3:2 pro MH - 17th Anniversary

Rabiát Records - CD - 35:38

534_630_32pro_mh_-_17th_anniversary.jpgTha band 3:2 pro MH is playing (ast the title of the album says) for quite long time and this is their first official album released on label. It contains 17 re-recorded songs from older albums and demos. The band has some problems with line up and they have many changes. This CD was recorded in the line up: Karlos on vocals, Spac on guitar, Matus on bass and Ivca behind the drums. Many songs can be known from live gigs, albums or from Streetkids compilations. So you will find good old hist like Holý hlavy (Shaven Heads), Píča (Cunt), Fízl (Copper), Nula (Looser), Hymrovi (Hymorvi – local pub of the band), MH song etc… I have to say that I didn´t have previous albums at home so I can´t compare the quality of re-recorded songs to their previous versions. Lyrics are about booze, football and our way of life. Good songs are MH song, Píča, Hej ty tam (with guitar solos) of Fízl. Music is classic Oi!/punk with sincerity and attitude because when the band keeps on playing for 17 years they have to do it with passion and love. In song Hymrovi you can hear ex-vocalist from Pilsner Oiquell and bass player from Neparkovat Vjezd. Booklet is fine (as usual releases from Rabiat Records) with lyrics and photos (especially the one from the cover and from the back is great). In our country there are not so many Oi! bands so when someone release an album it is almost a must have thing for people interested in streetmusic, so buy it (from Rabiat for 6 Euro on the link below). And you may see them live for example on streetfest in Pardubice in September.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7+  •  Date: 27.05.2013 •  Buy HERE

7er Jungs - s/t

Rebellion Records - EP -

537_7ERjungz.jpg7er Jungs is German band from north-western part of Germany which is playing in four piece line-up. They have released one regular album and some EP´s and split EP´s. This album was out on Rebellion Records as a part of collectors series (No. 6). It contains two songs - Great Days in Blitz and They Walked the Line which is cover from Joy Division and those who are also interested in other musical styles know that also industrial/neofolk Von Thronstahl make this cover. EP is opened by The Great Days in Blitz which is in middle rhythm and it is about good old days when people stick together and friends are more then brothes but these times are away, many people are gone and we have to keep on going forward on our way. Cover is harder then original version but the rhythm is still the same (even slower in some passages, guitars are more sharp and significant then in Joy Division version. EP is limited to 500 copies (red, yellow and black wax) and it is first EP with lyrics from the collectors edition (just on Great Days in Blitz). I know the band just from the name and I don´t know too much about their other stuff but this EP is cool so try to go for it.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 04.06.2013 •  Buy HERE

Abrasive Wheels - Skum

Rebel Sound - LP -

562_aw_skum.jpgSkum is album from longly playing (first stuff released 31 years ago in 1982) punk band Abrasive Wheels from Leeds which was released back in 2009 just on CD on Crashed Out Records. Now it is out on LP – limited edition of 300 copies (100 black, 100 pink and 100 green) on Rebel Sound. The band had not been active from the middle of 80´s till 2002 when they came back. Album contains 12 songs. Their music is fresh punk rock full of melody with great guitar with simple solos (Born Loser) and singalongs (Class of 82´). The band knows how to play faster things like Survivals but also slower pieces in style of The Crack (Nothing to Lose) but also great punk rock pub singalong (Breadline or the last one called Crashed Out and Wasted) but also slower song (Skum). Lyrics are also classic (I have it just in digital format so I am guessing) – drinking, army and denying to dieyou’re your government or cops. Who likes the bands from 80´s will like this but I am more into the new bands but this sounds OK.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 25.07.2013

Agent Bulldogg - Vi Är Tillbaks...

Coitus Records - EP -

518_ab_ep.jpgThis is first brand new recording from Agent Bulldog since their second album Ett Tusen Glas from 1995. Ep is (probably) released by the band itself and the title means We Are Back… On EP you will find four songs in Swedish from which are two brand new (Den Jag Är – Who I Am and Karriärpolitiker – Career Politician), one re-recorded song from Brewed in Sweden 2 (title one Vi Är Tillbaks) and one cover from Swedish folk punker Per Persson (Livet Jag Ålskar – The Life I Love). Lyrics are about the fact that the band is back, and about people who try to stabbed them in the back. Then about your way of life which leads you to the early grave. Then about the mistakes which make everyone in his life and also about the fact that career in politics is good if you want to be rich. Vi Är Tillbaks fits great to the band, middle rhythm with some solos and Thomas vocal. Livet Jag Ålskar is faster and you should recognize that it is cover song because it is more into punk rock. Den Jag År is great new song with cool lyrics and it seems to me that the band started playing in the moment they finished, because this songs sounds like from their top years. Karriärpolitiker has sound which didn´t fits too much to me to old Agent Bulldogg. On vocals are also Robban and Radar (Antipati, The Righteous…, but you surely know this) so the vocals are more heterogeneous (like song Karriärpolitiker). Cover is done in black and white and inside is paper with really long thankslist, some photos and lyrics to their three songs. Great EP and I am looking forward to next new stuff from this reborn legend.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 22.04.2013 •  Buy HERE

Agent Bulldogg/The Templars - s/t

Randale Records/Templecombe Records - EP -

512_ab_temp.pngSplit EP of pretty well known bands which shouldn´t be introduced was released at the beginning of this year on Randale and Templecombe on black and orange wax (just 100 copies). On EP you will find 3 songs – Livsstil (A Way of Life) in English version made by The Templars in 1994 (classic line-up with Phil and Carl) and according to the text on the paper it should be released sooner (like this whole split I think). Compared with original version this is softer (mainly the guitars on the beginning). Agent Bulldogg has there two songs Visions of Future which is taken from The Templars EP Beauséant (in Swedish for sure) and brand new song Strorebror (Big Brother). Cover from The Templars is quite similar as original version but Agent Bulldoggs add saxophone. New song Storebror is about the cameras everywhere which are seeking after you and even there are just two original members of Agent Bulldog (the rest is from more streetpunk band Antipati) you will get what you expect from them (the guitar sound and melodies. On the cover are old photos from Carl´s time which he spent in Sweden (there are also a few words about it), inside are the lyrics (but only on Agent Bulldogg´s songs), a few photos and thankslist. Agent Bulldogg are back with the band and I am looking forward to their new EP called Vi Är Tillbaks. This is good piece as a taste because on cover versions there is not so much to rate.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 04.04.2013

Aggroknuckle - Battle Dressed In Black

Hostile Class Productions - CD - 20:52

939_aggroknuckle28.jpgSecond album of this Japanese harvester was released through US label Hostile Class Productions run by Witek. It was out on CD and LP also. The year or the release is little bit older but I think it worth review. Together there is seven songs (one more compared to their previous Unshakable Determination album) in English (but you should read the lyrics during listening because of the strong accent) with rock/metal guitar. The band plays in five pieces and their music is really full of guitar and bass solos, singalongs, chants and their changing. Members used to play in bands like Cannons, New Dawn or Strong Style so who is involved into Japanese scene (especially bands around SSS) know these names. The bands around SSS are known because of their solid and almost tangible sound and this is also the case of Aggroknuckle. You will hear also some acoustic parts (beginning of You Are My Nightmare which later turns into great rock´n´roll). Most melodic piece is song Battle Dressed in Black. Other songs are called Violence Nocturne ´13 (which is maybe some link to Ikazuchi song), 28 (with gread cadence of drums at the end), Behold the Rising Sun Flag, We Resist Pressure and Union Song Part 3. Japanese society is really conservative and homogenous and it is based on traditional values which is reflected in lyrics of the band so we have the pride on ancestors blood in our veins (28), defend of Japan against powerful men whose value is just money (We Resist Pressure) and whose already corrupt the government which becomes dangerous for their people (You Are My Nightmare) or song about the flag with rising sun which has almost ever Japanese band (Behold the Rising Sun Flag). SSS bands are really musical masterpieces and Aggroknuckle surely belong to these jewels. In booklet are all lyrics and band photos from the gigs. Artwork was done by Yossy from The Hawks. Great CD but you should be musical connoisseur because this is not typical everyday music which you may listen in pub and get drunk with friends :).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 26.02.2016

Albert Fish/Belfegoi - Rowing on the Galley from Monday to Friday…

Zeroworks Records - CD - 40:02

523_albert_fish_belfegoi.jpegThis is new split album of Portuguese band Albert Fish and for me uknknown band from Hungary Belfegoi. The “new” is little but unaccurate because Albert Fish has there just previously released stuff like one track from City Rats EP, one from the tribute to Peste & Sida (which is in Portuguese), one from split EP with SIStema and three from News from the Front album. Albert Fish was introduced in previous reviews so I won´t repeat myself especially here where is no new track. Belfegoi has there seven songs and I think they are previously unreleased. All seven songs are in their native tongue so the translation will be little bit difficult (thanks god for google translator) So there are songs abou love, about everyday fight and struggle, about the fact that when you reach 30 years of age it is bad, etc… Musicaly it is in middle rhythm, no difficult music similar to bands from 80´s and with punk melody and also with some rock´n´roll (Skinhead Fitness) and ska touches (Mindennapos harc). Togeteher it is good to listen and you can feel that lyrics will be more about fun and beer then about some serious stuff. Inside the booklet is all you need – lyrics, photos, band contact, etc…I leave Albert Fish part without rating, Belfegoi are for 7.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 03.05.2013

Albert Fish/Grito! - s/t

Zeroworks Records/Bolhao Records - EP -

612_albert_grito.jpgThis is split EP of two bands from Portugal which was released due to cooperation of labels like Zeroworks and Bolhao. Side A belongs to well known Albert Fish from Lisboa and side B to the new band band Grito! from Porto. Both bands have there two songs. Albert Fish sings in English and they have songs called The World is Ours Tonight and Fucked Up, Grito! has there two Portugal songs - Gajos do Porto (Boys from Porto) and Invictus (Unbeaten). Albert Fish plays in five piece line up and their music is faster streetpunk with shouted vocal (especially in refrain of Fucked Up song). In song The World is Ours Tonight are changing two vocals and the vocal is melodical then in Fucked Up song. It is classic protest song about the rebellion in the streets. Fucked Up is about messed life where just few things make sense. Grito! plays in four and this is their debut I think. The name of the band means something like Shout!. Band is more melodical and it is more into Oi! sound but not in hardness. In first song Gajos do Porto is great singalong refrain with female vocals. Second one Invictus is master and melodical. EP is limited to 200 copies with drawn cover, lyrics sheet inside with band photos plus list of Zeroworks releases.So quite good piece where you may listen to stuff from well known band but also from the new one.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 02.12.2013

Alta Tension - De Vuelta Al 77...

This Means WAR Records - LP -

636_alta_tension.jpegThis LP came out as a tribute to the band´s 20th anniversary from founding and it is re-edition from the 2001 album released on CD through Bronco Bullfrog Records (with some bonus songsú or in 1998 as a split CD with Backslah through Mad Butcher Records. Band comes from Valencia and they have released two other albums from which is most famous (for me) La Historia Continúa. On this LP you can find ten songs in Spanish. Titles of the songs can be translated like The City of Frauds, Generation 77, Pact with Death, On the Streets, Antisocial or Our Blood. The band plays in four and they know hot play melodic songs (mainly based on solo guitar) like Ciudadano Engañado, En las Calles, Generación del 77 or Manifesto. Most of them is in normal rhythm but Pacto Con la Muerte is faster rhythm which is underlined by guitar solo after each line of the strophe. Other members are helping in vocals in some songs. Lyrics are classics according to the titles but you should take into account that this was recorded 19 years ago back in 1995. LP is limited to 300 copies (200 red and 100 black) and inside is paper with lyrics, pictures and band story but just in Spanish. Nice re-edition of one of the fundamental bands of the 90´s Spanish Oi! music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 29.01.2014 •  Buy HERE

Ani Krok Späť! - Zrkadlo doby

4Subculture Records - CD - 34:30

525_AKS_new.gifSlovakian band Ani Krok Späť! is well known in our area becaouse of their live gigs. This is their new album which was released by 4Subculture Records. The band is having a break with live playing now and you can see them on last two gigs before the summer. The title of the album is Zrkadlo doby (The Mirror of Our Time) and you will find there eight songs. One is in English - – Endless Nights and the rest is in Slovak. Titles of the songs are Trest smrti (Death Penalty), Ctihodnost anonym (Anonymous), Rock´n´Roll, Odkaz predkov (The Heritage of the Forfathers), Ten nejlepší (The Best), etc… Music of the band is really on high level (solo guitar and bass also) and similar to previous stuff so you will find there hard songs like the firs one Trest Smrti, melodical stuff like Ctihodnost anonym or Ten najlepší, but also ballads like Odkaz predkov (also with keyboards and great changing of rough and normal vocals) and Motlitba but also classic rock´n´roll song (which I don´t like too much). Lyrics of the band are more serious so it means the death penalty, religion, internet warriors, patriotism and the values which belong to it, etc…but you will find there also drinking anthem about their crew H.W.C. There is one hidden bonus song and I will not tell you what it is just small information that you may know that song from the last Stormwatch album sou check the review and think about which one of the two covers it can be. In booklet are all lyrics, photos and thankslist…OK. But the cover reminds me more some kind of crust/anarcho band but I think that the band likes it. I hope that the break will not last too long and the band will entertain us (or force us to think) in near future again. Support local bands and local labels and buy it. 6 Euro is not so big prize. Really good piece (except the things I mentioned above).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 07.05.2013 •  Buy HERE

Anti-Clockwise - EP Vol. II

DIY - EP -

589_anti clockwise-vol.2 ep.jpegSecond EP from these skins from Magdeburg is called Vol. II and it is released in DIY style in similar graphics as the first one. On EP you will find four songs in German language called Subkultur and Hey Arbeiter on side A and Das Letze Stück Identität and China on side B. The band plays still in same three pieces line up (one member plays also in Rampage). Band plays classic skinhead rock´n´roll like The Templars (so it means light booster effect on guitar). I really like their lyrics which aren´t cliché and they have sense and they also deal with more serious topics. There is also short band statement under each lyric (but just in German language) so you may know why the band writes it. Lyrics are about the fact that our subculture must survive so if you have time go on and organize gigs, meatings or DJ nights. Songs Hey Arbeiter and China are about similar topics and that it oppression of workers rights. The last one is about the lost of identity when young people are addicted to TV, internet and other global products like Cola, Mc Donald, MTV and other American stuff. Greatest song is the first one called Subculture with nice refrain. Good album straight from the heart when we can see that the band is really belive the words which they singing about (like DIY gigs, releases, etc…). EP is limited to 300 copies and it is on green wax.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 16.10.2013

Antipati - Läggdags För Antipati

Pretty Shitty Town Records - EP -

655_antipati_EP.jpgFourth EP from this Swedish band is out again on their home label and the title can be translated like „Bedtime for AntiPati“. It contains three songs – Skål För Er (Cheers to You) and 800 Sen on side A and on side B you may find song Gnällig (which is Agent Bulldogg cover from album Ett Tusen Glas). When I heard the first song I have feeling that this is a farewell recording (even the title of EP evoke it) but I hope not. Fine song where band greets all friends it has fun with during all those years. Second song is more serious (some economic situation and money I think). In song Gnällig is no saxophone compared to original version (but sax solo is played by guitar) and it is softer little bit. On Antipati is great the changing of the vocals because all members sing. Really nice music from people who have many experiences with playing and as I said I hope that band is not going to be on ice (because band members have some other projects). EP is done as gatefold with big thankslist (with Backstreet Batallion it it :)), lyrics, photos and CD with the same songs. It is limited to 500 copies. EP itself is clear with black-white-red splatters and it looks really great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 26.02.2014 •  Buy HERE

Asas da Vingança - s/t

Bigorna Records - EP -

507_asas_de_vinganca.jpgAsas de Vinganca (which means The Wings Of Revenge) is brand new band from Poruguese city Faro and this is their debut thing released on Bigorna Records (Bigorna means by the way Anvil) which is oriented on limited vinyl collections. So this EP is limited to 200 copies (red cover with red vinyl and green cover with black vinyl and each cover with two versions of letters – gold or silver). The band plays in four pieces and interesting is the fact that behind the drums is singer from Faccao Opposta João. As I said, the band comes from Faro and drummer is from Lisboa so he has to drive 276 km for rehersal – respect! The band put three songs on this EP (two in their native language and one in English) with titles Cruzada (Crusade) on side A and Os Dados Estão Lancados (The Dices Are Thrown) and Skinhead Attitude on side B. Lyrics are about classical topics like revenge, rumors or your attitudes which are unbreakable. Music is harder and rougher Oi! which goes sometimes to HC (like the last song Skinhead Attitude) and it is similar with Australian band All in Brawl for me. In that song, there is classic changing of the rhythm from fast to slow, where the vocal goes to speech. Singalong refrains reminds me their colleagues from Spain - Ultimo Assalto from the Nuestro Orgullo Pasado era. Some guitar solos (which are in each song) remind me Warzone. Add also singalong refrains (Cruzada) or parts just with bass and drums (Os Dados Estão Lancados). Cover is done really nice as usual from Bigorna Records. Gatefold cover with lyrics in their native language and also in English, band photo, line-up, thankslist, camo cover of the EP with Bigorna Records logo from the second side and and gold/silver hot foil stamps on title of the band label, like on all previous releases. Hard hitting great Oi! with no compromise…and I am looking forward to do an interview with them.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8+  •  Date: 20.03.2013

Badlands - Alexandrian Age

Rebellion Records - CD -

595_rr086-cover-small2.jpgAfter the World of Pain single released Wouter Badlands full length recorded in brand new line up called Alexandrian Age. CD similar to the single was recorded in classic line up (Badlands plays in four, but Victor plays also guitar and second guitar is played by Marten´s Army guitarist). Together you can listen to ten songs all in English. For sure there is some acoustic songs (four acoustic - Cast Out, Nostalgia´s Treason, Ruler and Slave and Sorrow´s Companion, the rest is classic sound). But also in normal songs you can hear acoustic strumming parts (like in Mastersinger of Thuringia or Oh Death). I was quite satisfied with their single World of Pain with two fantastic songs so I was looking forward to this album. Normal songs has great solo guitar with solo in each song and which makes you sit on your ass. Acoustic ones have great clear sound (like Ruler and Slave in flamengo rhythm where the acoustic guitar is really magic or the last one Sorrow´s Companion which is from the sad songs). Some songs are really nostalgic (Back Where I Belong, Wanderer on the Dark or previously mentioned Oh Death). These nostalgic songs I like most. The title of the album can prove to you that the songs will not be cliché. Even Victor has clear vocal I can´t hear everything so I won´t speak about the topics of their lyrics so I have to wait till regular release (because this is just the digital one). So and now to the rating…after the first hearing I am not familiar with this because for listening to this album you have to have mood and space. I heard them in work as a background and I was not familiar with it. At home I heard it again in and I focused on it and I really like it. So this album is not seating music but music which you should listen on full-time job. Yes!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 30.10.2013

Badlands - Ruins of the Legends

Rebellion Records - CD - 42:48

638_badlands_ruins.jpgThis album was released back in 2007 under the Soultamer title - The Remedy Comes in Disguise sung by Joost from Discipline. This is version which was recorded earlier by Viktor from Badlands (who makes also guitar, bass was recorded by Wouter from Razorblade) and Rebellion released it now under the Badlands name. On album you may listetn to nine songs which are in different order then in previous release and I have to say that it sound pretty different with Viktor on vocals. Music is influenced by all bands I mentioned above but the sound is really unique compared to other streetrock bands and all is underlined with personal lyrics (like song Heart of Stone when Viktor wants to trade his soul for the heart of stone). Great one is also Feel It with almost never ending guitar solo with great refrain, faster Rough Diamond (maybe the fastest song from the album), Soultamer or pure acoustic guitar one called Demon Crusade, where you may clearly check the range of Viktor´s vocal. As written inside you may deal with this as an interlink between The Killing Kind and When Angels Are Crucified album. As I wrote on last Badlands album review the music and the lyrics are not easy for listening. The whole thing is packed in fat digipack (22nd piece from limited collectors series – 300 copies pressed) with great cover outside and inside (some middle age battle and coin from pope) and paper with Viktor´s confession and lyrics to all songs. Šafy give 10 to its previous version and I can´t change this rating.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 31.01.2014 •  Buy HERE

Badlands - World of Pain

Rebellion Records - EP -

567_badlands_pain.jpgAfter the acoustic EP Capital od Spirit comes Dutch band Badlands with single World of Pain with two songs in classic rock line-up. This single is a taste before the normal album Alexandrian Age which will be out in autumn. Single contains two songs - Open Road and Way of the World. Open Road which you will find on the A side has trashy guitar with great solos from the second guitar plus Victor´s fine vocal and singalong from the rest of the band (by the way the second guitarist is from Martens Army). Lyrics are about the fact that man should find his way between all corrupt politicians and society which stands on money. Way of the World is quite similar but the vocal is varying in more melodies. Song is about unhappy world which we live in today. I have the Ep just in digital form so I can´t speak about the inside but the graphic of the cover is great and according to the title. Badlands are playing unique style which is characteristic for them and they prove it with this EP. It is different then previous albums and music is much more different but atmosphere and feelings which you will have during the listening are the same. One of the best band of nowadays which have something to say!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 21.08.2013

Bakers Dozen/Kombatants - European Invasion

Skinflint Music - CD -

592_european invasion-small.jpgNext stuff which was released on Skinflint Records is split CD of Scottish classics Bakers Dozen and Swedish freshmen Kombatants. Fresheman is not so accurate word because the band members have experience with bands such as S.O.T. or Heroes. Line up of Bakers Dozen is changing from album to album but nowadays it seems that they find suitable one (with bass player from On File). Each band has six new songs on CD and all are in English. Bakers Dozen has their own style after those years of playing and you should not expect anything else from them. They prove it with the songs like Fantasist or Storm Warning (which is best one from their part of the album). Other songs are called Victim Mentality, Boots Round Bathgate, Company Man and Night of the Droogs. Kombatants are playing in four but with two guitars and their music is not so hard compared to Douzen. And in their songs you can hear ska influences (like in the song Pirate Skins, which is the best one for me from their part of album or in song Salute) and their refrains are more into singalong. In the last song you will hear refrains from famous songs like Hurry Up (Sham 69), London Pride (Superyob) or Remember 81 (Evil Conduct) and according to the name, this is big hail to the bands which influence them. Other songs from them are Matchday, Evil and Suspect, Rapers and Stupid Little Cow. I have this piece just in digital format so I can´t talk about the booklet. Cover is made from Swedish and Scotish flag on the map of USA plus viking and bagpiper skin. Who likes Dozen´s previous stuff will like also this CD and he won´t be disappointed, Kombatants are new band which worth hearing and you may check also their debut (which is reviewed there also). Fine split.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8+  •  Date: 23.10.2013

Battle Cry/Doc. Evil - Atlantic vs. Pacific Round 1

Hostile Class Productions - EP -

616_docevil_battlecry.jpgSplit EP from Aussies Doc. Evil and US band Battle Cry which was released by Witek and cover was done by Teeun from Short Cropped. Doc. Evil is resurrected band which was active back in 1998-2002. Then their members found more political Blood Red Eagle and now after the broke up of BRE the band is back. They have released also split with their colleagues First Assault (Vital Sign Records) and album Lost Years Found Scars (Hostile Class). Doc. Evil has there two songs called D.S.P. (Democratic Socialsit Party) and Lost Highway which is cover from country singer Hanka Williamse. D.S.P. is musicaly similar to old English bands and Doug´s voice sounds similar as Jonesy´s to me. The song is about some political party which just exploiteing their members which are almost young idiots. Lost Highway is classic renegade song about renegade life which is caused by booze, cards and women. Battle Cry comes from New York and they have already released some albums and EP´s. On this piece they have two songs Under Siege and All Seeing Eye. Musically it is harder conservative anti-commie American Oi! with faster vocal. Under Siege looks like the anthem of the band (especially refrain). All Seeing Eye is a “big brother” classic so if you are into New World Order, FEMA camps, illuminati, commies, conspiracy, monetary takeover in 1913, etc…this song is for you and you will probably wrench your dick by it :). Music is really good and ass kicking. What is quite strange is the fact that both songs has one strophe absolutely the same. Cover is OK, US and Aussie flag (Eureka flag which was used first in 1854 and which contains just Southern Cross and no Union Jack). Inside is paper with lyrics, EP is limited to 565 copies. Not for PC people.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 06.12.2013

Birds of Prey - s/t

Randale Records - CD - 27:02

542_birds_of_prey.jpegBirds of Prey is Canadian band with Jenny Woo and you may know it from the split EP with her acoustic Oi! project called Marching On with their song Don´t Wanna Be Like You with Franky Flame. Birds of Prey is playing in three piece line up but the drummer Jonathan recorded also second guitar on this CD. Fine is that the men rest of the band will also take part on the vocals (like in refrains of songs Crazy or All for One). On CD are 10 songs but one is the mentioned single, and also songs like Sound of the Scene and Blue Collar Hands can be known from split album with Discharger (but it were recorded in different line up) so the new songs are 7. You may also know video to the song called Keep on Dancing (http://youtu.be/HZF8KHoGhdA). Birds of Prey don´t play hard music, it reminds me bands around Chickswick Records (like song Heroes of the Night, Crazy or Looking for Trouble) with significant bass line. Sometimes it sounds more into mod beat (the drummer look like a fan odf mod beat style because of his suit on the photos) like in slower song All for One… Lyrics are about living in subcultural world, going out dancing and drinking, about the fact how men enjoy when someone hates him, revenge, working clas…Album was released on CD (digipack) but also on LP. Booklet is all right with photos as a background of lyrics and thankslist. Don´t expect hard music but this CD is sincere and songs like Sound of the Scene or All for One will really find the way into your mind. Fuckin´ good.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 11.06.2013

Bishops Green - s/t

Rebellion Records - LP -

526_bishops_green.jpgBishops Green is next band where Greg Huff sings and you may know him from his previous bands like Alternate Action, The Lancasters, Glory Stompers or Subway Thugs. This album was released on LP in many colors on labels such as Rebellion, Longshot, Contra, Randale, Bords de Seine or Bandworm plus the CD verion on Rebellion. On album you will find six songs (two are covers from The Lancasters) named Tumbling Down (check their video on http://youtu.be/X9BFiUAhz4U), Blinded and Senseless Crine on side A and on side B Alone, Stay Away and The Crow. Bishops Green are playing similar style as mentioned bands where Greg used to sing so you can expect streetpunk with lightly boostered guitar, playful bass (like bass solo in song Senseless Crime) and older sound in general plus great vocal. You shouldn´t recognize the two cover songs because it sounds similar to other songs from Bishops Green. The band is playing good and I think that I need more then 6 songs (no weak one). Most of all I like Senseless Crime and The Crow (which is from The Lancasters I think). It´s a pitty that there are no lyrics inside, just paper with photos, logo and thankslist plus code for mp3 download. I really like Greg´s previous bands and I like also Bishops Green so I will recommend it to you and it will be your chodice if you buy LP or CD.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 09.05.2013 •  Buy HERE

Bombecks - 1993-2013

Street Justice Records - CD -

750_bombecks_best.jpgBest of from this German band Bombecks which maps their 20 years of playing is out on CD with 19 songs from all their albums (four regular albums and split with Test A) plus four new songs. If you buy album as a LP, you will receive CD as a bonus and on the picture disc LP you may listen to four news songs on A side and to the songs from split with Test A on the B side. I have just the CD. Older songs are not in chronological order, new songs are at the end of the CD. SO to the best of part…there is not so much to talk about – 19 songs from 15 years so you may find there hits like Gift im Blut, Im Promille Takt, Schatten deines Lebens, ska one Promille or English one You Get Me Down. New songs are called Das Gute daran war das Böse, Kein Zurück, Zusammen and Meine Helden von gestern. Lyrics are about the times when the man was younger and rule the streets and where when everyone said something, you have to believe it, then some kind of band anthem about the fact that they were, are and will be here, about the fact that we are no anarchists, prophets or anything else and we just want to play rock´n´roll and the last one about your heroes of yesterday. Most of all I like songs Zusammen and Meine Helden von gestern (with two tone guitar). Booklet contains band photos from their beginning till nowadays (new songs were recorded with new drummer) and it is quite funny to see their evolution, posters from the gigs (also with the one in Prague back in 2011) and lyrics to the new songs. I think there is time to make some kind of best of after 20 years but their new songs are Ok so I will wait with the rating on the new piece.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 18.09.2014

Bömber - Turn of the Lights

Permaculture Records - EP -

684_bomber.jpegTurn of the Lights is single from this Serbian band which I never heard about and that´s why I was so curious how will the EP with design like Motorhead sounds. On A side there is title song called Turn of the Lights, on side B is song called No Turning Back. Both are in English. Turn of the Lights is in middle rhythm and it is solid rock (including guitar solo at the end). In refrain the singer works really well with his vocal (mainly at the end) with great support of the ride cymbal. Second one No Turning Back is faster a(but with one calm passage) and I like it more because it is more into streetpunk. Also refrain is more singalong. Inside is no paper with lyrics and on the backside of the cover is band photo. Maybe that´s why the review is little bit impersonal because I have no other info about the band except these two songs. But it is played well.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 18.04.2014 •  Buy HERE

Boot Boys - Enfant de la Crise

Bords de Seine - CD - 26:35

658_bootboys_fr.jpgBoot Boys is French band founded back in 1983 and disbanded in 1985 and this album or better to say compilation of demo and live recordings (from 1984) was released nowadays by Bords de Seine. It was released on LP and on CD also (which I have). It contains demo songs plus two live songs from the gig in Brest ( (Haine & Violence and Johnny S´en Va en Guerre). On CD you can listen to ten songs in French and the song Skinheads is there in two versions. Sound is rough (what should you expect from 30 years old demo) but there are some better songs. Like the beginning of songs Ulster or Skins de France (Bleu Blanc Rouge is great hit) which sounds OK. Song Skinheads sounds like old stuff from The Last Resort. This demo is quite well known and song Mitterrand is on youtube for some time. It is middle rhythm and typical French sound from the 80´s like their colleagues from Tolbiac Toads, Snix, Skinkorps or Brutal Combat so who loves these bands will like also this album. Titles means something like The Last Resort (Dernier Rempart), Children of the Crisis (Enfants de la Crise) or Johnny Went to War (Johnny S´en Va en Guerre ). Inside is short band story in French and some interviews from old zines plus many photos. Who doesn´t like French sound will not be satisfied but who does will like it for sure. But it is just “demo” so I leave it without rating.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 03.03.2014 •  Buy HERE

Bootboys - Ni Santos, Ni Heroes

Contra Records - EP -

677_bb_nisantos.jpgChilean band Bootboys has released one album called Reyes de Las Calles on German label Working Class Skins and then EP Cervezas Por Todas Partes on Poink Records. This EP contains 4 songs called Ni Santos, Ni Heroes (Neither Saint Nor Heroes), Rey de las Calles (King of the Street), Mis Botas Fueron Hechas (These Boots Are Made For…) and Rapado Incorrecto (Incorrect Skin). You may know the last one from their debut and Mis Botas Fueron Hechas is cover of well known song These Boots Are Made For Walkin´. The band plays in five pieces (according to photo on the backside of the cover) and this is quite big change because previous EP was recorded just in three pieces. Band plays really melodic stuff and it will remind you older stuff from The Business or their colleagues from Argentina Comando Suicida. Guitars solos and great bass are things which all songs have in common. It´s hard to find some weaker song and most of all I like Rey de las Calles and Rapas Incorectas and which contain all which good Oi! song have to have. Cover is done again by Abu from Minsk (like the previous one). Inside are no lyrics but download code. I can´t speak too much about the lyrics but I think they are pretty classics because I hear words in Spanish I know (like botas, clase obrera, cerveza, incorrecta, politica, cultura or fútbol). Who likes their previous stuff will like also this EP because it is in the same line.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 04.04.2014 •  Buy HERE

Bootboys Social Club - Bez Pravidel

DIY - CD - 34:33

627_bbsc_bez_pravidel.jpgSecond album from this band from Brno is longer then their debut and you may listen to twelve songs there (plus video on song Ještě nepočítej 10 which you may check here http://youtu.be/Ivu_VjM4pnk). BBSC recorded this in the same line up but I have to say that guitar went better (like solo in Ještě nepočítej 10 with hacks in guitar rhythm or the title one Bez pravidel, but also other songs) and also together iti is on higher level (like use of double pedal in song Politicky korektní šílenství or bass in Vykonavatel or O ničem). The band has nowadays new drummer. In first song Chtěli jsme (We Wanted) you will hear also violoncello. Lyrics are quite serious in 90 % - about people who are informing every system (Stool Pigeon) – top song because of lyrics, mainstream life which make a zombie without brain from you - – Letadlo (Plane), so called justice – Justice (Justice), work which make a brainless machine from you – Lidské zdroje (Human Machines) or the last one Město mafie (City of Mafia), which is about the life in Brno which is sometimes very strange (in that song there is also two tone guitar). There are also some lyrics about backstreet life on suburb – O ničem (About Nothing) which is musicaly best song from the CD for me. Also song Lidské zdroje is quite good. Music is hard to describe because of “chopped” guitar (not in the sense of thrash sound but in the sense of rhythm) so not ever melody of song you can whistle. Cover is corresponding with the song Justice, inside are lyrics (just in English) which is great because people from CZ/SK can listen the lyrics and band photo. Better then their previous stuff!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 13.01.2014

Bota Gasta - Guerra Civil

Ediciones Limitadas - EP -

524_bota_gasta.jpegBota Gasta is band which comes from Brazil (and their name means something like Worn Boot). They have releam you mwas probably recorded in the same time maybe for some compilation or something like that). EP is limited to 150 copies (50 on green wax and 100 on black one). Band plays in five and you can really hear it because music is faster underlined with rough vocal and sing-alongs. It reminds me their colleagues from Tropel but it is much more faster. Lyrics are full of violence but right vbiolence (in the song Guerra Civil about the people who are protesting against exploitation), loyalty and unbreakability of skinhead cult which has risen on every suburb of our planet (Bota Gasta) and Brazilian media which are spreading lies about the life in Brazil which is much harder then you can see in TV (Futuro do Brazil). Inside is paper with lyrics in Portuguese but also in English (but there should be done some correction because Worn Boot is something different then Worm Boot but who cares, it is underground :)) and some pictures and posters. Normally I didn´t rate stuff with no new songs BUT I think that this will be an exception because you will hardly buy their older albums especially in Europe so god bless Pablo for releasing this EP. Hard Oi! with no compromises from the dusty backstreets of Brazil served on great vinyl.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 06.05.2013

Brassknuckle Boys - Anthology

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music - CD -

639_bb_anthology.jpgDouble CD from Brassknuckle Boys which comes from the Kentucky was released on Rebellion Records as a next part of Collector´s Series and also to the European tour of the band. On collection you will find chronological their songs from all their full length albums American Bastard, Appalachian Industry and Songs about Fighting, whole EP Fighting Poor and split with Stomper 98 and some songs from split with Deadline (Any Fate but Sumbission) and one song from split with Riotgun. I think that it is their whole recordings because some songs are featuring on more albums (but there are also same songs in different versions). Together it is 45 songs on both CD´s (50 and 62 minutes). I do not know much about their music, I have listen just to American Bastard album. They are playing faster streetpunk with touches of skinhead r´n´r (like song The Pilgrim and New Amendment from Appalachian Industry or Murder of Manslaughter from American Bastard), slower stuff (like Jimmy Coonan, Fire on the Plains or Our Little Secret), great sing-alongs anthems (Thousands are Sailing) and few covers – Voice (Voice of Britain with different lyrics) or Green Fields of France (in the fastest version which I´ve ever heard). The band has powerful vocal and singalong refrains which are typical for US bands. Inside digipack are some band photos and short bio of each member and ex-member of the band. I didn´t have anything from them so it is pretty cool to have it on two CD´s but it is nothing new so I leave it without rating.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 03.02.2014 •  Buy HERE

Brassknuckle Boys - Sinequan Dreams

Contra Records - EP -

666_bb_ep.jpegThis is the last stuff from Brassknuckle Boys which contains three songs – brand new one called You Think You´re Happy and Manhood´s Only Kings which you may know from split EP with Stomper 98 from 2012 (but I think that this version is little bit different) and cover from Bee Gees New York Mining Disaster. If you download the album via download code which is added to the EP you will find there two more songs – one without title (just instrumental with great guitar solo played through effect) and then sonf The Pilgrim (which you may know from previous CD´s and which is great singalong hit). First song is similar to their previous stuff – skinhead rock´n´roll based on guitar, second piece is more melodic and it is about the classic working class topics and the future of workers who have to take care about their family. The cover from Bee Gees is harder than original version for sure because it is not common that skinhead band makes Bee Gees cover. EP is limited to 250 copies (125 black and 125 colored). Inside is paper with lyrics and a few words from the singer about the title of the EP (about his sentence in Kentucky prison 20 years ago and how he used drug called Sinequan to waste his time and about the first song which is written under the influence of this drug). This prison can be found also on the cover of the EP. So together there is just one brand new song and I hope that we will get something new from them in near future.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6/7  •  Date: 14.03.2014

Bricktop - s/t

Randale Records - EP -

571_bricktop_EP.jpgAfter the Valhalla Bound EP come US thug rock band Bricktop with self titled EP released again on Randale Records. EP contains three songs - Bound by Hate and Never Walk Alone on side A and Two Faces of Fascism on side B. Compared to line up on Valhalla Bound Bricktop plays now “just” in five pieces. Album is opened by song Bound by Hate with great changes in vocals and refrains with singalong plus solo guitar in background with great southern solos. Song is about unity and strength which is provided by your crew. Second song is faster and harder (refrain with great shouted vocal) and more into classic HC. Also the lyrics is like that – street, brotherhood and unity against society. The last one is about the fact that man can stood out from the politics and he is still attacked from both sides but mainly anonymously and on the internet. Music is faster again with good guitar and vocal changes. Solo guitar and vocals are one of greatest sides of Bricktop. Inside is paper sheet with lyrics and thankslist, on the cover are band photos. EP was released in black and blue version. Who likes mixture of rock, HC and punk Bricktop is the band for him!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 27.08.2013

Bricktop/Slick46 - Murder at 45 RPM

Randale Records - EP -

577_slick46_bricktop.jpegThis is American-australian split EP of Bricktop and Slick 46. The album is called Murder at 45RMP and also the cover of it refers to film from 50´s called Dragstrip Riot, which is about some motorcycle gang which attacks some civilians in the car. Each band has there two songs (and each has some cover). So Bricktop has there songs like No Life in Fear and Evil from 4 Skins, Slick 46 has there Don´t Ask Me and Teenage Kicks from The Undertones. Bricktop has their ace in solo guitar and in the changing of the vocals. The band is part of some motorcycle gang (which you may see on the cover and also on the booklet graphics) and I say why not, dirty rock´n´roll is great. Evil is played without any big changesinstead of the modern sounding. First song from Slick´s is really melodic and relatively slow (I was quite surprised because their previous albums are fasater). The band has their acein female vocals which are used great (especially in the cover Teenage Kicks). Inside is paper with nice pictures and thankslist but no lyrics. I like both bands and this EP is really well done.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 19.09.2013

Broken Glasses - Ελευθεροσ

Shout Proud Records - LP -

689_brokenglasses.jpegNext thing which is out on Shout Proud Records is LP of the Greek band from the city of Kavala called Broken Glasses and the title of the album can be translated like Freeman. On album you may listen to ten song in Greek (on the cover are also titles in English so you may recognize what are they singing about). The band has already released three albums (including some kind of best of from 2009 – 2013). The band is playing in four piece line up with girl behind the drums (which is not unusual – like Bronco Army for example). Their music is middle/faster rhythm with boostered bass which is not common in Oi! style. On vocals are changing all members except the girl. Songs can be translated like Vengeance before Victory, Crisis, Lies, Armed and Dangerous or The Streets Belongs To You. I really like songs like Crisis (which is the faster one), Just and Always, In the State of Ferment which is really catchy and the last one Living in the Margins. LP is limited to 200 copies (170 black and 30 grey) and hand numbered as usual on Shout Proud releases. On cover is band logo plus some photos and thankslist on the back side. There is no paper with lyrics (but I think when they are not in English it doesn´t mind). Dirk is releasing smaller unknown bands from all parts of the world which is cool because you make your musical horizons wider. It reminds me some Spanish bands. Nice one.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 28.04.2014 •  Buy HERE

Bronco Army - You Know Who We Are

Skinhead Beat Records - CD - 37:04

495_bronco army- you know who you are.jpgBronco Army is really active band from Brazilian Sao Paulo and they have released one full length album (4Subculture Records), two EP´s (Shout Proud and Stratum Records) and foursplit (Skinhead Beat Records). On the last mentioned label they just released second full length album called You Know Who We Are. This album was introduced by EP on Stratum Records called Young Warriors. About the line up of the band you can read in the review on this EP. Their music is simple Oi! in middle rhythm with time to time guitar solo but the guitar is not so boostered. The band use female vocals in chorus and refrains which are really singalong (for example in second song Resistance in Pride which is really simple but the refrains went straight in your head). Lyrics are 100% skinhrad so honor and odes to the skinhead cult and streetlife, which are rypical topics for Brazilian bands (check Voluntarios and their songs which have almost in each title the word “Carecas”). In song One of a Kind, whoich is about skinhead girls you will hear also piano. Titles like Are You With Us?, No Bullshit Just Oi!, Still Crucified or Skinhead Power Sao Paulo speak for themselves. In booklet are complete lyrics with nice photos of British skins in the background and also many photos of band members. CD is hand-numbered and limited to 500 copies. Nice album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 25.02.2013 •  Buy HERE

Brutti e Ignoranti - Finche c´e´ Birra c´e´ Speranza

Rebellion Records - CD -

494_brutti_cover_small.jpgAfter the EP called Il Gossip Della Morte is out second album from the Italian band from Milano called Finche c´e´ Birra c´e´ Speranza (this poetic title means “If there is a beer, there is a hope”). CD is out on Rebellion Records as a part of Collector´s Series. On CD you will find 14 songs in Italian language and last 3 are taken from the EP mentioned above. Titles of some songs are also very poetic so we have songs like Coglione (Jerk), Alcootest, Vaffancule (I think that it isn´t necessary to translate this) but also Falsi Amici (False friends), Torno a casa (Back home) or Catene (Chains). I don´t like the first CD Alla Faccia Vostra too much but the last EP was great and this album is even greater and the band is getting better and better. CD is opened with song called Non c´é ne unos ano which has all atritbutes of Italian Oi! music – catchy, melodic and singalong tune. Fine is the fact that the vocals are changing and they are not boring even if you don´t understand the lyrics. Other songs on the CD are also great like rock´n´roll Ora! Slower Coglione, catchy Alcootest or Torno a Casa with country guitar at the beginning. New songs ends with Non Pasa Mai with two tone guitar. CD is done as digipack limited to 300 copies and I think that inside are lyrics and photos but I have just digital version. One of the few Italian bands which is really non-political and know how to play. Who likes any bands from Italy will like surely Brutti e Ignoranti.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 21.02.2013 •  Buy HERE

Cadence of Pride - We Are The Boys From the Urals

Ediciones Limitadas - EP -

585_c_o_p.jpgCadence of Pride come sfrom Russia (Jekaterinburg) and they have released split EP with band Keine Engel called From Ural with Hate released also on Ediciones Limitadas. Now the band has released next EP (again through Ediciones Limitadas) with two songs - The Routine and Oi, narrow-minded!. Both and in Russian language but I don´t know how to write them in Russian alphabet. To the EP you receive also CD in paper cover called …in the Cadence of Our Hearts with eight songs (including coveru Oi! Ain´t Dead from Condemned 84 and two songs from split with Keine Engel – Glamorous Bitch and The Boys from The Ural). It is demo CD recorded back in 2010. Other songs are No Job, The Verdict of Alienation and Children of Concrete Jungle. Beside the cover are all in Russian language. Music is harder in middle rhythm and you may hear that the band likes traditional British style. EP was released in 250 copis (105 blue, 105 orange and 40 black). Inside are lyrics (in English and in Russian) and short bandstory from which you realize that the band is not active now because bass player and drummer moved to different place. Most of all I like the song from CD called Children of Concrete Jungle which has great melody and refrain. If you are interested just check youtube (http://youtu.be/vf9IVUAHI0k) and if you are interested in buying the EP write mail on ediciones_limitadas@yahoo.es, but hurry up! Really nice piece for collectors.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 08.10.2013

City Saints - Spitting Blood

Spirit of the Streets Records - EP -

681_citysaints.jpgCity Saints is band from Goteborg and this is their debut EP. The band plays in four (but they have two guitars) and behind the drums you will find ex-drummer from Perkele. On EP you can listen to three songs – the title one Spitting Blood on side A and Flame of Fire and Lies on side B. In first song you will hear mouth organ (little bit similar to Saturdays Heroes but the music from City Saints is much more straightforward). Spitting Blood is great skinhead rock´n´roll song about the fact that band is really loving to play live. Second song is classic piece about subculture life when you are punk, skinhead or rocker. Musically it is into hard rock with passages just with drums and vocals. The last one Lies is like from Skrewdriver and it is the fastest song from the EP and it is about the fact that politics is nothing more and nothing less than one big lie. Together the band has really nice rock/rock´n´roll sound and I have to say it listens really well. EP is limited to 250 copies on red wax with lyrics and photos inside plus mp3 download code. There will be full length in the near future.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 11.04.2014 •  Buy HERE

Close Shave - Bad Reputation

DIY - CD -

682_cs_bad.jpgNext reunion of British classics were prepared by Close Shave and during that they released live album called Made in Brum. Bad Reputation is regular studio album (with 12 songs including 3 covers - Can´t Stand Northern Soul, You´re Wondering Now and Bad Reputation), which didn´t starts where band ends in 90 ´s (the last full length Lone Riders) but it goes more into the roots of the band – to the more Oi! then rock sound. On guitar is youngster Jedd who is also playing in No Quarter and he really knows how to play (just check solos in Kid Breeder or in The Pubs of Brum). In song You´re Wondering Now you will hear two tone guitar (it is two tone cover). The sound of the band can be heard from the first tunes of The Real Oi! or second one Who Made You the Voice od National Conscience where band describes their sound and attitude. Then came I Can´t Stand Northern Soul (which is Anti Nowhere League cover with changed lyrics I agree with :)) and according to the reactions on youtube it makes some people angry – great! Other songs are about people who just having kids and let state to give them money (Kid Breeder), about the fact that the band makes mistakes in their history but they thing that gigs are gigs and political action is a political action and they didn´t say sorry for anything (Won´t Say Sorry), about death of best friend (My Brother Mark), patriotism and war veterans (The British Land and A Sappers Tale). Songs are good and it can be seen that Close Shave are back with the bang. My critics will be to the booklet which is really simple – just lyrics and one band photo (also the cover is really simple). But the music is great and I hope to see them live.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 13.04.2014

Coldside - We´ve Had Enough

Strength Records - CD -

530_coldside.jpgColdside is hardcore band from the East cost of United States (Florida I think) and even if the band is new they have some ex members from bands like Wardogs, Vietnom or CBS/Lita Grey so they are not freshmen in HC scene. Band plays in five (two singers). Together you will find there 10 songs of true to the bone HC with heavy riffs, passages where is just guitar without other instruments and also changes in vocals and rhythm. There is a video to the song Hooligans which you may chek on this link http://youtu.be/4DB5SaFG7eU. There is also video to the song This is our Time with great passage where both singers sing. Check it on http://youtu.be/dDVpfHLX7aE. Most of the 10 songs is great NYHC but you will find there also some more melodic stuff like 20 Years with great singalong or the last one called Alcohol which is great dirty rock´n´roll which you may recognize from the first tunes of the guitar. I can´t tell you more about the cover because I have it just in digital format again. I am not HC specialist so the review is not so long and I won´t also rate it because I have a lack of knowledge to compare them with other bands. But I can´t tell you that they really know how to play and I like their music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 15.05.2013 •  Buy HERE

Contemptuous - From the Ashes 2003-2006

MFS/Pretty Shitty Town - LP -

553_contemptous.jpgContemptuous was Swedish band which was active between 2003-2006 with great musicans like Robban and Radar in line up (which you may know from The Righteous, Antipati or Agent Bulldogg). LP is limited to 500 copies (250 white and 250 orange and it was released due to cooperation of MFS and Pretty Shitty Town and you will find 20 songs on it. Songs are taken from LP For the Lot of You, Brewed in Sweden compilation, split with Royal Stakeout and three previously unreleased things. The band was playing with two guitars check the solos in Evicted or From the Ashes) and in Sick Of It you may hear keyboards, in Hang´em High saxophone and in the last one called From the Ashes mandoline. Besides the songs Nagel I Ditt Öga (which means something like Nail in the Eye) and Paragraf 13 are all in Swedish. I thought that this is complete discography but some songs from the split with Royal Stakeout aren´t there. Contemptuous are playing great music and some songs were produced by Carl from Templars during his stay in Sweden. Lyrics are normal – working class, beer, playing for fun, poseurs, middle class and high society who are acting like rebels, capital punishment or stupid games of politicians. Music is similar to Righteous and who likes bands from Sweden will like also this band. They know how to play also slower songs (besides the middle rhythm and fast ones like A Personal Fuck You. Inside is poster with band photo, lyrics, thankslist and biography. Great piece.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 01.07.2013 •  Buy HERE

Contra Boys - Ślask To My

Olifant Records - CD - 65:06

647_cb_slask.jpgRe-edition of the first (and I think the best one) album from this Polish hooligan band from Wroclaw released back in 2003 in DIY. Olifant changed cover little bit (skull is still there but it looks more professional and colors of WKS are used). And make nice gatefold digipack and add nine bonus songs compared to the first version. From the ten songs which featured also on the first edition are two from Adam´s previous band which you surely know about (football one Wszyscy sptokamy sie na dworcu and drinking SobotniWieczór w Mieście). And I also think that you are not new in scene and you know about this band from other albums so I will come straight to the point. It is typical football band called Foienoord, which has also many covers with football lyrics on their albums. Here Contra Boys have Bully Boys cover - Wisla Superstar and also three other covers from ACDC, Rezystencja and Ramzes and the Hooligans. From their songs are great Respekt i Honor, Wroclawski Klub or acoustic Dla Mnie Bylas Piekna and the last from the ten Flacha za Flacha with keyboards. Bonus songs are taken probably from compilations like Polska Gola or Muzky dla Mas. Inside are lyrics to the ten songs and band photos in the background. CD is limited to 400 copies. I like them – great re-edition.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 14.02.2014

Control - Ballad of the Working Man

Randale Records - LP -

583_control_working.jpgThird long album from this British bunch where you may find people from ex-Beerzone. Album was released on CD but also on LP through Randale Records and you can listen to 15 new songs on it. On previous albums I like their aggressive sound and no compromise attitude to think which aren´t popular in society. The band also make a video on song Tattoos (which is on this album and I am sure that you know the video but for those who don´t know it, there is a link (http://youtu.be/a8y3EFuy0Fc), in which are many well know faces from the scene. On this album the band is less aggressive and they are more into punk rock sound (songs like Simple Song, Knuckle Down or I´m Not Doing It), sometimes you will hear ballad (like Feeling the Pain or the beginning of Back in the Day). Sometimes it sounds like Dropkick Murphyss (mainly due to use of folk instruments like accordion in Simple Song). Aggressive songs are also there but not so many as on previous album – great is Another Country Gone Wrong (I realize them by the sound), Tribal, Forgotten Generation or Trouble. Really interesting is song Revenge with the beginning like from Renegade TV series. In some songs are two vocals shouted over each other in good meaning. Solo guitar is also great (like in the first title song). Lyrics are about working class, tattoos, no work for you even you have degree from university, upside down society (kids who think that they live in Bronx, TV talent shows or laws which are OK for criminals and bad for victims)., memories on the youth, war veterans or fights after the football and their consequences to your normal life when you get caught. LP was done on black, grey and orange wax, inside is paper with lyrics and thankslist. Cover is well done. Most of all I like the songs Knuckle Down and Tribal real hits. It is softer then previous albums but it is not bad at all!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9+  •  Date: 01.10.2013

Crucial Change - 33

This Means WAR Records - LP -

564_CC_33.pngThis is LP version of “33” album which was out as a CD on Dim Records back in 2009. LP has different cover then CD and it contains bonus song called Legion 33 (which was recorded during rehersal this year in same line up as other stuff from the album). CD version contains also previous album American Made. LP is limited to 266 copies (66 black and 200 on splattered red-white-blue wax). Review on the CD is somewhere on BB. So together you can find 14 songs called like Patriotic Price, Tree of Life, Wings of Raven or Politically Correct. There is also cover Stolz from Böhse Onkelz. So topics are all for USA, norse mythology, patriotism, working class, pride, etc... The band is playing in three and the music is great - rhythm is standard, vocal is not so hard and rough and it is clear plus some singalong. New song has harder and rougher sound because it is not from studio. I like it more because you can feel more passion from it and it has great refrain. I am looking forward to classic studio version which might be on split with Orgullo Sur which is in the pipeline now. Inside are lyrics plus band photos. I like them and I am glad that I have both versions of this album. You can buy it on the link below or on http://warhq.bigcartel.com/.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 15.08.2013 •  Buy HERE

DDC - Fist of Fury

Vinyl 4 Bootboys - LP -

619_ddc.pngSecond piece from Vinyl 4 Bootboys Records is 10´´ of this US band called DDC (Drink and Destroy Crew) which comes from Atlanta in Georgia. LP contains six songs called Fist of Fury, Stride, F.U., Carry On and I don´t Care and album was recorded in four piece line up. First song (and also the title one) is fast one about fights Stride is more melodic with great changing in vocals and it is about the fact that mainstream society look down on you as on tattooeed motherfucker even you have your family and job. F.U. is drinking anthem about going downtown and making mess. Carry On is about the skinhead feeling which can´t be bought by money and gold because of its freedom. This i sone of the best songs from the album with great singslong (which US bands really know how to do it) and great solo. I don´t Care is about people convincing you on the streets to do what they want but you have your own oppinion. This song is really streetrock one which stands on great vocal and bass playing tunes from all parts of the scale. The last one Rise Above Billy is about the fact that man should stand up and go even he receives some hits. Hardest song from the LP is the first one the rest is melodic. Inside are lyrics with photo collage. Cover is drawn. I don´t know much about that band but this album is really OK and you should hurry because it is pressed just on 250 copies.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 17.12.2013

Dead End Street - s/t

Aggrobeat Records/Hellnation - EP -

584_DeadEndStreet_ABEP008_frontcover.jpgDead End Street is new Italian band which was founded back in 2011 with people from bands such as Colonna Infame or Payback. EP contains four songs in English - One Beer, Two Shots; Dead End Street on side A and Outlaw and Can You Hear Me on side B. From the first song you can hear that boys really know how to play and that they have lot of musical experiences.You will receive clear sound and great street rock with aggression like The Corps or Rose Tattoo. Lyrics are quite clear. Second one is slower piece with rubbed guitar and with great heartbreaking but rough vocal with great and powerful melody. Again great solo guitar at the end of the song. In song Outlaw I can hear Discipline influences with touch of classic rock. The last song has traditional Oi! sound and also the lyrics are about the life on the city backstreets. EP is limited to 340 copies (20 orange and the rest in black). Cover is done by tattoo artist from Psycho Tattoo. Really pleasant surprise from the band which I didn´t know and which I have to discover more. 100% recommended to all fans of bands which have drive. Really great stuff and I have to say that I really sat on my ass after the hearing.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 07.10.2013

Dead On´s - s/t

Pride and Passion Records - EP -

486_dead ons ep.jpgAnother limited EP from Pride and Passion Records pipeline is EP of streetpunk band from Finland called Dead On´s with woman singer Hanna on vocals. EP is now limited to 128 copies (100 with black cover and 28 with white Blitz rip off cover). EP contains 4 songs - When? and Hey Boy on A side and Goodbye and Lost Cause on B side. But all songs you may know from their debut and only CD Letters from… released in 2011 by Street Beat Records. By the way on BB is interview with them also. Band is playing classic four piece line-up. First song When? is about the man who lost his attitude and about never ending fight between heart and mind, in second one Hey Boy you will surely hear Skrewdriver influences. Goodbye is slower song about life decisions which belongs just to you and the last one Lost Cause is about the life which is in style of one step forward and two steps back. In this (also slow) song you will hear also keyboards. The band is superb and I like their style but this EP didn´t bring anything new to you so if you are not a vinyl collector and you have their CD you shouldn´t buy this. But I am looking forward to some new stuff from them because they really rocks! I leave it without rating.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 07.02.2013 •  Buy HERE

Doc Evil - Lost Years Found Scars

Hostile Class Productions - CD - 22:09

783_doc_evil_lost.jpgAs you surely know, Doc Evil is original band of Doug who used to sing in Blood Red Eagle, Honky Tonk Knife Fight and nowadays he plays banjo and sing in Boxcutter Boys (love to country is presented also here in few covers) and Trollfront. On CD you may listen to eight songs (three of them are also on split CD with First Assault - - Touched by Angel, Another Town and Misspent Youth). Other songs are Unemployment, Raver, Welcome Home Spaceman, Disappear on the Down Line and Junkie Dreamworld. As I said there are a few covers - Disappear on the Down Line from US musician J. B. Beverly (who used to play with The Murder Junkies but he has also some bluegrass, country and rockabilly projects – so I think typical white trash :)) and Another Town from Steve Earl (which is also US folk and country musician). The band plays in four but some guitars were recorded also by singer Doug. Lyrics are about weird preachers, hopeless which occurs when you are unemployed, drugs and their users or misspent youth when you feel not too young and not too old. The band really kicks your ass with the first song Touched by Angel when Doug´s vocal sounds like Jonesy and it continues in most of their songs. But the band knows how to play also melodic stuff (like Misspent Youth with great solo and melody). Covers are faster for sure then their original version but country melody and spirit is kept inside them. By the way Jonesy´s new label Greyzone Records released now their EP called That Was Then This Is Now (with songs Raver and Unemployment each in two versions). Booklet is printed on coated paper, graphics is done in old school style and inside are lyrics (except covers), photos and thankslist. Who likes harder and straight music but also touches of US redneck country will like this CD.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 02.12.2014

Evil Conduct/Marching Orders - s/t

Contra Records/Longshot Music - EP -

669_ec_mo.jpegSplit EP of two well known bands of nowadays is out on Contra/Longshot and each band has one song there. Dutch Evil Conduct has there song called Yesterday Rebellion, which is quite interesting song about the fact that almost each kind of underground music (punk, rock´n´roll, ...) becomes fashion trend after some time but the skins subculture is still here and still standing in underground and it is not some kind of yesterday rebellion. Music it is simply Evil Conduct, nothing more, nothing less. Marching Orders has there song called Worth the Fight and it is about the fact that each day brings you some kind of surprise and even if it seems that all hope and dreams are gone, stand proud with your head up high, keep the faith and keep on fighting. Marching Orders are standing on Al´s vocal and passages when the guitar solo is fading out and vocal keep on going with the bass and drums – and I really like this parts! Cover is done as usual on split EP´s – band photo on each side and title of the song, inside is paper with lyrics and band logo in the background. These bands can´t surprise you in good or bad way but it is good from the other point of view because you know what are you buying…and it is same in case of this EP.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 19.03.2014 •  Buy HERE

F.A.V.L. - Il Prezzo Da Pagare

Stratum Records - EP -

511_favl_ep.jpgF.A.V.L. is band which comes from city of Viterbo near capital of Italy, Roma and it conists of people around Strength Thru Oi! distro. After their debut Cemento e Folia their come with EP Il prezzo da pagare (The Prize To Pay). EP is out on Dutch label Stratum Records (limited to 250 copies) and its CD version will be out on Czech label 4Subculture Records. On EP are 4 songs called Occhi Solitari (Lonely Eyes) and Impavido (Fearless) on side A and Hated and Proud and La Strada…Maestra (King of the Street) on B side. All are in Italian (but sometimes with English refrain like in Hated and Proud or in Impavido). As I wrote in the review on their debut, they don´t fit into the box called “Italian Oi!” because their music is harder and tougher then music of other bands from Apennine peninsula and they prove it again on this EP. Music is more in the middle rhythm and the vocal is rough (compared to other Italian bands and sometimes you will hear some other vocals in refrain – like in Hated and Proud song). Guitar plays their short but cool solos (typical in Occhi Solitari and Impavido). Lyrics are classic when you check the titles of the songs. Inside is paper wit lyrics, photo of each member and short thankslist. Nice is also the cover of the EP. Cool piece.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 03.04.2013

Faccao Opposta - Lendas Urbanas

Bigorna Records - LP -

611_FORJA004_COVER.jpgNext package from Portugal is at home and in it was this masterpiece. First LP released by Bigorna Records (their fourth release) and also first LP released by Faccao Opposta from Lisboa. LP is called Lendas Urbanas (Urban Legends). The band has some chenges in line up and the main one is adding the second guitar. And it can be really heard. The band plaed harder Oi! and they still playing it BUT the new sound is really different (for example the instrumental song called Celtiberos which is tribute to old culture from Iberian Peninsula B.C. or the song História Do 12). Band sings in their native language and on the album is 11 songs. Titles of songs can be translated like Portugal, Condemned to Failure, Government Fakeness, New Breed, Half Word is Enough, Identity… It is middle rhythm with great guitar work and also with some unusual instruments (violin? in Celtiberos). Whole atmosphere of the record is really dark and underlined by Rattus´s bass in the background. Lyrics are about the love to your country (Portugal), working as a slave to pay your debts (Condenados ao Fracasso), internet warriors whose just spreading rumors about the bands (Esqueme), fake government (Falsidade Governante), new breed which could not stay between other sheeps and want to raise their heads (Sangue novo), our current lives and our influence on “civil” people (Lendas Urbanas), revenge (Fora de Controlo) or hooligans (Historia do 12). For me the best songs are the title one Lendas Urbanas (great refrain with great guitar solo under it), instrumental piece Celtiberos or hooligan anthem Historia do 12. Interesting song is also Somos A Reposte (We Are the Answer) with singers from other bands like Asas da Vinganca, Grito!, Ultima Sacudida and Gume. To all that you can add limited edition of the LP (130 copies), heavy vinyl (180 g), great cover (like on Contra a Maré EP), English/Portugal lyrics and some photos. Yes it may be expensive but it shows that DIY underground label can produce records in superb style. 100% support 100% skins band.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 29.11.2013 •  Buy HERE

Faul - Prostacki Punk

Olifant Records - CD - 40:50

671_faul_punk.jpgThe band called Faul comes from polish side of Silesia and this is their second album (released six years after their debut called Nikt Nie Gra Fair Play – No One Plays Fair Play) called Prostacki Punk. The band plays in three (but their music is on top level mainly the solo guitar – just check songs like Biedronka, Razem, Strach w Oczach or Ślonsk) and on album you may listen to 14 songs in their native tongue. Musically it is quite similar to other Polish bands you know (sometimes it is faster maybe). So it means catchy melodies and sing-alongs (like for example the song called Duma which is really great). Here we have same rule as by Italian bands which are also sounds similar to each other but really cool. Lyrics are also classics - patriotism (Ślonsk, Duma), politics (Zawśe Źli and Bez Polityki), trendy punk rock, which is not played by the band for sure (Prostacki Punk), aggression (N jak Nienawiść – really fast and hard one), boring life which you didn´t want to live (Rynsztok) and so on… Booklet is made as a gatefold and you will find most of the lyrics inside it and also thankslist. Under the CD is band photo. I think that the cover should be done better because of the fact that the band has some musical qualities which you shouldn´t recognize because of the cover but it is your first touch with the band. Who likes bands from Poland will like also Faul.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 25.03.2014

FAVL/Lion´s Law - Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam

Casual Records - EP -

604_favl_lion.jpgSplit EP of Italian band FAVL from Viterbo city and Lion´s Law from Paris was released on Contra Records. I think I should not introduce them – interviews and reviews on their previous stuff are on BB. Latin title of the album means “Either Find A Way or Make One” and it is connected with Hanibal and his journey on elephants across the Alps. Each band has there one song. FAVL has there song called Signo Viterbium II (first part is on their debut Cemento e Folia) and it is Italian. Lion´s Law has there English song called False Gestures. FAVL are playing atypical style for Italians which is characterized by middle rhythm and harder vocal. Musically it sounds like classic Condemned 84. There are sing-alongs of course. Lion´s Law sounds like first Perkele stuff from Voice of Anger or No Shame and also the singer´s accent is similar to Ron´s . It sounds also little bit like Alternate Action. EP is limited to 500 copies, obal is standard with band photos on the back side and you will find also download code there. There is no paper with lyrics. Nice piece from current bands but the winner for me is FAVL because I like their harder music more and I hope we will see them live once or we will organize them.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 19.11.2013

First Strike - In Veneration of Fallen Heroes

This Means WAR Records - LP -

563_FSLP.pngFirst Strike is the band which comes fromNew York and this is the re-edition of their LP released back in 1998. In three pieces line-up in that time was Taj from Vibram 94. I don´t know how much is the band active nowadays but they have four new songs on Werewolves of the Night compilation which was released also by WAR Records (but from the original line-up is there just guitarist and singer Rich). LP was released in 300 pieces (75 grey and 225 white). On LP you may listen to 12 songs (6 on A and 6 on B side). Music is straightforward Oi! with chopped vocal (nothing rough) and some guitar and bass solos. Lyrics are very conservative and patriotc (like many other band from US and from New York). So lyrics are about wars where young soldiers die, reds dressed like skins, capital punishment for child molesters, then quite interesting and serious song about Stepan Bandera which was politician from Ukraine who fough commies and Nazis and who was killed by KGB agents in 50 ´s, then politicians (especially Bill Clinton), bad payed work or sons of the rich who are calling themselves punks. Who likes bands like Battle Cry, Red White and Blue or Best Defense will like also First Strike. Their music is well described by slogan on the back side of the cover - „No Metal, No Hardcore and No Fake British Accent“. Cover is made in similar way as the previous version of the album, inside are lyrics with many photos of band and their friends. US classic. You can buy it on the link below or on http://warhq.bigcartel.com/.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 12.08.2013 •  Buy HERE

Gatans Lag - Från Fest Till Arrest

Pretty Shitty Town Records - LP -

544_Gatans_lag.jpgThis is third regular album from this Swedish band from Borås city. The band plays in six piece line up of tatooeed guys (they have also saxophone – great because I live bands which used it like Dims Rebellion) and the title of the album can be translated like „From the Party to the Jail“. LP was released in 500 copies (200 red and 300 black) and it contains twelve songs in Swedish (including cover from The Veros – Do it with Style named Gör Det Med Stil). When I compare this album to their previous single EP Boråspolisen Blues there is no woman vocal. Titles of the songs can be translated for example as No Future No hope, Snakes, Tonight, Lionheart, Tourist and two more which I really like – Life is too Short fo Sad Songs and Let Me Stay At Heaven for 3 Days When Devil Realize That I´m Death – this is what I call a name for the song :). Their music is full of positive melodies and tunes which make you to put your legs on the table and keep on listening even you don´t understand the lyrics of the band. Some songs are faster (like Lejonjärta and Livet Är För Kort För Sorgliga Sånger), some are slower (Från Fest Till Arrest, Ikväll or Låt Mig Stanna Tre Dagar i Himmeln) and in some you will hear two tone influences (Norrby Soul). The LP itself i sput into sleave with lyrics (just in Swedish) and photo collage of pins, brassknuckles, posters, booze, fags and knives. I really like their previous single and also I like this LP.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 14.06.2013 •  Buy HERE

Halbstarke Jungs/The Warriors - Bankrupt Britain

Aggrobeat Records - LP -

606_HalbstarkeJungs_TheWarriors_jacketB.jpgSplit LP of German band Halbstarke Jungs and British The Warriors was out on Dutrch label Aggrobeat Records. Germans has four songs there and The Warriors six but just two of them are new - Bankrupt Britain and Keep it Real. The rest (Bad Guy, Buddha of the Backstreets and thwo covers are re-recorded). Germans has three songs in English and one in German (Spielverdeber). They are playing harder Oi! mixed with streetcore like Toxpack (with Toxpack they played many gigs). Schulle from Toxpack also helps with vocals in song Spielverdeber. They have two guitars and the rest songs are called Cheer Up, Dashes on the Wall and Never One of Us. The Warriors are well established band with many records (and some songs are taken from records such as Bad Guys or A Cross to Bear). It is classical British Oi! but the older songs are played more rough (like Buddha of the Backstreets or Violence in Our Minds). Inside is paper with thankslist and photos but lyrics are just on two new songs from The Warriors. Lightly above average.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6  •  Date: 21.11.2013

Hammer and the Nails/Butcher Boys - s/t

Spirit of the Streets Records - EP -

654_hatn_bb.jpegHammer and the Nails is band which comes from Boston and you may know them from their maxi EP and single Rome is Burning/Product of Modern Age which were both released through Rock´n´Roll Disgrace Records. Butcher Boys comes from Australia and on vocals you may found Alex from The Corps (he did also the logo of the band) and this is their debut stuff. Hammer and the Nails has two songs there - Kept Alive and Justice (which is Straw Dogs cover). Butcher Boys has also two songs - Only the Strong Survive and Dice Are Thrown. Kept Alive is about some court when defendant wants to die but he will llive and each day he will suffer (if I understood it correctly, there is also some article 32 in the lyrics which is connected to this problem). Cover from Straw Dogs is also about justice and the fact that rapists are set free and you are guilty because the judge didn´t like you. The song is played harder than original. Their music is middle rhythm with imaginative guitar and if you like their previous EP´s you will like also this one. Butcher Boys has information that they played just in two (second one is Will who plays bass in The Corps and THUG) and I don´t know how they have it with live playing or if it is just a studio project. Their music is classic Aussie rock´n´roll inspired by Rose Tattoo and based on rock´n´roll guitar (with cool solo in second song). Alex sings more melodic then in The Corps and he didn´t shout too much. Lyrics on their songs aren´t in booklet. EP was released in two versions (red and white) in 250 copies. Inside is paper with Kept Alive lyrics and a few photos of both bands plus download code.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 25.02.2014 •  Buy HERE

Hard Resistance - Euphemism

Strength Records - CD -

533_hr.jpgMini album from Belgian HC band was released (like their previous one) on Strenght Records and it ic called Euphemism which means generally innocuous word, name, or phrase that replaces an offensive or suggestive one. Mini album contains five songs all in English. The title (and also the titles of the songs like Indoctrination, Chaotic Worldwide Insanity, Suffering in Silence, Paranoid Perplexity or Phoenix Rising) show that it will be sharp critic of modern world, society which we live in where politicians and those who have power let us dream about the freedom with the brainwashing TV, legal drugs, etc…like on previous album. The cover is also about those topics. Music is even more brutal then on previous album Lawless and Disorder. It is mixture of oldscholl HC spiced with fast deums and thrash metal guitar with aggressive, fast and rough vocal. About the lyrics I can not write because I have just digital version. This is CD for the fans of classic HC but also of modern metal core. I leave it again without rating…I need some HC specialist for reviews :).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 23.05.2013

Hateful - Soundtrack for a Sinner

Rebellion Records/Contra Records - CD -

579_hateful_soundtrack.jpgHateful is great (but unappreciated) Scotish streetpunk band and this is their fourth album. The band perfectly combines punk rock and rock´n´roll with great energy and melody which is almost ubeliveable. On this CD you can find 12 songs. The band is based on great guitar and also great singalongu, which might be sometimes harder then make music on high level. And Hateful really know how to play it because almost each song is great hit and some of them have passages with solo vocals. Take Social Distortion which are really melodic and spiced them and sharp them with rudeness and you have Hateful sound. Or take Argy Bargy and breed them with the Clash and you will have the sound (like in song Nice Day for a Mischief). They have also some songs with reggae guitar (Nefver Enough). From mentioned bands you can imagine how their sound. There is also ballad with piano (Heart Attack). I have just the gigi version so no words about booklet. Best songs are for me Push, The Naked and the Dead and the last but not least All in Together. I will recommend this to all fans of great sing-alongs and melodic stuff. You can´t go wrong with that band.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 24.09.2013

Insidious Skins - ...pro violence

In-Skins Records - EP -

644_proviolence_is.JPGSecond EP from this orthodox skinhead band from Germany is called …pro violence and it is released again in DIY (now just 100 copies with scarf). The line-up of the band is the same so three piece band of tattooed motherfuckers with experiences from other bands (Backstreet Firm, Rampage, Brachial, Sorry No!, etc…). Cover is drawn, EP is simple with big hole in the middle and three songs. EP contains three songs - Intro (Anti Red, Pro Violence) and Piece of Trash (about poseurs) on side A and Skinhead Revolution (about the fact that skins with tattooed faces ruled the streets) on side B. The music is easier but sincere Oi! and in all songs is saxophone (inspiration from older not just French classics like Brutal Combat or Evil Skins??) and female vocal. Rhythm is middle or slower and sound is dark and gloomy (due to bass and saxophone). Some songs reminds me old Criminal Class. Sympathetic DIY attitude and attitude with no compromise – this is what you will get when you buy this EP. I really like bands with saxophone. Try to order it from adler-versand (link below) and if it will be impossible, all tracks are on youtube.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 10.02.2014 •  Buy HERE

Ironbird - Österland

Wewelsburg Records - EP -

557_ironbird - osterland.jpegIronbird is next one man project of Ari who you may know from bands like Kalevalan Viikingit, Kareliani or Skinboiss. On EP you may listen to six songs, three of them are instrumental and three are in Finish. Title of the EP is taken from the old middle age name for southern part of Finland and it means something like the eastern countries. Titles of the songs can be translated like Iron Age, Revenge or Asylum. Song Kosta (Revenge) is some kind of traditional song. Intro is composed of some war sounds like neighing of the horses and dark sounds in general. Other songs are in middle and slower rhythm, Ari´s vocal is more spoken then sung, guitars are dark and whole sound is into metal (sometimes even into black metal but nothing extreme – just check the solos in song Etsijä). There is also pure acoustic song Keitele. Together it is mixture of viking rock, metal, traditionals and punk and it is not music for mainstream listeners. EP are limited to 330 copies (110 on clear green and 220 on black). Gprahics is done according to the Norse mythology (the cover but also the inside). Inside are also lyrics. Collectors stuff.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 08.07.2013

Kalevalan Viikingit - Mytologia

Southerner Records/This Means WAR - EP -

587_kv.jpgThe last EP from this Finnish band is out on Chilean label Southerner Records and Spanish WAR. On EP you can listen to four songs called Fennoman (movement from 19th century which propagated Finnish language and national traditions) and Halla (Frost) on side A and Mytologia and Excalibur of the North (this one is in English). EP was recorded in two people (exceút the lastsong which was recorded completely by Ari). First song is typical viking rock tune with swinging middle rhythm but it goes to the faster tune with perfect metal solo guitar with many different solos. Second one is slower but the guitar is great again (especially the sound of the solos) and there i salso great bass line at the beginning. Mytologia is slowest song from the EP (but i tis longes), it contains also acoustic parts and Ari is singing great in this piece. The last song is fastes and most metal one. This is the best stuff from KV for me and also the hardest I think. EP is limited to 200 copies, cover is done according to the title of the EP. Well nice piece!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 14.10.2013 •  Buy HERE

Keyside Strike/Rust - Olde Worlde - New World

Rebel Sound/Pug Music/Aggrobeat/Black Hole - EP -

582_rust_key.jpgSplit EP of Aussies RUST with British band Keyside Strike which was out due to cooperation of four labels. Together you can listen to five songs – two from Rust - Send My Love from England and Concrete Jungle, which was composed by Roddy Radiation and which was out on the first Specials album in 1979. Keyside Strike has there three songs - Back from Hell, Knives (written by SHSC) and Youth (Y2K) (Blitz cover). Rust are playing their angry streetpunk/dirty rock´n´roll and their song is about the memories from Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. Concrete Jungle is played with great rock drive compared to the original ska version. Keyside Strike is harder then Rust (more into HC punk) but the similarity in dirty rock´n´roll is there and both bands have surely Motorhead in their top bands. Their song Back from Hell starts like songs from Nashville Pussy and it is great rock stuff. Knives is slower song in cumbersome rock rhythm and the cover from Blitz should not be introduced (but it is played with more aggression).Cover is done well in oldschool tradition – sailors tattoos, inside are lyrics on their own songs and many photos (especially on Keyside Strike side). Good stuff but too much covers for me.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 30.09.2013

Klase Dirigente - Marcando La Historia

DIY - CD -

536_Klase_Dirigente.jpgKlase Dirigente is band which comes from New Jersey in USA but their members come from Latin America and they are also around Battalion 49 crew and bands like Venganza Tatuada and Combate 49. Marcando la Historia (Making the History) is their last record which was released in DIY style. It contains eight songs in Spanish and two of them (Fuerza Nacional and Sombras) you may know from Werewolves of the Night compilation and the first one was also on their debut EP 100% Latino Oi! Music is violent and hard hitting Oi! which reminds me carecas bands from Brazil but instead the world carecas they are using Cabezas Rapadas (shaven heads). Vocals is rough, rhythm is middle or slower and together it is very dark and gloomy. Most of all I like songs Tacticas de Asalto, Fuego Total and Fuerza Nacional. You can download the album for free on the link below with whole booklet which contains photos, thankslist and all lyrics. Lyrics are also similar to carecas bands – violence, alcohol, patriotism, working class, etc…just download and check it. I recommend it to all fans of hard but true Oi! music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 03.06.2013 •  Buy HERE

Kombatants - Ruck´n´Oi!

Pretty Shitty Town Records - CD - 38:30

543_kombatants.jpgKombatants is brand new foure piece band from Sweden (Borås) and this is their debut album. They are playing with two guitars and on the album you will find 15 songs, 14 are in Engleish (inclouding Symarip cover Skinhead Girl which starts as a reggae but it will get faster to the ska) and 1 I Swedish. It is called Era käkar ska få lida and it means “Your Jaws Will Suffer”. In the band are playing three skins and one rocker which you may recognize from the sound with classic rock´n´roll touches, but you may hear also ska influences (two tone guitar and bass playing scales – like in songs Bratz or War 24/7). Their sound is quite old school with non-boostered guitar, time to time solo and middle rhythm. Sometimes it is slow and almost half-acoustic, sometimes it is more into ska music. It sounds like Righteous, Templars or Skrewdriver. Lyrics are nothing new - ACAB, football fights, pride on the cult, driking and chating about good old times, dancing, bosses who are not considering the fact that they are ruining whole families when they close some factory, fighting the rich kids, etc… Most of all I like songs Footprint in Your Face and Hooligan Law with great guitar riff and then faster one called Dirty Max. CD is done as digipack with lyrics and many photos inside (band photos and also photos to the lyrics). Fine stuff which kicks you in the past.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 12.06.2013 •  Buy HERE

Légitime Violence/Orgullo Sur - United Skins Thugs of Americas

Hostile Class Productions - EP -

509_os_lv.jpgNext split EP of Canadians Legitime Violence was released on US label Hostile Class Prudctions now with Orgullo Sur from Chile. Each band has there again two songs and again it was done in that way likeon split with Offensive Weapon that one song is from them and one si cover. Legitime Violence has there their songAnti-RASH Action (with video you may know from http://youtu.be/PbwRz-bBV0I) and Bords de Seine from L´Infanterie Sauvage. Both songs are in French for sure. Orgullo Sur has there their song called Skinheads and Back With the Bang guess from who. Anti-RASH Action is total smasher with great guitar and Raf´s rough vocal. It deals with the fact that each action leads to reaction so when some lefties started throwing rumors on the band they have to wait for the band´s reaction. Bords de Seine is well known from 80´s full of nostalgia but it is much harder then original version (with no acoustic guitar). Orgullo Sur opening their side with song called Skinheads which is in line of their skinhead rock´n´rollu style with great guitar solo at the end. Compared with the Legitime Violence music it is softer (mainly the vocal) and it will sound to me like many bands from Italia. Second song I haven´t to describe because even if you want or not it is the immortal skinhead anthem. There is slight different version of the guitar solo then in original. Cover is OK, with lyrics inside but with no band photo. EP which I have is red (there is also black and white version) and whole EP is limited to 500 copies. I like both bands (check interviews with them on BB) and I am looking forward to their new stuff.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 26.03.2013

Likedeelers - St. Genoveva Sessions

Oi! Ain´t Red Records - CD - 41:58

520_likedeelers.jpgLikedeelers is the band which comes from the north of Germany (Hamburg) and you may know them from split EP Norddeutschen Untergrund Vol. 1 with their colleagues from Abtrimo. On CD you will find 14 songs (one in English – Revolution and the rest is in German). The band plays in three pieces and I think that their bass player sings. Even they are playing in three the music isw on high level and the guitar is great in some parts (like in songs Oi!, Auf Asche or Bierbulimie) and also vocal which is clear to understand. There are also some changes in the rhythm (fast/slow) and also changes in booster sound. Lyrics are classics and sometimes very long but not boring. So we have there the introduction of the band – Likedeelers, then song about what is Oi! and what isn´t, then Auf Asche I, II and III which are about the trips of the band to Italy, Belguim and Uelzen, about drinking in local pub which is home of the lost souls and also about the beer illness when you have to drink at least 20 beers. Also about the skins which are pain in the ass of the society and about flat cap (which you may know from the split EP) and also about the loose of good friend. Great are songs called Mastbruch with great guitar and also the English song Revolution. Really pleasant surprise for me, good music, good lyrics, good sound and underground attitude and sincerity.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 24.04.2013

Lion´s Law - Watch´em Die

UVPR Records - EP -

500_Lions law.jpgLion´s Law is new Oi! band from paris but their members have got experience with bands such as Komintern Sect, Maraboots, Street Kids or Burning Heads. This is their debut EP, but one song (Lionheart which was probably recorded with these three tracks) you may know from compilation La Force Dans La Oi! which will be reviewed later. EP Watch´em Die contains three songs inEnglish called Watch´em Die and Tell the Boys on side A and City Streets on side B. If you think (and sometimes it is like that) that French Oi! have to be simple and rough, forget it. Band is playing really well combining hardness and melody, guitar is trashy (but it is well played and it goes to solos and has great ideas and it can be heard that guitarist Louis knows how to play but I am curious how they play live) and sinbgalong refrains. It sounds to me like mixture of Blitz mainly the beginning of the songs), Condemned and Oxymoron but with more modern sound (just check the youtube all songs from this album are there). Lyrics are classics…corrupt politicians with earning money on normal people, Oi! ain´t dead and it is back with full force and grey and sad streets full of crime and violence (most serious songfrom the EP and you will hear it also from music because it is slower, but really great). Cool is also the cover of the EP with some picture from some historical battle, inside is paper wit lyrics, photos, contact and thankslist. Great surprise for me and I promise I will try to contact them for interview.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8+  •  Date: 07.03.2013 •  Buy HERE

Maddog Surrender - s/t

Skinflint Music/Mother Fuckin´ Sounds - CD -

568_maddog_surrender.jpgYou may know Maddog Surrender from their album Bethlehem Steel which was release for Europe on Czech label 4Subculture Records. Besides this album the band has released two split EP´s (with Urban Riot and with The Offenders). This album will be released due to cooperation US label Skinflint Music and British MFS (so maybe we will receive again two versions of the cover – US and Europe like on split EP with TMF and Offensive Weapon). The band is playing typical US brickwall style with tough, deep and covered vocal which is greatly underlined by singalong of the rest of the band. Guitar is also great (they had two I think) so check the solos in songs Among the Mindless or in Soul Survivor). It reminds me Bonecrushers in some tunes, in other it sounds like The Bruisers. On the album are ten songs. Most of all I like Move You Bastards which is great singalong tune (check youtube) and I can imagine Dropkick Murphys for example how they playing this one (softer version of course), then Soul Survivor and Nagasaki Bang for sure. Titles of the other songs are Grapes to Wine, Take No Rules, Rip Down or Leech. Ihave just digital version (again) so I can´t tell anything more about the artwork but I promise that I will buy it for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 22.08.2013

Madtown Mulligan - Bombs Away

Spirit of the Streets Records - EP -

696_mm_bombs.jpgThis is five piece band from California and this is their debut EP released on Spirit of the Streets. EP contains four songs called Bombs Away, North 1st and Clay, 10 to 1 and Berserk. I don´t know much about the band so we come directly to their music. Frist piece Bombs Away is faster streetpunk with angry but not rough vocal and it is about politicians who send us to fight their wars but we will strike back and get´em. North 1st and Clay is in middle rhythm and it is more into pelodic punk rock with trhashy guitar during whole song. 10 to 1 is classic one about exploiting middle class which is something like modern slavery. Song is again slower and the singer´s vocal is not angry (but pleasant) and you may listen to many sing-alongs (done by the rest of the band except drummer). The last one Berserk is about the fact how are skins accepted by the rest of society, which knows just lies from media without knowing us personally, how they spit on us but they are afraid. In spite of the angry title the song is quite calm. So the hardest song from the EP is the first one Bombs Away. Sound is typical American. EP was released on red/green splattered vinyl with paper with lyrics inside and download code. On youtube are some videos of the band so check them and give them a chance. I was quite surprised.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 12.05.2014 •  Buy HERE

Marching Orders - Living Proof

Contra Records/Longshot Music/Pirate Press - LP -

497_marching_orders_living_proof.jpgSecond full length from the one of my most favourite bands of nowadays – Marching Orders from Australia is out now. After Days Gone By released in 2011 which was quickly sold out and it should be repressed came the band with this one - Living Proof. Album contains 11 songs (the last one is Songs of Yestarday which you may know from the single) of their typical style which I like. In song Spirit of 84´ you will hear also Iain from Control. I like Marching Orders because of the fact that their music is real and sincere. It is not hard, it is not heavy but so so trustworthy that you will have almost tears in your eyes when you will liste to some of their songs. In their music I hear Cock Sparrer, The Clash or older Red London or Red Alert. Iteresting is song Hand of Fate (about friend who died) where is just an electric guitar (no bass and no drums) with vocal. Next thing is the fact that topics of their songs aren´t so funny – drugs and destiny of people who used it (The Party´s Over), supsection without evidence which makes you guilty (Guilty by Suspicion), about man who was raised and breed by city streets (Living Proof), streetkids whose have nothing to loose but they go ahead against the world (Nothing to Loose – really one of the best songs from the album), or the last one Songs of Yesterday from the single. LP was released in 1000 copies (why not when you took into account the fact that Days Gone By was quickly sold out) in three versions – black, transparent beer and white-grey-orange splattered. LP is in the paper cover with lyrics and old working class and city streets black and white photos on one side and big black and white photo of the band on the other side. The band will released their demo recordoing from 2002 on EP through Lionheart Records in few days and I am looking forward to have it on my stereo. I will give them the same rating as to the Days Gone By album because this is really brilliant!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 28.02.2013 •  Buy HERE

Marching Orders - Demo 2002

Lionheart Records - EP -

515_mo_demoEP.jpgThe 10th release of German label Lionheart Records is EP with demo recording from 2002 of one of most successful band nowadays – Marching Orders from Australia. EP was released in limited edition of 250 copies (10 and 35 EP´s are with different cover then you can see next to the review). On it you can find three songs - Marching Orders and Parasite which are composed by the band (and you may know them from Last Drinks mini album from 2005) and cover from Combat 84 - Poseur. Parasite and Poseur are on A side, Marching Orders on B side. Songs are put on the EP in the recording quality with no remastering. The songs are slower then their versions from Last Drinks and they are recorded with just one guitar but you will surely recognize them. EP is dedicated to their ex-bassplayer Gav who passed out in 2008. Inside are lyrics on their songs, many photos with people around the band (Skins and Sharpies from Melbourne) from 2002 (which means many years and kilos ago), short band story from Al and a few words from Lionheart Records to this anniversary release. I leave it without rating but I recommend it to all collectors but I think it is too late to buy it.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 09.04.2013

Menace - Too Many Punks Are Dead

Rebel Sound - LP -

615_REB1002F_Haulix.jpgThis is Menace album which was released by themselves on CD in 2011 and now it is out on LP through US label Rebel Sound with bonus track One Two One Two (which is taken from 2008 album). Menace is well known due to their hits like Screwed Up, G.L.C. or I´m Civilised. This album was recorded in three pieces (bassist Charlie sings) because original singer sings in Resistance 77. On LP you can listen to ten songs in classic 77 style (the bonus sounds like songs from the beginning of their musical journey) but there is also song with ska/two tone touches (My Very Good Friend). There is also time to time guitar solo like in songs Too Many Punks Are Dead or in Get Out There and also acoustic guitar like in the last one nostalgic song We Are the Boys (the band knows how to play acousit, just remember C&A from Crisis album) with great singalong. The band sings about classical topics like booze (Party Animal), wars which kills young people (United), death of friends (My Very Good Friend with female vocal), selling soul to rock´n´roll and not to god or devil (the first song Thank´s God I´m Atheist), about the fact that you should get out of this place because you work for minimum wage (Get Out There), memories on the youth (We Are the Boys) or tribute to punks whose die like Johnny Thunders, Dee Dee Ramone, Joe Strummer, Ian Curtis, etc… (Too Many Punks Are Dead). LP was limited to 500 copies (black, red and white wax) with many photos in booklet so you can compare boys now and in the past. This is for the fans of 77 bands.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 05.12.2013

No Quarter - Fight for the Moment

Lionheart Records - EP -

603_noquarter.jpgNo Quarter is brand new British Oi! band from Birmingham city with young guitarist Jim in line up who is also playing in Close Shave. Do not mislead them with the band with same name from the end of 90´s which was band/project with Celtic Warrior members. The title No Quarter means when victor of the battle refuse to give mercy to the beaten enemy. On limited EP (210 copies) you will find two songs – Fight for the Moment and Hipster Kids. The band plays in classic four piece line up. Song Fight for the Moment is great hit which kicks your ass and it contains all things that good song has to have. Melody, hardness, great bass and great guitar solo. Song is about the fact that we should unite and start to fight the last battle until the all enemies are beaten. Second is about hipsters phenomenon which you may see on every corner so 30 kg boys with fake glasses who look all the same. I do not like this song as much as the first one. EP is Lionheart style – just with the stamp but inside the cover are photos and lyrics to both songs. The cover is famous photo from the Falkland war. New breed of British Oi! is there and from this piece you may see that they are screaming loud for the attention.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 18.11.2013 •  Buy HERE

Noi!se - Rising Tide

Contra Records/GMM Records - LP -

508_noise_rising.jpgUS band Noi!se changed the drummer and released this LP called Rising Tide with seven songs (but two of them are re-recorded old ones - Blame and Brothers in Arms plus great acoustic version of On the Outside). Album is opened by great hit Rising Tide (with great video on http://youtu.be/bTj3je1othc) which shows the great and strong musical sides of the band, mainly the two different vocals of bass guitarist Matt and guitarist Nate which are changing greatly also in other songs but in this it is the best. Song is about hard times for working men and about “plastic” crisis. Other new songs are called False Foundations, Time Heals All Wounds and How the Deck i Stacked. And I have to say that all are great bust most of all (istead of the first one) I like the Time Heals All Wounds with great guitar solo and true lyrics. Other lyrics are not so optimistic about false friends but also about the friendship till death for example. LP which I have is red (200 copies) and it was released also in blue version (100 copies) and white (400 copies). Inside is paper with lyrics and big photo of the band plus code for download. This is very good album (like all stuff from Noi!se) and they are still one of the top US bands of nowadays and I am looking forward to some tour across Europe to see them live because it is really great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 25.03.2013 •  Buy HERE

Normals?! - Punk mit uns

Rabiát Records - CD - 31:30

569_normals_punk_mit_uns.jpgAfter their debut CD Original Punk (self release) and CD/LP split with German band Spy Kids from Weimaru (which release now split EP with Anti-Clockwise and which will be here next week) recorded Normals?! album called punk mit uns and i tis released by Czech label Rabiát Records. The band has some personal changes (different drummer and just one guitar again) compared to previous albums. On CD you will find 13 songs in Czech (including Intro and Outro) and you will get what you want - melodic singalongs (Príma den – Fine Day, Nemůžu za nic – It´s not my Fault or Víno - Wine), lyrics about life (and life truths), booze, debts, dreams, problems, violence but also joys. Guitarist Marian is really getting better and better and the record (even I think that guitars are doubled) has greater balls compared to previous stuff. The sound of the guitar is quite various (for example in song Cínový vojáček – Tin Soldier sounds like from western). Great song is Průser - Troubles(with great refrain that „will be better“ and great guitar solo), then song Kovboj – Cowboy (again with great guitar), Nemůžu za nic – It´s not My Fault (about the fact that everyone is responsible for his acts) and Nás nedostanou – They don´t Get Us (great song about people who just talking and at the end they are gone but you are still standing here). Booklet is OK – lyrics (just in Czech), photos and thankslist).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 23.08.2013 •  Buy HERE

Notlöhsung - Lebensmelodie aus Teufels Chirurgie

Aggressive Zone Records - CD - 62:14

964_notlohsung.jpgOlder album from this German band was released three years ago on Aggressive Zone Records, it contains 14 songs in Germn (including instrumental intro Angeli Caesi, outro Sancta Ira and song Neuland). The band plays in four and I have to say that their sound is really compact and cool. Music is hard but melodic and dark and you may hear touches of metal, hard Oi! (like Last Riot or Gudaňa) or streetrock and deutsch rock (Onkelz and Vogelfei but in much more harder form). Melodies are tough and compact, vocals is rough enough (but for example in song Zimmer 237 are many levels of the vocals) and in some songs the vocals are distorted by some effect. There are many hard and heavy songs (like Musik ohne Maulkorb, Hirntod or Nonkonform) but also some slower and partly acoustic pieces (like Verloren in Bildern, Ende, Tag Eins). Topics of the lyrics are classics (booze, street life,…) but also many personal topics. Also the playtime is quite long – over an hour which means circa 4 and half minutes average on one song which prove that band really knows how to play. Booklet is also nice, many band photos and photos from the gigs plus lyrics. Nice older piece which you should look for.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 08.04.2016

Núcleo Duro - Má Onda

Forca Brutal Discos - EP -

613_nucleo.jpgNext thing which comes from Portugal is this hooligan band from Sporting Lisabon. They have released limited EP in 2011 called Sporting Hooligans. This EP Má Onda (which you may translate as “Beware Trouble”) is released in 99 pieces with two different covers. On one is a skinhead (59 copies) and on second one hooligan (40 copies). I do not know much about the band (photos, number of members, etc…). Music is tough and hard Oi! with rough vocal musically similar to bands from brazil or to US band Klase Dirigente. Rhythm is slow with time to time guitar solo (like in Má Onda, Ultra Violencia or in the last one Ternura Dos 27, where the guitar solo is done across some strange effect). At the beginning of the Má Onda song you may hear the keyboards. Together there are four songs - Ultra Violencia, Porco Moutinho (about football player Joao Moutinho and I think it is nothing good for him because pocro means pig), Má Onda and Ternura Dos 27. What does it means is clear or sometimes I can´t even solve it with translator. Cover is drawn, inside is photo of some hooligan firm and also paper with lyrics in Portugal and background photo from the stadium choreography. Check them on myspace.com/nucleoduro2010 or write them on nucleodurooi@gmail.com to know more about them. This is for the fans of hard and raw music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 03.12.2013

Offensive Weapon/Legitime Violence - Fight the Red Dawn

United Riot Records - EP -

488_of_lv.jpgSplit EP of two most active bands of nowadays from North America continent. Offensive Weapon is a band from New York city which has just one album released, Legitime Violence comes from Quebec and they released also one full length and couple of EP´s. Reviews and interviews with both bands are somewhere on BB. Each band has there two songs, one is theirs and the second one is cover. Offensive Weapon has there their song Nothing to Prove and cover called Razorblade Nightmare from British Oi!/RAC band Die Hards. Legitime Violence has there their song called Pour les Tiens and cover from legendary Komintren Sect Les called Années d´Acier (great sing along by the way). Bands are playing their own style which is good because both are great. Offensive Weapon is led by singer Lee and his shouted vocal, Legitime Violence is led by Raf and his rougher vocal. Both bands play with two guitars which make their music much tougher. EP is released in three versions and I have the black one (and I think together there is 500 copies) and in the middle of the EP is the logo of the band (pit-bull and cobra). The cover is done again by JM designs and you won´t be disappointed by the artwork for sure. Great stuff but be quick because it will be surely sold out soon. I just miss the paper with lyrics.4T
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 11.02.2013 •  Buy HERE

Oïskank - La grande époque

Bords de Seine/Lion Records - CD - 51:24

656_oiskank.jpgOiskank is a French band from the city of Lyon founded back in 1985 and this is compilation which was releasd last year. You will find here songs from their album Combat Urbain (released on Pit Records), from compilations (like Choeurs de Lyon 2 ir Lugdunum Oi way of life) and on CD version also three bonus songs. Album is released on Cd and on LP also (just 12 songs on LP) and all are in French. I have to say that Pit Records and also the bands from mentioned compilations wasn´t nonpolitical. Oiskank stand out of the line of French bands because they are using piano (like in instrumental and happy song Offenburg Ska). Ska rhythms are also in songs like Un Jour Meilleur, Cette Fille or Le Tourbillon. In spite of using ska rhythms the sound of the band is really dark. Sometimes it goes to dark reggae. Band also knows how to play harder songs which you are familiar with in French Oi! music (like songs Revanche or Jamais) or also faster punk songs (like Libre Expression or Generation 80 – with saxophone). Last three bonus songs are recorded in modern time I think because the sound is modern. The band makes experiments with the sound of drums and guitars and with whole rhythm section. I will compare them to Warrior Kids who joined the dark side of the force :). When you buy LP you receive CD as a promo. LP Is limited to 250 copies with some info about each song, lyrics and photos. CD has also different cover then LP. Interesting sound and worth listening but French Oi! is not for everyone and this band is really specific.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 27.02.2014 •  Buy HERE

Old Glory - Battle Born

Stratum Records - EP -

510_old_glory.jpgOld Glory is an US band from the city of Reno in Nevada and I think this is their debut EP released as a second piece on Dutch label Stratum Record (which is new label focusing on limited EP series). EP is called Battle Born and it contains three songs – Battle Born and Leave Me Be on A side and Enough of You on side B. I don´t know too much about the band so they are playing in five (two guitars are always better then one) and the ir name is nick for the flag of USA. Their music is not classic Oi!/streetpunk but you will hear also touches of rock/hardrock like Thin Lizzy, Rose Tattoo or AC/DC. Rock influences can be heard in the first song which remains me their colleagues from The Bridgeburnes. In the middle of the song there is a change in rhythm to the Templars style. Second song is again in the style of Templars and the third one is rock piece from South. Inside is paper but no lyrics just photos and thankslist. Who likes bands like Bridgerburners, Bricktop, The Templars or The Corps will appreciate also Old Glory.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 29.03.2013

Oldfashioned Ideas - Hopp & Förtvivlan

Pretty Shitty Town Records - EP -

527_OI_newEP.jpegNext EP from Swedish band from Malmö Oldfashioned Ideas is out and now it is for the first time when band sings in their native language. The title of the EP can be translated lik Hope and Despair. There are four songs named Nån Jävla Ordning, IPA, Sverige and Amex Gold. The translation is not easy for me so I don´t know what the titles means except Sverige and Amex Gold (credit card). Nån Jävla Ordning really smashes you to the ground because the song is full of energy and it has great melody. My experience told me that bands which are sing in their native language sounds more melodical and harder and Oldfashioned Ideas prove this. Musicaly it sounds to me like faster Agent Bulldogg. The band keeps on playing in three pieces and they really know how to play especially the drums which are some kind of engine to the band. There is no bad song on the EP and all have melodical refrains and great guitar work. Maybe just Amex Gold stands out of the line because of the trashy chopped guitar and vocal. EP is done as a great picture disc with title cover on A side and band photo on side B. I am not too much into picture disc because of the absence of lyrics but you can find the lyrics on the back side of the cover. Pretty Shitty Town released this as a part of Swedish Streetpunk Collective Series (like EP from The Clichés, Gatans Lag or Antipati). Really great stuff!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 10.05.2013 •  Buy HERE

Open Violence - Jack the Ripper

DIY - EP -

590_ov_ripper.jpegJack the Ripper is the title of the brand new mini CD from Open Violence which was released on Aggressive Zone Records but just on CD. The band decides to released it as a two EP´s called Jack the Ripped and Urlaub in der Sonne (which will be reviewed later. EP Jack the Ripper contains two songs- the title one Jack the Ripper on side A and Kalte Stadt on side B. Open Violence are playing on three pieces and their music is hard as nails and really sharp as razor. Guitar riffs sounds like early Exploited stuff (Open Violence make cover from them – Dead Cities on previous album Rock´n´Roll Blitzkrieg) and you will hear this at the beginning and at the end of the first song which is about the terror on London streets at the end of 19th century. Kalte Stadt is slower thing with dominated bass line and with guitar which is played just in some passages. Songs is about the life in steel and concrete jungle where depression is transferred into the mind and nature of people who lives there. Also in this song is good guitar solo. Who likes German Oi! which is spiced up by rough punk (like The Exploited) check Open Violence…this is the band for you. Inside the cover are lyrics and in the middle of the EP is a picture according to the song title. EP is hand numbered and limited to 250 copies. Good stuff with balls.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 21.10.2013

Open Violence - Urlaub in der Sonne

DIY - EP -

594_op_urlaub.jpegSecond part from the CD Jack the Ripper is also out on limited EP (250 copies) and after the translation you may call it Holidays in the Sun and it contains 3 songs. They are called Make War not Love on side A and Urlaub in der Sonne and I Still Remember (which is cover from The Templars) on side B. As I wrote in the previous review these songs plus songs from the Jack the Ripper EP you may liste on the mini CD. Make War, not Love is classic violent singalong in middle punk rhythm. Urlaub in der Sonne is about people who are going on drinking and eating holiday to the tourist destinations and a few kilometers further is war and people have nothing to eat. I like this song more then the previous one mainly because of the guitar. Cover from Templars is about the loss of friend and meating after many years with nothing to say. I think that everybody knows this feeling. Cover is done similar as on previous EP, gatefold with lyrics plus simple and colour graphic more into punk style. About the band you may read in previous reviews. Their standard performance.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 29.10.2013

Pitbullfarm - Glory Hole Hallelujah

Pretty Shitty Town Records - LP -

617_pitbullfarm_halelujah.jpegNew album from Swedish psychos Pitbullfarm was released on LP but also on CD and it is called Glory Hole Hallelujah. On LP you can listen to 13 songs (one is in Swedish - Muumipeikon Kyrpä with Jocke´s wife on vocals and it is classic rock´n´roll) and 3 from them are from EP Welcome to Pussyville (the title one, Switchblade Casanova and White Trash Gigolo) and there is review on it. The last one from EP On Yer Bike is just on CD version. So together 10 new songs which is great. Their music is slapping psycho in great rhythm with great solo guitar (Jocke knows how to play) and many sing-alongs (like in Midnight Hour – which is cover from Slapping Suspenders or Happy Ending). At the beginning of United Pimps of Pussyville is two tone guitar but the song turns to classic one after a while. Other songs are called Rubber Sexmachine (how one guy order rubber Jenny from porn magazine), Moscow (Blitz cover), Psycho Monkeys (great hit with great solo guitar), Calzone Beach (romantic one about sex on the beach), Love after Death – Love Song pt. II (hangman´s view on his love which was killed by him – one of the greatest songs from the LP with great guitar from the beginning till the end) or See you in Hell. Vinyl is red, graphics of the cover is according to the album title and no paper with lyrics and photos but if you can speak English there is no problem to listen to the lyrics. Cool!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 09.12.2013

Pitbullfarm - Welcome to Pussyville

Pretty Shitty Town Records - EP -

545_pitbullfarm_pussy.jpegRepress of the EP which was released as a picture disc in 2012 (also on PST Records). This repress is done as a classic EP on blue wax limited to 333 copies. It contains four songs - Welcome To Pussyville, On Yer Bike (which is original from Frankyho Flame), White Trash Gigolo and Switchblade Casanova. The band is not uknown to you I suppose so I will skip the stuff around Jocke and other nonsenses which aren´t relevant for their music. The band plays in three pieces which is usual by psychobilly bands. First song Welcome to Pussyville starts like westrern/country classics but it goes to great chatter sound of double bass with great refrain and sound like the P. Paula Fench album The F* Word. Franky´s song was based on piano which is also here but the double bass is dominant there also. White Trash Gigolo is romantic song about how you start a chat with some girl and at the end you realize that it is a guy and he puts his cock straight to your ass. The last one is called Switchblade Casanova which is the fad of On Yer Bike). There are people who loves and who hates psycho music..so this is more punk rock so check the youtube (all songs from this EP were uploaded by Jocke) because I think it is sold out.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 18.06.2013

Plakkaggio HC/Gli Ultimi - Split

Hellnation Records - EP -

598_pplak_gli.jpgSplit of two Italian bands which are around Tuscia Clan is out on Hellanation Records. Both bands have released some stuff before and you can read about ´em in reviews. Plakkaggio is playing mixture of HC/metal and streetpunk and two songs which they has there (Ragazzo Malato and Red Rose) are great sing-alongs and this is the example of songs why people like Italian Oi! I was quite surprised that there are no metal or HC influences so I was searching for details and I found that these are the songs from Gli Ultimi covered by Plakkaggio HC. Gli Ultimi has there also two songs (covers from Plakkaggio) called Mentalita and Granito and their influence is also there because they are playing very melodic streetpunk without metal and HC. EP is limited to 300 copies. I think that both bands have chosen typical songs from the other band and they put something from their sound in it (Plakkaggio hardness and Gli Ultimi melody and singalong). I have it again just in digital form from Plakkaggio member butit will be on 4Subculture website soon. I leave it without rating because all four songs are previously released and you can´t count this as a regular EP but it can´t change the fact that the sound is great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 11.11.2013

Plan of Attack - Stick to your Guns

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music - CD -

576_plan_stick.jpgAfter the quite long time release this Aussie band with singer Barry from Skint regular album. They have released debut mini in 2009 called All or Nothing then four years nothing and this year they came up with single called Brisbane Oi! which is also on this full length. Together you can listen to twelve songs (including cover All the Lessons from Rose Tattoo). First four songs are really fast and straightforward (two of them are from singleú. Fifth song is called Bullshiters and Backstabbers and it is slower little bit but with great singalong and solo/riff like from Ace of Spades. Then came the best song from the album for me called Glass Half Fucked with eternal question in refrain if the glass is half full or half fucked. Other songs have classi poetic titles like Work is the Curse (of the Drinking Class for sure –third band wite same song title), fast song Hangover, Pissed and Proud with 80´s sound, Us Against Them – which is about the fight against corruption and politicians or Same Old Story. I have to say that the solo guitar is great and it has its place almost in each song. Cover is OK (similar to TMF´s Hate Edge single). I have just digi release for know but I promise I will have a look for LP when it will be out.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 06.09.2013

Plan of Attack - Brisbane Oi!

Longshot Music/Rebel Sound/Pug Music/Pirate Press - EP -

560_poa_brisbane.jpgAfter the mini CD (or 10´´) comes Aussies Plan of Attack with single called Brisbane Oi!. They are preparing also full length which will be out on Rebellion Records called Stick to your Guns. In band are playing quite known guys like guitarist Victor (from Mouthguar and originally from Czech Republic) or singer Barry (who used to play guitar and sing in Skint). EP was released due to cooperation of above mentioned labels which is proof of quality. EP contains 3 songs - Stick to your Guns on side A and Used to Be and All the Lessons (which is cover from Rose Tattoo) on side B. Stick to your Guns will be also on the full length album. Music is rolling on you like avalanche in style of the song Back from the Dead and it is based on Barry covert vocal and solo guitar (which can be heard at the end of the song). Used to Be is harder to me and Barry sings almost without a break and again great solo at the end. Last song is cover but is harder then the original but played with the same spirit and passion which is typical for the Aussies bands. I have the EP just in digital form so I have no info about the inside paper. The music quality is great with well balanced ratio of hardness, melody and solo guitar. I am looking forward to have it at home on real EP. Great job.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 23.07.2013

Pound Dogs U.L. - Pack and Family

4Subculture Records - CD - 16:35

485_pound_dogs.jpgPound Dogs U.L. is band which comes from Upper Lusatia, Germany and this is their debut mini CD. Also it is first reviewed CD of the year 2013 and it is fair to say that it was released by “our” label 4Subculture Records. The band plays in five pieces. Music is streetpunk with HC influencws (like in song Pack and Family) and all 6 songs are in English (including the cover from The Staggers – Last Man on Earth). In lyrics the band is talking how man is enslaved by society from his birth (Never Rest in Peace), about hard every day life where you have to fight like dogs (Pack and Family), about the fact that you will never surrender and never leave your life dreams (What Life Really Means), about love to girl which is out of your range (Out Of My League) or about the girl which leave you because of some rich bastard (Jack). Musically it is little bit harder because of the second guitar and vocals. You will also hear great sing along refrains but again with not so much used woman vocal (just in song Jack I think). In black and white booklet is all lyrics and some photos – simple done but OK. Good piece for me.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 06.02.2013 •  Buy HERE

Pretty Shitty Kjell - Oi! the Event

Pretty Shitty Town/Kjell Hell Records - DVD -

549_PSK 3 blue.jpgDVD from the third anniversary of this spring Oi! festival in Stockholm which is organized by Pretty Shitty Town and Kjell Hell Records. On this festival which was in April 2012 were playing Agent Bulldogg, Guttersnipe (both from Sweden) and Superyob, Section 5, Anti Nowhere League, The Last Resort, Cockney Rejects and 4Skins. Together there are 26 songs on 90 minutes in DVD quality shot from more cams with professional sound. There are also some bonus parts like solo show of Franky Flame or singing traditional songs in backstage from Agent Bulldogg. There were also on the DVD from the second festival (but with different songs 1000 Glass and Den Jag Är, which is new). It is not necessary to indroduce the bands and songs so there are hit tracks like Machine Guns and Alcohol, Every Staurday, We Shall Rise Again, So What, Violence in our Minds, Rebels with a Cause, The Power and Glory, Oi! Oi! Oi!, Yesterday Heroes, Chaos (with singers from other bands in refrain) and many more…really hits which characterize the band. You may check the trailer on this link http://youtu.be/2LBtHDxF4G8 where you may check the picture and sound qualities. I will not rate this but who loves DVD´s from gigs (me not) will surely like this.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 25.06.2013

Punkfront/Smart Violence/Hammerstroke - SPLIT

Rebel Records - EP -

555_punk_sv_hs.jpgHere comes threesplit of German bands Punkfront, Hammerstroke and Smart Violence with three songs. Punkfront has there their new song called Jugend in Bewegung then demo song from Smart Violence called Rebellen aus der Arbeiterklasse and the last but not least song which is played together by Hammerstroke and Smart Violence and it is cover from Brazilian Bandeira de Combate Vida Careca. All songs are in German language. On side A we have Punkfront and the title of their song means something like Youth in Move. It contains quite long intro and lyrics are about disappearing the cultural values which were replaced by soup operas and about the downfall of society at all. Song begins and ends with cool solo and it has also great refrain with changes in vocals Musically it is faster punk which goes slower in refrain. On side B are the other two songs…Vida Careca is cover which is put into German. Lyrics are about the cult and its strength. Vocal is shouted and fits well to this song. EP ends with Smart Violence and their song which is acoustic ballad. EP was released in 218 copies with gatefold cover with lyrics on Vida Careca and Jugend in Bewebung. On the background are photos of band members. Fine stuff.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 03.07.2013

Queensbury Rules - s/t

Lionheart Records - EP -

642_queens.jpgQueensbury Rules is band which was founded in 2012 I Bristol and this is their debut EP released through German label Lionheart Records. The band plays in classic four piece line up and on Ep they have four songs called Bridge the Gap and Red Tape on side A and Britain 2013 and Youth (Blitz cover) on side B. Lyrics are about problem of not well payed workers who can´t support their family, bureaucracy which deals with nonsense which have to protect your life but it is just nonsense rules and Britain of nowadays which is quite wild and everyone wants to steal something from you. Their music is typical British Oi! like Code 1, Skinful or Citizen Keyne. Song Red Tape is the fastest, the rest in in middle rhythm and Britain 2013 is swinging. Cover from Blitz is done is classic way and it is about the fact that the youth is always right. There is a paper with lyrics and thankslist. EP is limited to 250 copies (190 and 60 with different artwork). This is for the fans of classic sound from British Isles.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 06.02.2014 •  Buy HERE

Rangaistuspotku - s/t

Lionheart Records - EP -

634_ragna.jpgThis is tha band which comes from Finland and you may find singer and bassist from The Prideful in the line up. For me the ineffable title means something like penalty kick and according to the graphics of the cover the band will be oriented on football. They are playing on four. On EP you may find four songs in their native tongue called Me Ollaan Rankkari, Taccchinii Ja Daksii, Puolustus On Aivan Sekaisin and Hiekkarannalle. The last song means something like Sand Beach, other titles are connected with football (something about bad defense and shooting penalty kicks). Music is in middle rhythm with lightly boostered guitar and some solos in first and third song. Most of all I like the last song Hiekkarannalle. EP was released in two versions (190 copies and 60 with different cover), inside is paper with lyrics but it didn´t blast me off too much.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6  •  Date: 27.01.2014 •  Buy HERE

RazorCut - Gone Are Those Days...

Rebellion Records - LP -

607_COVER_small.jpgAfter the EP Combative Attitude we have there next Razorcut release (10´´ or mini CD) with six songs again from Rebellion Records. The band has some personal changes in line up (don´t worry the girls are still playing guitar and bass). Singer is now Al from Marching Orders (singer Owen left). He has really significant vocal and their style is now closer to their colleagues from Marching Orders which doesn´t matter because they are great and one of my favourite band. Plus for Razorcut is the female vocals which is great and it really spice the music. Just remember old Gundog and their songs with Liz in sing-alongs. Here you can hear it in songs like No Loyalty, Not Responsible or Saving Grace. Greatest song for me is called Marching On which is about celebration of ANZAC day on 25th April which is dedicated to 1st War veterans. Other songs are called You´ll Get Yours and No Country for Fat Old Men. I have the LP just in digital format so I know the cover but I have no information about the inside but their music is superb so order it!!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 22.11.2013

Rien Ne Vas Plus - Arbeitersohn

Aggressive Zone Records - CD - 40:09

637_rien ne vas plus-arbeitersohn.jpgRien Ne Vas Plus is band which comes from Magdeburg and they have released demo CD and two split EP´s (with Last Riot and Anti-Clockwise). Demo CD was really cool mainly their melodies which were quite good in spite of the demo sound and I was writing in that review that I am looking forward to their other regular releases. Their debut full length was released by Aggressive Zone Records on CD but also on LP. On album you may listen to 10 songs in German language on circa 40 minutes so it gives 4 minutes average on one song. It is not typical German Oi! because the vocal is not rough and it is not also the music is not too hard (the middle rhythm is in most of the song but there are also some faster ones like Auf der Strasse). Songs like Verlorene Generation (Lost Generation), Schütz die Bewegung (Protect the Movement) or Von der Strasse seid ihr nicht (You Are Not On the Streets) have great guitar passages. Next thing which I like on Rien Ne Vas Plus were intelligent and long lyrics which are not cliché about beer and sausages. They have it also here like lyrics on Von der Strasse seid ihr nich about the bands which are playing on big festivals their Oi! music for children and they are nothing more than rock stars in boots, or Schütz die Bewengung which is about the fact that you should protect cult which belongs to us and don´t anybody to destroy it or depressive Verlorene Generation. But there are also classic lyrics like the last one Skinhead Power, with poetic shouting on cops Oi! Oi! du Fotze (Oi! Oi! you cunt :)) or revenge (Tag X). The record was done in Nothlösung´s rehearsal room and the sound is clear. In booklet are lyrics, thankslist and many photos of their friends in the middle. I missed some band contact. As I wrote before the band will not be some kind of Oi! star (and I think they even don´t want) but their music, DIY attitude (which can be seen in Magdeburg scene on the gig which my band played there), truth and sincerity makes high quality stuff from them and I will recommend this to every fan of good Oi! music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 30.01.2014

RUST - Rough Ready and Razored

Longshot Music/Rebel Sound/Pug Music/Pirate Press - EP -

561_rust_ep.jpgNext band from Australia which release single nowadays is RUST (check BB for interview with them). They have released one album and split with On the Job from Sweden and this some new stuff after some time. The EP was released on same labels as their colleagues EP Plan of Attack. Compared to them they have there four songs - Curse of Rock´n´Roll and A Shadow on the Pier on side A and She´s Got Something to Sell and Boots and Buckles. I have it again just in digital form so no words about the booklet just about the music. For me RUST is most influenced band with Aussie rock´n´roll when I compare them with other streerock bands like The Corps, Marching Orders, Slick 46, Razorcut, Stranglehold, etc…In songs on the side A you will hear Angels, AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, but in the first also Chuck Berry´s Johnny B. Goode (in lyrics are mentioned some US bands like Ramones, Lynyrd Skynyrd and GG Alin). In second song I like the end passage where the guitar solos is changing with the vocals )like ACDC). In song She´s Got Something to Sell you will hear female vocal on the beginning. The last song is faster and most into punk rock and it is dedicated to all streetkids. Really nice mixture of punk, hard rocku and rock´n´rollu – this is what you become when you buy this EP. For me it is ok because I like classic but who doesn´t, this is not for him.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 24.07.2013

Ruthless Pride - Underground Brotherhood

4Subculture Records - CD - 33:37

597_r_p_u_b.jpgRuthless Pride is French band which has released two demos (2006 and 2008) and this is their first regular album released on our home label 4Subculture Records. On demo from 2008 is review on old version of BB and their received 8 from 10. The band “lost” female in line up and this album was recorded in three pieces. CD contains 11 songs in English including Intro (from the Platoon movie). Ruthless Pride are playing heavy slower Oi! spiced with metal/hard rock guitar like Motorhead (for example Underground Aggression is great fitlhy rock´n´roll song) with solo in each song. I can heaer also touches of Exploited there (Leave Me Alone sounds like from Horror Epics album) and their mixture of punk, Oi! and metal (but not in vocals, it is not similar to Wattie but in guitars). Vocal is deep but it is not so rough. There is also a cover version from GG Alinna and Murder Junkies - Shoot, Knife, Strangle, Beat and Crucify. In that song (which is more into HC rhythm comparing to original sound and also it is without female vocals) is some guest on vocals. In the last song Never Forget you will hear also acoustic guitar. Lyrics are about the fact that you stand out of society (Outside) and you should show it to other citizens (They Don´t Care About Me and You), politicians (No Trust), revenge (Sweet Vengeance), denying of mainstream culture and trends (Underground Aggression), but also history – conquering of Montlaur castle by hugenots (Bloody 1622). I want to see them live because I want to see how singer is playing guitar solos live. Booklet is done well – many band photos and also photos which are connected to the songs topics (one is from Taxi Driver film and it is connected with No Trust song). Cover and lyrics are quite depressing and the band has FTW attitude. Great songs are Sweet Vengeance, They don´t Care and Underground Aggression, which is greatest hit for me from the album with nihilistic refrain Fuck Peace We Are the War. I really like their demo CD (songs like Troublemaker or Violence). This is quite similar but the sound is better. I really like the bands which are not so well known or which are underrated but their sound kicks your ass and this is one of these bands!! Check one song on that link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R3A6rppULM.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 01.11.2013 •  Buy HERE

Sabotage - Betraktelser från staketet

Pretty Shitty Town Records - CD -

651_sabotage.jpgSabotage is new band/project from Sweden (Stockholm) with members from Antipati, Agent Bulldogg, Vindicate This! or Frontlash and this is their debut EP with title which can be translated like Meditation from the Fence (see description of one song later). The band plays in three and bass and guitar are recorded by one person (Erik from Vindicate This!), but nowadays they have regular bass player so we may look forward to some live shows. Robban is a singer (you may know him from many bands like Agent Bulldogg, Antipati, Contemptuous or Righteous). Drummer Matte is from Frontlash. On EP you may find three songs in Swedish - Färdiga Doktriner (Actual Doctrines) and Bättre Utsikt (Better View) on side A and Inget Tack (No Thanks) on side B. Music is really calm in spirit of The Clash and other classic bands. Calm guitars are dominating (with light booster and time to time banged up solo) and vocal with no hurry. It reminds me their colleagues from STHLM United. On the record you may recognize manuscript of all previous bands which I mentioned above but this is musically the most mature and it is proof that what is not hard and tough can be great. On youtube you may check the song Bättre Utsikt with great lyrics about the fact that why should man choose this or that side when he can sit above and lough to all those sheep serving to these fractions. Cover is done simple but OK, EP is limited to 500 copies on cherry vinyl with yellow splatters, inside is paper with Swedish lyrics. Really pleasant surprise for me and next proof that Swedish bands really know how to play high quality music. Great! New songs will be recorded soon including Templars cover with Swedish lyrics!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 20.02.2014

Sans Sursis - s/t

Bords de Seine - LP -

546_san_sursis.jpgSans Sursis is new French band with two ex-Haircut members and this is their debut (released on LP but also on CD) and it contains seven songs. Interesting fact is that all (except the last one) songs are adaptation of some songs from Swedish Oi! and punk rock bands with lyrics changed into French (instead of the last one which is Du gamla du fria and which is in Swedish language). So the other six songs are from Ultima Thule (Ravens), Swankers PMS (Ant Oi!), Tredje Könet (Spindeln), Perverts (Ronka), Köttgrottorna (Hjälp till hjälplöshet) and Rolands Gosskör (FBU). Most of the covered songs come from 80´s so the sound is varying from fast punk like the second song Crever En Douce, across melodic stuff like Cynthia (with female vocal) and slower stuff like Pluse Rien to viking rock - Sans Appel. I have to ay that instead of the cover of Swedish national anthem and Ravens I don´t know other covers but I have to say that I like the music and if there was no words about the fact that these are covers I will not realize it (because I am not expert on old Swedish punk scene).LP is done in oldschool way – hard paper with cover sticked to it, inside paper with few photos and thankslist. LP is limited to 250 copies. The band knows how to play but I will leave it without rating and I will wait for their own stuff…but this is cool at all
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 19.06.2013 •  Buy HERE

Saturdays Heroes - Stories Left Untold

Spirit of the Streets Records - LP -

659_s_h_lp.jpgMini LP from this young Swedish band contains six songs and was released on Bandworm Records in 250 copies. From this band I have all stuff their released CD Set to Sail and EP Backyard Troubadour) and I have to say that I really like their melodic style influenced by bands like Street Dogs, Burning Streets or Dropkick Murphys. EP contains six songs –Living in Vain, Make Ends Meet and Tear it Down on side A and Along the Road, Weak Man´s Course and The Streets Tonight on side B. The first song is really melodic one about not living in vain but about fighting for what you belive in and you will hear mouth organ in this piece. Second starts with slow guitar which goes to normal rhythm with great refrain which symbolize style the band is playing by the music and lyrics (how you are thinking about the life intersections if the road takes you back to the moment where are you happy and where are you enjoying life). The last one from side A is about how your smart and nice guy helps you when you are making breakout from prison (with great ooooo in second half of the refrain). Along the Road is the slowest thing you may hear on this LP and it is about the fact that when you did not know what to do with your life in boring town, just sit in the car and drive to some different city. In next one Weak Man´s Curse you will hear fast acoustic guitar which put this song into the category of celtic punk. The last one The Streets Tonight is about the fact that even you are surrounded by the greed and injustice you have to keep on marching forward. Great think is that each member sings so it reminds me their colleagues from Antipati. They are playing in four but with two guitars and for me it is absolute top from the punk rock genre and they are proving it with every single new CD/LP/EP they released. Insdie is paper with lyrics, photos and download code.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 04.03.2014 •  Buy HERE

Shameless - Guilty

Bords de Seine/Lion Records/Last Rockers - LP -

548_shameless.jpegShameless is brand new Feench Oi! band from the city of Lyon which plays in four but this album was recorded in three pieces and it was releasd as LP and CD and it contains 10 songs (CD version 2 more as a bonus). All are in English which is not usual by the band from France. After the tunes of first two songs (Guilty and Friday Night Losers) was clear that it will stay in my record player for some time. Skinhead rock´n´roll which kicks you back to 80´s when bands like Snix, Skrewdriver or Red Alert rule with their songs Ces Annes La, Antisocial and In Britain for example. Also a bit of The Veros is there but it´s almost the Snix. Besides the fast songs they know how to a slower one with great singalong like 30 Years Tomorrow or We Are the Boys. Other songs are Oi! For My Nation, Men With Ties, Disapointing Friends, Fashion Week (with the last mentioned the best songs from the LP) or Bastard for example. From this you may realize that lyrics will be classic. They have also strong bass with their chords in the background like Evil Conduct. The cover of the LP was done by Abu from Minsk who did covers from Poink or Contra releases, on the backside are photos and thankslist, to every LP is added CD with poster and sticker. There are on lyrics but the English is quite clear. LP is limited to 500 copies and I have to say that this is really nice piece of work!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 21.06.2013 •  Buy HERE

Shock Waves - Night of Music

Spirit of the Streets Records - LP -

720_swlp.gifShock Waves comes from Spain and this is their full length called Night of Music which comes after their EP again on Spirit of the Streets and instead their song Proud of Your Past you may find other songs from EP on this LP (Another Girl and Working Class Heroes). Together you may listen to 12 songs in English recorded in classic four piece line up. As I wrote in the review on their EP their music is not hard, the vocal of the singer is soft and it is quite similar to Badlands, Evil Conduct (guitar riffs at the end of the strophe) or Vanilla Muffins. Lyrics are about working class and the fact that you should be part of it till the end of your life (Until I Die, Working Class Heroes, One Step Beyond), rich kids (I Don´t Want), politicians and their greed (Nobody Says Can Hear), love to music (Night of Music) especially to the Oi! genre (For met he Oi!) or street riots (All Ready for Action). Even if they are playing in four the guitarist really know how to play (like solos in One Step Beyond, Night of Music or I Don´t Want). I really like songs like Night of Music, Fucking Hope or faster one All Ready for Action. LP is limited to 250 copies on blue wax, inside is cover with lyrics, short band story, logo and description of the album. But no photo. This is for the fans of not so hard and heavy bands.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 24.06.2014 •  Buy HERE

SIStema - Caos

Zeroworks Records - CD - 30:27

609_sistema_caos.jpgSistema is punk band from Portugal (city of Cascais) and they have released split EP with Albert Fish from 2011. On BB is positive review on that EP because I really enjoy the band. Rattus from Zerowork Records send me promo package with their brand new CD called Caos co I was quite curious how this will sound. On CD is 11 songs in their native language. They are playing harder mixture of streetpunk and rock (maybe dirty rnr) with rough vocals and great guitars (like solos in Outra Estrada or Que Vou Fazer but also in the title song Caos). I think there is solo in almost every song and I think that the metalhead who plays first guitar is responsible for this fact and for example in the song Perdido No Mundo the solo is really wild. The band also knows how to sing singalong refrains. Song titles can be translated as Uniformed Hero (Heroi Ferdado), The Life has Sense (Vida Tem Sentido), Slave Work (Trabaldo Escravatura), Now (Agora) or Lúcifer. On the cover is chaos star and in booklet are all ylrics (just in Portuguese), thankslist and many band photos (black and white with use of some filter. This is for the fands of faster and harder music, so try to buy it somewhere.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 26.11.2013

Skin Deep - Football Violence

Casual Records - EP -

602_skindeep.jpegThis is bootleg edition of the one and only EP released by Scottish band Skin Deep which comes from Falkirk and which was released back in 1985 on Enemy Records. Cover is the same (xcept one photo on the back side) but it is turned into blue. The band is mixture of punks and skins whose like to do the riots on football (in thankslist is mentioned The Falkirk Firm) and also the titles of songs are into it, so Football Violence and Count the Dead on side A (AA) and Boots on his Feet on the other side. The original version of the EP is hard to buy I think so in 1997 released Captain Oi! compilation called Oi! the Rarities 3 with all these three songs. Now it was re-released (even not in official way). From the band members are alive just two (bassist Ritchie died after motorcycle crash and singer died due to brain tumor), but back to music. The band brings you slower and raw Oi!/punk typical for the middle of 80´s, so if you like bands like Antisocial, Criminal Class or The Last Resort (strophes from Football Violence sounds like them, in refrain you may hear different vocal), Count the Dead is faster punk and the last one Boots on His Feet is the longest song from the EP similar to Criminal Class stuff (Jimmy Kelly, Soldier…). EP is limited to 300 copiees on black wax and it is really like trip back in history because of the no cover changes. A must have for the fans of 80´s bands.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 15.11.2013

Skinboiss - Oi! Division Finland

Oi! Ain´t Red Records - CD - 22:10

566_skinboiss_oi_division.jpgThis is six songs minialbum from Skinboiss from Finland which is next Ari´s project (this time two men project). AsI wrote the album con tains six songs – four in English and two in Finnish. Titles are Hangin´ Out, Skinhead Troops, Skinhead Beat, Northern Pride, Raiskaajat (Rowdies) and Yksin (Alone). The titles show that it will be classic lyrics – drinking, patriotism, violence, pride, etc… First one Hangin´ Out starts like New Age from Blitz, in Skinhead Troops you will hear great guitar solo, Skinhead Beat starts as a acoustic ballad with acoustic guitar and bas in the background and at the end it turns into normal rock song, Northern Pride is slower one with dominant guitar solo and Ari´s spoken vocal. First song in Finnish Raiskaajat is faster (compared to the English ones) and it is hardest song from the CD. Yksin is great singalong with touch of rock´n´roll guitar in refrain. Booklet are just two pages with lyrics and band photos plus viking symbols around (which are also on the fron and back side of the cover). I like it more then previous Skinhead Action because the music is better even tzhe lyrics are still the same. You can buy it for circa 6 Euros which is almost for free so check it!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 19.08.2013 •  Buy HERE

Soberphobia - 101% Local

4Subculture Records - CD - 35:54

574_soberphobia.jpgThis is album from Greek band Soberphobia which is not active anymore (their bass player Dime passed out and this album is dedicated to him). Album is placed somewehere on internet for free download but Michal from 4Subculture decides to release it in traditional way. Together there are 13 songs (4 of them are in Greek and the rest in English) and the last two are added as bonus songs (compared with the sound of the rest they were recorded earlier). Their music is faster Oi!/punk which is quite melodic and as usual the songs in their native tongue fit more to the band. English ones have better singalong. You may realize from the song titles that the band likes to drink (Drunk Again, Work is the Curse of Drinking Class, Hold My Beer, Brews and Bruises…), then problems of working man, hate and anger to the system which oppress you, fights but also funny lyrics about having a sex on the backseat of the taxi. Song Heartfull of Hatred reminds me with its guitar track faster version of Fighting the System from Criminal Class. Guitar is great and also bass in the background. In song Trouble you will hear also piano which reminds me some songs from Business. In song In a Taxi you will hear classic sound of Hamond keyboards and whole song is put into ska rhythm. Cover is done in classic style and it is familiar with the album title. Inside are all English lyrics and one band photo. I don´t know too many bands from Greece so I am glad that I make my musical horizons wider again. For cca 7 Euro it is for free.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 02.09.2013 •  Buy HERE

Solution - Then Now Always

Bords de Seine - CD - 72:51

702_solution.jpgThe Solution is band from Japan who has released this album and three singles (which are as a bonus on CD version of this CD but when you buy LP you will receive CD as a bonus so you will get them also). Bonuses were released also on BDS under the name Wall of Hits on LP in 2004. Together you may listen to 23 songs (12 regular and 11 bonuses) including covers Skinhead Times from The Oppressed, Maybe Tomorrow from Chords and Come on Feel the Noize from Slade. The band is playing in four but they have two guitars and their music is middle rhythm with soft sound (more into mod beat and the cover refers it – scooter and mod target). I should give also some points for English which is great (and which is not common by Japanese bands) and also the vocal is totally clear. It is hard to say which songs are better because the sound is compact so I really like the title one Then Now Always, Change Your Ways, or half-acoustic ballad Stay Young and No Freedom. I can hear there older bands like Chelesa (Take back Your Pride). Bonus songs sound almost the same. CD is done in paper sleeve with photo booklet. I don´t know how looks booklet in LP. Quite nice band from Japan which stands out from the row of Japanese bands.
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Spy Kids - S.K.S. One

Rächer Records - EP -

623_spy_kids.jpgAfter the split EP with their friends Anti Clockwise come Spy Kids with next EP called S.K.S. One. On Ep are four songs called S.K.S. (which is their well known song which isn´t recorded on previous albums but they had it on their myspace and their played it on their gigs), then cover Chip on your Shoulder from Cock Sparrer, Freund oder Feind and Tattoo Song. In Spy Kids plays two girls – singer Anika (which you may know from split with Anti Clockwise) and bass player Zdenka who comes from Czech Republic, but you surely know all that. This is their third EP. So when it come sto the songs - S.K.S. (Spy Kids Skinheads) is anthem of the band and it is about the band attitude to all left and right wing activists. Chip on your Shoulder is not necessary to introduce. Freund oder Feind is classic one about so called friends and the last one Tattoo Song is about how you want more and more after the visiting the studio. Band is playing nice oi/streetpunk with some small solos (like in S.K.S., with nice riff at the end which reminds me Chaos from 4 Skins) and great fact is also changing of the girl in vocals. Freund oder Feind is most straightforward song from the EP and Tattoo Song is great singalon – immer mehr, immer mehr. EP is limited to 206 copies (50 copies are with Cock Sparrer rip off cover). Inside is paper with lyrics and band photo on the background. Photo is also on the backside of the cover. Straightforward and sincerity this is what you receive from Spy Kids so buy it or come and listen to them in September when they hit CZ again!
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Spy Kids/Anti Clockwise - Pride and Passion Vol.

Pride and Passion Records - EP -

570_spy_aclc.jpgThis is split EP of two German bands which are well known here in CZ – Spy Kids from Weimar (with their split with Normals?!) and Anti Clockwise from Magdeburg (they played on Streetkids 2012). With both bands you may find an interview here on BB. Spy Kids have some line up changes – on vocals is now girl named Anika. Anti Clockwise are still playing in three pieces. Each band has there two songs. Spy Kids has there You Make Me Sick and Shaved for Battle from Stars and Stripes. Anti Clockwise has songs Generation Null bock and Oi! Musik. Spy Kids guiter has grea garage feeling but it is also great in solos. Great is changing of female vocals in refrains. Lyrics are about the fact that we didn´t come from the high class and we have to stay on our own feet even the other above call us scum. Shaved for Battle is well known song which need no introducing. Anti Clockwise has both songs in German language but under the lyrics are a few words about the song (but again in German). Their first song is about the lost of youn people´s identity and modern trends like TV, internet and mainstream. Second one is simple song about workers life who is going to listen Oi! music after he came home from work when other people listen just to radio bullshit. Their music is grat skinhead rock´n´roll (even they are playing just in three) in middle rhythm. Spy Kids music is faster on this EP. Inside are lyrics and band photos. Ep is limited to 160 copies. Good piece.
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Stamford Bridge - Solstice (demo 95´)

Hammersmith Records - EP -

605_stamford_demo.jpgStamford is solo project of Carl from The Templars and the music is really soft (glam rock, mod meat…). I think that Solstice was Carl´s band and he recorded some demo songs with them which were never released but he knows releasing it under the Stamford Bridge name (info about the Solstice band is taken from the interview for stillcrucified.com). The title Stamford Bridge is taken from the battle in 1066 in England where Norwegian forces beat English ones. The band has released two split EP´s and this is chronologicaly their oldest stuff (demo from 1995). According to the songs titles there will be aout Norse mythology (but I think they were composed before the Carl´s journey to Sweden, but I am not sure). Who likes his other projects like Wodnes Thegnas or Ukkos Jumala will like also this piece. So the song on A side is called The Longships, on B side are two songs called The Mighty Thunderer and Fimbulwinter. Music is really soft and melodical. It is in slower/middle rhythm with significant sound of strumming guitar. Also Carl´s vocal is not violent but melancholic with good harmony in music. EP was released in 500 copies (red vinyl) on Carl´s label Hammersmith Records. There are no lyrics, but the cover is done well corresponding to the topics – runes, viking picture or viking tangles. Interesting and rare stuff for those who likes calmer music.
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Stranglehold - s/t

Contra Records/Longshot Music/Pirate Press - EP -

672_stranglehold10.jpgStranglehold is one of present Aussie bands which have woman in line up (in that case two women – singer and guitarist Lisa and guitarist Brod). On bass plays there is Ben from Marching Orders (who is related to Brod). As I wrote in some reviews before this one (on Cashing on Christmas), Lisa has really rough vocal (sounds me like after the bottle of vodka) and we can surely compere her to Brody Dalle from The Distillers for example. On 10´´ EP you will find six songs (including cover from UK Subs – Stranglehold which is really harder than original version mainly because of Lisa´s vocal). Other songs are called Stepping Stone, Institution, Walking Death, Burn the Radio and Knock Me Down. Music is really good and it keeps on going forward in middle and faster rhythm. Album is opened by Stepping Stone which is one of the best songs from the album for me mainly because of the guitar (like Marching Orders). Great is also short and fast song called Walking Death about the society of nowadays. Next great song is called Knock Me Down. EP is limited to 600 copies in colored versions (I have the silver one). It´s a pity, that there is no paper with lyrics inside, but good indeed.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 27.03.2014 •  Buy HERE

Strong Style - Sari yuku kyō ni ga arite

Shout Proud Records - LP -

547_strong_style.jpegThis album with untranslateable Japanese was released on CD in 2008 on Jukebox Records and now five years after there is a vinyl version on Shout Proud Records. After this album Strong Style have released two more albums and some singles. Strong Style are plyaing for a quite long time. They were founded in 1992 on the ruins of Cannons and some of their past members are playing on band called New Dawn. All bands are around SSS so you can imagine their hard and heavy metal sound (they are playing in five so it means two guitars). On the album are 10 songs in their mother tongue and when I tried to use translator their names are My Friend, Open the Door, What is Waiting in the Dark or Fallen Wolf. Strong Style are standing on guitar solos (like in the first song 未知なる力 or in 落ちた狼) and in changing the vocals. In song 俺で在るために is also some rapper from Japan called Ganxta Cue. Music is really great like for example the last song on side A 闇に潜むもの (What is Waiting in the Dark). LP was pressed in 200 copies (80 on white wax and 120 on black one), there are no lyrics and photos and the cover is similar as on CD (which doesn´t matter). For the fans of bands like SledgeHammer, Shishimaru or Empi and also for the fans of vinyl and exotic bands this is a must have (try to buy it on the link below where you can find some copies) and next point for Dirk because this was surely very hard thing to release.
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Subrockers - s/t

Rebellion Records - CD -

532_sub_web.jpgSubrockers is new pub rock band from Holland and their self-titled debut is out now on Rebellion Records. Band is new but the members have previous experience with bands such as Antidote, Disturbance or I Reject. CD contains 7 songs in English so it is more mini CD and it is limited to 250 copies and it is part of Collectors series (so again six panels digipack). Songs have titles like Taxi Driver, Controlling the Mashine, Sexual, Full Moon Rocket, Subrockers, Nightime Action and Playing Games. Guitars are mix of punk rock and rock´n´rollu which you can hear in second song called Controlling the Mashine. Some other songs are more into classic rock sound like Full Moon Rocket, some are more into 77 punk and mod beat. Together it is mixture of many sub genres of rock music so the name of the band really fits into their style. Great is also changing the main vocals and sing-alongs. I have it again just in digital form so I won´t write about the lyrics. Cover is done in simple way – just the band logo. Interesting thing which will be for people who like more genres not just one.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 22.05.2013 •  Buy HERE

Taxi Driver - Tout est effacé par le temps

Bords de Seine - CD -

665_taxidriver.jpgTaxi Driver was French band which was active between 1985 and 1990. In that time they recorded some demos and also full length album (11 songs) but it was released in 2000 through Recidive Records. Bords de Seine released this under their Vintage Series. Album is called Tout est effacé par le temps (something like Everything Is Erased by Time) on CD and LP (with different cover). On CD are many bonus songs (9) and you receive free CD when you buy the LP. So together you may listen to 20 songs (some are repeating – demo vs. regular version, etc…). All (except the part of One Law for Them cover and instrumental songs) are in French. The music is calm and slow (like the title song Effacé par le temps which is totally great or the song called Journal D´une Victime) based on solo guitar and great bass which plays their solos almost in each song and when we think about that the band is playing in three it is really great. Maybe the song Mourir is faster than the others. I can´t compare them to any band because their sound is really unique and you can hear that boys were such a musicians! In some songs you may listen to two tone rhythms (like inMoonstomping or Dans cette ville). Song titles can be translated like Die, Life or Death, Day of Hate, Nevermore, In this City, Mines, Circles, Stairs or Rebel. The CD cover is very nostalgic and the zeitgeist of the 80´s really breaths on you. Inside are some photos from the 80´s (on one is young Mickey Fitz) and band story (just in French). Brilliant stuff and next proof of the fact, that roughness and toughness are not the main points in skinhead music. Perfect!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 13.03.2014 •  Buy HERE

The Averzia - Šou nekončí

Je mi z vás zle! Records - CD - 28:16

572_averzia_sou.jpgNew three pieces punk rock band from Slovakian capital Bratislava titled themselves as arrogant rock´n´roll. Tha band is known to me due to their video to the first song Žijem v realite (We Live in Reality) which you may check on this web http://youtu.be/V_b4Gb9ElSY. CD contains 10 songs in their mother tongue (bassist Ragazzo sings) and I have to say that it is quite good faster and melodic punk rock. Guitar is great (mainly in songs Žijeme v realitě, Všetko je inak – Everything is Different, Šou nekončí – Show doesn´t End… or Intriga). Vocals is not hard, you may understand clearly each word. There are many passages where guitar and bass stops and just drums are playing. Lyrics are about the fact that it is important to live in reality and don´t belive to religion, TV and women, then anthem of the band about the fact that they will never play in radios, but they trying hard to play gigs, music which is sometimes only way to escape from boring life, bastards who rule the world or women gold diggers who did everything for money or outsiders who are standing against modern world and trends… Greatest hit is Žijem v realite, then more serious song Máš na výber (You Have a Choice), Autsajder (Outsider) and the last one Sliepka s kabelkou (Chick with Handbag). CD is done as a digipack but without lyrics and photos. Really nice debut and I would like to see them live sometimes.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 28.08.2013

The Averzia - Welcome to Zem

Je mi z vás zle! Records - CD - 28:16

618_averzia_welcome.jpgSecond album from this punk rock band from Slovakia is out soon after their debut again on their DIY label. Album is called Welcome to Zem (Welcome to Earth) and playtime is cca 30 minutes (playtime is exactly the same as on their debut CD). On album you may listen to 10 songs in Slovak language (including song Zbláznená – Crazy which has video on this link http://youtu.be/XOB25gIWCw4 and also cover Čo píšu noviny – What Newspapers Say which is cover version of Undefeated from Guitar Gangsters). The band plays in the same three piece line up. Other song titles are Politik -Politician (about whores which we vote), Lieky – Drugs (about the fact that many people are addicted to nonsense medicine which gives you nothing), Dysharmonia – Disharmony (the world is no fair and nice place for a living), Tetovanie – Tattoo, Rock´n´Roll ti život osladí – Rock´n´Roll Spice Your Life (the music helps you even everything is in shit), Realityshow (classic brainwash by TV show for sheeps), Práca – Work (how working is unhealthy for you) or Dnešné ženy – Today´s Women (classic one about gold digging girls). Music is similar to their first CD, nice melodical punk rock in middle rhythm with classic lyrics which is nice to listen and time to time solo guitar (like in Dysharmonia or Rock´n´Roll ti život osladí) or ska-punk guitar (Realityshow) or singalong refrains like Ramones (they borrow riff from them in song Dnešné ženy). Comparison with other Slovak bands like Zona A or Princovia can be done but this is little bit harder. Cover is done as a previous album – drawn digipack with no booklet. Contact them on cdaverzia@gmail.com, I like it!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 10.12.2013

The Black Tartan Clan - Don´t Walk Alone

4Subculture Records - CD - 39:18

490_tbtc_dontwalk.jpgThird studio album from celtic punk rock band from Belgium The Black Tartan Clan is out again on their (and also on ours) home label 4Subculture Records. Before this album they released also four song single called Standing Strong. From this single you can find two songs there - Don´t Walk Alone and Finaly Free (but this version is slower than the single version). Together you can listen to 12 songs on circa 40 minutes (sorry 13 songs there is one instrumental bonus). The band uses some more traditional instruments on this album like banjo, bouzouki or keyboards and they are playing in six pieces line up now. You will find fast drinking songs there which suggest you to dance or drink more booze (like Toora Loora, 5 Minutes or Walk Away no More), slower songs (like Chilli Time or Code of the Clan – with the mentioned keyboards), but also instrumental pieces (like The Water is Wide). The band doesn´t care too much about some serious things and most important is fun for them and about fun is also most of their lyrics. Others are about the Scotland area (Loch Lomond), hardness of life and your fight against them (Walk Away No More), calling to battle (To Battle) or about Scottish history (Finally Free). Booklet is well done with all lyrics, detailed photos of band members plus many photos from the gigs, parties or studio. The band didn´t changing their style (I think it is impossible little bit) but each of their albums is different to me. Nice music ideal to some party or to beer drinking session and I think that when you will listen to them it is impossible to end the party sober.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 14.02.2013 •  Buy HERE

The Bois - Till I Die

Insurgence Records - EP -

596_thebois.jpegThe Bois comes from Singapore and they have released three full length albums (last one was released in 2010) and two split singles. This is also split single because on side B you can find song called United We Stand sang by Roddy Moreno from The Oppressed and the rest of the istruments (except one guitar played by Roddy) are played by the people from The Bois. This musical project is called The Oppressed Lion City Skinheads. On side A you will song Till I Die from The Bois (they play in five pieces with two guitars). Asian Oi! bands especially from the part of Malay peninsula are great (just remember bands like ACAB or Roots and Boots). Song from The Bois has similar guitar to ACAB songs because of metal sound (and solo which is playing almost in whole song) and also the vocal is quite similar (because of its deep). Lyrics are about the way of life you choose and all the stuff around. Side B sounds little bit more European mainly because of the vocal and I like it less then side A, because from The Oppressed I like just songs from Music for Hooligans album. Lyrics are quite similar to the first song and it is about unity from East to West. EP is limited (but I don´t know the number of copies), inside is paper with lyrics and many photos. Who likes exotic bands and who has record player this is stuff directly for him!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 31.10.2013

The Corrigans - Keep On!

Hurrah Musica/Fierro! Records - EP -

690_corrigans_Ep.jpgSecond EP from Spanish band The Corrigans which is playing mixture of mod beat, power pop and punk is out and it is called Keep On! Three pieces band introduces you four English songs called – Punks in Parkas (check the official video on http://youtu.be/bIgPkkmqZ0U), No More Loving, Walking Down Carnaby Street and I don´t Know Why. You can expect from them light lyrics about walking on the streets, summer time and beach reunions, waiting for true love, about the girl which is not answering to you attention and about break up love. Music is calm in middle rhythm based on singalong refrains (with all those yeah yeah yeah), nice guitar (with solo in No More Loving). I do not know many current bands playing this style so if you like The Manics or Guida you will like also The Corrigans. EP cover has similar football topics like their previous EP called Try. Inside is paper with lyrics and band photo. EP is limited to 500 copies and it is on black wax (which is done also in oldschool way – no colored middle picture).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 29.04.2014 •  Buy HERE

The Enemy - Lie to Me

Rebel Sound Music - EP -

581_The Enemy Lie front cover 2.jpgThe Enemy is typical UK82 punk band and they were founded in 1980 in Derby. They have released two regular albums (well known is the Gateway to Hell with great cover) and five singles. They were disbanded in 1984 but they reunited in 2012. At the beginning of 2013 they have self released CD/EP called Lie to Me with three songs. Now this is out as a regular EP on Rebel Sound with brand new song called All Guns Blazing. EP is released as a limited edition of 300 copies (black, white and red wax). Other three songs are called Lie to Me, Little Big Man and You the People. Album was recorded in five piece line up (two guitars). Cover is typical punk – skull. First song Lie to ME is great punk rock in middle rhythm which kick you back to 80´s with great guitar which plays in whole song…it seems to me like some Slade songs mixed with One Way System. Second All Guns Blazing is similar but the guitar solo is not in whole song but just in passages without vocals and the strophe is sung faster. Third one Little Big Man has similar start as some Cockney Rejects tunes but with not so rude vocal and great melodic and singalong refrain. The last one You the People is done in swinging rhythm. Great piece for all fans of classic bands which I mentioned above. If there will be a possibility to get this in Europe I will surely do it!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 26.09.2013

The Gonads/The Uprisers - s/t

Black Hole Records/Skinflint Music - EP -

506_gonads harry may.jpgBlack Hole and Skinflint Music releasing split EP of English band The Gonads where sings Garry Bushell and US band from New Hampshire called The Uprisers (with members from Bruisers or The Radicts). Each band has on EP two songs, The Gonads has there Harry May´s Revenge and The Streets Are Ours. The Uprisers has songs called Just Like Me and Angel Eyes. The Gonads are playing straightforward Oi!/streetpunk as in 80 s with strong bass and guitar solos (which is great in both songs). Both songs are dominated by Garry´s vocal and you may see that on the first one which is great song (I still don´t know who is Harry May). The Uprisers plays in four but they have two guitars and I think this is their debut release. Music is also straightforward but it is faster then the Gonads and you will know that from the second song with great singalong parts of strophes and refrain. Inside you will find paper with lyrics, the cover on Gonads side is similar to Suburban Rebels cover from The Business, on side of The Uprisers is band logo. Who likes classic English music from the 80´s will surely like The Gonads part, The Uprisers are playing US punk rock.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 19.03.2013

The Jacklads - Match Day Fever

Business City Music Promotion - CD -

578_the_jacklads.jpgThe Jacklads is the band which comes from Finnish city Lahti and this is their debut CD. Songs were recorded at the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 but the CD was released now. The band is playing since 2007. CD contains 10 songs in English recorded in classic four pieces line up whoch is made from older boys (35 and more). The sound of the record is really rough (mainly the guitar one which is really in garage style and sometimes it sounds to me like Glory Boys from Spain (for example the first song called Doing Aggro). Some songs are similar to old English bands (like Somebody Stole My Salary which is really into 4 Skins sound). Rhythm is middle/faster and more into punk tunes. Guitar plays solo in some songs (like in Never Trust or in Last Time). Lyrics are one big classic – violence, fake hooligans in expensive clothes, drinking, cellary which is just for paying the basic stuff, memories or skinhead cult and its strength. Great songs are Like a Razorblade which will be the band´s anthem for sure, Last Time or Next Time. Booklet has just two pages but with all lyrics inside. CD was done in 250 copies. Who likes hard and rough Oi! sound will like this band for sure. Check the band on myspace, facebook or contact them directly on vaaribchc@hotmail.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 23.09.2013

The Last Resort - This Is My England/Skinhead Anthems III

Randale Records - LP -

580_l_r_s_a_III.jpgThis is the third album after the reunion of this cult and legendary Oi! Band from the 80´s (or better to say second regular album) and it is called This Is My England and on the LP you will find thirteen songs. I do not like to review these old classics because I like much more the new breed bands and it is hard for me but I can´t deny that I grew up on their music. But what can I say for sure I like previous album You´ll Never Take Us so I was looking forward to hear this one. What is great on the first sight is cover (again done by JM design). Then you may know the video to the song called Never Get a Job (the link is there but you surely know this http://youtu.be/0AJ0mBp-a-w). The sound of the band is more modern then by the first skinhead anthems but the middle rhythm stays the same as well as their guitar riffs underlined by Roi´s vocal (like in song Never Get a Job or Knucklehead – which is great song in style of Rubber Jenny from the first album with gtrat melody and refrain and for me this is the best song from the album). Lyrics are about the England of nowadays, about the society which didn´t give you a work when you didn´t fit into it, riots on the city streets, low punishments for hard crimes, work when man has to be over time when he wants to take care about his family, war veterans and how are they treated in society, etc…similar songs you can find also on You´ll Never Take Us – like String´em Up or A Land Fit For Heroes). There is also song called Resort Bootboys II with lyrics made by Arthur Kitchener from the first line up with the same melody as the original version. LP was done on black, green and white wax, inside is booklet with lyrics and thankslist of each band member and also poster with the cover picture. Great songs are Knucklehead, We´re Coming for You, Taking Back the Streets (with great solo guitar) and Ballad of A Working Man (by the way there is also new LP from Control named like this). I gave full points to the previous album and I like this little less (which doesn´t mean that this is bad album) so 8 points from me.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 25.09.2013

The London Diehards/East End Badoes/Johnny Asbo - Live Bad and Die Hard

Pretty Shitty Town Records - CD - 32:10

541_ld_eeb_jaatyg.jpgSplit of three bands from the London city which you surely know (maybe the last one is little bit unknown). The London Diehards has there three new songs, East End Badoes also three (with The Proffessionals cover 1 2 3) and Johnny Asbo and the Young Guns four songs (including Stigma´s cover Hard Livin´ which is quite solid hard rock and Aggro Trouble and Strife from Retaliator) so together ten songs on the album. The bands are three but they are about the singer Tel or the guitarist Ciaran. The bands are changing song by song so I have to watch the list of the songs because the sound of the bands is quite similar. Johnny Asbo and The Young Guns is the hardest band from all three and they show it to you in the first song called Crown of Thrones which is about Brussel dictatorship and they prove it in the This is England. Next band is East End Badoes which is the oldest band from this trio with roadie from Cockney Rejects Skully in the line up. They have songs Ronnie and Rag about the Kray twins who rule the East End crime scene in 50´s and 60´s and then the cover and and last but not least The Way Its Got to Be about the fact how people treat with you when you are the black sheep of the scene. The London Diehards has there great song called Warrior Nation about the shitty government which ruining all the things which was fought by our ancestors, This is London which is ode to the city where they were born but also to the cradle of the skinhead movement and the last one about friends who are like brothers and family - Band of Brothers. CD is packed as a digipack with photos, lyrics, big thankslist and few words about each band. Ten songs with accurate playtime and I have to say that I really like it and enjoy this CD. Vinyl will be out soon, so really try to get it!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9+  •  Date: 10.06.2013

The London Diehards/The East End Badoes - s/t

Rock´n´Roll Blitzkrieg Records - EP -

633_ldh_eeb.jpgThis is three songs limite EP from the bands which are connected by singer Tel and it contains two brand new songs from The London Dieahards (Sell Out and Sex Case), which are playing their harder Oi!/streetpunk and The East End Badoes with their cockney sound which you may hear in ther new song Where Have All The Dockers Gone?. EP was released as a debut on Rock´n´Roll Blitzkrieg Records in 300 copies (100 black and 200 red). The London Diehards have more difficult and rock guitar (Motorhead influences?) and The East End Badoes are more singalong. Sell Out is classic song about so called underground bands who sell themselves but they are still convincing yout that they are true. Sex Case is another classics about child molesters and other rapists who deserved just rope. Where Have All The Dockers Gone is about the times when East End was the place with heart and the place which lives thanks to the naval industry and workers who went drinking after their shift but nowadays this is replaced by anonymous guys in suits who doesn´t know anything about the history of this quarter and office blocks. Sad reality of nowadays cities (check the review on The Traditionals). Inside is nice collage of photos from band members and docks plus lyrics (really nice cover and artwork). Top bands from Great Britain which didn´t sound like the other ones and I can recommend this to you 100% (if you find it somewhere because I think it is sold out).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 24.01.2014

The Manics - s/t

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music - EP -

640_manics_EP.jpgThe Manics is band from Sweden which was founded on the ruins of Clockwork Crew and they are playing mod beat and they have released full length in 2012 called Please Panic... I really like this CD so I was looking forward to this EP which is released in limited edition (250 copies). But it contains three songs from the full length (the songs are cool but if you have the CD is not necessary to buy the EP). The songs are Just Be There, Gonna Have Love and I Don´t Need You (which I really like, just check the review from 2012). The last song is cover from Larryho Bright (rockabilly and rock´n´roll singer from 60´s) called One Ugly Child. EP is done in style of pocket with stylish band photos. Vinyl is white. I will leave it without rating because it is some kind of best of put on the EP. If you want to know more, just check the older review.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 04.02.2014 •  Buy HERE

The Pillage - Until I Hang

Vinyl 4 Bootboys - EP -

599_pillage_hang.jpgThe Pillage is patriotic US Oi! band from the South (Atlanta) and they have released one regular album called We Bear Arms on Dim Records from 2009. After four years they coming up with EP on Vinyl 4 Bootboys (which I didn´t know about). EP is called Until I Hang and from the first sight you may see that the cover was done by same artist as We Bear Arms. On EP which is limited to 250 copis you may listen to five songs Pillage Theme, Bloody Attack (cover from Bloody Sods) and Big Bottom Broads on side A and Until I Hang and Vengeance on side B. In first song Pillage Themes which is in skinhead rock´n´roll rhythm you may check the band´s empathetic attitude on vegans, feminists or Mr.Che. I can´t compare cover from Bloody Sods to original because I don´t know it but it looks like solid boozing anthem. Big Bottom Broads starts nicely with romantic singalong about fat girls who make rock´n´roll world go around. After circa one minute the song went faster with great singalong with great vocal changes. The title on Until I Hang is about the good sides of pirates life (another US band which is into pirates like Bonecrusher or The Old Souls) with typical johoho (but without ten men on the coffin drinking rum). The last one starts with shouted vocal without instruments. Lyrics are about revenge and friends which always stay behind you when times go tough. I the refrain is also part of E. A. Poe poem Raven - „quote the raven Never More“. In booklet is photo collage from the gigs and lyrics (instead of Big Bottom Broads). Who likes faster punk rhythm with singalong which is typical for US bands will like also this band. You can buy it across the link below for circa 7 Euro or across 4Subculture.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 12.11.2013 •  Buy HERE

The Sabala Bacala - W Koncu!

DIY - CD -

754_sabala.jpgThis four piece band comes from Polish city of Rzesow and they have been playing since 2001 (but I never heard about them). Maybe it is because of the fact that this is their first official release when I am not counting demos and songs on compilations. They play in four but they have two guitars and on this CD you may listen to 10 songs in Polish. Musically it is fine punk rock like their colleagues from Anti Dread, but you may also hear songs in reggae rhythm (Plonie Gandzia) but the lyrics is about the fact that punk rock is their roots (and reggae rhythm turns into classic one). The band has also official video on song Pozytywny Przekaz which you may check on http://youtu.be/WDkp-qR27tk and you may also hear dobro tunes in the song and in song Nie Mow Ze To Desczcz are also keyboards. Lyrics are classics and not too serious topics like love to punk rock music and girls, virtual world which many people live in, Saturday the free day, your way of life or the fact that you should be optimistic in current world. In booklet are all lyrics, thankslist and a few photos. Polish bands are singalong and melodic and this is the fact that is proven also by The Sabala Bacala.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 30.09.2014

The Shame - Tulsa Old School

Aggrobeat Records - CD - 23:35

631_the_shame.jpgThe Shame is an US band and according to the album title we may guess that they come from city of Tulsa in Oklahoma. Their members are well known from bands like Brother Inferior, Bring Down The Hammer and Assembly of God. This is their collected recordings from their EP (released on Profane Existence Records which are releasing mainly crust) and some comiplations. Together there is 9 songs on circa 24 minutes, the band plays in three and their music responds to the title. You can really feel spirit of the 80´s from their music, great is bass with their up and down simple solos like Evil Conduct. It is straightforward music but it has balls and I can hear there singalong songs like from Antipati or Banner of Thugs. But it is played and recorded in three and it is well. Lyrics are mainly classics – songs are called - Football and the Pints (American football or “our” soccer :)?), Daytime Drinking, Song of the Streets, World is Out (Tonight), The Kings of Midwestern Plains…so booze, football and area which you come from. Great singalong is the last song Sam´s Army but also it´s in other songs. Album is limited to 300 copies with 8 pages booklet (photos and lyrics). Who likes straightforward bands which are didn´t sing much about serious topics this is for him!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 21.01.2014

The Stealers - Breakout

Rebellion Records - EP -

575_Stealers_breakout.pngAfter the release of self titled debut album is out now on Rebellion Records EP from this all-star band with members from Razorblade, Cenobites and Aggro Culture. On the singl you will find two songs – the first one called Breakout and Pretty City (which is opening song from the last album which was released last year). Cover of the single is done according to the title so saws, guns, tacks, screwdriver and other stuff which is necessary for breakout. Breakout caontains rock´n´roll guitar riff like Bye Bye Bitch from Motorhead with solo at the end and it is about the fact thath you should take care of you because Breakout are out tonight. Pretty City is about the “beauties” of your city like whores, junkies, criminals and other people who are making your life more interesting. The music is similar – classic dirty rock´n´roll. Who is interested just check older reviewson BB (2012). Well done single which will be for the fans of Motorhead, Nashville Pussy, Corps, Rose Tattoo etc…you know what to imagine under this combo.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 04.09.2013

The Urgent Kicks - In the Wrong Place

Common People Records - EP -

709_urgent.jpegThe Urgent Kicks is five piece punkrock band from Barcelona and this is their second EP which contains five songs – Life Goes On, In the Wrong Place, Nerd Now, Tractor and Slap Your Mammy. The band is plying calm but fast style with rock´n´roll touches – for example In the Wrong Place is really great song with cool solo at the end reminds me calmer version of Nashville Pussy. The next one Nerd Now is rock´n´roll one with lightly boostered guitar. In song Tractor I hear psychobilly influences and again devil solo at the end. Slap you Mammy is the fastest song from the EP. In some songs you may hear female vocal. Together it has older feeling even the band is quite new and there are also some mod beat influences. EP is limited to 500 copies (100 white and 400 black) and there are no lyrics and no band photos. Cover is done in simple way as so as the graphics of the EP (similar to The Corrigans EP reviewed earlier). This is for the fans of pub rock bands from the middle of 70´s which mixed rock´n´roll with early punk.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 06.06.2014 •  Buy HERE

The Wolverines - Real American Oi!

United Riot Records - EP -

653_wolverines.jpegThe Wolverines is five piece band from Pennsylvania and this is their first official release. EP contains four songs - Witch Hunt and Justice Served on side A and This is America and Real American Oi! on side B. The band plays Oi! with no compromise which attacks all poseurs, commies, terrorists, criminals and other who wanted to judge you or harm USA. The first song Witch Hunt is about people who wants to tell you what to think and where to stay and who have classic politics “if you aren´t with us, you are against us.” Second one Justice Served is about the legitimate self-defense even if the attacker loses his life. This is America is patriotic one about those who shout that they hate USA but they live there and they exploit the freedom of speech. The last one Real American Oi! is about those who call us greyzone or fencewalkers but we know where we stand – above those shit talkers. Music is in middle or in faster rhythm (like in songs Witch Hunt with great vocal changing and in the last one American Oi! with drums with great cadence), but there is some sing-along refrain (like punk rock one in Justice Served or in This is America). EP is limited to 300 copies (76 white, 80 red with splatters and 144 pure red). Cover is done by JM design and it is without mistake – wolverine skinhead who climbs the bell of liberty with American flag in his hands. Inside are lyrics, thankslist and band photo. For the fans of orthodox US Oi! like Southland Skinheads compilation, Offensive Weaopn, New Glory or YDL is a must have and if you find it somewhere buy it! Check youtube for these songs plus there are also songs from unofficial release This City.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 24.02.2014

The Wrongdoers - Always Loyal Always True

Alive and Kicking/This Means WAR Records - LP -

625_wrong_alat.jpegSix songs from Finnish boys from the capital city of Helsinki which had to be released on split CD with Pressure 28 (and I don´t know if it´s will be out or not) is out thanks to cooperation of Alive and Kicking Record and This Means WAR. Their debut was released in reedition, this mini LP is limited to 300 copies (150 white and 150 blue). On circa 17 minutes you can listen to their own five songs (in English) and one notoriously known cover They Walk the Line (from Joy Divison, which you may know also from 7er Jungz or Von Thronstahl) and which is played harder and faster then original or the mentioned covers. Their songs are called I don´t Give a Fuck, Helsinki Skinhead Elite, Cradle to the Grave, Day To Day and Unity. The album the solo guitar went much more better and Santtu plays more solos – like in the first one I don´t Give a Fuck or Cradle to the Grave. But it is still straightforward Oi! with no compromise with catchy refrains like in Cradle to the Grave or Helsinki Skinhead Elite (which are both great hits and second one will be an anthem of the band). Great one is also Unity which is about the fact that skins should stay together and doesn´t matter from which town or country they come from. On each side of the LP are three songs, inside the cover is paper with lyrics and band photo. I think i tis probably sold out but when you see it somewhere, buy it for sure, because it is good!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 08.01.2014

Thumbscrew - s/t

Mother Fuckin´ Sounds - EP -

528_thumbscrew.jpgThumbscrew is brand new band from Spain and this is their debut EP released through MFS. I have no other info about the band, I just know that they are playing in four. On EP is four songs in English called Drunk and Disorderly, The Day Has Come, Forever Young and Skinhead. Musically it is in middle rhythm with time to time solo and lyrics about classic skinhead topics (just check the titles of the songs). So drinking, fights, memories on old times which can´t disappear because people are young at heart, skinhead cult and also the day when all wankers will be punished. In their music I hear bands like Skinflicks, Glory Boys or Headcase. Side B is slower compared to side A and songs havegreat melodies (it is songs Skinhead and Forever Young – which is the best song from the EP for me). Song The Day Has Come is like from some British band from 80´s (especially the guitar riff and vocal). EP is limited to 250 copies in red and white colour, cover is drawn in style of the first press of Schenk noch einen Ein from Endstufe. Inside is paper wit lyrics, band photo and contact (thumbskrew@hotmail.com). I am always glad when I discover some band which surprise me and this is it, so check them out (but they have just this EP).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 13.05.2013 •  Buy HERE

Tim Steinfort - When the Rain Falls

DIY - CD - 31:37

573_tim.jpgThis is solo project of Discharger´s singer Tim which was released by himself. Album contains ten songs in English with fine rhythm with acoustic guitar in style of country, folk or early rock´n´roll (like song At Least I´m Being Honest which sounds like from Chuck Berry). Album is similar to Mike Ness´s solo project Cheating in Solitaire or Southern Boys from P. Paul Fench or to some songs from Dorian Gray Orchestra. Mostly you will hear acoustic guitar, (double?) bass and mouth organ. Song This One´s for Us can be checked on youtube on (http://youtu.be/n15ajWjziC4) and you will realize how album sounds. CD is released in DIY style and it is just CD-R with no booklet. Some songs are faster some are slower (like The Weary Kind). Tim knows well how to sing which you may know from Discharger fast songs or slow ballads. In this project he can work more with his vocal and that´s why he founded this project. Most of all I like songs like In the Gutter, This One´s For Us and Run Billy Joe. Who likes different music then punk/Oi appreciates the quality of lyrics and music. I will not rate this because it is too difficult but I will recommend it to you.
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TMF/Offensive Weapon - s/t

Skinflint Music - EP -

529_tmf_ow.jpgSplit EP of British TMF and US band Offensive Weapon was released on US label Skinflint Music. Each band has there two songs – TMF opening the EP with Welcome to the Greyzone and Fuck Off and Die, Offensive Weapon has there their hit Legion of 76 and Change the Law. TMF for me have presented more quantity then quality on their last albums so I was curious about their stuff after short break. I have EP just in digital form which label sent to me so I can´t speak too much about the lyrics (which I didn´t find on the web) and I even don´t know if there is some paper with lyrics added to the EP. Welcome to the Greyzone is about people judging you in style of when you aren´t with us, you are against us. Second one is really poetical, just check the title Fuck Off and Die. I like TMF on the split and I think that break between this record and their last album fits them very well. Legion 76 is hit one about the fact how society lost their values which was fought by our ancestors but we will repair this for sure. Song is standing on the Lee´s shouted vocal. Change the law is faster song and Lee is shouting even more then in the previous one. I didn´t find lyrics on this one. I am sorry but I can´t tell you also anything about the cover because I have just the front cover. EP is ordered but no it is by my friend and I don´t know when I will see him. Music is great and I like more the Offensive Weapon part.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 14.05.2013 •  Buy HERE

Toholl´s - s/t

Shout Proud Records - EP -

504_toholls.jpegToholl´s is French band from Paris which recorded demo in 2011 and this demo is reelased now as double EP through Shout Proud Records. In band you can find members from West Side Boys (I think that singer Jibé plays bass there and guitarist Ulysse sings), Cran de Fer or Basanes 75. Double EP was released in 200 copies (70 on blue wax and 130 on blak) and I have to say that it is almost sold out. Together you should find there seven songs in French. Music is not rough, it is in middle or slower rhythm qwith calm melodies and there is surely some connection with mentioned West Side Boys or Warrior Kids or some other bands from 80´s. Sometimes you will hear also female vocal. Titles of the songs can be translated like Man in Suspeneders, Skinhead of the Year 2010, Jussieu (it is name I think) or Anarchist but on other French titles I can´t use the translator. Graphic of the cover is surely inspired by the albums from Tolbiac Toads, which inspire the band also in music. Inside are all lyrics in French with drawings which look like from cartoon jokes and also many photos from the gigs or drinking sessions. Most of all I like the last song L´élastique and Skin de annes 10. Strongly recommended to all fans of French Oi! music and to all collectors of limited editions. This is another good piece from Shout Proud Records and I will look forward to their next stuff because it won´t disappoint me for sure. There are some copies to buy on the link below so don´t hesitate…
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 15.03.2013 •  Buy HERE

Toughskins - Keep the Faith

Rebel Sound/Randale Records - EP -

620_tough.jpgEP with four songs from Toughskins from USA is out on Rebel Sound for the US market and on German Randale Records for Europe. The band was reunited in 2010 and last year they came with EP called Anger Managment. On Ep are four songs - Too Young To Care and Keep the Faith on side A and Black and Blue and Crack Some Skulls on side B. The first one is great skinhead rock´n´roll with great part at the end with guitar, drum and bass solo. Keep the Faith is slower and more melodic stuff with great solo guitar and bass which is tuned to high tunes (or the bass player plays the higher tunes) so everything is heard clearly. Strong side of this song is well played refrain. Black and Blue starts with guitar tune like from Blitz and it is most straightforward song from the EP and it reminds me classic Cockney Rejects. Last song is violent singalong. I didn´t like their last EP much and I can´t even compare it with their previous stuff but this is much more better then Anger Management for me. Cover for Europe is different then cover for the US (this one is for US because Rebel Sound sent this digital promo), but I don´t know anything about the inside. 1000 copies were pressed. This EP rocks!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 23.12.2013

v/a - United Skins for Freedom of Speech Vol.2

Oi! Ain´t Red Records - CD - 55:22

519_va_freedom2.jpgSecond part of the compilation from Oi! Ain´t Red Records now just on one CD with 17 songs from better known bands then before years - Legitime Violence, Freigänger, Skinboiss, The Firm (they have two songs there), Alte Schule, Last Riot, Orgullo Sur, Punkfront, Straight Jacket, Lemovice, Abtrimo, Open Violence, Likedeelers, I don´t Like You, Notlöhsung and Bronco Army. Songs are brand newn (like from The Firm, Skinboiss, Abtrimo, I don´t Like You…) and also taken from some EP´s or albums (Legitime Violence, Open Violence, Orgullo Sur, Last Riot…). I am not sure in each song so maybe I made a mistake. Most of the bands are from Germany (10 bands) then there are bands from Holland, Canada, Finland, Chile, Brail or France. I really like the new songs from The Firm which are not so straightforward as on their debut album and also Skinboiss song. I also like the fact that I have on CD songs from EP´s like Troubles from Last Riot or Traidores from Orgullo Sur orPour les Tines from Legitime Violence. Booklet is just two pages with photo and graphics of the cover is done in sim ilar way as the first part of the compilation. Ratio of old and new songs will be worse to the new ones but the compilation is ok and you will know most of these bands.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 23.04.2013

v/a - Oi! Made in Indonesia

Aggrobeat Records - CD -

622_ABCD001.jpgNext compilation from Indonesia is out on Aggrobeat Records. On CD are 25 songs from the bands like Dom 65, No Man´s Land, GlorypoinT, Firecrackers, Skinlander, Self Revolution, Sta-Press Boys, Spirit of Oi!, Full Time Skins, The Young´s Boot, United Blood, Moonstomp and The NagNagNag (they have there just one song compared to the other bands). I have to say that except No Man´s Land I don´t know any of abopve mentioned bands. Bands like Dom 65, The Young´s Boot and GlorypoinT are really melodic (like on songs 8 to 8 or I Want a Better LDR). Firecrackers are based on strong vocal and their song Muda Bangga is great. Skinlander and Full Time Skins are playing simple Oi! like from 80´s, Self Revolution are more into punk rock, Sta-Press Boys are also sounding like from 80´s but it is more dark and tough. Spirit of Oi! reminds me Vanilla Muffins. United Blood are more into HC but I don´t like the vocal, Moonstomp is real hardcore with touches from old school of USA and the last band The NagNagNag has female vocal. Some bands are really surprising. Most of the songs are in English but some are in their native tongue (circa five). Who likes exotic bands buy this album, I leave it without rating becasuse it is compilation.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 30.12.2013

v/a - Cashing in on Christmas vol.5

Black Hole Records - LP -

600_va_cashing5.jpgFifth part of this Xmas compilation contains again many bands and their pro or against Christmas songs. On this one you can listen to 19 songs from bands like Harrington Saints, Suckered In, Hooligan, Lion´s Law, resurrected Immoral Discipline, Roadside Bombs, Chem D, Maddog Surrender, Sniper 66, Stranglehold, BOY, On the Job, Bad Engrish, Monkish, Bishops Green, Splodgenessabounds, Prins Carl, Angry Snowmans (their song North Pole is nothing just Borstal Breakout cover) and Evil Conduct. From this list you can see that compilation is really worldwide based (with bands from America, Europe and Australia) and it contains well known and also not so well known bands. On fourth volume I found many cool bands like Dog Company for example with their hit Snoopy´s Christmas. Band styles are really wide from acoustic songs ((Suckered In – Whiskey and Keilbas or Monkish – Santa´s on the Register), through rough and tough Oi! bands (Immoral Discipline – Fuck Your Christmas or Maddog Surrender - All I Want for Christmas is the Stanley Cup) through streetpunk (Evil Conduct – Silver Bells or Stranglehold – Another Night Alone, with great drunk woman vocal) to pure chewing gum punk rock (Chem D – The Twelve Steps of Christmas or Roadside Bombs a jejich Christmas in California). Not all songs are about funny and happy side of Christmas like Another Night Alone from Stranglehold which is about lonely people without family who have suicide tendencies, Prins Carl and their song Cut the Wire (about poor people and no help for them during Xmas) or Christmas in New York from Bishops Green (about Christmas during starving in 1828). Cover is done in Troops of tomorrow style (and bonus CD in style of Punk´s Not Dead album), on paper inside are list of bands with contacts. For me it is better then 4th volume but I won´t rate this. But it won´t become boring because it is really heterogeneous.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 13.11.2013

v/a - Mess with the Best…Die Like the Rest

Black Hole Records/Pug Music/Aggrobeat - EP -

535_va_fuck_the_rest.jpgAmerican-danish-australian compilation which is out on two EP´s was released by three labels from mentioned states - Black Hole Records, Pug Music and Aggrobeat Records and you will find there bands like The Revilers, The Guv´nors, Cracks and Scars and Rust. All bands have there brand new songs which you can´t know from previous releases. On the first EP you will find Rust and The Guv´nors. Aussies Rust is playing their version of filthy rock´n´roll like Motorhead and you will hear it in the second song called Suicide Sunday. Guv´nors from Denmark are playing nice punk rock with mouth organ and both songs (Punk Rock and Downtown Boogie) have great redneck spirit. US band Revilers is opening second EP with great song called Don´t Tell Me with nice singalong, r´n´r guitar and great solo. Their second song called 8 Second Society is harder. Compilation is closed by Germans Cracks and Scars and they are hardest band from the compilation. Their songs are called Goin´ Nowhere and Light and Darkness. Cover is OK with no lyrics inside but band photo, cover, contact and line up. Who likes vinyl will like also this four split, the bands are great and their fit to each other.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 31.05.2013

v/a - Voi!ce of America Volume Two

Oi! The Boat Records - EP -

551_v_o_a_2.pngSecond part of EP compilation Voice of America from Oi! the Boat Records now with the bands like Noi!se and their False Foundations (from Rising Tide LP), then The Shame and their Take the Day, 99 Bottles with Bound by Strength and The Bad Engrish with their song Oi! is… This time all bands come from the north-western part of USA. EP is limited to 300 copies (200 black and 100 clear) and I think that their all gone. The Shame comes from Tulsa, Oklahoma, they are playing in three and they´ve released some singles. The Bad Engrish are punks from Denver plaing also in three. Their music is melodic Oi!/77 punk like Slick 46 or Blanks 77 and their song Oi! is… is great singalong. 99 Bottles are from Colorado Springs and they are playing in four and it is typical US faster simple Oi!. Noi!se are most famous band on this compilation and it is not necessary to introduce them. I think there will be also Vol. 3 a nd 4 of this compilation and when you put all four covers together you will get the map of USA with Oi! the Boat logo in the middle. From the Vol. 1 I like The Warlords, from this part I like Bad Engrish most of all so try to get the EP but I think it is sold out.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 27.06.2013

v/a - Rotterdam/Milano

Archivo/Kart/Poink/4Subculture/Stolen Stereo/Traum - EP -

588_rot_mil.jpgThis EP called Roterdam/Milano was released as a foursplit of bands which come from these cities. The bands are The Stealeres and Cenobites for Rotterdam and Brutti e Ignoranti and Ligera 73 for Milano and all bands have there brand new song. Both Dutch bands sing in English (songs are called Run You Down and Wednesday Night), both Italian bands sings in their native tongue (songs called Giammai – Never and Piramidi – Pyramids). Styles which they played are really different so the EP can´t become boring. Stealers are playing dirty rock´n´roll, Cenobites their slapping psychobilly (and I think that these bands have some members in common), Brutti e Ignoranti are palying classic Italian Oi! in middle rhythm with changes in vocals and Ligera 73 is faster punkrock with playful guitar and higher vocal of the singer. The EP was released in cooperation of six labels and four from them are unknown to me. Cover is done in style of some road movie and there is no paper with lyrics or some info but it doesn´t matter because you will receive four brand new sincere and different songs from current bands which always count. But it is some kind of compilation so I leave it without rating.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 15.10.2013 •  Buy HERE

Vanilla Muffins - The Drug Is Football

Lionheart Records - EP -

601_vanilla_drug.jpegVanilla Muffins was band which come crom Switzerland (Basel) and there were playing here circa twelve/thirteen years ago and during their career (circa 1993 – 2003) they created sugar Oi! style. The Drug is Football is title of their last regular album which was released in 2003 on Knock Out Records. Lionheart Records take four songs from this album and nowadays (ten years after the proper release) they come out with this EP. Selected songs are The Drug is Football and Mexican Radio on side A and Brigade Loco and No Punkrock in My Car on side B. All songs are notoriously well known so I think that it is not necessary to introduce them. The band used to play in three pieces and I think that you will hardly find some more melodic band and I have to say that many songs after their break out become classic and traditional. From these four songs it´s hard to pick the best one but for me the B side is the winner because Brigade Loco and No Punk Rock in My Car are hits with great H. I have really pleasant relationship to this band because I grew up on their songs from copied cassetes and now I am glad that I have this EP. EP is limited to 150 copies, 40 are with gold cover, the rest with silver one. Inside is paper wit lyrics (no lyrics on Mexican Radio) and the whole think has great underground feeling as usual on Lionheart releases. Great choice and great reminder to old times but I leave it without rating because it is nothing new…but 100% collectable stuff.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 14.11.2013

Victory - Laced Up

Oi! The Boat Records - EP -

516_victory.jpegVictory is brand new band from USA with members from bands such as Subversives, Eightysixed, The Virgin Whores and Pist & Broke and this is their debut EP. On EP you will find four songs – the title one Laced Up (check it on http://youtu.be/R3qAvSpKbM4) and American Nightmare on A side and Glory Days and Real Heroes on B side. Lyrics are about how skins rule the streets, about the life for workers in United States which is no American dream but American nightmare, about the old glory days which will surely come again (interesting is the last strophe of this song where band talks about bands like Oxymoron, Business, Lower Class Brats or Dropkick Murphys) aor about war veterans who died for the world peace. The band plays in five and you should recognize this from their sound (with great guitar solo in the first and second song or bass at the beginning of the third one). From the sound you may also recognize that band members have experience with playing in different bands. The guitars are not boostered a lot and even if it is written in booklet that vocals are made just by Dan I think that in some songs are lead vocals done by other band members. Some songs sounds like The Templars, some like The Business and the rhythm oscilates from the middle (Laced Up) to the slower (Glory Days) one. In first press the label did 300 copies (100 yellow and 200 black) and they are sold out so in the future comes the second press with different cover. Inside the gatefold cover are all lyrics plus thankslist and on the back side is band photo. Nice debut for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 10.04.2013 •  Buy HERE

Victory - Twin Cities

Oi! The Boat Records - EP -

552_victory_twin.pngSecond EP of USA band, which introduced themselves with four track EP called Laced Up! Which was released in two versions (the first was quickly sold out), is called Twin Cities and it contains two songs - Built to Last on side A and Spirit Within on side B. EP was released in 300 copies and it is hand-numbered. Built to Last is about ordinary people who try to take care about family and tbe with friends even the whole world is trying to drag them down. Guitars are lightly boostered (in song on A side is great solo at the end of the track) and the bass play their tunes in the background. Spirit Within is about man who is going to entertain himself to the city, raise his glass and talk about the good all times. Music is similar to the first track but it is faster little bit. It is like Templars or faster songs from Perkele in the era of Voice of Anger nor No Shame. The voice of the singer is not rough and you will understand the lyrics clearly. Inside is all lyrics and the label sticker but no photo. Cover is done in style of patriotic Oi! bands from USA and there are also t-shirts with this motive. Great stuff which will be sold out soon I think.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 28.06.2013 •  Buy HERE

Vindicate This! - B.O.T.W.

Poink Records - EP -

499_vindicate_this.jpegVindicate This! from Sweden have released one full length album called Stronger Than Yesterday and EP Hard Feelings. In my hands are now EP from German label Poink records (limited to 299 copies) and what a surprise…the EP fits to the cover :). EP contains 4 songs in English (as usual by the band) called Just a Few More Years, Who Are You, All Bosses Are Bastards (no it is not cover from 4Skins) and Crime City Bullshit. Line up is still the same I think as on previous stuff (including drummer from Oldfashioned Ideas). Lyrics of the bandare about how labours have to work because of older retirement age so even if you work for 40 years, you will have to work some more. Then about people who act like friends and they stabbed you in the back, about the bosses who are fuckers and about the cities with high criminality where kids carrying guns. Musically it is typical stuff from Sweden – lightly boostered guitar, middle (or in the first song slower) rhythm, time to time solo (great is in Crime City Bullshit or in Who Are You which are the best songs for me) On the EP cover is the bridge which is joining Denmark with Sweden and inside is paper wirth lyrics and band photo. Simply done but OK. I like conception of labels like Poink – EP´s for good money with limited pressing so I will be loyal custumer to them. This is standard from them.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 06.03.2013 •  Buy HERE

Warlords/True Grit - Oi! the Split Vol. 1

Stratum Records - EP -

614_trugrit_warlords.jpgSplit EP of Us band Warlords from Los Angels which you may know from compilation Voi!ce of America Vol. 1 and Canadians True Grit from Toronta which I didn´t hear about till now. EP was released by Stratum Records from Holland as their fourth release. On EP is two songs from each band plus there is also download card with one more bonus song from each band. So four piece Warlords have there songs called Johnny Munich, We Know Our Rights and as a bonus one We Known Our Rights in acoustic version (also with second guitar played by their friend). Five piece True Grit have there Scum, I´ll Say and as a bonus song called Empty Bottles. Johnny Munich is some about band´s friend who is really tough guy. We Know Our Rights is about the fact that people should stay against the lies and greed of government and fight for their freedom and liberty. Both version of this songs are well done and after the hearing Johnny Munich which is typical pub singalong you won´t belive that these songs are from the same band. True Grit has more garage sound (especially in the first song Scum which is about dealing with your enemies). Second one I´ll Say is about soldiers who fighting the wars in different countries and it is again more melodic than their first song (mainly because of the solo guitar and main vocal). Their last piece Empty Bottles begins just with guitar and vocal but it turns to normal after a while. This song is based on thrashy guitar and melancholic vocal which fits well to the song. EP is limited to 300 copies (200 black and 100 gold), inside the cover are band photos and lyrics on the songs (not including the bonus). Stratum is releasing less known or new breed bands and it is quite good!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 04.12.2013

White Flag Down - Never Surrender/Outlaw

Skinflint Music - LP -

556_wfd.jpgWhite Flag Down is band which comes from Los Angels and this is LP which contains both of their released EP´s - Never Surrender (released by the band) and Outlaw (released on United Against Society) which are both sold out plus two new songs Deadtown and Malcontent Killing Machine. Together there is ten songs. Band is playing in classic four piece line up and their singer is hardly tattooed (including face in style of Clockwork Orange). The band is really into clockwork style just check the cover and photos from the gigs. Musically it is really original piece. Hardness and straightforward of punk meets rock´n´roll melody (just check the songs like Long Day or Rock´n Roll). Sometimes it goes to great punk rock like song Easy is her Name which is greatset hit from the album for me. Even the band is playing with just one guitar the sound is cool and guitar is playing great solos (like in Watch Yourself or in Rock´n´Roll). I have just digital version of the album so I can´t tell you something about booklet. Other songs are Burn it Down, White Flag Down, Outlaw and We Turn Our Backs. For me it is great surprise and I will surely have a look when it will be somewhere in European distros. Great and check them on youtube if you want.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 04.07.2013