45 Adapters - Complete Works

Rebellion Records - CD - 40:56

434_rr055_45adapters-190x190.jpg45 Adapters is three piece band from Brooklyn, New York and this is their collected discography. As the name of the band evoke, they like vinyl so you will find stuff from their singles and from split EP with Stomper 98 plus 4 brand new songs. The band plays style which they call rhythm´n´oi! It is characterized by lightly boostered guitar (but with time to time solo) plus melodic vocal underlined by singalong refrains. Together it is really interesting sound which I can´t compare with something but there are touches of funky, two tone, ska, rock´n´roll, blues and all together it is very heterogeneous and in some songs you will surely clap your hands or feet. I have just promo CD so I can´t say how is the booklet but it is one piece from Collectors Series again (limited to 300 copies now). Interesting music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 26.09.2012

Abtrimo - 7 auf einen Streich

Skinhead Beat Records - CD - 24:29

447_abtrimo-7 auf einen streich.jpgAbtrimo were introduced to you in review on their split EP with Likedeelers but I will say a few words for repetition so Abtrimo is five piece band from Hamburg and this is their demo record released on Skinhead Beat Records which include 7 songs. Between these songs is also Tach im Hamburch which you may know from reviewed EP. All 7 songs are in German and one of them is called Der Sound der 80´s (The Sound of 80´s) and this is exactly the description of the band´s sound. Rough German Oi! in middle rhythm (also some slower tunes are there) without any touches of modern sound. Lyrics are also nothing new so songs about skinhead cult and way of life, patriotism, football, destroying of European values or bands from 80´s which inspired the band. In booklet are lyrics and some photos of tattoos but no band photos. Cover of CD is well done and also the logo of the band. As usual on Skinhead Beat Records, CD is limited and hand numbered (500 copies). It is demo but the sound is in standard quality. If you like bands like Rampage, Anti-Clockwise, Rien ne vas plus, Last Riot, Endstufe, Punkfront or Klassenkampf you will surely like Abtrimo.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 5  •  Date: 31.10.2012

Abtrimo/Likedeelers - Norddeutecher Untergrund Vol.1

DIY - EP -

438_norddeutsh_ep.jpgAfter three split EP from middle-german underground comes this EP with underground bands from the North of Germany. Both bands I didn´t know but I know that in Abtrimo plays our friend who we met on Short Cropped gig in Prague and according to the coat of arms on the cover the bands are from Hamburg. Both bands have two songs in German language. Ep is opened by Likedeelers with songs like 33/45 (about the vinyl junkies and addiction to skinhead music) and Schiebermütze (which means flat cap and reasons why man wears this but I don´t speaktoo much German to tell you something more). In both songs from Likedeelers you can hear two tone guitar. On B side are Abtrimo with songs as Skinheads Like a Family (about the values which bonded skins together for 40 years) and Tach im Hamburk (which is about the football day and time in pub between and after the match). Abtrimo plays faster Oi! music like Rampage and musically there are harder (maybe just in the first song) then Likedeelers. Cover is done in similar spirit as split EP´s from the Middle-Germany – gatefold with lyrics but no photos. It is limited to 150 pices. And it is real 0% mainstream Oi! as Rampage said so who likes underground music will like this for sure. Music played from skins for skins without any commercial tunes.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 09.10.2012

Albert Fish/SIStema - s/t

Zeroworks Records - EP -

517_albertfish_sistema.jpegAlbert Fish is streetpunk band from Portuguese city of Lisboa and you may know them from the splits with Klasse Kriminalle or with Blind Alley Dogs. SIStema is drunk punx from the city called Cascais. EP was released on label which belongs to Rattus - Zerowork Records in 200 copies. Each band has there two songs. Albert Fish sings in English and they have song called Violence Free (which is pretty funny compared to the bands name because Albert Fish was murderer and cannibal from the USA from the beginning of the 20th century) and cover If the Kids Are United from Sham. SIStema has there two Portuguese songs - De copo na mão (With Glass in Hand) and Só eu sei (Just I Know). Albert Fish plays in five and they are playing faster streetpunk with fast drums and groovy bass in the background which sounds great from the vinyl. In the first song you will hear some changes in rhythm from fast to slow and vice versa. Second song is cover but it is played with modern touch (and great solo). SIStema plays in four but they have two guitars. When I saw that they are label themselves as drunk punx I expected harder and faster music then I receive. First song is classic singalong about drinking (I suppose) and the second oneis slower one with melodic guitar at the beginning with rough vocals and great guitar at the end and for me this is the best song from the album and I found another great song to remember. Inside are lyrics and on the backside also band photos. Cover is done simply and whole together it is in underground spirit but I really like it, expecially the songs from SIStema which I didn´t know before and I like their side more then Albert Fish´s side. Together for 8.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 11.04.2013

All Bandits - Made in Poland

Poink Records - EP -

439_ab.jpgThird EP from Poink Records is from Polish skinhead band All Bandits called Made in Poland which is limited to 300 copies. The band is well known in Czech and they are playing here more often than some local bands. You will find there 4 songs – Piwko (Beer) and Kac (Hangover) on A side and Skala (Moutain) and Skinheads (cover from Rezystencja) on B side. All songs were released before except Kac which I didn´t know. Piwko is rock´n´roll song about the fact that beer is tasty and when you have a lust for it, you can´t afford it, Kac is about hangover (which is cool after the song about beer) and it is slower song with almost ballad start B side is opened by song Skala which is total hit with singalong refrain and great lyrics about the unbreakable. Last one is cult song Skinheads from legendary band Rezystencja which is about the fact that we don´t care that people think about us that we are fascists, communists, animals or jerks and we have a fun from this. To the EP is added paper with lyrics and thankslist. On the cover (again smaller than the EP itself :)) is band logo and photo of the band on the back side. Really nice EP with good choice of songs which I always like to listen when I have good mood. OK EP.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 16.10.2012

Anti Clockwise - Vol.1

DIY - EP -

395_anti_clockwise_vol1.jpgAfter the demo and two split EP´s with Open Violence and Rien ne Vas Plus release this band from Magdeburg their first solo EP called Vol. 1. EP is limited to 250 pieces and the inside of the cover is done as their previous splits. On EP you can listen to 4 songs - Alte Werte and 17. Juni 1953 on side A and Würden si einmal… and Lebenslauf on side B. Three piece band (one of their members is playing in Rampage) are playing melodic Oi! music in middle rhythm sung in German and I would compare them to their colleagues from Spy Kids. Lyrics are about nonsense fighting between the skins, rebellion against communism in June 1953 and skinhead way of life where normal people force you to do things like them. Inside the cover are lyrics plus short comments what are the songs about but both just in German. I miss some band photo there but this fact is replaced by very original cover art of the EP. I will see the band live next month in Streetkids festival in Brno and I am looking forward to hear them live. For collectors of limited series really pleasant piece to their collection.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 24.05.2012

Argy Bargy - Hopes, Dreams, Lies and Schemes

Randale Records - CD - 55:12

465_argy_bargy_hopes.jpgArgy Bargy always have long lags between their albums and on this one we have to wait for four years. It is their fourth full length and we can see some softening tendencies with each album (which couldn´t be bad fact). The band plays in four pieces in classic line up (there are some changes compared to previous album but I am not sure) and on CD you can listen to 14 regular songs and 3 bonus songs (Be Somebody, 30 Years and dub version of song Homeward Bound, which is also between regular songs in normal rhythm but with two tone guitar). The band also use other musical instruments lie acoustic guitar or keyboards (with normal synthetic sound and also with classic piano sound) and first three songs (Out With the Old and Burning Skies which are about lies and cheats of so called democracy and hiding behind the freedom and also Looking For Glory which is about people who left scene, friends and crew) from the album show you the direction of the album and the fact that the guys are real musicians. Melodic and catchy tunes with hardness and many great ideas crossing over many styles such as ska, dub, hardrock, streepunk, hardcore, etc... Most of all I like two songs with the keyboards - These Streets (about the streets with traditional industry life which are empty now and without life) and The Ballad of the Backstreet Hero (which is about backstreet rogue who is now in prison because his big self-confidence). Lyrics are about personal feelings (for example Homeward Bound, This is Me – which isa bout the fact how difficult is behaving in different way that you feel, I´m Not Down – you should stand proud and tall even your friends stab you in the back, etc…), but also social topics (like People in Power- about the stupid laws of EU for example and about the people above us or Don´t Stop Believing – about the fact that you can´t stop believe that the things will go better even you have to live your everyday life and make money for your life and your family). The great is booklet and the cover which is done like hardcover book with all lyrics inside, band members and band photos and thankslist. I gave their previous album 10/10 and I have to repeat it but I have to say that I found qualities of this album after repeated listening.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 05.12.2012 •  Buy HERE

Bachor - Ulica byla domem

Street Logo - CD - 36:06

382_bachor_ulica.jpgSecond album from polish band Bachor which comes from the north of Poland (Gizycko city not so far from Kaliningrad Area) and you may know them from the gig in Pilsen which happened last year. The first album was called Bo Sie Bawic Trzeba Umiec and it was in style of great streetpunk with two guitars and great tunes such as Skinhead Hooligirl or total hit called Te Dny. This first album was released through Olifant and this one due to cooperation of Jimmy Jazz Records, Garaz, streetmusic.pl, but also Conservative Punk Division Poland. The band consists of four pieces (2 guitars as I seaid before) and their drummer Kondzy is playing also in HC band called Od Jutra which will be reviewed also in the future. On this new album called Ulica byla domem you can find 12 songs (including cover from Discipline with Polish lyrics called Dosyc Klamstw and intro - Singing in the Rain) in similar spirit. But what really surprised me was the cover which is thick digipack which can be opened to both sides. Inside is booklet with lyrics and band photo. Also here you can listen to the softer songs like on previous album with acoustic guitar like Drinking Song or Nie ma Bohaterow. Music is on the same level as on the previous CD and songs like Mlodzi hultaje, Adios, Jestes tchorzem or title piece Ulica byla domem are great hits. Songs are about drinking, growing up on suburban streets, treason or freedom. I think that the band is little bit underestimated but maybe I am wrong and I have not so many information. For the people who like melodic things with touch of punk rock and great singalongs with changing vocals (both guitar players and bass player are singing) is this CD a must have album, but i don´t know where to buy it here in Czech republic. Add well done cover with perfect professional attitude in music and graphic and you will have idea how is this album!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 20.04.2012

Bad Assets - The Spirit of Detroit

United Riot Records - CD - 28:00

387_BA-Front-1.jpgDebut album of brand new US band from industrial city of Detroit and their new album released on United Riot Records – one of the most active US labels of nowadays. Band plays in classical four piece line-up with guitar, bass, drums and vocals. On album you can listen to 11 songs and playtime is circa half hour. Musically it is brickwall Oi!, typical sound of US bands with rough vocal. Lyrics of Bad Assets are very socially critical and I think that it is very hard to be a worker of Detroit nowadays and feed the family. So there are lyrics about the unbreakable pride of workers (Factory Rat), description of Detroit streets (Too Far), laws and regulations which are saving big companies but not their workers (Bailout), privileged people who doesn´t need to care about the paying of their rent and debts (The Privileged Prevail) or about the bad future of US social system (Whats Due). Songs like Wasted Generation or Too Far are great hits. Booklet is done in cooperation with Muna, it has only two pages but it contains all lyrics and thankslist of each band member. Under the CD and on the back side of the cover are some band photos. Who likes harder bands like Bonecrusher or Maddog Surrender dor example will like also Bad Assets.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 02.05.2012 •  Buy HERE

Badlands - Capital of Spirit

Rebellion Records - EP -

448_badlands_elite.jpgBadlands is one of the most specific bands of European scene mainly because their unique sound which shows the way to many other bands and which proves that Oi! didn´t stand just on rough and hard sound and also because of their lyrics which weren´t cliché and they have something to say. Rebellion Records released this EP as a part of EP collector´s collection in ě versions (normal and elite – the cover which you see near the review is from elite version which I have – just 100 copies). EP contains 3 songs sung by Victor and guitar is recorded by his friend Nicholas. Songs are called Confession and I Need You to Hate (side A) and Scandalize my Name (B side). All songs are very calm with strumming – you can´t expect some wild stuff from just acoustic guitar. Most of all I like song Scandalize my Name. On the year 2013 they are preparing normal album with their regular sound and you can hear them live in Brno Streetkids Party 2013. This will surely like people who like Jenny Woo or Suckered In for example but Badlands were and always will be unique in this kind of Oi! music. Also the covers of both versions are well done. There are no lyrics just photo of people who made up this EP. It isn not music for everyone but I like ballads and acoustic sound so I recommend it to you for myself.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 05.11.2012 •  Buy HERE

Bakers Dozen - Nightmares in Red, White and Blue

Mother Fuckin´ Sounds - CD - 42:16

378_bdnightmare.jpgFifth album from Scottish band Bakers Dozen which was recorded in summer 2011 but it was released now. The line-up of Bakers Dozen is changing on almost every album. It is based on singer Jon Scott and this time they have bass player Gordy who may be known to you from On File band. On album you will find 13 songs in typical style of Dozen so I think that Jon composed some songs because I don´t really know how they could keep their sound during too many line-up changes. The same goes with the lyrics which are still attacking rotten system of British justice, where criminals have more rights then you (Nightmares in RWB or Carstairs 76, which is place and year of some violent escape from asylum where some people were killed and nowadays the offenders are free or The Sentence of Death about the need of maximum penalty), violence on the streets where everyone can become a target (Sitting Target), adequate defense and taking the law into your hands (Ask Questions Later), war with terrorism (The Final Option) but also social lyrics (The Fury) or classic politicians lies (Nothing Like the Truth). From the release date of their first album Divided from the Masses came 11 years but the band still keeps on playing their style which has all attributes of good street music – faster but melodic and hard guitar with solos and Jon´s vocal which goes straight ahead and lyrics which you can align with. Album is well balanced and it fits well to other Bakers Dozen stuff which you have at home. Booklet is well done with all lyrics and photos. CD was released also in limited digipack version. Album didn´t surprise you but it gives you good piece of solid Oi! style so if you like Bakers Dozen you should have this at home.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 11.04.2012 •  Buy HERE

Battle Scarred - 1882

Southerner Records - EP -

474_bs_1882.PNGSecond release from Southerner Records from Chile is special football EP from Swedish band Battle Scarred called 1882. Vinyl is on blue wax and it was released in 300 copies. It contains three songs in Swedish and one in English and all are about their football team Gefle IF. On A side are songs like 1882 (it is taken from last album Gevalia) and Här Kommer Himmelsblå (Here Comes the Blues taken from Thunder and Lightning). On B side are Gefle IF (also taken from Thunder and Lightning and it is in English) and Vi är Geffle IF (which becomes and official club anthem for the year 2008 and it means We are Gefle IF). So no new songs just collection of football hits and I really don´t know if the songs were re-mastered or re-recorded or if they are in same versions as on CD´s. All four are football sing-alongs and who likes football oriented bands like Foienoord, Contra Boys, Kategorie C, etc…will like also this EP even if the songs are not new. Inside is paper with all lyrics and short thankslist. Nothing new under the sun but OK. I leave it without rating.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 27.12.2012

Black Marias/Oldfashioned Ideas - s/t

Contra Records - EP -

514_black_oi.jpegSplit EP of English streetpunk band Black Marias with Oldfashioned Ideas from Sweden was released at the end of 2012 on Contra Records in 500 copies (300 clear with black haze and 200 black). Black Marias, which is opening the split, has released yet their CD Clockwork Army on Poink Records and also CD single. Their songs are called Total Recall and Havoc. Total Recall is about the soldiers whose are sent to fight in foreign countries because of oil and other products in the name of some high ideals. Havoc is about the bar brawl in the pub or on the doors of the club which ends in the way that friends of friends are fighting each other till the cops come. The band plays in five and in faster rhythm but their music isn´t rough (not even the vocal) and you will hear bands like Superyob or Menace. Oldfashuoned Ideas plays in three and their come from Malmö and also they have there two songs – The Real Heroes and Never Forgive, Never Forget. The Real Heroes is about the common people who have to pay the taxes and rents without receiving quality feedback from the state and they have to care about themselves and their families. Second one is about how people say that time heals all wounds but in some cases you shouldn´t forgive and forget. Musically it is more straightforward and rought then their colleagues from England but I have to say that I like it more and also the guitar solos are comparable with Blac Marias. Bot songs have great singalong refrain which is the fact you surely know from their previous albums. Inside the cover (which is done with the logos of both bands) is paper with lyrics and also download code and on the back of the cover are band photos. I didn´t hear Black Marias before so I will look around for their CD, Oldfashioned Ideas was known to me and they didn´t disappoint me.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 08.04.2013 •  Buy HERE

Bonecrusher - BLVD of Broken Bones

Longshot Music/Pirate Press Records - LP -

565_bonecrusher_blvd.jpeg8th studio album from this streetpunk band from California is called Blvd of Broken Bones (reaction on Blvd of Broken Dreams from Green Day?). The band plays in five pieces and who is expecting some kind of new punk rock because of the California is totally wrong. The band is playing violent and angry style with great vocal of singer Raybo and guitar solos (like in song Fight for Freedom). Rhythm is middle but there are also slower songs (like the last one called Tomorrow isn´t Yours, which is together with Death Goes Marching On and Bat Out of Hell one of the greatest songs from the LP). Together you can listen to 13 songs. Lyrics are nothing happy or funny. They are very dark and depressive (like songs Never Say Die, You Can Go to Hell or Death Goes Marching On). Cover is done in Bonecrusher style – back street with barbed wire and band logo (on the wall of some house) and it is done as a gatefold. Inside are lyrics and photos plus CD version of the album which is great for collectors because they can listen to it in car for example. Bonecrusher are one of the best bands for me so almost full points for this piece!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 16.08.2013

Bootboys - Cervezas Por Todas Partes

Poink Records - EP -

406_bootboys.jpgDebut EP of Chilean band Bootboys which comes out on German label Poink Records. The title of the EP is something like Beer Everywhere. On black wax which is limited to 250 copies you will find 4 songs - Rock Skinhead and Hermosa y Letal (Beautiful and Deadly) on side A and Clase Obrera (Working Class) and Cervezas Por Todas Partes on side B. So lyrics will be classics for sure. Band plays in three pieces and music is typical skinhead r´n´r with dominant bass line and guitar solos. Spanish is really singalong language and it really fits to the music which Bootboys plays. Musically it is little bit similar to Orgulo Sur music (especially the vocals) but I recognise that the band aren´t friends of each other. Cover of the EP is well done but...I think that the cover is smaller than the EP so you have to push little bit when you are putting it back to the cover. To the EP is added paper with lyrics but just in Spanish. Good music on well done EP which is limited but it is not so expensive (6,5€ I think) and you can order it across the web of the label (see the link below). Cool debut for those who like not so hard and heavy music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 10.07.2012 •  Buy HERE

Bootboys Social Club - Každý den

DIY - CD - 19:24

427_bbsc.jpgBootboys Social Club is brand new band from Brno city and this is their seven songs debut called Každý den (Every Day) and it is released in DIY style. The band plays in classic four piece line-up – vocal, guitar, bass and drums and all seven songs are in Czech language. Titles of songs are Řekni sám (Just Tell Me), Každý den (Every Day), Riot, Epitaf (Epitaph), Quasimodo, Ti nejlepší (Those Best) and as a bonus song called Noční perla (The Night Pearl). Musically it is streetpunk in middle rhythm with time to time solo guitar (like in songs Každý den, Ti nejlepší or in Riot). Lyrics are about stereotype life which is sometimes necessary to live because of money you have to earn (Každý den), Czech politician (from national socialist party nowadays) Jiří Paroubek (Quasimodo), thinking about the nature of nation (Epitaf), common men who have to fight the wars for the mighty politicians against each other (Ti nejlepší) or „beauties“ of Brno nightlife (Noční perla). So I it means serious but also more funny topics. Booklet is just two pages with no lyrics inside but with profile photos of band members. Good debut for not so much money I think but mainly for CZ/SK listeners.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 04.09.2012

Bootstroke - Οπως Παλιά

Rebellion Records - EP -

464_bootstroke_ep.jpegFourth EP from Rebellion Collector´s Series is 7´´ from Greek band Bootstroke which can be translated like “As Same Asd Before”. On the EP you can listen to five songs called Α.Φ.Μ. (AFM), Κοίτα Πως Είσαι (Look at Yourself), Οπως Παλιά (As Same As Before), Μια Αλήθεια (The Truth) and Σώσε Με (Save Me) – but do not believe too much in my translation from Greek. EP is done as a limited edition of 500 copies (100 black, 200 white and 200 splattered). There are no lyrics inside (just picture of crucified skins and range of years 2002-2012 in which were Bootstroke playing) and I don´t know Greek so I can´t tell you more details about the songs (except their titles). Boostroke are playing melodic streetpunk music which sound similar to me as Italian bands (southern blood is southern blood) and the quality is very high (guitar solos) even the band plays just in three. All songs are well done but I miss some paper with English translation…this is quite “exotic” for me to hear the band singing in Greek but I want to know what are their songs about. But as I said, music is luxurious an all Collector´s EP´s are great so now I am looking forward to hear the next one from Pug Uglies – Gunpowder for the Dogs.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 30.11.2012 •  Buy HERE

Booze and Glory/On the Job - ...on the Booze

Contra Records/Longshot Music - EP -

503_onthebooze.jpgSplit EP of London band Booze and Glory and Swedish On the Job with combined name of the album On the Booze was released during autumn 2012 on Contra/Longshot Records. Each band has there two songs – one is their and the second is cover from the second band. So Booze and Glory has there their hit London Skinhead Crew which you surely know from notoriously well known video and This is Me which is from On the Job (album A Bag Full of Brew). On Job has there their song Bootboys on the Dancefloor and cover Always on the Wrong Side. London Skinhead Crew is total anthem about whe skinhead way of life, clothes, booze, music or football with simple but catchy guitar solos, bass which plays higher tunes and singalong refrain. This is Me is about man who likes punkrock which gives him the strength for going towards and who is not interested in other musical styles. Music is slower but also melodic. On the Job is opening their side with Bootboys on the Dancefloor which is about how bois go dancing on Saturdays´s evening and their style is not ballet at all. Again middle rhythm a few solos and higher vocal of the singer. I heard little bit from 45 Adapters in this song. Always on the Wrong Side is from the album with the same name and I shoudln´t introduce it. EP is packed in drawn cover with lyrics and photos inside. Good piece and I think one of few choices (also on CD with singles from Booze and Glory) how to have London Skinhead Crew on some normal media.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 14.03.2013 •  Buy HERE

Bricktop - Valhalla Bound

Randale Records - EP -

492_Bricktop-valhalla-bound.jpgBricktop is streetpunk band from United Stats (Tuscon, Arizona) and this is my first contact with this band. Instead of this EP they have also two regular albums called Born to Brawl and Broken Bottles and Suicide Throttles. On grey EP you will find 4 songs - Valhalla Bound (here we have Lars Frederiksen on vocals), H. F. Choppathugs (on vocals featuring John Gagne) –on A side and STFU and Fatskin Hooligan (Jimmy Hixon as a vocal support) on side B. The band has 6 members (two vocals, two guitars, drums and bass) and from the photo you can realize that all members are smart guys with no ink in their skin. Almost all songs have great touch of classical hard/southern rock (because of the guitar solos) and it reminds me bands like The Corps or RUST, but I hear there also Motörhead, AC/DC and other classics of the genre…and I like it. Great fact is also that almost in each song you can hear different vocals (at least two). Side B is more into punk and it is faster then the side A which I like more. If you check their web http://www.bricktopthugrock.com/ there is few songs in the background. Inside the cover is paper with thankslist and big collage of photos but no lyrics. Really nice surprise for me because I really don´t know the band and I will look for their other stuff for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 19.02.2013

Bronco Army - Royal Thugs

4Subculture Records - CD - 37:10

429_ba_royal_thugs.jpgBronco Army is a Brazilian band from Sao Paulo city which has in line up two boys and one girl and this album is released on CZ label 4Subculture Records. Together you can listen to 13 songs, which 4 of them are from three split from Skinhead Beat Records, 1 is from Oi! Ain´t Red Records compilation, 1 is from Poink Records compilation and the rest (7songs) are new but they are mixed between the old one. New songs are called Drunk and Disorderly, I Don´t Care About You, Poof in Boots, Together and Stronger, Never Gonna Die, Against´em All and We Are Here to Blame. I will not speak about the older songs (just check the review on v/a For the Love of Oi!) so let´s come to the new ones. If I didn´t know their older stuff I will not recognize that some of them are new and some of them are older because the sound is the same. Topics of the new songs are drinking, gayskins, street unity of skins and punks, pride to the cult which is here for 40 years or misunderstanding of society. Music stays in the middle rhythm and from the new songs you will surely like Poof in Boots or which really fits between the older songs which you have already in your mind (like For the Main Machine or Skinhead SP). In booklet are many photos of band members and their friends and also all lyrics. Don´t be afraid of black, white and red colors on the cover. These colors are from the Sao Paulo flag and there are vice versa (red is on the top). Instead of the songs from split EP with Bulldroogs there is all stuff which band ever recorded, it sounds good and it costs 8 euro!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 13.09.2012 •  Buy HERE

Bronco Army - Young Warriors

Stratum Records - EP -

489_bronco_young.jpgAs a taste before the new album called You Know Who We Are Bronco Army from Brazil released EP called Young Warriors on Dutch label Stratum Records (debut release for this label). EP contains 4 songs - Young Warriors and Are You with Us? on side A and Anthems of the Streets and The Shape of Things to Come on B side. First three songs are also on the album (which will be reviewed later). Last song is a song which was covered by Slade but it was a song from the movie called Wild in the Streets from 1968. Bronco Army plays in three and as I wrote before in previous reviews they have girl on drums. First song is slower one with non-boostered guitar and dark feeling and it is about pride and how happened, that man becomes skinhead. In refrain you will hear also female vocal. Second one is about the fact that when you are skinhead you should really take it seriously and not just talking bullshit. Third song is about drinking on the streets and listening to favorite bands. Vinyl was done in three color versions (300 copies) with gatefold cover including many photos and lyrics (also on the cover) and as a taste before the full length album it is well done but I think that it should be announced as a single. If you miss it and you didn´t buy it, buy the full length because on it you will find all their songs from this EP.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 12.02.2013 •  Buy HERE

Brutal Skins - Demo

Skinhead Beat Records - CD - 10:21

379_brutal_skins.jpgBrutal Skins is one of next skinheads band from Chile which released their stuff through some European label. Their colleagues Orgullo Sur released album on Pure Impact and EP on MFS, Bootboys are preparing EP on Ponk Records and Brutal Skins released their demo CD on Skinhead Beat Records. Band has recorded this demo in different line up (but the drummer passed out and this demo is dedicated to him). It contains four songs in Spanish - Borrachos (cover from Evil Skins), Hooligans y Ultras, Incorrectos and Siempre Firme. From this you can understand that they sing about football and fun around, booze and about the fact that fight for your land, family and friends is something incorrect in these days. In first song Borrachos you can hear two tone guitar at the beginning (like in other songs from Evil Skins) but it turns to normal sound after a while. Other songs are in spirit of 80´s Oi! music and in song Hooligans y Ultras is little bit solo guitar, Incorrectos is classic straightforward song but I like it most from this album. Last one Siempre Firme is musically best one for me again with better guitar sound. Sound of demo should be better I think but demo is demo. Booklet has two pages with band photos (but I don´t know which line up it is), lyrics in Spanish and couple of posters with their gigs with Bootboys. Even if this is demo CD, the CD is pressed regularly and it is limited to 500 copies. It costs just 3 € so don´t hesitate and support because what you can buy for 3 € nowadays? The band is playing in new line up now so I hope that they will release something new soon.
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Brutti Ignoranti - Ill Gossip Della Morte

Mother Fuckin´ Sounds - EP -

475_bruttiEP.jpgBrutti Ignoranti comes from Italian city of Milano and this is their 3rd release (after regular album and split EP with The Warriors). This EP was released through MFS in 500 copies on red-white-green splattered wax. It contains three songs in Italian language called Spille e Toppe (Pins and patches) on side A and Birra Wiskey e Vino (I shouldn´t translate this I think) and Finche´ C´E´ Birra (If there´s a Beer). The name of the EP is something like Gossips about Death. First song is in middle rhythm with quite good solo guitar and my favourite passage with just bass, drums and vocals. Other two songs are about booze (just check the interview with the band on http://lonerider.skinhead.cz/interviews/brutti_e_ignoranti_eng.htm, where you will realize that the booze is quite big hobby of band members) and there are faster and more sing-along and why not if they are about booze. It´s a pity that there is no paper with lyrics and band photo inside. I didn´t hear the band on the split EP with The Warriors but I have their debut and I have to say that this EP is much more better and I really like it.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 28.12.2012

Carcereduro - D´éstoc et de taille

Bords de Seine - CD -

460_4S1169.jpgSo here we have second album of one and only current French viking rock band Carcereduro. The album is called D´éstoc et de taille and it contains 13 songs including intro and outro. After some listenings I have to say that this one is much more better than the first one because of the fact that in some songs you can hear Suck from Belgian band Les Vilains and also because of using some other musical instruments – accordion. Suck has rougher vocal which I like more because I sometimes lost the contact with the vocal of their singer on first album. Next change is in the lyrics which aren´t just about the Nordic stuff but also other for example famine in 1933 in Ukraine (Ukraine 1933). The third song is also taken from European history and it is about Alexander the Great - Alexandre le Grand and it is about one of the greatest warriors who conquered almost whole known world in the past. Fourth and fifth song is following each other, the fourth is about one French part of Belgium founded in 1795 which now belongs to Netherlands because of Waterloo battle. Fifth song is about Napoleon and it is called Napoleon Et Sa Grand Armee and it is about his campaign across Europe, Russia and Waterloo battle and also about his life on St. Helen Island. Next two songs are also following each other - - Le Chant Des Braves (Song of the Brave) and Chant d´honneur (Song about the Pride). Eight song Edda is only one song in English on the album and it is about Norse mythology. Next song Le Jour Le Plus Long (The Longest Day) is about resolve to fight, next is about Templars knights - Chavaliers Templiers and it is about the glory of this order. Next song is called Valkyries and it is second one which is about Norse mythology. The last but one is called Vodka and it is cover…this song will like those who like to drink. It is difficult to put some songs above the others because whole album is well done and it has hig quality. I have to recommend it to all fans of viking rock. Booklet and artwork is also cool and luxury but it is standard for such a label as Bords de Seine.
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Cenzúra - Vrať čas

DIY - CD -

469_cenzura_cas.jpgFourth album of Slovakian band Cezúra is called Vrať čas (Take back the time) and it is like the last one free for download on the band webpage http://cenzuraband.eu/ with booklet. The band used to play in five (with accordion) and now they have on more member who plays saxophone which is promising for quality and not so usual sound. Instead of the saxophone you can hear also keyboards on the CD and I will recommend you to check their clip on the song – Na hranici poznania – At the Edge of Knowledge (http://youtu.be/DcZoKALS_Ho) where is nice guitar motive which sounds quite similar to Breaking the Law riff from Judas Priest to me. Album contains seven new songs (playing time is around about 20 minutes) and you will hear also ska rhythms (songs like Hadí usmev – The Snake´s Smile or Slovnik hnedych fraze – Dictionary of Brown Phrases with brutal classic sound of Hammond keyboards) but also classic punkrock songs like Paranoja – Paranoia or the title song Vrať čas – Take back the time, which is really great punkrock but with the use of accordion and saxophone which I like more (I love old French Oi! bands with sax or Skint from Ireland). I like the use of accordion and sax because of the compact sound of their music (and I think it wasn´t easy to record this album with professional sound like that). I don´t like the keyboards too much but it fits great to ska/two tone rhythm. Good stuff and everyone can listen to it because of the free download. But you can also buy the original CD if you want to show support to local band so try to write them on cenzura@cenzuraband.eu. Give´em a chance…it is for free.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 12.12.2012

Clockwork Boys - A Dor Passa…O Ódio Fica!

True Force Records - LP -

513_clockworkboys.jpgAnother Portuguese band where plays bass Rattus (Albert Fish, Faccao Opposta, Crise Total) is band called Clockwork Boys, again from Lisboa and this is their second album (they have also two singles). LP was released as a limited edition of 310 copies (160 red and 150 black) on Spanish label True Force Records. The band started as a skinhead band but now they are playing punk rock or their version of dirty r´n´r (just see the cover – skinhead, two hairy guys and fat Elvis with big belly and punk rock girls around). Titles of songs can be translated as Glory to Pirates, Tattooed Rebels, Night Ballad, One of the Crowd, Damned Life, etc…all ten songs are in Portuguese. The band plays in four but the guitarist really know how to play music because almost in each song is great guitar solo and their music is on high level at all even if I can´t understand their language. It is in middle and in faster rhythm with punk rock melody and aggression and even if you can´t understand the words you will gurgle the melody. Inside is paper wit lyrics and photos (with beer and women for sure) and in the middle of the LP is picture of some tattoo done in Russian crime style. I order this LP from Pablo and I didn´t know the band before and I have to say that this is pleasant surprise for me. I like these kind of deals.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 05.04.2013

Clockwork Crew - What About Us/På Svenska

Rebellion Records - CD - 67:00

436_clockworkcrew.jpgClockwork Crew is Swedish band which was founded in 1996 and it isn´t active anymore. The singer is singing in mod beat band The Manics now. Rebellion Records released this re-edition as two albums on one CD. It is album What About Us from 2001 and På Svenska from 2004 (which was released also last year on Pretty Shitty Town Records as limited vinyl with many bonus songs, which are also on this CD). Together there are 26 songs. On På Svenska is ereview in review section under the year 2011 so I will speak more about their first album. Clockwork Crew plays melodic and catchy singalong streetpunk which is underlined by Cock Sparrer cover Where Are They Now which fits to their songs very well. In some songs you can hear also acoustic guitar (like in Made in Society or Everybody´s Right/Everybody´s Wrong). Lyrics are classics – society and their weird values, Saturday nights, politicans and their lies, etc… Songs like Money and Freedom, Little U.S. of A. or You Know Nothing are great hits and their surely find the way to your mind. If I compare both albums they are musically on the same level but bonus songs are really punk rock stuff (most of them are covers- see the review on På Svenska). This CD is 11th piece from Rebellion Collector´s Series (250 copies) but I have just promo CD so I can´t speak about the booklet. Great CD which you will surely like and if you haven´t got these albums, grab this one!!
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Cracks and Scars - Stick to your Guns

Aggrobeat Records - CD - 34:28

457_cracksandscars-lp.jpgCracks and Scars is unknown band for me from our western neighbors from Germany and this is their debut album (as a vinyl it is out on Steel Town Records) but they have also demo album called Hold Fast. Album is debut but the people in the band have experiences with bands like Guts and Glory, Maskapone, I Defy, Souls on Fire or Miozän. Style Cracks and Scars can be described as streetcore because in their style are mixing styles such as HC, Oi!/streetpunk but also other styles. On CD are 12 songs with standard playtime all in English. They are in the middle rhythm and time to time they switch into the faster one. Lyrics are about the rotten government which told to people that they are doing the right thing, hypocrites and liesw, about the fact that we didn´t play by society rules, about the mistakes in life which can´t be taken back or about classic Friday drinking time. The band plays in five and I have to say that two guitars are necessary for streetcore style especially for live playing. The music is standing also on Frank´s vocals which can sing in melodic level but also in hard one. CD is packed in nice digipack with lyrics and many photos. I like thwe songs Walk It Like You Talk, Lowlife, Just Time or No Matter. People who like Toxpack, older Discipline, Blood for Blood, Bonecrusher or other harder bands will like also this band.
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Crossczech - s/t

DIY - LP -

554_crossczech_st.jpgCrossczech is not necessary to introduce. The band was founded as a hard core band after the split of Protest and some of ex-Protest members are playing there. They had some break and after it they came back with new line up and change their style into Oi! music. This is their debut album released in DIY style as LP but you may check all songs on their webwww.bandzone.cz/crossczech. I think that song Propast was previously released on Czech and Slovak Streetkids III compilation. Together there is 12 songs including Protest cover (Bulldog) and Cock Sparrer´s Because You´re Young. Album was recorded in five piece line up. Their music is Oi!/streetpunk in middle rhythm with time to time two tone guitar (like in song Vespa) but also slower HC riffs (like in songs Ztráta - Lost or Odveta - Revenge). Singer has clear vocal, guitars and bass are OK with time to time solos and singalong refrains. Some lyrics or rhymes are too forcing the issue but maybe it is just my feeling. It is similar for me as early stuff from Operace Artaban. Lyrics are about streetlife, scooters, drug danger, pubs but also patriotism (the best song Hranice – Border which is dedicated to some sergeant from 1938) or friendship. LP is done well with many photos inside, lyrics and thankslist. Quite good.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 02.07.2013

Daniel Landa - Vozová hradba tour

2Landa - DVD -

359_p-58221-nahled.jpgThe last tour of Daniel Landa called „Vozová hradba“ has just finished in Slovakia and now I have its official DVD record at home. I am a big fan of Landa so I looked forward to this record. And I have been satisfied  It is record of concert in Prague, which was taken on 25th November 2011. In general the tour continues on the last tour „Československo 2008“ – many colour lights, numerous band, energy and a lot of patriotism of course. Nevertheless, this tour was a special one. The title of the tour „Vozová hradba“ was inspired by the song of czech old skinhead band Orlík. Landa decided to be a little more controversial than before and to be a very loud… Just this old song started the show. During the show also sound other good songs like „Chlapeček z periférie“, „Holky a mašiny“, „Bílá hora“, my favorite „Ztracení hoši“ and many others. Just one song I would like mention as well. In the same way the show started, the same way the official part of show ended. Orlík´s the best song ever – „Čech“. I have not just hoped I can ever hear the song live. In the gold times of Orlík I learned to write and count, so this was my premiere. Thanks for it… There is also CD in the pack but whithout bonuses. In DVD bonuses you can find three songs added and also four speeches. I can recommend this DVD and in the end I can say three words – PRIDE, POWER, DETERMINATION!
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Deafness by Noise - Noize Deaf Forever

Strength Records - CD -

483_deafness.jpgDeafness by Noise is hardcore band from Croatia which was founded 21 years ago and this is their 5th album and 3rd record from Strength Records. Album contains 10 brand new songs in English and on vocals are guests from bands such as Ryker´s or Brighside. Sound of the CD is really tough (it was recorded in some German studio) and from the first song The Enemy till the last one called Once Again you will be filled with such energy and drive. Songs are faster but not much into old school HC but it sounds to me more like harder but melodic punk with vocals which can change themselves from harder to melodic level (like in song Killer Valentine) and sometimes it sounds like dirty rock´n´roll (like in Allright, where you can hear also piano). Great is also guitar and the solos. English of the singer is without mistakes and I will never bet that they are from Croatia. I have the album just in digital format but it is made as six panel digipack. Hits for me are the song called Back in the Days about the hardcore kids of nowadays who are wearing make-up – check the video to this song on http://youtu.be/Az2K7kyXHA4 and the last song Once Again which is slower compared to other songs on the album. To the album you will get also bonus CD called Roots Baby Roots with 12 covers (I haven´t got this one). I am not too much into HC so I can´t compare this band with some other and I also didn´t know about their previous albums but this is really great. Check the youtube if you don´t know them.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 22.01.2013

Discharger - Desecrated Ground

Randale Records - CD - 46:35

408_dis_des.gifDesecrated Ground is title of fourth regular album from Dutch lads Discahrger (but you have to take into account also split CD with Jenny Woo – 3 songs from this split are also here - Never Surrender, Death before Dishonour and I Belive). Discharger has again some changes in line-up...original is just guitarist/singer and bass player. On album are 15 songs in English and I have to say that the band goes harder in some aspects of their music but they still have many melodic songs with touches of Viking rock and metal (like Hear us March or Out on Parole, with touches of classic rock but with modern sound of the band) and half-acoustic (My Rifle) or fully acoustic (Death before Dishonour or Warrior´s Code) songs. Besides 3 tracks from split with Jenny Woo there is total hit called It Seems To be a Crime which you may know from Oi! the Support compilation. In first two songs the band convince you about their qualities and about the fact that they go harder (The Boys of 33 includes great guitar solo and to the song We´re Coming To Your Town is done officiall clip which you can check on http://youtu.be/fmDp2rZK6mM). Lyrics are about the criminalization of skinheads caused by media, sick society which tolerates the worst crimes because of not offending someone, desecrated ground which is just a little reflection of what our ancestors fight for (I think that everyone can say this about his country because politicians and leaders are the same everywhere), battles, justice which should be taken into your hands sometimes and live of outsider who have to fight for survive since his birth. In booklet are many photos, collages, lyrics and thankslist. The band is getting mature like wine and their albums are better and better but my scale is still limited to 10 points. Great album with accurate playtime
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East End Badoes - Hard Hits for Herberts

Skinflint Music - EP -

550_eeb.jpegEP from this legend from the streets of London which was released last year on US label Skinflint Music contains four songs - Poplar Boys, Sticking to Your Guns, Yesterday Zeroes and Forever Proud. EP was released in limited edition and it is clear. I wrote more info about the band in the review on split CD of The London Diehards a Johnny Asbo and The Young Guns s oyou may know that in band plays ex roadie of Cockney Rejects Skully. Music of Eaast End Badoes is nothing more and nothing less then English classic which sounds like Rejects, Business or Hard Skin and it is based on Tel´s great vocal with great London accent and also on guitar with great solos. Lyrics are touching the streetlife in 70´s and 80´s in poor parts of London when fist or knife is nothing special, about people who are ripping off bands, about the bands which were our heroes in the past and now they are become more mainstream with all their requirements and agencies or about the first pun rock and skinhead generation which survives till nowadays even the good old times are gone now. Inside are all lyrics and on the front cover is picture of the band before 30 years and on the back side is photo from nowadays on the same place – great job + thankslist. Great music straight from the heart from the band which was not so famous but 100% real which is proved by this EP.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 26.06.2013

Everyday Hate - Rebirth

4Subculture Records - CD -

365_everydayh8.gifAfter the 5 years is out new album of hardcore pack Everyday Hate. After some changes in line up they find stable line up and faces for their style and they released new CD called Rebirth. But I think that “new” is not the right word for this. Songs are mainly from the last album “Hardcore Family” which are re-recorded and re-mastered. Music is really better then original version from 2007 and also the sound and new vocal is more readable. You will find there also re-recorded singles from Czech and Slovak Streetkids compilations – “Respekt” and “Je čas platit”. Album is full of energy and this the way it´s gonna be by hardcore band. In booklet are all lyrics and under the CD is band photo. I like this style of hardcore music and the band says with this album “we are back and you have to count with us.” For all fans of true HC who want to make their discography complete and also who want to know the way which band will go in the future. Really recommended and I am looking forward to the next regular album with this new line up. URBY
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 22.03.2012 •  Buy HERE

Evil Conduct - Working Class Heroes

Randale Records - CD - 36:48

452_EC_wca.jpgFifth album of this Dutch band is another stuff which is out on Randale Records. You surely know about Evil Conduct stuff so it is 3 piece band which is really playing for some time. Singer and guitarist Han is working in famous tattoo studio King of Kings Tattoo. The band has got really their own sound after the years of playing and it stands on simple but extremely catchy songs with hard bass and singalong refrains with no hardness inside. Do not expect some changes from the band in music and lyrics so if you like their previous music they will fit in also with this album. Lyrics are about classic stuff so what last drink you have to choose for the end of the evening – cider or lager (One Last Drink), what should you when someone broke into your van (Stuck in Berlin), about the same kids lie you in different countries (Across the Nation), about people who leave the scene to live normal lives and forget old friends (Toe the Line), about workers who built this country (Working Class Heroes) or about the rock stars and their destiny (Writing on the Wall). Instead 10 regular songs there are 2 more instrumental things (the first on called Days of Glory and the last one One Last Drop). Most of all I like songs Across the Nation, Writing on the Wall or Working Class Heroes, which was also release as a single EP with The Old Firm Casuals. We have to believe their attitude because they are really old guys but the question is if we can believe this to younger bands who take influence from Evil Conduct or Booze and Glory. I didn´t want to offense Evil Conduct or their music because their find their way from small pubs like de Kastelein to bigger stages but I think that the band is losing little bit of their underground attitude but it is something like thinking loudly because their music is still very catchy. Booklet is classic as usual – lyrics and photos. Evil Conduct proves again that they know how to play and CD will be liked by everyone which is maybe the mistake I talked previously about.
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Facção Opposta - Contra a Maré

Bigorna Records - EP -

398_faccao_contra.jpgI think that this is the third and again strictly limited single (200 copies) of Portuguese band Faccao Opposta. This EP is called Contra a Maré (Against the Tide) and it was released by label called Bigorna Records, 140 pieces on black vinyl, 60 on clear and 20 test pressings. Each version has also different cover. EP contains two tracks – the title called Contra a Maré and Fim de Semana (Weekend). The first song is rougher Oi!/streetpunk in middle rhythm with guitar solo at the end and it is about the fact how you have to stand against the masses and keep your own mind even if everything and everyone stand against you. Check this song on label profile http://www.myspace.com/bigornarecords. Second song is not so hard but it is more melodic with great bass and it is about looking forward to the weekend. I have to say some words also about the cover which is really great, it contains Portuguese lyrics, paper with the English transaction, band photo, and coloured EP cover with camo on one side and logo of the records on the other side (anvil in shape of the note which is hit by hammer with the name of the label) and great and original title picture. I have no regrets about buying this EP, try to buy it also across bigorna.recs@gmail.com – maybe they have some stuff left.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 13.06.2012

Freigänger - Von ganz unten...

Freigang Records - CD - 40:26

401_freigaenger-von ganz unten.jpgAfter releasing eight songs demo last year comes Freigänger zfrom the North of Germany with regular album out again on their label Freigang Records. On the album you can listen to 12 songs in German including 2 covers in English - Wish the Lads were Here from Red London and Bite it from GG Allin. The band has two guitars and they really know how to use them and the CD was really pleasant surprise for me (even the demo proved the band qualities). Musically it is something between Last Riot and Bombecks. The band knows how to play half acoustic (Durch disk und dünn) or completely acoustic songs (the last song Mein Engel with keyboards and which is about singers daughter). CD is opened by song which introduce you the attitude of the band. It is called Berg und Tal and it is about the fact that the band shit on mainstream music and they go on their own way even it goes through the highest mountains or deep valleys. The second songs called Skandal Band proves it. Hit songs are Du... (which was also on the demo record and it has great refrain) and pub anthem Whiskey Desperados. Other songs are about cops, weekends and wild things, which is band doing on the tour. CD is again hand numbered and limited to 500 pieces. Also booklet is OK with many band photos or photos to the lyrics topics. New underground band which really worth hearing and your interest.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 20.06.2012 •  Buy HERE

Gli Ultimi - Storie da un posto qualunque

Laida Provincia/Tuscia Clan/Oi! Shop - CD - 34:35

432_gli_ultimi_storie.jpgItalian band which is messing around Laida Provincia Crew and this is their third album. The band comes from Rome and they are playing in classical line up of four and their members have experience with bands like Automatica Aggregazione, Charlie or Desperate Living. The name of the band is something like “The Last Ones” and the title of the album can be translated like Stories from Different Places. On CD is 13 songs, all in Italian language. Music of Gli Ultimi is really great and some songs reminds me Ultima Frotniera because of the use of acoustic guitar, mandolin or keyboards (like in songs Longness, Canto del carcerato or Laida, bastarda e sporca). Sometimes it is really what I call “chewing gum punk” but I really like it on this band because it still remains underground. In vocals are changing all members except drummer (and you can listen to it very well in song Red Rose). By the way you can check the video to this song on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CJBGFZYZ94. Lyrics are about hard growing up on grey suburbs between the tower blocks, 90´s and their influence on teenagers, about the punks who are still the same, about people who are changing stlyyes like their clothes and which will be completely different tomorrow then today or about people who are still supporting each other in the scene. There is no weak song for me here and you will go really fast through the album during listening. Booklet is well done with bilingual lyrics, thankslist and band photo. Good is also the cover of the album. For me it is for 9 because I really like Italian music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 20.09.2012 •  Buy HERE

Grito Final - s/t

Teia Edicoes - EP -

540_Grito Final_Ser Soldado_Front.jpgGrito Final was one of the first Portuguese Oi/punk bands founded in 1983 (same generation like Mata Ratos or Crise Total) and this is their EP which contains two songs recorded in 1986 for Divergencias compilationguese Oi!/punk classics and Bairro da Fome (someting about hunger). First song ic classic oi!punk from 80´s based on few chords like Antisocial or Exploited, second one is even more raw and fast with even few chords like DOA. EP wil be rare because it was pressed just 170 copies on ofr me uknown label Teia Edicoes. EP is dedicated to guitarist Cazé who passed out. Inside is history of the band in Portugal and also in English, interview with the band taken from some older zine (again in both languages) and some photos from the gigs. All is packed in gatefold cover. If you bougthe both songs there.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 07.06.2013

Hammer and the Nails - s/t

Rebellion Records - CD - 37:34

397_hatn_rebellion.jpgI will change little bit the order of the Collectors Series reviews and I will go to the 6th piece because I will need some more time on the previous stuff. So the 6th piece is from the Hammer and The Nails from Bostonu. It is CD version of their Maxi E.P. released through Rock´n´Roll Disgrace Records, plus their four piece demo and four live tracks (including unreleased track called Warhead). The band has really compact sound and it is no three chord band. Demo has also quite good sound (compared to studio it is little bit weaker but the songs goes fluently to each other). Songs from the album are described in the review on Maxi EP so I will focus on the demo songs (tj. Product of this Modern Age, Dirty Cop, Legislation not Rehabilitation and Set to Ruin – this is also in studio tracks and also in live tracks). Product of This Modern Age is slower but Dirty Cop is really asskicker with great refrain. To all this add digipack and just 250 limited pieces, so have a look on this band for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 12.06.2012 •  Buy HERE

Hammer and the Nails - Rome is Burning/Product of this Moder Age

Rock´n´Roll Disgrace Records - EP -

1056_hatn_rome.jpgOlder single from Boston based band was released back in 2012 but I get it nowadays. The band is going to release brand new EP so it is fine to look at them closer. First song Rome is Burning is brand new, Product of this Modern Age you may know from their demo (but it is recorded again). The band has already released maxi EP and split EP with Aussies Butcher Boys. Members of the band have experiences from Tommy and the Terrors, Close Call, Battle Ruins, Rival Mob or Lovely Lads for example. So the sound can´t be bad am I right? It is in dark middle rhythm with rougher vocals and nice guitar. First song is about decadence of our culture where kids are breeding other kids, soldiers are send overseas to wars, unemployment or taking away your rights – simply Kali Yuga in her best. Title of the second piece makes its content quite clear. Tempo and sound of the guitars is in the same line as Rome is Burning. EP is on black wax and cover is some kind of sleeve with lyrics on Rome is Burning and photo of some ruins. Who likes bands around Brendan Radigan or Urban Savage from Sweden for example will love HATN. Best!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 18.01.2017

Hard Resistance - Lawless and Disorder

Strength Records - CD - 21:50

426_hard_resitance.jpgHard Resistance is the first thing released by Strength Records which is label of Onno Cro-Mag and Roger Miret which are the names I shouldn´t introduce closer. Hard Resistence comes from Belgium and they are playing brutal mixture of hardcore, metal and punk. In song called The Grand Illusion you will hear also singer from Biohazard. For imagination how band plays just check their song and video called Despised and Destroyed (http://youtu.be/UNMkeq_D4Js). On album you can listen to 12 songs in English and all together but also every single is spit into the face of the system, its prosecution, judge and also its executioner. Hard Resistance speaks openly about war, ecology, values based on money, now or religion. Sound of the band is very terse and it almost flows from the stereo (I want to know how it is when they are playing live because they have just one guitar). I don´t know too much about HC so I won´t compare but I hear there for example influences from Earth Crisis but I will not rate this album. Booklet is in modern HC design and you will find all lyrics inside and also promo photo. Who likes hard bands with attitude will appreciate this album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 31.08.2012 •  Buy HERE

Harrington Saints - Pride and Tradition

Longshot Music/Pirate Press - CD - 25:39

420_hs.jpgNew album comes from well known band of US streetpunk scene which you may see in last time on two gigs in Czech Republic during their European tour. I have to say that I know the band just by the name and only one think I know about them is that they are Wes Ham supporters (because of their song on split EP with Booze and Glory - Claret and Blue). Harrington Saints has five pieces line-up and members aren´t youngest and even thinnest. On CD )or LP) which is packed like nice digipack you will find circa 11 songs of melodic American punk rock which you will surely like and some songs sounds even like US Bombs (like the second one called Revolution), but there are also harder stongs (like OCD or Thieves, Liars and Cheats). Songs are about having fun with the band on live gigs (The Kids Want More), about those who hang up their boots and fell into routine of normal life (Jerry was a Skin), crimes of politicians which are openly sold in media (Crime Pays and Thieves, Liars and Cheats), anger to the system which growms in you from teen age to the adult time when you realize how much you have to pay on taxes (Slogans on the Wall), etc… so you can see that these are typical social topics. Most of all I like the song called Bread and Roses which is great singalong and catchy tune. The album is listenable and I have not so many things to criticize, maybe the short playing time. Inside is gatefold booklet with lyrics and photo collage. If you like US bands which are ore into punk rock, Harrington Saints didn´t disappoint you for sure!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 17.08.2012 •  Buy HERE

Hateful - Killbowie Road

Rebellion Records - CD - 46:55

428_hateful.jpgFifth piece of Rebellion Collectors Series CD is third album from Scottish band Hateful called Killbowie Road. The band plays for long time but I think that it is unappreciated although they are playing finest punk rock inspired by the bands like The Clash (parts with two tone guitar and dub bass) and Cock Sparrer for sure. On Killbowie Road you can listen to 11 songs of ultra-melodic music with great vocals of the singer with great rude accent. Compared to the LP from 2009 there is also title song Killbowie Road which has almost 8 minutes and you can listen it as the last song on CD (with many changes in rhythm and also with many unusual musical instruments like piano, acoustic guitar, etc…). Songs which are total hits for me are Credit To The Nation, Cleancut, Truth Decay or New Messiah and their go directly to your head. Also half-acoustic songs are there but they are also very melodic (like song Watching). CD is packed again as a six panel digipack with lyrics and band photos (and again just 250 copies). I have from Hateful just their EP called EP Stars and Stencil but this album really rocks. So if you like melodic singalong songs buy this, it really worth it!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 05.09.2012 •  Buy HERE

I.C.1 - Loud and Proud

PC Records - CD - 42:33

437_ic1_loud.jpgAfter the album Out of Control comes IC1 with second CD called Loud and Proud. We all know who is playing in the band and we also know that the band isn´t PC so if somebody has problem with that fact stop reading the review now. SO CD contains 13 songs in similar style of the first album plus some use of piano (which was also on the first album in song Good Times and Fräulines) and saxophone (here in songs like Never Stop Rocking or Won´t Break Us). CD is again full of melodic music full of singalong refrains with lyrics about memories on golden 80´s when skins rule the streets and football grounds (Rule OK, Best of Times), media (I Won´t Pay), cops (Thin Blue Line), banning the band (Never Stop Rocking, Won´t Break Us), street riots which were in Britain last year (Riot) or classic about skinhead girls (Skinhead Girl). Singer Andy knows how to sing on melodic level (you may see it in the best song for me from the album called Best of Times which has great singalong refrain about the fact that even if we can change the things which we done in the past we won´t do it) but also he knows how to sing rough and chopped (No Surrender). Solo guitar is also great and according to the Oi!/streetpunk style it is on really high level (No Beer Here, Best of Times, Never Stop Rocking, etc… ). Booklet is well done with photos and lyrics but I will prove the quality of the paper but it is detail. If you like their debut album from 2008 which kicked you down on the ground this album didn´t allow you to wake up from this ground. I have nothing to criticize on this album…simply well done!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 08.10.2012

Iron City Hooligns - s/t

Rebellion Records - CD - 22:11

478_ich.jpgDebut CD of this US band which comes from industrial city of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania was released as a digipack as a part of Rebellion Collectors Series but I don´t know number. Iron City Hooligans are playing typical US violent brickwall Oi!/skinhead rock´n´roll with rough vocal (which is very dominant here), sing-along refrains and guitar with light touch of booster effect which is really playful (for example in song In the Dirt). In their music you can also hear touches of old US hardcore. On album you can find ten songs with names like Death from Above, Brass Knuckle Skins, Cities in Ruin, In the Dirt or The Way We Live. I have again just digital format of this album so I can´t speak about booklet but I think it is standard digipack like other stuff from the Collector´s series. All songs are musically equal and the playing time lightly above 20 minutes is enough. Most of all I like songs like Never Heard, Cities in Ruin and the last one The Way We Live. Lyrics (which I just heard) are classics about the workers who built USA, violent streets or way of life. This is for the fans of rougher Oi!music which is not afraid to punch somebody in the face.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: /8  •  Date: 07.01.2013 •  Buy HERE

Iron Cross - Skinhead Glory

TKO/Skinflint Records - EP -

476_ironcross_skinheadglory.jpgRe-edition of EP from 1982 of one of the first US skinheads bands (Washington D.C.) released after 30 years in 250 copies (50 green and 200 red/white copies) on labels TKO Records and Skinflint Records. EP contains 4 songs – the cult one Crucified For Your Sins, Criminal Minds and Fight´Em All on side A and Shadows In The Night on side B. On the first press there was different track instead of Criminal Minds (there is no lyrics on this song inside) called Psycho Skin. Music is rough streetpunk with the spirit of the time when it was recorded so lyrics about how society judge you because of the faults of other, violence on the streets and denying the authorities. Inside graphics and the cover are the same as the version from 1982 so lyrics, two photos, thankslist and few words about the line-up. Great repress of cult EP which inspire many Oi!/punk/HC bands (just have a look on those who covered Crucified song) and I am glad that these represses are made still on vinyl (like repress of Voice of Brooklyn from YDL for example). I am also glad that I have this EP because I think that it will be fastly sold out. If you will have chance to buy it do it, because some of the old stuff (and I am a fan of the new breed bands) is great to have it at home.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 02.01.2013

Jenny Woo/Birds of Prey - s/t

Randale Records - EP -

410_jenny-frankie.jpgOn Randale Records is out another from many split EP´s. Now this split single of Jenny Woo who plays acoustic Oi! music and her band Birds of Prey with regular rockin´ sound. In both songs has some parts Franky Flame with his vocal and piano for sure. Acoustic song from Jenny Woo is called Marching On and it is about the fact that even if you make mistakes in your life and you are unsuccessful in some things you have to keep on marching to prove your qualities to those who didn´t belive in you and who wants to see you down. Slower song with great colourful vocal of Jenny, acoustic guitar, classic sound of the piano and keyboards plus Frankie´s vocal which really fits in. Song from Birds of Prey is called Don´t Wanna be like You and musically it is like from the bands around Chickswick Records spiced up by the keyboards sound which isn´t typical in Oi! music. It is about the fact that you shouldn´t take care about someone´s truth and you shouldn´t behave by the society´s rules. Single is well done in graphical way (oldschool logos from both sides), it contains paper with lyrics and photos and short thankslist to those who made this record real. Good piece for fans of bands like Suckered In or Badlands. I personally prefer harder music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 18.07.2012 •  Buy HERE

Joe Frustration - Beatdown Ballads

Skinhead Beat Records - CD - 33:06

430_joe frustration - ballads.jpgJoe Frustration is singer who you may know from HC band Tears of Frustration or from great Oi! project Across the Hudson. This is his solo CD with ballads just with acoustic guitar (14 songs together) which are spiced by some sketches from legendary movie Taxi Driver. CD was released on German label Skinhead Beat Records. It´s hard to describe in detail the music where is just acoustic guitar so I will try to describe the lyrics more. Ballads are mainly the way how to describe deeper personal feelings and in this way is done also this CD. So there are topics like stereotype short life with very long boring days at work, how man don´t fit into normal society, wounds on soul which hurt sometimes more than physical pain, feeling when the man is lying to himself that everything is good, old friends which you will never see again, etc… So you can see that this is not so positive and stimulant. Booklet is done in simple way just with the lyrics. This is the music on which you have to have mood but after the hearing it will not get better for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6  •  Date: 18.09.2012

Kalevalan Viikingit - I Love You North

Wolf Pact Records/This Means WAR - EP -

466_kvnorth.jpegFourth EP from Ari´s Oi!/vikingrock band Kalevalan Viikingit is out now circa one year after their last album – mini LP called Hail Norden. Now it is out through cooperation of two Spanish labels Wolf Pact Records and This Means WAR Records. EP is released in 300 copies (200 on black and 100 on blue wax) and it contains four songs. Two are in Finnish (Viikingit - Vikings and Eurooppa Tulessa – Europe in Flames) and you will find them on side A. One is English (I Love You North) and the last one is instrumental songs (s názvem Farewell). These two are on side B. Music is again in middle rhythm and it fits well to sung (or spoken) Finnish vocal with plenty of guitar solos which made more viking rock sound then the traditional Oi!. First song compares Vikings with skinhead, second is about current problems in Europe and riots in the city streets, third is about keeping the identity of Fennoscandia area (which includes Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark) and you can listen to acoustic guitar in it. The last song Farewell is acoustic ballad with the sea sounds in it. Line up is three pieces again (Ari sings and plays guitar but on this EP he recorded also bass). Cover is made up in classic viking style and inside it are the lyrics. Simply done thing form the vinyl collectors.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 06.12.2012

Kareliaani - Patriot

This Means WAR Records - EP -

473_kareliaani_patriot.jpgAfter the self-titled CD packed in DVD box comes Ari with his Kareliaani project now on EP (he recorded both guitar and bass again). EP is out on Spanish label This Means WAR in 300 copies (200 with this cover on black wax, 100 with different cover on blue wax). The cover is done by same artist as EP from Kalevalan Viikingit released on WAR and Wolf Pact - E. Tanttu. On EP you can listen to four songs called Von Döpeln and Victory on side A and Patriot and Taistelijat (Warriors) on side B. So we have two songs in English and two in Finnish. First song Von Döpeln is a poem from Finnish national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg from 19th century who is also author of national anthem of Finland. Music is more into viking rock then Kalevalan Viikingit and you should recognize from the tunes of first and last song (especially because of the guitar solos) and I have to say that I like this EP more than stuff from Kalevalan Viikingit. From the song titles you can recognize what are the lyrics about (patriotism, victory after the battle, etc…). Inside the cover are all lyrics.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 21.12.2012

Klasse Kriminale/Albert Fish - We Stand Together

Bandworm Records - EP -

522_kk_af_ep.jpgSplit EP from the last year which was released on Bandworm in limited edition of 250 copies. Each band has there two songs. KK has there A side with two Italian songs Non é Un Gioco (It Is Not A Game) and Riverdrete Ancora Gli Skinheads (don´t know how to trasnalte it). Both songs are taken from CD from 2007 called Strength and Unity. KK always used female vocal and you will hear it also there from the girl Emanuela. Albert Fish has there two English songs We Stand Together and Draw the Line. The first one you may know from the album News from the Front and second one is previously unreleased. The band plays in five (but on the backside there is written that they have three guitar players but I think it is just due to personal changes in the band because they will be like Iron Maiden). Both bands are playing their typical style so it means melodic songs in Italian and also in English and you may know them from regular albums because there is just one new song called Draw the Line which is about the borders that man has to built for the acts of others. Inside is paper with lyrics, photos, band patches and mp3 code for download but the questions is if it is worth to buy because of just one new song. I leave it without rating.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 30.04.2013

Klasse Kriminale/The Old Firm Casuals - Stesso Sangue

Randale Records - EP -

411_ofc_klasse.jpgNext split from Randale Records is Italian-American and it is from well known bands Klasse Kriminale and The Old Firm Casuals (who are becoming the kings of split EP´s I think when you look in their discography and on things which they are preparing). The title of the EP is something like The Same Blood. Split is opened by Italians and songs Davide which is song about murdered fan of Genoa FC. Second song is live version of their well known hit La Ragazza Dalla T-shirt Degli Angelic Upstarts from 2011. OFC has there also two songs (both new) Rat Race and Red, White and Blue. I think I shouldn´t describe Klasse Kriminale´s sound. Davide is textbook example how have to look like Italian Oi! sound – singalong, catchy and melodic. The same goes with the second song (high quality live sound). Rat Race from OFC is slower version about the fact that you wouldn´t bend yourself under the society rules and stereotypes, second Red White and Blue is classical critics of corrupted system and politicians who are loyal to their party and not to their country. I have to say that both songs are really well done like the whole split. Inside is everything that you need – lyrics (by Klass Kriminale also the English translation) and band photos. Good piece.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 19.07.2012 •  Buy HERE

Klassenkapf - Demo

Skinhead Beat Records - CD - 21:04

380_klassenkampf-demo-cd.jpgIn December 2011 was recorded this demo from band called Klassenkampf from Uelzen city in Lower Saxony and it was released in January 2012 on Skinhead Beat Records. Demo was recorded at first in November in rehersal room but it was re-recorded in December in studio (but again “live” not by recording every single instrument and mixed). Demo has title Musik für Arbeitklasse (or something like Music for Working Class) and it contains 8 songs including intro and outro. From these 8 songs are two covers and it is Joe Hawkins from Oppressed (only one English song) and Ich möcht so gern Dave Dudley hör´n which is cover from German country band Truck Stop which was released as a single in 1978. Another song titles are Klassenkampf which is band introduction, then Skinheads never Die and Wie alles began, both about skinhead way of life and about the beginning of being a skinhead and then song called TSV!!! about their local football club. Sound of the album is totally old school mainly the guitar with no booster effect and also drum kit. Booklet has two pages with lyrics on three songs plus a few words about recording from singer Denis. On the back is band photo graphically similar to Section 5 album We Won´t Change. CD is limited to 500 copies (as usual on Skinhead Beat Records) and even if it is demo, it is regularly pressed. If you like older bands which mean skinhead way of life sincere and they didn´t have not so special sound but sound, which goes straight from the heart, this is the band just for you. Again the prize around 4€ is great for the CD with booklet so give them a chance.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 13.04.2012 •  Buy HERE

Last Rough Cause - 1984-2010

Bad Look Records - CD - 36:50

407_lrc-front.jpgLast Rough Cause is the band which comes from Great Britain and I have to say I didn´t know much about them. I know just split LP with Antipati and because of this album I thought that they are pretty new band but I realised that they are just reformed. CD which is released as a enclosure to Polish zine Skinhead Stories (200 copies) you will find 10 songs which maps they evolution from the 80´s till nowadays. First 6 songs are from 80´s (including cover War Stories from The Starjets) and the last 4 are from the 21st century era. CD is packed just in paper cover (no lyrics) but with short band story in the back in Polish. Music is melodic streetpunk which I have to compare to bands like The Crack, Foreign Legion or The Business from the Welcome to the Real World era. I have to say that if I didn´t read about the songs I didn´t recognise the difference between their old and new production because the sound is not so different. There is no weak song on the album and the band really convince me about quality of their music and I have to look for their other albums because it surely worth it. I give “just” 8 because of no lyrics and paper cover but the music is really top class!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 11.07.2012

Marching Orders - Songs of Yesterday

Contra Records/Longshot Music - EP -

416_mo_songs.jpgThis is a tasting single from Marching Orders before their new full length album which contains two songs – their Songs of Yesterday on side A and Mods Skins Punks on B side which is cover from The Professionals, the band of Steve Jonese and Paula Cook after the broke up of Sex Pistols. EP was released in 1000 copies and my version is on white vinyl (with black and white middle in oldschool spirit). Marching Orders are playing melancholic music with lyrics which catch your heart and with you can feel nostalgia and sincerity from them. And in this spirit is their first piece called Songs of Yesterday. It is about the fact how man remembers old songs which he used to hear and he knows every word and these songs becomes an anthems for him. Second songs fits very well to the first one and if you didn´t know that it is a cover, you will surely say that it is from Marching Orders because it really sounds like their songs. There is no paper with lyrics to the vinyl which is pitty because not every word you can hear although Al is singing very clearly, but lyrics on paper are lyrics on paper. Cover is taken from Gavin Watson´s book “Skins”. As a taste before the new album is this absolutely brilliant and I can´t wait to hear the whole album!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 10.08.2012 •  Buy HERE

No Man´s Land - Scattered Around and Buried

Oi!Shop/Ein Flesich Produkt - CD - 40:22

441_nomans.jpgNo Man´s Land is a band which comes from Indonesia (city called Malanf from Java) and they have been playing for 18 years. I really don´t know too much about the band – just the fact that they are playing in four and they have two guitars. On CD you can listen to 16 songs (last three are taken from different albums) and all are in English. For the bands from that part of world is typical the feeling for melody (just check Roots and Boots, ACAB, Suspects A.K.A., etc…) and No Man´s Land fits into this (like in the songs Kids of the Nation, Out of Bounds or No Guts No Glory) but also the bands from this part of world have some kind of “funny” English (also the case of No Man´s Land). Singer has covert voice (maybe it is because of his accent) but it fits well to the music. Sometimes you can hear also female vocal in sing-alongs. The band takes inspiration from English classics like Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects or from newer bands I will compare their sound with Hard Skin. Topics of the lyrics are mostly classics – fights, drinks, unity, hard work and hard life of the common people. Booklet has just two pages but it contains all lyrics, long thankslist and band photos. Interesting is the fact that this album was recorded in 2008 but it was released nowadays. Fans of classic sound will be satisfied with that CD.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 18.10.2012 •  Buy HERE

No Man´s Land - Best Of 1994-2012

Aggrobeat Records - CD - 70:38

481_nomansland-bestof_2.jpgThis is one of the oldest Oi! bands from Indonesia and this CD covers their discography from 1994-2012. CD contains unbelievable 28 songs in English which were re- recorded between 2011-2012 and which come from albums and singles like Pride of the City, We Are Skins and Punks, Grow Away From the Society, etc… Album is packed in digipack and inside is thankslist, some band photos, lyrics to four songs and also some words from the band about the dedication of the songs (to friends who passed out, to victims of demonstrations in 1998, to the crew Depot 97, etc…) Their music is based on English classic bans from 80´s like Cockney Rejects, Last Resort which is not my cup of thea but I have to say that they know how to play and also know how to sing good sing-along. Weakness is their English and I have to say that I didn´t think that other non-english Oi! bands know English in the best way, but the bands from Asia have very weak English but who cares. Really good piece of history of the band which is not so known here (instead of their last album Scattered Around and Buried), so who likes exotic bands just give them a chance and buy it. It is classical best of so I leave it with no rating.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 16.01.2013 •  Buy HERE

Nobody´s Fools - We´ll Show You!

Shout Proud Records - LP -

435_nobodys.jpgAnother hand numbered and limited edition (200 copies, 100 red and 100 black) is out now on Shout Proud Records. It is 10´´ of US band from San José called Nobody´s Fools. It is their material recorded in 2003 which is planned to be released on American Defense Records but it never happened so now it is out on Shout Proud Records. 2 songs (Hooligans in the Night and Bomb the Taliban) you may know from compilation called American Skinheads Armed with Truth Vol.1. On LP is 7 songs and as a bonus you may receive limited CD-R (50 copies) with four more songs (two of them are also on LP - We´ll Show You and Drinkin´ Nights) plus two more called Pub and Ballad of the Mini Mart. Musically it is US OI! with no compromises, patriotic, conservative and tough with rough vocal (typical in songs like Take Back the Scene or We´re on the Streets). Lyrics are about fights, drinking, unity with the punks or about the band opinion on terrorism. Inside you will find paper with lyrics, short story of the band and a few photos and posters from gigs. Cover is done in simple way – just band logo. For the fans of US bands like Boot Party, Last Laugh, Those Unruly or The Pillage is this really must have thing. It will be a rarity one day for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 02.10.2012

Noi!se - Pushing On

Step 1/Longshot Music/Contra Records - CD - 41:22

414_noi!se.jpgNoi!se are one of the most talented bands of nowadays US scene and this CD contains all their recorded songs, which have been released on the vinyl yet. So there are songs from their EP Walk Beside Us, 10´´ This is Who We Are, split EP with The Gestalts and split EP A Better Tomorrow. On all these mentioned stuff you can find review on our web and there is also an interview with the band. So on CD are 14 previously released songs plus one unreleased called War so together 15 songs (including Take´em All from Cock Sparrer). Noi!se are playing faster streetpunk with typical US spirit and sound and one of the most interesting thing in their sound is great changing in vocals of bassist Matt and guitarist Nate. CD is opened with great song Idle Action, then there are songs from split EP with The Gestalts, then from 10´´ and then from their first EP. So the CD maps their discography in retrospective way. Reviews on each EP/LP can be found there so I will not speak about it in details. But the biggest advantage of this CD is that you have ALL their stuff on one CD which is great for playing it in car for example. CD is packed in great digipack with band photos, short story, thankslist and a few words about their discography inside. Well done is also the title side of the album with coat of arms of the band which includes M16 gun and tattoo machine (2 members of the band are soldiers and 2 are tattoo artists). I will not rate this album because it is almost nothing new under the sun but 100% recommended for those who haven´t got gramophone because Noi!se are really on of the top bands of nowadays!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 25.07.2012 •  Buy HERE

Olde York - s/t

Lionheart Records - EP -

496_olde york ep.jpgOlde York is NYHC band which comes from surprisingly from New York and they have just released two full lengths and one split EP. This is second press of this EP which is limited to 200 copies. On EP are 5 songs – on side A their stuff Fall of Men, Liars and On and On which are songs you may know from Shallow World album (released in 2011) and on side B are covers - Don´t Forget the Struggle Don´t Forget the Streets from Warzone and Brighside from Killing Time (which I never heard about). Songs on B side are from 2008. First song is about de-evolution of people and its atmosphere is really dark and depressive especially the slow beginning, second is about how people have to fight the lies of politicians and it is in classic HC rhythm with shouted vocals in refrain. Third one is about stereotype lifestyle which really change you and you didn´t even recognise yourself (in that song is really great guitar solo) Songs are harder but melodic and it isn´t typical HC but the vocal is melodic (mainly in the last song) and it is something like modern sound of NYHC which I really like. Fourth song is classic cover which is known also by me (and I am not a HC fan) and the last one is also cover and it is the hardest song from EP for me. EP has great cover (which was made by some guy from tattoo studio in Aachen), inside is paper with lyrics and some photos (just black and white but OK). Vinyl which I have is black. I like the attitude and conception of Lionheart Records (vinyl and zine) but I don´t understand too much why are they releasing previously released songs fom full length CD´s (just see the future review on The Righteous). But anyway OK stuff for good money but I leave it without rating because it is nothing new.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 27.02.2013

Oldfashioned Ideas - Promises Means Nothing

Switchlight Records - CD - 37:33

330_oldfashioned_promises.jpgSecond full length album from this three piece band from Malmö is out on their home label, Switchlight Records. Album is called Promises Means Nothing and it is packed like digipack. Their drummer also plays in Vindicate This. On album you will find 16 songs in English in style of their previous works so it means angry, full of energy, critical and from heart played streetpunk with ideas in lyrics and also musical part. They know how to play realy angry punk (like the first song Teambuilding or No Authority) but also melodic stuff with singalong (like View from the Terraces pt.1 i 2, Grown Ups of Today, Ordinary Man or Rejected for example), but also a pub ballad (A Nice Little Pub). Topics of the lyrics are about working class attitude and difficult role of working class in nowadays society, but also their pride which isn´t common for those above (song Teambuilding for example which is about the fact that on this type of actions people go because of free booze and not because of loyalty to your employer or Rejected which is about the promises from politicians which 100% fail or The Janitor), about the fact that punk rock is more that every different style of music (Backbone), safety on the streets which looks like different in day or in night (Home Alive), football (View from the Terraces pt.1 and 2 ), about young kids who have to stand up and laugh in face to all people who are hidden between the fake smiles of facade (Grown Ups of Today), pub and booze (A Nice Little Pub or One more Round) or ordinary people who aren´t successful in every job they do but their complaints aren´t heard by anybody (Ordinary Man). Digipack is in great quality – it means lyrics and many photos from the gigs (band has played in Germany or Italy for example) and photos from old times like airships, ships, planes, factories, etc...(relationship with the name of the band). Great piece for those who have their previous releases and for other it is good opportunity to get in touch with good band.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8+  •  Date: 25.01.2012 •  Buy HERE

Open Violence - Rock´n´Roll Blitzkrieg

Aggressive Zone Records - LP -

328_open violence blitz.jpgSo the time is come and after the demo CD, mini CD/LP and limited split EP here we have first full length album from German band Open Violence on CD but also on LP (500 pieces, 178 yellow and 322 black). On LP you will find 16 songs, 15 in German nad one English cover – Dead Cities from The Exploited. I really like all their previous stuff because their angry and forceful streetpunk is really great so I was looking forward to their full length. They play in three and their music really rocks thanks to experiences from Kampfzone or Last Riot. Band know how to play hard as nails songs (like Negativer Trend or Gewalt und Hass) but they also plays slower songs with guitar and bass solos (like apocalyptic but every day closer to reality song called Schöne Welt about the life in wasted land). Lyrics and music is similar to the bands like Bombecks or Kampfzone – themes about street wars (Gewalt und Hass), unity of the kids (Sound der Strasse), refusing corrupt politicians and their values (Veraten und Verkauft), about punk rock which you may find on the pages of big companies catalogue, for those it is just a subject how to make more money (Punk Rock Supermarkt), clockwork (Horrorshow), booze (Party), etc…nothing new under the sun, but the band admit it in song Alte Schule. Songs are well balanced and the album is compact. It has great cover art (with many band photos on the back side of the cover), inside is paper with lyrics and some illustrations. It is hand numbered. The title of the album fits very well to the band style because it is really typhoon. Great music and great album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 23.01.2012 •  Buy HERE

Operace Artaban - Prozření

Rabiát Records - CD - 49:00

376_oa.gifLong time awaited CD is here. The title Insight is because of the shift to the patriotic right wing side and distance from all the PC bullshit - no problem for me with this fact because I found nothing extreme on this. On CD you can find 13 songs in Czech language spiced up with Brno dialect so I think that many people will not understand some things. Lyrics are mostly about well prosthetic minority which is little cliché for me but this doesn´t mean that they aren´t right. There could be just one song to this theme – the best song from the album – Nasraný chlapi (Angry men) which is straight to the point, hard music and lyrics taken from the life reality of nowadays. Singer Udavac sings much more better so I think that it is good that he is singer and he didn´t sing just by the police investigation. Song dedicated to Skinhead Girls I really miss on their albums so I am glad that they make this one. But I think that if it is has been composed by man – Skinhead it will be on different feeling level. Bois have also classic song about football rivalry called Zbrojovka (club from Brno). When I pass over nonsense nag to friends I can rename this song to “We have paranoia from Prague”. I was satisfied with traditional village song with different lyrics again taken from the reality of life. Summary of the CD will be something like return to the traditions of bands like Orlík or Daniel Landa. Musically and in combination with lyrics is similar to Buldok but sometimes it is more into metal for me but this is the style of the band which wasn´t never pure Oi!punk. You have to think about most lyrics which aren´t in primitive style let´s get drunk and beat everybody. I really like the cover and also the booklet. With great graphic art and pictures which are related to the lyrics. This is the work of skinhead graphic of the decade! Supoort this by buying this piece and make your own opinion about this after hearing it and reading the lyrics. It is good and I am going to listen it ones more because this are my feelings after first hearing. Oi! BOOTWEISER One of my favourites Oi! bands Operace Artaban released CD after 4 years. So it it a must have stuff for me and also to write a few words about it. The band always move their style forward with every single album which they have released and till this album I like most their older piece „Společenství dobráků“ this time has changed and this piece “Prozření” is on many levels above it and I really didn´t expect too much melodies, ideas and lyrics. On the last album „1-2-3-Oi!“ I miss the straight forward of the music which is here for sure. The same goes with lots of positive energy, pleasure from music and hyperbole in lyrics. From the music and lyrics you can feel that it wasn´t play by fanatics who see the world just in black and white but by people who aren´t 18 years old and who want to give piece of their experience to their children. And this is next fact which I like by the band, they didn´t stuck in the past but they still going on their road which is influenced by the reality of life. But stop speaking and be more concrete. So the hits from this album are for me the first one called Kult (Cult) which is about the classic pride on skinhead cult which isn´t about the clothes but about your feeling inside your heart. Really ass kicking music and pleasant surprise for the beginning. Song has great melody like Alkehol or Konflikt with great vocal of singer Udy with lot of energy. Next good song is the fourth one called „Dejavu“ (check youtube for video to this song). Againg cool melody with positive atmosphere where dads are playing with their kids like themselves where they were young. The whole album is good but next surprise is tenth song „Když sem já měl po robotě“ (When I Go Back Home from Work) which is traditional from Moravian village with violin, acoustic guitar and again with great vocal with tongue in cheek lyrics again from the nowadays reality. But they also keep on playing their classic hard songs like the twelfth piece „Přání“ (Wish) which is from the beginning till the end in metal rig and it is about the fact that money are important but the health is just one. Album is full of great songs and the weak one could be found maybe with the use of magnifier. All this is supported by great colourful booklet with lyrics in Czech and English, great graphics and comments to the songs. This is no kind of paid advertising but the reality of new album and style of Operace Artaban. Oi! URBY
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Orgullo Sur - A Tribute to British Oi!

Mother Fuckin´ Sounds - EP -

449_orgullo sur - tribute to british oi.jpgMother Fuckin´ Sound is releasing vinyl of this Chilean band with really clear name. On EP you can find 4 covers of well known hits from British bands so We´re Coming Back from Cock Sparrer and Backstreet Kids from Skrewdriver on side A and Someone´s Gonna Die from Blitz and Skinhead from Combat 84 on side B. Really cool is the fact that all songs are sung by woman which is really change compared to classical cover of these songs (except Backstreet Kids from The Veros). What should I write about the covers which most of you know and on which most of people grown so I will go straight to the cover of the EP. It is packed in nice gatefold with big thansklist (including also 3 zines from Czech Republic and 2 from Slovakia), then paper with lyrics (I don´t know if this is necessary because of the covers) and band photo. Plus there is also CD with songs which are on EP. EP is limited to 500 copies. I leave it without rating because even if it is well done and packed also well it is “just” cover release and I will look forward to their split EP with Légitime Violence or their solo EP Por Siempre Skinhead.
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Orgullo Sur - Por siempre Skinhead

This Means WAR/Southerner Records - EP -

471_os_por_siempre.jpgEP from Chilean band Orgullo Sur which was released in limited edition of 200 copies and half of them have different cover then second half. Cover which you see on the left is from WAR Records, version from Southerner Records (which is their debut release by the way) is different (also the inner side) and it will be more difficult to buy this version here in Europe. On EP you can listen to three brand new songs – the title one Por Siempre Skinhead! (Skinhead Forever) on side A and Botas y Violencia (Boots and Violence) and Traidores (Traitors) on side B. All songs are in Spanish and compared to their last EP called A Tribute to British Oi! here is the main vocal male again. From the song titles (even if you don´t know Spanish) you may find what are their about. Music is similar to their full length album so melodic songs in middle rhythm with vocal which isn´t rough and from their music you can recognize that the band loves UK Oi! and I will compare their sound with The Business from the Welcome to the Real World era. Inside the cover are all lyrics, nice band photo (by the way on the cover photo of European version there is one band member) and thankslist with all labels, people and bands which are supporting Orgullo Sur. If you like their full length album don´t hesitate and buy this one (if you will find it somewhere) or look forward to their next full length with 12 brand new songs called „Oi! Patriotic“ or to their split EP with Legitime Violence.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 19.12.2012

Paris Violence - Salome 1900


479_Salome 1900.jpgThe last record from Paris Violence for now with two songs called Salome Fin-De-Siecle on A side and Tres 1900 on B side. These songs were taken from Rivages de la tristesse recording season back in 2009. EP is made in violet color and it is limited to 500 copies. I like on Paris Violence (instead their atypical music which you surely heard somewhere) their covers because they are always interesting. Now it is professional photo from photograph or model whose work you may find under the name LNOR Sang Froid. Also their lyrics are atypical as usual dealing with history (France and Japan), dandyism, fin de siècle, absinth, decadence, etc…simple completely different than classic Oi! with beer, sausage and hate lyrics. I can´t speak French and the lyrics which are both inside are too long for me to re-write them into translator but Salome is about the character from Bible and its glorification at the end of 19th century in literature and music as femme fatale. Second one Tres 1900 is about the life at the end of century I think. Both songs contain all Paris Violence musical elements – keyboards, synthetic drum-kit, equalizer, heavy metal guitars and great atmosphere full of darkness and horror (like from H. P. Lovecraft stories). The pity is (and I underline this almost in every Paris Violence review) that the lyrics are not translated into English because I think that they are surely interesting. A must have for the fans of the band!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 08.01.2013

Pass the Bottle - Minsk Oi!

Poink Records - EP -

419_ptb_ep.jpegNext release on German label Poink Records is this 7´´ from Belarus Oi! Band called Pass the Bottle from the capital city Minsk. Poink Records are making just limited editions and this is strongly limited to 100 copies and it is sold out now I think. Ep is done with big hole in the middle so you need reduction for playing it. I don´t know anything about the band so I can´t tell you how long they are playing or how is their line-up. On EP you can listen to 4 songs in their mother tongue called Intro, Minsk Oi!, MSHP and Subbota but the lyrics which you can find on the paper near EP are translated into English (which is great). Lyrics are antifascist and traditionalist. Music is similar to Polish bands mainly because of the Slavic vocal and also because of the melody (song Minsk Oi! Is like from All Bandits, whose will have also EP soon out through the label, and you may check this song on youtube on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SqvFo1T9mY) which means great streetpunk. The biggest hit is Subbota (Saturday for sure). Cover is done as a photo collage of things typical for Belarus like Lukashenko, old women on market, hockey players, cops and in the middle is Minsk coat of arms. On the back side is Belarus coat of arms. To the EP is added above mentioned paper with lyrics (in English). But again the cover is smaller than EP itself :). If you like Russian bands like Kids of the Street or Bystreet you will like also Pass the Bottle but I have no idea where you will buy this EP now.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 15.08.2012

Patriot - The Spirit of Rebellion

Randale Records - CD - 36:41

451_patriot_spirit.jpgUS band which was founded in the beginning of 90´s has made this reunion and they released this album (CD and LP also) called The Spirit of Rebellion. In their previous discography was no bad album for me and most of all I like Another Dead Generation with hits like Best of Friends, You and Me or Two Faced Times so I was quite curious how will band sound after the reunion. Band is playing in five with Eddie Oakes on vocals and I don´t know other band members so I can´t say if they played in Patriot before or not (but I think not) or if they have any experience with other bands. On CD you can listen to 13 songs and if you think that Patriot change their style during the break don´t be afraid. It is still well played streetpunk with dominant in Eddie´s voice which is not hard, sing-alongs, guitar with playful solos and bass which isn´t afraid to use higher tunes and strings. You can hear there also two tone guitar in song Hate City (A Babylon My Own). Greatest hit for me is the second song called Evil Eye which is about Big Brother and cameras which keeping their eye on you. Other lyrics are about exploiting the working class by corrupt politicians, jail, paranoid visions, hard life of miners, etc…Booklet is standard as usual on releases by Randale Records – lyrics, photos and big thankslist. On CD is printed stars of 13 founding states of US and under it are the stripes which together make the first flag of USA. I think that it is great comeback!!
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Pinta Facile - Ieri...Oggi

Scarred for Life Records - CD - 30:28

423_pinta.jpgSecond album of Italian band which comes from Rome and the title can be translated like Yesterday…Today. Band plays in four and it is a bunch of tattooed skins and one hc guy who isn´t afraid of tattoos too (tattooed face). On album you can listen to 12 songs from which are 11 in Italian (but thy lyrics in booklet are also in English) and one English cover - City Baby Attacked by Rats from GBH. The band sings about prejudice which has society against skins (Quello che pensate), no politics as a way of life (La mia politica skinhead and No Politica), the power of streetmusic (La Tua Musica) or work, which drags you down (Io non ci sto´!). Musically the band could be placed in the box called “Italian Oi!” because they play melodic Oi!, but compared to other Italian bands they are playing middle rhythm and they are harder. Typical Italian Oi! songs are La Tua Musica, Ribelle and Vomito. Really great hits. In booklet are bilingual lyrics as I wrote before and nice band photo when they had faces of famous politicians instead of their. So thanks to this picture you can imagine Obama with tattooed hands – great idea!
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Plakkaggio HC - Approdo

Strength Thru Oi!/Tuscia Clan/Pull the Trigger - CD -

593_plak_a.jpgThis is third album from Italian band which mix in their music streetpunk, HC and black metal. CD is called Approdo which has many meanings but according to the cover I think that the right meaning is Landfall. The band plays in three pieces. CD contains 16 songs and instead of two (beginning of Tribute to Bathory and Another Black Metal Anthem) are sung in Italian (and the last two are taken from demo record). Music is softer then on previous album Fronte del Sacco but metal riffs are still there like in the songs Cernunnos or Another Black Metal Anthem. There are also plenty of solos (like in songs Il Valico, Degrado, Congrega,...) and when you think that they are playing just in three it is great and I am curious how they are playing live. Sometimes there is an acoustic start of the song (like in Tribute to Bathory or Il Valico). In some songs you can hear also keyboards. Vocal is normal and clear so no fake roughness and hardness and there is also changing in vocals (like in song Sisma where rough vocal is changing to the higher one). Greatest song for me is Suoni Nelle Tasche (Sound in Pockets), which reminds me Whiskey in the Jar from Metallicy (or better to say from Thin Lizzy). I am not so much oriented in this kind of genre so I look down the web and yes it is this cover. Maybe you can think that 16 songs are too many but the playing time si circa 2 minutes in average. As I wrote on the previous review it is really interesting mixture and it is not for everyone. I like metal music like Darkthrone, Emperor or Bathory so I like also this mixture of street styles and black metal. CD was send to me just in digital form but I will buy it for sure.
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Prohibice - Hej Slovane!

DIY - CD -

413_prohibice.jpgSecond album of (nowadays disbanded) band from Prague Prohibice is out now and again released as DIY album. The band has change in line up on second guitar and also they have some female vocals, piano and accordion in some songs. Acording to the title (Hey Slav!) you can see that the band (or some of their members) are now more into pagan metal stuff (which was the reason for disbanding the band because everyone wants to play different style of music) with many folk instruments. Maybe it was something like an idea to make a parallel to the Viking rock stuff – Slavic rock with lyrics about Slavic mythology. This you can find in the lyrics of the band like the title song Hej Slovane! (Hey Slav!), Slovanská stráž (Slavic Guard) or Bitva (Battle). There are also typical Oi!/streetpunk lyrics like Sladká pomsta (Sweet Reevenge), 1984, Hippie skins or Prohibice jede dál (Prohibice Still Goes On which is great simple punk rock melody which catch you after the first hearing by the lyrics and also music). There are also some more serious topics like euthanasia problem in song Právo na smrt (Right to Die) or Skinhead Bitch which is Skinhead Girl cover and it is “ode” to all whores in scene. The band doesn´t forget to write a song about Foglar´s world (Czech writer of adventurous books for the boys). Together you can listen to 11 songs. Cool is that lyrics in the booklet are both in Czech and English. Inside is also thankslist plus some band photos. CD is released in 100 copies and I really don´t know if they will make some other copies because of broke up. CD is more melodic compared to the first one but it is hard to say if the band please the fans by changing their style because of the conservative taste of the Oi!/streetpunk fans. Check some songs on their web www.bandzone.cz/prohibice and you will know if it is worth buying but as I say – support the scene especially the local one!
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Projekt Oi! - Mormors Krog

Oi! Ain´t Red Records - CD - 38:50

440_Projekt Oi-mormors krog.jpgProjekt Oi! is brand new band from Sweden and this is their debut album released through Oi! Ain´t Red Records. When I saw the name band I didn´t really expect anything special because of the “originality” of the title but at the end I was pleasantly surprised. The title of the album Mormors Krog means something like Grandma´s Tavern and also the graphics of the cover shows that boys like to drink. The band plays in four but they have two guitars. On CD you can listen to 11 songs which 9 of them are in Swedish and 2 in English (including one traditional song Drunken Sailor). Music is typical for Swedish bands – rough vocal, catchy sing-alongs, guitar solos and time to time use of acoustic guitar (Don´t Worry Mama and Drunken Sailor). It is the mixture of bands like Battle Scarred, Oldfashioned Ideas and Agent Buldogg. Lyrics are about tattoos (and the fact that ink didn´t make a criminal from you), booze and the morning after, getting fired from the work or about the hate to normal people who are enslaved by the society conventions. In booklet you will find all ylrics, many photos from the pub, gig or studio and thankslist in Swedish. Really pleasant surprise and I recommend this to everyone who likes good and sincere music.
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Pug Uglies - Gunpowder for the Dogs

Rebellion Records - EP -

491_the_pug_uglies.jpgPug Uglies is US streetpunk band from the Boston are which has already released two albums and the last one called Minimum Wage was out in 2005 also on Rebellion Records and I think that this is they first new stuff from that time. This EP is out as a part of Rebellion Collector´s Series no. 5 (330 copies). EP contains standard four songs - Down Tonight and Villains ond side A and No Goodbye and Gunpowder for the Dogs (greatest song for me from this EP) on B side. Band play in four but they have two guitars. They are playing melodic streetpunk in middle (and sometimes in faster) rhythm and who likes the bands like Dockside Hookers, Dropkick Murphy´s but also US Bombs for example (I hear them in the first song) will surely like also Pug Uglies. Interesting is the vocal of the singer which is very covert. Music is not also too hard or heavy. I like also the cover because I like atypical and original graphics (like the last EP from Badlands). But again no lyrics inside (as usual on Collector´s Series). Cool EP.
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Raise Your Pitch - Tutti Appesi

DIY - CD -

632_raise_your_pitch_-_tutti_appesi.jpgRaise Your Pitch is punk band from the city of Rome and it was founded back in 2009 in classical four piece line up. On the album you may listen to ten songs of faster punk. From these ten songs are seven in English and three in Italian (which are quite faster then the English ones – like the second one Tutti Appesi, with quite good guitar soli and you may feel the “fact” that makes Italian bands so melodical – like the song Tappo di Cerume). This Italian feeling is heard also in the Engish songs (like in Innocence Lost, Chainsaw Breakout or the first one against cops Wearing a Uniform). But the English has big Italian accent (as usual) but who cares. Other songs are called Never Again, I´m Sick, The Dead Rise or the title one Raise Your Pitch. The band send CD just in digital format so I don´t have too much words to describe booklet. This bands is for those who likes straightforward punk.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 22.01.2014

Raufhandel - Unser Name is Gesetz

Randale Records - CD - 53:25

409_rauf.jpgRaufhandel is streetpunk band from Swiss city Zurich and the title of the album means something like “Our Name is Law”. From Switzerland I know just Vanilla Muffins so I really look forward to hear some other band from this country. Band has also good relationship with Czech republic, they played on Streetkids festival some years ago and I think that some of them also organised gig of three Czech Oi! bands in Zurich. The band plays in five pieces so it means that they have two guitars and it is quite good mixture of punks and skinheads. On album you can listen to 13 songs (14 because there is one hidden track if you wait for a while after the last song) all in German language. Musically it is middle rhythm with lead guitar short solos and roaring bass in the background which makes the music harder. It is similar to some new stuff from Ultimo Asalto which are not so rough like their early stuff or Bombecks (mainly because of their last song called Feuersturm). Lyrics are about unity, lies of politicians who are just making promises on election day, drinking, football and all the fun around, refusing the drugs and nonsense of wars in foreign countries. Most of all I like songs like Die Multinationalen, slower Fremde Ziele or title piece Unser Name ist Gesetz. In booklet you will find all lyrics and some band photos. I think that the band will be for those who like harder music (check the band which I mentioned above).
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Razorblade - Singles Collection

Rebellion Records - CD - 35:39

402_razor_singles.jpgThis is singles collection from Razorblade (except Trot sen Vrij and the last one Banks of the River Maes) which is together 9 songs from singles and 4 from compilations (I recognize just Oi!the Support and Rosalyn benefit compilations). So from the English sung singles we have there stuff from Shitting out Nails and split with Suckered In and then German stuff from Die Jungs/Hart Wie Stahl and Musik Für Spinner/Wij Zijn In De Stad. Together 13 songs which can be hardly found if you haven´t got gramophone or the compilations. CD cover is done according to Music für Spinner single which is one of most original and brutal covers I ever see by the Oi! band. I personally prefer English stuff from Razorblade so songs like Made of Steel, Skinheads on the Dancefloor or Brand new Day which are from compilations and they are more into the old style of the band. I also like them more because I have all singles and just one compilation so most of them are unknown for me. Inside the digipack are all lyrics, cover and back sides of the singles and information about the pressing. As I wrote before if you haven´t got gramophone and you are interested in Razorbalde stuff in last 3 years, buy this. Limited to 280 pieces. I leave it without rating because it is compilation.
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Razorblade - Days of Glory

Rebellion Records - CD - 27:05

442_razorblade_days.jpgThis is 6th studio album of this Dutch band Razorblade. Compared to their previous album Gegen die Masse, which was in German, here is one biggest difference and it was the fact that they returned to the English (but one song there is in Dutch). Next change is that they have new guitar player Michiel (who plays also in Bruiserheads) and Wouter is just singing. On album is 11 songs (including instrumental intro), 9 is in English (including Badlands cover Back in History and title song from single Banks of River Maes) and 1 is in Dutch (Stormwind). The band also returned to their older and rougher sound without touches of deutsch rock and you can hear it strongly in songs like True Grit, Warrior Tribe, Long Road Ahead (the best song from the album for me) or Stormwind (with great singalong vocals). Topics of the lyrics are old glory, because you shouldn´t have fancy car or good job to rule the streets and bars, fight against system, skinhead as a warrior´s tribe, simple life which is OK for us or love to your city and area which you come from. Booklet and cover is done just in black/white with all lyrics and many photos from the gigs (the black/white format really gives cool atmosphere to them). Album is really well done and it includes many songs which you will surely like. I have to listen to it more than one time to find out its qualities but if you do it also you will surely appreciate its qualities. One small minus is the length of it.
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Razorblade - Banks of the River Maes

Rebellion Records - EP -

396_razorblade_banks.jpgof Backstreet Batallion. But Wouter also prepares collectors series of EP´s and the first one from this is single from Razorblade as a taste from prepared Razorblade album – Days of Glory. On EP which is limited to 275 pieces are two songs - Banks of the River Maes and This is Our Life (check the video to the song http://youtu.be/x0hwOubvEpA). From the song titles you may see that the band returned to English, which is good for me. Banks of River Maes is melodic song and Wouter really mitigates his rough voice (especially in refrain) and it is about the fact that man always love the place where he were born and grow up even if it is a shithole. Second song is more rough and Razorblade is returning there little bit to their older style. The song title speaks for itself. This Ep was recorded in five pice line up, Wouter just sings and new guitarist is Michiel from The Bruiserheads. There are no lyrics but many good photos from their gig with Condemned 84 for example. Cool piece.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 25.05.2012 •  Buy HERE

Razorcut - Combative Attitude

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music - EP -

425_razorcut.jpgThis second EP from Rebellion Collectors Series is debut of next brand new Aussie band called Razorcut which is band with members of Slick 46. EP is out thanks to cooperation of Rebellion Records and Longshot Music. Line-up is similar to Stranglehold – it means two guys and two girls (Flea on guitar and Doz on bass whose are making perfect backing vocals). EP is limited to 250 copies and it was released on black and white wax. On EP are four songs called Just Another Day, Combative Attitude, We Were Young and Battles. Compared to Stranglehold it is not so punky and it has sound more similar to bands like Marching Orders and I hear there also The Business and also other classic bands from British isles. Razorcut aren´t afraid to make singalong refrains – why no especially with the use of female vocal. EP is well graphically done and there are good band photos and thankslist. But again no paper with lyrics inside which is pity but the vocal is clear. By this EP I have to make a comparison with their colleagues from Stranglehold and I have to say that I like Razorcut little bit more.
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Ressiduo - Nuestra Tierra

Shout Proud Records - EP -

369_residuo_ep.jpgRessiduo is the band which comes from the city called Medellion in the middle of Columbia. The band plays from 2006 and in 2010 they released album called Estandarte del Caos. On the album were 12 songs and from these songs four were chosen on this EP - Estandarte del Caos (Banner of Chaos), 40 Aňos (40 Years), Nuestra Tierra (Our Land) and Columbia (Columbia). EP was released on Shout Proud Records and I think that it is sold out already (just 100 black copies and 50 yellow). Title song Estandarte del Caos is slower one with metal guitar and spoken vocal at the beginning but at the end it will go to the really violent style run by the vocal in Spanish (like when you listen to Ultimo Asalto or Non Servium). Lyrics is about how warriors from the frozen tombs arise under the banner of chaos and the warriors will be punks and skins. Next song is about 40 years of skinheads and it is more straightforward. Columbia is about the situation in Columbia – drug barons, guerrillas and corrupt state which also tries to bury the truth. In the parts of strophe the vocals are changing and the song is harder again, but its hardness is from the beginning to the end. The last song is called Nuestra Tierra and it is about the land or better to say the part of the land - province called Antioquia and the song is most melodic one from the EP. To the EP is added paper with lyrics in Spanish and English (same format as by Bronco Army/Bulldroogs split). Rare collector item recommended to the fans of harder music (if they bought it).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 28.03.2012

Retaliator - Lionhearted

In Exile Music - CD - 43:57

370_retaliator_lion.jpgRetaliator is back and they are preparing new album. This was the information from the beginning of the last year but for the album we have to wait till the March of 2012. Line up on Lionhearted album is similar to Patriotic Alcoholics line up. The last album Beyond the Cold Light of Day were really melancholic and really calm with no angry anthems like Bridge too Far. So I was curious about the sound of this album. I think that it is not as angry (except some songs like Spitting Bullets bullets) as we were used to by their older stuff but it is more into older sound and to the sound from Beyond the Cold Light of Day for sure (but some songs like Crucified are more into this sound). On album you can listen to 13 songs including one cover from Criminal Tendecies (the name which had Condemned 84 till 1984) Big Brother and this lyrics (written circa 30 years ago) has really sense now in the time when state is really watching you very closely. Retaliator´s music is based mainly on more metal guitar in middle rhythm which will cut you slowly under the skin and time to time solo will make this guitar blade sharper. Lyrics are still on the same level – with UNCOMPROMISING. So the examples of the songs are Are you Lionhearted (do you fight or hide when the war on the streets become reality?), Suicide Squad (dedicated to private Robert Leatherby who died in the 1st WW and really one of the best songs on the album), about local wankers and losers (Skinny Tin Ribs), the difficulty of life which is not so fair to you but you have to stand proud instead of this fact (This Soul of Mine), about the unforgiveness and the fact that we are undesirable make us stronger (The Unforgiven IV, really melodic piece), anthem for all bands who didn´t join the mainstream crowd and who still do what they want and who didn´t need any booking agencies (Ducking Reficulous – other great song which makes the people with same attitude stronger), how man loose the illusions and the innocent of childhood (The Kid that Died – also melodic song), etc… Retaliator released this album on (I think their) label In Exile Music with well-arranged booklet with photos from recording session, lyrics and short thankslist. I can (or I have to) say that the album is really great skinhead rock with attitude, not so angry as in previous albums but still ass kicking…so full points for sure and best greetings to the band and other bands and projects of their members (Condemned 84, Balefire). And some suggestion for the band…what about the re-edition of Feel the Power EP?
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 29.03.2012 •  Buy HERE

Rudere - Il Nostro Destino

Strength Thru Oi!/Pull the Trigger/Skins Rules - CD -

608_rudere.jpgRudere is an Italian band which comes from the city called Montenero di Bisaccia and they are playing in four piece line up. This is their debut album and the title means something like Our Destiny. Mini CD contains six songs and all are in Italian language - Ancora Qua (Still Here), Noi! (We), 3, Un Sabato Qualunque (Usual Saturday), Il Nostro Destino and Finto Ribelle (Fake Rebel). Sound of the band is rougher because I think it was not recorded in usual studio. From the music you can feel that guitarist is not afraid to do solos and he plays some. It is classical singalong Italian Oi! in middle/faster rhythm with punk sounding. Vocal is also typical for Italian bands – no rough stuff but I think it is quite impossible to sing roughly in that language. The best is title song Il Nostro Destino with great melodic guitar at the beginning. Lyrics are about alcohol, refusing of politics, internet heroes, etc… - classic. Booklet are done on two pages containing all lyrics and thankslist but no photos. Cover is done as a oldschool tattoo – bottle of booze, swallows, roses. I don´t know where to buy it, the band send it by themselves. Sympathetic band according to their attitude because there are not so many bands in Italy like this. Music can be better (especially the sound) but we will see after next recording.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6  •  Date: 25.11.2013

Saints & Sinners - Skinhead Times

KB Records - CD -

453_5271_0.jpgThe band Saints & Sinners was born a few months ago in fact and it has many fans and anti-fans also. Their first album is released on KB Records and the band plays many concerts around the Europe. If it is good so quick growth we can see in future. But what about their music in oi!rocknroll style…? The first song „Skinhead 4 Life“ is in a medium pace with chorals and there is a vocalist of Bad Co. Project – Sucker. This song has a video also and the lyrics is about classic theme „skinhead & punk rock is way of life“. In the second song „Last Of The Gang“ there is Jenny Woo as a vocalist. The song is a little faster and more energy with very good melody. Typical live show song is the fifth „Raise Your Glass“ - „Raise your glass, raise your voice. Weekend is here, let´s make some punkrock noise.“ Other good songs are the eighth „Stick Together“ and the ninth „Our City“. The whole album is a good job and it offers music which is not typical in CZ scene. It would be good if there is a little faster songs but it can be in future… Nevertheless, it is known that they are very good musicans with punkrock hearts. Everyone can judge if it is true oi!. I have to say it is the good music which was missing in czech scene. Let´s wish Saints & Sinners success…
Author: Urby  •  Rating:  •  Date: 12.11.2012 •  Buy HERE

Saturdays Heroes - Backyard Troubadour

Bandworm Records - EP -

455_saturdays_heroes_bt.jpegSwedish punk rock band which have released their debut called Set to Sail on Bandworm Records is releasing now their new EP called Backyard Troubadour (again on Bandworm). EP is red and it is limited to 500 copies and inside you will find also the patch of the band. EP contains 3 songs, from which are 2 from the band – title one Backyard Troubadour on A side ond the first one on B side called. Then there is one more song – cover from Dropkick Murphys - Get Up from cult album Do or Die. The band plays in four but they have two guitars and in one song you can also hear mouth organ. First song Backyard Troubadour is about backstreet guitarist, who is free and do what he wants in the crazy rhythm of modern world and society, second is about the boy who join the navy and have to go overseas to war. Do not expect anything harder, this is really chewing gum punk rock and the inspiration from US punk rock bands (great singalong refrains, the sound of guitar). Both songs from them contain great guitar solos. Cover of the EP is made in oldschool tattoo style – anchor, rose and swallow. Inside is the patch and paper with lyrics and band photo. This is more for the fans of melodic stuff and punk rock. I like the debut album of the band and I like also this EP. Check their video to the title song on http://youtu.be/D7-48UFTlIc.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 16.11.2012 •  Buy HERE

Secret Army - Crush the Remains

Contra Records/Longshot Music - CD - 37:25

400_secret_army_crush.jpgSecret Army ism Spanish streetpunk band from Barcelona and drummer of this band is Willy who you may know from Ultimo Asalto. Band plays in three and compared to Ultimo Asalto they are singing in English. And also compared to them their music is really much softer. It is calm streetpunk/punkrock with light touches of rock´n´roll like Rose Tattoo. It really reminds me Marching Orders in some songs (New Direction for example) but their style is much softer but the melancholy remains. Lyrics are about how you should be ready for the fact that someone can assault you (Combat Ready), because times are tough, returning back from the abroad gig with hangover (Sleepless in Stockholm) or skinhead way of life (Where We Come From) – best song from the album for me or confession of member of French foreign legion (Fighting Man). No hard music but i think that you have to have mood for this album. For the fans of Marching Orders and calmer music a must have album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 19.06.2012 •  Buy HERE

Shaven Heads - Wochenende/Alter Freund

Pride and Passion Records - EP -

334_shaven_heads.jpgAfter four songs which show us the music of Shaven Heads on three split For the Love of Rock and Oi! is out two songs EP on DIY label of the band Pride and Passion Records. Songs were recorded during the same session in Arpil 2011 but the EP was released now. The songs are Wochenende and Alter Freund. The first is about weekend and drinking everything which is liquid and hangover till normal working days. The second is about friendship which can stood against the whole world. Both songs are melodic with good playful guitar solos typical for German Oi! bands nowadays but their sound are more classic and even they play just in three pieces it surely worth hearing. EP was released in 200 copies and 2 versions of cover. One is with the photo from the live show (150 pieces) and the second is modified cover from Böhse Onkelz EP Kill the Hippies from 1981 (50 copies, handnumbered). To the EP is added paper with lyrics and the EP itself is done i old school style like EP from Glory Boys – just stamp with side and the title of the song and black and white graphic. New young band which respects the old school and the roots of the cult. Have a look after the EP because it will be surely sold out especially the one with Onkelz cover.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 01.02.2012

Shock Waves - s/t

Spirit of the Streets Records - EP -

663_swep.gifShock Waves is band from Spanish city called Pamplona (which is called Iruňa in Basque language so I hope I did not make some faux pas at the beginning of the review :)) which plays in classic four. This is their debut released back in 2012 in 250 copies together with the download code. On EP is Intro plus three English songs called Another Girl, Working Class Heroes and Proud of Your Past. Their music is really melodic streetpunk which can be compared to Badlands, Evil Conduct (the guitar in Another Girl sounds like Han´s guitar) and Vanilla Muffins. What is little bit weird is English of the singer (and I thought that Italian language is the weirdest :)) or better to say his accent. The strophes and lyrics have sense the vocal is melodic (like in refrain of Working Class Heroes), but the accent is really funny. The band plays in middle rhythm, they are not in hurry and you may feel that they are playing style they want. In the last song Proud of Your Past (but also in Intro) has solo guitar great exotic sound. There is no paper with lyrics or with any info. As a debut is OK and fans of softer bands will love this and should check this band.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 11.03.2014 •  Buy HERE

Slick 46 - One Thing Led To Another

Rebellion Records - CD - 40:07

433_slick46_ot.jpgBest of from Australian streetpunk band which has released albums like Young Love, Hurry Up, Move Aside, Stand in Line or I don´t Wanna plus one split with Harrington Saints. So you may see that they really deserve some kind of best of album. From 15 songs which are on CD are 9 re-recorded, 4 re-mastered and 2 are brand new previously unreleased (Draw the Line and Turn it Up). Some band members also play in band Razorcut. The band plays (nowadays) in four pieces and the bass Is played by girl who also supports the main vocal by her voice. It seems to me that she has much more space in the re-recorded songs then in their previous versions. This CD is 12th title from Rebellion Collectors Series so digipack again, with 6 panels and just 250 copies. I have just the promo CD so I can´t say that the lyrics are inside or not. Music of Slick 46 is nice more simple streetpunk but the female vocal kicks it on different level. Who has other stuff from the Collector Series will buy this just “compilation” also. I will really buy it because I have just 3 regular albums from Slick 46. I leave it without rating.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 21.09.2012 •  Buy HERE

Spy Kids - The End of the First Decade

Skinhead Beat Records - CD - 19:13

381_spykids.jpgCD which maps the end of the first decade of this Oi! band from Weimar which you may know from split CD/LP with Czech punkrock band Normals!?. This CD is released also because singer Schmotti is leaving the band. On Cd you can find 6 songs which are previously unreleased (except Der Rächer which was on their first EP) except some which were on their myspace profile. It is songs like Way of Life, Der Rächer, Spy Kids Oi!, Du bist es, Nicht versteh´n and Kopf hoch. The band is playing nice Oi! music with punk rock touch in German language (except the opening of one song when you can hear Czech countdown from Zdenka who comes from our country and Spy Kids Oi! is mixed with English). CD is opened by hit Way of Life about being a skinhead forever with cool guitar solo. Other songs are about revenge (Der Rächer), love which causes you joy but also pain (Du bist es, which is the best song from album i think), society standards and laws which tight your hands (Nicht versteh´n) or about pride (Kopf hoch). The band is working mainly with singalong refrains which are spiced up with female vocal and also with light guitar solos. CD is limited to 500 copies (100 are in digipack, which I have) and handnumbered. Graphically it is collage from poster from many gigs and band photos from the live shows, lyrics and thankslist. Nice CD from the band which has bindings to the Czech scene and I hope that they will play at least ten more years with the new singer and that they will released more songs (not just 14 during 10 years).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 19.04.2012 •  Buy HERE

Stormwatch - A 21 Years Hangover

Pure Impact Records - CD -

487_stormwatch.jpgNew album from the legends of US Oi! which is out after the 16 years on Pure Impact. The world “new” is not so OK in that way because on the CD you can find 15 songs, but 8 are from their older albums (two from At War With Peace and six from Right to Remain Violent (if I calculated it OK) but the songs are re-recorded. It is well known hits like At War with Peace, Born to Booze, Bottles Flying, Night Comes Down, Bring the Violence, It´s In Our Blood, Nothing but Trouble and Back to Our Roots. You will find there also two covers – Nutter from their friends Condemned 84 and Where Have All the Bootboys Gone from ACAB. So it means five new songs from Stormwatch. Line-up is almost the same (except the drummer) so singer Sab, guitarist Tim and bassist Lloyd). Music is typical American brickwall Oi! with tough sound, sing-along refrains and guitar solos with lyrics about war veterans, drinking, fighting, violence, troubles, revenge, loyalty to the skinhead cult till death, etc…Rhythm is varying from slower songs like At War with Peace or Back to Our Roots to faster songs like Bottles Flying or It´s In Our Blood. But I should speak more about the new songs so the first one is Till We´re Dead which opens the album and it really kicks your ass and I can´t believe, that the band had 16 years of pause between their recordings, then And Then There Were None which contains great guitar solo, Half Minute Hero is classic song about alcohol and chicks and you can hear woman vocal in it, We Still Stand is skinhead anthem about unity and the last new song is The Seventh Power which is about the new danger to the world (after the beating commies) – religious terrorism. Booklet is done in standard way as usual by Pure Impact so all lyrics (also to the covers), nice photos, thankslist and band biography. So this is the comeback of a legend but I can´t say that this was done for the money or resurrecting the old glory. The new songs sound as sincere as the old ones and I like the concept of the album…..but WE WANT MORE…so I don´t give them full points…but it is near.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 08.02.2013 •  Buy HERE

Stranglehold - s/t

Contra Records/Longshot Music - EP -

417_stranglehold.jpgStranglehold is next new breed band from Australia continent and this is their debut stuff. The band has four members (two guys which you may know from Marching Orders and two girls, but tgey have two guitars – Lisa sings but also plays guitar. On EP´s which are pressed in 500 pieces (oxblood, splattered and black) are four songs including Stiff Little Fingers cover Suspect Device. On A side are songs Never Hold Me Back and Bite the Bullet and on B side Two Way Street and cover mentioned above. Lisa has little bit shouted vocal so analogy with Brody from The Distillers is evident (mainly in song called Bite the Bullet which is really fast punk rock song). Never Hold Me Back (which is the best song for me from the EP) and Two Way Street are slower melodic songs compared to Bite the Bullet. EP has also nice design but again there is no paper with lyrics inside which is a pity and I think that it should be there. Next promising punk rock band from antipodes which worth hearing.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 13.08.2012 •  Buy HERE

Strong Island Boot Boys - Pitbull Breed

United Riot Records - EP -

358_sibbep.jpgUnited Riot Records has started with releasing forgotten demo records from US Oi! and HC bands like Frontline Soldiers, NY Hoods or Strong Island Boot Boys for example in EP format. This is five songs demo recorded back in 2005 under the name Guilty and this is also only thing recorded by the band because one of their members moved to Chile. Other band members are nowadays around the bands like Offensive Weapon, Fed Up! or Skin Disorder. Demo was recorded in three and one member (Al) recorded guitar and also drums. EP is opened by instrumental intro called S.I.B.B. Stomp and on side A are two more songs called Scared of No One and Guilty, on side B are songs called United Skins and Pitbull Breed. Music is typical school of US Oi! – brickwall Oi! with significant bass line and faster and slower parts so fans of bands such as Stormwatch, Battle Cry or Oxblood will surely like it. Most of all I like both songs on B side. EP was released in several colour combinations (but these were just for those who made pre-order so I have “just” the black one). Cover design is made by Muna and inside is just EP with no lyrics and on the back side are band photos. Likeable piece from United Riot Records which isn´t surely the last “lost” record released in that way.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 12.03.2012 •  Buy HERE

Strongbow/Dog Company - s/t

Black Hole Records - EP -

501_strongbow_dog_company.jpgOn Black Hole Records is out split EP of German punk rock band Strongbow from Dresden and US band Dog Compoany from Dallas, Texas. Strongbow has there songs called These Nights and Blind, Dog Company songs are Not Dead Yet and Everybody´s Your Best Friend. I know Strongbow from the split EP with US band Razors in the Night where I found out that their sound is really non-european and I will bet that Strongbow are from US (and they prove it again with this EP). These Nights are great singalong about partying during whole night and it starts with great metal sound of the guitar and bass.Second song has great solo guitar which is really catchy and you will say to yourself “damned, I have to hear this melody somewhere before”. Dog Company I know from compilation Cashing In On Christmas where they have some song about Snoopy. Dog Company are playing style which I called chewing gum punk rock and the first song Not Dead Yet is really into this style. Catchy melody, vocals which aren´t rough and lyrics about the fact that we are young but we aren´t kids anymore so we hafe little bit of responsibility. Second one is simplier but still fits to the genre and It contains great guitar solo. Well done is also the cover of the EP which is the half of the picture. Second half you will get when you buy split EP of Glass Heroes with Mean Streets.I can´t speak about the inside of the cover because I received just digital version but I can recommend this to all who loves melodic punk rock with not so much serious lyrics.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 11.03.2013

Sydney Ducks - Stray Dogs

Pirates Press Records - EP -

366_sydneyducks_straydogs.gifRepress of the first single from Sydney Ducks which was released for first time by the band itself (in 2011) and now it is out through Pirate Press but just 250 pieces so I think it will be sold out very soon again. Single contains two songs – title one called Stray Dogs on side A and He Lives for Today on side B (which you may know from 2009 demo, but this recorded in better quality). First song Stray Dogs is lyrical song about the free people who just walking the streets against the crowd and they can be found on places where stray dogs, thieves or tramps sleep. Second song is about person who lives for today and girls like him because this immediacy. Both songs are great example of smart streetpunk and the cover is also well done – EP is packed in poster with many photos, lyrics and paper with download code (but you can listen to both songs on http://sydneyducks.bandcamp.com/). Well done re-edition and I am looking forward to the next stuff from Sydney Ducks – full length or single it doesn´t matter because it will surely worth buying.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 23.03.2012 •  Buy HERE

Tammerfist - s/t

Skinhead Beat Records/Bords de Seine - EP -

446_tammerfist_ep.jpgTammerfist is brand new skinhead band from Tampere city, Finland and this is their debut. It was out due to cooperation between German label Skinhead Beat Records and French Bords de Seine. EP is hand numbered and limited to 305 copies in four versions (2 red and 2 blue). Band plays in five pieces and their sing in their native language which is interesting because I know some bands from Finland and the sing in English (like Prideful, The Wrongdoers, Dead´s On…). To EP is added also CD which is cool. EP contains 4 songs including Livsstil from Agent Bulldogg called Elämäntapa in Finnish. Music is classic Oi! in middle rhythm. In song called Liero you can hear riff similar to SPG from The Exploited. Sound is quite oldschool bud great and I will compare them to Agent Bulldogg. To EP is also paper with lyrics and few photos and also on the cover are some photos. Above each lyrics there is short English article which describes the lyrics. So lyrics are about people who didn´t have respect to nothing except profit, then about so called “friends” who lend money from you and then they didn´t answer your phone calls and also about the fights in pub and beating those who provoke you. Interesting band which you will surely like. There will be an interview soon
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8+  •  Date: 30.10.2012

Tech 9 - Scars on the Inside

Rebellion Recods - CD -

412_tech9.jpgTech 9 is one of the oldest Dutch streetpunk bands (they were founded in 80´s) and this is re-edition of their album called Scars on the Inside which was released in 1996 for the first time. Instead of 12 regular songs it contains 8 live bonus songs recorded on different gigs (including also cover I´m Gonna Get a Gun which was recorded for one of my favourite compilations called Worldwide Tribute to the Real Oi! where streetpunk and HC bands from nowadays cover older streetpunk songs or some other covers like Pretty Vacant from Sex Pistols or Oi! Oi! Oi! from Cockney Rejects). The band is putting HC influences into their music so the album is for the people who like harder music (song Hate Box for example) but Tech 9 is well known band so I think that you will know what of kind music they are playing. On CD are hits like Survival (in studio but also in live version), Braindead or Under the Gun. Graphic is different compared to older version, inside are lyrics and some photos from old times. Album is made as a six panels digipack and it is limited to 250 pieces.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 23.07.2012 •  Buy HERE

The Black Tartan Clan - Standing Strong

4Subculture Records - CD - 13:32

405_btc_singl.gifCzech label 4Subculture Records found and have release both albums of Belgian celtic punk rock band The Black Tartan Clan – debut Boots, Kilts and Pipes and double CD The Loyal Men. Now the label release CD single called Standing Strong. It is packed in paper like a promo CD (no lyrics inside) and it contains 4 brand new songs – title one Standing Strong (about the fact how is important to stick together – check the official video on http://youtu.be/rI8sa1KAa-4), Don´t Walk Alone, Finally Free (song about William Wallace and again with official video http://youtu.be/Y7OnzJhM5i4) and No Stress. The band didn´t change their style compared to previous things so who likes melodic music with bagpipes will appreciate this single (it costs circa 2€) which is also drafted as a taste before the full length album. Pleasant think worth to check.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 09.07.2012 •  Buy HERE

The Bruiseheads - The Unstoppable Force

Rebellion Records - CD -

404_bruiseheads_tuf.jpgDutch band The Bruiseheads has released their first album called Wasting Away in 200í and this is their second CD. I have to say that their guitarist Michiel joined also Razorblade. Album contains five brand new songs and six songs from demo from 2008 as a bonus. Sound of demo and studio records is really different, new stuff is good and it is better than songs from Wasting Away. Demo is in style of the “garage” sound but it is not so bad. Lyrics are about the good and bad sides of the skinhead way of life so fights, people who hung their boots or difficulties after breaking up with the girl. Lyrics to the demo songs aren´t printed inside and I didn´t catch too much just from the listening. Music is faster and little bit simple but they are playing just in three pieces and it is band with relatively young blood, so it is OK. CD is again from the Collector´s Series (10th piece) so it means digipack, lyrics to the new songs inside and logo of the band under the CD. I really like new breed bands so I bought this CD and if you like new bands also don´t hesitate, CD is limited to 200 copies.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 27.06.2012 •  Buy HERE

The Corps - Know the Code

Contra Records/Longshot Music - LP -

498_corps_know_the_code.jpgFourth album of this Australian streetpunk tank is called Know the Code and you will find 9 songs there. Two of them (Know the Code and Talk is Over) you may know from fourth split with TOFC, Razorblade and Booze and Glory called Oi! Ain´t Dead! Which was released on Rebellion Records. This album was released just on LP (till know) which is good because you can´t download it from the internet yet (500 copies, three colors). The Corps keep on rocking in five piece line p which is cool because their music is based on two guitars and it is still the same explosive mixture of streetpunk with great vocals and Aussi hard rock (which is inspiration for almost all streetpunk bands from Australia. LP is opened by the great song Talk is Over with great slide guitar at the beginning and vocals which take your breath out. Song is about bar brawl which started when someone is rude. Next song is called Fortune and it si about the fact that fortune favours the brave and it is great rock song with great solo guitar. Other songs on side A are Bad Man – again rock song about the bunch of hoolies who are coming to your town and Wolfman about werevolves with great vocals of the singer in high tunes at the beginning. Side B is opened with song called Know the Code about self-made people who doesn´t want to be part of the scene (I hope I understand it clearly). Next come Draw the Line about the people who are doing nothing and that´s why they didn´t make anything worse, then Bad to Worse about the situation when you have many beers or shots during the evening and then you are acting like missile without control, then Angry Young Man is about older but still angry guys who are playing the same hard and heavy music as when they were young so they are still young and angry in their heart and the last one called The Chase about the night birds which are affected by night and nightlife. Inside the cover is paper with lyrics. The Corps proved again that they belong to the top bands of nowadays with their own sound which is influenced by bands like Rose Tattoo, Angels or AC/DC and I have to give them full points. When I was making review on Marching Orders new album I didn´t do that but now I have to because I like the new sound more. For the people with record player this is a really must have album!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 05.03.2013 •  Buy HERE

The Dirty Bunch - s/t

Homo Superior Records - CD - 35:59

458_the_dirty_bunch.jpgIn present times there are plenty of releases in skinhead scene. Some are good and some are just go through your record player and mind because they are poor. And time to time there is a record which nails you to the ground, blows your mind of your head and fills you with the great energy and passion. It fills you with that kind of anger that you want to hit the streets and make a riot (you should do it without the blown brain because we are stupid skins you know :)). And this is the case of this US band or better to say two men project. One guy who sings there is Scorch and he sings by the way in Empire Falls and Better Dead Than Red. He used to play bass in Patriot but I have bad feeling that nowadays he will not be welcome in the line-up of the band which plays on big PC festivals with Perkele, Krawallbruder or with one Czech “true 14 days skinheads ambitions above all” band.. Second guy who is interested in The Dirty Bunch is Josh and he recorded all guitars, bass and drums also (cool stuff, this isn´t too common) and compose all music. You may know him from his second also one man project called 96 Brigade. Both guys have a meeting and they came with this brilliant CD which is better that they also good bands. From the first song you can feel great power and energy hand in hand with great music and cool ideas. Great guitar solos underlined with vocals makes really compact sound. And the vocal…really the avalanche of energy which destroys everything which stands in their way. You will put the CD into player and here we go working class struggle oi! oi! oi! and it is really unbelievable. Really great. Lyrics are classic American right wing – iron will, save our land, skinheads and some lyrics about crimes of communism. The boys have clear opinion. I have not so clear attitude but this is America and I will take it because it is totally sincere. There is also great lyrics about the sad reality of US cities – Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil. And last song is great cover Face the Agression and you will know from who it is. On CD you can listen to 10 songs which is not so many but not so few. I was really into this CD after the first hearing but after second, third, fourth and fifth…can´t imagine. Masterpiece album and skinhead classics which you can´t stop hearing. I like more this kind of music then heady nice sing-along songs. Booklet contains all lyrics and one photo of the band members and it is well done. On cover is one boot (I don´t know why there aren´t two boots) but who cares, the necessary is music. For the definition of this CD I will paraphrase Phil from Templars (from the time he used to wear Brutal Combat t-shirts and he didn´t lie about his interest in non PC music) and his words to old British RAC – strong, clear and convincing music. We are 25 years later now and we are in America but these words really fit in. So if you want 100% skinhead, strong, clear and convincing music without any profit and hypocrisy and if you want top quality Oi!/RAC (with no racism) buy The Dirty Bunch. You will not regret it. No mainstream pathetic sing-alongs for MTV but high quality underground sharp as a knife with many things to say. Buy it!!
Author: Milosek  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 21.11.2012

The Granits - Noten aus Granit

Oldschool Records - CD - 32:30

399_granits_noten.jpgSecond full length album from German band The Granits, which you may know from several live gigs here in CZ where they play as The Granits and also as Donars Groll (just check the photos inside the booklet with pictures from gig in Motoraj and in Budweis). The band is changing English and German in their songs and i have to say that both is well done. Sound is really cool and especially when you took into account the fact that they are playing in three pieces. On CD you can listen to the 12 songs including one cover - Be My Baby, then one instrumental song called Instrumentalintro and two shorter songs – the title one Noten aus Granit (with keyboards) and Die Arbeitswoche. I have to say that compared to the first album and the singl the band playing harder there and the sound is more tough which you may hear in second song called Stay True (which is about the fact that the freedom of speech is really important and about those who try to stop you because you speak the truth). In song called Nicht zähmen noch bezwingen is band going back to the melodic note like on the first album and the song after this on called A Band of Brothers is Oi! as fuck similar to US band Patriot with great singalong refrain. The band also touches harder styles – Viking rock in Walhalla is Calling or Fight the Apathy (great lyrics about destroying the nature in name of profit and about people who do nothing against it). Other songs are about love and broke ups, looking forward to the weekend and rules and regulation of the “free” state which bind you. Booklet is similar to the first album – lyrics, photos on the background, promo photo in the middle and short thankslist. I have not many things to criticize, and if you like the bands which aren´t afraid to speak about society problems but also about funny topics, The Granits are here for you!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 14.06.2012

The Granits/Selbsteller - Tradition verpflichtet

Oldschool Records - EP -

371_granits_selbst.jpgSplit EP of two German bands – The Granits from Upper Lusatia and Selbsteller from Riesa city from Meissen area (porcelain you know). Both areas are part of Sachsen. Both bands has there two songs – The granits has both in German language – Ein Teil von mir and Nicht zähmen, noch bezwingen, Selbsteller has there English one Nu H and Zurück nach Haus in their mother tongue. This is Granits second records (when I am not counting stuff from Donars Groll), Selbsteller are band with more experiences. Side with Selbsteller is more into street rock´n´rollu mainly the first song which is about the danger of the modern age, second is melodic song about the fact that soldiers who fight in the world should be better send home. I don´t know the band too much but it was pleasant surprise for me because of their melodies and the fact that they are playing just in three (the vocals are changing which I like very much). Granits are playing also in three pieces and you have a chance to see them live here in Czech. Compared to the Donars Groll the songs are more into cool and fresh streetpunk with no difficulties but just with pleasant melodies and singalongs. Bass in Granits is played by girl so there should be more female vocals I think but it is ok without them also. Both lyrics are about the pride in their land which is part of you and freedom which worth fighting. EP was released as limited edition of 333 handnumbered pieces with photo of each band and lyrics. These 4 songs were released also on CD (just a CD in slim cover with one page booklet and no lyrics, but pressed) which costs 2 € so this is the possibility for those who like the band but they don´t have gramophone. Split with patriotic tunes for those who like pleasant melodic music without unnecessary hardness in the music and vocals level.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 30.03.2012

The Lowlifes - TV Addiction

Club Underground - CD - 29:53

391_lowlifes.jpgThe Lowlifes is band which comes from Stockholm and it was formed in 2004. These songs were recorded during 2008/2009 and it was thought that four songs from these two will come out as a single, but it never happened and all twelve songs are released now by Club Underground. Two songs from this album you may know from copilations like Chaos in Sweden (Skitsnack) or Oi! the Support (Jag Finns Inte Alls). The band plays now in different line up than the recording were done (they have bassist Arthur instead of the girl who played bass Ronja). From twelve songs are four in Swedish and the rest is in English. Line up is classic four pieces and music is faster screaming punk rock/streetpunk similar to Casualties or older Explited stuff (like songs Du Är or False Unity) with time to time oooo chorus. I also hear the early rougher stuff from Major Accident in their songs. Lyrics are in classic punk rock level – violence, living for career which is typical for crowd of people – sheep, scene which is full of lies and hypocrites, TV as the evil of today and brainwashing thing or the fact that we are just figurines in the game of almighty politicians above us. Album is well balanced in sound and musical level and it will be for the people who like straightforward punk rock music. Booklet is done in easy but clear way with lyrics, collage of photos in the middle and thankslist on the back side.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 16.05.2012

The Manics - Please Panic, it´s...

Rebellion Records - CD - 31:18

443_manics.jpgThe Manics is new band from Sweden (Norrköping) and on vocals they have Peter who used to sing in Clockowrk Crew. Compared to Clockwork Crew the band is oriented more on mod beat which you can guess because of the suits of band members. The sound is based on lightly boostered guitar with rock´n´roll tunes and solos. Also voice of Peter is very melodic and you surely know it because of Clockwork Crew. The band can play songs which can be titled “aggressive” in mod beat style like the first one called I Don´t Need You or ultramelodic songs like Just Be There or Everybody Knows but also slow romantic songs (Oh, Jules for example). Together the sound is little bit “poppy” but even Clockwork Crew wasn´t too hard and you can recognize from the music that it is made with love and passion. On album you can listen to 10 songs all in English. Interesting is also the fact that the album was recorded “live” in studio (instead of vocals and some guitar solos) which isn´t too easy. I receive “just” promo so I can´t speak about booklet but it is 6 panels digipack and it is 13th piece from Rebellion Collector´s Edition and it is limited to 250 copies. Who likes Secret Affrair, The New Chords but also Templars or early Skrewdriver will like also The Manics. Really well done debut!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 22.10.2012 •  Buy HERE

The Old Firm Casuals/Evil Conduct - Oi! Rules Ok

Randale Records - EP -

461_evil_ofc.jpgAnother split EP of this US band is out again on their home label Randale Records, now with their Dutch colleagues Evil Conduct. The Old Firm Casuals has there song called For the Love of it All and Evil Conduct single Working Class Heroes taken from the album with the same name (check the review). On this song you may check also the video which is here http://youtu.be/tnsDK5XVFq4. Working Class Heroes is about all working men who built this country, fought for our freedom but they have never been honored in any way. If I may choose the single song from this album it will be this one. The Old Firm Casuals has there slower song with trashy guitar in strophes which goes normal in refrains. There are also some solos. Song is about the fact how man gives all to the things he loved, he believes in it and he never regrets this and can look straight in his eyes. EP has cool cover with these six tattooed guys and inside is the paper with all lyrics. On this single you will get what you expect from these bands.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 27.11.2012 •  Buy HERE

The Patrons - We Shall Not Be Moved

Mother Fuckin´ Sounds - CD - 24:56

462_THE-PATRONS-WE-SHALL-NOT-BE-MOVED1.jpgThe Patrons is young band from Holland (Rotterdam I think) which released mini album called Pride and Dignity back in 2009 on MFS. This is regular CD which contains 11 songs, from which are 9 in English, 1 in Dutch (Oi! in je smoel) and 1 is instrumental (10 P). The band plays in three pieces line-up and it plays rougher Oi! with more punk sound which you will realize in the first song when they ask you if you are ready for skinheadpunk music? The voice is similar to early Razorblade stuff and also the music is similar to them – simple, straight, hard hitting with no compromises plus some rough sing-along. Also lyrics are straightforward – Rotterdam Crew (Noi!se for Rotterdam Boys), new blood in cult (New Breed), family and normal life which the band denied (Not Like You with great guitar parts and for me the most melodic song from album), violence in the city streets (City of Violence, which is next hit song), intransigence of skinheads (We Shall not Be Moved), but also problems with sleeping (Insomnia). So little bit of cliché lyrics but it will go better in the future I think. Next great song is called Part of It which is about unemployment. The band is young or better to say the members are young but they played gigs with bands such as The Firm, Get Out, Discharger, Condemned 84, Tech 9 or Splodgenessabounds. MFS have always great booklet and the same is hear (CD is released also as a digipack) so there are some band photos, lyrics and also collage made from posters. Review on the first album was written by Šafy and I have to say I do not like their debut so much as him but this is better for me for sure (but the rating is lower than the first review so you have to deal with it). So young band which isn´t afraid to play they own sound and I hope they will continue playing in the future.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 28.11.2012 •  Buy HERE

The Prideful - United Voice

This Means WAR Records - EP -

484_pridefulEP.jpgThe Prideful is one of the new breed Oi! bands from Finland and you may know them from their debut release For the Love of Oi! from early 2012 released on Skinhead Beat Records where they have four English tracks. At the end of 2012 they released EP on This Means WAR Records EP limited to 250 copies again with four songs - United Voice and Act of Ultraviolence on A side and Kings and Queens (which is also on For the Love of Oi!) and Treading the Path (which is cover from Loyalty from their CD Take No Prisoners with changed lyrics which is now about football representation of Finland and not England). Musically it is simple but sincere Oi! in middle rhythm played in classical line up vocals, bass, guitar and drums with lyrics about working class, clockwork orange, proud skinheads and renees and football and interesting think is that the lyrics are not rhyming time to time. Most of all I like song Ultraviolence which is inspired by Clockwork Orange. Cover is done in olds school style like singles from The Bleach Boys or first singles from Evil Conduct. Inside is paper with lyrics and band photo. Sincere music on more sincere media format.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 30.01.2013 •  Buy HERE

The Revilers - s/t

4Subculture Records - CD - 32:06

364_the_revillers.gifThe Revilers is one of many bands from Boston area and this is their debut album and the CD version of it is out on Czehc label 4Subculture Records. Before this album the band release through Contra/Longshot split EP with Spanish band Bulldozer. Revilers play in four pieces and both guitarists and bass player are changing in doing main vocals. Drummer supports them as a backing vocalist. On CD you can listen to 13 songs (one of them is End of the Road which is cover from Jerry Lee Lewis and you can recognise from this that the band will like classic rock´n´roll) which are mixture of Oi!, hardcore, rock´n´roll but also dirty rock like Motorhead. Strength of the band lies in different vocals, guitar solos which are the basis of compact sound of the band and bass line which is played on higher tunes (and it supports guitar more in that way, not in rumbling at the background). But the main thing, which they do well are strong melodies. You will recognise it during the first and second song Bullshit Reactor and Revision. Topics of the lyrics are about war with terrorism (Fifth Column), frustration (Frustration), dissatisfaction with work when the boss keep on telling you what is wrong and when you are right he didn´t tell you a word (Quit my Job), about the fact that life stories are repeating (All Ages), etc… Lyrics are in the standard level of street band. Playing time is around 30 minutes but you won´t surely get bored by the band. The songs which I like are surely 1860, with great singalong, Sick of Being Sick and Tired, which is in middle rhythm but it is harder, and then All Ages where you will have the feeling “damned, I know this fuckin´ refrain”. The band fits well to other band from this area like Hammer and the Nails, Tommy and the Terrors or Razors in the Night. But I would also compare them to The Bridgeburners from St. Louis. Cover of the album is also well done (I like these historical illustrations) and I haven´t too much to complain on. In booklet are all lyrics, some photos and long thankslist. Check them on http://www.myspace.com/revilers and do not hesitate with buying the CD...because it worth these 8€.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 21.03.2012 •  Buy HERE

The Righteous - s/t

Lionheart Records - EP -

505_righteous-its pay day.jpgLionheart Records released EP with five songs from disbanded Swedish band The Righteous and similar to their Olde York release these songs are nothing new (you may know them from 9 Days We Hung album for example). These songs are Pay Day, Parasites and When You´re Young on A side and Time Has Come and When You´re Young with Carl Templar on B side. Whole EP is limited to 200 copies (165 are with this cover and 35 with different). Members of The Righteous you may know from bands like Contemptuous, Agent Bulldogg or Antipati. Now to the lyrics…Pay Day is classic track about how man is looking forward to cellary which he leave in nearest pub, Parastites is about guys which parasite on your money, Time Has Come (one of the greatest tracks from them for me, more I like song The Saga which is not on this EP) is serious track about humans polluting the planet Earth and When You´re Young is about lost friend. Pay Day and Parasites are faster songs, the others are slower and more nostalgic songs. But all songs are melodic with great strong refrains. The band is (or was) playing in four but singer Robban also plays guitar. Cover is well done and there is paper with lyrics and band photo. Again nothing new but old good tracks so I leave it without rating and I am looking forward to hear Marching Orders demo which was released nowadays by this label.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 18.03.2013

The Stealers - s/t

Rebellion Records - CD -

477_stealers.jpgNew band from Dutch city of Rotterdamu is called The Stealers and this is their debut album. In Stealers play members of bands such as Razorblade, Cenobites or Aggro Culture in classical four piece line-up. Album contains 10 songs in English and musically it is the mix of dirty rock´n´roll, glam rock, hard rock and streetpunk. After the first hear I will compare them to bands like The Bones, Motorhead, The Corps (in some songs the vocal of the singer is similar to Alex´s ), Nashville Pussy, but also like older bands like Dead Boys or The Who. Really heterogeneous mixture and you won´t get bored. I have album just in electronic form so I can´t speak about the booklet or too much about the lyrics. In each song is really great guitar solo. First one called Pretty City is about the “pretty things” in your city like crime in the streets and it shows the level of quality you should expect from The Stealers. Second Life I´m Living is like from The Corps, Hey is in style of mod beat with harder vocal, Slow me Down is rock´n´roll, Solfor Ryan is slower rock ballad etc… Heterogeneous sound but very compact sound. Most of all I like the song Jezabel and the next one called Piece of Action. Who likes previously mentioned bands and songs which aren´t the same will like also The Stealers and this album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 04.01.2013

The Templars - Right to Work

Templecomb Records - EP -

450_tko145.jpgOne side single from The Templars which was recorded in 1994 in Acre Studio, New Yorku (with classical line-up Carl – guitar, bass and voice and Phil on drums and vocals) and it was re-mastered in 2012 and put on this EP. It is previously unreleased version of this song. It special limited collection (666 copies), on one side is the song, on second is pressed the logo of the band. To 200 copies is added also the patch with band logo. What should you expect from the band which is notoriously well known…middle rhythm in typical Templars style with strong guitar. Lyrics is about how difficult is find the work and how easy can your life turn into crime when you didn´t have place to work in. Cover of the EP is done in oldschool style, there is lyrics and few words in a thankslist. There is no band photo. This EP is mainly for collectors and not for any wider masses.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 07.11.2012

The Toughskins - Anger Managment

Randale Records - EP -

459_toughskins.jpgThe Toughskins comes from California city of Los Angeles and this is their first EP after 8 years. I do not know much about their previous work, I just know that they have regular album called Raised in Anger (released as a LP on Vulture Rock and then as a CD on Dim Records) and split EP with Broken Heroes released on Headache Records. This is quite older stuff (1995 and 2004). From the original line-up of the band is there just Danny years we have this EP released on Randale Records containing four songs - Anger Managment and Toughest Kids on A side and Let´s All and The Beast on side B. The band plays in classic four pieces line-up but the guitars on CD are recorded by different guy. The sound is more into punk with significant bass and it sounds to me little bit like Toy Dolls (but with not so many solos) and also the topics of the lyrics are more serious. First song is about the exploiting of working class by capitalists who support the rich from the workers money and also by socialists who support the poor. Second is about the fact that we are sometime rude even if we know that we will be beaten. Third is classic one about drinking with the boys and the last one is about the fact that people called you The Beast because of drinking or going to the whorehouse but how should they call people who are murdering and raping? The cover of the CD is really great – commix art with skinhead holding elephant (symbol of republicans) in suit under the neck with text:” What are you laughing at? You are the next!!” which is for the donkey in suit (symbol of democrats) who stands near. Inside is paper with lyrics and on the back side of the cover is photo. I can´t compare this with their previous work because I don´t know it but this EP is anything special for me.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6/7  •  Date: 22.11.2012 •  Buy HERE

Ultima Thule - 30 Åriga Kriget

Ultima Thule/Dim Records - CD - 18:35

421_ut_kriget.jpgThis mini CD is released as a taste before the whole full length album which will be called Thirty Years War. Mini CD was released due to cooperation of Ultima Thule Records and Dim Records and it contains 5 songs and one of them (I don´t know which one) will be just on this album. Titles of the songs are Storm i natten (Night Storm), Den värld som icke är (The World which Doesn´t Exists), Förkastad och förnekad (Rejected and Denied), Förändringarnas frö (I can´t translate this words, sorry) and Frihetssång (Freedom Song). In songs Förkastad och förnekad and Frihetssång you can hear female vocal and also vocal of the original singer of Ultima Thule - Bruno Hansen (which you may know from musical band Karolinerna). Storm i natten is great song which really fits into the Ultima Thule musical direction in past years and I like it most of all from the CD. Instead of classic Viking rock songs you will find there also acoustic and half-acoustic songs (like Förkastad och förkenad or Frihetssång) and in some of them (the last one Frihetssång) you can hear also piano. CD is packed in gatefold paper cover which has lyrics inside and under the CD is new logo made to the 30th anniversary of the band. CD is limited to 2500 copies which seems like many copies but I don´t think that it is enough by the band like Ultima Thule. I also hope that there will be EP version as soon as possible. Those who like Ultima Thule will like also this album and those who didn´t like them won´t like them even after the hearing 30 Årige Kriget. I like them and I really like this piece and I am looking forward to hear the whole album which will be last in their career.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 20.08.2012 •  Buy HERE

v/a - For the Love of Rock´n´Oi!

Skinhead Beat Records - CD - 33:30

323_forthe-front.pngSo ladies and gentlemen this is the first review on album released in 2012 and it is three split released under the name For the Love of Rock´n´Oi! which contains 12 songs – 4 from Brazilian Bronco Army, 4 from German band Shaven Heads and 4 from Finnish band The Prideful. You may know all three bands from second disc of United Skins compilation where they have songs from their demo records. Bronco Army who are opening the CD have released split EP (strongly limited and sold out I think) with Bulldroogs through Shout Proud Records. Band plays in three pieces and all songs are in English. Band is very patriotic and in first two songs they sing about Sao Paulo, fatherland and ancestors who fought for their freedom in 1932 during constitutionalist revolution. Other songs are about hippies and little bit of violence. English of the singer is clear and well understood, vocal isn´t rough, drums are simple and time to time there is guitar solo. Second band is Germans Shaven Heads again playing in three pieces. Instead of the first song (which is in combination of German and English and which is for me the best song from them called Kein Aufgeben/No Surrender) are all songs in German and band plays solid German Oi! which sounds to me like bands from the end of 80´s (mainly US bands but it is just my feeling). There are also songs with slower parts (like the beginning of Auf den Kampf for example). Lyrics are about your attitudes and their immutability, everyday fight with media and mainstream society and way of life. The last band of the split is The Prideful (with members from Skinboiss or Dead On´s). Musically they are the simplest band from the album (reminds me Skinboiss which I mentioned) but they are giving all the best from their heart into the music like other two bands on the CD.All songs are in English and they are about skinhead cult or politicians who play games with your lives. Best song from them is the last one called Kings & Queens about the elite which rule the streets. The cover of the album is done in style of collage which reminds me doing the posters in era with no computers – cut out the pictures, stick them on paper and make photocopies. Lyrics and some photos are here also and all together has big underground stamp for which all bands on CD surely stand for. CD is handnumbered and limited to 500 copies. Three orthodox skinhead bands on one CD.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 16.01.2012 •  Buy HERE

v/a - This is Oi! not a Fashion

Poink Records - CD - 50:13

367_va_oinotfashion.gifDebut release from the new German label Poink records is compilation called This is Oi! not a Fashion with 17 bands from the whole world - Saint&Sinners (CZ), Uchitel Truda (RUS), Bronco Army (BRA), Keotik (INDO), The Black Marias (UK), Scumheads Königsberg (RUS), Bristol Bulldogs (AST/SPA), Bleach Battalion (USA), Moonstomp (INDO), Broken Glasses (GRE), The Skunx (CAN), The Dilligafs (FIN), Bootboys(CHI), Breakout (INDO), Shaven Heads (RUS), Oldfashioned Ideas (SWE) and Vindicate This (SWE). Good thing about this CD is the fact that many songs are previously unreleased (like songs from Oldfashioned Ideas – Don´t care about you, bonus from Vindicate This from their upcoming EP or Royal Thugs from Bronco Army). Also I have to say that many bands are unknown for me so I think that you have the chance to get in touch with the new bands which you may like. I really like bands like British The Black Marias, The Dilligafs from Finland or Bootboys from Chile (Poink Records will release their EP in near future). What is the disadvantage of compilations like these is the different quality of the songs – some of them are louder, some of them are quieter so you have to play with volume all the time. CD is packed as digipack and inside you will find folded digipack with all lyrics (some bands which didn´t sing in English have here lyrics in English). Besides the booklet you will find there also plans of the label for the future (like discography of Brazilian band Bota Gasta, tribute for Templars or prepared EP from All Bandits). Good thing is that label wants to release this stuff on CD but also on LP. Those who like unknown bands from the whole world will have to buy this compilation for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 26.03.2012 •  Buy HERE

v/a - Oi! Ain´t Dead

Rebellion Records - CD - 42:30

463_va_oi_aint_dead.jpgNext brand new release from Rebellion Records is foursplit of US band The Old Firm Casuals, Dutch Razorblade, Aussies The Corps and Englishmen Booze and Glory. Album is out as a LP and CD. TOFC is opening it with brand new three tracks called You Better Start Runnin´, I Remain and Love Street Kid. I have to say that these songs are really well done and best for me compared to previous releases where sometimes quantity outweighs quality. This is also the first release on CD from TOFC after the much stuff on 7´´. Second band is Razorblade with songs Fighting the System from the last album Days of Glory and two other - Demolition Man (song dedicated to Dutch MMA fighter Alistair Overeem) and Back Ones More. Third band is The Corps with two songs from their upcoming album Know the Code (the s/t song is there) and Talk is Over (song which will open the album) plus two songs made just for this compilation - Making Enemies and Burning the Candle (genuine song). The Corps really hits the road with these songs and it really mills you to pieces, singer sings like he didn´t need to breath and guitar with slide effect like from Rose Tattoo, AC DC or The Angels is also great. Album is closed with four songs from Booze and Glory taken from their 7´´ or from bonus songs from LP (split with Warriors or bonus from LP Trouble Free) - Friends (I don´t know this song from any of their albums or 7´´), England Will Never Change, Working Hard, Dressing Smart and It Was Our World. So together 7 previously unreleased songs made especially for this compilation and 7 older songs or songs which will be released on some regular album. Inside the booklet you will find lyrics and photos. If you are looking for quality but heterogeneous Oi! music buy this album. OFC is playing their US streetpunk, Razorblade hard hitting Oi! music, The Corps are influenced by hard rock bands and Booze and Glory with their sing-alongs which you will remember after the first listening. I really like it!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 29.11.2012 •  Buy HERE

v/a - Respect Your Roots Worldwide

Strength Records - CD -

468_respect_roots.jpgYou surely remember compilations called The Worldwide Tribute to the Real Oi! 1 and 2 where new breed HC, Oi! and punk bands covered older Oi! hits. This is something similar but it is just not the covered Oi! songs (from bands such as Blitz, The Business, The Last Resort or Cockney Rejects) but also punk songs (from GBH, DRI, Ramones, The Clash, Misfits, Bad Religion, Chelsea or UK Subs, Social Distortion or Discharge) plus you will find covers also from Madball, Bruce Springstena, Fear, The Jam or Negative Approach for example. Compilation was made again by Onno Cromag and Roger Mirret and you will find there 33 songs from bands like Agnostic Front, Coldside, Street Dogs, Terror, Dropkick Murphys, Pro Pain, Misconduct, Wisdom in Chains, Beowulf, Russ Rankin, Peter Pan Speedrock, Ringworm, Flatfoot 56, The Crimson Ghost, No Turning Back, Rancid, Hard Resistance, Napalm Death, Razorblade, The Bones, The Other, All Bat and The Insurgence, Generators, The Old Firm Casuals, The Unseen, Biohazard, Bonecrusher, Freddy Madball, Deafness by Noise, Hudson Falcons, Death by Stereo, Red Alert and Maddogs. Booklet is totally luxurious – 36 pages with band photos and a few words why they choose the song which they covered. Great compilation which is ideal for long journey by car or by bus because each band sounds different and it didn´t become boring. Sound is really heterogeneous (just look at the listof bands) so you can find poppy bands but also total hard core stuff. Those who like The Real Oi! Tributes will like also this compilation!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 11.12.2012

v/a - Polska Gol Vol. 2

Olifant Records - CD - 43:21

648_polska_gol_2.jpgSecond part of this football compilation released due to Euro 2012 (which was in Poland) was released two years ago on Olifant Records and it contains thirteen songs from twelve bands - – Contra Boys (theyhave two songs there), All Bandits, The Gits, The Junkers, The Sandals, Od Jutra, Skunx, I.V.C., Odsiecz, Dewastators, Choirak i Heroi (only one songs which I don´t like on this compilation) and Bachor. Most of the bands are well known but some of them I heard for the first time. Most of the songs are melodic football chants with these words repeated in the title: Polska, Euro or bialo czerwoni (white-red). I was quite surprised by song from Od Jutra called Bialo Czerwoni because they play HC and this song is really great punk rock. Dewastators, Bachor and I.V.C. just turn some traditional football chant into rock version. You won´t be disappointed with (with Mucha in line-up and their song Cena Zwyciestwa – Te Prize of Victory) and The Sandals (Euro 2012). CD is just in paper cover which doesn´t matter because it is compilation. Polish bands are known because of their feeling for melody and they prove it in almost all songs on this compilation. This CD is ok for drinking time or to the car because some songs makes you shout but I won´t rate this because of the fact that it is compilation and some songs are recorded specially for it.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 17.02.2014

v/a - Werewolves of the Night

This Means WAR Records - LP -

470_WWOTN.jpgSubtitle of this compilation is Raw Oi! Banned from the City and the compilation contains 4 US bands which are not so much into PC stuff. On side A you will find two bands coming from New Jersey - Combate 49 and Klase Dirigente (which sings in Spanish and you may know them from EP released on Shout Proud Records). On B side you will find bands from New York - Venganza Tatuada (they sing in English but also in Spanish and some members of them play also in Klase Dirigente) and First Strike (band which I know better from all these bands). All bands have three songs on the LP, First Strike has four songs. LP is limited to 300 copies, all made on black wax. Combate 49 is rough Oi! band but their guitarist is trying to play good and best of their songs is Politics of the Street for me. Klase Dirigente plays also roughly but their sound is cleaner and I think that they have more experiences with studio recordings. Their music sounds for me similar to the first album of Ultimo Asalto. Vengeanza Tatuada sounds also similar and I like changing English and Spanish language in their sonfs. First Strike are playing with lightly boostered guitar so it is the band for fans of Chickswick and Templars (the guitar is great especially solos in Days of the Past or Hipster Skin). So together 13 songs from US underground Oi! bands which aren´t afraid to sing about thinks which they thought, they are patriotic and they are standing for US of A and the history. Of the state. Cover is graphically well done (btw. when you look in the picture where werewolves are destroying the street you can see a shop with Under Armour clothing, but I don´t know why) and inside is paper with lyrics and band photos. Underground LP which will be sold out soon so try to order it somewhere.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 18.12.2012 •  Buy HERE

v/a - Cashing in on Christmas vol.4

Black Hole Records - LP -

472_cashing_LP.jpgFourth volume of compilation Cashing in On Christmas (I have to say that I didn´t know about previous volumes because I am not too much into compilations) is out on LP released through Black Hole Records (I hear about them also for the first time). Compilation contains 16 bands from whole world and their songs about Xmas and Santa. So featured bands are The Authority, Blessed Muthas, Broken Heroes, The Dirty Shirleys, Dog Company, Explosive Heads, The Flyswatters, The Gonads, Guitar Gangsters, Hateful, Jenny Woo, Mad Pigs, Missile Toads, Plan of Attack, Splodgenessabounds and Toughskins. I have to say that I hear about some bands also for the first time so I made my musical horizons wider thanks to this compilation. There are bands of many various styles from harder Oi! bands (Broken Heroes with their genuine song New Tradition or Plan of Attack) through Ramones style punk rock (The Dirty Shirleys with female vocal or Blessed Muthas), melodic streetpunk (Dog Company and their Snoopy´s Christmas or Hateful) to chaos punk (Mad Pigs awith their City of Nightmares which is by the way not so hard and heavy song). Interesting is also cover from The Oppressed Ultra Violence which is made by Missile Toads and it is called Ultra Christmas. Many bands used Xmas jingle bells in their songs and other classical instruments (like mandolin or acoustic guitar) which is quite funny. LP has great cover and inside are band photos with contact on them. If you want to make your Xmas mood by streetpunk music, this is the compilation for you.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 20.12.2012

v/a - A Better Tomorrow, The Next Generation of US Oi!

Contra Records/Longshot Music - EP -

362_vabetter.gifThis is foursplit EP which maps current Oi!/streetpunk scene in USA. Contra and Longshot choose for it these bands: Noi!se, Razors in the Nigh, The Broadsiders (all have interview here on BB) and Sydney Ducks. All bands have in common the fact that they have two guitars. All songs (except Brannan´s Fall from Sydney Ducks) are new one. EP is opened with Noi!se and their song called Idle Action (check the fresh video to this song on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQTSWfuPH_Y). Song is about the hypocrisy of those who are speaking about the defense of the working class but under their skin they are just slaves of the system. Song is really genial – great singalong refrain at the end which is forgone by bass solo and followed by great guitar solo. Razors In the Night presents here their typical mix of Oi! and HC – faster music with melodic and more hard/heavy parts with great singalong composed by vocals of the boys and girls around the band. Lyrics is about the fact that you can be frustrated by the world which never done anything good for you but with your values, friends and convictions you survive. The Broadsiders is opening the B side with the song called The Good Men Do – faster piece with guitar without booster which kick you back to Perkele´s Voice of Anger era. Song is about troublemaker who is going straight to grave by his way of life. EP ends with Sydney Ducks song from demo (but re-recorded) called Brannan´s Fall about some guy from San Franisco area in 19th century gold rush. Music of Sydney Ducks is based also on guitar with no booster effect but it is slower and more melodic. To four great songs you can add cover from Muna, paper with lyrics, photos, solo thankslist for each band and paper with download code. Together it is great EP which introduces you current great bands from United States of America.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 19.03.2012 •  Buy HERE

v/a - Hooligan Classics Vol.1

Randale Records - EP -

415_va_hooligans.jpgLast fom the Randale Records splits which I received. It is double EP and four split with bands such as Control and The Chosen Ones (on first EP) and On File with The Old Firm Casuals (on second EP). Each band has there previously unreleased song. Two bands are from US and two are from Great Britain. Control has there song called Tribal, The Chosen Ones Lafayete, On File Just Another Yob and TOFC We Don´t Bury Our Dead. Control is opening the EP with song about criminalization of football violence as a biggest society problem (which is for sure the appointed ding dong between rivals after the match haha). I didn´t heard about The Chosen Ones before and their song Lafayete is about the time in prison where time flows in different way than outside (some personal experience of band member I think). On File has there first new song from their album Breaking Rules released in 2010. It is their classic style about the fact that life on big suburb makes another yob from you. TOFC has there next “single” about the streetlife and streetfights. EP is made as an gatefold with lyrics and band photos and the cover is “stolen” from Close Shave. Fine stuff with unreleased songs which make every fan of the vinyl happy.
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v/a - Voi!ce of America Volume One

Oi! The Boat Records - EP -

493_voice_of_america.jpgCompilation of four US Oi!/streetpunk bands from south-west area. I have to say that I know just Toughskins and Bricktop little bit (from the yestarday´s review) and two other bands - The Warlords and All City Bootboys I didn´t know so I was curious about them to make my musical horizonts wider. The Warlords are from LA and they are opening the album with song called Aggro – great sound with touch of 90´s and catchy refrain about good old violence. Unknown band but great sound. Bricktop came with song Walk Away where you can hear changing of the vocals again and playful guitar. Side B is opened by The Toughskins and their song Numb. It is in middle rhythm and it is slowest (or calmest) from the whole EP. Tha last song is by All City Bootboy with their song Sleeping Where We Fall. It goes back to faster rhythm, it has great playuful bass and shouted refrain. EP is on red wax. Cover is done just in black/white and inside it is nothing (no lyrics, photos, band contact...) which is pitty but as a introduction to not so well known bands it is OK. I leave it without rating because it is some kind of compilation but I recommend it!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 20.02.2013

v/a - La Force Dans La Oi

UVPR Records - EP -

502_la force dans la oi!.jpgCompilation EP which introduces four new French bands and their previously unreleased songs (or I think that they are previously unreleased). Side A is opened by Maraboots with song called Jamais (Never) with support from Jenny Woo on vocals. Second song on A side is from band called Larcin (never heard about them) and it is called Mauvaise habitude (Bad Habit). Side B is opened by Lion´s Law song in English called Lionheart and it continues with also English song No Turning Back from the band called The Fanatiques. Song from Maraboots is ultramelodical which is underlined by the use of saxophone and Jenny´s vocals. I like changing of male and female voice and here it is changing also from French to English. Larcin kicked you back to 80´s – simple rhythm and music with singalong refrains. Lion´s Law were reviewed a few days ago. Their song is about 16 year old skinhead who is doing anything he wants. Music is harder then Maraboots stuff but there is also saxophone and some tunes are similar to Maraboots because they have same member. The Fanatiques are playing in middle rhythm with non-rough vocals and I will compare them to old stuff from Sparrer or Business. Inside the EP is booklet with short introduction of each band, lyrics to some songs or their words about the skinhead cult (Larcin, but just in French). Great is also graphical design of the cover – skinhead who is walking the cock. Make your musical horizons wider and buy this EP to know some new breed bands. I can tell you that you won´t regret it. It is compilation so I will leave it without rating but I can recommend it for sure.
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v/a - Liga dos Ultimos

Oi! Shop/Your Poison/Zerowork Records - EP -

539_va_liga.JPGLiga dos Ultimos is four songs football compilation from Portugal which was out thanks to cooperation of three labels. It was released on clear violet vinyl limited to 300 copies. Compilation contains bands such as Acromaníacos, Faccao Opposta, Albert Fish and Canhoes de Guerra. First and the last band I don´t know so I was curious about their music. Side A si opened by Acromaniacos with their cover called Discontrolado from legendary punk band Crise Total. Then came Faccao Opposta with their song Carne para Canhao which is previously unreleased and which stands out of the line of their middle rhythm rough Oi! music because this song is really fast on them. Side B is opened by Albert Fish which is onloy band on the compilation which sings in English and it is great punk rock similar to early stuff from Offspring. EP is closed by Canhoes de Guerra with their shouted vocal, it is great straightforward punk rock with guitar solos similar to Dead Kennedys. On the cover of the EP is Portuguese football player from 80´s Fernando Chalana which had his golden years in Benfica and also in national team of Portugal. Inside are band photos and contact. I will not rate this (it is compilation) but I am glad to have it because it makes my musical horizons wider.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 06.06.2013

v/a - Red White and Blue – Which One Are You

Longshot Music/Pirate Press Records - EP -

591_rwb.jpegFoursplit on two EP´s released on US labels Pirate Press and Longshot Music contains four bands - Harrington Saints and The Old Firm Casuals (for the USA) and Argy Bargy with Booze and Glory (for Britain). Harrington Saints has there song called Slogans on the Wall which you may know from album Pride and Tradition (review is her efor sure). This also only one band which has there previously released song. The Old Firm Casuals has there new song D.M.D.P. (Doc. Martens Dental Plan). This is pretty funny because Bound for Glory has song with similar title and the guitar riff at the beginning sounds like If the Kids…from Sham 69. You will hear also piano in that one. Argy Bargy has there new song called No Good Reason. They are playing their own style based on hard vocals with great accent and solo guitar. EP ends with Maybe from Booze and Glory. This song contains well known refrain „Maybe it´s because I´m Londoner…“ from hit song from 1940´s. I tis about the hard situation for workers wo lives on the debt or dole. Cover is done as a gatefold with band photos and contacts but no lyrics. Cool stuff which will be buried by many orthodox skins because i tis not too much underground but the songs are cool and the EP is ok. But i tis v/a so no rating from me.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 22.10.2013

v/a - Sons of Sweden

Olifant Records - EP -

657_va_sons.jpgEP compilation which puts together three bands with common member Robban - Agent Bulldogg, Contemtuous and Antipati. I have to write straight that this is no new songs but classic ones previously released and put on the EP (released in three versions). From Agent Bulldogg you will find there Stockholm Skinheads from Livstill, Contemtuous has there Nagel i ditt öga (which means A Nail in the Eye which you may know from From the Ashes 2003-2006 or from compilation Brewed in Sweden) and Antipati with their Så Jävla Svensk (something like I am Fuckin Swedish from their second full album Frågor Som Rör Det Allmänna). I shouldn´t introduce Stockholm Skins because it is anthem of the Swedish skins from 80´s/90´s. Nagel i ditt öga has great changing in vocals and in Så Jävla Svensk you can hear saxophone. EP is done with big hole in the middle, I have black version with no poster (there are some versions with it and some stickers). I will leave it without rating because it is nothing new.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 28.02.2014

Vibram 94 - You´ll Never Take US

Sta Press Records/United Riot Records - EP -

418_vibram94.jpgVibram 94 was US band from New York which existed between 1994 and 96 and it included members of bands like Templars, First Strike, Cut Throat or Broken Heroes. The band released during their existence just EP called Fight to Win on Helen of Oi! Records but other recorded songs come out on this vinyl after 18 years. Vinyl was released in 400 copies (300 black and 100 red). On EP are 4 songs called You´ll Never Take Us, Old Breed, Put in the Boot and Vibram 94 (which is just a chant). The band is playing straightforward faster US Oi! With dominant bass and time to time solo (they have two guitars). The sound is totally old school in style of records from Acre Studios of that time. Lyrics are about the fact that even the society scorns with us they have no balls to take us, then pub which is an escape before boring work and also the fact that even the times are changing our entertainment is still the same. Most of all I like the second song called Old Breed. Inside the EP (and also on the backside) is short band story from the editor and also from the singer Bohdan, lyrics and some band photos. United Riot Records show again their specialization on releasing unreleased pieces or re-editions of older bands. EP will like fans of older style because when you compare the music tu current one it is simple but it really shows you the spirit of 90´s in USA.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 14.08.2012 •  Buy HERE

Vindicate This! - Hard Feelings

Norrlandsshit/IR Records - EP -

388_vindicate_this_EP.jpgVindicate This comes from Swedish city Malmö and after their debut Stronger Than Yesterday which was released three years ago (and I put it in my record player again after hearing this EP) they come with EP called Hard Feelings. Band plays in classical four pieces line up and their drummer plays also in their colleagues from Oldfashioned Ideas. Red EP contains 4 songs in English - Another Set of Rules and No Friend of Mine on side A and This Endless War and Always on the Same Side on side B. Band plays the kind of music which I really like and which has typical guitar with light booster and rock´n´roll sound and time to time solo plus rougher vocal. All songs instead of the first one are slower and melodic and the refrain in No Friend of Mine will really stuck in your head for a long time. Song Another Set of Rules you may know from compilation This Is Oi! not a Fashion from Poink Records. To EP isn´t added no paper with lyrics but the EP is really graphically well done and on the back side is band photo. Another band which proves the quality of Swedish scene and I will look forward to their next (long I hope) album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 07.05.2012

Wellington Arms - I Can´t Take It Anymore

Pride and Passion Records - EP -

431_wellington white.jpgThis four song EP is from Wellington Arms which is US band from Chicago and singer of them is Eric Scott who was (is) making zine Brew and Honour. On EP which was released in 114 copies with three different covers you can listen to songs with titles I can´t Take Anymore, International Lover, Were Young and Gotta Change the World. The band is four pieces but the singer Eric also plays guitar. Music is little bit faster and greatly spiced up with rock/blues guitar (which is sometimes really interestingly boostered) and it is not afraid to play solos (especially in the first and the last song) and also by the bass which plays mainly in higher tunes. Lyrics are about the fact that surviving without job and money ends time to time in jail, young blood of skinheads or the world which is full of unemployment but the corrupt politicians keep on talking about the working palces. This EP is second release from Pride and Passion Records and it is done in the same spirit as Shaven Heads – simple black/white cover, paper with lyrics and thankslist and EP with no printing just with the stamp and hand number. For 6,5 € you will receive good music and hurry up, it will be sold out soon.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 19.09.2012

Youth Defense League - Voice of Brooklyn

Vulture Rock Records - LP -

456_youth defense league-voice of brooklyn.jpgRe-edition of LP which was released by the Vulture Rock Records at first in 2005 containing completely re-mastered studio work (9 songs) and also some original versions (4 songs). YDL was founded in New York in 1986 as a OI!/HC band which used to play many gigs with legends like Agnostic Front or Warzone. They were disbanded in 1989. The title of this compilation is derived from the covered and changed song Voice of Britain from Skrewdriveru. From this it is relevant that the band didn´t even care about some kind of PC and the songs are very patriotic and anti-commie oriented (Soliders of Fortune, Turncoat, New Glory) and the band was really conservative. Other lyrics are about working class or skinhead pride (Skinheads 88, Blue Pride, The Boys…). But we have to also say that the drummer of the band Rishi (who used to play in Warzone also) is from Middle East, Crazy Jay (also from Warzone) was Jew so we can just speculate about the “controversy” of the band as a provocation (like playing under the RAC banner with Warzone for example) or as a fact. The middle 80´s was time of the cold war and the situation in USA can be like that (seeing commie behind every corner) and the people should think that the USA are the world police which are taking care about democracy. It´s hard to say but this view had YDL on the world of 80´s so if you buy this LP you will have at home major part of the most famous and controversial band of NY scene. LP is in green/white combination and on the cover are all lyrics plus some band photos. Cult!!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 19.11.2012