99 Bottles/Total Annihilation - Colorado Oi!

Rebel Sound Music - EP -

628_99_ta.jpgThis is split EP from two American bands from the state of Colorado – 99 Bottles (from them I know just one song from Voi!ce of America compilation) and Total Annihilation, which you may know due to Great Patriotic War album released on 4Subculture Records (and this is their first new release since that time). Each band has there two songs. 99 Bottles has there Lost my Way and Skinhead Violence, Total Annihilation You Never Were and The Glory it Once Was from The Templars (album 1118 – 1312). 99 Bottles are playing in five and it is the mixture of punks and skins (like Ruthless Pride). Their music is violent and angry streetpunk which is supported by squelchy sound of the drums and light solos. Their second song reminds me RUST from Australia (mainly the vocal of the singer). Total Annihilation plays calmer and the vocal of the siger is more deep. The guitar is also playful especially in their song You Never Were, dedicated to their friend Jeremy Roscoe, who passed out. Cover is done without any big changes and the sound of Templars can be heared there. I receive just promo so I don´t know how it looks like inside (lyrics, photos?) but the cover is done in standard way. If you like Total Annihilation previous album you will like also their side. Who likes bands White Flag Down or All in Brawl, wil love also 99 Bottles. Fine piece.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 14.01.2014

A Batalha - s/t

Estrela Negra - EP -

837_abatalha.pngA Batalha is band which comes from Portugal and they are playing in classic four piece line up and they sing in their native language. This is their debut released last year and it contains four songs - A Batalha, Tarrafal (prison during Salazar´s regime for political opponents), A Guerra foi Declarada (The War is Declared) and the last one A Cantiga É Uma Arma (The Tune is the Weapon), which is cover from Portuguese songwriter José Maria Branco, but I do not know how their version is different compared to original but it is some kind of well known protest song. According to discogs they are NOT consider themselves as RASH or Redskin band but just the Oi! band with working class attitudes. Each side of EP has around about 6 minutes of playtime. I do not speak Portuguese so I can guess the topics just from the titles of the songs. Lyrics are inside the EP (which is limited to 200 copies) and there is also paper about the lyrics but again just in Portuguese. In first song you will hear nice solo guitar and also great refrain with overshouting of the singer with the rest of the band. Second song is darker and slower with many passages just with bass and drums and also the drum rhythm is unusual but again refrain is great (and solo guitar in it also). Third one is the fastest one in style of Oi!/UK 82 style (with solo guitar with different sound then in other songs). The last one is most melodic from the EP but it is because of the fact that it is cover. Graphics of the EP is mentioned above but it is mainly for those who can speak Portuguese.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 21.04.2015

Abtrimo - Hammonia

Oldschool Records - CD -

755_abtrimo-hammonia.jpgMini CD/EP from the band which comes from Hamburg contains four songs sung in German called Hammonia (which is Latin word for Hamburg), Wir spielen was wir wollen (We´re Playing What We Want), Skinhead Welt (Skinhead World) and Come on Listen (which contains English refrain). There is playing time around about 15 minutes. The band is playing faster middle rhythm which comes to classic fast German Oi! in some passages. Slower parts are underlined with bass link and these parts are really dark sounding. This is the case of the first and third song where is slower beginning (strophes) which comes into fast refrains. Band lyrics are about the proud and heritage of their city, about the think that they will always say what they want, Skinhead Welt is about the sad fact that Oi! is becoming more mainstream and what was pure evil for normal civilians becomes sunny nowadays and the last song which is classic swearing on communism. EP is limited to 333 hand-numbered copies, CD is in slim cover. Booklet are two pieces of paper with lyrics and band tattoos on the background, on the back side is thankslist (with a shout out to BB so thanks). This is for the fans of classic German Oi! sound and compared to their demo this is step forward.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 01.10.2014

Aggroculture U.S. - Destiny Calls

Crowd Control Media - EP -

844_aggroculture_ep.jpgThis is debut of US band which comes from California (Orange County) and this EP contains five songs (two on A side and three on B side) Song titles are Modern Family, Destiny Calls Us Here, I´m Coming Los Angeles, Immaculate Perception and Life is Easier. When I saw the band title I expect some kind of brickwall Oi! but it is more into fresh punk rock with catchy melodies and refrains (mainly the last one Life Is Easier, where singer Ditch overshouts the band), light solos and bass with effects. The first song is about how to be a good stepdad, second one is dedicated to Frank Ruffin – member of China White (and it is the fastest from EP), third one is about the band going to LA show and at the end of the song there is piece of lyrics took from Warzone (from Don´t Forget the Struggle Don´t Forget the Streets song), fourth is about the fact that you should not look back but aways forward even in the past was everything better and the last one about the fact that life is easier when you are not causing trouble and it is the best song from the EP. Lyrics are really great. EP is limited to 500 copies (300 black, 100 orange and 100 green) plus 50 testpressings. Inside are lyrics, thankslist and download code but no band photo. Great surprise and I am looking forward to next albums from them.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 12.05.2015

Albert Fish - Still Here!

Spirit of the Streets/Infected Records - CD - 29:51

693_albert_fish_14.jpgStill Here! Is CD from Albert Fish which comes from Portugal and it contains songs from their City Rats EP (four songs including Rotten Love with female vocal), song Hell from compilation Liga dos Ultimos, Draw the Line from split with Klasse Kriminalle , Violence Free from split with Sistema, Fucked Up and The World is Ours Tonight from split with Grito! and two new songs (Here Today Gone Tomorrow – about hopeless and living from nowhere to nowhere and Running out of Time – about living in stress). Instead of the City Rats EP you can read about all splits here on BB. Songs which are from City Rats really surprised me because all are really great (especially the title one City Rats) because of singalong refrain and middle rhythm because other songs which are new sound faster to me. Two guitars can be heard there really clear (the band plays in five pieces) so you can expect some solos (for example in the new song Here Today Gone Tomorrow). All songs are in English and inside the booklet are all lyrics. There are also some photos and cover is done in style of oldschool. Compared to Belfegoi split there are two new songs plus other stuff which was released before but it is ok for those who doesn´t have record player. I leave it without rating, detailed song description are in reviews on the splits.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 06.05.2014

Angelic Upstarts/The Prowlers - s/t

Aggrobeat/Insurgence Records - EP -

731_au_prow.JPGThis split EP single was released according to their gig in Canada. Angelic Upstarts has there alternative version of the song King of the Rats which you may know from the split with Crashed Out. The Prowlers has there song Voisin de la terreur, which is unusual because it is sung in French. I´ve heard the original version from Upstarts on youtube and I didn´t realize too much differences between the original and alternative version. It is their classic style with catchy refrain and it is about the behavior of the king of thieves, cads and motherfuckers. As I wrote before we are used to hear The Prowlers in English but this French one really rocks and you may feel the French 80´s spirit in it. It is not hard as their English stuff (melodic guitar and again catchy refrain). Song title means something like Neighbors of Terror and on vocal you may hear Martin from Impact as a guest vocalist. EP is pressed in 500 copies (50 on black/white vinyl with gold splatters and 450 on classic black). Fine piece with one remake and one new song.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 15.07.2014

Anti Clockwise - Vol. 3

DIY - EP -

768_anti clockwise vol 3.jpgThird EP from this Magdeburg located band is out again in DIY style, now in 300 copies on red wax and you may recognize this from distance because of specific graphics which is similar to previous EP´s. On Ep you will find four songs (as usual) called Maschinenland (Machineland), Schön bunt… (Nice, colourful…), Der Ripper von Magdeburg (Ripper from Magdeburg) and Immer nur der Leichte Weg (which is Templars cover Easy Way Out). Anti Clockwise have had great lyrics on previous albums which have head and tail and which shouldn´t be put into the box beer, sausages and hate and the same is on that EP . So they are about the fact that people are changing into heartless machines due to modern era, about the supermarkets and their chemically “fresh” food, criminal case from the beginning of 70´s about quadruple murderer who received capital punishment and he was released a few years ago and the last one which is translated Easy Way Out about the fact that man should fight for his future. The band add more solos into their songs and you may hear it directly from the first song and they also add more sing-alongs. Der Ripper von Magdeburg is much into Templars style and it fits great to their cover on the same side. You may check it on http://youtu.be/b8r6wIjkNyI. EP was recorded in 2013 in three piece line up but they are playing (or they played half a year ago) in four. Graphics is similar to previous EP´s – drawn cover with lyrics and lyrics comments inside plus small band photo. You may order it from some German distributions or directly from the band on anti_clock_wise_md@yahoo.com (for Euro plus postage). For me the best stuff from them.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 31.10.2014

Anti Nowhere League/Damn Garrison - s/t

Rebel Sound Music - EP -

704_anl_dg.jpgSplit EP of British classics ANL and Oi! band from New Hampshiere is out on Rbele Sound Music. ANL has there two songs called The Day The World Turned Gay and Adventures of Peter Vile. Damn Garrison has there also two songs The Real Ones and Pride and Honor. ANL comes with their classic dirty filthy and rude rock´n´roll style. The first song is about the current world where everything is allowed and normality disappeared and when you want to complain you are tagged as homophobe (I laughed at the end where is chant “fuckin´ transvestite” :)). Second is in similar obscene style underlined by Animal vocals plus perverse speech of some old wanker. There was some argument between the band and Captain Oi! who refused to release these two songs on Kings and Queens album from 2005 because they were against minorities and too obscene. Second band Damn Garrison is classic US Oi! with heavy bass and the first song is similar to Vanguard (lyrics and music) and I really like the refrain „we´re always be the real ones, we´re always be a skins, we´re always be the outcasts, we´re never give a shit“ because it is really great when whole band sings it. Second Pride and Honor is faster and more shouted and it is about the difference between you and me which lies in pride and honor. I don´t know anything about the inside but I am really into both bands even they did not fit too much to each other but this EP really kicks your ass and punch your face. Really great surprise especially Damn Garrison side.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 30.05.2014

Arch Rivals - On Our Own

Shout Proud Records - EP -

787_arch_rivals.jpgArch Rivals is brand new band from the Great Britain (Plymouth city) and its members have experience with playing in various HC bands. This is their debut single released on Shout Proud Records and which is limited to 150 copies – 50 yellow with big center hole, 60 black with big center hole and 40 black with small center hole and it contains songs called On Our Own and Social Hand Grenade (both are on youtube and also other songs from the band). The band plays in classic four piece line up. First song is faster streetrock which is similar to bands like Argy Bargy or Control, second one starts with ska touches, then came into faster rhythm and ends again with ska touches and it is more melodic then the first one. Title song on Our Own is about the fact that skinhead cult is becoming mainstream and trend and where were all those skins whose you may see skanknin´ on Bad Manners (but they never heard about Cock Sparrer) 10-15 years ago. Social Hand Grenade is about the member of the crew which each crew has – troublemaker who knows everything and who pisses everyone off. This fact rises with the number of drinks and probably he ends up in jail and he should start drinking lemonade. But finally you realize that behind this is broken man with broke home who lives on the dole. Inside are lyrics, on the backside is band photo. Inside you may find also label sticker and paper with other Shout Proud Stuff which are possible to buy. Next band from new wave of British Oi! which is nowadays in one of its strongest eras.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 10.12.2014

Arska & Hakkapeliitat - s/t

This Means WAR/Hakkapeliita Records - EP -

715_arska_ep.jpgNext from the big row of Ari´s projects is called Arska & Hakkapeliitat and it is released by Ari himself and cooperation with This Means WAR. Now i tis s/t single with two songs – English sung White and Blue Thunder and Finnish one called Fenno Viikingit (both songs can be checked on youtube with some other songs with this EP cover so probably we should expect some more releases under this name). Compared to his other projects here we can hear keyboards (or samples) and i tis more epic. First on Blue and White Thunder is some kind of marching some with snare drum beat in the main part of the song. Second one starts similar (the guitar is in the same rhythmú but we can see that Finnish language fits more to Ari. I wasn´t able to traslate the title but i tis some kind of historical song (in the lyrics is mentioned Kalle Dussin which was nickname for Swedish king Karl XII). Cover is done in the spirit of Northern mythology and EP was released in 300 copies on black wax + 10 testpressings. Who likes Ari´s previous viking rock and metal stuff (likeIronbird, Kareliaani or Kalevalan Viikingit) will like this project also.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 16.06.2014 •  Buy HERE

Barking Irons - Fuck You

Skinflint Music - EP -

763_barking_irons.jpgBarking Irons is four piece band (with two guitars) coming from California and it was founded back in 2012 by Mike from Lonesoldier (he is not in current line up). Debut EP was released on Skinflint Music and it has poetic title called Fuck You. EP is limited to 300 copies (125 on beer colored way, 175 on black vinyl) and it has four songs. They are called Sovereign Nation, Backyard Brawl, Boots in your Face and Barking Irons. The band is playing fresher streetpunk and you may recognize it after hearing the first song. Second one contains great solo at the beginning and slower start where singer has different vocal. Third one called Boots in your Face is typical US Oi! in its best and I like it most (in some passage it is similar like Iron Chin from The Brusiers to me). The last one is some kind of band´s anthem and it is also great song with small touches of HC (the rhythm gets slower or singer who over shout himself) and different vocals of the singer. Fine piece but I think it will be possible to buy it just in US.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 21.10.2014

Bishops Green - Pressure

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music - LP -

650_bg_pressure.jpgOn CD (digipack) and LP (gatefold, 2000 copies) is out second album from Canadian band from Vancouver Bishops Green called Pressure. The band is going to Europe in couple of month (but with no gig in CZ after some troubles) so who is not lazy can see them somewhere near (Dresden for example). Bishops Green are playing in five (two guitars) and you may know their members from bands like The Lancasters, Alternate Action, Subway Thugs, The Authorities, etc… New album contains ten songs with great Greg´s vocal which is not hard (just check the songs like slower Rat Race, Tomorrow or title one Pressure). Music is really classic – guitars with no significant booster effect, bass solos and faster drums with little bit opened hi-hat with compact continuous sound and small guitar solos (Vacant State, Pressure or Silence). Also there are some passages with just drums and bass and vocal. In some songs other members (guitarist Scott and drummer Orville) helping Greg in vocals (like in Night Terror). In last song Hell in A Handbag you may hear also Lars Frederiksen on vocals. I have it now just in digital format so I have to listen to the lyrics from the music so we have song about Vengeance here, protest song against government (Pressure), some demons in your head and on your soul (Silence), differences between white collars and blue collars (Gross and Net) or the future which will be brighter for sure (Tomorrow). In their music you may hear many and many bands but for all I will mention The Clash or The Templars. Nice songs are Vacant State, Silence, Tomorrow and the last but not least Hell in A Handbag (with is really done in the spirit of The Clash). This is an album without mistake and I think the inside of the CD/LP will be done well and it is for full points, second time in this year for Rebellion/Longshot cooperation.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 19.02.2014

Black Ball - Coward Punch

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music/Ntrane Records - EP -

781_black_ball.jpgBlack Ball is band which was founded by the guitarist from The Corps and Rust Bevynn and it is one man project (he recorded all the stuff). But during the listening you may hear other singers from Aussie´s bands. In first song after the second strophe you will hear Barry from Plan of Attack, then we have there Al from marching Orders and RazorCut, Garry from Rust, Alex from The Corps and some woman who I don´t know. But there was also some help with musical instruments (his colleague from the Crops Kev). On Ep you may listen to four songs called Coward Punch (which shows you the way of the EP due to first tunes of the solo guitar) and Lights On (again with solo but at the end) on side A and First Love and Running from You (with female vocal) on B side). Coward Punch is most straightforward song due to Barry´s rough vocal. Turn the Lights On is most melodic, First Love is rocky one with obvious inspiration taken from Rose Tattoo and solo guitar here is great from the beginning till the end. The last song is great chant due to singalong refrain with female vocals which spice it. What can I say to the music…Oi! Oi! Aussie rock´n´roll in its best version with great solo guitar which is unmistakable and which is in each song. There are also many musical ideas which make each song different but melodic. I can´t speak about the inside of the EP because I have just digital form but this has balls and ideas like most of the stuff from antipodes :). Great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 28.11.2014

Bloody Mary - ...vycházíme vstříc

DIY - CD - 41:25

784_P1100128.JPGBloody Mary is quite new band which comes from Brno and this CD was recorded in June of this year in four piece line up with two guitars. The band has brand new drummer (who used to play in Bootboys Social Club). Together you may listen to ten songs (and you may also know Nesouhlasím – I don´t Agree and Fight Club Brno from videos - http://youtu.be/_WXYeacubj0 and http://youtu.be/0MJefjbFqA8). I heard both videos from notebook so the sound was not too great so I was quite surprise by the CD´s first song (Nesouhlasím) and density of its sound. Other topics of the lyrics are tattoos (Rebel tetovaný - Tattooed Rebel), drinking with friends (Hospodská - Pub Song), women who are selling their body (Šumavská) then a few horror topics (like Motel Černá Hvězda – Black Star Motel with topics like from US b class movie or Já Vím – I Know), love to playing in the band (Bloody Mary) or also bullshit which are made by drunken man with woman (Noční hřích – Night Sin). Musically it is melodic punk rock with rock´n´roll vocal and also with changing in vocals and sing-alongs (like in song Rebel tetovaný). Almost in each song is some guitar solo and in song Fight Club Brno is riff like from Exploited. This lyrics stand little bit out of the line because of its sport topic :). Other great (almost hard rock) riff is in the last piece Šumavská. Most melodic songs are Noční hřích and Hospodský with great easy remembered solo. The band also done great their anthem called Bloody Mary with great refrain and lyrics also. It really sounds similar to Tattooed Bastards and their Oldschool Teenagers album – great punk rock/punk rock´n´roll. CD is done in DIY style but booklet has all stuff which has to have so check other songs http://bandzone.cz/_71267 or contact them on their fb - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bloody-Mary/1417920765125659 and support them. CD cost around about 7 Euro which is OK because homeland bands worth supporting at all.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 03.12.2014

Booze and Glory - As Bold As Brass

Contra Records - LP -

680_booze_brass.jpgThird album of this English/Polish band of West Ham fans is out and you may listen to 12 songs on it (including Only the Fools Get Caught which is known from the video - http://youtu.be/6HtoYVkbQks). There are some line-up changes – Bart and Mario left the band. These personal changes didn´t affect the music which is grinded to perfect sound. I didn´t hear to omuch catchy melodies on the album (like Leave them Alone, about the fact that you should leave the kids alone because they are frustrated and bored, Waiting for Tomorrow with perfect refrain and topic about the place where you grew up which is not perfect and beautiful but it is your home or I Hope You Still Remember about classic problem that a guy gets married and there is no more space and time for friends and gigs but we wish him good luck). In song called Cock and Bull Story you will hear also Watford Jon (song is about some criminal case). In the last one We Stick Together which is played in classical rock´n´roll rhythm you will hear story how the band was founded. Both guitarists (Mark and Liam) are doing vocals which is great and their singalong refrains are really luxurious from the first song Off We Go! till the last one We Stick Together. Topics of other songs are about the love of plying gigs (Off! We Go), liars and storytellers (One of Them), gold digging women (Julie) or how you can´t surrender even everything is against you (Sick of You). Really no single song will bore you. LP is hidden in gatefold cover with lyrics, band photo, big thankslist and also big poster of the band. Yes there will be some people who will speak against the band that it is not “true”, “pure” or “underground” but I can´t judge this because I do not know them personally and I can´t see inside their head and also this is not the reason and object of this review. I have to say that this is great melodic music which sits you on your ass and forces you whistle the melodies on the way to work or to the pub.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 10.04.2014 •  Buy HERE

Böxcutter Boys - Cold River String Core

Lionheart Records - LP -

764_BCB_reg.jpgNext thing which is out on Lionheart Records is seven songs LP from Aussies Böxcutter Boys called Coal River String Core. In the title of the album is hidden also the style of their music which band plays. On LP are seven songs played on banjo, mandolin (I think) and bass. Singer is Doug from Blood Red Eagle/Honky Tonk Knife Fight/Doc. Evil. The band has already released EP on United Riot Records. I can´t say how many musicians are in the band but I think at least three. In seven songs are three which are composed by the band (A side songs called Bad News, On and On and Playing Dress Ups) and the rest are covers – B side songs like Coz I Love You (Slade), Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division), Hungry Like the Wolf (Duran Duran) and Oh Adeline (The 357 String Band). Doug has cool vocal which has more space than in his previous projects and he really knows how to play the banjo. It is not classic record for sure and I do not know how to rate because I do not have nothing to compare but who likes folk songs from Floggin´ Molly, Dropkick Murphys or the Irish bands like The Pogues or The Dubliners, will like it for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 22.10.2014

Buddha Bulldozer - On the Docks

DIY - LP -

683_buddhabull.jpgBuddha Bulldozer is band which comes from Quebec City in Canada and this is their debut which was released DIY on vinyl (200 copies) but they also put it on the web (http://buddhabulldozer.bandcamp.com/). They have also demo from 2006 called Beer Karma and you may found it also on the web and some songs are on both records. Together you may listen to 12 songs in English with brutal voice of the singer (reminds me Sylvain from The Prowlers). Their music is brickwall Oi!/streetcore with HC touches (like in song Riot). It sounds to me like some bands from the Worldwide Tribute to the Real Oi! compilation like Awkward Thought, Tech 9 or Ryker´s. Just imagine brutal HC sound mixed with melodic songs (like the first one On the Docks, Hard Hits or Liars). Interesting is also the last song called Black and Tans which is Irish traditional with lyrics about how IRA beat secret police in 20´s and I have to say that it is really great and you will whistle it (mainly the refrain). Who likes tough and rough vocals and brickwall Oi! will love this band. Check their page, listen to it or download – it is for free and it is great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 17.04.2014

Buzz Off! - s/t

DIY - EP -

742_buzz_off.pngBuzz Off! Is five pice band from Germany with members from Shaven Heads and their sound is based on Majo´s female vocals (she came from Argentina). The band released this debut in DIY style which is very sympathetic to me. EP is limited to 157 copies (25 with full color cover, 132 in black and white). ON EP you may listen to four songs in English called Come On, Growing Up, Antisocial and Forgetful. The band sounds similar to their Swedish colleagues from Dead On´s or to the French The Veros – fresh punk rock/ skinhead rock´n´roll spiced up with use of tambourine played by Majo. Guitars (lightly boostered for sure) and bass are really playful and guys from band support Majo in vocals (like in the song called Growing Up where Majo sings really high and song starts with bluesy riff). Lyrics are not too serious – about the fact that people are forgetting, about the wishes to not grew up and have no worries, about the fun to play in the band and not to be some kind of superstar or about people who staring at us on the streets. EP is done in old school way – just black vinyl with big hole in the middle, cover with many photos from the gigs and lyrics plus sticker. It is hard to pick up the song which is weak but most of all I like Come On! and Forgetful. I have luck to see them live and they really rocks and I am looking forward to the next EP or full length album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 27.08.2014 •  Buy HERE

City Saints - Kicking Ass for the Working Class

Rebel Sound Music - LP -

706_citysaintsLP.jpgAfter the EP called Spitting Blood came this Swedish band from Göteborg with full length Kicking Ass For Working Class which is out on Rebel Sound Music from USA. On LP you may listen to 12 songs (including Flame of Fire from above mentioned EP). The band plays in four and they are playing skinhead rock´n´roll with lightly boostered guitar (and first two songs proves it - Kicking Ass For Working Class and Gonna Ball), which is really playful (like 45 Adapters) and sometimes it has sound like classic rock, sometimes it sounds like funk. In some parts they sound like Skrewdriver (Living Hell), in some parts like Motorhead (City Saints). I also hear there Rust from Australia (mainly due to the vocals like in song Rude Boy Rock´n´Roll which is really in to blues and you may hear mouth organ at the end). Great is also song called Slippery Joe (and it is not accident that it is similar to Argy Bargy from Sparrer) and Strong and Proud which is great hit which make you think about when do you fuckin´ hear it before. The last song is Sick Society is acoustic. Lyrics are pretty classics – work, skins, fun. To th LP is added paper with lyrics, one band photo and thankslist. They are playing very rockin´ sound and I have no band to compare with. Try it, it is not boring at all (for me).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 03.06.2014

Code 1 - Beat the Burglar

Code 1 Sounds - EP -

679_code1.jpegAfter five years and their debut album Telling It Like It Is comes this band from London with EP single (500 hand numbered copies – black, white and red wax) called Beat the Burglar. It contains two songs – title one Beat the Burglar and Hypocrite on side B. First one is about the law of protecting your own family and your property when burglar is in your house and wants to destroy it. Sadly it is vice versa. Second one is classic one about hypocrites which are saying A, thinking B and acting C. The band is playing classic oi! style from islands which is not too much for me because all things sound the same (like older Section 5, Breakout or new bands from MFS like Bleed, Insane Youth or Citizen Keyne). I am not saying that it is badly played but bands which are playing this style are too much (especially the British ones) and it sounds similar. EP was released in DIY style which I am fan of. Lyrics are on the backside of the cover with thankslist (but sadly no band photo).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6/7  •  Date: 09.04.2014 •  Buy HERE

Combate 49 - s/t

This Means WAR Records - LP -

635_combate49.pngCombate 49 is latino Oi! from New Jersey and their memberes are around Battalion 49 crew and bands like First Strike, Venganza Tatuada, Klase Dirigente or Lonewolf. Some of their songs you may know from compilations such as Werevolves of the Night or United Skins For Freedom of Speech. On LP are eight songs – eightin English and two in Spanish. The band has lyrics with no compromise attitude just check the titles like Flag Burner, Somos Patriotas or Third World. Guitar has light metal touches (like in songs Garden State, Underdog Uprising or Murder) and there is quite nice solo time to time (like in song Flagburner). In last song Beer or Death you my also hear mouth organ (but it is the song which I didn´t like too much because the rhythm is fast and the vocal didn´t fit to it). Faster song os also the firs one Garden State but in that the vocal is OK (by the way Garden State is the nickname for the New Jersey). The rest is in middle rhythm with rough vocal which is typical for these bands (classic brickwall) and also their attitude is typical for that area – patriotism, war against communism and terrorism (but it should be clear to you from the cover), pride ant some beer of course :). There i salso CD version of this album released by the band itself and you can order it directly from them. Great songs are Flagburner, Murder, Third World and Underdog Uprising. LP is limited to 200 copies. Instead of the last song I like it whole – music, attitude and cover!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8+  •  Date: 28.01.2014 •  Buy HERE

Concrete - We Are All Subculture Street Troopers

Rebellion Records/Rebel Sound/American Oi! - CD -

646_concrete.jpgConcrete is a quite new band from Texas (city of Austin) and this is new version of their five songs maxi EP We Are All Reapers Here released on Cadre Records (which I never heard about). Now it is released by Rebellion, Rebel Sound and American Oi! with two brand new songs (Subcluture Street Trooper and Born To Never Lose). There are together seven songs with circa 20 minutes of playtime. Their music is mixture of typical brickwall Oi! and hard core (mainly the dominating vocal which is really rough and tough) and the band goes really straight to the point with the first song called Something Out of Nothing. It reminds me little bit Hammer and the Nails and Stormwatch but it is harder. Other great songs are Lionheart (about the fact that we are still here and ready to wipe you out) and The Power. After the hearing of these two songs you will feel like run over by steamroller or bulldozer. Other songs are called We´Are All Reapers Here (with vocals similar to gothic/horror punk Shadow Reichenstein) and Gallows. The band has also great solo guitar. I don´t know the band before and I have to say that they are really great. Who likes hard and heavy music will love this. You can order their maxi EP through the link below.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 12.02.2014 •  Buy HERE

Concrete/Assault and Battery - Pure Grit

One Track Mind Records - EP -

801_v600_ABCsplitCoverSmall.jpgSplit EP of two US bands was released on (for me unknown) label One Track Mind. A side belongs to Concrete from Austin in Texas, B side is for Assault and Battery from Milwaukee in Wisconsin. Each band has there two songs – Concrete songs are called Ubreakable Breed and History Turns to Rubble, Assault and Battery has there Sandy Hook (about the shooting on high school in that city) and Saturday. Concrete kicks your ass from the first tune of their cumbersome Oi! with HC influences in middle rhythm with raw vocal and boostered bass (which you may listen to at the beginning of the second song). Sometimes you may also hear some small guitar solo which underlines the middle rhythm of the band. Assault and Battery has not so solid sound and their music is faster. In their first song you may find oldschool HC touches (mainly due to fast vocals) second one Satruday is classic anthem about going out in the city and making riots and you may hear r´n´r touches in this piece. Also their songs are much more shorter then Concrete songs (1:30 maximum) so listening of the B-side is really fast. EP is limited to 100 copies and it is out on clear vinyl. Cover is done as gatefold with lyrics inside and also paper for download. I like Concrete side little bit more. Check some distributions if it is not sold out yet.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 19.01.2015

Control/Bystreet - Subculture Life

Mangy Little Mut Records/Tough Times Music - EP -

818_bystreet_control.jpgSplit EP of Russian band Bystreet and British combo Control is called Subculture Life and it is out on labels Mangy Little Mut Records which is Russian label and Tough Times Music which is Prague label and boys are doing also Tough Times distro (http://www.toughtimesmusic.cz/) and this is their debut. Control has there songs called Liberty and I´m Not Doing It, which are taken from their album Ballad of The Working Man (and there are mentioned in the review of this album), Bystreet has there songs called Better Than Me and Beast Inside of Me which are new and from the titles you may recognize that they are singing in English. So we will talk about Bystreet´s songs. The band is playing in five pieces with two guitars. First song is about how your ex-girlfriend compared you to other and you were worse in each time and now she is satisfied with her new hipster boyfriend. Song is in middle rhythm with interesting sound of the guitars in the bridge between the strophes. Beast Inside of Me is about the demon inside you who force you to drink, play rock´n´roll and your interest in girls under 18. Song is faster than the first one. In both songs you may listen to nice guitar solo. Their music is hard to describe, it is mixture of punkrock, hardcore with nice guitar and professional sound but I miss some idea in melody which force you to singalong their songs. EP is out in three versions – yellow, clear and black. Inside is paper with band photos and lyrics and cover is drawn with picture from subculture life which reminds me Moomins artwork from Tove Jansson :).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6/7  •  Date: 25.02.2015

Court Street - Borrowed Time

Stratum Records - EP -

732_courtstreet.jpgCourt Street is US band from the state of Illinois, which plays in four piece line-up with two guitars and this is their debut EP (under this name, they have released digital album called Better Days under the name Court St. Scrappers) rleased by Dutch label Stratum Records. On EP you may listen to four songs called Borrowed Time, Lost My Respect, Self Destruct and Payback. The band is also preparing full album called Urban Decay (which can be bought digitally I think). On vocals are changing all members instead of drummer. Two guitars can be heard in each song in small solos where one guitar fill in the second one. In each song you may also hear HC influences – mainly in Lost My Respect (in drums rhythm) and in title one Borrowed Time which is the hardest one from the EP (with great changing in vocals). Self Destruct is most melodic one from the EP due to the guitar solo at the beginning and the last one Payback is again in typical rhythm streetpunk with US guitar sound. Vocals sounds similar in each song and their reminds me Josh from Brigade 96. EP is limited to 300 copies (blue wax with black splatters but 75 with silkscreen cover) + 10 testpressings. I really like the cover especially the idea with the sand glass idea. Inside may be lyrics and photos but I don´t know it for sure. Check the whole album on http://stratumrecords.bandcamp.com/releases. On physical version of the EP you have to wait for some time….but I really like it!!!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 16.07.2014

Crucial Change - So it Begins

This Means WAR Records - LP -

621_CC_so.jpgThird album from this US band from Seattle is called So it Begins and it is reelased by Spanish label This Means War Records. On LP is 10 patrioc songs (who knows Crucial Change will not be surprised what they are singing about). The band is playing in three pieces and I have to say that they are getting better and better with each record and also that between these 10 songs are no weak thing. The band plays in middle rhythm with significant bass (bass player uses like Thoughskins bassist higher tunes and he uses whole fretboard from the top to the bottom so everything is clear), guitar plays small solos and singer has some help from the rest of band with singing. As I said it is really patriotic (just check the songs like Land of My Fathers, Our Sake or American Heart), combatant (Into the Fire), there is also one about mythology – about Odin who travels through the world to become wiser (Wanderer – one of the best songs from the LP with great refrain), song about capital punishment (Punishment), their crew (Legion 33, which you may know from the LP 33 with demo sound) or about justice (Righteous Hand). There will be 500 copies (400 black with this cover and 100 grey with different one) and I am really looking forward to have it home because it is really great stuff!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 28.12.2013 •  Buy HERE

Crucial Change - Mourning in America

This Means WAR/Crowd Control Media - EP -

734_cc_ep.jpgThis is 12´´ EP from four pieces US band Crucial Change which is released for Europe by Spanish label This Meands WAR. US version is reelased by Crowd Control Media and it has different cover. ON Ep you may listen to three brand new songs recorded in February this year and they are called Mourning in America on side A and This Force and Who Laughs Last on side B. Mourning in America starts with similar riff as Es Por tu Nacion (or better to say Wir ham noch lange nicht genug from Onkelz) but it is faster and you may check it on http://youtu.be/An7ZoTzH_LQ. Song is about the fact that one time that day will come and equality and freedom will be for everybody and not just for the rich above. Second one This Force is patriotic march song and the last one Who Laughs Last is a salute to those who fight and die for their ideas. Music is middle rhythm and the band has two guitars so in each song is a light but melodic solo. Tyler´s vocal has great color and all three refrains are great (escpecially the first and the last one). EP is limited to 200 copies on black wax + 10 testpressings. On the back cover are lyrics, photos and thankslist (I was quite surprised by a shout out to rapper Jdeemu from Da Lench Mob, who is in prison since 1993 and there are some doubts about his guilt but I don´t know nothing more about this case). Really great album and a must have for every fan of good quality (not just) American Oi! music from great label which grows with each release.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 22.07.2014

Delikvence 11 - s/t

DIY - CD - 22:52

779_delikvence.jpgDelikvence 11 is relatively new band which comes from South of Bohemia (Strakonice city) and this is their debut CD released in DIY style. They are playing in four piece line up and it should be mentioned that singer Martin is son of old CZ punk rock legend – vocalist from 80´s punk band Telex (who used to sing also in new projects Lucky 4 or Carlos and his Howling Coyotes which were more into rnr). ON CD you may listen to 8 songs in Czech which are varying from HC punk across streetpunk to HC. I was really surprised with their sound because I was expecting something more garage but the record sound is really nice, one guitar shout over another and there are many solos (Konec pohádky, Prázdnota) and metal riffs also (Smečka, Osud). You may listen also to more melodic stuff like refrain ins song Osud which you will sing with the band or song called Lék. Martin´s vocal is supported in many songs with the vocal of guitarist Wlk. Some lyrics are more serious – rotten religion and deviant preachers (Boží mlýny - God´s Mills), hopeless, confusion and helplessness (Konec pohádky – The End of Fairy Tale, Osud - Destiny, Prázdnota - Emptiness or Kdo jsem? Who am I?), but also lighter topics like Friday evening (Koloběh - Circulation), dirty politics (The Cure) or street brotherhood of your crew (The Pcak). CD is done in regular way – pressed and booklet is also really professional and even some well know band can´t feel shame for it – all lyrics, members photos, photo collage from the gigs and short thankslist. Delikvence 11 is more local band nowadays but you can feel from the music that boys are enjoying playing and they know how to play so give them a chance and check them on their web http://bandzone.cz/delikvence11 and try to organize their gig on some small action, I think that they will be happy. Across the web above you could order also their CD. Really nice and pleasant surprise from our area.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 26.11.2014

Discharger/The Uprisers - s/t

Rebel Sound Music - EP -

695_discharger_uprisers.jpgSplit EP from US band The Uprisers and Dutch Dischaarger is out on Rebel Sound Music and each band has there two songs. You may know The Uprisers from split EP with The Gonads but on that split was man singer. Now they have female on vocals and their songs are called Everybody´s Got a Reason and Ghetto Blaster (no it is not cover from Superyob). Musically it is mixture of classic rock and 70´s music with screaky guitar and bass like from funky band and shouted vocal with help of other band members. It sounds similar to me like some songs from 45 Adapters. Their music is not my cup of tea. Discahrger has not released any EP yet and I think that this is their first one. They have there well known song Everytime We Drink (with official video on http://youtu.be/vbBR-1gypxI) and brand new song No Place for Our Kind. Singalong refrains, great Tim´s vocal with great color, nice guitar, bass and drums and music which goes excellently forward – this is what you receive. I really like them especially because they know how to play hard and heavy songs but also great ballads. This you may hear at the beginning of No Place for Our Kind, where you may hear guitar solo like from western. Both songs are great. Inside are lyrics. Interesting split of two bands which are musically doesn´t fit to each other (by my opinion) but I think it worth to have it at home.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 09.05.2014

Doc Evil/Strong Blossom - Japan vs. Australia

Hostile Class Productions - CD - 43:49

824_doc_blos.jpgSplit CD from Aussies Doc Evil with Japanese Strong Blossom from Osaka was released in 2014 but I get it right now. Doc Evil´s singer Doug has some kind of good relationship to Japanese bands because his previous band Blood Red Eagle has also split CD with band from Japan - Aggroknuckle, released also on Hostile Class (as some other Doc Evil stuff). Each band has there six songs in their mother tongue. Doc Evil has not there surprisingly any country cover but all songs are from them, Japanese has there two bonus songs (last two called Chiri Yuku Onore No Jinsei Naraba and Kokoro) taken from their 7´´which will be had to be out on Hostile Class but I think it doesn´t happened yet. Both bands plays in classic four piece line-up. Doc Evil music is described in previous reviews. Dominant is Doug´s vocal with typical English accent (Doug also recorded some guitar and bass tunes). And there is time to time guitar solo (like in Man Who Cried Wolf or in Disconnect) and also some melodic song (Section 32). Lyrics are about poseur rock stars who are playing on punks, boredom in small city solved by booze, bedlam and chemical lobotomy, dirty politics where people changing fast with the same promises or power of the internet and modern age which press on you. Japanese guys are playing more melodic and their music is more difficult with singalong refrains (like in Jyunshin Na Omoi, Kaku Taru Onore or in Chiri Yuku Onore No Jinsei Naraba). Titles of the songs can be translated like Heart, Naive thought, Laughing from Day to Day or Voice of Setting Sun. Graphics of the booklet was done by Thunder Alley Tattoo and Gustavo Cartes. Booklet is nice with great oldschool motive on the front page (kangaroo fighting Godzilla) which fits great to the album title, inside are lyrics (Strong Blossom part just in Japan) and photos of both bands. Nice split with great artwork.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 12.03.2015

Dog Company - War Stories

Rebel Sound Music/Cadre - LP -

708_dogcompany.jpgTen inch vinyl of US punkrockers from Texas is called War Stories and you may listen on it to nine songs including instrumental Intro. The band has released two full length before and also split EP with Strongbow. They played in four (but with two guitars) and on bass play brother of vocalist and guitarist from Sniper 66. The band is playing melodic punk rock of middle rhythm with clear vocal and small guitar solo in each song. The first song Elected Enemy proves that the band knows how to sing singalong refrains with all members. Second For our Friends is street anthem which begins with vocal and guitar and this fact always evokes anthem. Great piece is song called Combat Zone which is composed as army march shout and it contains many parts with snare drum. Not Dead Yet has great lyrics about the fact you are not a kid but you are not dead yet and you still want to make a mess and meet the friends even if you have family and work and for me it is the greatest song from the album. Other songs are Last Call (again with great singalong), Can´t Keep Me Down (cool lyrics that nothing is black or white and every one of us has good and evil inside), The Printed Word or De-Evolution. Inside is paper with lyrics and band logo (which looks like some coat of arms of Special Forces – dagger, wings and parachute), on the back cover is band photo. LP is limited to 500 copies (in four colors). Who likes calm melodic music will like Dog Company for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 05.06.2014

Dr Martins - Hordas e legiões

Ravens Call Records - EP -

716_dr_martins_hordas.jpegSingle Hordas e leigiões is fifth piece released by Portuguese label Ravens Call Records which is specialized on limited editions (111 copies + 25 testpressings with different cover). Dr Martins comes from Brazilian city Porto Alegre and their attitude don´t stand from the row of strong nationalists and anticommunist oriented skins/carecaras bands from Brazil. On side A you will find song called Hordas e leigiões (Hordes and Legions) and on side B Fora Marxista (Marxists Out). Both songs are in Portugal. First one is about good old ultraviolence in evening city where crossing the border between suburbs or going into bad pub means big fight which will be in media next day. It is in middle rhythm with main guitar solo and shoutet refrain “Hordase de Punks!, Legiões Skinheads!“ with female vocal (I think the girl plays drums there). Fora Marxista is faster with more melody and passage with just bass and drums. Lyrics are against students and champagne socialists who preach Marxism and speaking about worker´s rights but they´ve never been in factory. Both songs are great and ass kicking. Inside is paper with lyrics in Portugal and also English version which is great. If you like bands like Tropel or BDC you will like this also. Hard Oi! with no compromise!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 17.06.2014

Dr. Martins - Pampa Livre

Terceira Facada Records - EP -

775_dr_martins_pampa.jpgDebut release from label called Terceira Facada which is run by the singer from Dr. Martins (nowadays he works as tattoo artist in Dublin where the record label is also based). EP contains three songs recorded in 2010 in original line up of the band which were later re-recorded on their debut full length Legado Sulista. These songs are Pampa Livre (Free Pampa which was released on United Skins for Freedom of Speech compilation), Marcas de Caim (Marcs of Cain) and Woodstock Não é Aqui (Woodstock is not Here). Last two mentioned are previously unreleased (or unreleased in this version from 2010). In lyrics are topics including tattoos, their city Porto Alegre which was conquered by hippies during World Social Forum and also independence of Southern states which includes legacy and heritage of ragamuffin war during 19th century (co called Farrapos). From the original line up which recorded this EP was nowadays in the band just singer Vlad and guitarist Fred Dr. Martins playing solid skinhead rock with fine melodies and guitar solos which are nice to listen and detailed description is in the review on Legado Sulista CD. EP is limited to 250 copies and inside is paper with including English translation which I missed on the CD. So this is limited EP with songs which you may know from CD but in different (older version) and it is mainly for collectors I think (because if you have the CD album or you don´t have a record paper you won´t miss anything). Fine stuff anyway but I leave it without rating because it is nothing new.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 19.11.2014

Drug Shock - Strength in Numbers

Rebel Sound Music/Joe Pogo Records - LP -

753_drugshock.jpgDrug Shock is band which is made by members from Iron Cross and Copyright Chaos and they have released a few songs on some compilations so Strength in Numbers is their debut. On album you may listen to twelve songs of brickwall Oi! characterized with sing-alongs and many catchy tunes which make you feel like “damned I must hear it somewhere before”. Songs are varying from faster to middle rhythm which is quite suitable for sing-alongs and guitar solos (like songs Burn the Bastards, Choose or Lose, Detained on Arrival or 1976, which is greatest hit with nice guitar riff and which is about the birth of punk rock). The band plays in four and I have to say that the guitar is really great (on CD). Next great song is called Speed Freak about people who are addicted to high speed (I don´t know any other band singing about this so thumbs up for originality) which is dangerous to themselves and to other around. Songs are about life on the streets (On the Prowl, Choose or Lose, Detained on Arrival), sick politicians and their wars (Burn the Bastards) or freedom which becomes cliché word (A Letter to Lady Liberty). EP is limited to 500 copies (200 black, 100 red-orange with black splatters, 100 green-yellow and 100 green with violet splatters). Cover is drawn and it looks really nice, inside are lyrics, band photos and thankslist. Great surprise for me but this band is made from experienced musicians.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 24.09.2014

Epic Problem - Lines

Rebel Sound/Longshot Music/Rebellion Records - EP -

626_epic_problem.jpgEpic Problem is band which was founded in 2010 in Great Britain and this is their third record. On EP you should listen to four songs called Lines, Deny, Sink and Weak. The band plays in four but they have two guitars (one guitar is Mackie from Blitz). I have to admit that I know just the name but I was quite curious how it will sound. First song Lines has great melody and the sound is more US then English. Second song Deny is quite the same – middle rhythm and little bit covert and sad vocal of the singer. Third piece Sink has the fastes rhythm and there is quite interesting part with drums without cymbals and bass solo. The last one Weak is most straightforward from the EP (no solo just sincere fast punk rock). In their music I heard influences from bands like Burning Streets and the Boston music school, Flatfoot 56 or legendary Social Distortion. The covert vocal of the singer reminds me Swedish bands like Dims Rebellion (without keyboards) and Saturday´s Heroes. Great thing is that both guitarists are changing in vocals so sing-alongs are quite usual. EP was released in four colours (600 pieces together – blue, black, white and blue with black splatters). Inside is paper with lyrics written in hand and some photos. Nice surprise and must have for all fans of melodic and not so hard and heavy music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 09.01.2014

Facção Opposta - Lendas Urbanas

Dunkel Records - CD - 45:13

735_faccao_cd.jpgThis is CD version of strongly limited LP (130 copies) from Portuguese band which was released in 2013 through Bigorna Records. CD version was released by Brazilian label Dunkel Records and there are two bonus songs called Mãos Atadas a Irreverentes (recorded back in those days with the rest but they weren´t on LP). But on CD there is not song called Somos a Resposta with guest vocalists from Asas da Vinganca, Gume, Grito and Ultima Sacudida (even they are mentioned in thankslist which is similar as on LP). You should read detailed review on the LP here and I don´t want to repeat myself so I will focus on two new songs. First song means something like Tied Hands and it is slower piece with HC touches (mainly in vocals which are really powerful especially in referain which is doubled or tripled by vocalist). The guitar is also great in this song. Title of the second song can be translated like Disrespectful and it is faster and more straightforward (but it doesn´t mean that there are no solos) and there are some vocal changes in refrain. Graphics of the booklet is similar to graphics of the LP but the lyrics are here just in Portugal (but no lyrics to bonus songs). Because of the fact that the LP was released in limited edition (but I think you can buy it somewhere) I really recommend this to those who didn´t have the LP because it is really high quality music. Hard, melodic Oi! with no compromises. I leave it without rating because there are just two new songs but it doesn´t mean that I didn´t recommend it to you. If you want to know more, just check the LP review.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 29.07.2014 •  Buy HERE

Faccao Opposta - s/t

Zeroworks/Can I Say Records - EP -

686_faccao_ep_14.jpgThis band from Lisboa has already released split album, one regular album and some EP´s. This s/t EP contains four songs from split album with Mao de Ferro which aren´t on EP EP Skinheads (so it means that their whole debut is completely on the vinyl but I think that single Skinheads is already sold out because it was very limited). So songs on this EP are Dia de Jogo (Match Day), Faccao Opposta (Opposite Fraction), Rebeldes de Bairro (Rebels from Neighborhood) and Promessas (Promises). Topics of the songs are quite obvious from the titles so football, our cult or false promises of the politicians. Their music is in the middle rhythm and there are some singalong refrains (in Faccao Opposta or Promessas). Inside the cover is paper with lyrics (just in Portuguese) and thankslist. EP is limited to 220 copies. It is nothing new so I leave it without rating but I like the band and their musical style and I think that fans of vinyl will like it for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 23.04.2014

FAVL - Damned Streets

Vinyl 4 Bootboys - EP -

641_favl_ep.jpgNext EP from Italian band FAVL comes out on Vinyl 4 Bootboys and it is called Damned Streets. Compared to previous albums they decide to sing in English and their songs are called Damned Streets, My Country, No Regrets and the last one Strutter is cover from KISS. FAVL plays in standard four piece line up. Title song Damned Streets is about the band which finds itself in street life and the fact that they are not playing for fame. Second My Country is a spit to the face to all bankers, politicians and EU which ruined famous country and they deserved just rope. No Regrets is about not regretting the fact that you become a skinhead. Strutter is played harder than the original version but the solo is really convincing. The solo guitar is dominant in all four songs (and I think the new guitarist is responsible for that because according to his visage he is metalhead/rocker as fuck). This band proves that not every Italian band should sounds the same as other (even the sound is great) but I think that Italian language fits more to them. Musically it reminds me Glory Boys from Spain and most of all I like their second song My Country with great singalong „We want capital punishment for those who killed my country, no one can take away our love for the green, white and red“. Inside the cover are lyrics (except cover), short thankslist, band contact and collage from photos. EP is limited to 300 copies (200 black and 100 bronze) and I think this is their hardest think they´ve ever released.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 05.02.2014

Faz Waltz - Move Over

Contra/White Zoo/Surfin´Kl Records - LP -

807_FAZ WALTZ MOVE OVER COVER WEB.jpgFourth album from this Italian mode beat/glam rock band which comes from city of Cantu is called Move Over and it is limited to 500 copies. Together you may listen to ten songs in English and the first one Kids Are All Wild was released also as a songle. When you put LP into the record player you will hear Slade influences and when you listen more and more the bands like Sweet, Giuda, The Manics or The Spitfires come into your mind. But it reminds me Slade most because of the guitar and rhythm of all songs. Also if you like rock songs from Last Resort (like Rubber Jenny or Waiting for a Friend, this is quite similar but more fresh). Song titles are Can´t Stop Making Noise, Ready to Go, Back in Town, Telepath Baby or Move Over for example. I do not know their previous stuff so I can´t compare but this is rhythmic, fresh and catchy and you can´t get bored from it and I think you will clap your hands at least. Great are simple and easy to remember refrains when band sings together (like in Working Class Teacher) and time to time guitar solo (Telepath Baby or Let´s Get Around). Cover is done in retro way and the logo of the band also. Lyrics are about the teenage revolt against school, teachers, parents and all authorities. This is pleasant surprise for the fans of above mentioned bands and oldschool sound.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 29.01.2015

Faz Waltz - Kids Are All Wild

Contra Records/Surfin´Kl/White Zoo Records - EP -

833_faz_kids.jpgFaz Waltz is Italian band which plays mod beat/glam rock and this is single which was released before Move Over album which I heard at first. Single was released in three colored versions (orange, red and black). The band plays in three and guitarist Faz also sings. On side A you may listen to song Kids Are All Wild, on B side is song Change which can be found just on this single. Kids Are All Wild has great oldschool sound like Slade and song contains small guitar solo and it it is about the fact that you should go little bit wild after the work or school and you may know it from Move Over album. Changes is little bit slower and it is more sweet (thanks to singalong refrain) and it also sounds like from 70´s radio. EP is done also in oldschool way, cover looks like the world through kaleidoscope, on the back side are written song titles and line up of the band, neither photo nor code for download (there were no download codes in 70´s :)). As I wrote before I heard the album before this single so in that review you may read more about the band (check the review from 2014). Who likes old sound of the bands which are not too famous for example just check this piece which kicks you back in time. This is on the same level as album Move Over.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 03.04.2015

First Assault - Our Way

This Means WAR Records - EP -

737_f_a_ep.jpgFirst Assault is band which comes from New South Wales in Australia and this is their debut 7´´. The band has also released their demo on cassete and split CD with Doc. Evil (where plays also their guitarist James). The band plays in classic four piece line up and on EP you may listen to four songs called Pride of the Nation, Our Way, Corporal Punishment and Town of Hate. In the sound of the band you may hear old British Oi!/RAC bands like early Condemned 84 (Battle Scarred era), , English Rose, Straw Dogs or Sudden Impact. It is simply rougher Oi! which is based on the singer´s vocal and guitar which have easy solo in each song. Most of all I like the second song Our Way with skinhead rnr guitar like Skrewdriver. Lyrics are also similar to bands mentioned above – violence in the streets, skinhead cult and interesting lyrics in Corporal Punishment where band sings about corporal punishments for crimes (like whips or putting in the chains). This lyrics is like from First Strike. EP is limited to 200 copies (with Australian lighthorseman like cover from Fortress – Into Legend) + 10 testpressings with different cover. Inside is paper with lyrics and one live photo done in oldschool ways like ROR releases. This is stuff for the lovers of above mentioned bands without any compromise and you will hear sound of 80´s in all four songs. I really like it!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 31.07.2014

First Strike - s/t

This Means WAR Records/Rolling On! - LP -

719_first_Strike_ep.jpegRepress of the first EP from US band First Strike which was released originally in 1997 is out through This Means WAR and Rolling On! as a 12´´ with bonus song Police Car which was recorded on Cockney Rejects tribute. Band plays in three pieces and on the bass is Taj, which you may know from Vibram 94. Other songs are called Let the Rich Go to War, Counter War and On the Dick. The band according to the cover (which is similar as the first press plus “Vietnam Tiger” camo pattern) is really conservative and patriotic and the lyrics are like that also - On the Dick, when band laughs to people who are acting like pure English skins even they are living in USA and they are not respecting their own country and flag. Counter Revolution is classic non PC stuff against those who preaching communism and spiting on war vets. And Let the Rich Go to War which speaks for itself…send to war those who are sucking out our country. Songs are in slower middle rhytm and Taj´s bass in the background of Rich´s guitar is playing small solos and the sound of the band is really dark and gloomy. Inside is paper with lyrics, band photo and photos from Vietnam War. If you like conservative US Oi! bands like Counterattack or Boot Party will love this. LP is limited to 294 copies (100 black and 194 green). Great stuff and great repress!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 23.06.2014

First Strike - Second Wave of Assault

This Means WAR Records/Rolling On! - LP -

777_first_strike_2ndLP.jpgAfter long years and taste single Katyn (which is also title track of this album) came First Strike with second full length called Second Wave Of Assault. Who have Katyn single will know that the cover of the LP is similar and record labels also. On LP ypou may listen to eight songs called Katyn, Working Class Style, Liar, Vengeance (side A) and Boots, Braces, No.1 Slut, Ted Hall, Wage Slave and the last one Legion XVII-XVIII-XIX. LP is limited to 500 copies (250 black, 150 red and 100 grey with red splatters) and inside is paper with lyrics. First Strike are playing same style as they used to 16 years ago so rough Oi! without any (and for someone parasite) influences like metal or HC but there is time to time guitar solo (like in Working Class Style, Vengeance or Wage Slave). Mostly it is slower rhythm but for example Boots, Braces, No.1 Slut is nice rock´n´roll. LP contains also some historical lyrics (about the massacre of Polish officers in Katyn, about the battle in Teutoburg Forrest or about Ted Hall who was American physicist who spied for Soviet Union and who gave them plans of plutonium bomb “Fat Man” which destroyed Nagasaki), but also classic topics like violence and revenge, problems of working class, scene sluts or lies and rumors. So it means classic skinhead lyrics plus some for America support during cold war and swearing on communists. Most of all I like the last piece Legion XVII-XVIII-XIX and Vengeance (which is like from 80´s). Inside is paper with lyrics and with some kind of statue (maybe) of the unknown soldier. On the lyrics sheet is also thankslist with similar bands like Klase Dirigente, Combate 49, Offensive Weapon, Venganza Tatuada, Oxblood or Lonewolf NYC. Classic style and no compromise attitude - this is what you receive when you buy this LP which will be out at the end of November…great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 21.11.2014

First Strike - Katyn

This Means WAR Records/Rolling On! - EP -

738_fs_katyn.jpgThis is a taste single before regular album Second Wave of Assault from US band First Strike released on This Means WAR and Rollin´ On Records with two songs – title one Katyn on side A and demo song from 199 called In My Country (with Taj from Vibram 94 on bass). Song Katyn starts with acoustic guitar and after circa 30 seconds it goes to normal rhythm. You may know this song from compilation Oi! Ain´t Red but there was presented just in demo version. I think it is not necessary to write what is its topic. Second piece is faster and it is more into skinhead rock´n´roll and it is about system which didn´t give you too many chances. Song is previously unreleased and it was put just on this record. In both songs is quite solid guitar solo. EP is limited to 200 copies and cover is the same as a regular album (but with the title Katyn). On the back side is photo of some military monument and description of line ups of the band (three pieces in both songs). There is no paper with lyrics but I think that lyrics to Katyn will appear on regular album. The band again proves their no compromise against communism and their conservative attitude. Great taste and I am looking forward to regular album Second Wave of Assault.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 12.08.2014

Foreign Legion - Light at the End of the Tunnel

Aggrobeat Records/Rebel Sound - LP -

662_f_l_light.jpgForeign Legion is well known and long playing clockwork punk band from Wales and this album is from 2013. It was released on CD through KB Records and this is LP version from Rebel Sound/Aggrobeat Records with 12 songs. The band together with The Adicts and Major Accident (they have split album with them) is the main representative of clockwork punk style. Music is calm and funny 77 punk rock with natural voice of the singer and lyrics with a few serious topics (like in songs Miners, Market Trader and 3 Years). Most catchy songs are Hey Girl!, Georgie Best, Miners or the last one Phoenix from the Flame. Lyrics are about crazy woman who stalking at you (Stalker), about parents who didn´t care about their kids and who are drinking much (3Years), about people who have to take dangerous and unhealthy work in mines because they have to take care about their families (Miners), intolerant parents whose daughter run away (Jenny), drinking one Drunken Heroes or complaining of the owner of the small shop which is run over by big companies (Market Trader). Cover is done in similar way as CD, inside is paper with lyrics and photos from the gigs. Vinyl was out in green and green/black version limited to 500 copies (250 for Europe and 250 for the USA). Not bad.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 10.03.2014

GAN - Przeklety Polak

Olifant Records - CD - 47:41

652_gan.jpgGAN is brand new band from Szczecin and this is their debut album. I think little bit about their name and after hearing their songs (all lyrics are about war or history) I found out that the band and also the title of the album is named after famous Polish soldier Rafal Gan Ganowicz, who become famous because of his guerilla action against reds in Kongo and Jemen. After the hearing of the album I recognize Mucha from The Junkers on vocals. Together there are twelve songs on the album and some lyrics are made from different people – like Rozsrzelana Armia from the folk singer Andrzej Kolakowski, Hymn Do Baltyku is army song about navy from Stanislaw Rybka-Marius from the 20´s, Rzeź Wolyńska CZ. 1 is from Anja Kilmister and Blada Balada from Henryk Jerzy Stellmaszyk. The band plays in four and their music is more into rock (Motorhead) but there are also acoustic songs (like part of song Balda Ballada or Rzeź Wolyńska CZ. 2). Lyrics are more serious then lyrics from The Junkers – war and history so you will find there song about leader of tank division in 2nd World War - General Maczek I Jeho Pancerni (really great song and best from the CD) or Slowiański Temperament about history of Polish wars and revolts, title one Gan about the life story of Rafal, Rzeź Wolyńska about occupation of Polish people in Volhynia in war or about the battle of Westerplatte. Lyrics are similar to Horytnica or Sabaton, music is streetpunk/rock´n´roll with cool guitar solos (like in Westerplatte or Gan). Booklet is ok – lyrics, photos and thankslist. Really pleasant surprise and it is for people who are not interested just in booze and sausages.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 21.02.2014

Garage 16 - s/t

Street Justice/Elb Power Records 2014 - CD -

773_garage_16.jpgGarage 16 is band which comes from the German city Torgau and on drums is ex drummer of Vogelfrei. This debut album is released on CD but also on LP on Street Justice and Elb Power Records. On album you may listen to 11 songs on around about 40 minuts in their native tongue. In their music you will really hear the Vogelfrei spirit from the first tunes (but you will hear also Freiwild and Onkelz)…so it is whole together in melancholy but with great melody and nothing violent and it is very listenable. You may find there also acoustic parts (like in Eine Träne) and great solo guitar almost in each song. From the first piece Garage 16 til the last one Unbelehrbare Idioten I feel great lust, joy and love to playing and to the music. It is not in tense, not too fast and I feel great nature from the band. Lyrics are very personal and about feelings so no cliché but also funny lyrics (like Echte Männer about the things which should real man do). Hardest songs are Hertz aus Gold and the last one Unbelehrbare Idioten. Booklet is quite simple – just lyrics and black/green graphics in puzzle style but no band photo or line up. Who likes bands mentioned above will surely like this album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 14.11.2014

Grade 2 - Broken Youth

Contra Records - EP -

703_Grade2_cover2.jpgGrade 2 is really young three piece band (also by the age – I guess 17 years old but who cares the age is not the proof of musical quality) from Britain (Isle of Wight) and this is their debut EP called Broken Youth. You can find four songs there called Broken Youth, Day after Day, From the Shadows and Who Rule the Streets. Sound of the band is based on bass which is playing higher tunes so it can be recognized very well and clear vocal with typical English accent (all three members sing). Whole EP sounds very light and natural and I feel no force or pressure in their songs. First song Broken Youth is the fastest from EP, second one is most singalong I think and refrain „No One Says it Was Easy for You to Live this Life“ will be in your head immediately. Great is second side with songs From the Shadows which is similar to Pressure 28 about violence in city streets with great guitar solo at the end and Who Rule the Steets about the same problem with great refrain and solo. Graphic is done in standard way and I am quite surprised because it is not typical British Oi! and the band seems that they are looking for their own sound. If their keep on playing and growing in skinhead movement, I think we will hear about them a lot in the future.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 29.05.2014

Hard Evidence - Last One Standing

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music - LP -

629_hard_evidence.pngHard Evidence is young four piece band from St. Louis and this is their debut which is out on Rebellionu/Longshotu. From this fact you can think about qualities of the band. Their LP is called Last One Standing and their logo is done in adidas style and the cover is done according to it (sneakers – great!). I really like the vocal of the singer since I heard the first song because it is similar to old English melodic bands like Cock Sparrer and The Crack (for example in the last song Propaganda I really hear the My World tunes). Other songs are called All the Answers, Criminals and Outcasts, Spoiled Rotten, Last One Standing, Can´t Save Me and Rising Sun. In each song is dominated solo guitar, bass is behind and little bit sunk vocal of the singer. Genuine is the second song called All the Anwers about the searching of the truth with catchy refrain. Other songs about the crime in the streets (with grea bass), traditions (title one Last One Standing with great singalong), danger of the propaganda, etc… Genuine is also song called Rising Sun with harder vocal of the singer and shouted refrain (which is quite unusual compared to other songs). Music is great hybrid between older melodi Oi! from British islands spiced with US sound from Midlands. LP will be limited to 500 copies. If you want to check them, try this link http://youtu.be/nsGVJ3B085k and listen. For me it is masterpiece!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 15.01.2014

Hard Evidence - s/t

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music - EP -

752_he_butcher.pngThis is 100th release which is out on Rebellion Records (this time it is done in cooperation with Longshot) and it is split EP from Hard Evidence from St. Louis (on BB is review and also interview) with Aussies Butcher Boys (they have released split EP with Hammer and the Nails, review is also there) with Alex from The Corps (who made also graphics to the cover). Hard Evidence are experienced guys from St. Louis´s oi!/streetpunk scene and their first album was really smasher. Here they have two songs called Forgotten and Bled Dry. Both are in the rhythm which ends on Last One Standing. Melodic vocal and refrains and catchy guitar with rock´n´roll touch – this is what you should expect. First song is more melodic and singalong, second one is harder with more shouted vocal and great guitar solo. Butcher Boys are playing faster style influenced by Chickswick stuff but in refrains the sound is more modern and their music didn´t let you sit calmly even it is completely different from The Corps music. Their songs are called Just Us and Garbage Man. EP is limited to 600 copies (100 black, 300 brown and 200 oxblood) plus 20 testpressings. Cover is done in oldschool style – eagle and snake. I have no information about inside but the music is really great from great bands. Check the prom on http://youtu.be/FwtbR0ZCu0E. We wish to Wouter´s label at least 100 more releases in the future.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 23.09.2014

Hawkins Thugs - My Own Path

Contra Records - EP -

685_hawk.jpgHawkins Thugs comes from Basque country and this is their debut released on Contra Records. On EP you may listen to 4 songs – My Own Path, Never Forget (check the official video on http://youtu.be/HAa0FZ1aqEE), Old Time Hooligan and Pour La Glorie (which is cover from Camera Silens). The band plays in four and each member (except drummer) is helping on vocals. Musically it is classic Oi! with no touches of metal, HC or any other styles (which you may recognize also from their visage in video). You may expect guitar with light booster like stuff from Chickswick Records, The Templars or The Veros, with time to time solo. I was waiting whole time if I will hear saxophone because it will really fits into this style and it came! In the last song! Lyrics are also classics – in first song you will hear „where have all the bootboys gone“. Most of all I like songs Never Forget and Old Time Hooligan. On the cover is Joe Hawkins and part of the book chapter in the background. I have it just in digital format so I don´t know about paper with lyrics and backside if there are lyrics or not. EP is limited to 500 copies. Fans of classic sound will like them because it sounds like bands from 80´s from Britain or France. Fine.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 22.04.2014 •  Buy HERE

Hired Goons - s/t

Lionheart Records - LP -

927_HLDemoLP.jpgSome copies of this is older piece released on Lionheart Records were left without cover (15 pieces) so Christian spread it worldwide without it. Hired Goons comes from Ontario in Canada and this is their two demos from 2013 which were released on cassetes plis song Alination which is previously unreleased (I don´t know when it was recorded because it sounds little bit different to me). The band featured also on compilations like We Breed Ugly (song Mania, which is also not here, with bands like Lovely Lads, Revillers or Hammer and the Nails, which are bands similar to Hired Goons) or Bootleg 15 (Vigilante Song). Together you may listen to 10 songs. On the cover of first demo are four members but according to information it was recorded just in three (guitar and bass was recorded by one person). Cover of the LP was same as cover of second demo (steet riots from old times). Hired Goons are playing dark and cumbersome Oi!/HC with no space for some extra guitar solos (but there are some like in first song or on the B-side and they are played on lower strings) and also for some extra playtime (around about 2 minutes). Song titles are Crushed, Life in Hole, Lost Cause, Bearer of Plagues (which is most cumbersome song from LP) or Way of Life (which is best piece from LP with great bass). B side of the LP (which is demo II) has higher sound quality for me and the songs are not as hard as songs on A side. It reminds me Concrete with nonpolished sound or bands/project around Brendan Radigan. Great piece for me especially for fans of harder music which can be bought still across discogs webpage for example.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 03.02.2016

Immoral Discipline/Dead on the Streets - s/t

Rebel Sound Music - EP -

714_immoral_dead.jpgThis is split EP of two US bands – Immoral Discipline (five pieces, two guitars) are from Washington D.C. and they were active from 86 till 89 and this is their reunion and Dead on the Streets (four pieces, classic line-up) which is new Oi! band from Pittsburgh. Each band has there two songs - Immoral Discipline has there Rif RAF and Stay At Home Skinhead, Dead on the Streets songs are called Early Grave and America Today. Both songs from Immoral Discipline are about the fact that thanks to the internet you can cancel the shows, spread rumors about bands and also know all about the skins and you shouldn´t visit any single gig (which should seem strange for the band which was active in 80´s). In their music are some HC influences (mainly the rough vocal of the singer which is in both songs). Both songs also contain cool guitar solo. Dead on the Streets plays faster Oi! with typical US sound, rude vocal and refrains which are sung by the whole band (in the first song Early Grave). Both songs from Dead End Street are about hard life of the working class in USA (where you work yourself to death) because from the week salary you have to pay taxes for the bosses and also war politics of the States. In second song America Today is great passage with bass and guitar solo. Cover of the EP is made by Craig Holloway and it really fits to the lyrics of Early Grave song, inside is paper with lyrics, thankslist and band photos. Great think for me which is a must have for each fan of US Oi! and I hope that EP will be distributed also in Europe.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 13.06.2014

Impact Zone - Wild Colonial Boys

Lionheart Records - EP -

760_impact_zone.jpgImpact Zone is HC band from Aussie city of Melbourne and this is their 7´´out on Lionheart Records. The band play really fast and you may recognize this fact when you realize that on EP are 8 songs (each around about minute and half but also there are shorter songs like Drop Out with playing time circa 40 seconds for example). Some songs were recorded last year for some demo tape. Line-up is classical – guitar, bass, drums and vocal. Their sound are really rough and raw and most of the songs are really fast (except Bloodsucker and the beginning of Sick to Death which are in swinging HC rhythm). Do not expect some kind of metal core which is popular of some new sXe bands. All is old school rhythm like early Agnostic Front, Warzone, SSSP or their colleagues from All in Brawl. Even the band is sXe this is more into skinhead hardcore (guys are wearing t-shirts like YDL, Slapshot, Agnostic Front but also Rose Tattoo). Most of all I like the second song called Attitude Adjustment and the last song Victoria Street Mayhem. The graphics are as usual on Lionheart – 250 copies (175 normal and 75 sil-screened) plus stamps. A few copies are still available across the Lionheart webside (check the link below). You may buy also some of their t-shirts there. Lionheart is releasing mixture of Oi! and HC stuff and even if I am not too much into hard core this is angry music from angry people so give´em a chance.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 09.10.2014 •  Buy HERE

Império Sulista - s/t

Terceira Facada Records - CD -

776_is.jpgSecond product from this label is limited CASSETE from Brazilian band Império Sulista (check their interview for BB) which comes from the Santa Catarina starte. In the headline of the review is written that this is CD (it was released also but in DIY style from the band and I don´t think that you can get it in Europe). That´s because I didn´t know years ago that there will be boom of cassettes again. Cassette is limited to 100 copies and you may listen to four songs in Portuguese on it - De Pai Para Finho (From Father to Son), Leis Vermelhas (Red Laws) Besta Socialista (Socialist Beast) and Ultimo Chamamento (The Last Chalenge). First three songs you may check on youtube where were uploaded directly by the band. Songs are put on cassette equally – two on A side and two on B side. First three are also in classic rhythm (middle to faster and the first one has great rock´n´roll riff) but the last one Ultimo Chamamento starts slowly in style of ballad (sounds similar as Shores of Vinland from Marching On, due to bass riffs and some kind of hum at the beginning) but it went to slower rock song with singalong (with guitarist Lucas on backing vocals). Also the main vocal in this song is on higher level than in others. Acoustic guitar can be also heard in t Besta Socialista. According to info on the sheet the band plays in classic four piece line up. If you are interested to have merch from this label, just drop an email on 3facadarecords@gmail.com. There is no space for lyrics on the cassette but I think that it will be about the independence of the South, getting the message of your ansestors from parents to the kids, etc… I like this stuff but I am not too much into cassettes because I stopped with them years ago and I have to find out in my mind how to use cassette player in my stereo :). Quality music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 20.11.2014

Iron Chin - Live Free or Die with YOur Boots On

DIY - CD -

786_iron_chin.jpgIron Chin is new band which comes from New Hampshire with Dan Connors from The Bruisers behind the drums. Also Iron Chin is derived from Bruisers song (and in our country it became famous because of The Protest cover version). This is their debut CD which contains seven song and which was released in DIY way and all songs are possible to listen on https://ironchin.bandcamp.com including Motorhead cover – Bomber. Band plays in typical US line up which means four piece band with two guitars where each member sings. Cover from Motorhead shows you that the sound will be more into rock and it really it mainly due to solo guitar /like in songs Hard Luck Chuck or Live Free or Die which is slower and for me it is the best one from the EP and it has also great bass solo at the end). Other songs are called Daily Aftermatch, Survivor, Before the First Punch and Slideways. Main vocalist has little bit covert vocal but it really fits into the Iron Chin music. In second song Survivor and in the third one Hard Luck Chuck you may hear great changes in vocals where vocalists are changing line after line. CD can be ordered in two versions from the link above – with or without a patch and with each version come four pages booklet. You will hear there Bruisers for sure but also bands like Bonecrusher for example. Playing time is around about 23 minutes of quality music not just for the fans of American Oi! Thanks for sending it!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 09.12.2014

Iron City Hooligans - Armored Saints

Rebellion Records - CD -

701_icharmored.jpgFive piece band from US city of Pittsburgh released through Rebellion their second full length (CD and LP version as maxi EP) called Armoured Saints. On CD you may listen to eight songs (In the Dirt is rerecorded piece from the first album, Never Heard is also from the first album and Unemployed and Foreign Invaders are just on CD version) of US brickwall Oi! with rough vocal and sing-along refrains. You will know how the band sounds after hearing first piece Armored Saints or in song Fight (with great metal solo at the end). They also know how to play more melodic stuff like in Never Heard which is more into rock´n´roll again with great metal solo at the end. Next great piece is Let´s Break the Law Tonight, which sounds like from Bonecrusher or Maddog Surrender. I have just electronic copy so no more info about the lyrics but you may guess from the titles – anthem of the band, riots in the streets, problems with unemployment, fights, etc… CD version is limited to 250 copies, LP to 300 copies (two colors). Fans of US bands will like this album at all.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 27.05.2014

Johnny Asbo and The Young Guns - Never Mind the Bullshit...Here´s the Facts

Pretty Shitty Town Records - CD - 34:56

846_asbo_cd.jpgAfter the split album with The London Diehards and East End Badoes released this band which is around guitarist Ciarana (you may know him from Retaliator) first full album. I do not know the rest of the musicians and I think it is just a studio project. On CD you may listen to ten songs with playing time around about 35 minuts. On the split album they were playing harder music and this is the same and you may recognize it after first two songs (especially the second one Talking Heads and Suit Full of Nothing with great drums rhythm). The band is taking their inspiration from different styles then streetpunk (but the songs Working Class Pride or We´ve Got he Power are great brickwall anthems) and the guitar is based on dirty rock (like the last song in metal rhythm Kill Yourself) or hard rock riffs (Bye Bye, Carry On or Rich v The Poor with great hard rock vocals). There are also great solos with nice ideas. The sound of the band is compact, solid and terse. Great part of this album are also lyrics which are long and meaningful. It deals with brainwashing from politicians and religion, about the fact how should people carry on in spite of the fact that whole world is agains them, break up with your girl which makes you stronger, pride on your parents which worked hard to breed you, about the eternal difference between rich and poor, cult of personality of signers, actors and ogher freak celebrities or politicans and their hollow words. In booklet are all lyrics with thematic figures but no photo (just photo of Ciaran´s fist). Album is full of great hard music and I hope that we will see them playing live one day.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 18.05.2015

Join the Rejects - Your Place

Vinyl 4 Bootboys - LP -

766_jtr_LP.jpgJoint the Rejects is Valencia based Oi! band with Glory Boys members and this is their second LP. Bass player of the band is playing now in HC band called Poder Absoluto. After the mini LP called The Real Oi! from La Costera released on Crowbar came the band with next mini LP called Your Place and it will be released on Vinyl 4 Bootboys. On LP limited to 150 black pieces and 10 test pressings in surprise color you may listen to six songs. Three of them are in English (Boot Boys, Your Place and Smash the Hard Reality) and three are in Spanish (Bajo Riesgo – Low Risk, Fuera de Control – Out of Control and Viejas Glorias – Old Glory, which may you know from their debut). The first song shows you what should you expect…it is Oi! music in style of Glory Boys (but not as hard as them) or Mercancias. I really like the bass guitar since the beginning which plays solos from the first second of the song and this song ends with classic piano sound. Second song has great guitar since its start. Third one is the first song in English and I was little bit surprised with vocalist´s accent – their mother tongue fits more to him but the music is the same in English and Spanish tunes. In Vijas Glorias are great changing in vocals and according to review on their debut I like this song in 2011 also. Your Place is really melodic song with great singalong and it deserves to be the title song of the album. The last one Boot Boys is cover from Condemned 84 (for some unreleased tribute to them). Cover is done in classic way and inside will be lyrics and photos for sure as usual on V4B releases which keeps great standard of its records and this LP fits into it for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 29.10.2014 •  Buy HERE

Justice Blocc - s/t

Oi! The Boat Records - EP -

741_Justice_Blocc.jpgJustice Blocc is US band from Colorado with Sebastien from 99 Bottles on drums (you may check them in review on their split Ep with Total Annihilation). EP should be out in couple of month but it is already possible to listen it electronically. EP contains three songs called 86´d, It´s Nothing New and Time. The band plays fine skinhead rock´n´roll based on singalong vocals and refrains, guitars with no booster and their solos (mainly in their first song 86´d, which is the fastest from the EP) The band plays in five pieces which means two guitars. Second song has great refrain which is about the fact that some things never changed and streets and bars are still full of violence. The last song is the slowest but it is great hit with nostalgic and melancholic atmosphere with great solo guitar with slide sound and great refrain again. Who like US Oi! music must have this pice and you may hear thei colleagues from Broadsiders, Templars and older Patriot stuff. On physical copy you have to wait for some time but for me it is great surprise and I surely look after it when it will be out!!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 26.08.2014

Kareliaani - Patriotic Force

This Means WAR Records/Rolling On! - LP -

675_kareliaani_pf.jpgFirst regular full length album from Ari´s project Kareliaani was released last year on CD through Dim Records (with four bonus songs from Patriot EP). This year This Means War Records put this on LP. Together there is nine songs (including instrumental dark intro called Mythologia Fennica with string instruments and three songs from s/t debut limited to 100 copies which are re-recorded - Free North, Torsten Stålhandske and Kustaf Horn – this one is just on LP). According to the song titles the lyrics are about history and wars (the names are took from some soldiers and generals who fought in 30 years war on Swedish side). Other songs are about historical battles – instrumental one called Breitenfeld and Bomarsund. Other songs are called Patriotic Force, Finnish Lions and Rauta Salama (Iron Lighting). So together there are five English songs and two in Finnish. Music is slower and dark but there are also some faster pieces (like Rauta Salama). Sound of guitar is really inspiring (like in Patriot Force or in song Breitenfeld which has really atmosphere of middle age battle). Cover of the LP is great and I really like these historical paintings. As I wrote in review on Patriot I like this project more than his other stuff and this LP just proves it. This really worth buying!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 01.04.2014 •  Buy HERE

Knock Out - Que silbe la guillotina

Spirit of the Streets/Crom Records - EP -

664_knockout.jpgKnock Out is new band which comes from Madrid and this is their debut EP and the title means something like “That whistle guillotine”. The band plays in classic four and all songs on the EP are in Spanish. They are called Guillotina, Golpes (Strokes), Viejas Costumbres (Old Habits) and Vidas Peridas (Wasted Lives). The last one is cover from Emergency with Spanish lyrics. The first song reminds me Ultimo Asalto style from their last album (mainly the vocal), guitars are not so hard (or they are not boostered too much and in some songs it is into skinhead rock´n´rollu) and also the rhythm is not cumbersome but there are some slower passages (like the beginning of song Golpes). Solo guitar is great (like in Golpes or in Viejas Costumbres). Vocals are changing greatly, in some parts sing all together, in other the vocalist is supplied with the shout of few words. Lyrics are about giving power back to people and beheading all corrupt politicians and bankers, about the hard life which gives you some strokes sometimes but we have to go over it, classic song about street violence and drinking and the cover one about the fact, that success in work doesn´t means success in your private life. EP is limited to 250 copies (125 red and 125 white) with nice graphics – band photos, collage of middle age executions, lyrics in Spanish with English translation and a few words at the end. There is also download code, as usual on SoS Records. I did not know the band before (even the label Crom Records) but it was pleasant surprise. Check them on youtube (also they have new song there cellad Orgullo en la piel - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFLcX9sQuSg).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 12.03.2014 •  Buy HERE

Krawal Banda - Szatanskie wersety

Olifant Records - CD - 34:06

872_krawal.jpgKrawal Banda comes from the Polish city called Ustroń which is quite near Czech borders, thy play in classic four piece line up and the album was recorded in Czech studio. On album you may listen to 11 songs but they have invited guest musicians with saxophone and keyboards whose are playing in almost half of the songs. All songs are in Polish and it is debut record of this band released on Olifant (as most albums of Polish street bands). Musically it is the mixture of punk, oi!, rock´n´roll (Rock´n´Roll is Shit) and ska (Pane Polityku or Doktor Martens) and you will here cover from Eddie and the Hot Rods (called Prywatka). Best songs are Miasto Aniolow (about children victims of wars) and Sen o Wladzy (which is about the dreams about power which has every last servant). Other topics are queers (Wyliczanka), home parties (Prywatka), superstars from TV shows (Gwiazdeczki) or boots (Doktor Martens). 100 copies were done as digipack and 400 pieces in ordinary case. Booklet is done in standard way (as usual in Olifant Releases) – lyrics, photos, thankslist and dedication to a dead friend. For thos who likes melodic Polish bands will like also this release.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 28.08.2015 •  Buy HERE

Last Riot - Stolz und Unbequem

Aggressive Zone Records - LP -

780_last riot-stolz und unbequem.jpgMr. Schultze and Mr. Holm went to studio again and after the singles from Open Violence released last year they recorded full length of their more streetrock project Last Riot called Stolz und Unbequem (Proud and Inconvenient). Album is released as CD (111 copies are in DVD box and hand numbered) and on LP also (343 hand numbered pieces). It is their third full length. Schultze is singing, playing guitar and bass but also keyboards and clavier, Holm is sitting behind the drums. Together you may listen to ten songs in German and I have to say that the band is really kick your ass since the beginning and whole A side is absolutely great (songs X, Nachts wenn der Tag beginnt – The Night when the Day Begins, Wir stehen allein – We´re Standing Alone, Schande – Shame and Hässlich – Hateful). This whole side contains faster songs with great guitar riffs mainly in songs Nachts wenn der Tag beginnt and Schande…which are really great and hard pieces and I should add also more melodic Wir stehen allein. On B side is also five songs but also with slower pieces with piano so we have here the title one Stoltz und Unbequem, Deutschland (which is partly acoustic and starts with great strumming guitar), Freund oder Feind (Friend or Enemy), Hab mein Leben im Griff (I Control My Life – which is also slow) and the last one Einsamkeit – (Loneliness). Lyrics are partly serious (life or the working class who works from dawn till dusk for little wage, sexual perverts who are attacking kids and women and they are getting back into normal society after therapy or patriotism) and partly funny or classics (skinhead cult or stories of old lads whose are speaking about his youth when they have no worries). Inside is coated paper with all lyrics and some band photos. In case of CD version there are also some background photos which dealt with lyrics. For me the best album from Last Riot with no weak song but A side si better for me anyway because it is harder in style which I love.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 27.11.2014

Last Stand - Fighting for Survival

Vinyl 4 Bootboys - EP -

728_laststand.jpgNext 7´´ from Vinyl 4 Bootboys will be EP from the band called Last Stand which comes from Edinburgh and it was found in 2011. The band plays in classic four piece line up and the members comes from Poland and Italy. On EP you may listen to five songs called Crucified, Fighting for Survival, Good Night Both Sides, Just a Noi!se and Night Out. First piece has really catchy guitar with rock´n´roll touches (mainly in refrain which is singalong). Second one Fighting for Survive is the best one from the EP and musically it reminds me bands from Japan (because of the voice level of the singer). In other songs you may hear touches of HC (like the refrain in Good Night Both Sides) or dirty rock like Motorhead (Just a Noi!se) with great guitar and start like Ace of Spades. The last song sounds like Skrewdriver to me (again because of the vocal of the singer in refrain) and it is the slowest piece from the EP. Lyrics are about misunderstanding by society (Crucified), about the fact how both sides of political spectrum wants to exploit you and how they think that you are stupid (Good Night Both Sides), problems with unemployment (Fighting for Survival) or weekend fun with music and booze (Just a Noi!se and Night Out). Vinyl is out in limited edition of 200 copies on black wax + 10 testpressings. Cover is OK, the band has nice logo, on the backside are some photos, inside are lyrics and thankslist. Graphics was made by guitarist from GAN, Maks (they played with them in Scotland). Really interesting band which is not playing typical sound from Isles which is caused by the line-up mentioned above.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8+  •  Date: 10.07.2014

Lazy Class - Better Life

DIY - CD - 11:21

739_lazyclass.jpgLazy Class is brand new streetpunk band from Polish capital city Warsaw and this is their debut. Line up of the band is made from musicians from bands such as Good Old Days, The Damrockers, BDK, Core Ball, Wounded Knee or Warsaw Dolls. I didn´t hear about any of them before maybe because of the fact that the bands were into HC and I am not too much into that style. The band plays in four but they have two guitars and both guitarists are making vocals (and the changing can be heard in first song) and sometimes they´re singing together (in second song). CD contains four songs, three are in English (Better Life, Violent World and He´ll Never Return) and one in Polish (Kiedyś). From the lyrics on first two songs you may recognize that they are coming from HC scene – so focusing on family and friends or world full of violence where solidarity becomes a phrase and where the law of jungle rules. Other topics are the nonsense of wars where just normal people die for the politicians or memories on kids streetlife where you just play football as a little child. Musically it is melodic streetpunk in middle rhythm spiced with guitar solos in each song and mighty bass in the background. There are also passages where play just guitar. Most of all I like song He´ll Never Return (where I think there is inspiration by Booze and Glory song Never Return which is about the same topic). CD is done as a digipack with lyrics and band photos. The band wants to make an EP so if any label is interested just write on rocknriot@o2.pl or find the band on facebook. Good one!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 13.08.2014

Légitime Auto-Défense - s/t

Oi! Ain´t Red Records - CD -

729_legitime_auto.jpgThe last CD released on Oi! Ain´t Red Records is this French band from Strasbourg (which I realize because of the football song called Racing, dedicated to local club) and they play in three piece line-up. S/t CD contains 41(!!!) songs or tracks (some of them are just spoken word – comments between songs) and it is really full (check the playing time). It is quite interesting mixture of Oi!, rock´n´roll, ska, reggae, rocksteady and traditional songs (army ones I think but some of them sounds like from idle ages – A qui nul ne pooit resister). Next interesting thing is use French, English and German. There is also use of female vocals. In some song titles you may find Slavic words (which is explained in booklet I think but I don´t undersand French). In music you may hear many wind instruments, accordion, keyboards, acoustic guitar and many dub step effects. Bass player plays on double bass. I admit that I am getting little bit confused during listening to this CD because I can´t concentrate to all songs during 76 minutes. But I really like songs Vieux Drapeau (with great sax and solo guitar), then Mefiator Tango (which is really in tango rhythm) or classic rnr song called Rock´n´Roll a la campagne. Most of other songs is in reggae rhythm and there is also many instrumental songs. LP version was released on Bords de Seine (250 kopií) this CD is limited to 500 copies (hand numbered). In booklet is photo collage and long thankslist across whole booklet. It is hard to compare them with any band but the closest one for me is Oïskank.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 11.07.2014 •  Buy HERE

Lion Fight - s/t

Vinyl 4 Bootboys - LP -

725_lion_fight.jpgLion Fight is brand new band hailing from Melbourne, Australia with ¾ Stranglehold members in line up (instead of drummer Lease) and some All in Brawl members. The band plays in six (two guitars and two vocals). This is their debut 10´´ with nine songs and around about 22 minutes playtime. Definitely do not expect anything like Stranglehold or RazorCut. The main vocals are sung by man (or by two men – one vocal is rough and the second one is more shouted and they are changing and complementing each other – one sing half of the strophe and second one complements the rest – like in song Face the Day) and also the music is much more harder and darker. It is pure rough oldschool hardcore and there are also some guests in the songs – like in song Reclaim which is really great where you may hear Dimma from Grim Reality (song is about the fact that we should reclaim our culture back and don´t allow it to become fashion trend with no heart and soul) or in song Undefeated with Doug from Bulldog Spirit on vocals. Rhythm varies from slower songs (lion Fight) to really fast ones (Spit or Invictus). Sometimes I have problem to recognize if the vocal belongs to man or woman because guitarists Lisa (who sings in Stranglehold) really knows how to shout. Other songs are called Strength of Ten, Friend to Foe and Still I´ll Rise. From the names of the songs you may recognize the hardcore spirit and topics – never give up even if you lose and stand against all, help or treachery of friends and getting the best from the life which flows around you. In gatefold cover you will find lyrics (which are sadly written as one text and it is hard to find the beginning and the end of single one) and no band photo. Graphics of the cover is ok. Who likes bands like All in Brawl, Bulldog Spirit or older ones like Vicious Circle will definitely love this LP. I am not too much into HC stuff but this has idea and the songs are great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 03.07.2014 •  Buy HERE

Lonewolf NYC/The Wolverines - Who Will Survive...

United Riot Records - EP -

778_lonewolf_wolverines.jpegSplit EP of two US bands was released on United Riot Records and you will find four piece Lonewolf NYC (from New York) and five piece The Wolverines from Pennsylvania. You may know both bands from Werewolves compilation from WAR, Lonewolf NYC also from Boots on the Streets and Wolverines from their regular EP. The Wolverines has there songs called RAF Anthem and Way of Life, Lonewolf NYC song titles are 211 Skinheads and Public Housing System. According to the song titles you may see that the bands aren´t pussies and they speak their mind openly so topics are champagne socialists whose are living from money of their parents but they know exactly everything about worker´s rights, the cult of skinheads where friends always standing behind you, ode to 211 crew and about the fact that New York becomes again the city full of violence and poverty where politicians become rich and war vets are starving on the streets. The Wolverines are playing faster middle rhythm and in the first song I feel HC touches in the vocals and also the song is harder like parts with lingering guitar and bass and normal vocals. Their second song is more melodic mainly in refrain where band supports vocalist. Lonewolf´s style is more violent and raw and also their sound is more into garage but maybe it should be like that. In both songs they have solo. EP is limited to 300 copies (50 black, 100 clear with red splatters – I have this one and 150 purple) and just first 250 contains insert with lyrics and photo of each band. You will get also a sticker. Cover design is made by Muna again and I have to say that I like more the design of the first Wolverines EP (this looks like some kind of Alien or Predator stuff but someone may like it). I like the bands around 211 Crew and this split is OK but when you will buy it here I think the prize will be higher because I think it is made just for US market.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 25.11.2014

Lost and Found - Verloren geglaubt…

FK Produktion - CD - 47:09

661_lost and found-verloren geglaubt.jpgLost and Found comes from Wernigerode which is city in Sachsen-Anhalt and they are playing in four pieces with two guitars and bassist sings. This is their debut CD released on Feindkontakt Prodkution (Feindkontakt is also a zine) in 300 copies (with two different covers). On CD you can listen to 14 songs (including intro) in German. Do not expect some kind of mainstream Oi! music this is pure underground like bands Anti Clockwise, Rien Ne Vas Plus, Spy Kids, Open Violence, etc which are from the same area and also gigs with them. When I opened booklet I was surprise by the length and quality of lyrics (like lyrics from Anti Clockwise and Rien Ne Vas Plus) like songs Strassen dieser Zeit – Streets of Today, Verraten und Verkauft – Betrayed and Sold or Aufruhr – Rebellion). Two guitars can be hard almost in each song (but there is quite good solo in Kopf ab! – Head up high!, Aufruhr or in Hass und Zorn – Hate and Anger). Sometimes there is an acoustic beginning of the song (Strassen dieser Zeit which is the greatest song for me from the album) In Mittel zum Zweck there is two tone guitar. Other songs are in faster rhythm. Lyrics are about provocation, how society see you, about the streets of today which are full of violence, about big festivals and pussy bands which are just making money on the scene, about the straight-forward way which you go with your band don´t matter how many gigs are cancelled because of PC faggots, justice, false friends, pride, etc…Booklet is perfect – 16 pages with lyrics, photos and posters. Who likes German Oi! and bands mentioned above will like also this sympathetic young band. Check the teaser to this album on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48uk8iJipcw.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 06.03.2014

Lost Warning - Never Surrender

Switchlight Records - EP -

746_lost_warning.jpgLost Warning comes from Swedish city Malmö and this is their debut EP with five songs in English called Jail the Banksters, Civil-Eye-Sation, Question Everyone, Get Up, Get Out and Never Surrender. The band is new but some of their members are experienced from bands such as CDCP or Oldfashioned Ideas. The band plays faster punk rock and in Jail the Banksters and Civil-Eye-Sation is great over shouting of vocals in strophe and refrain. This changing of deeper and shouted vocal I´ll always like. In other songs you may hear rock´n´roll guitars (Get Up, Get Out or Never Surrender), beginning of Question Everyone is like from Motorhead and the last one Never Surrender contains classic rock riff and it starts with my favourite composition – just guitar plus vocal. EP has playtime around about 10 minutes. There is no paper with lyrics or band photos but the lyrics are quite clear – bankers who are getting richer compared with ordinary man who lost his job and lives on the dole, about the fact how important is to not surrender even you are crucified for the sins of others, do not belive the men in ties or modern society which looks civilized but eye for an eye law is still here. The graphics of the EP is funny. EP is limited to 250 copies (100 green and 150 black). Who likes bands like Vindicate This, Oldfashioned Ideas or Double Knockout will like also this band because Sweden is simply Sweden.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 04.09.2014

Massilia Attack - Bonne Mére

Contra Records - EP -

800_massilia_attack_titel.jpgOn Contra Records is out EP from French football/hools/ultra band based in Marseille called Bonne Mére which can be translated like Happy Mother. The band plays in five (according to promo photo) and the flag of the club is held by some woman and on EP you may listen to three songs in French - Bonne Mére, Vélodrome (which is name of Olympique Marseille stadium and the song is dedicated to it which you may recognize from football chants in the background of the song) and the last one called P.A.S.T.I.S. This is all what can I say about the band because they are wearing masks on the photo. There is also some information that some members used to play in P 38 oi! band which released split with Templars for example and their albums were released on labels such as Disagree Records or Helen of Oi!. EP is limited to 300 copies (50 black with sepia cover and 250 black with blue cover). The band plays smoother style with very little distorted guitar but it is really playful. There are also ooo vocals (in first song Bonne Mére which started with banged out melody or in the second song Vélodrome with great vocals in the end). First song is most melodic, the last on is most straightforward from the EP. Really pleasant EP which will like not just the fans of football.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 16.01.2015

Midnight Tattoo - True Sound of Punk

Contra Records - EP -

711_midnighttattoo.jpgMidnight Tattoo is three piece band (main singer is bass player) from Belgium (Antwerp) and this is their second EP which contains three English sung songs - Kings without a Crown, Street Rock and Road Trip. I do not know the band before so I was quite curious how they play because I really like bands from Belgium. Kings without a Crown is into Oi! sound more then the other ones and it is about skins and punks subculture. Second one Street Rock is faster and melodic with more singalogns (but is it short – playing time around about one minute). Road Trip is a description of the journey on a gig (who is playing in the band or just went somewhere with friends will now how the car full of skins and beer look like) and I think it is the best song from the EP and you may hear bands like Evil Conduct, Booze and Glory or their mates Agitators (mainly in the main guitar solo and singalong) in it but in more raw version. The cover is done well (I like the photo, newspaper letters is too cliché for me). This is for the bands which I mentioned above. I can´t compare this to their previous EP because I never heard it (it was released in 20133 through Bar Mondial Records).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 10.06.2014

Muerti/Crossczech - Summer Hits Vol. 11

Pilsen Trojans Crew - EP -

771_cross_muerti.jpgSplit EP of Muerti from northern Bohemia and Prague based band Crossczech is called Summer Hits and you may listen to four songs (two from each band ) in Czech. Muerti has there songs called Kámoš (Friend) and Návod na přežití (Manual for Survive) and Crossczech´s songs are Kérky (Tattoos) and Svátek (Feast). Both bands are really experienced, they have been playing for quite long time and they have already release some stuff and you may hear this fact in their music even it is played just with one lead guitar. Muerti are playing faster streetpunk and in song Kámoš they have borrowed guitar solo from Freiwild. Topics of the songs can be recognized from the titles so friendship which helps you with almost every situation and about the fact when you get lost in life and don´t know where to go. Crossczech are playing harder and more straightforward music but you can listen to sing-alongs and guitar solos as well. Lyrics are also obvious – blue color under your skin and football match on weekend which makes your stress go away. EP has drawn cover and similar artwork has the paper inside with lyrics and photos. Release vinyl of Czech bands in CZ is something like bet in lottery because you shouldn´t know if you sell all copies but this release is quite good.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 12.11.2014

Murderer´s Row - Liberty Denied

Riley Records - LP -

692_murderers_row.jpgMurderer´s Row comes from Troy city in New York state and this is their 7th album (they are playing since 2000). They play in classic four piece line up and I was thinking whole time that they are playing some kind of hard core. That´s why I was quite surprised with their oi/punk heavily influenced by rock bands like Motorhead or Rose Tattoo (like songs Our Struggle or Looking for Aggro where you can really hear those bands) and you can hear it almost in each song (except When the Day Comes which is classic punk). On this album you may listen to 10 songs of middle rhythm with classic topics like white collar crimes, ultraviolence, skinheads, tattoos or working class and its struggle. They are playing with one guitar and the sound is really great especially the solos in Our Struggle or Oxblood Steel Toes which are masterpiece (but they are also in other songs). Singer has little bit shouted vocal but it doesn´t matter. Most of all I like song Slum Nation, which is the hardest from the LP. The last one Alleyway has guitar like from Sex Pistols Cover is made by Craig Holloway who you may know from posters or cover design. I have no info about the inside, but the music is great and it´s a shame that I can´t compare it with previous albums.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 02.05.2014

No Man´s Land/The Young´s Boot - Malang Skinhead

Aggrobeat/Poink Records - EP -

730_nmyb_ep.JPGSplit EP of two bands whose come from Java Island (Malang city) is out on Aggrobeat together with German label Poink records. No Man´s Land is quite known band which plays for 20 years, their colleagues from The Young´s Boot are quite younger (founded in 2009). EP is released also as a tribute to the Malang City which has 100 years anniversary in 2014 and each band have there two songs. No Man´s Land has there Death and Taxes and Forgotten in Life, The Young´s Boot songs called Death or Glory and Malang Skinhead. Death and Taxes is the fastest one from the album in faster middle rhythm and I think that it is about the only certainties in life. Forgotten in Life is slower and more melodic one. The Young´s Boot sounds more melodic and the sound and songs are really great (even this piece is their debut). Death or Glory has singalong refrain and Malang Skinhead is the anthem. EP is limited to 500 copies (250 on red wax through Aggrobeat and 250 black on Poink). Inside are photos and lyrics. For both bands is this also vinyl debut.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 14.07.2014

No Resistance - V.I.T.R.I.O.L.

Rebellion Records - CD -

740_noresistance.pngNo Resistance is band which comes from Houston and it was founded in 2009. Since then they have released two albums and split EP with SSSP (all released just for US market). This is their first CD made for Europe. The band plays in four pieces (but with two guitars and one is played by girl and she can be heard in backing vocals) and on CD you may listen to eight songs. All are previously released but re-recorded including cover Situations from Slaughter and the Dogs, but it doesn´t matter because you can´t buy the previous stuff in Europe. Their sound is quite oldschool (which is proved by Slaughter´s cover), melodic and calm with simple guitar solos which goes through each other (like in All I Know) and light glam rock touches (like in Hope That Works Out For You or All I Know). Vocal is natural and you understand well all songs (nothing rough or shouted) and drums are in rhythm based on fast hi-hat (like in the last song Vada Retro Satana). I hear there early Slade stuff, The Crack, 45 Adapters and solo project from Carl Templar. I really like song Gentlemen Prefer Bombs with great main guitar riff. CD is part of limited collector´s series (250 copies). This is for the fans of calmer music and oldschool sound and for me great surprise from band which I didn´t know.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 14.08.2014

Nya Given - s/t

DIY - EP -

863_nya.jpgNya Given is Swedish four piece band from Norrköpping and their title can be translated like New Deal. EP was released in DIY way last year and it contains four songs in Swedish called I kårens trygga famn (In the Arms of Union), Duh ar fel (You Are Wrong), Bonus a Ansiktsvåldtäkt (Faced Rape which is song about facebook). You will hear also some kind of mouth organ in some songs which is played by singer. Music is rawer and it reminds me Agent Buldogg which are faster, harder and without solos. But the music is still melodic (mainly the songs I kårens trygga famn and Ansiktsvåldtäkt). Artwork of the EP is done in the way of bands such as Life Trap, Hired Goons or All in Brawl. Inside the cover is paper with Swedish lyrics, short thankslist and band contact. EP is limited to 200 copies and it is nice piece of real underground which I hardly found without boys from Urban Savage and Oldfashioned Ideas. On youtube you may listen to all songs plus unreleased song called Marinella (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTW4YofDCNA). Unknown band for me which worth listening.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 11.08.2015

Odsiecz - Soba Byc

Olifant Records - CD - 31:24

950_odsiecz.jpgThis is four piece band from Lodz/Opoczno and their debut album from 2014 with 12 songs in Polish including covers Kto powiedzal, že Oi! nie žyje from The Gits and Obraz po Rewolucji from MWK. You may know the band from compilation Polska Gola 2 from 2012, with song Polska Dzisiaj Gra (whoch is here also but re-recorded) or from Swieza Krew 2 where the band has three songs (JP, Twoja Moc and the Gits cover). On this compilation will be review in couple of days. JP is shortcut for Jebač Policje (Fuck the Police). The band plays faster middle rhythm with significant bass guitar and they really rocks from the beginning (songs like Twoja Moc and Pijacka Brać). Lyrics are typical for oi!/punk bands so we have there self-confidence and your inner power (Twoja Moc), drinking (Pijacka Brać), cops (JP), hard life of workers who lives in suburbs (Trudne Žycie), football (Dzisaj Polska Gra!), cult of punk and oi! (Podwórkowi Chuligani, Muzyka Oi!), elections and false promises (Wybory) or punk rock which stays in your heart even you get older and have a family (Na Zawsze!). I really like JP with its catchy refrain, then Wybory and the last but not least Na Zawsze! with fine solo guitar. The booklet is also fine with many great photos, lyrics and thankslist. Who likes Polish bands like Sandals, Bachor, etc..., will have next band into this line. I really want to see them live so maybe this can be tip for gig organizers to book them.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 14.03.2016

Offensive Weapon - The Nightmare Returns

Hostile Class Productions - CD -

954_offensive.jpgSecond CD from this New York based band was little bit older but I get it right now so… On CD you may check 11 songs and four of them you may know from EP´s with Legitime Violence (Razorblade Nightmare from Die-Hards and Nothing to Prove) or TMF (Legion of 76´ and Change the Law). Both EP´s are reviewed here so detailed description can be found in those reviews. There is also one more killer cover New Glory from Youth Defense League. The band is hard with no compromises and it can be characterized by shouted vocal of singer Lee and great guitars. In line up are members of Oxblood, Sons of Liberty or Lonewolf NYC, so they are quite experienced musicians Topics of the lyrics are about anonymous canceling of gigs (Hasta La Vista), mythology (great piece Einherjar with singalong refrain), things about skins read from the books (PG – 13 with nice bass line), denying of political organizations under those banner you can play and also denying of glory and money (The Nightmare Returns), skins as public enemies No. 1 (Public Enemy) and pain in the ass for everyone (We´re Still Here). Album was released as CD (normal and digipack version) but also on LP. Inside are photos, lyrics and thankslist so standard booklet. Graphics is from JM Productions which is the proof of quality. Great album!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 22.03.2016

Oi!dium - Lactis

Street Justice Records - CD - 47:41

785_oidium.jpgOi!dium is band which was founded back in 2006 in the city of Stendal (Sachsen-Anhalt) but nowadays they are based in Berlin. Line up is made by four people but singe Äxl also plays guitar. This is their first official release but they have two demos from 2008 and 2011. Their music is quite happy and melodic Oi!/punk rock and even they come from German their music is not hard but very singalong (like Iron Fist for example), thanks to vocals from the rest of the band (like in song Meine Stadt). Together you may listen to fourteen songs (including Intro) which hare in their mother tongue. Lyrics and their topics are dealing with everyday life but also there are some lyrics with touch of irony. Songs are in middle rhythm and some songs remind me Endstufe from their album Feuer Frei (like songs Gummi which is poetic one about rubber woman or Ja du Weisst about skinhead cult). In song Kneipe you may also hear ska rhythms and you may guess what is the song about. Similar topic is in songs Komakrieger or Prinzessin Vodka. More serious songs are W.s.n.d.A. (Wir schliessen nicht die Augen – We Aren´t Closing Our Eyes which is about young people who are forced to politics but also about the danger of using drugs and alcohol) or Plata o Plomo (which is from Spanish and it means something like Silver or Lead) or Verdammte Axt (about how society look at you). There is also song about the band called Wir. I really like songs called Engel (how it will be cool to be and angel and do what you want), slower one Prinzessin Vodka and W.s.n.d.A (which is the best one for me). Title of the album means milk in Latin. Booklet is well done with all the stuff you need and on the backside are band photos (interesting is that all members are wearing glasses hehe). I don´t know the band before and I have to say that I really like their music. The band is searching for the gigs so try to get in touch with them…I think it will be OK.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 05.12.2014

Oldfashioned Ideas - Don´t Believe A Word They Say

Contra Records - LP -

694_oi_dontbelive.jpgThird album from this Swedish guys from Malmö is called Don´t Belive a Word They Say and according to the graphics of the cover you may recognize that it is from them. On the cover is some punk chick again and also the fonts and color are the same as before. The band is still playing in three piece line up and their music is going straightforward (as usual) from the first track Punks and Skins to the last one On and On (with acoustic beginning which is quite unusual for them). All songs are in English (all their previous stuff except one EP were in English) and I have to say that English suits them very well (it is not so hard as their Swedish album). I always like the band because their songs were based on singalong and simple but well remembered melodies and this you will find also on Don´t Believe A Word They Say album (like great track called Always Forward which is middle rhythm and after ten beers you will shout it in the pub, Still Belive in Unity which is one song earlier or Holidays). Other great songs are Loyal to my Crew, Bringing Down the System or Stand Out From the Crowd. Together you may listen to 18 songs which looks like too long album but the playing time is circa 40 minuts which is OK and you may bet what are the songs about (according to the titles because I have it just in digital form). I love their previous stuff and I like also this one. This is album with high quality stuff!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 07.05.2014

On File - Pogo in My Heart

Randale Records - EP -

816_on_file_ep.jpgAfter four years from their album Breaking Rules came this band from Scotland with EP called Pogo in my Heart. On EP released through Randale Records (black and blue wax) you may listen to three songs called Pogo in my Heart, These Are My Streets on side A and on B side is Happy Hooligans of Scotland. On File were characterized with Hedgy vocals (which is not so clear sometimes :) but so what, it is punk rock). The band plays still in classic four piece line-up as on the last album. Their music is better nowadays with small solo in each song but it is still their style and the band is helping Hedgy in vocals in refrains.First song is about the fact that even you get married, have to wear suit, breed kids and take care of your family or you have an accident on motorcycle and you almost knock on heaven´s door you still want to go out with friends sometimes and you still carry pogo in your heart. These Are My Streets is about the changing of your neighborhood – the local pub is now under some big company, everyone stares at you and junkies and underage mothers are everywhere. The last song is dedicated to football and to the match from 1977 when Scotland beats England 2:1 and which ends with riots on the pitch. Inside is paper with lyrics and on the back side of the cover you may find nice band photo from the pub. I like On File and their classic Oi! sound and this EP fits great into this box.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 20.02.2015

On the Job - White Collar Thugs

Contra Records - LP -

805_otj_wct.jpgThird long album from this Swedish band from the city of Karlskrona is called White Collar Thugs and it is out on Contra Records. They have already released two albums and some split EP´s with Jenny Woo, Stamford Bridge, Rust or Booze and Glory (and they are going to sound like them in that album). On LP you may listen to 14 songs (12 in English and 2 in Swedish - Rastlós, which means something like Restless and Generation Bortskamd – Rotten Generation). LP is limited to 500 copies (400 red and 100 black). From their previous albums I have just Bag Full of Brew and some EP´s at home and if I compare their nowadays sound to their previous one it is smoother, more melodic and singalong (like songs The Hunter and the Hunted, Generation Bortskamd, Bullshit Detector or Saturday). Singer has pleasant vocal which changing from song to song (and when he sings in his native tongue it is harder – like in the last one Rastlós, but also in Compared to You his vocal is harder than in other songs) and the rest of the helps him in refrains, also the bass is great and it plays its scales in background (like in White Collar Thugs) and guitar is playing small solos in middle rhythm like Evil Conduct (song Grow Up). Song Down on the Upbeat Street stands out of the line of the album and you may hear little bit of ska or mod beat in it. Topics of the songs are classics – free weekend, working class versus bosses, media and lies, people who piss you off or the fact that the life you live belongs just to you. Graphics of the album is well done and it fits to the title which means that bosses are sometimes harder and tougher then you. So together it is well done and I gave 8 to their last album so this should be little bit more.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 27.01.2015

On Trial - American Standard

This Means WAR Records - EP -

705_OnTrial7_.pngOn Trial is US band from Pennsylvania which plays in three pieces and you may check an interview with them here on BB. These are songs recorded in 2012 released now on EP called American Standard on Spanish label This Means WAR in 200 copies on black wax (plus 10 testpressings). On Ep are four songs called Nationalist, Drop the Bomb, Traitor and We Own Tonight. According to the cover which is done in ROR releases from 80´s you may guess which style the band plays. It is raw unpolished skinhead sound with no compromise and no modern influences (metal, hc…) and shouted vocal and refrains like from the bands from 80´s/90´s like Arresting Officers, Best Defense, Backslash, YDL or Kicker Boys. 100% for America lyrics, support of troops on foreign missions, etc…this is what you should expect from them The first song Nationalist sounds like from Arresting Officers and it is about social system parasites. Second Drop the Bomb is war anthem about how we should eliminate our enemies with no mercy. Traitor shouldn´t need any comments and We Own Tonight is classic one about pour cult. I like Nationalist and Traitor (with significant bass). To 50 EP´s is added paper with lyrics (but you can buy them just from the band I think). Who likes American classics will love this EP. For me it is great 100% skinhead sound and no compromise attitude.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 02.06.2014 •  Buy HERE

Operace Artaban - Prozření

LL Productions - LP -

726_oa_LP.jpgThis is the last album from Operace Artaban which was released after the two years on vinyl on brand new Czech label LL Productions which will focus on re-releasing of Czech patriotic and skins bands in limited editions (this LP was released in 200 copies on red vinyl). The cover is different from the CD (but the artist stays the same). Also there are just 11 songs compared to CD because of no more space (so you won´t find here songs like Klá and Loutka na drátkách). There is a review from Bob and Urby on the CD version so my review will be shorter because everything was said before. LP is opened by great song called Kult (Cult) and I really like also the song Poslední Bojovník (The Last Warrior). Interesting is also song Když jsem já měl po robotě (When I Was After Work) which is variation on Czech traditional songs and you will hear violin there. The guitar is more into metal but this is their style and in some songs there is acoustic guitar (Relativnost – Relativity a Hrdinové a Zrádci – Heroes and Traitors). Kabanos (bass player) is changing in vocals with lead singer Udy (who plays guitar) and in some songs (like Skinhead Girl, Nasraný Chlapy – Pissed Off Guys, Hrdinové a Zrádci or Dejavu) you may hear female vocals. Inside are lyrics in Czech and English, no photo but drawn picture of the band .I will leave it without rating because it is just vinyl version of the CD but I will add “we want more local stuff on vinyl” and also good luck to the new label!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 07.07.2014 •  Buy HERE

Orgullo Sur - Sureňo, Rural y Brutal

Raise Your Hammer Records - CD -

767_os_sureno.jpgLong awaited album from Chilean skins is out now but on LP (which will be out on This Means WAR) we have to wait for some time. So on CD are twelve songs in Spanish language and three of them you may already know. Leyes con Intereses is from their split EP with Prideful (but in non-mastered version), Cerveza is re-recorded song from their first EP Dias de Gloria and song Emigrante is from Ocho Bolas which is old Oi! band from Chile (their album was released on Dim Records). Their line-up consists now from four people (the singer plays guitar also) and on bass plays a girl which you may hear also in vocals (which makes music always fresher). Song titles can be translated like Proud on My Land - Orgulloso de mi Tierra, Justice and Liberty – Justicia y libertad, Southern, Rural and Brutal – the title one Sureňo, Rural y Brutal, Cerveza (it should not be translated I hope) or Old Bar – Viejo bar or Damned Cops - Malditos Policias (with ACAB refrain in Spanish). In song Dale Puerto Mont is football chant at the beginning so I suppose the song is about football. Songs are varying from slower (like Patria with great solo or Dále Puerto Montt) to faster ones in middle rhythm (like the first one Orgulloso de mi Tierra, Internet Warrior, Viejo bar or Leyes con Intereses). Who likes Orgullo Sur on their previous album and singles will like this also because the band plays the same – vocals on normal level which are understandable, singalong refrains and great melodies (which are supported by solo guitar with interesting sound sometimes – like in Malditos Policias). So…this is still typical Orgullo Sur stuff which we are familiar with but add a solo guitar. Booklet is standard – lyrics, background photos, photo collage of OS supporters and thankslist. Who need CD start ordering, those who want LP will have to wait for some time. Some songs are put on youtube so you may check it and make your own opinion.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 30.10.2014

Orgullo Sur/The Prideful - Angry, Patriotic and Proud

This Means WAR Records - EP -

712_os_prideful.jpgNext EP released on WAR is split of Orgullo Sur from Chile and The Prideful from Finland. Each band has there two songs – Orgullo Sur sings in Spanish and their songs are Oi! Oi! Music and Leyes con Intereses (which will be on full length Sureňo, Rural Y Brutal and the title means something like Laws and Interests). The Prideful sings in English and their songs are called Suburban Troops and Get Your Colors On. Both song were recorded in 2011 (I think with the other featured on their debut EP United Voice). Orgullo Sur are playing in four and who likes their previous stuff will like this songs also. Melodic music with normal vocal and refrains which go straight into your mind even if you don´t know Spanish. In Leyes noc Intereses is significant bass. The Prideful plays rough Oi! but these songs are better than their debut EP United Voice. Firs song Suburban Troops is about bashing trendy punks and hippie skins in your area. Get Your Colors is patriotic – football anthem about wearing the colors which you are proud on (in this case blue and white). Cover is done well and it fits to the title of the album, on the backside are band photos. EP is limited to 300 copies + 15 testpressings. Each band plays different musical style but their attitude is the same (100% skins). I really like This Means WAR releases because it has 100% DIY underground spirit, it is on vinyls and limited editions.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8+  •  Date: 11.06.2014 •  Buy HERE

Out of Order - Better Days

Vinyl 4 Bootboys - LP -

744_ooo.jpgOut of Order is Canadian band based in Montreal which exists for 13 years but for me it was quite unknown band. This album was recorded this year and Vinyl 4 Bootboys put their stuff on LP. On LP you may listen to 11 songs in English (which is quite unusual for band from Quebec but they came originally from Halifax). They are playing in four piece classic line up. Musically it is streetrock (like Bad Reputation song) but you may listen to more punk rock tunes (like Goodbyes or The Forgotten) but also songs which are more into HC (Riot). You will hear typical American sound plus singalong refrains and chants (like in Keeping Score) and solo guitar (like in songs Better Days or Jackals). In song You´re So Bad you may listen to acoustic guitar at the beginning. Each song is different little bit in rhythm, melody and sometimes in style. I have the album just in digital format so I know just some lyrics which are about wars and fallen soldiers, skinhead cult and its bad reputation, violence, farewells which are always difficult, etc… It is first 12´´ LP which was released by Vinyl 4 Bootboys which becomes specialist on unknown bands from across the ocean and this proves again that the label has the sense on quality.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 02.09.2014

Para Elite/Total Annihilation - Battle On

Skinflint Music - CD - 29:17

769_para_elite_ta_split.jpgSplit album of two orthodox skinhead bands from USA is out on Skinflint Records which is releasing really nice stuff in last time. So the split is opened by Para Elite which is band with singer from White Flag Down on vocals and Cliff Warby, former Condemned 84 drummer. Total Annihilation is better known in our country because of their Great Patriotic War album released by our label 4Subculture Records. Each band has five songs on the album (para Elite has there also Skinheads cover from Condemned 84). They´ve already put the song Hang the Bankers on youtube which you may check. Other songs are in slower rhythm for example the first one sounds like from Black Sabbath and second one I don´t Wanna Hear is great melodic piece which kicks you back into 80´s and you may hear great solo in it. Fourth piece Patriot is slower again but in good sense. Total Annihilation playing faster and they have bass which can play funky style because of its solos and also guitar is great (like in songs Put in the Boot or Death of a Nation). Their sound is more garage and raw but again not in bad sense. Their first song In Beds with Reds you may check on youtube. Singer Jimi has really specific deeper vocal which sounds similar as on Great Patriotic War. The band is 100% pro America, conservative and patriotic and you may recognize it from the song titles like Dead of a Nation or Criminal Invasion. Cool is also song called Scene Slut (which is in rock´n´roll rhythm) and it is about all those girls who can do anything for writing on the guestlist. So together really great album from the bands which should be put in one row with First Strike, Battle Cry, Werevolf NYC, Wolverines or Vanguard. I really like it.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 10.11.2014

Prolligans - Furchtlos und Treu

German Oi! Records - EP -

972_proll_ep.jpgFour songs EP which can be translated like Reckless and Loyal was released through German Oi! Records which is part of Street Justice Records. On EP which was released in 250 copies (95 are on blue vinyl with patch and poster) you may check songs like Alles Was Mir Heilig War, Heimatstadt, Fight Club and Hier Fängt Sie An (all are in German). I shouldn´t introduce the band because they played in our country at least for two times. They play in five but thy have two main vocalists which is quite unusual in Oi! but it is quite cool because of changing in vocals in each line of the lyrics. Also guitar is quite well (like in the song Alles Was Mir Heilig War). Lyrics are quite clear – streets of city where you were born, greyzone which is attacked from both sides, violence and adrenalin or resilience of skins cult. I really like guitar in Hier Fängt Sie An and then Heimatstadt (with refrain). Hier Fängt Sie An is also great singalong (escpecially at the end). EP is done quite good – lyrics, photos, thansklist and cheers. You may check all songs on youtube´s band official chanel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMVUXEbeGl0. Good.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 29.04.2016

Rangaistuspotku - s/t

Lionheart Records - EP -

758_rangais_ep.jpgFinish foortball band from Tampere is releasing their second EP aagain on Lionheart Records and on the EP you will find again four songs in their native language. Songs are called Lippatukat ja pukuäijät, Lähiöunelmia, Hymy hyytyy and Paskakoskelle and I ahve to say that even google translator is not smart enough to trasnlate them :) so I am not going to tell you what are they about. The band plays in classic four piece line up (with two Prideful members but I mentioned in previous review). I am not too much into their previous stuff becuase it did not enternain me but the band really gets better nowadays. They play faster and harder, they add more booster into guitar and add also some small solos (like in the first song) and they simply sound much more better then on their debut EP. According to the both covers I think I can says that they are singing about football and all the fun around. EP is limited to 250 copies -175 with regular cover and 75 with adidas version of silk screened cover (which I´ve ordered). EP has also hand stamped central labels. Really a one step forward for the band compared with their debut and I am curious about their next stuff because this is quite good. s/t EP
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 07.10.2014 •  Buy HERE

Razorblade - My Name Is Vengeance

Rebellion Records - LP -

676_razorblade_vengeance.jpgSeventh album from this Dutch and European skinhead band which plays skinhead rock hard as nails is out now on their home label Rebellion Records. After some experiments with German language on Gegen die Masse and melodic album Days of Glory they are returning to their brickwall Oi! and first two songs really proves it (Warriors and My Name is Vengeance). Wouter is just singing now – just on previous album. There are also melodic songs like Daily Grind (about football) or The Battle of Wught which sounds like from Bonecrusher. CD is opened by some kind of church chant (Templars I think) and it went fluently into the song My Name is Vengeance. On song Feel the Rage is video on youtube (http://youtu.be/ifIvxgKFqqw) as so as to the Warriors (which kicks you back to the Spreading Fear and Skinheads Are Back age) - http://youtu.be/UMDcKOUcy-M. Songs are completely in English and there are also some classical topics - Who Are You? (like from 4Skins) or Never Fade Away (with great singalong – Razorbalde Foreverer Forever Razorblade) but also some historical songs like – The Battle of Wught (which is depicted on the cover I think), My Name is Vengeance or Under Siege (with great guitar work). Together (including Intro) there is ten songs with playtime around about 20 minutes – simply no fuss no mess. I am glad that the band returns to their older sound and it is proof that return to something is not always a step back. Album is out on CD and LP (three colors, 500 copies). I bet you that you will not put this out of your record player for long time.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 02.04.2014

RazorCut - Battles

Bootboys Cove Records - EP -

806_razorcut_battles.jpgSingle Battles from Aussies RazorCut was released on German label Bootboys Cove Records which is from Berlin and they have already released EP Dance All Night from Shandy who comes also from Australia. This EP was released in four versions – 333 copies together, 50 in black and 200 in white with normal cover, 50 black in hard cover and 33 black in book cover. On single you may listen to two songs - Battles (which you may know from their debut Combative Attitude but this is version with Al on vocals) and Another Rich Man. Battles, which opens the EP, is faster thing which is more straightforward with great refrains with women vocals and „ohohoho until the battle is won“ will blast in your head immediately. Song on second side is slower and women section of the band sings more than ohohoho and also there is more instrumental passages. Graphics of the cover is fine – cockfighting, but inside is no lyrics and no photos. EP is done with big hole in the middle and each piece is hand numbered. This is next label which likes limited editions which are not expensive so keep on watching this label. Shandy EPˇs are already sold out but I think this EP can be still ordered.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 28.01.2015 •  Buy HERE

Razors In The Night - Never Give In!

Contra/Longshot/Insurgence/Pirate Press/Brass City - LP -

699_ritn_new.pngSecond full length from this Boston bunch which you may saw live couple years ago in CZ (Prague and Budweis) is out now on labels mentioned above. On LP you may listen to thirteen songs. You may know Alcoholist and Hate L.A are taken from split EP with Strongbow, Frustration is from A Better Tomorrow and Basement Brigade was released on Under One Flag single (and after the listening I have to say that song really deserved single release because it is hit as fuck). The rest (9 songs) are brand new. The band is playing their mixture of HC and Oi! style but the first part of the LP is more smooth then previous album. Yes their music is hart but there are no songs like Hipster Holocaust from Carry On!, but the second part of the LP contains some really HC songs (like FTW). There are also much more guitar solos (like in Out of Touch) and passages where Troy sings just with guitar without drums. Next stuff which I really like on the band is using female vocals in singalong refrains (like in By Your Side, Verbal Pollution, Basement Brigade, etc …) and using sing-alongs in general almost in each song (for example in These Streets which I really like). I was quite surprised hearing acoustic guitar in some songs like in Out of Touch or By Your Side. Lyrics are coming from the streets also so standing together, rumors and gossips, booze, fights, frustration or the feeling that you will never give up to the system and society. There are some changes in line up (they have new drummer and guitar player but the other three members stayed).Cover is great gatefold with lyrics and very nice photo collage including photos from tour across Europe. I am really satisfied - hard but melodic music and who saw them live will feel the stream of memories coming on his mind during the listening to this album. So much energy on one LP!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 14.05.2014

Reconquesta - s/t

Disco Nightmare/See You Records - EP -

723_reconquesta.jpgReconquesta is new band from Catalonia from the city called Sant Sadurní d'Anoia (which is near Barcelona) and they are playing in four pieces (but with two guitars) and this is their debut single released on (for me unknown) labels. Single is limited to 300 copies (100 red, 100 black and 100 black with different cover) and it contains two songs in their native tongue - Gloria and Reconquesta. They have also demo from 2012. Their two guitars can be heard in their music like in Gloria song with great solo passages but also passages with bass solos. Second song Reconquesta is harder little bit and it contains great final passage when singer started to whisper and ends shouting refrain Re-noc-ques-ta! The vocal in this song sounds to me like Boban´s vocals from Ritam Nereda. On the EP cover is logo of the band (pen and sword). The EP should be in distribution during July but I don´t know in which ones. Great stuff and if you are interested check the interview with them on http://lonerider.skinhead.cz/interviews/reconquesta_eng.htm.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 01.07.2014 •  Buy HERE

Rival - The True Will Survive

This Means WAR Records - LP -

747_rival_true.jpegThis is LP version of album which was released 20 years ago on CD through Rock´O´Rama Records to this US band coming from Detroit. Rival is (or was) connected by their members with bands like Almighty Lumberjacks of Death and mainly Rogues (which album Zero Street is one of the most classic US Oi! releases ever) and YES it is the band which stood on the fence of RAC/Oi! and YES this album is more “political” then their debut from 1992 We got the Right and their attitude can be compared with bands like Best Defense or YDL. Sound is similar to Rogues (even the use of keyboards in song Border Patrol or piano sound in Backstreet Violence) because of two common members – singer and drummer Jim (just drums in Rogues) and guitarist Bill (bass in Rogues). Cover is the version which should be on CD but it didn´t pass through the censorship and also LP contains one bonus song - cover Government Action from All Skrewed Up. Album is opened with great song Backstreet Violence in the spirit of US bands from the 90´s – nice guitar, melodic but hard. Solo guitar is great in most of the song (Fence, Blind Justice or 10 to 1 for example). Secret Army and Side by Side are great melodic pieces like from older British Oi! bands like Red London or The Crack. Inside is paper with lyrics and photo collage which was used as a backside cover on CD. Yes it was controversial band but perfect Oi! Oi! music (even the Rogues Zero Street album is one step above for me).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 05.09.2014

Runnin´ Riot - Boots and Ballads

Rebel Sound Music - LP -

643_rr_b_b.jpgThis is next LP released on Rebel Sound of the older band now it is Runnin´ Riot from Belfast and their last album Boots and Ballads from 2009. The band has released four full albums (including this one) and split EP. Cover remains the same as on CD version. On the LP you may listen to 11 (or better to say 12 songs because the last one On the Dole contains also bonus Oi! Oi! Angel) songs. The band know how to play great melodic tracks (like the second one That´s When the Boots Fly In or On the Dole), but also slower stuff (like Ode to Working Man). Ballad of the Gluesniffer reminds me Drinking and Driving from The Business. Guitar is really catchy and rock/rock´n´roll which I like (like in Double the Pain, with vocals similar to Until the End from Booze and Glory but this is little bit older, King of the Swig or That´s When the Boots Fly In). Lyrics are about the old classic bands and their influence on you (Lost Generation), community and hood which we live in and which is very impersonal and even your neighbor can steal or burn your car down (The Estate), tribute to all workers (Ode to Working Man), booze which heal problems on short time but in long time the result is broken family and heart (Double Pain), ode to all friends who passed out and who deserve to have drink on them (Tribute) or about the life on the dole (On the Dole). Inside is paper with lyrics, thankslist and a few photos from the city of Belfast on the background. Nice re-edition from the band which was (or I think it was) little bit underrated.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 07.02.2014

RUST - Doctors, Lawyers, Strippers, and Fools

Rebel Sound Music - LP -

678_rust_new.jpgRust je is Australian band which mixes in their music punk rock and dirty rock´n´roll sound and they have released one regular album called Lean Mean Street Machine and one live album plus many EP´s (one solo and three splits). They have guitarist from The Corps in line up. All songs from EP´s you will find on this LP (8 but they are not in the same order as on EP´s). There is two new songs (Sailors Grave and Azaria) plus two live songs (Spirit of the ANZACS and Memory Lane) taken from the live album. Reviews on previous EP´s can be found here on BB. As I wrote before their music is really influenced by dirty rock´n´roll bands and you may hear that in first tunes of Ex-Girlfriends or Curse of Rock´n´Roll (about dead rockers). But back to the new songs. Sailors Grave is fast piece with almost continuous sound of the bass about pirate´s life. Azaria is about criminal case from 80´s when small child was eaten by dingo dog but its mother was sentenced for three years because the judge doesn´t believe that. So together just new songs but not everyone is a fan of EP´s but this was released again on record so if you haven´t got record player you won´t hear this. Inside are all lyrics plus some band photos. I leave it without rating.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 07.04.2014

SchuldSpruch - In Namen des Volkes

Street Justice Records - CD - 43:20

793_schuldspruch_CD.jpgDebut album of this Berlin based Oi! band contains 14 songs in their native tongue including four songs from their demo which was released on EP through Shout Proud Records (Herzlich Wilkommen, Das Netz Vewrgisst Nicht, Overkill and Rebellion im Bauch) and they are described detailed in its review. The band plays in four pieces and interesting fact is that drummer is husband of Anika who sings in Spy Kids. Songs are in classic rhythm typical for German Oi! bands except Antizpeziesistische Aktion which is in funny rhythm and it is funny song about through species relationships (Justin Bieber dating chameleon, Celin Dion dating badger and Bjorn-Torben with lama) and it sounds like German beer music spiced with 80´s disco or the last song Zur Pfettigen Pfanne about the food in one pub. The band knows how to play hard songs (like Overkill, Jagt sie Raus – with fast refrain or Vergifteter Verstand) but also melodic stuff (Der Rubel Rollt and Wahre Natur with singalong refrains or Das Netz vergisst nicht which you may know from EP). The band also knows how to write long lyrics which have sense and which are about current situations and problems – like kicking bastards from the city centre when normal men can´t find place for himself, people who are living from TV stories and reality shows and capital punishment for heavy criminals which may have some psychical problems caused by their hard childhood but we don´t care about. Booklet is done fine – lyrics, photos, pictures and thankslist. Great band from our neighbors which has something to say on the music and also lyrics level.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 25.12.2014

SchuldSpruch - Der Hammer Fällt

Shout Proud Records - EP -

743_schuldspruch.jpeg18th release from German label Shout Proud Records is their home band SchuldSpruch which comes from Berlin and this is vinyl version of their mini CD from 2013 called Der Hammer Fällt. EP is limited to 200 copies (110 black, 52 brown and 38 olive) plus 15 testpressings and to the EP is added patch of the band. It is first German band released on Shout Proud. It contains four songs called Herzlich wilkommen, Das Netz vergisst nicht, Overkill (you may check it on the web http://youtu.be/Mp8RA_CVtB0) and Rebellion in Bauch. Band plays in classic four piece line up and it is harder German Oi! in faster middle rhythm with great solo guitar (even they play in four – just check solos in Overkill and Herzlich wilkommen) and great singalong vocals. I hear there Endstufe (the first song), Kampfzone (Overkill) or Iron Fist (second song which is most melodic from the EP). Lyrics are about the fact that there is no taboo in lyrics for them, the fact that internet didn´t forget and what you write there do not disappear, about so called rebellion of trendy punks and skins or about the world without all bankers, politicians, EU and journalist. Inside are all lyrics but no band photos but the cover is done well – hammer of the judge and statue of justice on the back. As all stuff from Shout Proud, this is music with high quality!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 29.08.2014

Shameless - s/t

Lionheart Records - EP -

759_shameless_ep.jpgAfter their great debut called Guilty released through Bords de Seine, Lion Records and Last Rockers Records comes this band from Lyon with three songs EP released on Lionheart Records. The band is singing more songs in English (first and last one) which is unusual. Songs are called Charity Gangster, Virage Nord (cover from older band called Urban Gones) and Something In My Pie. I saw the band playing live in Bedfrod on Main Event gig and they were playing in four so they add one guitar compared to their previous line up but I don´t know if this is recorded also with additional guitar. Songs are similar to first LP – melodic, singalong and more fun than serious. There is also one football song (Virage Nord) which includes many parts of football chants. There is some small solo time to time which supports strength of the melody. Al songs are quite comparable and none of them is better or worse (but most of all I like the last one). EP is limited again to 250 copies (175 with normal and 75 with silk-screened cover). It has also hand stamped central labels as usual on Lionheart Releases. Who likes their debut will like also this three song EP.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 08.10.2014 •  Buy HERE

Skinboiss - Woimaa

Rolling On!/Sangre Y Acero Records - EP -

751_skinboiss_ep_2014.jpgNext EP from Ari´s project Skinboiss is EP released on Rolling On! and Sangre Y Acero (which is ex Southerner Records). On EP you may listen to four songs in Finnish called Ei Ylpeyttä (Without Pride), Skinit Rulaa (Skins Rule), Woimaa (Power) and Kaljaa Koneeseen (some kind of beer machine or what). Songs are written in slower rhythm and Ari´s vocal is more recited then intonated and the vocal is really deep (mainly in the first song). At the end of the first song is quite good guitar solo. In second piece Skinit Rulaa you can hear two tone guitar and saxophone and the whole song reminds me second EP from Insidious Skins (with its dark sound). Title song Woimaa (which is third on the EP) has more metal guitar riffs and the fourth one has singalong refrain with the use of hall effect. Almost in all song you will find some main guitar riff which is repeated till the end of the song. I have EP just in electronic way so I can´t speak about the lyrics or booklet, but EP is released in 300 copies with three different artworks. Who likes Ari´s projects will not hesitate with buying this one. I was quite pleasantly surprised with the use of saxophone.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 19.09.2014

Skinfull - Good Intentions...Bad Ideas

Skinflint Music - LP -

772_skinfull_good.jpgSkinful is Coventry based band and this is their second full length. Instead of this album they have also split CD with Bakers Dozen and single British Bootboys. On this LP you may listen to 14 songs including intro and outro and song Hass Bar which is pub cover on House of the Rising Sun about their favorite bar in Coventry. The song titles are showing their topics (like Skins don´t Run, Bootboys, Patriots, Warrior, Head Kicked In, Bulldog Breed, Erdinger – which is beer, etc…). All songs are in middle rhythm but you may hear that band becomes better compared to the first album.It is typical Oi! from British Isles with typical voice and accent of the singer. I really like the scond song called Who Will Speak for Me with guitar solo and great doubled vocals (which sounds like female but I do not know it for sure). The band also focused on great melodies – like in songs Erdinger, Warrior (which describes the way of warrior from ancient Coliseum to modern cage), Patriots which is slower and has great solo and which reminds me US projects of Bryan Scorch (in vocals, music and lyrics also), Bootboys which is rock piece which sounds in strophes like last Brutal Attack stuff and in refrain like Last Resort (Resort Bootboys), When Will I Learn (which is second greatest songfrom the LP for me after Who Will Speak for Me) or the last one Good Intentions…Bad Ideas which is also cool and which is about last ten years of the band with great refrain: “No regrets, we stand side by side, no regrets, we´ve nowhere to hide, no regrets, stay together till the end, no regrets, I will do it all again.“ Album is out on LP and CD and I hope that LP will be possible to buy in Europe (CD can be bought through Dim Records for example), because it has great cover (I didn´t see inside of it but I hope it will be ok). This is great stuff, Skinfull gets lot of better compared to their first album and they will play next year in New York and in my opinion they totally deserved it!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 13.11.2014

Sniper 66 - s/t

Rebel Sound Music - LP -

688_sniper66.jpgSniper 66 is four piece band from Austin in Texas, they have two guitars and they are playing great streetpunk influenced by rock´n´roll like Motorhead. This is their album recorded back in 2012 (but the vinyl is out now) and the band is working on the new CD which will be called Caput Lupinum. I really like their name, and I think that US bands have some obscenity on titles like this one (like band Soldier 76, etc…). On 30 minutes playing time are eleven songs which are going from harder stuff (like (What´d You Say – which is punk as fuck or Emergency) across classic rock (Firecracker) to great melodic and singalong songs (like the last one Let´s Go Have a Drink, My Brother with great solo copying the vocals in refrain). The same goes with the vocals which are shouted in some songs (Rise Up with great changing in vocals) and melodic in other ones (like Firecracker for example). Take Oxymoron, Braindance, One Way System and other punk rock classics add piece of dirty rock like Nashville Pussy and modern sound and you will have sound of Sniper 66. I really like melodic stuff from them (which are at the end of the album and I hear there Patriot sound from the Another Dead Generation era) and most of all I like I Know It´s True (about everlasting friendship) with trashy guitar and melody which goes straight in your head (check the official video to the song here http://youtu.be/eN6PGYEKRCM) and pub anthem Let´s Go Have a Drink. Cover is simple but the band logo which is on the backsinde is great (like Vulture Rock Records but the bird has now leather, spikes and chains with beer in claws). I don´t know about the inside because I have just digital version but I will look for the normal record because as I wrote before I really like when an unknown band for you kicks your ass…and this is what Sniper 66 did.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 25.04.2014

Solitary Way - s/t

Fester Records - CD -

710_Solitary-Way-front.jpgSolitary Way is brand new acoustic solo project of Viktor from Badlands which was released by unknown label Fester Records, but it was distributed by Rebellion. It is quite similar to acoustic songs from Badlands but there are also some songs which are not melancholic and sad - but there are also songs like that (like the title one Solitary Way, True to Yourself or City Streets), but you will find there also happy melodies (like the first one in optimistic tune called Lionheart, rock´n´roll Man Become One With Gods or faster one My Life). It is hard to describe just acoustic music but I think I can say that Viktor is great musician (like the guitar in You Did Not Belive In Me or in Too Young to Die which is against wars), singer and lyricist with no doubts (which is proved in Badlands and Soultamer lyrics) and his lyrics are based on personal feelings and not on cliché bullshit (just check the song titles like The Greatest Sacrifice, The Soil Doesn´t Bear My Name, Soul and Form, or Dream Within A Dream). All fourteen songs are in English. Cover evokes personal feelings and I can´t say anything about the inside. This is music on which you have to be in special mood and you have to have at least half of your brain so it is not for everybody. I really like it even it is nor acoustic Oi! neither streetpunk but simply great acoustic music which has head and tail.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 09.06.2014 •  Buy HERE

Sorry No! - Chapter One

Dunkel Records - CD - 34:33

736_sorry_ no.jpgSorry No! comes from Germany and they are playing in four (on guitar is Schlick and on bass is bassist from Schusterjungs I think) and their main advantage is female vocal. CD is out on Brazilian label Dunkel Records and LP version on French label Bords de Seine. Together you may listen to thirteen songs in English (including two covers What I am from Skinflicks and Dr. Skinhead from Evil Skins). The girl has similar vocal (and accent) like Rianne (which may be annoying for somebody) who helped on Les Vilains vocals. The sound is classic German Oi! (in style of bands from which come the members of Sorry No! - Rampage, Schusterjungs, Brachial, Backstreet Firm, Insidious Skins…) which is run forward by faster drums and which is spiced up by female vocal. Sometimes you can hear two tone guitar (Dr. Skinhead, Mr. Reggae or Stand Up). Also there is some songs with jumps from boostered to nonboostered guitar sound (like Viva Veritas). Lyrics are classics – media, tattoos, poseurs, whores in scene, worldwide skinhead scene which is based on friendship and sincerity (there is mentioned invitation from Bronco Army to Brazil), beer or song against skins who are listening just to reggae and not to oi! and punk. Song titles are Skinhead Times, Oi! Oi! Oi!, Ink, 1, 2, Fuck You or Money. Booklet is also ok – pictures according to topics, band photo and lyrics. Who likes standard German Oi! music will be satisfied with Sorry No! for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 30.07.2014 •  Buy HERE

Staré Pušky - Stálo to za to

Cecek Records - CD - 40:50

674_stare_pusky_stalo.jpgIn record player I have second album from Staré pušky released as a digipack on Cecek Records with 13 songs. This band is composed from ex-members of Degradace and Proti směru and it is loved by people or hated and thanks to god I am in the first group which sense all the sincerity and straight from the heart music which kicks you back to the deep past. When I am listening to them I feel like small kid when I was running through the blockhouses in suburb, local supermarket and cranes on the building site. So on one hand you can be young poseur who spit on everything which is not hard and heavy or on the other hand you can take this and you will see what the music and lyrics done with you. You will laugh, cry, be nostalgic, be euphoric or you will just have lust for life. It is like that if you have any soul and you should through away the lyrics about beer and no future and three chords. If you know the band you have to know also some of their videos on youtube which are done to fit in the lyrics. When you watch them it makes your emotions deeper and you will stare at them with open mouth. I want to find some bad or average song but I will lie to myself if I did it. It is simply perfect and professional. So back to the album. I expect continuity to the first album and I was not disappointed. I am listening to it for many times and I still count it as a second part of their debut. But yes it is different. It is smoother with more aspects of 70´s music with folk, country, jazz and you should hear old classics like Vladimír Mišík with his ETC (in lyrics and emotios). This is not musically punk rock style but it has punk rock soul and it is played by punks, it is sincere and it hurts. It is funny on one side but serious and sad on the other one. You have to choose. If you are not ignoramous it will hit you like arrow and it becomes one of your most loved albums. People remember more feelings then words and I have many of them during listening of this album. I belive that older people like me will sense this but I also think that it will catch the younger and pure empathetic people. I can´t describe each song because it will be too long and also because of the fact that each one is different. But you always recognize that this is the band Staré pušky, the band which shift the borders of punk rock in our country. Really recommended! VLÁĎA 10
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 31.03.2014

Stranglehold - Spitting Blood

Longshot Music/KB Records - EP -

761_stranglehold_spittingEP.jpegNewest stuff from Aussies Stranglehold is their 7´´ called Spitting Blood which contains 4 songs lead with Lisa´s charismatic, rough and raw vocal. Stranglehold plays in four but Lisa also plays guitar. Songs are called Spitting Blood, Runaway, Stil I´ll Rise (yes it is the song which was also recorded by Lion Fight but I don´t know who record it first but this version is quite softer for sure) and Filed and Forgotten. Spitting Blood is the hardest song from the EP I think and Lisa shouts great in refrain (I still can´t get of my head their song called Another Night from some Xmas compilation because I can´t recognize that this is female vocal). Runaway is more melodic (guitars) and slower. About Still I´ll Rise I spoke at the beginning of the review but when this song will have different name I will not recognize it. The guitar is quite similar to guitar in Runaway. The last song Filed and Forgotten is slowest and Lisa´s vocal is there the best from the EP. I really like this song (it is about the fact when you commit something and you´ve been sentenced, it will go with you through whole life). In band play two members from Marching Orders and the band is composed from people around RazorCut, Lion Fight, etc… so it will surely be heard somewhere and I heard it in Brod´s guitar (but I don´t care because I like Marching Orders). I don´t know how many copies and in which colors this EP has but I have clear one with white splatters. There is also download code but no paper with lyrics (what a pitty) and no band photo. But for me…COOL.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 10.10.2014

Strong Style - Akashi

This Means WAR Records - EP -

799_strong_style_akashi.pngThis is re-edition of Akashi EP from Japanese SSS band Strong Style which was released as EP and CD back in 2002 through Jukebox Records. Now it is out as maxi EP and you may find all four songs on it (in 2002 there were 2+1 song on EP and 2+1 different on CD so now they are all together) and they are in Japanese language. Songs are called Rising Sun and Traveler for example. Third song is cover from Cannons Rising Sun. Back in 1992 Cannons broke up and their members founded Strong Style. From the line-up which recorded this EP is now in line up just singer Taguchi. The band knows how to play and each song has minimum three and half minutes. All songs are melodical so not so many metal touches as usual with SSS bands and it is based on solo guitar and melodic vocal. EP is limited to 300 copies (200 white and 100 white with red splatters plus A3 poster) and 20 testpressings. I have the version without poster and there is also no paper with lyrics inside. Graphics of the regular version is based on EP graphics, tespressing is based on CD graphics. After the Shout Proud Record released their full length, this is next label from Europe which release this masterpiece. Even it is just a “re-edition” it is simply great because Japanese bands are hard to get there so I think it will be sold out quickly. Great job!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 15.01.2015

Strongbow - Chained

Contra Records - LP -

782_strongbow_chained.jpgFourth album from this German, Dresden based band but I bet that you will place them somewhere near San Francisco or California due to their music because it is great punk rock with nice US sound. I do not their previous stuff too much, I know just their splits with Razors in the Night and Dog Company. On LP you may listen to thirteen songs in English and it is hardly believed that they come around about 150 km from Prague. It is melodic and singalong punk rock with nice solo guitar and vocal which can sing on melancholic level (like in song Breathing) but also on faster level (like in Curse them All). So prepare yourself on singalong refrains and chants which you love on US bands (like in songs From the Heart of Bouncing Soul, Ocean Bound or These Streets – check the video on it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syclShSt6yA). Most of the songs are in middle rhythm but it is really straightforward stuff. I will compare them to bands from Boston punk rock school like Street Dogs, Burning Streets but in some songs you can hear also Social Distortion (like song Cold with great bluesy solo guitar or Other Side). The band also knows how to play acoustic songs (like the song The Light or beginning of the Chained with keyboards). In many songs is also my favorite passage where band plays just bass with drums (True Bloods for example). Cover was done by Pete MacPhee who did covers for Dropkick Murphys for example. I do not know anything about the inside because I have just digital copy. Who likes bands which I mentioned above or Swedish band Saturday´s Heroes, will fell in love also with Strongbow.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 01.12.2014

Subrockers - Telephone

Rebellion Records - EP -

645_subrockers_telephone.jpgAfter the s/t full length album released in 2013 comes this Dutch all–star band composed with ex-members from Disturbance, I Reject and Antidote with single called Telephone. On EP you can listen to two songs – Telephone on A side and Rock this City on side B. I really like their full length because of many various musical styles from punk rock through rock´n´roll to classic rock sound so I expect this also here. Title song Telephone is slower track with more “poppy” sound with phlegmatic vocal, guitar solo in almost whole track and great bass. Rock this City is tougher but you may hear the manuscript of the band in it (mainly the guitar and bass). Cover is done in simple way similar to the previous release (black and white drawing). I have it just in digital format so I can´t say anything about the inside but if you like the previous album you will like also this EP. Nothing hard or tough but cool music made by experienced musicians.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 11.02.2014

Suede Razors - Bootboy Anthems

Rebellion Records/Rebel Sound Music - EP -

713_suede_razors.jpgSuede Razors is four piece band which comes from San Francisco with members from bands such as Harrington Saints, Hounds and Harrots or Sydney Ducks and this is their second EP (I don´t know much about the first one instead of the fact that was released on Pirate Press Records) with two songs. First one is called Rubies and Pearls and on side B is song called My City. The first song really catches you if you like Rose Tattoo, glam rock or mod beat. Because this is the mixture of these styles mainly the guitar riff in strophes. In refrain the singer sings one part and the other members the second part and the effect is great. Second My City is more into streetpunk but again with rock guitar (now the solo rocks not the main riff). Refrains are sung together in this piece. EP is limited to 600 copies (black, white and blue, 200 copies each). I have just digital copy so no info about the inside but really great surprise for me, but when you look on the bands in which members of Suede Razors played you can´t be surprised. Just have a look and try it…in Europe across Rebellion in States across Rebel Sound Music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 12.06.2014

Suncity Skins - Viejo Orgullo, Nueva Gloria

Vinyl 4 Bootboys - EP -

687_scs_ep.jpgSuncity Skins is a band from city Hermosillo which is in Mexico and this is their debut. I do not know any band which comes from this area but I know there are some skins because Haggis tour Mexico some years ago. The band plays in three (guitarist Alonso also sings). On EP are three regular song and instrumental intro. Songs are in Spanish and they are called Tu Realidad (Yours Reality), La Vieja Escuela (Old School) and Frente en Alto (Heads Up). Title of the album can be translated like Old Pride, New Glory. The band plays melodic faster music and songs Tu Realidad and La Vieja Escuela are based on very rock guitar (riffs and solo after the singing the verse of the strophe) plus drums which really make songs to go straightforward. The last piece Frente en Alto is most melodic song from the EP. The vocal is changing from shouted parts to normal voice. Definitely top quality for three pieces line-up. Drawn cover hides paper with lyrics, band photos and thankslist (with bands like Orgullo Sur, Badera de Combate butalso US bands like The Warlords or Bricktop). EP is limited to 300 copies (100 black and 200 gold) plus some testpressings. Nice piece which worth support a least for the fact that you surely do not have many bands on vinyl from Mexico at home.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 24.04.2014

Supporting - Forca Brutal

OEFM Records - CD -

1041_supporting.jpgSupporting is one of many Rattus projects and bands (Faccao Opposta, Albert Fish, Pulhas, ….), which is dedicated to football and casual culture around Sporting Lisabon. Together you may check 11 songs on this CD in Portuguese (including intro) and also video on song Geracao 70. This video can be found also on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_GI1qfwcDU. Song titles are 12° Jogador (12th Player), Forca Brutal (Brutal Force which is Portuguese version of Fields of Athenry), Alma da Bancada (Spirit of the Terraces which is Take Me home Country Road), Bracos no Ar (Hands in the Air which is almost reggae song with keyboards at the beginning), Voto Solene (Solemn Vow which is all sung a capela), Sporting como tu não há igual (Sporting Has no Rivals) or Rapazes de Verde e Branco (Boys in Green and White which has almost funky start). From these songs you may recognize that they will be abound football and stuff around like fans, honor of the team, etc… many of the songs are covers for sure but I didn´t recognize the original. CD is done in paper cover with card inside about the band and thankslist. Sincerely I have no idea to compare it with something because there are plenty of bands which sung about hools or ultra scene but this just about fans and football. I know there was some kind of compilation for Lazio Roma (but I don´t know the title). This is quite similar and I will leave it without rating.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 05.12.2016

Surgery Without Research/No Man´s Land - s/t

Aggrobeat Records/FFC Productions/Rusty Knife - EP -

733_nml_splitep.jpgNext split with Indonesian band No Man´s Land is out now again on Aggrobeat (now in cooperation with FFC Productions and Rusty Knife). Their sparring partner on this EP is three piece band from British Isles called Surgery Without Research. It was found in 2000 (I don´t know anything more) and they are playing faster UK 82 punk (they played with Anthrax for example). On EP you may listen to their three songs called Things not to Like, Power Unpower and Deform Not Conform. First two are short and fast in exact style of UK 82 with shouted vocal (second song is classic protest one). Third one is melodic and slower with guitar solo and for me it is the best one from side A. This is for the fans of Sick on the Bus and bands like that. No Man´s Land has there two songs called Living in a Den of Thieves and Opportunistic Politicians. Their music is completely different – melodic Oi!/streetpunk in middle rhythm with great catchy refrains which you can hear in both songs. The band is currently working on the new album which will be called No Way Back Home. EP is limited to 500 copies on white vinyl with band photos inside. Little bit inhomogeneous split and I give just 6 because I am not too much into fast 82 punk.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6  •  Date: 17.07.2014

Syndrome 81 - s/t

Offside Records - EP -

861_s81.jpgSyndrome 81comes from French city Brest and they have released this EP (in many versions as EP or cassette on labels such as Derrick Hunter Records, Backwash Records, Emerge or Brain Abuse Records) and split EP with post punk band Litovsk which comes also from France. EP was recorded in two line ups – 3 and 5 pieces and it contains six songs in French (including Negative Approach cover Nothing in French called). Some song titles can be translated like Living for Nothing (Une vie pour rien), Recovery (Recouvrance) or Ocelová rakev (Steel Coffin which is about some submarine). Other songs are called Brest La Grise, A coup de gégéne (which has something to do with some kind of generator used not only by French army for torturing captured soldiers) and above mantioned Que Dalle. Band members has experience with playing in harder bands so I have to say that I was quite surprised with their sound because you may hear classic French Oi!/punk from 80´s like Taxi Driver, LSD or Camera Silens but also harder bands (like mentioned Negative Approach). Most melodic are songs called Une vie pour rien (with nice guitar and overshouting in the final rhythm) and Recouvrance (with sad solo on deeper stringsú. The rest is little bit rougher. Artwork of the EP is really depressive and it reflects reality of grey industrial harbor. Inside are lyrics, thankslist (written on typewriter) and some band photos in the background. Who likes raw but melodic sound check the band on http://syndrome81.bandcamp.com/ (where are also some other songs). Good one.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 28.07.2015

Tailgunner - Soundtrack of our Lives

Vinyl 4 Bootboys - LP -

691_tailgunnerlp.jpgTen inch LP of the Montreal based band with ex members from Street Troopers or Gutter Demons is out on Vinyl 4 Bootboys (but you may listen to the songs on http://tailgunnermtl.bandcamp.com/) and the title of the album is same as the last full length from Red London (2002). On LP you may listen to six songs called Beer, Bottles and Broken Homes, My City, Soundrack of Our Lives, Street Rock´n´Roll, Trust (which is partly acoustic) and Streets of Montreal (which is cover from Street Troopers). In the booklet is written that the band plays in six with three guitars (fuuu like Iron Maiden!!!) and allo members (except drummer) are changing in vocals. The band has short break in playing (these songs were recorded in February 2013) but nowadays they are back and they are playing gigs (and I hope that they will do some European tour). Their music is calm punk rock with normal vocal, many sing-alongs and tiny and mighty guitar solos (like in Trust, My City or Street Rock´n´Roll). Bass is also playing solos. Rhythm is middle/faster and the title song Soundtrack of Our Lives and Trust are great hits. Lyrics are about the music of three chords which become soundtrack of our lives and which will be with us till death, love to your city in spite of the fact that your band can´t play here and you are banned from every place, style which band plays and which never be PC and never be on MTV but the band likes their reality which they live in or chaotic life which you live but even you have pride, honor and values. LP is limited to 250 copies (100 black and 150 with red/yellow splatters) and it is dedicated to friend of the band who passed away last year. Inside are all lyrics, photos and thankslist. I am glad that the band is back (and that they are here “„to play punk rock for the working class“) and also that these songs were physically released. Who likes the first album will not be disappointed from this piece.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 30.04.2014

The Antagonizers ATL/DDC - s/t

Rebel Sound Music - EP -

748_ant_ddc.jpgSplit EP from two US bands which come from Atlanta city is out now on Rebel Sound Music. Antagonizers ATL are more experienced band (split CD with Empire Falls and Main Street Saints, one official EP and one mp3 EP for download), DDC has just 10´´ released through Vinyl 4 Bootboys). Each band has there two songs - The Antagonizers ATL has there Pressure and The Crew F.U. (with guest vocals from DDC) and DDC songs called Victory and Hated. In The Antagonizers ATL sings Bohdan whose you may know from Vibram 94 or Cut Throat (not those which you are thinking of) The Antagonizers plays in four and they are playing softer music then DDC, first song Pressure is punk rock as it should be and it is about all the stress and pressure around you. Second one is more shouted (because of the guest vocals I guess) about the crew which DDC and The Antagonizers are part of. DDC are playing brickwall Oi! powered by two guitars (with great solo one). Victory is about the birth of free nation which comes from tyranny. Song has great refrain with vocals from other band members. Hated is the typical “hate” song about the reasons to hate and to be hated. Singer Shane has great shouted vocal in that song. EP Is limited to 600 copies (200 black, 200 half black half red and 200 red with black splatters). Inside is paper with lyrics and on the backside are band photos. Typical US style.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 09.09.2014

The Black Tartan Clan - Scotland in our Hearts

4Subculture Records - CD - 38:16

721_btc_scotland.jpgFourth album of this Belgian celtic punk band is out now again on 4Subculture Records and it is called Scotland in our Hearts. On album you may listen to twelve songs including one instrumental (The Hero), one Scottish traditional (Go Lassie Go) and one has French lyrics (We Are the Clan). The rest is in English. TBTC are playing in six piece line up (classic line up plus banjo and bagpipes) and it is similar as the line up on previous album Don´t Walk Alone. In song The Artist you may hear also accordion. Music of TBTC doesn´t change too much – it is fresh punk rock which makes you move for sure. On this album there are some songs with more serious topics like the first one Piper Bill which is tribute to Bill Millin who played bagpipes during the Normandy campaign, The Factory about the wasting life in hard work or the historical one called Ye Jacobites by Name. There are also songs about fun like Belgian and Drunk or Until I´m Drunk Enough with acoustic start, playing gigs (Friends until the End which is the best song from the CD) or about how you find maggots in your food (Maggots in my Haggis). Graphics of the album is the best compared to their other CD´s – great cover, lyrics with pictures in the background and many band photos. This album is really in the musical standard of TBTC.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 25.06.2014 •  Buy HERE

The Butchers - s/t

Longshot Music - EP -

803_butchers.jpegThe Butchers is next band with Carl Fritscher from Templars in line-up and he used to play with them during his Seattle period. They have released split LP with Subway Thugs and Fatskins (which was released in 2014). This is older stuff originally released in 2013 through Under One Flag and in 2014 it was released properly with cover from JM Design. EP contains four songs called Learning the Ropes, Suicide, Another Day and Hard Lovin´ Woman (which is originally from Deep Purple!!!). Band plays in classic line up and Carl do the guitar and sing backing vocals. If you are expecting something like Templars or something like that you are wrong. This is classic rock/hard rock stuff like Rose Tattoo which you may hear in the first song for example. Second and third song is little bit disappointing for me and their don´t entertain me. I am not saying that it is badly played but it is something you hear before and I miss some significant idea. The last song scatter this little bit but it because it is cover version. As I wrote it is well played and guitar did some solo (like in Another Day or in Hard Lovin´ Woman cover), but I still miss some ideas (instead of the first song) which make you remember and whistle their tunes. Cover done in JM Studio is exclusive again and inside is paper with thankslist, anti-thankslist, photos and line up. I do not know their other released stuff so I can´t compare but this is just lightly above average.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6  •  Date: 21.01.2015 •  Buy HERE

The Clichés - Bovver Boots

Randale Records - EP -

843_cliches_bovver.jpgNext from many EP´s from this well based Swedish band from Nörrkopingu is called Bovver Boots and i tis single. Song titles are Bovver Boots and Riot. Both songs (as usual) are in English. EP is mixture of Oi! and glam rock and it can be heard in the first track with ligthly boostered guitar with rock´n´roll sound and guitar solo supported by light rhythm of drums. In second song called Riot which has similar sound you may hear pub piano which sounds like Superyob (mainly due to nice refrain) or older Slade songs and this song is little bit faster then the first one. Again there is short guitar solo at the end of the song. The band is playing normály in three pieces so do not expect some kind of musical orgy but it is melodic and fresh. This EP was recorded in the way that one person is responsible for everything, second one just for vocals and the third on efor the piano.Both songs are in swinging rhythm. EP was released on black and orange wax and on the front and back cover are old skins photos from England. There is no paper with lyrics or band photos but don´t worry…the vocal is clear and it is well understandable. Fine.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 05.05.2015

The Droogettes - s/t

Creep Records - CD -

757_droogettes-cd01.jpgDroogetes is full girl band from USA (Philadelphia) and this is their debut album with six songs. Title, cover art and their image is derived from Clockwork Orange movie and you may find there similarity to band Devotckas. But Droogetes are playing in slower middle rhythm and Devotckas used to play harder and faster. Girls are playing in classic four piece line up and as I said before on EP are six songs including two covers - It Ain´r Right from The Oppressed and Hero from US HC band Ruin. Other songs are called We don´t Love You, Montreal, House Arrest and At the Brighton. Vocalist Jenn has great vocal which is clear and you can understand all well. First song (We don´t Love You) starts similar to Cock Sparrer´s Get a Rope and other songs are also in the rhythm of sugar Oi! but it is slower then Vanilla Muffins. In House Arrest song are two vocals over each other and each is singing different lyrics. The fastest song is the last one called At the Brighton. The band is preparing split EP with External Menace and next year they are going to release EP through Shout Proud Records which is promised to be harder and faster. Interesting stuff for the fans of female (not just fronted) bands and less aggressive bands.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 06.10.2014

The Hairdryers - Obsessions

Common People Records - LP -

796_THE HAIRDRYERS COVER.jpgThe Hairdryers is punk rock band from Spanish province La Costera which plays in four piece line up with two guitars and girl on bass and which has some common members with Joint he Rejects. This is their debut album released as 10´´ on Common People Records. On LP you may listen to six songs called Setting Accounts, Heat Guns, Save the Vinyl, One More Lie, Moments of Pain and Obsessions. Songs are actually just five because the first one is spoken intro from some film I guess. Their music is mixture of oldschool sound of pun krock from 70´s with later Oi! influences (like in song Moments of Pain which sounds like mixture of early Skrewdriver and Red London and for me it is the best song from the LP). In song Heat Guns (which you may listen on http://youtu.be/s2tBc_imK6Y) is also piano/keyboards. Guitar is really playful in some songs and it has great steel sound (hard rock, rock´n´roll and blues – like in Heat Guns or the beginning of Save the Vinyl which sounds like from AC/DC). The beginning of the last one Obsessions sounds similar like classic Sweet Home Alabama to me :). Vocal is calm, soft and natural and it reminds me Badlands (mainly the song One More Lie which is about media and their hunt for sensation which could be even fake but they have some material for writing). Inside LP is paper with lyrics. Who likes calmer music (which Common People distributes – like The Urgent Kicks) will like this album. I really like it.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 09.01.2015 •  Buy HERE

The Hardknocks - Confrontation

Vinyl 4 Bootboys - EP -

724_hardknocks.jpgThe Hardknocks is four piece band (with two guitars) from Los Angeles and this is their four track EP released on Vinyl 4 Bootboys. The songs are called Confrontation, Brothers in Arms, Our City and Never Forget. Each song has around about two minutes. The rough vocals of both guitarists and bassist are dominating to the record, they are changing and complementing each other (like in the title song Confrontation which is shouted). Brothers in Arms is slower and has more melody thanks to the guitar solos (one riff sounds like faster version of the main solo in Terorist with a Guitar from BDTR). Refrain is singalong which we expect from the US bands. Our City starts with playful bass and it is faster song with oooo refrain. The last one called Never Forget is back in the hard line of Confrontation (again the shouted vocal), the melody of the guitars remains and it is the best song from the EP for me and it is dedicated to all of our brothers and sisters who passed out. Cover is drawn and again we can say that it is the line of classic US Oi! – flag, fight, cops, jail, boots. Inside are all lyrics, band photo and their logo. EP is limited to 250 copies (100 black and 150 oxblood) plus 10 testpressings. Great EP and a must have release for all fans of US Oi! music. You may check he songs on their web http://thehardknocks.bandcamp.com/.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 02.07.2014

The Hawks - This Way Is...Right Way

This Means WAR Records - LP -

804_the_hawks.pngNext LP released on This Means WAR is Japanese SSS band again. Now it is some kind of compilation from The Hawks with their songs from demos, cassettes, singles and live gigs. So on LP which is limited to 300 copies (200 white and 100 white with red splatters) plus 20 testpressings is nine songs. First three on A side are from 1996 and 1999 demos, four and five (which is live song from Osaka gig) are from Don´t Give Up Right Way cassette (1998). First three from B side are from 7´´ called Requiem (cover is done according to this EP) and the last one is from promo CD single. So we can say that all songs are from rare releases. Two songs are in English (Rock´n´Roll Band and Runaway but it is Japanese English so even with the lyrics it is hard to understand) and the rest is in their mother tongue (but Japanese bands like to add English in refrains for example – like in songs Triumph, Hana, Don´t Give Up Right Way or Drop Out). Music is in middle rhythm and it is singalong and catchy and the quality of demo songs is comparable to standard studio record. Inside is paper with photos and lyrics which are hard to read for other nations. I leave it without rating because it is compilation but it is really great stuff mainly due to availability of these bands in Europe.
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The Prowlers - On the Run

Aggrobeat/Insurgence/Longshot Records - LP -

717_prowlers.JPGThe Prowlers is band which comes from Montreal and they are playing for quite a long time but they have just one full length album (Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow), some split CD´s and also some EP´s. I know just they full length and I really like it. Rough vocal, catchy refrains, small guitar solos and terse sound which makes unbreakable wall, so I was quite curious what they release 13 years after it on this 10´´ LP. The band plays still in five piece line up but I don´t know how much the people changed in the band. So we have there seven songs (all in English which is quite unusual in Montreal area) including cover from Street Troopers (Oi! Against Racial Prejudice), which I can´t compare to original version because I don´t know it. Song One Life which opens the LP and Badlands is in the style which I described above but I don´t really like End of the Week (especially the vocals part which didn´t fits to me in that song). Fury of Glory, Lost and Drunk (for me the best song from LP) and Ghost from the Past is back in the rails of Hair Today Gone Tomorrow (great sing-alongs and great bass part in Ghost from the Past). LP is limited to 500 copies in three colored versions (200 for Canada, 200 for Europe and 100 goes into States). This LP really begins where their full length ends so if you like the full one you will like this LP too. I have just digital format, but inside artwork of the LP should be OK.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 18.06.2014

The Riot - Moderní Fotbal

Shout Proud Records - EP -

727_obal_nastrel.jpgI have in my hands long awaited vinyl from The Riot. They have passed through some dark ages and they also changed their line up from their last record. Dan went from mic behind the drums, guitars stay the same, bass was grabbed by editor in chief Peddy and their friend Wolf came to the microphone. And I have to say that their music really rocks in this line up. So now to the vinyl. I have one from 7 pink copies with number 004/150. There are 43 EP´s on red wax and 100 on black one. On EP you may listen to 4 songs. Side A – Moderní fotbal (Modern Football) which is title song of the EP and it is about the fact that football in Czech and in the world is no more for the working class. Everyone know what we are talking about. Skinhead Girl is about the beauty of renees. It´s a shame that we have less and less skinhead girls. Side B – Old School is song in English about the weird youth which do not know what to do and they have strange outlook which is sometimes transferred into skins cult. The last song is called Comedy Bois and it is about the fact that when you have a lust for playing, there is no barriers like driving distance for crossing. So to the end…EP has everything that EP should has . Cover is done as a rip off of one old album from one old band with football theme, inside are lyrics in English, thankslist and some photos. For me it it is clear and it is for full points and all the best to the boys!
Author: Safy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 09.07.2014

The Terraces - The Season so Far

Rebel Sound Music - LP -

668_terraces.jpgThe Terraces is new aussie-british band where sings founder and ex-bass player from One Way System Gary and the bass is played by Kingy from Rose Tattoo. On LP you may listen to 12 songs including The Clash cover Complete Control. The sound of the band kicks you back to 80´s when Cockney Rejects ruled (Gary has rude vocal as Mickey has) and it is definitely influenced by Rose Tattoo (I even don´t know any Aussie band which is not influenced by them). All songs are in middle/slower rhythm (for example the song The Union is slower one with great and strong melody). Sometimes it sounds like Superyob – like singalong in the end of the first song The Internationals. In some songs you will hear keyboards (classic sound of Hamond) like in Care About Nothing. In song Billy is solo guitar like from Twisted Sister. Topics of the lyrics are working class, attention which you give to your girl and which isn´t accepted, friendship which last more than 25 years or music which helps you to stop thinking about boring life. There is no weak song on the LP and I really like pieces like 25 Years, The Hustler, Billy or Union. LP is limited to 500 copies (three colored versions). Cover is gatefold with some nostalgic photos, band photos and lyrics. For fans of 80´s sound a must have album for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 18.03.2014

The Traditionals - Steel Town Anthems

Rebel Sound/Longshot Music - LP -

630_traditionals.jpgRebel Sound is keep on releasing older albums on LP and this is one of these things so come on. This is their album released back in 2011 on German label Impact Records. On LP you may listen to 13 songs of typical brickwall Oi! style based on rough vocal and bass line with great solos. There are also two covers – from The Oppressed (Ultra Violence) and Sham 69 (Borstal Breakout). Band comes from the city of Pittsburgh which is (or was) industrial city (steel I think) so the band has some social lyrics about the working class (At the Bottom, Revolution is Here or Sold Us Down the River where the band is complaining on selling the cities and clothing the factories which are crucial for many inhabitants and it is the best song from the LP for me). There are also some lyrics about weekend drinking (Weekend is Here Again which begins with siren ending the shift), great is C.I.A. about this organization or problems with bosses (Problem With Authority), etc… Cover is the same as on CD and inside is unknown for me, because I have just digital promo. Good reincarnation of older thing.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 20.01.2014

The Transitions - s/t

Rebel Sound Music - EP -

749_transitions.jpgNext project with Al (Marching Orders, RazorCut) on vocals is three piece band called The Transitions and this is their debut EP (the band has been playing since 2012) released through US label Rebel Sound Music. Al also plays guitar there. So at first DO NOT expect anything like above mentioned bands (except the similarity in vocals). The Transitions are playing post punk/new wave style similar to bands like The Skids, Damned or Joy Division (also graphics of the cover done like technical drawing is according to that fact). On EP you may listen to four songs called Waiting for the Man, Shouting at Silence, Live Fast, Die Young and No More Yesterday. Sound is darker, monotonous and depressive and also the song titles are like that (mainly the Shouting at Silence). Whole EP is in slower middle rhythm and Al´s vocal is quite clear and he also sings more in this project – intonation and melody (like in the end of the first song where spoken vocal is changing with sung one). Most of all I like Shouting at Silence and lst but not least No More Yesterday (with great bass in the background). EP is limited to 500 copies (200 black, 200 oxblood and 100 clear green). Who likes above mentioned bands and who is not just into one music style will like this…it is something different.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 10.09.2014

The Warriors - Dead to Me

Aggrobeat Records/Rebel Sound Music - EP -

698_warriors_ep.jpgNext single from The Warriors is out on Dutch label Aggrobeat Records and US Rebel Sound Music. 500 copies are on yellow and red vinyl divided to version for USA and Europe and it contains two songs Dead to Me and No One Provokes Me. Dead to Me is in slower/middle rhythm and the main riff and Saxby´s vocal reminds me song Pull No Punches from Pressure 28. At the end of the song is fine guitar solo. Lyrics are about some friend who leave the other. No One Provokes Me is faster and more straightforward classic punk and it is about the fact that if someone provokes you he won´t escape without punishment. On the cover are the “friends” who turned into wankers in suit. I can´t tell you what is inside or on the backside. I like this single because it reminds me their previous stuff from Cross to Bear era.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 14.05.2014

The Zapoy! - Skinhead Power

Anachronism Records - CD -

745_zapoy.jpgThe Zapoy! Is skinhead band which comes from Moscow and which plays in four pieces (but two guitars) and this is album released by Austrian label Anachronism Records. ON CD you may listen to 16 songs (11 regular plus 5 live songs including Russian cover from The Templars – Pride). Some songs are in both versions. From that three songs are in English (Way of Life, Saturday´s Night and I don´t Belive) and the rest is in Russian. I was quite surprise with the music – great Oi!/streetpunk/skinhead rock´n´roll with light booster, many solos and drums with fast hi-hat (like Perkele from Voice of Anger era or Templars and you should hear it in Music for the Shaved song for example) and little bit garage and street sound which underline the atmosphere and authenticity. Great song is also Freedom with great changing in vocals (this song is hear in both versions) and Till the End which is most melodic from the CD. In live song Saturday Night you may hear two tone guitar. Booklet is really great full of photos, pictures (some are from Abu), lyrics in Russian and English and long thankslist. Lyrics are mainly about skinhead cult, patriotism, love to your town, fights, etc….nothing unusual. CD is limited to 309 copies. Great surprise from unknown band.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 03.09.2014

Those Unknown - Contribution

Contra Records - EP -

762_Those_Unknown.pngThose Unknown is quite long playing band (circa end of 80´s ) which was founded in New Jersey. After around about ten years, singer and guitarist Owen moved to California, where he founded the band again with new members. Those Unknown plays nowadays in four piece line up with two guitars. They have released two full length albums and five singles including this one. On this EP called Contribution you may listen to two songs called Building a Prison and Getting While the Getting is Good. I know the band just according to their name so I can´t compare west coast line up to the east coast one. Musically it is Oi!/streetpunk with poppy touches with simple and slower guitar solos (just check the end of the first song) and Owen´s vocal which is not violent and tough but natural and it sounds me similar to vocals of old English bands like Cock Sparrer for example. In first song is great part just with vocals and guitar and I really like it. In both songs you may hear great bass and it is evident that band really plays for some years (in both line ups and I presume that Owen is responsible for writing music) Fine music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 14.10.2014

Thug Boots - The Justice

Streetrock Records - EP -

825_thug-boots.jpgThug Boot is five piece band from Houston in Texas and this is their four song debut. They have already released demo with five songs called Elite Breed (which you may check here http://thugboots.bandcamp.com/) and which has similar sound. I have to mention that there´s a girl on guitar. But back to the music. Song titles are jsou Steel Cap Thunder, Foreign Policy, Brother and Brickwall Battalion. Lyrics are American classic so the first and the last song is about maniacs in steel capped boots who are doing backstreet justice and who are cleaning the streets from pervert scum,, then death of a friend (Brother) or foreign policy which is totally bad (Foreign Policy) so why send help to countries far away when in States are families which have nothing to eat and when the war is in the city streets. The band took their best from HC/Oi! bands and Ryan vocal is little bit drowned and cloaked. Two guitars are playing some solos (like in Foreign Policy) and somewhere you may hear female vocal (like shouted refrain in Brother). Songs are quite short (around about minute and half) and the longest is Brother, the shortest is Brickwall Battalion which is also the fastest one. EP is packed in nice gatefold with lyrics and band photos and it is dedicated to some friend who passed out in 2014. If you like Oi! bands which are not afraid of fast sound and who take inspiration from oldschool HC and if you like pro America songs like from YDL, this is the band for you!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 13.03.2015 •  Buy HERE

Thunder and Glory - As the Ocean Churns

Stratum Records - EP -

667_TnG_cover.pngThunder and Glory is new five piece band from Philadelphia and this is their first official release (they have also two songs demo called Bring the Thunder – check their web http://thunderandglory.bandcamp.com/), which was released by Dutch label Stratum Records. On Ep you can find four songs called To Kill and to Conquer, Attack and Kill (the best one for me), Out Of the Night and Soldier 76 (cover from the band with the same title from California). Their demo has graphic in Japanese style which is not usual by US band so I was curious how the band sounds. In the band are playing members from The Boils (I think the singer Greg). When you look at the titles of the songs you can realize that it sounds very violent and military and after the hearing I realize that it is really violent :) – “"Say a prayer to your gods above, in the eye of the storm, fall on your knees and beg for mercy.“ Music is in middle rhythm, Greg´s vocal is dominating and in the first song you may find passages when he sings without instruments. Solo guitar is also OK (also the first one As the Ocean Churns or Attack and Kill). All songs from the band are great and I have nothing to say against. Vinyl is released in 300 copies (200 blue/yellow with Philly´s coat of arms on the cover and 100 black with different one – eagle with samurai sword). Franks sent me the promo in digital way but I will buy it for sure because I really like and you may check it on this page http://stratumrecords.bandcamp.com/releases.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 17.03.2014 •  Buy HERE

TMF - Fuck the System

Greyzone Records - EP -

673_tmf_fuck.jpgJonesy založil nový label s názvem Greyzone Records (který se tuším zaměřuje jen na vinyly) a jejich první počin je jaho vlastní kapela TMF. Jedná se o singl, kde na straně A najdete song Fuck the System a na straně B potom vál I Hate You and You Hate Me. Grafika je pěkně udělaná (na molotovu není co zkazit). Ciaranova metalovější kytara TMF šoupla hodně dopředu a já tam prostě slyším novější Exploited. První song je o tom, jak je nutné nikdy nepodlehnout a neohnout se systému, kde platí jiná pravidla pro vás a pro ty nahoře. Dvojka není tak vyhraná jako první (je i o něco pomalejší) a líbí se mi o něco méně a jejím tématem je klasická nenávist. Oba songy budou na albu, které kapela chystá a které se bude jmenovat Straightjacket Symphonies. Deska vyšla v počtu 500 kousků (černá, červená a žlutá varianta) a je ručně číslovaná. K desce není žádný papír, texty jsou na zadní straně. Jako ochutnávka určitě prima věc a Fuck the System je prostě boží a já se budu těšit na další věci z produkce tohodle labelu.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 28.03.2014 •  Buy HERE

Topnovil - Blast the Stereo

Contra Records - LP -

756_Topnovil_cover2.jpgTopnovil is quite long playing punk rock band (since 1997) from Australia (city of Wollongong which is southern from Sydney) and on this album called Blast the Stereo you may listen to twelve songs of fine melodic punk rock based on 77 style. The band is playing in four but singer Dee Dee plays guitar also and two guitars are really heard in their music because there is solo almost in each song. This album was released last year on CD and this is its LP version limited to 500 copies (100 black, 200 black/green and 200 black/green speckled). In music of Topnovil is heard clear inspiration from Rancid mainly in the use of two tone/ska and sometimes reggae guitar elements (like in song Ride where you may hear all of this and even Dee Dee´s vocal is changing according to guitar rhythm). I that song you may hear also keyboards. Punk rock trashy guitar prevailed and bass is playing great solos in the background. You should expect also singalong refrains with all oooo and aaaa stuff which you like in these style (like in songs called Warfare, Stereo, Jackie or Enemy). Most of all I like song Lone Wolf with great refrain. About the inside I can´t speak too much because I have just digital copy but I will recommend this to all who likes melodic and singalong punk rock.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 03.10.2014

Urban Savage - Let Thunder Roar

Savage Records - LP -

829_us_LP.jpgUrban Savage comes from the city of Malmö and they are playing mixture of UK 82 punk, Oi! a HC and their members have many experiences with playing in different bands (like Agnostic Flint, Madbald, Reepalu SS, Angry People, etc…). Let Thunder Roar is their debut released on LP through their label Savage Records in 518 copies and you may listen to 10 songs in English. Sometimes there is Swedish refrain (like in the first song with cities which were caused by unemployment). Music is dark and raw with very critical lyrics about current social situation and differences between high/middle/working class (just check the song titles like Minimum Wage – Maximum Slave, Thieving Bastards or the last one Let the Thunder Roar). You may also hear it in song When the Day Comes when the band speaks about the day when justice and liberty won´t be just phrases in politician´s speech or I Got Nothing to Say about the fact that law is just for the rich. Also the cover is done in that way where is lighting striking the Royal Palace in Stockholm. There are also some melodic songs (like Those Who Go and Those Who Stay, No Cure for a Sick Society or When the Day Comes, with nice bass and rock´n´roll rhythm), but also gloomy songs spiced with metal touches because bass player looks that he is into metal stuff (Wolves or the last one Let Thunder Roar). In some refrains singer is over shouted with the rest of the band. This band can be put into one box with bands like Shipwrecked, Battle Ruins or Rival Mob for example. To the LP you receive paper with lyrics and small papers with reviews from zines or webs. Great band which has something to say and which do not play clichés in music and lyics.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 27.03.2015

v/a - Muzyka Dla Mas Vol. 3

Olifant Records - CD - 72:50

660_va_muzyka3.jpgThird part of this Polish compilation from Olifant Records which maps current Polish Oi! scene was released at the beginning of 2014 and you will find 23 songs on it from 18 bands like Skunx, Contra Boys, Junkers, Lumpex 75, Faul, Hippie Raus, Stalag, Komando Bimber, Kastracja, Prawy Prosty, The Gits, All Bandits, Krawal Banda (ex – Rezystencja), Dewastators, Halabarda, Midgard, Gan and Motor Dead. All Bandits and Stalag has there cover from Awantura (Czerwone zkurwysyny and Technokultura), Contra Boys in spite of their new song Nie widzisz przyslosci also cover from them (Zasady źycia) and so did Prawy Prosty - Pokolenie nienawiści (and they have also their song called Honor i duma). I have to say that some bands I didn´t know (like Midgard, Stalag, Halabarda and Motor Dead). Other bands have it 50 to 50. For example Faul, Gan or The Gits has here songs from their newest albums, The Junkers (they have two songs there), Lumpex 75 and Komando Bimber for example have here brand new songs. Also I think that many bands have there their debut song or song from prepared album - like třeba Hippie Raus, Midgard, Halabarda and Krawal Banda (where is saxophone but no ska influences). It is the mixture of many styles from melodic Contra Boys or Halabarda (with their pub rock song with keyboards), Hippie Raus and their fast punk, classic streetpunk like Junkers Junkers and their song Serce chuligana or Kastracja with their Pamietaj o przyjazni, harder stuff from Prawy prosty with someone from Hate Speech zine, viking rock Midgard but also bands like Komando Bimber with style hard to describe. Cover was made by Abu from Minsk, inside are contacts on the bands, line up and webpage. Nice compilation which introduces you current Polish Oi! scene.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 05.03.2014

v/a - Brasil Oi! Vol. 1

The Firm Records/Rotten Records - CD - 51:49

697_va_brasil.jpgFirst release of Brazilian label The Firm Records is compilation of nine Brazilian bands, each with two songs. So we have there bands like Bronco Army, Belfast, CWB Oi!, Tamborellos, Sindicato Oi! (with common members with Belfast), Mao de Ferro, Mugshots, MMDC and Grito de Rua. From mentioned bands I know just two (Bronco Army and Mao de Ferro with songs which were already released) so I was quite curious about other stuff. But I can´t say if the other stuff was released or unreleased before because I don´t know the bands. Instead of Bronco Army all bands are singing in Portuguese. Bands come from provinces Paraná, Sao Paulo Central and Rio Grande do Sul (which you may recognize because of the small flag near the title of the band). So I will write just about for me unknown bands. So CWB Oi! plays really melodic music with female vocals (in song Men Lugar). Tamborellos is fresh singalong punk rock with catchy bass, guitar solos and vocals changing. Sindicato Oi! and Belfast played quite similar kind of music because three common members including vocalist Douglas. Sindicato has there also song in ska rhythm (Apenas mais Um). Mugshots from Porto Alegre are playing style spiced by dirty rock´n´roll and punk rock. MMDC has there on half-acoustic song and they are inspired by British bands from the 80´s. Grito de Rua are playing fastest and roughest from the presented bands. Inside the booklet iare band photos, logo and line up but no mail contact which is pitty because someone maybe want to write them. Great compilation with bands (with few exceptions) you can hardly buy in Europe.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 13.05.2014

v/a - Boots on the Streets Volume 1

Streetrock Records - CD - 34:27

700_vaboots.jpgFour bands compilation is out now on quite new US label called Streetrock Records. You will find there Doc. Evil from Australia (which is previous band of Blood Red Eagle members which is reunited now), Beyond Hate from Japan, No Quarter from Britain and Lonewolf from USA. Each band has there three songs. Doc. Evil is rough Oi! with great Doug´s vocal which is similar to young Jonesy. No Quarter has released single on Lionheart Records and they are playing typical British Oi! sound. It is as angry as Doc. Evil and also lyrics are quite in common (internet warriors) with them. Beyond Hate are singing in Japanese (instead of a few English words in refrains) and it is also classic Japan sound which is really tough and compact with metal influences and riffs (just check the song Blood and Flag). Lonewolf is New York based band with members from 211 Bootboys Crew and with drummer from Klase Dirigente. Lyrics and music are with no compromises similar to bands like Wolverines, First Strike etc… Booklet contains lyrics and on the back side of the cover are band pictures. Great compilation of bands which are not afraid to tell you what they are thinking. Great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 26.05.2014 •  Buy HERE

v/a - New Breed Rising

Rebellion Records/100% British Oi! Productions - CD -

718_new_breed.jpgCompilation of previously unreleased songs from new British bands is out now on Rebellion Records/100% British Oi! Productions. Together there is 16 songs from four bands (yes each band with four songs) - Queensbury Rules, Adverse Society, No Quarter and Steel Comb. All bands are without compromise and their kick you back to 80´s with their attitude to the music when Oi! ,music rules the streets Queensbury Rules are playing in middle rhythm and I really like their songs like New Breed Rising, Return to Agincourt (place of the battle in 1415) and their last piece We Are Skinheads (which will become singalong anthem like Singalong a Shave). Adverse Society is playing in three and their music is more into punk and I like their songs Baby Machine and We Are the People. No Quarter is the best band from the album, they have dark sound like early Condemned 84 (especially Darkness Inside) and Ain´t What I Call Oi! is the best track from the CD against all trendy Oi! bands. Song Rat sounds like early Exploited stuff (USA). Steel Comb comes from Scotland and they are playing most classic style from all bands (songs We Know the Truth or Skinhead Girl have really 80´s feeling). Great compilation which is mapping new wave of British Oi! music which really worth hearing.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 19.06.2014

v/a - Oi! Let´s Go to Germany

German Oi! Records - CD - 38:50

770_oi_germany.jpgThis is compilation with four German bands and each of them has there two songs - Bombecks - Thuringen, Lost and Found – Sachsen-Anhalt, Prolligans – Baden-Württenberg and Oi!dium –Sachsen-Anhalt again (and I never heard about them). At first I think that their songs are previously unreleased but in the case of Lost and Found are songs from their debut album Verloren Geglaubt. On CD are compared to LP (which is out on picture disc) one more bonus song from each band which is previously released. All bands sing in English. In couple of songs you may hear touches of ska rhythm (mainly in bonus songs on CD) but there is also acoustic song called Immer noch dabei (from Oi!dium which is dedicated to Oire Szene). Topics of other songs are football and Germany success in Brazil, streets and streetlife, pride on your city, drinking or commercialization of the cult. Bands are really melodic (the fastest piece is Verraten und Verkauft from Lost and Found). Most melodic are Prolligans which is caused by two vocalists and their song Heimatstadt is really cool. Oi!dium was also surprise for me as unknown band and there will be a review on their full length Lactis in couple of days. In booklet are all lyrics, band photos and coat of arms of their land in the background. Well done compilation with couple of previously unreleased songs and one unknown band for me. But it is compilation so no rating. You may find reviews on other bands on BB for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 11.11.2014

v/a - Histeria Oi! Tribute

Arcabuz Records - CD -

820_histeria_tribute.jpgArcabuz Records is label owned by lads from Bandeiry de Combate and at the end of last year they decided to release a debut for one of the Brazil most essential Oi! bands Histeria which released LP in 1988 called Meninos do Brasil (Boys from Brazil) plus some songs on some compilations during 90´s. On the tribute you may listen to 8 different bands which have 2 songs each. So you may listen to CWB Oi!, Aequitas, Entre os Vandalos (with singer Douglas from Sindicato Oi! and Belfast Douglas), Dr. Martins, Villipendium, Bronco Army, Expulsos do Bar and Bandeira de Combate. They have there also one song which is not from Histeria but it is dedicated to them and it is called Histeria Oi! and it is absolute killer (check it on http://youtu.be/dTzTXXdRoU8). When you check the list of bands you may recognize that it is composed from well-known bands but also from bands which I didn´t hear about. In these compilations is problem with non-balanced sound and it is also the case of this compilation because some bands has more garage sound (like Aequitas) and some have more professional sound (BDC, Dr. Martins). But we can do anything with that because each band recorded songs in different studio and each band has their own style so the sound of the CD is varying little bit. Inside the booklet is profile of each band with photo and line-up and thankslist in Portuguese, lyrics on BDC song plus English story of Histeria and big thankslist to ABC Paulista crew and Carecas do Suburbio. Really interesting compilation which is mapping biography of one of Brazil essential bands whose records are difficult to buy nowadays and really interesting compilation for new skinhead generation which maybe didn´t know about this band. Great compilation with great graphics but I leave it without rating but 100% recommended.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 03.03.2015

v/a - Swieza Krew Vol. 2

Olifant Records - CD -

951_sk_2.jpgAfter the compilation Swiaza Krew Vol. 1 released in 2006 with nine new bands is out second issue of this compilation. Now it is double CD with 15 bands and 52 songs (26 on each CD which is almost full. On first CD you may listen to bands like The Baugans, Johnny Stutman, Last Stand, Kill the Rich, Odsiecz, Kontroler and Szewska Pasja. On second CD 2 there are Headshot, Las Melinas, Ska Petarda, Buzz Off (German band which released on Olifant, the rest of the bands are Polish), Londyn70, Kuba Rozpruwacz, Stalag and Marass. Some of the bands are experienced, some released their full album after this compilation (CD is two years old) and some of them has their songs just there (Londyn70, Ska Petarda, Johnny Stuntman, Kill the Rich and Kontroler). Each band has there 2 – 4 songs. I will describe the bands which I didn´t know and which review you cannot read here on BB. Style of the bands varies from catchy oi!punk (The Baugans, Kill the Rich, melodic Kontroler with rnr touches, funny Szewska Pasja, reunited Londyn70 with their rnr and psycho touches, Kuba Rozpruwacz with their singalongs, raw and angry Stalag and hateful Marass) through dirty rnr (Johnny Stutman – you don´t realize that they are Polish) to ska (Las Melinas), ska-core (Ska Petarda with rude lyrics like in Viva szowinisci) and hard/heavy pieces (HC/punk Headshot). Some bands sing in Polish, some in English. In booklet is each page dedicated to one band with short description, lin-up, photos/logos and contact. Really nice compilation for those who organize gigs and who are thinking about some band from Poland.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 16.03.2016

v/a - Oi! Ain´t Dead Vol. 2

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music - LP -

649_oad2.jpgSecond part of this compilation released on Rbellion/Longshot is out now again on CD and LP witho four bands (two songs each). So there are Bishops Green from Canada (with songs Gross and Net and Night Terror, which are both on their Pressure full length – check their review in couple of days), Dutch Razorblade (single Warriors and Dead On Arrival – yes it is cover from Straw Dogs, these songs are out on single released on Under One Flag Series), French Lion´s Law (with songsOur Generation and Hanging on the Corner which are previously unreleased I think) and Aussies Razorcut (Fighting Fit and Locked Up released again through Under One Flag Series). I think that no band is quite unknown and I shouldn´t introduce them. Hardest are Razorblade for sure and song Warriors is comeback to their previous classic sound. Bishops Green has specific style similar to Greg´s previous bands like Alternate Action or Subway Thugs. Lion´s Law sounds similar to Perkele (especially their second song where vocal is similar to Ron´s ) and both songs are really melodic (the second one is slower little bit) and in first is great bass playing tunes on high strings. RazorCut with Al on vocals sounds like Marching Orders which I like. So in spite of Bishops Green (with songs from full length) and Lion´s Law (with new songs??) are other songs taken from singles but who is not interested in Under One Flag stuff will not hear them on any other album. Fine stuff but compilation so without rating.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 18.02.2014

v/a - Werewolves of the Night II

This Means WAR Records - LP -

774_va_werewolwesII.jpgSecond part of this werewolves compilation has under title Public Enemies of the NorthEast and it is out again on This Means WAR Records. The LP is little bit late because the band were sending songs for too long time and also there has to be done some kind of final mastering because each band has its songs on different sound level because of different studio which they used. On this compilation you may check seven bands with one or two songs each – together there are 12 songs. So you may listen to vets of US Oi! like Battle Cry and First Strike which are playing for quite long time but also new bands like Lonewolf NYC, The Wolverines and latino bands Combate 49, Venganza Tatuada and Klase Dirigente (last two mentioned has there songs in Spanish called 100% and Buitres de Acero which means something like Steel Vultures). The bands have or used to have also some members in common (for example drummer from Klasse Dirigente played with Lonewolf NYC and he is playing in Venganza Tatuada, where plays guitar Rich from First Strike, etc…). The bands styles are quite varying from Wolverines which are more melodic (songs Corrective Action and Resist, which is most melodic piece from the LP), across classic Oi like First Strike (2nd Amendment and Skins), Lonewolf NYC (Sounding the Death Knell) or Battle Cry (American Nightmare), through more simple bands like Venganza Tatuada (100% and Prison Battleground, which is in English) to heavy weight Oi! sound of Klase Dirigente (Buitres de Acero) or Combate 49 (Evil Seed and We Are Right). From the titles you may guess that this is LP with no compromises with topics of US patriotism, anti-communism, conservatism, law to own a gun, etc…but I think it can´t surprise you because almost all bands are revived on BB. All bands are also around 211 Bootboys crew. Graphics of the cover is made similar to Pridefull and Orgullo Sur split EP, on the back side you may find band photos and inside is sheet with lyrics. Great compilation with bands which aren´t afraid to speak abouttheir attitude loudly.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 18.11.2014

v/a - Spanish-Swedish 4 Way Split

This Means WAR/Wolfpact Records - EP -

707_spanish_swedish.pngThanks to cooperation of two Spanish labels is out this 4 split with bands like Glory Boys, Thumbskrew, Pitbullfarm and Battle Scarred. Spanish side contains previously unreleased songs from both bands so - Democracy (Glory Boys) and Fallen Soldier (Thumbskrew). Swedish side contains re-mastered version of Rubber Sexmachine with different intro (from Pitbullfarm) and different recording version of Molotov Coctail (Battle Scarred). All songs are in English. Rubber Sexmachine is about you fell in love with rubber Jenny from porno magazine and it is typical slapping psycho. Molotov Coctail is about friend who betrayed you and it is slower piece compared to other Battle Scarred songs and originally it is taken from Oi! Oi! Music, Football and Beer album. Democracy from Glory Boys is harder than their other songs and it is more tough and slower and I won´t recognize that this is Glory Boys (it was recorded in 2013 in four piece line up) and it is about the reversed democracy where bankers and money rule and only solution is to hang´em high. Fallen Soldier from Thumbskrew is about the fallen heroes who should have been celebrated. Song was recorded back in 2012 (I think with their other songs for EP released on MFS). It is in middle rhythm with small solos. Whole EP is limited to 5000 copies (200 red/yellow, 200 yellow/blue, 100 black and 30 testpress). Inside is paper with lyrics, band photos and line ups plus info about the recording of the song. The graphics of the normal version is also well (Spanish and Swedish battleship) and also the testpressing. For me the battle is won for the Spain because of previously unreleased songs but I leave it without rating because it is compilation.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 04.06.2014 •  Buy HERE

v/a - Oi! Ain´t Dead Vol. 3

Rebellion Records - EP -

765_va_oi3.jpgThird part of this Oi! Ain´t Dead series which is out through Rebellion is out now on EP. Now zou maz check US bands on the A side (The Old Firm Casuals and Noi!se) and Dutch bands on the B side (Razorblade and Badlands). US side is opened with OFC and their song American Dream and the Noi!se is playing afterwards – their song is called Two Faced. Razorblade has there Annihilation song and Badlands piece called Banner of Hope. If you know mentioned bands (and I think you know them at least from these compilations) you won´t be surprised with their sound. The Old Firm Casuals and Noi!se are representing typical American melodic streetpunk sound. Noi!se has here really catchy song with great changing in vocals which is really cool and you may know it from Idle Action song for example. Razorblade sits you down with their hard sound supported by small solo and Badlands they are playing style which you expect from them (but I do not know if this song is recorded especially for this compilation or if it is some older record like from Alexandrian Age times). Similar to previous issues of this compilation ot he cover is some photo from old glory times. I leave it without rating but I think that combination of these bands can´t be musically wrong at all.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 23.10.2014

Vice Squad - Christmas Hangover

Shout Proud Records/Last Rockers Records - EP -

791_vice_squad.jpgThis has to be a great trophy for Dirk from Shout Proud. Xmas EP from legendary Vice Squad with four songs with Xmas topics - – Santa Claws Is Coming to Your Town, Merry Xmas Everybody, Rockin´Around the Christmas Tree and I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day. EP was released in cooperation with their label Last Rockers Records. It is something like “best off” Christmas hits because the band is releasing Xmas CD/EP´s since 2009 and on this EP is one song from each record since 2009. These CD/EP´s were very limited (from 50 copies in 2009 to 500 in 2012) so I do not know if it is possible to buy them nowadays. This EP is also very limited – 150 copies (50 green and 100 black). First song is punk variation on Frank Sinatra´s song, second one is Slade cover, third is remake from Branda Lee and rthe last one is from Wizzard. All songs are powered with Becky´s shouted vocal. It´s a pity that there is no photo inside the EP but just blank paper and also no lyrics because of the fact that these are all covers. I think this is more collectors stuff and great job from Dirk but I leave it without rating because this is covers with changed lyrics but it makes you feel in Xmas mood after the listening (especially the first song which is really great).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 23.12.2014 •  Buy HERE

Wellington Arms - The Essencial Demos

DIY - CD -

670_WA10trackdemo.jpgWellington Arms is Chicago based band with Eric (editor of zine called Brew and Honour) on vocals and bass.and this CD contains ten songs (which you may know from EP´s Living in America and I Can´t Take Anymore, released by WAR Records and Pride and Passion or from compilation United Skins or Valencia demo and Stahlhelm Demos). The band plays in three but all members are doing vocals. Musically it is faster oi!/streetpunk with lightly boostered guitar and significant bass so you may hear all bass solos. Great songs are Gotta Change the World with superb guitar beginning and Wllington Arms which is faster. Then also I Hear the Lion´s Roar with great guitar again. Titles of other songs are Living in America, Got to Belive, International Lover, Boredoms a Drag, I Can´t Take It Anymore, We´re Young and Valencia. On demo I Can´t Take it Anymore is review here (released 2012 so check detailed description of the songs). Eric wrote to me that the demo will be soonly released so we can have it in physical form. He also wrote that regular album is in the pipeline so we may expect one after many demos because I think the line-up is ok nowadays and the band deserved it. But I leave it without rating because it is “just” demo.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 21.03.2014

Wits Dead End - Not Concerned With What You Think

Skinflint Music - CD -

722_wits.jpgWits Dead End is one of many projects from Roy who comes from Orange County and you may know him from projects such as The Old Souls, Tri City Trashed, Evil Inside or “more into politics” Powerhaus. But this album especially title speaks for itself and the content of the CD. It is melodic punk rock again spiced up with many other styles like blues, classic rock or metal. On CD you may listen to 14 songs which was composed, recorded and written by Roy (who is really genuine musician for sure) and the album is based on his solo guitar and vocals. Also many songs have ballad passages and changes in rhythm from faster to slower one. Songs are varying from faster HC punk (All Aboard!) across singalong punk rock (You, This Town, There was, Fading Away a Time or Legend) to rock and blues songs (like Negligent Procrastination, with great passage with just guitar solo, High and Dry which is more into ballad or Life on the Line). I can´t help myself but I hear early Offspring stuff (music and vocals). It is hard to pick up the greatest hits but I really like This Town with great refrain and keyboards, There Was a Time, last but not least Fading Away or above mentioned High and Dry, which has really ambitions to be played in regular radio. D is limited to 300 copies and you can buy it through Pure Impact for example. I don´t know anything about inside, I have just digital copy. Really great stuff for those who didn´t stuck in listening one musical genre.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 26.06.2014