strike and their In This World(you have to belive in yourself in this world) or new band Steetpunk Drunks and song Billy England (about old heroes who fought for freedom of England and now they are forgotten). These song are really grave on my mind.I like the CD and it isn´t worse than its older brother. Plus 20 pages booklet with contact on bands, lyrics, photos and a few words from MFS. I don´t rate the best of CD´s but this are the songs whic are mainly recorded only for this compilations so buying the CD on www.4subculture.com really worth it.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 10.09.2010

v/a - Backstreet Yobs

Bruised Knuckles/The Pauki/H8 Piece/Pug Music Rec. - CD - 45:14

141_backstreetyobs.jpgThis is the international split or compilation better to say of four labels from different countries (Finland, Russia, USA and Australia) and every of them has there two bands. For Bruised Knuckles are there The Hoist and Open Finger is a Broken Finger, for Pauki Records The Pauki and Beerocephals, US represent Blue Collar Criminals and Those Unruly, and for Aussies Rust and Stranglehold. Some of the bands I didn´t know about and I was surprised how quality their music are. Mainly from Finnish musicians and Stranglehold from Australia in which play two women. Russian Beerocephals has “only” one woman who plays accordion and their song Pirat will remind you our band Tři sestry (even the voice is similar). Only The Pauki isn´t my cup of tea but it is the matter of taste. Booklet is well done, cover is like a newspaper article with the names of the bands and inside is every page dedicated to one band when they have got photo , line up, songs on compilation and contact on them. At the end are also contacts on all labels. Lyrics aren´t there but they aren´t on many compilations either. Good cross section of music of new bands which worth hearing but it is compilation so without rating. Me personally look after the solo albums of The Hoist and Open Finger is a Broken Finger. Possible to buy on www.4subculture.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 02.11.2010

v/a - Oi! it´s an Asian League

Bronze Fist Records - CD - 44:28

185_va-asian.jpgCompilation of Asian label Bronze Fist Records which release bands from that region so you should look forward to skinhead bands from Japan, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Malaysia, South Korea and Singapur. Bands and songs are 13 and some of the songs are in English (with many many mistakes :) but who care) and also in their mother tongues. Compilation is opened by Japanese lads Cropped Men...really SSS style compared to Razorblade. I also like Indonesian Stay Proud and their song Way of Life also harder thing similar to Condemned 84. Filipino boys The Mighty Contras was also surprise for me and their song Skinhead on the Rampage is really well done. Instead of harder bands there are some melodic ones like The Nationhead from Indonesia and their song The Only One which is really hit, Booted Cocks from Japan with keyboards and their song The Aga, Captain Bootbois from Korea and their Old Glory, which is really rock song with plenty of guitar solos, The Index and song Justice, which is strong ballad which combine English and Japanese language or their colleagues Shinshi with song title in trheir letters. You´ll find also more known bands like Ruction which has album on European Dim Records or MiSanDao from China. Other bands which I didn´t mention are The End and Haircuts but I will speak about them in solo review and Skinlander. In booklet you´ll find band contacts and every band has photo and lyrics or short bio. Well done compilation which takes you to other part of the world where Oi! culture is in blossom.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 08.02.2011 •  Buy HERE

Vicious Rumours - Farticus

Pretty Shitty Town Records - CD - 41:22

277_vicious rumours-farticus.jpgThis album from Vicious Rumours is compilation of previously unreleased songs recorded in 2000 in the USA, then songs released on split CD with the Generators, live songs from Germany 2001 and from the first demo of the band recorded back in 1983 (lately released on Son of Oi! compilation). So together it is 12 songs including 7 studio tracks (Nag, Jack the Lad and Smashed is from split album and new songs are called G.Y.K.D., Here We Go Again, Just One Life and Old, But not Dead), 2 live songs and 3 demos. The first one called G.Y.K.D. (which means Get your knickers down) and the scond one Here We Go Again (about howyour wife likes your drinking with the boys) give you the direction of the album lyrics – fun, gigs, booze, women and don´t care about problems around. Maybe Old but not Dead stood out of this line. It is nostalgic song about old days when the band members were young. New songs are rude punk rock in style of Peter and Test Tube Babies (Jack the Lad really sounds like them). Live songs are in great quality, everything is clear and demos are pretty funny when you hear really raw versions of well known songs like Take the Blame, Soul Patrol or This is Your Life. Booklet is fine and you will find in it everything you wanted to know. Fine stuff from classic band but more in compilation style so I leave it without rating.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 03.10.2011

VikingarockII - s/t

Odin Productions - CD -

270_vikingarock II.jpgOn split CD Vikingarock II you´ll find 2 bands - Väringarna and Thrudvang. From the title of the split CD you should recognise what style the bands playing and I was pleasantly surprised that both are harder with metal influences in middle and faster rhythm. Split has quite interesting history. It is two regular albums Fornstora Dagar (Thurdvang) and Blagula Hjältar (Väringarna) which were put together. Both were released by Ultima Thule Records in 1996 and in 1995. In 2000 was this split released again by Ultima Thule Records and in 2010 comes out re-edition by Odin Productions. First band on split CD is Väringarna and I have to admire that I like them more than Thurdvang. Even the vocal is similar to vocalist from Ultima Thule. Väringarna has here 10 songs and Thurvang 12. Lyrics are about Norse mythology. I really like song „Hell Norden“ (Northern Hell) with great drums and it is one of the hardest song. Next interesting piece is called „Tyr“ (God of War) with metal guitar but in slower rhythm. Väringarna ends their part with ballad „Sang om Sverige“ (Ode to Sweden). Then came Thurdvang with their song „Fimbulvinter“(Freezing Winter). Singer has little bit cracked vocal which is good combination to vikingrock music. Also their lyrics are into Viking world. I like their songs „Trymskvädet“ and „Odins män“ (Odin´s Men). This song and also „Havets Vargar“ (Sea Wolves) were out on vikingrock compilation called Bärsärker. Really recommended to all fans of vikingrock.
Author: Okoun  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 14.09.2011

Youthful Offenders - The Parole Tapes

Dim Records - EP -

80_yo.jpgBand which was founded in 1996 and in 1999 they released their debut LP Domination on Vulture Rock Records. The CD was later released on Pure Impact. This EP is called Parole Tapes and it contains four songs which were recorded back in 2000 and they were lost since 2010 when they see again the light of day. Even cover is made in this style – keys, bars and handcuffs. Band play in five pieces and this fact means what…? Two guitars…great! On A side are two unreleased songs called Never Hurts To Try and For Us and on B side are two covers Face Up To It from Warzone and Iron Chin from Bruisers. That figures that band takes inspiration like from streetpunk/Oi! but also takes the best from old school hardcore. ( which you can hear in Never Hurts To Try). The sound of this is really compact and the vinyl underline this. EP was released in different colors and I receive the red one. Who likes US bands like Limecell, Forced Reality, Combat Ready and Best Defense for example, which plays Oi! influenced by HC will also like this EP with parole tapes. I hope that this is promise to another new full length album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 10.06.2010