45 Adapters - Patriots Not Fools

Contra Records/Longshot Music/Pirate Press - LP -

802_45_ad_patriots.jpgFirst 12´´ (and CD) from this US New York based band released due to cooperation of above mentioned labels is out and it contains six songs. When we are talking about the band their second song called Vinyl Fetishists really fits on them because all their previous stuff was released on EP´s except one CD which is collected works from EP´s. The rest of the songs are called Don´t Grow Out of It, We Can Win, Patriots not Fools, Real Danger and I am Not Afraid. The band plays in five and their music is catchy and singalong, vocals are changing and supporting each other and guitar and bass is playing small solos and their style called rhythm and boots really fits to them. All songs are melodic in fresh middle rhythm and vocals are natural and clear and you may recognize each word. Lyrics are about not growing old and not changing the skinhead way of life because it is not just teenage thing, Vinyl Fetishist should not be introduced to people who are buying the vinyly, about the fact that man should not be afraid and that the winning is nothing bad or the title hit Patriots not Fools about the fact that it doesn´t matter if you vote for republicans or democrats because you always become tool of their game. Graphics of the LP is great and it fits to the title (donkey and elephant are in coat of arms of democrats and republicans) and it looks similar to graphics from Toughskins EP Anger Managment. Their title song Patriots not Fools is great and I also like the last song I´m not Afraid. Album was released digitally at first but now it comes on LP and CD but I still don´t know the copies and facts about inside but I know that it is great piece of music!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 20.01.2015

Abtrimo/Spirit of the Patriot - United Against Everyone

Oldschool Records - CD - 35:12

868_abtr_sop_cd.jpgSplit albumf from Hamburg based German band Abtrimo and US one man project is out on CD through Oldschool Records. Each band has there six songs in German and English. Abtrimo are playing typical German Oi!/RAC in middle rhythm and I have to say that they are getting better and better with each new release (and you may hear it in second song Treusten der treuen with guitar solo which leads you through whole song, the last one Adler or Patrioten der Strasse). Simply the German Oi! (which is typical in the first song Rebellischer Freigeist) for fans of bands such as Rampage, Brachial, Kampfzone, etc... with classical topics like streetlife, violence or fun during the gig. SOtP are playing fast angry and shouted spikey hair drunk punk like early Casualties and in lyrics they sing about feminism or traitors. Exceptions are the songs Sons of Oi! or the last one love song My Only One which are slower. Cover is done in the same graphic way as previous Abtrimo releases. Booklet is two pages with similar graphics (skins and sailor girls :)) as front side of the album and there is just some kind of thankslist. I like Abtrimo more on this split. Album is recommended to those who are not interested in any kind of PC stuff.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 20.08.2015

Agent Bulldogg/Close Shave - We Will Never Die

Pretty Shitty Town Records - EP -

966_ab_cs.jpgLong-awaited split of Swedish Agent Bulldogg and English Close Shave is out on 700 copies (plus 50 testpressings). Each band has two songs there - Shout it Out and Music That No One Likes from Close Shave and Non Serviam and re-recorded Staden Vaknar which you may know from Ett Tusen Glas album. But now it is without saxophone, two tone and keyboards. It is put into normal (but ultramelodic rhythm). Close Shave has some line-up changes compared to Bad Reputation album. They have Lurch on vocals (from Lone Riders era) and Rat on guitar (Section 5 in Rejected era or Wolf Bites Boy). First Close Shave song is about the history of the band when promoters came with deals but after some troubles on the gigs they refuse them but the band won´t say sorry to anyone. Second one is about the problems when you play in Oi! band – fights on the gigs, scarring the club owners,… Lurch has his vocal more into rock (like in Lone Riders) but this music is straightforward and melodic like on Bad Reputation. Agent Bulldogg line up is also different compared to old times (in line up is just singer and bass player) but other members have experiences with playing (bands like AntiPati, Avgå, Sabotage, …) and this can be heard in melody of both songs. Non Serviam has great refrain (which is in Latin and it means “We don´t Serve” and it is about the refuse of god), Staden Vaknar is about big city waking up. Cover is again from JM Design so it means top quality. Inside are lyrics and band photos. Great new stuff from classic bands.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 19.04.2016

Alliance - s/t

Rebellion Records - EP -

879_alliance.pngAlliance is five piece band from Canadian province Ontrario and this is their demo (which you may check on http://allianceoi.bandcamp.com/releases) released by Wouter on EP. In the band are some members from True Grit which you may know from splits with Traditionals or Warlords or from their solo EP EP Men of Valour. You may listen to three songs called Pride, Wrong Crowd and Sarah. Pride is about the fact that even the life is tough and you have to survive you should do it with heads held up high. Wrong Crowd is little bit faster mainly in refrain. The last piece Sarah is Retaliator cover (from Against the Grain album) and I think that Alliance is the first band (which I know about) which make some cover from this British band which is not active anymore. Tempo and rhythm stays the same but the voice of vocalist Ben is not sho shouted as Ian´s vocal and also guitars are not too sharp as in original piece. Their music is brickwall Oi! with covert voice of singer and with guitar which plays small solos. It reminds me Prowlers little bit from Hair Today Gone Tomorrow era. Cover is easy – just the band title written in gothic font. EP will be out at the end of September. Pleasant surprise for me.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 08.09.2015

Anti-Clockwise - Vol. 4

DIY - EP -

905_acw4.jpgThis is the 4th EP from Magdeburg based band which was released again in DIY style in 300 copies on grey wax and which has similar graphics as three previous EP´s. Compared to previous stuff they added guitarist Max so they are playing in four with two guitars. On Vol. 4 you may check three songs in German called Rattenstadt (Ratcity), Wenn es nicht so traurig waere (If it were not so Sad) and Bildungsbuerger (something like picture eater in lyrics context). First song is about the life in the city which is sometimes bad but on the other hand it is not so terrible. Second song contains some ska/r´n´r rhytms and guitar solo from the beginning and it is about the hurry in everyday life when you don´t even know who your neighbor is. The last one is most melodic one and it is slower rhythm underlined with Basti´s bass. Song is about consuments whose watching news about war on couch and supping their Coca Colu. I like this piece most of all. Inside of the EP is done also like on previous EP´s and I will outrun myself little bit – the fifth EP (which will be reviewed soon will not be different) -band photo, lyrics in German with short explanation. I will repeat myself but the result will be the same – band which has something to say, their not pose and they are active in their scene either by playing or “just” organizing the gigs.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 26.11.2015

Anti-Clockwise - Vol. 5

DIY - EP -

907_acw5.jpgFifth EP which was released paralerly with Vol. 4, which was reviewed above, contains four songs. They are called Hör auf dein Hertz (Listen to Your Heart), Einfach raus hier (Wvy Out), Belfast and Oi! in Machteburch. Songs are again in their native tongue. First one is about the fact that man should listen to the voice of his heart and it contains great guitar tune. In second piece you may hear saxophone and it is about nonsense life situations which you may face. Belfast is about the situation in Norhern Ireland and the last one is about the spirit of small DIY gigs compared to big festivals. Small gigs are not anonymous, you know everyone and you need no security…you surely know what I am talking about. I hae to say also that gis in Magdeburg are done in that way and almost all Czech Oi! bands prove it. Great song is Belfast with lightly boostered rock´n´roll guitar but the winner is the last song Oi! in Machteburch with great lyrics and music. Inside of the EP is similar to previous releases and you may find there photos from Streetkids Festival in Brno. EP is on blue wax and it is limited to 300 copies. I like it little bit more then Vol. 4 because of songs on B side.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 30.11.2015

Arch Rivals - One More Round

Shout Proud/Randale Records - CD -

916_arch_one_mpre.jpgAfter their single On Our Own Arch Rivals released full length album called One More Round with 12 songs including those from single (On Our Own and Social Hand Grenade). Album is released in all formats (CD, LP and MC). I have tape from Shout Proud (blue edition, 50 copies). CD, LP and red version of cassete was released by Randale Records. The band plays in four pieces and they are playing melodic streetpunk (sometimes I have to say that it is more into punk rock) similar to their colleagues from Booze and Glory or Seaside Rebels. All songs are underlined with great melodic bass similar to Argy Bargy (which can be heard also in vocals mainly due to the accent of the singer – like in song Wolf at the Door) or No Quarter and songs have also singalong refrains in common. In song The Crowd you will hear two tone guitar and keyboards (it reminds me Gundog´s Our Mates) and great refrain about ttrue friendship. Keyboards can be heard also in song Wolf at the Doo which is the best song from me. Lyrics are classic, just check the song titles – Live – Work – Die (with great guitar tune), Hooligans United, Politicians or Rules. Guitar solo is almost in every song. Booklet contains some band photos and refrain lyrics. Great album which pleased fans of melodic music from isles.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 23.12.2015

Arska & Hakkapeliitat - Rock for North

This Means WAR Records/Hakkapeliitta Rock - LP -

823_arska_rock.jpgAfter their single which was out last year came This Means WAR and Hakkapeliitat Rock LP of Ari´s next project called Arska & Hakkapeliitat. Now you may listen to eight songs from which is one instrumental intro (firstí song Hymni Pohjolalle which means The Northern Anthem), three are in English (Rock for North, Pagan and Midnight Lion) and the rest is in Finnish. Their titles can be translated like Finnish Power, Kalevalan Warrior, Toast or Finnish Girl. But the translation can be incorrect because of the google translator. If you check the English songs they are into pagan stuff, searching for your own identity and its conservation in the national traditions or odes to great parts of history (30 year war). Music is similar to Kareliaani and the single which was out last year really characterized music of the band. Middle rhythm, guitar solos on deeper strings (but also metal solos like in the last song called Suomineito), recited vocal (but also singalong in some parts), using the snare drum in military marching rhythm and use of keyboards/samples/synths (which can be heard in songs like Ukon Malja, which is more into acoustic ballad or in Kalevan Soturi or Rock for North). LP is dedicated to Carl Axel Gottlund who was collector of Finnish folklore in 19th century. Inside is black and white paper with lyrics and historical pictures plus poster. This is more experimental then Ari´s previous stuff and I will rate it as same as single.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 11.03.2015 •  Buy HERE

Arska & Hakkapeliitat - Taisteluun!

Hakkapeliitta Records/Vikingarock France - LP -

840_arska_tajsteluun.jpgNext Ari´s stuff after album Pagan Europe is 8 songs LP called Taisteluun! (which can be translated like Fight!) is out now in cooperation with his label and Vikingarock France (their first release). From eight songs are two in English (White and Blue Warriors and Scandinavian Nights), one is Finnish cover from Völund Smed – Keiteleen Rannat (originally Mälare Strand and both are about some lake shores) and the rest is originally composed by Ari and they are in Finnish. From the first song Taisteluun! We can hear some progress in the vocals because Arin tries to sing more than on previous albums when thy lyrics were mainly recited. It can be heard also in the song Ylpeästi Suomalainen which is nice pleasant rhythm. Titles of the other songs can be translated like The Heart of Octopus (old Finnish symbol), Proud Finns or Matti Kurki who is half legendary person from 13th century who is famous for defeating some Russian-Karelian warrior in fight. Also you may hear many samples and keyboards which fit great to the music and which evokes traditional instruments like flute and also many guitar solos on deeper bass strings. Guitar is sometimes more into metal (Finnit Tulevat!). LP is limited to 300 copies (plus 10 testpressings with different cover) and inside is paper with lyrics plus poster (like in his previous album Rock for North released on This Means WAR and which is also reviewed here). For me the best album from Ari and I wish him more stuff in this quality.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 29.04.2015

Asas da Vingança - Botas Gastas/Classe Criminal

This Means WAR Records - EP -

790_asas_2015.jpgNext EP which hit our record players straight after the New Year´s Eve will be single from these Portuguese lads from the city of Faro which will be out on Spanish label This Means WAR Recods. Asas da Vinganca have released one EP on Bigorna Records which I really like. There were some line-up changes in the band. Singer left and the band kept on playing in three with guitarist Hélio on vocals (native tongue stays the same). I think is good to mention (but you may know itfrom previous reviews and interview) that behind the drums is singer from Faccao Opposta João. Song titles means something like Old Boots and Criminall Class. Compared to their previous EP this is not so much into HC, their added more guitar solos (which are in both songs) and it is not so raw and brutal (OK, they become softer little bit :)).. Botas Gastas is more melodic and it is in middle rhythm with great bass guitar played by Bica. On vocals help the whole band (in refrain for example). Second one Classe Criminal is more straightforward (due to the drums rhythm) and after circa minute and half there is big change in rhythm. Again there are passages where whole band sings. EP is limited (as usual by WAR Records) to 150 copies. Now it is possible to review just digital promo so no info about the backside or lyrics sheet. The New Year starts great with this EP. Well done boys!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 16.12.2014

Assault and Battery/DDC - Assault and Destroy

Rebellion Records/American Oi! Records - LP -

812_assault_ddc.pngSplit 10´´ of DDC from Atlanta and Assault and Battery from Milwaukee is out on Rebellion Records and Mano´s label American Oi! Records. Both bands have already released some Ep´s (solo and split ones) and on this 10´´ have each band four new songs. LP is opened with DDC´s songs called Bush League, Needin´ a Dentist (which is cover dfrom Fatskins with Fatskins singer but it is some kind of weird cover because singer and guitarist from DDC also plays in Fatskins), Fight Like Hell and Bitter End. I like previous stuff from DDC because of its solid and compact sound which can be heard in last two songs (Fight Like Hell is really great hit about coppers) with great solo guitar. In Bitter End almost all band helps in vocals. First song is spiced with rock´n´roll sound and it has great bass solo inside. On the second side you may listen to Assault and Battery and their songs called Truth, Liberty and Justice, My Life, Still Pissed and Cold Weather. Their songs are faster with not so heavy sound and you will hear also old school HC touches in them (like in Still Pissed which is slower song similar to Lion Fight sound) and in My Life you will hear slide guitar which is quite unusual for the band from the States. Last one from Assault and Battery is most melodic (with sing-alongs and thrashy guitar) with cool solo at the beginning. Songs Bitter End and Still Pissed can be checked on youtube. Graphics of the cover reminds me All in Brawl album and I think it was done by same artist as graphics to Subculture Street Trooper from Concrete. So what can I say at the end. DDC are more melodic and Assault and Battery are harder with not so smooth sound. If we summarize it it is still 8/10.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 12.02.2015

Atlantes - s/t

Bigorna Records - EP -

890_atlantes_ep.jpgAtlantes is two piece French-Portuguese project with Wattie from Lion´s Law and Rattus from Albert Fish and Faccao Opposta. This luxurious EP which was released through Bigorna Records (111 clear and 111 black) contains two songs (which you may both check on youtube) called Guerriers Atlantes (Atlantes Warriors) and Civilisation Perdue (Lost Civilisitaion). Each song has around about two and half minute. From the song titles (and also from the cover) you may recognize two facts – the first one is that they sung in French and the second one that both are deal with the glory of Atlantis and sea (check the videos on youtube with Adamastor, who is some kind of ocean personification in Portugal) which is unique topic for Oi! band. Nearest band with similar topics are Hetairoi with their lyrics about ancient Greece. Music in first song is based on bass guitar because strophes stand mainly on bass and drums. Guitar is there just with few tunes. In second song there are more guitars but the bass remains significant and the song is more singalong then the first one due to refrain. Topics of the songs were mentioned above but in more details – Atlantes warriors and their courage in conquering the ocen and legend about lost civilization of Atlantis, their gold and treasures which interested legend lovers and adventurers for more then 9000 years. Cover is more then well done again – offset printing, animated insert with lyrics in French and Portuguese. Check the distros for last copies because I think it will be surely sold out very very soon.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 08.10.2015

Avgå - Hem Från Skanstull

Switchlight Records - EP -

852_avga.jpgAvgå is streetpunk band from Stockholm which plays in four (but with two guitars and vocalist/guitarist Arthur is brother of Robert from Sabotage/Agent Bulldogg and he also plays bass in Projekt 9). Drummer plays also in band Psykbryt, bassist in band Straight Jacket. This is their debut (but they are quite experienced as you may see) and it contains three songs in Swedish and the title refers to the part of Stockholm - Skanstull. Song titles are Nu Ska Skiten Bort, #Yolo-Idiot (A side) and Hem Från Skanstull (B side). Their music is singalong streetpunk which Swedish bands knows hot to play so imagine Battle Scarred singing in Swedish or Körsbärsfettera with man on vocals or Antipati. From the first song you will have their melodies and solos in your head, each song contains some solo which makes its backbone and refrains with help of bassist Reine. Second song starts with similar riff like Emergency and the song title has to do something with making duckface during taking selfie photo. In the last song you will hear ska parts and it is most melodic song for me from the EP. EP is limited to 250 copies (100 green, 150 black), inside is download code and on the backside of the cover is photo of all band members but no paper with lyrics. Great music with nonunderstandable lyrics which goes straight ahead and you will singalong with band with your fabricated words. Great surprise for me and thumbs up for Switchlight Records.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 03.06.2015

Avgå/Lost Warning - s/t

Switchlight Records - EP -

896_avga_lw.jpgSplit EP of two Swedish punk bands Avgå and Lost Warning is out now on Switchlight records and it is limited to 230 copies on black wax. Each band has there two songs - Avgå use their mother tongue for singing and their songs are called Trasigt Lik (Broken Corpses - https://youtu.be/CU4c_y_IUao) and Jag Kan Ta Det (I can Take It). Lost Warning sings in English and their songs are called Ratface (https://youtu.be/i0DUGn3srnE) and Election Year. Avgå is younger band and in their line up are people from Projektu 9, Agent Buldogg or Straight Jacket (more in the review of their debut EP EP). They are playing melodic and straightforward streetpunk which you like on Swedish bands so it means melodic guitar (or better to say guitars), singalong refrains with changing in vocals and chants. Both songs are in similar rhythm and they have great melody but I like the first one more. Lost Warning is more experienced band (they have released one extra EP compared to Avgå) and in their line up are people from Royal Stakeaut, Oldfashioned Ideas, Vindicate This! or CDCP. Their sound is smoother (even they have just one guitar) and in song Ratface you may listen to two tone parts. Song titles are quite clear so wankers which betray you or the election day when politicians saying many promises which never come into reality (this song contains great guitar tune). Cover is nice – two punks with coat of arms of Stockholm and Scania area (Malmö, etc…) on their leather jackets. There is no paper with lyrics. EP please the fans of melodic bands.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 03.11.2015

B-Squadron - Saturday´s Soldiers

Rebellion Records - EP -

878_b-squad.pngB-Squadron are playing in classic four piece line up and their come (or came) from Leicaster. The past tense is there because of the fact that they call it a day after the release of this EP. EP contains four songs called Saturday´s Soldiers, Means of Escape, Scratchcard Nation and B Squadron. They have also recorded two more songs for next volume of Oi! Ain´t Dead compilation. From the first tunes of the first song I feel like during listening of 4-skins cassette from the The Good, The Bad and The 4-Skins era and songs like Wonderful World or I don´t wanna Die. Raw sound in middle rhythm where all instruments (including vocals) are really coarse with some small solos and the whole EP kicks you back in 80´s where terraces were just for standing and there were no cameras. Topics of the lyrics are quite clear so some football, escape from reality due to football or Oi! music, unemployed people who are living from wellfare even the state is on the dole ort he band´s anthem. Cover is in the spirit of their music. EP will be out at the beginning of October and I will wait because it worth it.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 07.09.2015

Backfire - Where We Belong

Strength Records - CD -

906_backfirewherewebelong.pngEight album of this Dutch HC band Backfire is out on Strength Records, it is called Where We Belong and it contains seven songs in perfect English. Since their first album has elapsed almost 20 years. Band plays raw HC with protracted vocal which tells the lyrics in slow way in first two songs I´ll Do It Anyway or Give it Back. In third piece Lighten the Burden there is change in rhythm and vocal to the classic fast HC. This can be heard also in song Money Talks. Int this song and also in Now it´s My Turn you may hear nice changing in rhythm and vocals which are shouting over each other. Last two songs are called Issues and Where We Belong (which is the best from the album and you may watch official video to it on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_X3GU61-v8U). In many songs you will hear parts with lone guitar and its heacy riffs without any other instrument. You may put the band in one line with early Discipline, Tech 9, Ryker´s or Awkward Thought. This is classic of Dutch HC but as I wrote many times before I am not too much into HC.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 27.11.2015

Bad Assets - On Trial

East Grand Records - CD - 32:42

888_Bad Assets - On Trial.jpgSecond full album from Detroit based band is out on East Grand Records (which released also their split EP) and it is called On Trial. You may listen to twelve songs on this album and in some of them you have guest vocalists - Lars Frederiksen (On Trial) and Jay Navarro from bands such as Suicide Machines, Hellmouth or Break Anchor (in song Motor City Violence, which is one of the hardest from the album). There are also some guests from Cycle of Violence which is band also from Detroit. The band plays in five pieces (which is change compared to their debut Spirit of Detroit) and two guitars are clearly heard in their music (like in songs Yesterday Hero, Broken, On Trial, …). They are playing middle rhythm on the border of classic and brickwall Oi! sound but the vocals are clear and natural without any fake roughness and hardness. Song topics deal with war vets and their return ton normal society (Yesterday Heroes), PC skins whose don´t understand jokes (P.C. Police), death friends (Wish You Were Here), football match and fun (Match Day), unemployment (Fuck You, I Quit), city which is ruined and broken due to defunct industry (Broken) or weekend fun (Weekend Offender). CD cover is in digipack form and graphics is done according to the album title. Backside is done as some government form. I do not know anything about paper with lyrics but when you play it in PC the lyrics appear in the record player. I hope it will be out also on vinyl. Good job.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 05.10.2015

Bakers Dozen - Vilified

Olifant Records - CD - 50:15

940_dozen_vilified.jpgSixth studio full length from this Scotish band lead by Jon Scott and with Gordy from On File on bass was released in November 2015 through Polish label Olifant Records and I was really looking forward to it because I really like the band since their beginning. On album you may listen to 13 songs of exclusive British angry Oi!. Jon has fine vocal which fits into the music. Their music in spite of many line up changes stays the same. It is angry music in faster middle rhythm with great guitar solos (like in first song Vilified, Dead Wrong, Ambassadors or Schedule One) almost in each song. The band were not afraid to criticize the justice or police in their lyrics and they keep on doing it also on this album so we have there corrupt coppers (Dead Wrong), police in your house (Dawn Raid), criminals who are set free and who did crimes again (Only Ourselves to Blame), orcriminals who are moved to house near you (Schedule One). They also think about the current scene when anonymous people are making phonecalls into the clubs you play, canceling the gigs or want explanations from you about each of your gig (Take the War to Them, Vilified and Now the Screaming Stars), about the bands who didn´t resist money and glory and they feel shame for the gigs that they play when they begun (Short Memory), punks who are getting older and who remembered punk rock start back in ´77 (Another Year Older, which is little bit sloer compared to other songs) and song dedicated to all supporters of the real bands (Those Opposed). There is also classic song about politicians (Ambassadors), about British troops and their sad return home (One Fine Day). Best song from the album is definitely Marching Through Gorgie, which is dedicated to skins who are supporting Heart of Midlothian FC. Other great songs are the title on Vilified, Short Memory and the last one Those Opposed. Olifant id great job in booklet also – great cover which corresponds with modern witchhunt on you when you are not in the mainstream of the scene, 16 pages booklet with lyrics, photos and short thankslist. Playtime is longer but it doesn´t matter because musi is great. Again great stuff from the band and 100 % recommended. I hope it will be out vinyl soon :).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 29.02.2016

Bishops Green - A Chance to Change

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music/Pirate Press - LP -

828_bishopsgreen_achancetochange.pngThird album from this Canadian band is called A Chance to Change and I have to say that I really like the cover which fully corresponds with the title and it is 100% better than the previous one on Pressure. The band has released one album each year from their start (2013 – s/t, 2014 - Pressure and this one in 2015). On LP you may listen to 12 songs of the style which you expect. Middle rhythm underlined by bass scale solos (like the beginning of Lost Geenration, Caged or Can´t Walk Away) and Greg vocal which is easy to understand and time to time guitar solo (Specter, We´ve Got Nothing or Dead and Gone). The band criticizes current social situation in Canada which is done by corrupted government (Government Lies which is the best song for me especially the refrain part with just vocals and drums and you may check piece of it here https://youtu.be/6iqYoeuxx5c), then about the resistance which is part of our existence but just someone use it (Resistance) or freedom which is waiting on you after you beat the cages which binds you (Caged, which is also great). Great is also last but one Can´t Walk Away which is nostalgic rhythm and I really like the last part of the song before the last refrain and also the last one Soldier which has great singalong. They have great but still classic sound of streetpunk with no nonsense lyrics. Really check it after the release date (17th April 2015). For me great band which do not disappoints you.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 25.03.2015

Blå Brigader - Kråkornas sång

Dim Records - CD - 14:53

865_bla_brig_single.jpgCrows songs are brand new stuff after six long years from this Swedish band which is recorded in two persons but they are palying live in classic line up. Kråkornas Sång is four songs CD single including cover from English band Conflict (!!) Sången är död (originally The Serenade is Dead) which is sang in Swedish as well as three other songs Kråkornas sång, Hjältarnas väg (Heroes Way) and Döda blickar slitna skor (something about death and shoes which is untranslantable for me and google). Songs are varying from typical viking rock tunes in first song with all those guitar tunes, across ska melodies in Conflict cover and in last song to half acoustic slower and sadder folk song with violin tunes. Singer has great vocal especially in the refrains of Hjältarnas väg. CD was recorded by Thomas Krohn from ltima Thule. I tis packed in slim cover with all lyrics in Swedish, band photo and great bacground graphics with crows, trees and other viking stuff. Top music and I recommend it to you for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 17.08.2015 •  Buy HERE

Bonecrusher - Whiskey Nation/Gotta Revolution

Longshot Music - EP -

914_bonecrusher_ep.jpgTo their sixth full length album called Saints and Heroes released by Knock Out is released also this single with songs Whiskey Nation (which is taken from the album) and Gotta Revolution which is released just on EP. Single was released in three coloured versions with nice cover (which contains their sklull logo) which shines in the dark. There is no paper with lyrics but just download code and band photo from the gig on the backside of the cover. Style of Bonecrusher has not change since their debut release 21 years ago called Word of Pain. Hard but melodic and angry streetpunk which can be described by refrain in Whiskey Nation where Raybo sings with his hoarsing vocal supported by band chorous. Gotta Revolution starts in more straightforward way but when the vocals starts this feeling disappears (but it is more into classic punk then the first piece). Both songs contain great guitars which fits great into the sound puzzle played by the band for two decades. Those who like singles and hight quality music shoud buy this somewhere. Nothing more and nothing less then classics.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 21.12.2015

Bota Gasta - Todo Dia!!!

The Firm Records/Rotten Records - CD - 34:12

969_bota_toda.jpgAfter mp3 albums and Guerra Civil single (which is reviewed here) came this Brazilian band from Sao Paulo with regular full length album called Todo Dia!!! (Every Day) on labels The Frim Records and Rotten Records. On circa 30 minutes you may check 12 songs (11 in Portuguese and 1 in English - Only Sex). In those 11 songs is cover New Age from The Blitz called Nova Era!, which opens the album. The band plays in five pieces so you should expect cool guitars. Songs can be translated like Hand Justice (Justica Pelas Mãos), SP in Hate (Ódio em SP), Psychopathic Assassin (Assassino Psicopata), Death (A Morte), We Are Minority (Somos Minorita), Agains the Peace (Anti-Trégua) or Conan. The band plays rougher and cumbersome style with rough vocals which is typical for Brazilian bands like Tropel (but this band is faster in some songs). You will hear this in songs like Assasino Psicopata, Conan (with spoken word at the beginning and metal guitar), title one Todo Dia!!!, or Justica Pelas Mãos (with nice singlong and shouted vocals). There are also some melodic pieces likeMerlim, Anti-Trégua with solo guitar from Ode to Joy or Pro Bar which sounds like classic bands like Cockney Rejects. In booklet you may check all lyrics, pictures of flags of Brazilian states and photos of each band member. I really like their EP and this CD is in similar quality.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8+  •  Date: 26.04.2016

Botas De Aço - Confederados

Terceira Facada Records - EP -

884_Botas_De_Aço.jpgNext cassette which was released in limited edition of 100 copies on Terceira Facada Records is three piece band called Botas De Aço (which means something like Steel Boots) and you may listen to four songs in Portuguese on it. The band cames again from the area around Rio Grande do Sul (město Guaíba) and the title album is releated to it (on cover is colours of Rio Grande republic). The song titles are Confederados, Nossas Tradicoes, Calcando suas Botas (which is cover from Tumulto 64, where Toni from Bronco Army used to sing and play guitar and it is Pulling on the Boots in Portuguese) and the last one called Hooligans. Both sides of the cassete contain same songs so you should not think about how to operate with tape in your cassette player (if you have any :)). Sound is very raw and I think it was released as a demo. Bass is loud and together with drums it is the origin of the raw sound. It sounds similar like latino bands from New Jersey like Combate 49 or Klase Dirigente but with much more rawer sound. I really like the second song Nossas Tradicoes (Our Traditions) and the last one Hooligans. Cover is done simple and It contains just song titles, line up and details about recording. This is for the lovers of rarities, so try to buy it somewhere, it costs just 4 Euros.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6  •  Date: 23.09.2015

Brewdriver - Etelä-Savo Oi!

DIY - CD - 4:55

836_brewdriver.pngBrewdriver is band which comes from Finland (the village called Otava) which is in the Etelä Savo province. It was founded in the middle of 90´s and after few gigs they broke up. They reformed again back in 2011 and they started to play gigs again. These songs were recorded in 2012. It is promo CD-R and there should be two songs on it. The first is called Hirvijahti (about some funny story during moose hunt) and Turpa Kinni (which is something like Good Night Any Side). But on CD is three songs and I really don´t know the title and topic of the third one but I should say that it stands out of line because it is with nonboostered guitar with rnr touches and it sounds like Skrewdriver/Perkele/Templars style. Second songs starts similar like bands from 80´s especially Work Together from The Oppressed. Topics of the first song (which is really great with decent solo and rudeness like from Cockney Rejects) is depicted in the cover – bow with an arrow. The band plays in classic four piece line up. CD is done DIY so just CD-R with copied cover. It sounds really great even you understand nothing and melodies are straight and clear. I am really looking forward to some official release and I leave this without rating.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 20.04.2015

Brutti e Ignoranti - Robe da Matti

Rebellion Records/2 Life Senteces - CD -

886_brutii_CD.jpgThir album of this tattooed drunkyards from Milano is out now (just CD version) and you can translate the title like Crazy stuff (which is releated to he cover where band members wear straight jackets). Together you may listen to twelve news songs in their native language and if you like their previous stuff you will love this album. Band plays their songs in middle rhythm with vocal support of whole band (like in Padre Nostro) and great guitars with solos in each song plus catchy singalong parts and refrains. Song titles can be translated like Iron Maiden, Liver, Unemploeyed, Work, Our Father, Lawless or Ask Yourself Why. I really like singalong songs like Chiediti Perche, Le Luci Del Biscione or Esopo. I was quite surprised with last two songs called Male Alla Spina and Lavoro which are acoustic or half acoustic. They don´t have these songs on their previous releases and is good to know that the band can play songs like that. The band is getting mature like wine and they are better and better with each release. Great piece.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 01.10.2015

Buzz Off! - s/t

Olifant Records/Street Kids Records - CD -

957_buzzoff.jpgGerman band from the city of Borken with Argentinian singer Majo in line up has released two limited EP´s (through Pride and Passion Records) and they have also two songs on Swieźa Krew vol. 2 compilation (Olifant Records). Olifant choose them because boyfriend of Majo is Polish lad Przemek. Mini CD contains all their recorded stuff (all in English) so we have here songs like Come On, Holidays, Growing up, Antisocial, I´m Forgetful and Carry On. First ep from 2014 was reviewed here on BB. The band is based on melodic female fronted vocals (like Dead On´s), bass line, guitar with no booster effect which plays solos and use of tambourine (played by Majo during singing). Real Chickswick sound or it can be compared to The Rezillos also. All songs are really melodic and it forced you to shake your butt. Just the beginning of Growing up is slower (into blues) or the last one Carry On which stands out of the line with its melody. They are also great on the live show. Lyrics are quite funny about rock´n´roll and fun, holidays, wishing not to grow up and be responsible, forgetfulness, pride which is given to the band by playing their own songs without any commercial support or antisocial behavior. Booklet is standard – lyrics, photos and big thankslist with The Riot (they played together in Magdeburg). I leave it without rating because all these stuff is previously unreleased and can be found on EP´s but this is cool for those who haven´t got them (especially the last one which is limited to 10!! Copies)
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 29.03.2016

Codi de Silenci - És el Moment

Shout Proud Records - EP -

831_codidesilenci-eselmoment.jpgCodi de Silenci is Catalan band from the city of Lleida and they are playing in five piece line up. This is their debut record reelased in 150 copies (50 black with CD and 100 on clear blue wax) on Shout Proud Records. Ep is released as one sided LP (songs have playing time around about 20 minutes which is long time for 4 songs and it can´t be released on EP, I think there is 7 minutes on one side, so it could be out on 10´´ but one sided LP is more unusual so they choose this). Songs on A side are four, sung in Catalan and they are called Surt Al Carrer (Out on the Street), És El Moment (This is the Moment), Estelada (this is name for unofficial Catalan flag which is symbol of freedom and independence) and Som Un Poble (We are the People). You may check the last song on https://youtu.be/CU70FCJP4Gw, which is video done by the band. There shouldbe a comparison with their colleagues from Reconquesta which released also their debut album. Music of Codi de Silenci is slower (middle/slower rhythm) and it is more playful in guitar solos. Great is the third piece Estelada which is strongly patriotic and which starts as a ballad but it turns continuously to rock version and it sounds similar like By the Grace of God or Epitaph from Retaliator. Rough vocal and strong singalongs to slower music which turns into strong melody like a tide with nice guitar and bass solo. The band is playing on live shows Enharjarna cover (Moder Svea) and you may hear viking rock influences in their music (for example the guitar in És el Moment). There is now weak song and I fell in love with their music immediately. Most of all I like the first one Surt Al Carrer and thir one Estelada. To the LP which has some kind of historical battle on cover (these covers I really like - see Razorblade, Coup de Masse, Paris Violence…) is added paper with lyrics. This is great surprise for me and full points for the band and for Shout Proud Records which discovered them. Try to buy it somewhere but I bet that it is almost sold out now.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 31.03.2015

Coldside - Outcasts, Thugs and Outsiders

Strength Records - CD -

794_coldside_new.jpgColdside is HC band from Florida (Miami) and this is their second album (debut called We´ve Had Enough was released in 2013 and it was reviewed there). To the title song was shot official video (http://youtu.be/-gPHQQKCMIw) where you may see and hear also Roger Mirret and Freddy Madball besides two ordinary singers. Together you may listen to 11 songs of classic HC in spirit of their debut album. In those 11 songs you may find cover from Darkbuster – Skinhead (check the original version here http://youtu.be/lQ9mEVx1aq4) and it is not (surprisingly) changed into HC version but you will find a female vocal there. Also live version of well-known Crucified is there with Roger Mirret on vocals. Other songs are called Burn the Ashes, We Bring the Streets, Siege, Step the Fuck Up, Cold World or The Truth Means Nothing. Two vocalists in the band are really great because of completing and shouting down each other. Their music is angry and raw hardcore with booming bass, sharp guitar and typical topics in lyrics (which you may see or hear if you checked the clip and song titles). I am not HC specialist but I liked their debut as well as this album (mainly the songs like Siege and Burn the Ashes). I will leave it without rating but it is really well done piece and great HC start of 2015.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 05.01.2015

Complaint - We´re Right You´re Wrong

Rebellion Records - CD - 18:24

827_complaint.pngComplaint is Dutch skinhead HC band and their original idea was to release some songs on EP but they are going to released this mini album with 11 songs. It is really mini album because playing time is around 19 minutes so it means that one song has under 2 minutes average (but there are some exceptions like first one We´re Right which is ultra short or the last one Never Run which has more than two minutes). The band plays in four (classic line up) and all songs are in English. Musical is fast hardcore in style of Aussies bands like All in Brawl or Impact Zone but you can find also more melodic songs like Shadowwalkers (which is the best song from the CD and vocalist sound similar to Loughie from Skint in Firing Line era and their song From the Shadows), Killing Time or the last one Never Run. Faster songs are called On the Floor (classic one about how to get pissed in the pub), Bullshit, Deadbeat or Loyalty. Check their song on youtube called All the Same (https://youtu.be/GUA10tKNXaM) for an idea. Sound is angry, raw and straightforward (do not expect any kind of metalcore) and also do not expect some kind of love or sXe songs. This is violence, booze and hardcore. I don´t know anything about booklet because it will be physically out at the end of April 2015. Who likes old skinhead HC bands from 80´s this is the band for him!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 20.03.2015

Convict - Burn the Flags

Strength Records - CD -

789_convict.jpgConvict is HC/punk from Belgium which is playing for quite long time (their debut was released in 1999) and this is their fourth full album which will be out in January 2015 through Strength Records (which released albums of their colleagues from Hard Resistance for example). Their previous stuff was released on I Scream Records. Sadly I am not too much itnto this style so I don´t know the band but I will try to write something down. So album contains 10 songs in English which is sung by singer Bert and in first song The Voice that Speaks he shows you what to expect. In their music I hear Ignite or H2O. In Burn the Flags are great changing in melodic and slower vocal with fast and shouted refrain (this is similar to Earth Crisis stuff) and in Feed the Fire is great over shouting in the beginning where Bert sings alone and then the rest of the band answers. All songs sounds similar to me (as I said I do not follow these style any I think it sounds the same because of the same rhythm and tempo) so none of them stands out of the row all fall down. I remember the last but one called Going for Gold due to thrashy guitar at the beginning and during the strophes and the last one Joint his Death with changing of slower and faster passages of the vocals with hall and echo effects). Cover is drawn and again I do not know anything about the inside. On the song Our Values was shot a clip which you may see there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDQcP1_NRHs. The band really know how to play but this is not my cup of tea but check them and make your own opinion. I leave it without rating.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 12.12.2014

Crown Court - Ruck and Roll

Rebellion Records - EP -

795_cc_Ep.jpgNext new breed band from Great Britain is Crown Court and this is their second EP (after their demo Trouble from London which was released on EP through Contra Records but it was released also on tape and you may check it on http://crowncourt.bandcamp.com/). The band plays in classic four piece line up. Their next record is released by Rebellion Records and it will be three song EP again. On EP you may listen to songs called 3 Stretch, Style Identified and Away (Gilpin Rock). Musically it is skinhead rock´n´roll with fast guitar with light booster powered by drums rhythm with faster hi hat. I think you know what I mean just check song Breakdown from Templars. Their first song 3 Stretch sounds similar (but it is faster and more into garage sound). In song Style Identified is many passages just with drums and bass section and the last song sounds like from Cockney Rejects or Hard Skin. EP is limited to 300 copies (100 clear and 200 black) and cover is done in oldschool style – black and white photo from football riots but I do not know anything about the inside (EP is in pressing plant). If you like classic Chickswick sound this will be a band for you so keep on checking the distributions. After the Last Crusade next great surprise from the old Albion.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 06.01.2015

Crown Court - The English Disease

Rebellion Records - EP -

866_crown_ed.pngOn Rebellion Records will be out third EP from British band Crown Court from London. EP contains three songs called No Paradise, Jack Jones and We Made You. Because their last EP Ruck´n´Roll (limited to 300 copies) was quickly sold out (but there will be second press) this EP will be limited to 700 pieces. As well as their debut these songs are extremely catchy and the beat of drums in Jack Jones will be in your head for a long time and the same with the song on B side about riots on Friday evening. Music stays the same as on previous releases which kicked them into current top Oi! bands – faster skinhead rock´n´roll with lightly boostered thrashy guitar which has some simple solo in each song with great beat of drums at the background. Crown Court are playing music which really kicks you and it should be played in each pub/barbecue/party because their music makes the crowd gone mad and no one will be sit on his ass. EP will be out at the beginning of September. If you are interested, preorder is running yet through Rebellion Records. Great piece!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 18.08.2015

Dead Generation - Back to Underground!

Hope Records - CD - 31:14

850_dead_generation.jpgDead Generation is new band from Brno city and this is their debut album released on (I think) their label Hope Records. Album contains 8 songs (which means quite long playing team of each when you check the total playtime) including instrumental intro called Bestie (Beast) and cover from Slovakian rock band Nástup Nová Generacia (New Generation) from their album Memento doby. In booklet are band photos in four and five (they play in five) and you may easily recognize it because of the guitar sound. The band on their bandzone profile (http://bandzone.cz/deadgeneration, where you may check some songs from this album) calls their style as punk/crossover and I totally agree because you may hear influences of punk, metal (some guitar solos are really brilliant – like in song Život běží dál – As Life Passes By, where you may hear accordion at the beginning of the song), modern rock (guitar and vocal effects in song Spinavá hra – Dirty Game) or HC (drum rhytm). You may also hear parts where melodic vocal is changed with the shouted one and rhythm of the music is changing in those passages (like in Back to the Underground or in Špinavá hra – Dirty Game again). You may hear also acoustic or half acousitc parts like the song Hořící mosty (Burning Bridges (with quite psychedelic start which went into rock song with modern sound, female vocals and recitative. Lyrics are against systém (Pajonir), about the fact that your rules won´t break us and we will fight again, poseurs and falsity (Lidi jako ty – People Like You), EU criticism (Špinavá hra – Dirty Game), about the escape from modern world which is full of lies and audacity (Back to Underground!), your crew which will always be there (Život běží dál – As Life Passes By) or memory to dead friend (Hoříci mosty – Burning Bridges). Booklet is standard and it has all what we want – photos, lyrics and quotes to the lyrics. Most of all I like the songs Život běží dál and Pajonir. I like it and I am looking forward to some live show. Check it and do not pigeonhole.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 27.05.2015

Death Squad - In Memory Of All My Enemies

Primator Crew Records - EP -

893_d_s.jpgDeath Squad is punk band from Breizh and dhis is their debut maxi EP which contains five songs in English. Song titles are Collective Blindness, Return to Hell, Feel the Darkness, Fuck a Nun and Rich Mans Fall. The band plays in five and their style is punk inspired by punk bands from 80´s with darker lyrics (check the song titles again) which deal with corrupt system (it reminds me Defiance or Uproar). Exception may be slower one Return to Hell (which is about the return to work after the weekend) and I hear Braindance in that song (which are one of my favourite bands). I hear them also in the last piece Rich Mans Fall. Guitar plays its solos together with bass which is really significant and which is not just something in background. Other song topics are booze and its consequences (Feel the Darkness), Christianity (Fuck the Nun) or the facet that money is not everything (Rich Mans Fall). Booklet contains many black and white photos, all lyrics and thankslist to bands and friends. The band has played with bands such asnfa Riot, Bishops Green, 999 or with Peter and the Test Tube Babies. This is third record released by Primator Crew and it is for the fans of classic punk.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 15.10.2015

Degeneration - Fever Pitch

Contra Records - EP -

962_degeneration.jpgDegeneration is Oi! band from Minneapolis in US and they are playing for quite long time (their first record was released in 1996) but for me it is quite unknown band. They have released two full albums and many EP´s (including split EP with The Palookas). This Is their last EP called Fever Pitch with four songs on it - Fever Pitch, Jay Mac (Something to Do), On the Internet and Guilty. The band plays in classic line up – vocals, guitar, bass and drums. Their style is quite rough with nonboostered guitar and melodic vocal with singalong refrains which are typical for US Oi! bands. Fever Pitch is about going mad before football match and violence, Jay Mac is about the friend of band who is going out, On the Internet doesn´t need any further comment and Guilty is variation on One Law for Them topics when cops annoy you on the street or in the pub because they don´t like how you look and this makes you guilty in their eyes. This is for the fans of classic US OI! like Templars or Combat Ready. Cover is redrawn photo from the 80´s which is on the background of lyrics and thanslist inside. EP is limited to 500 copies (300 splattered, 100 black and 100 white). Fine piece.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 06.04.2016

Discharger - Until We Die

Rebellion Records - CD -

900_discharger_untilwedie.pngThis is fifth album from Discharger and you may know them from at least three gigs here in Czech Republic. On this CD you may check 13 new songs in English. The band is getting better and better with each album but the top on eis The Sword of our Ancestors for me. This album contains mixture of harder stuff with HC/metal riffs and influences (Equally Useless, There Will Be Blood), melodic streetpunk songs with nice solo guitar and refrains (Still Angry, Us Against the Rest, Intoxicated Soldiers, Provide to be Exploited) and also acoustic and half acoustic songs inspired by Tim´s solo project or celtic punk songs (Heroes, Until We Die nebo Don´t Know Where We´re Going which is almost country song :)) with mandoline or accordion. Tim is really great vocalist who know how to shout but also how to sing melodic ballad. In song Intoxicated Soldiers is great support of Tim in vocals by some guest or band member with brutal voice. Album will be out in the middle of december and you may check song Still Angry on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8tOistky-k. Really great album which is heterogeneous and this fact is its strength. Discharger will not disappoint you for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 18.11.2015

Doc Evil - That Was Then This Is Now

Greyzone Records - EP -

922_doc_ep.jpegNext release from Greyzone Records is EP from Doc Evil with two songs on both sides - Raver and Unemployment. Songs are in two versions – demo version on A side (That Was Then) from 1999 which was released on demo tape and regular versions on B side (This Is Now) which you may know from Lost Years Found Scars album from 2013 (Hostile Class Productions). Demo quality is worse and you may recognise 14 years between both records which can be heard in sound quality but also in musical qualities of the band. Doug has cool vocal which really fits into their music due to anger and accent. In first song is great bass with their small solo tunes. Lyrics are about new hippies and about the fact that ben on dole during unemployment is nothing funny. EP is limited to 500 copies (150 whitem 150 black and 150 black grape) and each copy is handnumbered. On front side of the cover is band photo (from 1999 I suppose) and on the backside gig photos aand cover of the demo. I leave this EP without rating because album which you may find regular songs on is not too old and you can get it without problems. Fine is that you may compare sound from 1999 with sound from 2013. Fine piece and I am looking forward to other Gryzone Records.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 18.01.2016 •  Buy HERE

Driák - Tvrdá Realita

Cecek Records - CD - 37:49

853_driak_realita.jpgDriák is five piece band from the East of Bohemia and interesting facti s thath they have accordion in their line up (plus classic line up with two guitars, drums and bass). Together you may find here 12 songs in Czech language which varies from quite funny stuff (like Holky český – Czech Girls, Zakázaný ovoce – Forbidden Fruit, Orbis Pictus) through more serious topics (Veselé Vánoce – Merry Xmas, Poslední vlak – The Last Train, Do jednoho pytle – Into One Bag, Děti a hrdinové – Kids and Heroes) to quite serious topics (Všeobecnej strach - General Fear or Noční můra - Nighmare). Music is mainly in faster middle rhythm but there are also slower songs in nice rhythm (like Noční můra, where the ryhtm doesn´t fit me to the topic of the song – Milada Horáková or Poslední vlak) like Slovakian band Cenzúra, which is caused by the use of accordion which substitutes keyboards. Also vocals are different in the faster and slower songs . As I wrote above the band has two guitars and their music is quite good (like solo in Všeobecný strach which sounds like part of Sexual Favours from Exploited and i tis hardest song for me or he beginning of Děti a hrdinové). Topics of the lyrics are about abusing social welfare, superstitions, american habits which we have to accept, Milada Horáková, tattoos, danger of muslim terrorism, kidsandheroes.com (which critisized the band I think), lost love, playing in a band or beauty of Czech girls (sorry boys but this lyrics sounds really stupid for me and I think if you don´t put this song on album nothing happened, so on next album I am waiting on lyrics about BB ;), but the music is OK). I was quite pleasantly surprised with the songs with serious topics (but I have nothing against drinking in a pub song). Booklet is done well – lyrics + pictures and thankslist. Photo on the cover is from 2nd world war and it shows happiness of Austrian boy with his new shoes. This is CD from local punk band which shared stage with some bigger bands due to gigs organization and I wish them all the best to the future. Check their songs on http://bandzone.cz/driak.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 04.06.2015

Duffy´s Cut/The Idle Gossip - s/t

Contra Records - EP -

904_duffy.jpgSplit CD of two US bands which plays nice mixture of bootboy rock´n´rollu and mod beatu and both of them have already released one EP. Duffy´s Cut has there two songs called Milk Cow Blues and Ten Steps Back. In both songs you may hear keyboards. In first song you will surely hear last EP from Clichés Bovver Boots mainly due to steel sounding guitar but also due to classic rock´n´roll sound. You will hear also 45 Adapters and Guida. Also there is significant bass line in both songs which highlights the melody well. The Idle Gossip has there songs called All I Wanna Do and Baltimore Foxtrot. Their first song contains nice solo and it sounds like The Manics to me. Their sound is smoother then sound of Duffy´s Cut due to slower rhythm and singer vocals. I like their side of EP more. EP is limited to 500 copies (in three colours – black, oxblood and splattered). This is for the fans of nice and calm music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 25.11.2015

Eastfield - Another Boring Eastfield Album

Violated Records - CD -

898_Another Boring Eastfield Album.jpgEastfield is English punk band founded in 1996 and they have released 8 albums and 7 EP´s (including split EP´s). This is the collection of ubeliveable 33 (!!) songs from their first three albums (Roverbrain, Fanaticos Para Trenes and Experess Train to Doomsville) and stuff from EP One Wrong Can Move A People And A Wronged People Can Move The World. The line up of the band varied from three to four members and there was almost alwas some female support ot the vocals. Compilation has title „A Rail Punk Collection“ and from the photos you can see that the woman on vocals has railway uniform ant logo of the band is broken logo of British rails:-). And trains are one of the main topics of the songs. More info can be read on band website http://www.eastfieldrailpunk.co.uk/. Music is easier but catchy punk with funny lyrics full of humour like Toy Dolls or The Adicts (like songs Sharks against Surfers, God Plastic Railway, …), but you may listen also some more serious lyrics lik Aspartame, which is some kind of artificial sugar which can be harmfull for human health. Female vocals supports male ones in great way and some songs which you did not care about are freshed with this. This is some kind of best off so in booklet you may check info about which song was recorded in what time and in which line up. To each line up you may check the photo of the band. I did not know the band before in spite of the fact how many albums they have released (real underground :-)) so I like this best of but I leave it without rating. This is for the fans of classic punk bands which I mentioned above.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 06.11.2015

Enhärjarna - The Great Heathen Army

DIY - CD -

956_enha_gha.jpgThis is sixth regular album from this viking rock band with Bisson in line-up. It was released in DIY style and it is called The Great Heathen Army. On album you may check 12 songs- 6 in English and 6 in Swedish. In their music you may hear metal touches in guitar solos and in the use of double pedal (this was also on their previous album Ressurection in intro Ride of the Valkyries, here it is song Blood of the Vikings for example).Musical knowledge of the band is significant also in the length of the songs, because just two songs are under 4 minutes. Bisson has great vocal, but compared to his other projects in this band it is most significant (like in song Blot where are parts just with drums and his vocal or in song Vendel Warrior). Most songs are in middle rhythm but some songs are slower (Runes). CDD is full of great melodies but if you know their previous album Ressurection it doesn´t surprise you, because this album is also great (maybe the B side of this album is little bit weaker than A side). Swedish songs are called Lodbrok, Valhall, Bifrost, Oden, Blot and Nordisk Sed, English ones are Runes, Thunder (with catchy refrain), Son of a Viking, Vendel Warrior, Blood of the Vikings and Brothers in Arms. The booklet is quite poor, just two pages with band releases plus some forest photos and parts of the lyrics. It was released just on CD and I hope that some label will do it also on vinyl because it deserves a LP release. Great music again but just 9 from me because of booklet.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 24.03.2016

Entre os Vandalos - Nunca se Renda!

Skin Collector/Spirit of St. George - CD - 32:50

959_entre.pngEntre od Vandalos is band (or better to say project which focuses on cover versions) which is headed by singer Douglas 84 from Sindicato Oi!/Belfast. CD contains ten cover songs (in English and Portuguese) which vary from older to current world Oi! bands but also songs from Brazilian bands which are not so well known. So we have there Revolta (in Portuguese), New Age, Caminhos Incertos (Vírus 27), Nunca Se Renda (Rompendo O Silencio), Questao de Honora (Bandeira de Combate), Teenage Slag, Saida de Jogo (Contra Ataque), Quem Voces Pensam (Histeria Oi!), Loyalty Confirm (Bakers Dozen) and Para Sempre Skinhead (from Orgullo Sur sung also in Portuguese). In some songs (Revolta, Caminhos Incertos, …) you will hear also piano which makes cover fresher. Songs were recorded during 2014 and 2015 with different line ups so the sound quality is not homogenous. Booklet is just list of songs and photo of the singer. Two songs appeared on Brasil Oi! Vol. 2 (Revolta and Caminhos Incertos) from Firm Records which was released this year, song Quem Voces Pensam… was on Histeria Oi! tribute released on Arcabuz Records in 2014. I like Portuguese songs more and Douglas sing in his native tongue better then in English. I leave it without rating because it is just covers but we should wait because maybe they will release their own songs.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 31.03.2016

Evil Blood - Ein neues Kapitel

MF Records - CD - 12:30

973_evilblood.jpgFive song debut of new German band (Hamburg area) contains songs I sleep till Brooklyn (paraphrase to Beestie Boys), Uhrwerk (Machine), Freund oder Stasi (Friend or Stasi) and Der ideale Platz (Ideal Place). As fifth song there is some bonus which is not mentioned in booklet and if it is some kind cover I didn´t recognize it. They are playing in four but bass player Olli recorded also guitars. CD is juscd CD/R (limited to 250 copies) packed in slim cover. Drums are really straight forward but the vocals changed many positions (from metal to normal like in first song). I really like the third song Freund oder Stasi about state which keeps on watching you and which is more legitimized each day. Booklet is two pages with lyrics, thankslist and photos of band members. Evil Blood has typical German sound but I will not rate it because it is not regular album and release.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 02.05.2016

External Menace/The Droogettes - s/t

Rebel Sound Music - EP -

855_em_droog.jpgSplit of Scotish band External Menace and US band The Droogettes is out on Rebel Sound Music. External Menace was founded in 1978 then they had played for a while, splitted up and reunited in 1995. This is their first new material since 1998. The Droogetes may be known from interview or review on their mini CD released on Creep Records. External Menace has there two songs called Playing God and Rights Now. Musically it is harder then 77 punk rock but softer then UK 82. Guitar is making experiments with two tone in both songs but it has rocking solos and both songs are in middle rhythm. The first song contains slower rock refrain and it sounds to me like slower Vendetta in their early years (maybe it is because of the similar song title - Killing God). Second song starts with the Southern Rock riff. The Droogettes has there song called Girls at the Milk Bar and Antifa Roller Skating. Girls are playing style which is taken from UK 80´s classics but it is more sugar and poppy :) (mainly because of the female vocals) and in both songs you will find some guitar solos and playful bass in the background. First song is about their clockwork orange style and about the fact that you should not mess with them when you meet them in the bar and second is about the fact how girls spend their free time when they are bored. Cover is OK – photos plus thankslist. EP is limited to 600 copies (200 black, 100 violet, 100 orange, 100 orange with black splatters and 100 green). External Menace were unknown for me but I like both of their songs and The Droogetes sounds as same as on the CD. Nice.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 09.06.2015

Fatskins - Viva!

Crowd Control Media - EP -

876_fat_viva.jpgLast EP from Arizona based Fatskins was released through Crowd Control Media in four colours (yellow, red, white and black together in 500 copies). On EP you may listen to four songs Cr-ISIS, Never a Victim, Only Came Here to Fight and My Revenge from Templars (from Dans Les Catacombs), with guest singer Carl Fritscher himself. The band plays in five including members from Drink and Destroy Crew and Oxley´s Midnight Runners. Songs are ruled by the higher voice of the vocalist which is shouted (mainly in the first song) and which is supported by the rest of band members (like in Only Came Here to Fight). The first song is kick in the balls about current situation on Middle East about the fact that we should wipe them out before it gets too late. It has great main guitar riff which becomes solo later in the song. Second piece is slower one with main guitar solo which leads you through the whole song and which escalates at the end. Only Came Here to Fight has great refrain which you will sing with the band and again great main guitar riff. In las song after the first strophe and refrain came Carl on the vocals and after the solo the vocals are back to the Fatskins. Cover is done in harder version then original song. Picture on the frontside was done by some tattoo artist. Fine piece which is not just for fans of US Oi! Oi! music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 03.09.2015

FAVL - The Singles Collection

Mohican Tunes Records - CD - 40:59

859_favl_singles.jpgFAVL is band which comes from Viterbo city and which plays for six years and now they decided to release their singles collection on CD. It contains songs from EP´s Il Prezzo da Pagare, Damned Streets and from splits with Lion´s Law, Suncity Skins and Faccao Opposta plus new version of Fino all´ultima goccia (which you may know from Cemento e Follia full length and I think this version has not been published yet). Together there are 13 songs (9 are in Italian and 4 in English). Songs are chronologicaly ordered from first to the last EP so you may hear the evolution of the band from harder beginning in middle rhythm across four English songs with some cool guitar solos to their latest song in Italian from this year (splits with Suncity Skins and Faccao Opposta). CD is done as digipack and inside the booklet you will find some lyrics, collage from posters and gig photos and also pictures of each EP with some release info (copies, colours, etc…). For the owners of singles released (or will be release) on Vinyl 4 Bootboys, Bords de Seine or Stratum Records it is nothing new (except song from split EP with Faccao Opposta, because it is not physically released yet but it is reviewed on BB as their other stuff plus you may find interview with them from 2011 here), but it it is pleasant to have it on one CD. Fine piece but without rating because it is nothing new.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 14.07.2015

FAVL/Facção Opposta - Audere est Facere

Bords de Seine - EP -

848_favl_faccao_ep.jpgSplit single of Italian band FAVl and Portuguese band Faccao Opposta will be out on French label Bords de Seine and it is limited to 300 copies. Italian band has there song called Dentro Te (Inside You) and they go back to their mother tongue which is better for me. Faccao Opposta has there song called O Tempo Passa (Time Goes By). Title of the EP is in Latin from which are both mother tongues of the bands derivated and it means To Dare is to Do. Cover is done by some Italian tattoo artist (from Torino Ink studi) and it is related to sailing which is in blood of both nations. Song from FAVL starts with nice guitar solo which changes to more elaborated tune. Their mother tongue fits them more then English so the song is catchy but hard and you may hear that in refrain which is shouted but with great singalong part after the shouted one. Also there is great passage just with vocals, bass and drums. Faccao Opposta has harder sound and guitar plays their solos on deeper strings (but there is classic solo also) and in refrain you may hear hoom of the rest of the band behind the main vocal and also overshouting of vocalist with the rest of the boys. Both songs have playing time greater then 3 minutes. Because the EP is not out yet I can´t speak about the inside and backside graphics but just about the music, which is on high level and both bands have been interviewed for BB and you may read there those interviews and reviews on their previous releases. I can´t wait to have this at home! Check the teaser here https://youtu.be/-EyRTcps8_c.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 25.05.2015

Fennoman - Lauluja Pohjoisesta Identiteetistä

Hakkapeliitta Records/Vainovalkeat Productions - CD - 36:11

967_fennoman.jpgNext Ari´s project is called Ffennoman and it is out on his labels. Compared to other projects this one is 100% acoustic and it goes into folk and traditional Finnish music but you may hear also touches of ambient, neofolk or martial. Title of the album can be translated like Songs of Northern Identity. CD is limited to 300 pieces and on it you may check 13 songs in Finnish. Songs like Kannuksen Pyörä - Octagram, Hiidenkirnu – some holes in rocks called Giant´s kettle, Rautayöt and Jatunlintarha – Labyrinth are just instrumental. Some other songs can be translated like Torch (Soihtu), Clash of Cultures (Kulttuurien Taistelu), Roots (Juuret), Forrest (Metsä), Ballad of Finland (Balladi Suomelle), Young Soldier (Nuori Sotamies) or March of Fathers (Isäin Maa). Song Onneliliset (Happy) is from Finnish composer Oskar Merikanto (end of 19th and beginning of 20th century) and you will surelly recognise that it is not composed by Ari. Music is 100% acoustic based on classic guitar spiced with brass instruments, samples, flutes, xylophone or lute. To all this add some hum, swish, neigh or sword clash. In booklet are all lyrics and graphics is put into traditional Finnish motives. Who likes acoustic pieces from Ultima Thule (like their last bonus CD Svenska Klasiker) or folk stuff from SOT you will like also Fennoman. But it is not the music for everyone.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 20.04.2016

Foreign Legion/The Shame - Oi! The International Streetpunk League

Aggrobeat Records/Rebel Sound - EP -

849_ABEP022.JPGSplit EP of Foreign Legion from Walesu and The Shame from US city Tulsa. Each band has there two songs called Nowhere Left to Hide and Our World Today (Foreign Legion) and Crossing the Line and Faded Glory (The Shame). In Foreign Legion is only one original member – singer Marcus who is responsible for the music I think because in spite of the changes in the line up their music stays the same (melodic clockwork punk). First song is about the fact that man has no place to hide from the rising tide which symbolizes world problems like disasters, etc… Second one is about current world and wasting money from the government and politicans. So these are serious topics covered in catchy music with fine solo guitar and both songs are on the same level. The Shame added one guitarist to their line up compared to their last release Tulsa Old School. Their sound is lightly boostered streetpunk like Brassknuckle Boys with faster bass which plays scales in the background. Their best song (and best song from the EP also) is Faded Glory which is about the fact how we celebrate tonight and how we keep the flame of faded glory alive and it is really singalong anthem. Their first song is faster and more straightforward. Both bands are preparing new releases for this year – Foreign Legion their new album Always Working Class and The Shame EP called Roughneck (which is also the name of Tulsa soccer team). EP is limited to 500 copies (250 blue for Europe and 250 red for USA). Fine EP and I think this is not last in the edition of International Streetpunk League :).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 26.05.2015

Ga-en - Kibo-O-Mune-Ni

Shout Proud Records - LP -

913_gaen.jpgDirk from Shout Proud Records release this masterpiece from Japan after Strong Style and The Hawks. The bandis called Ga-en and this is re-edition of their album from 2013 which was released by them. On single sided LP limited to 150 copies (100 red and 50 black) you may listen to five songs in their native language called 桜吹雪, 船出, 継続こそ我が力, 白虎 and last but not least 希望を胸に. With the help of google I found that some songs are called Way Out, White tiger (which is depicted on the cover) or something about Keep Doing Stuff You Are Strong At First song starts with acoustic guitar and piano but it goes into classic rock sound after few seconds. Rhythm is fresher and it is not so cumbersome like classic Japanese bands but you will still hear SSS influences in their sound. Solo guitar is really catchy (for example in first two songs) and also vocals are not so hard. Inside the cover you will find all lyrics but just in Japanese so I can´t tell you more about the content of thee songs. Also cover is done in typical eastern graphics – tiger and flowers. Most of all I like the fourth song where singer shows his vocal skills. Fifth song is in rhythm of military march. LP is sold out and who did not order it from Shout Proud should regret because it is really great and it will be rare one day.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 18.12.2015

Glory Days - s/t

Aggrobeat Records - EP -

847_glory_days_EP.jpgGlory Days is new band from Warsaw which plays in three pieces. You may compare them to their colleagues from Lazy Class because they are singing also in English language and they have some experiences with music from hc/punk bands like Government Flu, Reality Check, Last Item or Identity. Songs titles are Reality Check, Glory Days, The Line and Out of Sight and were already released on demo tape in 2014. Musically it is streetpunk in middle rhythm which is inspired by classics like Blitz but the sound of the band (especially guitars with small solos) is not so raw as in 80´s. Singer have covert vocal which you may here especially in the second song Glory Days where is some overshouting or in song called The Line. Really nice music in spite of the fact that they are playing in three. Lyrics are not cliché and it is about political radicalism of nowadays (song The Line), etc… Most of all I like the song Out of Sight where you may here some cumbersome tunes at the end. EP is limited to 300 copies (150 black and 150 red). The band is preparing split single with Dead End Street from Italy on the summer. The music is on higher level but I miss some significant idea for me to catch.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6/7  •  Date: 19.05.2015

Grade 2/Saint and Sinners - Die With Our Boots On

Contra Records - EP -

851_grade_ss.pngSplit EP of young British band Grade 2 from Isle of Weight and Prague based band Saint and Sinners is called Die With Our Out Boots On and i tis out on Contra Records. Both bands have released something in their past and some of their stuff is reviewed here on BB. Both bands have there two songs, Grade 2 has there Nothing to Lose and Till the End, Saint and Sinners have there Alcoholic Anthem (with Tim from Discharger on vocals and guitar and who is also written this song) and For Cowards. Grade 2 are playing in three and in spite of this and their age they are playing great music with guitar solos. Topics of their lyrics are internet heroes and the nonsense of wars which is greatest song for me from whole EP because of refrain. Saint and Sinners are starting with the song called Alcoholic Anthem in which you may recognise Tim´s work mainly becasue of the acoustic guitar and country/blues fealing. Song topic is quite clear. Second one For Cowards sounds like Perkele to me mainly due to the refrain. Cover is done in funny way with lyrics and band photos inside. Good split of present young bands with little bit of cliché in their lyrics.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 01.06.2015

Hardknocks - Battle Scarred

Crowd Control Media - LP -

971_hardknocks_LP.jpgHardknocks is five piece band from LA and this is their debut full album. They are playing since 2010 and they have already released demo and EP through Vinyl4Bootboys and this album is out on CD/LP through Crowd Control Media (250 copies, 100 blue and 150 black). On album are 12 songs (including cover Till the End from The Bruisers album Cruisin´ for Bruisin´ with Jordan from HC band Down for Life on vocals). You may hear also Mike from Fatskins in song Only the Strong. According to the cover graphics and style of band members (scarves on faces) they are little bit into HC and they are influenced with latino area of California. Their music is violent smasher with hard and heavy bass (like in Memphis Street, Brotherhood,...) plus melodic solo guitar (Tradition, Anti Social). Song titles are Tradition (about our cult and way of life), American Heroes (patriotic song for all war vets with acoustic intro), Anti Social (booze, fights and one finger salute to society), Dead End Street (about people who became junkies), A Friend You Won´t Remain (so called friends which betray you), Memphis Street (LA street with bars and pubs), Only the Strong (anthem of street fighter), Bitter End (again little bit of booze on Saturday night), Hardknocks Crew (about bunch of friends who support the band not just on gigs), Brotherhood (friendship in good times and bad times) and Battle Scarred (together against the world). Songs are varying from faster to middle rhythm. I really like songs Only the Strong Survive with nice cumbersome start and great solo, then Bitter End which is most melodic and first one Battle Scarred which shows you how will other songs sound. Cover of LP is nice and I really like the backside with the lion motive. Inside is paper with lyrics, guest photos and thankslist. It reminds me old Patriot, Stormwatch, The Damn Garrison or Condemned 84 (imagine their songs Riot Squad or Gang Warfare on steroids). Great US Oi! with all attributes which you like on US bands. Perfect.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 28.04.2016

Hawkins Thugs - Lager Lads

Contra Records - EP -

912_HT_front.jpgFive piece band from Basque country (Mondragon city) is releasing their second EP again on Contra Records. On ep you may check four songs Lager Lads, Best Memory, Never Belive and Respect for my Soul. On the first song Lager Lads was done also video which you may check on https://youtu.be/Dym-c2JZGjE. If you use download card and download mp3 version you will find bonus song from US band The Press called 21 Guitar Salute, which was covered also from Dropkick Murphy´s for example. Songs are in classic skinhead rock´n´roll sound like the Clichés, Perkele (Voice of Anger era), Templars, the Legionnaires, etc… - guitar with no booster effect with rnr rhytms and melodic vocals. EP is limited to 500 copies (in three color versions). If you check the cover which is done like in 80´s you won´t be surprised with the sound. Classics are also song topics – hard work in factory under asshole boss, memories on those who are not with us but which never disappear, lies of politicians which are covered behind public good or your soul which need no false redemption but just respect. I like songs from B side Never Belive and Respect for my Soul with some great guitar tunes. Inside is papr with lyrics, thankslist and contact on the band. Great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 09.12.2015

High Society/Cheap Stuff - Old Friends on Wax

Contra Records/Steeltown Records - EP -

856_6738_0.jpgSplit EP (like the name of EP says) of two German punk rock bands which has already released some stuff. High Society has released few EP´s (including split EP with Oldfashioned Ideas), Cheap Stuff has two full albums plus two EP´s. Each band has there two songs in English – High Society has there Circle vs. Line and Here are Your Enemies, Cheap Stuff has songs called Nine Fingers Boy and Kiss the Clouds. Both bands plays in five piece line up with two guitars and both bands sounds quite similar even Cheap Stuff sounds faster to me with more shouted and rough vocals. Also in both their sounds is bass with effect and some bass solo and song Nine Fingers Boy is really hit with recitative at the end. High Society put some small guitar solo to both of their songs and also their refrains are more significant (like overshourting in Circle vs. Line or singalong refrain in second song). Cover is done like oldschool tattoo and it is all what can I say because I have just digital promo. Who likes melodic punk rock/streerpunk will like also this bands.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 11.06.2015

Hippie Raus! - s/t

Olifant Records - CD - 30:58

947_hippieraus.jpgHippie Raus comes from the city of Gdaňsk (as the label), they are playing in three pieces and this is their self-titled album where you may check twelve songs in polish. According to the line up their music is more straightforward but where is less guitars they work on melody with vocals which are part of guitarist and bassist. Most songs are in rough middle rhythm similar to early Condemned 84 (which I hear in Ostatni mecz – The Last Match or Do Pana Generala – For the General). There are some songs with guitar solo (like the first one Hippie Raus! or Do Pana Generala). Other songs are called Wampir (Vampire), Nasze serca (Our Hearts), Szubienice (Gallows), 40 milionow frajerów (40 million gulls), Karykatura (Caricature – about people who want to earn money by playing in oi!/punk band which should be just about fun with friends), Ten sam (Similar), Nadzieja (Hope) or Piosenka Niepoprawna Politycznie (Politically Incorrect Song). Topics of the lyrics should be guessed from the song titles because of absence of the lyrics in the booklet. The band has no worries with PC (just check the last song Piosenka Niepoprawna Politycznie). Cover is done quite simple – just two pages with photos. Band logo is lion from the coat of arms of free city of Gdaňsk. Good.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 09.03.2016

I.C.1 - Based on True Story

PC Records - CD - 46:29

919_ic_based.jpgThird full album from this band which is surely not everyone cup of tead is out and it is called Based on True Story. You may listen to 14 songs on it and the last one Not Forgotten is taken from their EP. CDis full of melodic music again with saxophone in few songs (Remember Lionhearts nebo Our Town). Music of I.C.1 stands on together singalongs where the rest of the bands help Andy´s great vocal (check the song Identity Code Number One or refrain in Light Up the World). Next think which is basic for the band is bass line which is easy but suggestive (like in broke up Evil Conduct). There are also nice guitar tunes and solos (Politician, Living the Dream). The band again sings about good old times (We Are the Bois, Remember Lionhearts), criticize big brother and politicans (You´re Never Walk Alone, Politicans), web heroes (Web Warriors), middle/higher class champagne socialists (Red Alert, which has quite similar lyrics as Suburban Rebels fromThe Business), they also sing about the change of the city which they live in (Our Town and Our Life Today), but there is also song about the fact how funny is playing in the band (Living the Dream). N previous albums were always one song which jumps immediately into my head (Where You Belong from the first and Best of Times from second album). On this CD is it the third song Light Up the World which is top for me. Booklet is standard – lyrics and band photos. This is really great album and it is as good as their previous ones.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 31.12.2015

Ironhead Division - Ride Like Hell

American Defense Records - EP -

1012_ihd_rlh.jpgIronhead Division is three piece band from Austin in texas and this is their first EP. They have released also EP Hammerwolf which was out on Last Punkrockers Records. As I said the band plays in three and members come from bands such as Oxblood, Beltones, Lower Class Brats or Vanguard. Interesting is that they have double bass. But do not expect some rockabilly or psychobilly. This is hard and heavy stuff combining the best from punk, oi!, dirty rock´n´roll and metal (they are playing In League with Satan from Venom live). EP contains two songs – Ride Like Hell and Evil (it is not 4Skins cover). It sounds (and inside of the cover look) little bit like Bricktop (but they have just one vocal and double bass) or The pagans from Netherland. First song is really ass kicking and the topic is quite clear – fast ride. Evil is slower with melodic refrain. Inside is just some artwork and on the back cover is band photo. Check youtube where the band has couple of sons (not these two) so you may check their style. EP is limited to 333 copies (200 black and the rest in other colors) plus some test pressings with different cover. It is evil and it has idea which is great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 23.08.2016

Jack the Lad - Av It!

Rebelion Records - EP -

899_jackthelad_EP.pngJack the Lad is British band which plays for two years and in the beginning they were just cover band which plays stuff from 80´s. This is their debut single with two songs – You Can Have It (which is full name of the title ´av it!) and Get Up. Singer is bass player from Condemned 84 Glen and also other members of the band remember 80´s in personal experience :). Their music is also in thath spirit so imagine mixture of Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects, The Crack, East End Badoes, etc... Great singalong refrains, catchy guitar and some solos. First song is about the bands which sell themselves for money and left the scene or they returned because of the money. Second one Get Up is more melodic and rhythmic which is caused by ride cymbal in refrain. Cover is also classic with Union Jack. EP will be out at the beginning of December. If you like bands mentioned above and you like to sing their songs in pub when they play them on jukebox, you will like also Jack the Lad. Good one.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 10.11.2015

Kareliaani - Pagan Europe

Hakkapeliitta Records - CD - 30:47

835_karel_pagan.pngAri´s project Kareliaani is on the CD for the first time (because Patriotic Force released on Dim was after the LP version on This Means War). It looks like that Karelaiaani has stabile line up and they are playing live again (they played gig with Njord) and not just Ari plays songs on this album. On circa 30 minutes of playtime you may listen to 12 songs, including four instrumentals (Karelia, Trad. 1, Trad. 2 and Pagan Europe) and song Schauman (which is Jeanne cover from Bunker 84 and which is play more pomposity). Two songs - Metal Vikings (which is add as bonus track) and Nordic Pride World Wide are sung in English. Again you may hear many samples and keyboards (like in Niilo Grabbe – hero in the war against Denmark or Viimeinen Taistelu which is dedicated to those who fell in battle), acoustic instruments or middle age sounded instruments - Trad. 1 and 2 – which sounds like some pub traditional and you may hear mouth harp or Pagan Europe which contains motives like Shores of Vinland from Marching On (some kind of hum and bass melodies). Traditional songs are played in modern way in the way of Nu Grönskar Det from Ultima Thule (maybe with rougher sound). Other songs can be translated like The Hunter´s Song, Fallen in Battle or Carolean. Whole CD is very patriotic and historical tuned (and I was surprised if don´t) and you may find there pictures of Finnish soldiers during Winter War or girl holding Finnish flag plus band photo from Kuggnass. Kareiliaani plays music on same level as their previous stuff and who like it will like this also. Inside are also lyrics.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 17.04.2015

Kombatants - Guldgrävaren

Shout Proud Records - EP -

875_komb_guld.jpgKombatants are five piece band from Sweden and they have already released one full album and one split with Bakers Dozen. Till that release they used to sing in English. Dirk from Shout Proud released this EP limited to 150 copies (50 on orange wax and 100 on black wax) on which you may listen four songs in Swedish called Guldgrävaren (Golddigger), Tomma Blickar (Empty eyes), Termiter (Termits) and Huliganens Lag (Hooligans Law which you may know from Ruck´n ´Oi! album in English version). Members of tha band are playing/used to play in bands like Heroes and SOT, but do not expect any viking rock. From the first title it is melodic Oi!/streetpunk and in Guldgrävaren are also ska touches (in refrain you may hear something about limousines) in style of their colleagues from AntiPati or other Swedish bands. Second one Tomma blickar is faster one with nice guitar solo, Termiter is about rich and powerful people and it goes back to the rhytm of the first song. Huliganens lag has touches of rnr and mod beatu and originally comes from 2012. Inside the EP is just big band photo and on the backside details to recording and press. I think that the colour version is sold out so if you want this contact Shout Proud.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 02.09.2015

Kriegs Legion - War Bastard

Streetrock Records - LP -

821_kriegs_legion.jpgKriegs Legion is new Detroit based band which released their debut album on Streetrock Records on CD and LP also. The band has already recorded demo called Signature Strike. The band plays in five pieces and instead of one guitar player (Bill from Rogues/Rival…) and drummer they are all hairy or beardy guys and I have to say that they music is like that…mixture of hc punk, thrash and goo old dirty rock´n´roll like Motörhead (for example song Free Shit Army sounds like from them). On LP you may listen to nine songs and you may check official video on Monopoly on Violence (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktd2Ao7MfCU). Lyrics are quite solid protest songs about how to not be an idiot who watch TV and who agrees with all government actions (Patridiot), antigovernment stuff (Statist Control or No Monopoly on Violence), some kind of horror/zombie song (Against the Wall) or lone wolves of terrorism (Internal Menace). I have to hail to the solo guitar because it is really great almost in each song and also the music together sounds very compact and I will recommend this for listening during power lifting, jogging or boxing because it really kick you in the head. LP is limited to 500 copies (200 gold, 200 grey and 100 black) and its playtime is around about 30 minutes. Inside is paper with lyrics and band photos plus paper with download code. Cover on the title is well done (and it is done by singer) on the back side is fine chaos star with skull. Do not expect some kind of Oi! or fine streetpunk, this is pure evil which crush skulls and balls and I will recommend it to all fans of Bolt Thrower, West Wall, Motorhead or HC/punk bands from the 80´s which makes Motorhead sound harder. For me it is great but it is not for everyone.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 06.03.2015 •  Buy HERE

Lamia Reno - Ida Swieta

Olifant Records - CD - 10:03

943_lamiareno.jpgLamia Reno comes from the city of Gdansk and they are active since 2011. In their line up you may find members from Lumpex 75 (Cinek and Kula). The name of the band is derived from the heroine of Polish movie Sexmision from 1984. The band has already released one album by themselves. This CD is promo piece in paper sleave with Xmas themes. It contains three songs. The first one is previously unreleased (Ida Swieta which means something like Christmas coming) and Lamia Reno and Tereska from their album. Music is really great because of thwo guitars, experience with palying and also the fact that all guitarists are helping in each other in vocals (but the main vocalist is Cinek). Music is melodic, catchy any lyrics (or the lyrics from this promo CD) are about women so – pornstar Tereska who is making movie after movie, Lamia Reno and her curves from the movie which doesn´t let the members sleep and Xmas time which is connected with women again – just check the cover. I really like the solo guitar (lead by Cinek also) and which you hear in each song. There are some r´n´r touches (first one Ida Swieta) or middle rhythm (Lamia Reno). According to the printing on CD this is released in 2044 which is the year from movie again. I do not know how to order this promo (maybe you will receive It to each order from Olifant) but I will surely check their first album because this convince me for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 03.03.2016

Last Crusade - s/t

Rebellion Records - LP -

897_last_crusade_LP.jpgAfter their demo released as EP comes this Britain based band with their full album. Guitarist and singer Karl have to move back to Canada so it is some kind of pos mortem album. It contains 9 songs and you may know Morally Bankrupt and Deadbeat from their debut EP plus there is also cover version from Subway Thugs (Who the Fuck Are You). CD version of the album contains also bonus song Cycle of Terror which is also from EP. So it means 7 new songs. LP will be limited to 700 copies (300 black, 300 red, 100 milky clear plus 40 testpressings). You may listen to song Nowhere to Go on https://youtu.be/6fMph04wgmo. Songs are in middle rhythm with lightly boostered guitar and second guitar plays her solos. To this you may add singalong refrains and strophes parts. Everything is equally balanced. I have to say that Subway Thugs cover (which was the band of Alternate Action´s and Bishop´s Green singer) fits well to their music. Musically it reminds me Templars (mainly in the second piece Sick Society) and vocals are similar to Skint (or Plan of Attack). Mainly in the last song Survive or in Morally Bankrupt. There is also song Looking Back with slower start which has great melody and it convince you that you heard it somewhere before. Playtime is OK and the songs are not get boring but they force you to play them again. Other songs are One of Us and Vengeance. Cover is similr to EP – bnd photo and I have no info about inside because I have just digital copy but I´m listening to it again and again. Sad thing is that they broke up because this is great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 05.11.2015

Last Crusade - s/t

Rebellion Records - EP -

792_last_crusade_ep.jpgLast Crusade is new British Oi! band which released four song digital demo during 2014 but it was sooo good that Wouter from Rebellion grab it and he will release it at the beginning of 2015 on limited EP (300 copies – 200 black and 100 clear). The band plays in four but they have two guitars and on the EP you may listen to four songs. Both guitarists came from Canada. From the four songs are three from the band (Deadbeat, Morally Bankrupt and Cycle of Terror) and one is a cover from Warrior Kids (Personne), which is sung in French (maybe because of Canada origin of the singer and guitar player). Songs are played in middle rhythm with rough vocal of the singer and time tom time solo (like in Morally Bankrupt). In song Deadbeat there is refrain sung by the whole band. It reminds me Templars (Cycle of Terror) from The Horns of Hattin´ era or Coup de Masse and together the sound is not too British and it sounds more like brickwall Oi!. Also you will hear French bands from the 80´s in their music. The cover is done also in 80´s style – just balck and white photo. Again I have no onfo about the inside because it will be released in couple of weeks. There is no weak song and I understand Rebellion Records that they wanted to release it because this is quality music which will love everyone who likes harder music and for me I ti one of the biggest surprises from 2014.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 24.12.2014

Lazy Class - Hell of San Domingo

Rebellion Records - CD -

871_lazy_class_hell_of_st_domingo.pngAfter their debut CD/EP Better Life came this Polish band with another stuff on 10´´ (with 6 songs in English) or CD (with 3 more bonus songs with different version of We Are Lazy Class and another one in Polish with different people from the band on vocals) Album is titled after the British-French naval battle during Napoleon wars in 1806 where Brits won. Their songs are build on the previous EP so you can expect streetpunk with high quality and melody. In song Voice of Oi! you may hear also keyboards which fits to the music well. Great songs are also We Are Lazy Class which is anthem of the band with nice refrain and great guitar, Gotta Find a Way with rock/rock´n´roll touches or Hell of San Domingo (which you may check here https://youtu.be/BLn8Q9lfnTc). I really like the bass also because it has great tunes in each song. Album will be out at the beginning of September 2015 so I do not know anything about inside graphics. On the cover is depicted battle rage during San Domingo battle. The band with their 6 (or 9) songs gets really fast under your skin. On Polish bands I like the melody of Polish language (and here you may check it in song Stracone Pokolenie) but Lazy Class did the same with English.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 26.08.2015

Legion 76 - s/t

Vinyl 4 Bootboys - EP -

901_legion76.jpgLegion 76 comes from city of Philadelphia and it is project of members from Thunder and Glory (both guitarists and brothers Erik and Chris), Dive in Box and The Boils. EP will be out on Vinyl 4 Bootboys Records and it will be limited to 250 copis (100 gold, 150 black and 10 testpressings on red wax with extra cover). Musically it is faster then Thunder and Glory which has darker Oi! sound. Vinyl contains three songs and first two (Life Hits the Ground and Another Way) are from their demo which you may listen here http://legion76.bandcamp.com/. Sound quality is very good and it is over the standard demo sound. Song on B side is called Dead City and it is brand new one. In that song you may hear ska influences mainly because of Hammond keyboards sound and bass lines in the background. It reminds me Plastic Gangsters from 4 Skins and it is the softest from EP. The band plays in four but singer Erik plays guitar also. You may slightly recognize that songs on A side are recorded in different time then Dead City but it doesn´t matter. The first piece Life Hits the Ground contains great catchy refrain and nice solo. The style of refrain reminds me Plan of Attack and Bonecrusher. Second song is faster and for me it is the best song from EP due to guitar solo again. Wo loves (not only) American Oi! bands and who has record player do not hesitate and buy it!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 19.11.2015

Légitime Violence - Rock Haine Oi!

Hostile Class Productions - CD -

955_lv_rock.jpgNext release from Hostile Class Productions which I receive quite long after its release is this album from Légitime Violence. On Cd you may check 11 songs including Pour Les Tiens and Les Années D´Acier (from Komintern Sect) from split EP with Offensive Weapon and Anti Rash Action and Bords de Seine (from L´Infanterie Sauvage, with part of their original song there) from split EP with Orgullo Sur. There is also instrumental intro (with talkings from media about the band) so together there are 6 new songs (which are released also on split album with The Hawks). The band has some line-up changes compared to their first album and the singles which is written near the songs at the end of the booklet. All new (and also old) songs are in French which is not surprise because of the band origin (Quebec). The change in line-up can be heard on bass line (lie in Wrecking Crew, Non Jamais – with fine guitar also or Red Season) which plays higher tunes on upper strings. After the intro there is title song Rock Haine Oi! with killer rnr riff and singalong refrains, other new songs are Sale Traitre (Dirty TraitorŠ) or Quebec Stompers. On song Non Jamais (Never) which is about danger of Islamic fanaticism is official video which can be checked on https://youtu.be/DGRK1MbN328. Song topics can be guessed from the song titles and you shouldn´t know French to make it clear. Booklet is similar to Offensive Weapon lyrics, photos and thankslist with greetings to Czechs all done on nice chalked paper. The band is controversial to many but their sound is killer and their prove it on this album again.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 23.03.2016

Lion´s Law - Open Your Eyes

Contra Records/UVPR Records - CD - 23:44

830_ll_eye.jpgLion´s Law is band which should not be introduced. They have released three EP´s (including one split) and this is their second full album (or better to say mini album) released as a digipack on Contra Records and as LP on UVPR. On CD (which is really well packed) you may listen to 8 songs (including instrumental intro) in English. The band plays in five which means two guitars and on BB you may read older interview (from 2013) where the line up was different. On CD you may check songs called Knock´em Out, Rollin´, Skinhead, In Your Veins (you surely know the official video https://youtu.be/15lcc1wSPQc), Out of My Way, Laced Up and Open Your Eyes. The first piece Knoc´em Down is really great and it shows the direction of the next songs. Middle rhythm, guitar solos, clear vocal and singalong refrains which are easy to remember and which you will sing with the band after one or two hearings. First song has great lyrics about dealing with murderers and rapists - „ Knock´em Out, Kick´em Out before they get in your home, with a baseball bat against psychopaths, we´ll do justice on our own“. Second is about how fast drive across abandoned highway clears your mind. Third is classic ode to skinheads and how tough they are but also about memories on your first tattoo and first haircut. This song contains also bass solo. In Your Veins is about the drugs and addiction, Out of My Way about internet warriors who are spreading rumors (really great song and with the first one the best one from the CD), Laced Up about the boots which will never stop marching on or the last one Open Your Eyes about the fact that you should wake up because the world is going mad. Cover is done really nice – digipack with lyrics and band photo. Music played by Lion´s Law is really great, their members know how to play and work on this CD was surely very hard (because the sound is really great) but I have to also say that it is little bit cliché in the songs but on the other hand this is what people want to hear and it is surely one of the secret of Lion´s Law success. I like it but nothing for underground pure anti PC skins :) (you know what I mean ;)).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 30.03.2015

Los Brigands - Nothing´s Clean

Crowd Control Media - LP -

885_brigands.pngThree piece band from South Bay in LA is here with their debut 16 songs LP called Nothing´s Clean released through Crowd Control Media. From these 16 songs i sone in Spanish and i tis called Algun Dia and there i salso Chuck Berry´s cover on Johnny B. Goode tune called Robbie. The band is playing nice mixture of psychobilly (which you will hear in the first song The Hater´s Circle), ska punk (like in 10 Times Worse or On the Wall for example), rock´n´rollu and faster punk rock (Downtown Nights or Fight Fire with Fire). The band plays great music in spite of playing in three pieces and it is lead by nice and playful guitar and singalong vocals in refrains. I really like melodic songs like Broke, Bumming Gigs or Denver Ave. If you like Operation Ivy or older stuff from Rancid, so Los Brigands remind you these bands in many songs. LP cover which is limited to 250 copis is done by singer from Patriot and tattoo artist Eddie Oakes. Music is surely good but i tis not my cup of tea.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6/7  •  Date: 25.09.2015

Make Your Mark - What We Belive

Crowd Control Media - LP -

883_make_your_mark.pngMake Your Mark comes from Des Moines city which lies in Iowa and it is four piece band with guitarist Jordan on vocals. In 2013 they have released album called also What We Belive with song Make Your Mark from Templars plus split single to the zine called Smeared In Ink (with New Radio song). On this LP you may listen to 12 songs and they are not in The Templars style (even it seems like it will because of the band title). It is faster middle rhytm with melodic vocal which changes with other band members which have more shouted voice (like in New Radio or The Game) with simple solos which supports them. In background you may listen to bass which is also playful. Make Your Mark has great melodies like in song called Franciscan which is really great then the first one What We Belive or Turn it Up which is classic singalong. Topics of the songs are scooters, working class or beer (25 Pounds of Beer). Nice music which worth hearing.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 22.09.2015

Newtown Neurotics - Triumph over Adversity

Violated Records - CD -

910_nn_live.jpgThis is live CD with fourteen songs of British band from April 1987 which took place in Brunel University. On CD you may listen to the songs which are taken from their first three studio albums which they had released till 1987. CD is some kind of tribute to their bass player Colin Dredd who passed away this April. Live songs are calm so do not expect any UK 82 hard and heay stuff. It reminds me The Clash (due to use of two tone guitar in songs like Newtown People or Living with Unemployment), some post punk bands (but without synths and electronic samples) and mod beat stuff like Secret Affair for example. There is also cover from B. E. Kinga Stand by Me. It is faster but not as raped as you would expected from punk band. Music is calm and sometimes you even don´t har that it is live recording because sound is really clear. You will find there all their hits like Living with Unemployment (which was covered by The Oppressed), Fighting Times or Keep the Faith. Fine piece done as a memory on dead member of the band but who know more about the band will know each song from this CD so I leave it without rating.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 04.12.2015

No Man´s Land - No Way Back Home

Aggrobeat Records - CD -

838_abcd020front.JPGThis is maybe longest playing Oi!punk band from Indonesia (Java island) and this is their sixth long album which is out on Dutch label Aggrobeat Racords (as their other later records) On CD called No Way Back Home you may listen to twelve songs in English and on two of them - Taken Back (really catchy tune) and 20 Years of Oi! you may watch videos (https://youtu.be/ciKmTpc8xZU and https://youtu.be/cskaWJKbZq8). The band is getting better and better and since the first song United Oi! you can listen great melodic guitar and touches of classic bands from 80´s (like in second song Don´t Know Why or in Malang Nominor, which is great singalong). Some songs are harder but it is still great melodic stuff (like No Way Back Home) where the vocalist voice gets little bit rougher. I hear there the first album from Roots and Boots Working Class Heroes, Evil Conduct (in song BB Punk), Hard Skin, Slade (in song Degeneration) or Cockney Rejects. CD is out in classic cover but I do not know anything about inside becasuse I have just promo version. I have to say that this is the best album from the stuff which I heard from them.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 24.04.2015

No Man´s Land - The Way We Feel

Aggrobeat Records - EP -

903_noman_EP_way.JPGDutch label keep on releasing stuff from No Man´s Land from Indonesia (Java Island, city of Malang) and now they served to us their new EP called The Way We Feel. Reviews on their previous stuff wit detiled description of the band are possible to check on BB. On this EP there are three new songs called The Way We Feel, which is recorded in old line up and it contains soft female vocals in most of the song and it is most melodic one from the EP. You may also check video to this song on https://youtu.be/QmTITU2RR3A. Two other songs are on B side and they have titles Lion´s Roar and Practise What You Preach. Both are in classic spirit of the band which is inspired with British streetpunk classics from 80´s – Business (they are going to record their song Freedom for some compilation with Old Firm Casuals, Blind Pigs and Dead End Street), Cockney Rejects or Cock Sparrer. You may hear these influences mostly in refrains. EP is limited to 300 copies and you may find lyrics and photos inside. Standard release from proven band.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 24.11.2015

No More Lies - Nessun Rimorso

DIY - CD -

902_NML - Nessun Rimorso - Artwork.jpgNo More Lies is HC band from Italy with members from Payback (singer), Southern Drinkstruction or Disgusto. On CD called (With No Remorse) released DIY by the band you may check nine songs in their native language (including Intro and Outro which are not instrumental). If I compare them with Payback (where Fabrizio used to sing) this is much more brutal. You may hear also influences from metal, punk and Oi! (US stuff mixed with HC, mainly in the song Brucera Questa Citta, which has drum in regular rhythm but vocals are still rough and it contains brutal bass part). So it sounds to me like mixture of Exploited, Warzone or early Vendetta (Terror Nation and Demolition era). Song titles are Ancora Vivo (Still alive) – which is the fastest song, Brucera Questa Citta (Burn this City) – which is cover from Souther Drinkstruction, Sara Rivolta (Let´s Revolt), Perdente (Loser) which is the best song for me due to double pedal, Lacrime & Samgue (Tears nd Blood) or Potere Nelle Stade (Power in the Streets), which is Nabat cover but in more brutal way. It reminds me their colleagues from Plakkaggio HC which has no borders between styles their play and like. From Intro the band really kicks your ass and in spite of the fact that they play in classic line up they really make the wall of noise which is impermeable for everyone. I have it again just in electronic form but the cover looks cool. If you like HC which remember their oi/punk roots, this is for you.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 20.11.2015

No Parole - s/t

Mad at the Word Records - EP -

924_noparole.jpgNo Parole is band which comes from New Jersey and this is their debut EP. They play in five pieces and in line up are ex members of bands like Criminal Intent or Altered Boys and on EP you may check four songs – No Parole, Real Life, Rumor Mill and Grey Skies. I even do not know the label but they are working since 2002. Band title means something like no chance of releasing from the prison and the first lyric is about thath fact when they compare the life of working man with prisoner´s life. Song is in faster rhythm. Second piece is about rich kids which are payed by parents till they become adult and ordinary man have to work since teen age to survive. Song is slower and it contains cool guitar solo. Thir piece is about rumors and their circle which is unstoppable. This song is shortest one. Last one is about booze and the consequences which can be fatal sometimes. Songs are quite short (two and half minutes max) and the sound of the band is quite dark with few HC touches (mainly the covered voice of the singer). It reminds bands like Hammer and Nails from Bostonu or Cycle of Violence from Detroit. EP is on black wax with lyrics and band logo inside the cover and band photo on the back side of the cover. Fine debut of the new band with experienced members in line up. Check them on https://noparole.bandcamp.com/.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 21.01.2016

No Quarter - For Crown and Country

Unstoppable Hate Records - CD - 37:36

895_no_quarter.jpgAfter their EP and few songs on compliatlions such as New Breed of British Oi! and Boots on the Streets came No Quarter finally with their full length album. Together you may check 11 songs and No Quarter, Stand for England and Ain´t What I Call Oi! you may know from the compilations, Fight for the Moment is from their debut EP and there are also covers from Johnny Cash (Ring of Fire) and Another Man´s Poison (Man Enough). So there are five new songs from them (or better to say four because the last one has lyrics from Jakob Morrissey) but I think that they are recorded again. Band plays in four but with two guitars and it can be heard because there is guitar solo almost in each song. If you know the lyrics to Ain´t What I Call Oi! you will realize that the band has NOT anylyrics about drinking beer or getting tattooed but they sing about current or historical topics and their view on them. Album is opened with Fight for the Moment which is great piece about the fact that we should not surrender and you will hear there nice bass. Next one Justice for the Birmingham 21 sounds like mixture of Skrewdriveru and Combat 84 and it is about bomb attacks in their city in 1974 and the fact that the attackers were never send down. Two other songs (Slaughtered Hero and Monster) are about the danger of Muslim fundamentalists and about people who are closing their eyes before the religious-motivated murders in their country which should be punished by the death penalty. There are also songs about wars (No Quarter with lyrics from the Crimean war) or the last one Welcome Home about destiny of war vets who returned home and who live on the streets. There is also pure patriot song Stand for England, song about psychic problems In Your Head and their hit song Ain´t What I Call Oi! This is the song which characterizes the band and this album is really done according to this song – music without compromises which doesn´t care if someone finds this offensive for him. Booklet is simple but effective – lyrics, few band photos on the backside cover, short thankslist and soldiers on the front cover (now from 1st WW). I really like this album and I will give it 10 from 10 even some songs are not new from me. This great and compact album with idal playtime and songs which are not boring.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 02.11.2015

No Resistance - Nova Methodus

Rebellion Records - LP -

882_nr_nm.pngNo Resistance comes from Houston and this is their 10´´ with four brand new songs. You may know them from album V.I.T.R.I.O.L., which contains re-recorded songs and which was also released by Rebellion. The band plays in four but they have two guitars and one of them is played by girl, who can be heard in refrains (Let´s Hear it). In some songs you may hear classic piano which really spiced the sound of the band. Song titles are Downtown (check it on https://youtu.be/a8tNXlVQa3Y), Let´s Hear It, Alarming and In the Morning. The band shows to you on these songs that they know ho to play from faster streetpunk with glam and mod beat influences (like the first one Downtown) to slower poppy ballad (In the Morning). Sometimes I hear there faster songs from The Manics or Buzz Off. Singer and bass player Scott has quite great vocal range (from normal position in Alarming to higher tunes in Let´s Hear It). So all four songs are great and they will not bore you for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 11.09.2015

One Last Round - s/t

Lone Wolf Productions - EP -

819_LW001lmt125.jpgDebut EP from this Greek HC band is out on Lone Wolf Productions (also their debut release) in 200 copies (125 with this cover and 75 with different one) plus 10 testpressings. EP contains five songs in English called More than this, Wannabe, Stupid Mistakes, No for an Answer and Athens by Night. Band members used to play in bands like Soberphobia, Ten Beers After or Smoking Barrels and in this project they have been playing for five years. Music is in middle/faster rhythm with darker sound and shouted but not rough vocals which is easy to understand. In some songs (Athens By Night or Wannabe) other members help singer with vocals and in the song Wanabe is great singalong. In this song is also fine guitar solo. You will find here classic changing in the rhythm in one song from slower to faster and vice versa (like in Stupid Mistakes) and the first song for example doesn´t sound too much HC for me (at the beginning) but during its playtime there are some changes in drums rhythm. You may check their songs on the webpage of the band https://onelastround.bandcamp.com/releases and you may order it on the link below. Songs have playtime from 1:15 to 2:30 minutes. Harder EP but do not expect something unlistenable.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 02.03.2015 •  Buy HERE

Operace Artaban - Vlastizrada

Rabiát Records - CD - 52:23

858_oa_obal.jpgFifth album from Operace Artaban is out now on their home label Rabiat Records and it is called Vlastizrada (Parricide) and it contains 12 songs in Czech. Line up is still the same as on previous album – three persons plus guests (female vocals and violin). In many songs you may hear also acoustic guitar (Vlastizrada – Parricide, Nejlepší věk – The Best Age, Morava má – My Moravia, Hrdinům – To the Heroes, ...) and there is also cover on traditional song called Nezlomný (Unbroken). The first two songs (Vlastizrada – Parricide and Odpouštím – I Forgive) are into viking rock/metaldue to the guitar riffs and higher position of the vocalist´s voice. Next one Morava má (My Moravia) is faster one but the vocals are still on higher position then we are used to listen from previous album Prozření. To normal position went the vocals in song Naivita? (Naivity?) which is harder or Pijavice (Bloodsucker) where normal position of vocals varies with higher one in refrain (which is really singalong in this piece) and with bass solos. Most of the songs are in the middle rhythm but there are also long half acoustic pieces (like Nejlepší věk – The Best Age which has more then 7 minutes playtime) and in refrain I heard country influences from the camping fire. On the song Korekce (Correction) an official video was shot (https://youtu.be/wufQS4MaNS8) but you surely know this. Anéther song with remarkable refrain is Hrdinům (To the Heroes). In the last piece the vocals are changing from guitarist to bass player so there is little overshouting effect. Lyrics are about closing the factories because of more and more humanities students, betray of so called friends whose you bring to the crew, beauties of your local area, heroes whose died in wars, 1984 from Orwell which becoming reality nowadays, sick society where money cult rules, newspeak of present time, evolution of person due to his age or life experiences. Each song has at least 3 minutes playtime. Cover is done by Tony and you will find lyrics (also English ones) inside and band photos. At the beginning I was little unfamiliar with higher vocals but after few listenings it was OK. Standard from Operace Artaban and Rabiat Records.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 24.06.2015 •  Buy HERE

Orgullo Sur - s/t

Ravens Call Records - EP -

832_os_EP.jpgAnother EP from Orgullo Sur is this 4 pieces single sided 12´´ with all tracks in Spanish called Financiados (Funding), Partido Comunista (Communist Party), Ruinas de Elstado (Ruins of the State) and Patriotic Voice (where is English refrain and in the last strophe you may hear singer from Nessuna Resawho sings in his native tongue Italian). Songs has together around about thirteen minutes and half. Music of Orgullo Sur doesn´t change too much. It is melodic and nice for hearing with nice vocal of singer (and guitarist) Willy. The line-up is the same – four people (but two guitars and there is solo in each song). Compared to their last full length there is not too many female vocals in refrains and I heard them just in the last one Patriotic Voice. The best songs from the EP for me are last two Ruinas de Elstado (with passage where singer sings just to the drums) and Patriotic Voice. Song topics are quite easy to guess from the titles (for example the first one is about the funding communists and political campaigns from taxes or the last one which is about Chilean-Italian friendship). Inside the EP (which is limited to 131 copies) you will find all four lyrics, band photo and thankslist to labels and bands which supports the band. I like Orgullo Sur and I like also limited editions so I bought it and who likes Orgullo Sur also shall know that the level of their music stays the same as on previous releases. Fine.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 01.04.2015

Outburst - Crusade

Greyzone Records - EP -

921_outburst.jpgOutburst was active band in the middle of 90´s whch comes from Great Yarmouth in Britain. Line up was made from five blokes - Daz, Rob, Troy, Pete and Paul. After their break up, two members founded Retaliator (bass player Pete and guitarist Rob). Pete was in the line up of Retaliator till the end, Rob recorded EP Feel the Power and two albums - Order of Chaos and Against the Grain. EP contains two songs recorded back in 1996 - Crusade and Shoot to Kill. These songs were originally released on demo tape and also on Retaliator´s Singles and Rarities album released in 2010 by 84 Records. First one Crusade is about the battle and victory, second one Shoot to Kill is about no mercy with terrorism (IRA) – so no rubber bullets but shoot to kill. Music is similar as first two Retaliator albumsdue to rough and sharp metal sounding guitar (maybe the Rob´s work). EP is limited to 500 copies handnumbered (100 black, 200 yellow and 200 brown). Inside you will find lyrics, band photos from recording and rehersals plus short band story. Cover is done well and it nicely corresponds with the title of EP. Inside is also information about the fact that Grey Zone Records is looking for rare and unreleased materials which they want to release. I am a huge fan of Retaliator and I really like this.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 15.01.2016 •  Buy HERE

Plakkaggio - Ziggurath

Hellnation Records - CD -

874_plak_ziggurath.jpgFourth album from this Italian band who change the meaning of crossover becasue this is reall well done mixture of melodic oi!/streetpunk songs to brutal metal. Bands which isnpire them are listed in song NWOBHMOi! – New Wave of Black Heavy Metal Oi! :)). On album you may listen to eleven songs (including instrumentál intro called Piombinara) which are in Italian language. From music dissapears HC influences, but metal touches stays mainly in guitar solos and harder vocals (like in the song Ziggurath which slows down to acoustic version in one part and its concept characterize the band). Acoustic influences are in other songs like Proto Indo Europa or I Nostri Ani. The first song Sacriporto shows the direction of the album . melodical guitar (solos and thrashy passages) which are underlined with faster drums and singalong refrains with changing on vocals. There are also great streetpunk tunes like Missione Disagio or Il Vascello which reminds me their friends from Gli Ultimi (they have split EP with them). It is extremly hard to characterize their music becuase i tis piece from something but i tis extremly melodic and i tis for those who sometimes sails from the slacks water of classic Oi!/punk. For me i tis great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 01.09.2015

Pressure 28 - On These Streets

Spitfire Records - EP -

958_press_ep.jpgSingle of Pressure 28 was released last year on the label (probably) owned by the band. It is limited to 300 copies on grey vinyl with download code. Single contains song On these Streets on side A and In Defiance on side B. The band plays slower middle rhythm but they know how to play also slower songs (like Pull No Punches from previous single/album). First piece is about hard life on the streets which has spirit and you know every corner in your area. On these street you were born, you live there and you die there. Song is slower and it is in swinging rhythm with nice bass line and singer Kev really sings there. Second song is more straightforward and it is about the fact that you should stood against the lies and rumors which people spread. Both songs can be checked on youtube. EP is dedicated to Andy Holde who died in December 2013. On the back side of the album you may check the lyrics and band photo from the gig. If you like their previous stuff (especially album Unified) you will like also this EP.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 30.03.2016

Prins Carl - Wake Up

Noise of Sweden/Rebel Sound Music/Bandworm Records - EP -

809_prins_carl_ep.jpgAfter two full length albums comes this Swedish streetpunk band from the city of Västerås with brand new 7´´ called Wake Up. It contains four songs in English called Power in the Union, Fight Them All, Don´t Want to Be Your Friend and A.L.S. The first song starts similar as Cock Sparrer´s Riot Squad mainly due to guitar solo, second one Fight Them All continues in this melodic line mainly in refrain. Third one Don´t Be Your Friend starts with guitar similar to Paint it Black due to solo and the sound of the guitar. The last one A.L.S. is some kind of shortcut which I didn´t know, it is slowest from the LP and I like it most because it is little bit dark and gloomy because of the guitar which play its solos on deeper strings. Whole EP really rocks and in each song is some small solo. According to the cover and song titles and topics the band is into working class struggle and their social problems (you will hear it in first two songs).I have their first album New Order at home and I really like it and I also like this piece. EP is limited into 3250 copies on red vinyl. Good.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 09.02.2015

Proi!ekt - Muzika pro bootboi!s a scooterboi!s

Tought Times Music - LP -

880_proiekt_muzika.pngSecond album of this east Bohemia based band is out as LP on Tough Times Records in 300 copies (100 white, which should be splattered and 200 black). Together you may listen to ten songs in Czech. In their previous line up you were people from Streetmachine plus singer Peter. The band is searching for the drummer for some time because they have to use automatic one during the live set. In current line up stays Peter and guitarist David (who is not in Streetmachine anymore) plus two other guys who are also from HC scene. That´s why is most of the guitrars truncated and ruby (but it is not unusual when you hear some other bands) plus many riffs and changes in rhythm (which I find overcombine sometimes). The same case is with the drums which I am not sure if normal rhytm doesn´t fits more into this kind of music instead of HC one. The guitar is well played (like in songs Černej den – Black Day nor classic rnr pieces like Vespa Song or Street Rock´n´Roll). Topics of the lyrics are from the easy ones like Černej Den, Vespa Song and Street Rock´n´Roll over more serious Svoboda (Freedom about the exploiting of workers) to serious ones like Zlost (Your Anger about destroying your home country by politicians), Poslední Boj (The Last Fight about Czech and Slovak pilots in RAF). On youtube you may check song Kamarádovi (To a Friend https://youtu.be/PoonsjdfmtI). LP should be played on unusual 45 rpm. Inside the great cover you may check paper with lyrics and greetings. Nice collector piece from Tough Times and I hope that it will be sold out asap.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 09.09.2015 •  Buy HERE

Projekt 9 - Storebror

Contra Records - EP -

889_projekt9.jpgProjekt 9 is five piece band from Stockholm and in there line up used to play Robert (AntiPati, Agent Buldogg, Sabotage). Nowadays there plays “only” his brother Arhur (Agent Buldogg, Avgå,). The rest of the line up is Erik (Frenzy Four), Opoku and Ville (both fromThe Lowlifes) and Johan on guitar. So they are really experienced musicians and maybe that´s why the band is named Project. Debut EP was released just on black wax and it is limited to 300 copies. EP contains four songs in Swedish called Storebror (Big Brother), Ingenting är glömt (Nothing is Forgiven), Politiker and Clockwork Orange Horrorshow (which are not necessary to translate). Projekt 9 are playing typical Swedish Oi!/streetpunk which mix singalong melodies (refrains especially), aggression and melody (nice guitar tunes) in accurate ratios which forming great unit. Second side of the EP with songs Politiker and Clockwork Orange Horrorshow sounds better to me. Inside the cover are band and friends photos, lyrics in Swedish and download code. If you like bands mentioned above or if you are into Swedish classics this is it!.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 07.10.2015

Psykbryt - Folk Som Klagar På Folk Som Klagar

Noise of Sweden - EP -

908_psykbryt.jpgThis Swedish b and from Stockholm have already released two full length albums and this is their debut EP with four songs in Swedish. The title means something about people who are complaining on everything. Song titles are Trött som fan (Tired as Hell), Ni ska fa se (You Will See), Risksupporter (Hi-Risk Supporter) and Vem ska ni skilla pa nu? (Who are you Going to Blame?). The band plays great music with great melodies, guitar solos and singalongs which reminds you other Swedish bands like Projekt 9 or Antipati for example. Most of the songs is in faster rhythm which fits great to the band. Lyrics are about working week which makes you very tired and about the beer which helps you sometimes, about the politicans parties in Sweden, about the dea of Djurgarden football fan or about the promises of politicians which are empty and false. Most of all I like the last piece with great solo. Cool EP.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 01.12.2015

Queensbury Rules - Workers of Britain

Greyzone Records - EP -

870_queensburry_Ep.jpgSecond EP from this Bristol based band is out on Jonesy´s label Greyzone Records which is focused mainly on British bands. The band plays in classical four piece line up (but they have some additional guitar on this record) and song titles are Workers of Britain and Queensburry Rules. Single is limited to 500 copies (100 black, 200 brown and 200 red). First song is about the fact that working class is still here and it continues the legacy of their parents who built this country and bred kids in spite of being poor. Second one is about the founding and playing in an Oi! band which is done for fun and not for commercial success. First one is in middle rhythm with lightly boostered guitar and solos on deeper strings (and for me the better side of the EP). Second one is faster piece with Oi! Oi! Oi! Chant in refrain and small solo. Their music remind me older On File stuff, Code 1 or Steel Comb. Cover is great, with band photo, thankslist and lyrics on the backside. Nice piece.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 25.08.2015 •  Buy HERE

Ramzes and the Hooligans - Git Rock

Olifant Records - CD - 59:14

945_rath.jpgThis is reedition of Git Rock album which was originally released back in 1998 (Carry on Oi! Records and Street Kids Records) and as a bonus there are 11 songs from 1987 demo (sound is worse but it is not so bad). Their demos and rarities were (including demos from commies era) were released on Olifant 11 years ago. Together there are 29 songs in Polish. The band has many line up changes during their career and this album was recorded in three pieces with the help of guitarist from Rezystencja. The band has released three albums and some singles and splits (Analogs, Bulbulators) and they split up after the singer moved to Germany (there he released German version of Mechaniczna Pomarancza album under the title We´re back). The band has really tongue in cheek lyrics and they are making fun from everything – just check lyrics like Arbeit macht frei (on this album), White Punk (album Trzecia Polowa) or Bože Bron Jaruzelskiego. Not everything can be taken seriously so those who are going to be mad, be calm, those were the days during communism. On this album cooperates also Marek „Urko“ Jurczenko who released zines, EP´s and who is playing in band The Urkers. He also wrote the band story which you may find in the booklet. Music of Ramzes and the Hooligans is melodic oi!/punk rock/77 punk with rude and ironical lyrics (My Chceme Isc Na Wojne) and fine guitar. It is not hard and the band is quite well known so I don´t think that I should introduce them too much. Check the songs like Wypijmy Jesczcze Raz (slow and fast version), Szalik, Gitry do Oporu, Trzydziestoletni (which goes into We Will Never Die from Condemned 84) or Git. Booklet is great and this should be booklet of reedition of cult band – band story, few words about the songs, lyrics and photos. Polish classic with all in.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 07.03.2016

RazorCut - Rise Again

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music - LP -

814_razorcut_rise.pngAfter some singles and 10´´ comes Aussie band RazorCut (with Al from Marching Orders on vocals) with their first full length called Rise Again released on Rebellion/Longshot. On LP you may listen to 11 songs (including Another Rich Man which you may know from Battles single released through Bootboys Cove Records). Thanks to Al´s vocal the band is getting closer to Marching Orders style but it doesn´t sound as nostalgic as them. They are faster and more fresh (even some songs are in MO spirit like Who Are You which is totally great and which you may check on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cIVUO0pFwM or the last singalong song Raise Our Glasses). Al also shouts more compared to MO (like in Your Enemy). Also they have more female vocals in refrains (like shouted one RazorCut or Live to Fight Another Day, Fight no More which is great or At the Bar Tonight) which worth it especially when you have two girls in the band (they have new one behind guitar called Bel). Also there is much more guitar solos compared to their previous stuff (almost in each song is small solo). Other songs are called Fighting Spirit, Just Another Day or the title one Rise Again. Cover is also well done – old photo of skins and sharpies. CD/LP will be out in near future so check your local distros for sure because it is great music and who likes stuff from the southern hemisphere bands will like also this album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 17.02.2015

Reconquesta - Recupera el que et pertany

Disco Nightmare/See You Records - LP -

808_reconquesta_LP.jpgAfter circa one year after releasing single comes out regular album from this Catalan based band Reconquesta. It is released again on the same labels as single. On LP you may listen to 11 songs (including intro) in Spanish (or in Catalan according to translator). Second song is Reconquesta and it is taken from the single, then SkinHeads Catalans which is Skinkorps cover Skins de France and El Final de la Nit which is cover from Spanish band Frontpilsen. Title of the album can be translated like “You Receive What You Deserve”. The band is playing classic Oi! but some songs are acoustic (like the beginning of Hereus de la Conquesta or DEP which is instrumental piece) and it has quite good solo guitar and many songs begin with some solo (like the beginning of Perdut, Morint Dempeus, En Sentir el seu Reclam, etc…). Next thing which you may also know from the single is doubling or tripling the refrains which is almost in each song. Song titles can be translated like Slow Dying, Lost, The End of the Night, Good Times or Hear Our Claims. LP was released in 300 copies plus 15 testpressings and cover is done in style with no compromises. Who likes pure skinhead bands will like also this piece. Great! Check the album teaser on the link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBXtgKvC-2o.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 06.02.2015

Roadside Bombs - My Side of Town

Contra Records/Longshot Music/Chapter 11 - LP -

815_RSB cover.pngRoadside Bombs is five piece band from California and its members have big experience with playing in other bands and this is their debut full length (but they have out EP called Bring´em Home). This EP (except one song called One Two) is also on this album called My Side of Town. Also there is cover from The Pogues - Sunny Side of Town and in song Zaxon you may hear Roger Miret. Musically it is nice (almost chewing gum :)) punk rock with great natural voice of the singer with no touches of roughness and brutality and it reminds me early Offspring in some songs (like in You´re Going to Die), and in some other it reminds me 45 Adapters vocalist (Angry People, which sounds like from them). Solo guitar is playful and almost in each song there is some kind of solo Sólová kytara je hodně hravá, téměř v každím songu se najde nějaká ta vyhrávka k poslechu (like in Someone to Hurt where you may hear classic r´n´r touches and I think there is some guy behind the vocals but I do not know who it is). It sounds really pleasant because all songs is in “just right” rhythm. I really like songs like Backstreet Noise, Bring´em Home (about the return of soldiers back home where family needs them more then Uncle Sam on abroad mission) or Recces Control with great part with just bass and drums without cymbals and vocal. LP is limited to 235 copies and inside is paper with lyrics. Fine music for calm moments.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 18.02.2015

Royal Oi! - Bootboys and Hooligans

Rebel Sound/Crowd Control Media/Last Punkrockers - LP -

892_RoyalOi_Cover.jpgRoyal Oi! is brand new band from Scotland and this is their debut release. Interesting fact is that on guitar they have girl called Ana who has leading vocals in some songs. Second guitar is played by Dave who has also leading vocals in some other songs. Nowadays the band is looking for full time bass player. Ana came originally from Argentina and you may hear one song in Spanish sung by her called Musica Oi!. Song titles reminds me some Brazilian bands which has word “carecas” in each song. Here you have word skinhead instead of this. So we have there Skinhead Loyalty, Skinhead Warrior, Punx, Skins, Football and Rock´n´Roll, Docs and Tattoos, Bootboys and Hooligans, etc… Rhythm varies from slower and melodic pieces (Skinhead Loyalty, Docs and Tattoos or Survive) where band proves their feeling for melody to punk songs which are faster (likeMusica Oi!, Skinhead Warrior). Changing in vocals from male to female (which is shouted in most of the songs) is great and many songs are spiced with that fact. Guitar is lightly boostered and it plays many simple solos and melodies which kick you back to the 80´s (including the front cover which is in the spirit of that time) and it reminds me bands with similar sound which stands on easy and well memorable melodies like Perkele or Hard Skin. Yes it is cliché but some songs are great hits and you will sing them with the band after few hearings. LP is limited to 500 copies in four colours.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 13.10.2015

Sabotage - Faderskap i Gråzonen

Pretty Shitty Town Records - LP -

845_sabotage_10.jpgYou may know Swedish band Sabotage from previous review and interview on BB. After their three songs EP they became regular band instead of studio project and they have played their first gig on Pretty Shitty Kjell festival. This is their next release which is coming out on their home label as 12´´ Ep called Faderskap i gråzonen. In those six songs you may find The Templars cover with Swedish lyrics (Kanske Ljuset). Other songs can be translated like Blue Lines Blues, (the first song with keyboards), Skitnsnackexcess (which is untranslateable for me), Ideological ambivalence (with great refrain “in the mist of ideological ambivalence the problem you are searching for is lost”), Where the Road Ends, then something about Light (Templars cover with keyboards again) and My Children. Whole LP is in nice and fresh guitar rhythms (also solos like in the last one Mitt Barn) and it puts you into nice mood in spite of the fact that not everyone understands the Swedish lyrics. Also there are many passages with drums without guitar tunes and the drum section is also great and you may feel that Matte is enjoying playing. I really like songs like Vid Vägans Slut (which sounds like viking rock to me due to main solo and guitar riff) and Skitsnacksexcess. Whole album reminds me their colleagues from Gatans Lag and their album Från Fest Till Arrest or my favourite band from Sweden Dims Rebellion. Their ex-member Johann is behind the keyboards in this record. Inside is cover with purple graphics like on their debut EP (griffinss head). Cover is done also in the same way (griffins head) but the background is in camo colours. Who likes their debut will like this also because it is on the same level but 2x longer. And thanks for shout out in thankslist!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 14.05.2015

Seaside Rebels - Changing Times

Contra Records/Longshot Music - EP -

826_seaside_ep.jpgSeaside Rebels is four piece band from Britain which plays in classic line-up and this is their EP released on cooperation between Contra and Longshot. EP contains four songs called Changing Times, Wrong or Right (check official video on https://youtu.be/PT5D0ktGFkM), Thrill of the Hunt and Shadows of the Past. With the Britain origin it is little bit difficult, the band comes from Greece and this EP was recorded back in 2013 in Greek line-up. Then the singer moved to London where he reunited the band and he also used to play bass in Booze and Glory (during 2014). Video is shot in London I think with the new line up. Their music is melodic stuff based on strong and memorable melodies underlined by great bass tunes played on higher strings (this you will find in each song). Also they have great singalongs (like in the first one Changing Times). In song Wrong or Right is also HC part where singer just recite the lyrics to the slower rhythm. Also B side (with songs Thrill of the Hunt and Shadows of the Past) is little bit slower than A side. Lyrics are about classic topics like changing of the times where traditional values are replaced by money and greed and schools and hospitals are closing but prisons getting full, about your crew, friends and loyalty to them, getting old and memories on glory days which comes with tear in your eye or bad memories which sometimes come to your mind. EP is limited to 500 copies (200 orange, 100 black and 200 bone with black splatters), inside is paper with lyrics plus band photo. Cover is done from old harbor photos and ships. Who likes melodic bands will like also this one for sure!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 17.03.2015

Secret Army - Ravaged

Contra Records/Longshot Music - LP -

841_secret_ravaged.jpgSecret Army is quite well known and experienced band from Barcelona (this is their fourth full album plus they have three EP´s) with Willy from Ultimo Asalto on drums. Compared to them the music of Secret Army is really soft genre of music. Secret Army are playing melodic streetpunk/punk rock which is not hard and heavy and vocalist sings naturally and we can compare them to their colleagues from Shock Waves, Burning Streets from Boston or to German band Strongbow. On LP you may listen to 13 songs in English. For your imagination some song titles are Vengeance (about the revenge which is for everyone either for king or for the last poor man), Don´t Threat My Liberty (about your own way which you should walk and you don´t need anyone to influence you), Riding with Wolves (about the fact how you should forget your troubles and belive your will and follow your wandering heart), Hang´em High, Shoot´em Dead (about the world around us where money becomes the biggest value and where everyone will tear a piece of it), Defeat the Death (how was the world easier when we were young and in spite this fact we survived and we don´t get lost in life), etc… All songs are in plus minus similar rhythm and it worth listening and it put you into really calm mood. Topics of other songs are nostalgia and remembering all those silly things you did (Luna´s Song), drug addiction (Drugs´n´Poison) or topic of mythical wild hunt (Wild Hunt) for example. I really like the English of the lyrics which is on top level and who composed the lyrics really know how to speak it. LP is done on black wax with green splatters (like in matrix :)) and it is covered in paper with lyrics and band photo on some place of ruined factory. Fans of sincere melodic punk rock/streetpunk shouldn´t hesitate and order it.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 30.04.2015

Shaved Heads - Наш Стиль

Tought Times Music/Mangy Little Mut Records - CD - 27:22

1051_shaved.jpgShaved Heads is Russian band from St. Petersburg and it was founded in 2008. They are playing in classic four piece line up and on CD which is packed in nice digipack released in cooperation of Tough Times Records from CZ and Mangy Little Mut from Russia you may find 10 songs in Russian plus one bonus. In these 10 songs Is cover from Pöblers United Smack the Hippies changed to Smack the Hipsters. I was quite sceptic to Russian bands because after some compilations from this country I have no favourite band but this is quite different. Sound is nice in middle rhythm with singalong refrains and guitar solos. Simply classic sound of streetpunk band. Songs are called Слова (Words), Наш Стиль (Our style – about the fact that clothes doesn´t make skinhead from you if you have not it in your heart), Окно В Европу (Window to Europe about their city), Стритрок (Streetrock – this song is there also as a bonus in English version and it is about the music which you won´t hear on TV), Охота На Ведьм (Witchhunt – I was quite surprised with that lyrics because the band criticizes labeling someone as grey zone even they are tagged themselves as SHARP band) or Старый Уличный Пёc (Old Street Dog – about those who are grow from naïve puppy to scarred old dogs). Digipack is really nice (I really like the painting of the city view), inside are lyrics (in Russian and in English also) plus some photos, oldschool pictures and thansklist with bandstory. Really nice surprise.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 05.01.2017

Showdown - s/t

This Means WAR Records - EP -

894_shohdown.jpgShowdown is four piece band from Japan and this is their album which was released by themselves on CD at the beginning of the year. Now This Means WAR put this on EP (limited to 250 copies on black wax and 20 testpressings). The band plays in classic line up – vocals, guitar, bass and drums and on bass is playing woman called Junko (who can be heard in refrains) and all of them are covered in traditional Japaneese tattoos. On EP you may listen to four songs called Way of the Glory, Glory Forever, Flag and Mother Country (you may check this on https://youtu.be/evqK9oY6_K8). The band sings in their native tongue and sometimes you may hear some English word in refrain (mainly word skinhead or glory :)). Graphics of the cover is similar as CD graphics – band logo, band photo and short thankslist, testpress is different. There is no paper insert inside. Rhythm is middle or slower and sometimes cumbersome (like the first piece Way of the Glory), vocals are covert. The whole sound is really hevy and compact and it flows on you from the speakers. B side is more melodic and mainly the first song on that side – Flag. It is Japanese classics which didn´t surprise listeners who know some bands from Japan (especially around SSS). Next point for WAR at least for the fact that we should not order the CD from Japan but EP from Europe.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 20.10.2015 •  Buy HERE

Skandalo Oi! - 20 Aňos sin Éxitos

DIY - CD - 26:54

976_skandalo.jpgSkandalo Oi! comes from Bogota, Columbia and title of the album can be translated like 20 years without success. I didn´t hear too much about their discography but they were founded in 1996. They are playing in seven people - two guitars, bass, vocals plus trumpet and saxophone which can be heard in their ska songs but they know how to play classic tunes (like songs Orgullo Capital, Corre Bonehead or the last one Guerrero Eterno). You may hear also keyboards. Album is done in this way: ska songs are interleaved with classic tunes. Together there are 10 songs in Spanish (including instrumental Intro). I would compare them to German Scrapy and their album Saturday Night where are also songs without brass instruments. Rougher songs can be compared with classic Oi! bands from Spain or Portugal. I am not too much into ska tunes but when the album is done in this way it is ok for me. I really like the second piece Orgullo Capital (with fine refrain about Cabezas Rapadas) or song Bootboys. From two tone stuff I like La Que Siempre Estara. In band are all skins which is quite unusual in this style. Booklet is full of band photos and photos from football for example. The band calls themselves SHARP but I didn´t see any red politics behind this, just return tu traditional 69 style which someone likes someone hates. I didn´t know the band before but it is pleasant surprise for me. Check them on youtube.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 06.05.2016

Sniper 66 - Caput Lupinum

Rebel Sound Music - LP -

811_sniper66_caput.jpgSecond album from this Texas based punks from Austin is out on Rebel Sound and the title can be translated like “The Head of the Wolf”. Their previous album was reviewed there and you may also check the interview with the band here on BB. On LP you may listen to 13 songs including instrumental intro Caput Lupinum. The band plays in four but singer plays guitar also and you can hear these two guitars in their music. It is mixture of Motorhead sound (like the end ofParasite which is similar to Ace of Spades) and punk rock for skins like Oxymoron, Braindance, One Way System, Crux, ABH or our band Normals!?. Again the style of the songs is changing from the harder ones (like Society) to melodic stuff (Long Road) but also gloomy pieces (like the last one called Messiah with vocals similar to their colleagues from Concrete). All songs have in common great solo guitar (like in Anxiety, Another War or Parasite) and melodic refrains (One Shot, Bring it Back or 7 Years – which is one of the best songs from the album for me). The band have already played tour to the LP so they are quite successful in playing gigs and why not because it is top streetpunk which continues in level set by their previous s/t album. Also you may check a video which was shot to this album on the song Another War - http://youtu.be/LoIGRsJH3JU. LP is limited to 250 copies (red and gold with black splatters), inside are lyrics plus poster. Who likes their debut will like this album also because it is on the same high level.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 11.02.2015

Steel Toe Solution - Demio-Lition

Crowd Control Media - LP -

873_sts_demos.pngCrowd Control Media started with this LP „100 series“. In this band used to sing frontman from Hub City Stompers and they come from New Jersey. On LP you may check six songs from their lost demo tape (but some of the stuff was released on their CD CD Eight Year War in 2005 plus there is cover version of Chip on Your Shoulder) plus two bonus songs from their EP (released in 2000). The band plays in five pieces. Song titles are Doombringer, Bloodsucker, Little Boy Blue, Slave, Anthem 1, Dick in the Dirt and Wrong Side of the Pond. In spite the fact that the record is quite old and it is demo record, the musical quality is great and it is comparable to current bands and in a fictious battle with some present band Steel Toe Solution will win for sure. Song topics are cops, working class but also US skins who are pretend to be Brits (like wearing Union Jack or supporting British football teams, eetc…). Really great song with parts in lyrics such as „I don´t shag, I fuck“, „I don´t give fuck about Manchester United“ or „I fly Old Glory not Union Jack“. I really like it. Graphics of the LP is quite simple. Even it is demo tape the sound is clear and everything is understoodable. Nice piece.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 31.08.2015

Straight Right - Round One

OPOS Records - CD - 35:30

932_straightright.jpgStraight Right is German HC band and this is their debut album with 13 songs plus one bonus. In this 14 songs is incuded Intro, cover Take a Stand from Warzone and bonus which is HC version of Eye of the Tiger (due to the cover maybe which is done in boxing spirit).All songs are in English. Songs topics varies from serious ones (like Horrorshow about the danger streeets or Step by Step about underrated work) to funny ones (Stereotypes, which is about how are boys and girls in European countries or), but there are songs on the border of both ones (Football not Soccer which is about US influence on Europe with intro from Green Street Hooligans or Falling in Love with a Bitch) and the band let it all hang out (like in songs Hardcore Scene Sucks – poseurs or Go Vegan Go Away where the band admits that big industry don´t treat animals right but when the pig is going to eat you, it will do it because of the laws of nature). In band are two vocalists where one sings more and second one is shouting but no one is too rough (it can be heard in Blood, Sweat and Spit or refrain in Football not Soccer). There are also some more melodic songs (Stereotypes) but also some hard and heavy tunes (like Be One of Us which has playtime under one minute or parts of Go Vegan). It is the mixture of old school HC with new breed and metalcore (mainly due to sound of guitars and drums rhythm) It is some kind of crossover. Booklet is done in boxing spirit with all lyrics written in fused text. I am not too much itno HC so I can´t compare (no rating) but some result. The band takes part of each style of core which is evident on guitars and changing vocals.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 10.02.2016

Subculture - Ain´t Done Nothing Wrong

Contra Records - EP -

911_sub.jpgBritish band which has released their first EP back in 1983 and newxt one after long 29 years is releasing next EP now on Contra records. EP is out in three versions limited to 500 copies. You may listen to four songs called Ain´t Done Nothing Wrong, She´s So, Ghost Town Daze and 16 Tons (whoch is cover from US country singer Merl Travis but played in rock version). The band plays in four with two original members in line up. Sound is brutal oldschool which balanced on the edge of melodic Oi!/streetpunk like Red London (first and title song), through inspiration in Sex Pistols (second She´s So where singer sounds like Johnny Rotten), through melodic singalong Ghost Town Haze which reminds me clockwork punk bands like Major Accident or The Adicts. The last piece is cover described above. Cover is done like newspapers from 60´s. Lyrics are about how 60´s kids getting olf, how the city you know is changing its face or hard life of working men. Big nostalgia and for me really nice surprise.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 08.12.2015

Suede Razors - Passion on the Pitch/Wish the Lads Were Here

Contra Records/Under Watchful Eyes - EP -

842_suede_razors_passion.jpgThis is fourth single of US band Suede Razors with members of bands like Harrington Saints, Subway Thugs, Sydney Ducks, Hounds and Harlots or Emergency and it was released on Contra Records and Under Watchful Eyes (which is label of Muna who is responsible for cover). First song on EP is called Passion on the Pitch and it is about classic celebration of victory after the football match. It is in middle rhythm and starting riff sounds like classic 1984 song from 4 Skins and at the end is fine solo. Second one is cover of classic piece (with changed solo at the eend) and which is from Red London or Skullhead - who was the first? I don´t care about it because the song is great and here it is spiced with great bass. The cover is done like some kind of pocket with EP in it (red one in my case) and some band photos on the back side. Who likes nice and pleasant bootboy sound with r´n´r guitar and who has record player this is the piece for him.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 04.05.2015

Suncity Skins/FAVL - s/t

Vinyl 4 Bootboys - EP -

797_scs_favl.jpgSplit EP from Mexican and Italian band will be out on Vinyl 4 Bootboys label which is responsible also for their previous releases. EP contains two and two songs from each band (some of them can be listen on this link http://tinyurl.com/qcvx28n). Sun City Skins has there songs called Nuestra Escena (Our Scene) and Anos en Vano (The Lost Years), FAVL songs called Un Altro Ricordo (something like Another Memory but I do not know if google translator didn ´t fail) and Signo Viterbium (which you may know from their debut but it is re-recorded). If you check the titles you may recognize that both bands sing in their native tongue. Sun City Skins are playing melodic Oi! with rock guitar (solos and not just opening riffs in both songs) and you may find parallel between them and Orgullo Sur for example. They are playing in three and in spite of this fact their music is great. FAVL are beginning with the new song with great guitar at the beginning which leads you across whole song. As I wrote above second song can be known from their debut Cemento E Folia, but sound is better (again the work of the guitarist I suppose), it is harder and more straight forward then Un Altro Ricordo but it contains great singalong refrain. I am glad that the band returned to Italian lyrics because I think it fits them more and the first song really proves it. EP was released in 250 copies (100 black and 150 red) plus 10 testpressings. I really like the graphics of the cover which is great. Inside are lyrics and band photos. I think this is great release at the beginning of the new year and I hope it will be sold quickly. Super!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 12.01.2015

Tattooed Motherfuckers - Straightjacket Symphonies

Thug Rock Records - CD - 32:11

857_tmf_straight.jpgStraightjacket Symphonies is the title of fourth TMF album. Together you may listen here to 15 songs including spoken Intro, two covers (Leave Me Alone from Angelic Upstarts, which you may know also from Braindance album Delusions of Grandeur and Kick to Kill from Guttersnipe Army, both with changed lyrics) and songs Fuck the System and I Hate You from single Fuck the System. So it means still ten new songs which is OK. TMF recorded this album in five which means they have second guitarist and their music becomes more playful (like solos in Standing Steady or Fuck the System) but they are still good old TMF (from their Hate Edge debut passed 11 years) whose smack you down due to their guitar riffs and angry vocals (the title of one song speaks for itself - Love Manifests Itself Through My Hate and it also represents TMF music style) Lyrics are about the nation which is adcited to drugs and medicaments (Medicated Nation), tribute song for Dexter Morgan who is here when justice failed (My Dark Passanger), then simple song about the fact – you don´t like TMF music, ok do not listen to it, do not buy it but also do not care about them (Standing Steady) and two songs about mad world which is controlled by mad politicians (Mad Mad World and The World´s Gone Mental) and the last one Insane about the fact that all of us are insane. Also on each song is intro or outro from some movie. Booklet is poor compared to previous TMF booklets…there is no tattoo or band photos, just lyrics on white paper with bloodstains. Another TMF´s classics.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 23.06.2015

The Adolescents/Svetlanas - Hot War

Altercation Records - EP -

798_HotWar_FrontCover.pngSplit of the US punk rock Adolescents (which have been playing since 1980 and their members used to play also in Agent Orange or in Social Distortion) and Russian band Svetlanas (female fronted) which is based in Italy and which has played many successful tours in US (with DOA, Dickies or The Adolescents for example where an idea of split EP was found out I think). Rach band has there two songs in English. Yankees has there Fukushima Lemon Twist and Forever Summer, Russians Tales from the Alpha Brigade and Step Back. The Adolescents has released many singles and full length albums and their music is playful and faster US punk rock with great solo guitar which plays solo almost for the full time of the song (in Fukushima Lemon Twist which are into rock and sounds like Rust to me). Second piece should be classic summer punk rock according to the title but forever summer means some better world here and it sounds like Bad Religion little bit. Svetlanas are playing more shouted punk rock and the vocal is little bit drowned in this case compared to The Adolescents. First song is anti-war classic with slower passage and man vocals at the end. In Second song you can hear great guitar. I am not too much into this style but I like The Adolescents more than Svetlanas which are too shouted for me.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 6/7  •  Date: 14.01.2015

The Agitators - Time to Take a Stand

Contra Records - CD - 37:17

960_agitators_ttts.jpgFourth album from Belgium band The Agitators was released on Contra Records as LP or digipack CD. Both versions have different cover. The band plays in classic four piece line up with two brothers in I (singer Marc and guitarist Bart). On the album you may check ten songs in English which deal with easy topics like Rebellion Festival in Britain (Rebellion), fun/sad piece about bar in heaven where Ramones, Cash, Joe Strummer or Colin from Running Riot meet each other (The Precious Ones) or your football team (1880), but most of the songs deal with serious and personal topics like the love of your life (Marjan), death of your father (Gone but not Forgotten), life enthusiasm and fact that sometimes things going bad but on some places are even worse (Paradise), police brutality and better laws for thieves then for regular citizens and world full of terror (I Wanna Know), senseless debates of politicians on TV (Welcome to the Circus), facebook generation of kids which can act different on internet then in reality (Facebook Generation) or the fact that backstabbers will get their judgement (Judgement Day). All songs are ultramelodic, catchy and guitar solos underlines all these facts. I really like Judgement Day, strong one The Precious Ones or Paradise with great singalong. As I wrote above CD is done as digipack with nice graphics of outer and inner side with lyrics and thankslist but without band photo. The band knows to play their style and on BB is old interview with them. I liked and I always will like their music. Great album in nice cover.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 04.04.2016

The Agrios - Gradas Puentas Calles Aceras

Stratum Records - EP -

817_The Agrios Vynil Front Cover_600px.jpgStratum Records is releasing debut EP´s of unknown bands and they are doing it well because all their EP´s worth it. Now they are going to release exotic Oi! band from Costa Rica in Latin America (the city og Palmares) called The Agrios and the title of the EP means something like Terraces, Bridges, Streets, Sidewalks. On Ep you may listen to four songs in Spanish called Tu Segundo Hogar (Your Second Home which is about the life on the streets, bridges or terraces), Reflejo (Reflection), Zona Occidental (Western Area) and Oye Bobo (translator can´t translate this). Music is rawer and it is based on roaring bass and tough vocal. Music is similar to Ultimo Asalto (and the first song is like from the Nuestro Orgullo Passado era). Second piece is more melodic with cool guitar solo. Third one contains great bass variations and nice sing-alongs. The last song is about skinhead cult and it is also great singalong with guitar solos. EP is limited to 200 copies (165 in regular cover and 35 in Kicker Boys rip off cover) plus 5 testpressings. Inside is paper with many photos and lyrics (just in Spanish). Nice band from exotic country singing in Spanish which worth hearing for sure!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 24.02.2015

The Averzia - Nevieš čo sa deje...

Je mi z vás zle! Records - CD - 32:02

822_averzia_nevies.jpgThird album of this Slovakian band is out again on their label and it contains 10 songs in their mother tongue. Also to this album was shot video (on the song Alcohol Is Good! and you may watch it on http://youtu.be/GXcAoaMsdik). Compared to their previous releases this album was not in digipack but in classic case and also there is no booklet - just songs and line up which is same as on previous releases. The music is also same (fine and melodic stuff with nice solo guitar and its small solos) but the band wrote also serious lyrics (like You don´t Know what´s Happening, Atom bomb, Idiot, Bratislava or Flood) but there are also some funny songs (like Alcohol is Good!, Loto, Under her Thumb, Bad Luck or Prostitute). And I really like these serious songs. Most of all I like Idiot (about idiots around you who think that they are more then you) and Flood (about how people behave to planet Earth and when the flood comes it will help all) where you may hear also keyboards. Great is also song called Bratislava about the changing of your own city from local to global and grey mass so casinos and buildings instead of parks. You don´t Know what´s Happening is about things around and Atom Bomb is about the fact how the world can end. Funny songs are about the winning money in lottery, how man gets mad when he met wrong woman and he forgot his friends, about whores and their life, about bad day which starts in the morning or about the good things with alcohol. Second album is not so good as the first one (but just a little) and this one is on the same level as the first one and I like it more because of the serious stuff. Great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 10.03.2015

The Bad Engrish - No Passing Trend

Rebel Sound Music - LP -

854_bad_engrish.jpgThe Bad Engrish is five piece punk band from Colorado (Denver) which plays faster Oi!/punk. On LP you may listen to 13 songs (including bonus called Engrish Class) which were recorded for some time and which were also released on tape through Tape or Die Records under the title Punks forever, forever punks in 2014 and 2015 (second version). Each tape was limited to 100 copies. Rebel Sound decided to put this on LP and I am glad for it. The first song called Oi! is… you may know from second part of Voi!ce of America EP. The band is quite experienced and they have already released one album and one split album. As I wrote before it is faster punk (but not as fast as Casualties but you will definitelly threaten with your forefinger under the stage) which is characterized with catchy tunes and solos (like inMiles and Miles, Never Stray or You Hate Me), melody, singalong refrains, repeating and overshouting each other. Really greate tune is People Change about the fact that we won´t change even many friends lost themselves in ordinary life and Miles and Miles about played gigs in shithole towns. On the link below you may check their official video to the song Fish and Chips https://youtu.be/PaFA8gZErVs. In their music I heard their older colleagues from Blanks 77 orDiscocks and Dick Spikey from Japan. LP is limited to 500 copies (50 black, 325 black and red splatters and 125 white with black and red splatters). If you like above mentioned bands or bands like Sniper 66 for example which are more itno Oi! sound this is directly for you. Good.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 05.06.2015

The Black Tartan Clan - 2008-2014

4Subculture Records - CD -

810_btc_best.jpgAlmost each band which is involved in the scene has to summarize and do some kind of Best of album and this time cames now to this Belgian bagpipers The Black Tartan Clan. They have released four full length albums (including double CD The Loyal Men where one CD is just covers of their favorite songs) and one CD single. On this CD which is released by “their” label 4Subculture Records you may listen to 12 songs which band consider to be their best and which evenly covers their previous releases mentioned above. So songs on this album are Toora Loora, Piper Bill, Beer and Women, Don´t Walk Alone, We´re the Clan, Here We Go, Friends Until the End, All for One, Black Tartan Clan, Standing Strong, Belgian Tartan Army and Ye-De-La Hey. It is not a classical best of when you see the booklet because there is all lyrics with many photos but no recapitulation, thankslist, summary of the gigs, discography or band story. It is normal best of which maps last 7 years of the band and which (when you have all previous stuff) neither offend you nor please you and if you did not know the band you will get familiar with their music. I leave it without rating and if you are interested more previous stuff is reviewed on BB.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 10.02.2015 •  Buy HERE

The Cenobites - Aftermatch (The Nuclear Sessions)

Rebellion Records - CD -

864_cenob.pngAfter five years this band from Rotterdam released full album called Aftermatch. I am not too much into psychobilly stuff so I do not know if the review will be appropriate. In the band plays guitarist Rudo from Razorblade and Stealers. Together you may listen to 14 English songs with classical psycho themes so some titles are A Butcher´s Tale, Eat Your Soul, Midnight Madness, Human Dog, Zombie Carnage or Legal Killer (which is re-recorded version of their old song). Also there is song called Wednesday Night which you may know from Rotterdam/Milano split EP. In some songs (like Eat Your Soul, Step Aside or Midnight Madness) is slapping double bass in some it sounds normal and ot is more into dirty rock´n´roll/punk rock like Motorhead or The Bones (The Deal) and some of them are pure punk (Hyperdrive, Dynamite Lust). Most of the songs are in middle/faster rhythm but there are also slower pieces (like Human Dog). Album will be releasd as a CD in september 2015 and vinyl version will be later. I have just promo version with cover which corresponds to the album title – postapocalyptic world with zombies. I can´t speak too much about lyrics but I think they are classics. As I wrote at the beginning I am not too much into psycho but this album is listening well and it is good to knonw that the band is back after five years!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 12.08.2015

The Detained - Aghet

Lionheart Records - EP -

926_detained.pngThe Detained is band which plays in four and which comes from Berlin. This is their four song debut released on Lionheart Records in 75 pieces (this cover) and 250 with different (coloured) cover. On EP you may check four songs called Get Out, Apathy, Aghet and Two Faced so you may recognize that they sing in English. Band members have experiences with bands like Disrespect or Final Prayer for example so you may recognize that this will be some harder stuff. Each song has two minutes maximum. The band plays in classic four piece line up and their style is mixture of UK 82, HC or Oi! music something like Urban Savage but in harder version with great HC influences like other bands from Lionheart Records (All in Brawl, Hired Goons…). EP and song title Aghet is refers to document about Turkish genocide on Armenian people during 1915 – 1918. Lyrics are about rich kids who are ruling your streets now, apathy of current society which is based on money, slavery and shallow relationships, then Aghet about mentioned genocide and about fake people who are prentending to be someone else. Inside is paper with lyrics and band photo. The Detained are releasing brand new EP nowadays (on Contra Records) called Iron and Blood which I look forward to hear. Good debut.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 02.02.2016

The Junkers - Ogieň apokalipsy

Olifant Records - CD - 50:01

909_Junkers_ogien.jpgFifth album from this Polish band and second without Mucha (nowadays in Gan) on vocals is out on CD. Together you may listen to twelve songs in Polish and you may check the video on title song on https://youtu.be/y7LG3eKx2_Y. The band goes hard and better and I will describe it like Oi! with metal touches, especially in great guitar solos which are in every song. The whole sound is like wall, with steel bass which is like barbed wire, drums are bricks and this is bonded with guitar and singalong. In last piece Labedzi Spiew you will hear piano and acoustic guitar. Topics of the songs are quite classics – the end of the world which take out everything, patriotism, tattoos, street justice, state control of mind, danger of booze or people who have false pride on your success. Instead of the last song which begins as acoustic one all are in the same rhythm like steamroller on drugs. Songs are harder but melodic and well done. I really like Serce Chuligana (Hooligan´s Heart which is most melodic I think) then surelyWhite Eagle (which is not brown, red, pink, chocolate but white), Reguly i Zasady (Rules and Regulations), Mowa Nienawieci (Hate Speech withs nice refrain „ja was po prostu kurwy nienawidze“) and Banda Darmozjadów. Booklets on Olifant´s releases are well done – photos, lyrics and big thankslist where are some Cz bands also (the band has played twice here). For me it is super!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 02.12.2015 •  Buy HERE

The Lower Orders - s/t

Lionheart Records - LP -

928_lower_orders.jpgThe Lower Orders is band based in Florida (cities of Orlando and Jacksonville) and this is their four song debut done as a single sided LP released through German label Lionheart Records. The band has released demo before which can be heard (and this LP also) on https://thelowerorders.bandcamp.com/. Band plays in five piece line up (members have eperiences with playing in bands such as Seventh Star, Boys No Good, Kids Like Us, The Deal, …) and LP was released in two version – regular cover with blue print (175 pieces) and silkscreened cover with golden print and different back side (75 pieces). To this add 15 tespress with black/white cover. Songs arecalled Retirement Plan, Hated and Proud, Fight to Survive (with 4Skins riff and whole songs sounds like from The Bridgeburners) and Hard Luck (first and third are also on demo). Lyrics can be guessed from the song titles or heard from the vocals because there is no paper with them. So we have there retirement plan which is worse and worse for working people each year, classic one about the fact that people judge you how you look and not how you are, drinking and troubles during weekend or the fact that nobody is getting younger. Music is nice and melodic Oi!/streetpunk without HC or metal touches, singer has regular vocal which is not deliberately rough. Sometimes you will hear singalongs and guitar solos (like in Retirement Plan or Hated and Proud). Good one.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 04.02.2016

The Morons/Rampage - Morons on the Rampage

FK Produktion - CD - 38:12

974_morons.jpgSplit CD of two German Oi! bands was released on Feindkontakt Produktion. They have also released Morons debut Who Let the Morons In? CD is opened by Rampage with their five songs in German then there is song Schikane (about monitoring the gigs and big brother who watch you on every corner in the name of freedom) which is played by both bands and then we have got five songs from Morons (with English pieces - Public Enemies and Spirit of 69 (Has already died)). As a bonus there are two more Rampage songs (Danke and Selbstverrat which are previously unreleased). CD was released as a digipack (but also as normal version and LP also) in 225 copies with nice thick booklet full of lyrics and band photos. Rampage is more experienced band due to their musicians (Brachial, Insidious Skins, Sorry No!, or Anti Clockwise) but also due to the number of their releases (On Attack and Rock Against Society). They are playing straight forward Oi! with classic topics (working class pride, weekend, …). I really like their song Menschenmüll about the power of money but also about the fact that money make people worse. In Wochenende you may hear touches of two tone. Morons play similar style with English songs and with more vocal changes in refrain (like in Public Enemies) an with more solos. I really like their piece Spirit of 69 (Has already Died) which is about people who likes more Oi!, punk or rock then northern soul and rocksteady for old grannies and it is dedicated also to all people who now everything about the mysterious ´69. :). Then comes song Kraken about village skins in white camo and thick braces who are fighting for master race (something like Inbreed from KBK). Fans of German Oi! will like this split for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 03.05.2016

The Oppressed/The Prowlers - Skins´n´Punks Vol. 6

Aggrobeat Records/Insurgence Records - LP -

839_opp_prow.jpgSplit album from Wales and Canada based band contains 7 song from the Oppressed (five new) and 6 songs from The Prowlers. Title of the album is derived from similar splits which was released back in 80´s on Oi! Records. It is usual on similar splits that each band covers song from the other one and it is also here - Oppressed has there pub song Drunken Skinhead (which is originally Irish song Drunken Sailor), which was released by Prowlers on Hair Today Gone Tomorrow. They have there also Greatest Cardiff Rip Off, which is from Cockney Rejects, well known rnr song Head Kicked In which was previously cove red by bands from Rezillos through Moonstomp to White Nois and SHARP Anthem which is The Bois cover. Other songs are about their city (Cardiff Born) or its football team (Bluebirds Unite), which is the best song for me but I think it was already presented on some EP. So really “new” songs. Prowlers covered their classic piece Urban Soldiers and they have here also cover from Poblers United - Antifascist Skin (which is well known in our country because of The Protest) They have here four real new and their songs which are in their style of Oi! music – middle rhythm with heavy guitar and light guitar solos underlined by rough vocals (the best is We´re Here to Drink Your Beer which is really pub anthem). Prowlers side is 100% better. Album is out as CD and LP (which is on red wax for Europe). Together I rate it just average because there is nothing new on Oppressed side.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 5  •  Date: 27.04.2015

The Prideful/Kareliaani - s/t

This Means WAR Records/Rolling On! - EP -

980_prideful_karel.jpgSplit EP of two Finnish bands is out as usual on This Means WAR and Rolling On! Records. EP is opened by Prideful which you may know from their solo EP or split EP with Orgullo Sur. The band has there two English songs - Shields of Iron and cover from German metalheads Bilskirnir The Hammer Strikes Again from their EP Wolfswut. Prideful has some changes in line up – guitarist Santtu from Wrongdoers has joined them. The band is playing style which they called Iron Rock which evokes metal influences (why not) and topics of the songs are also little bit metallic. First song contains quite good guitar solo at the end. Cover is done well also but with not so rough vocal as in original piece. On B-side you may check two Kareliaani songs - Sotahuuto (Battle Cry) and National Pride in demo version. In both songs is quite good guitar but National Pride is more into metal and it contains keyboards also. Cover is done cool (Prideful part is like from Manowar or some other power metal bands) and inside is paper with information about the bands and details about recording. But no lyrics. Prideful are getting better and better, Kareliaani´s songs are in standard of Ari´s projects. Limited to 300 copies plus 20 test pressings.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 13.05.2016

The Stand Alones - s/t

DIY - CD -

934_stand.jpgThe Stand Alones is four piece band from the city of Austin in Texas and this is stuff which they recorded last year and spread it last year worldwide. The band was founded in 2011 and in the line up are ex-members from Razorwire, Sore Losers, Bad Rackets, Faster Disaster, The Hormones or The Scary Mondelos. Album is just in digital form but German label Subcultural Records is interested in the regular release. Together there are nine songs called Blaze of Glory, Booze Born (lyrics simalr to Stormwatch song), Streets of Violence (not from Braindance), Raise Fist, One for All, Irish Whiskey, Down the Gutter, Hold the Line or Makin´ Some Noise. Music of the band varies in middle rhythm and it is street rock´n´roll with melodic guitar solos and singalong vocals in refrains (like in first one Blaze of Glory or Raise Fist). You may hear also touches of southern rnr and classic rocku (Makin´ Some Noise whch sounds like from Slade with great guitar). Lst piece called Down the Gutter is slower and most melodic one with beginning just with guitar and vocals. As I said the band comes from Austin, which is birthplace of bands like Broadsiders, Concrete (which the band play with), Ironhead Division or Sniper 66 and their songs can be checked on https://thestandalones.bandcamp.com/album/the-stand-alones. Give´em a chance and listen to the songs and we will look forward to Subcultural Records CD. Good.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 17.02.2016

The Suburbs - The Good Times Are Gone

Contra Records - CD -

989_suburbs_tgtag.jpgThe Suburbs comes from Berlin city with ex-members from Tower Blocks, The Pikes or No Entry and this is their debut album. They have already release an EP through Bootboys Cove Records with three songs – Generation Vodka, Addicted to Oi! and Same Old Shit. These songs are also here plus 11 new songs in English (including cover Police On My Back from The Equals which was sung also by The Clash). Line up is classic – four pieces. Music is melodic based on simple melodies easy to remember, playful guitar and bass and nice singalong and changing vocals. I really hear there their colleagues from the Agitators. Topics of the lyrics varies from less serious like Hank (about drunken friend who spend his life in dirty pubs and bars), addiction to Oi! music (Addicted to Oi!), Punks on the Catwalk and Buy Your Image (about poseurs who can buy everything in shop and look like Mike ness) or Same od Shit (about the fact that you are still listening same music even you are getting older) to more serious topics like violence (Violence down the Subway or Wrong Place, Wrong Time), kids addicted to alcohol (Generation Vodka), hard life of workers who have to take double shifts (Working Poor), or rich kids doing riots in the streets in the name of working class where they never belong (Riot Kid). I really like songs like Riot Kid, Punks on the Catwalk ant the last one which is slower Same Old Shit. It is packed in black/white digipack with lyrics, photos, posters and thankslist. Who likes melodic music will like this album for sure!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 26.05.2016

The Sultans - Wobbly Oi!

Primator Crew Records - LP -

813_Sultanscover.jpgThe Sultans is three piece band from the city of Dublin and in the line-up you may find two members from Hungarian band Derkovbois and drummer from French bands HardxTimes/DeathxSquads. Album was recorded in 2010/2011 in their rehersal room. Together you may listen to 12 songs (plus one bonus song which is some kind of reggae cover with female vocals) most of them in English and one cover from Hungarian band Böiler (Ha Te Is Jössz). Hungarian language is also in songs Sultans Oi! Oi! Oi!, Let´s Go Party and in Panel Tango. In bonus song there are also keyboards. Music is middle rhythm and it is into sugar Oi! style (like songs You were not for Me about ex-girlfriend or horror song Nosferatu is back in Town, which is the best one from the LP for me) and whole band sings along (like in Rich Boys or Sultans Oi! Oi! Oi!). From the LP you may feel lightness and fact that all is done for fun. Lyrics are quite funny about drinking (Let´s Go Party, Dublin Drunkards), hating the bus drivers (ABAB - All Busdrivers Are Bastards), etc… nothing serious. To the LP there is a paper with lyrics refrains (English/Hungarian) and band story how three foreigners met in Dublin pub and form a band. Who likes melodic stuff with rawer sound will like this LP for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 13.02.2015 •  Buy HERE

The Transitions - Dark Times

Rebel Sound Music/Rebellion Records - LP -

869_trans.jpgAfter their s/t EP come this Australian band with Al from Marching Orders/RazorCut on vocals with full length called Dark Times (title really fits to their musical style). The band is not playing style like Al´s other bands but it is dark post punk, new/dark wave like Joy Division, Skids, etc… Together you may listen to 10 songs with titles like The End of the Line, Sky is Falling, Dead Friend, Caught in the Web or the last but not least Dark Times. Music is in middle rhythm with significant bass line which is dark as conscience. Add Al´s vocal which is more melancholic in this project and also some guitar solos (Don´t Want to Be a Victim, Sky is Falling Down or Caught in the Web) and you will have their sound. Best songs for me are Dead Friend and The Call (with nice yealling in the refrain). Cover is done like their debut EP with some abstract lines.Album will be out at the beginning of September in US and European version, If you like Al´s vocal and darker sound this is exactly what you are looking for. For the first listening I did not like it too much but it gets under your skin after few times.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 21.08.2015

Top Dog - s/t

Rebellion Records - EP -

881_topdog.pngTop Dog is four piece band from the city called Carlisle which lies on nort-western part of Britain (Cumbria county) and this is their debut and next EP of the band from isles which will be released by Rebellion (it will be out at the end of October). EP contains four songs called Welcome to My World, Botchergate, Clockwork Warrior and Violence. Top Dog is lead by Ste´s rougher vocal and significant bass (like in songs Botchergate and Violence). To this add rawer guitar and you will have the sound of Top Dog. It reminds me Gundog little bit but not just because of their name. For example the first song Welcome to My World sounds like them to me and i tis about hard life which you don´t want to live. Second one Botchergate is about the part of the city which is famous for its nightlife (I guess because of the intro and outro of the song). Last two songs are easy to identify – clockwork orange classics with some movie dialogue at the beginning and good ol´ violence which is sometimes necessary. All songs (except the last one Violence which is faster) are in middle rhythm. Graphics is quite easy but again I can´t say anything about the inside. Antoher new band from good old Albion which worth hearing.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 10.09.2015

TrommelfOier/Suncity Skins - German Mexican Friendship

Aggressive Zone Records - EP -

1004_ep-trommelfoier-suncityskins.jpgAnother split with this Mexico based band Suncity Skins was released on Aggresive Zone Recods and now it is with German band TrommelfOier. EP is limited to 500 handnumbered copies (126 red and 374 black). Both bands are playing in three pieces and both bands sing in their native tongue. On side A you may check two songs from TrommelfOier (Vaterland and Alte Zeiten), on side B you may check three songs from Suncity Skins (Guerrero, Tras Los Muros and Hay Que Pelear). TrommelfOier are playing slower middle rhythm in classic German Oi! sound and song titles (Fatherland and Old School) are quite clear that they are classics. I was quite surprised with guitar solo in both songs and I am quitecurious about their other stuff because they are playing live so they have to have more songs done. Their song titles can be translated as Warrior, Behind the Walls and We Have to Fight. They are playing Oi! with rock guitar and if we compare their music with A side they are winning for sure. I really like the last song which has fast guitar riff and it is the fastest from B side. So it means faster rhythm and great guitar riffs. Cover is quite simple – flags of the states with band logos and band photos on the back side. There is no paper with any information inside. Stuff released by Aggressive Zone Records are not bad at all and this is not an exception. Fine.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 23.06.2016

Ultima Thule - Trägen Vinner

Ultima Thule Records - CD -

963_ut_tragen.jpgAfter the mini album 30 Åriga Kriget and live album from Kuggnas released Ultima Thule brand new album called Trägen Vinner which can be translated like Persistance Wins. Album is out on LP (Dim Records) and CD. To LP and CD is also attached bonus CD/LP called Svenska Klasiker with four songs. According to the title the songs are some kind of Swedish traditionals with piano, accordion, acoustic guitar, samples, female vocals, etc… On regular album are 12 songs in Swedish (including Storm I Natten (Night Storm) which you may know from 30 Åriga Kriget). On first song Arg (Angry) there is official video which can be checked here https://youtu.be/8rVr7fffACw. There are many of classic viking rock melodies with medieval guitar solos but also acoustic pieces (Nolltid – No Time and Jordvisa – Earth Song). Other song titles can be translated like Burning Castle (Borgen brinner), The World which Doesn´t Exists (Den värld som icke är), Ocean of Madness (Dumhetens hav), Rails (Spårbunden), The Others (De andra), Flag Thieve (Flaggtjyv) or Young Rebel (Ung rebel). After few tunes from first songs you will hear “this” why do you buy the album. Songs like Arg and De andra open the album greatly and the other ones like Ung Rebell, Flaggtjyv and acoustic prove this also. Booklet is fine – Swedish lyrics, promo photos and photos with friends. There are just two possibilities – you like Ultima Thule and whole viking rock style or not. There is nothing between.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 07.04.2016

Urban Savage - 4 song EP

Savage Records - EP -

860_us4.jpgNew 4 songs EP from Malmö based band is out (again) on their own label Savage Records in 300 copies plus there is an US version out on Foreign Legion Records with different cover (wolves instead of ravens). On EP are songs in English called Cop Riot, In those Nights, Nothing´s Ever Given and The End. Lyrics are the same as on their LP – criticism of consume society which destroys nature because of profit (The End, which is most critical songs), cops which beat you down (Cop Riot), freedom ilusion (Nothing´s Ever Given) or life which kicks your ass in moments when you did not expect this so the friends are here to help you (In those Nights). The music of the band is straightforward (mainly in song Cop Riot which is faster one). It kicks you in the balls and it sends poison spit into the eye of society. In those Nights has great positive attitude and in refrain you may hear the rest of the band and at end there is great bass solo. Nothing Ever Given is in classic Oi/punk beat and the last one The End is most angry song. Not because of the rhythm but because of the lyrics and Viktor´s vocal. From this one there is greatest influence from old HC and HC/punk expecially at the end with just bass, hi-hat and screaming of the guitar. Inside is paper with lyrics and thankslist. Raw, true and sincere…this are the words which characterize their music and who was (is) crazy) from Let Thunder Roar will like this also. Great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 27.07.2015

v/a - Brasil Oi! Vol. 2

The Firm Records/Rotten Records - CD - 46:03

985_brassiloi2.jpgSecond piece of Brasil Oi! compilation is out again on The Firm and Rotten Records and you may listen there to 18 songs from 9 bands (each band has there two pieces). On Cd you may listen to bands like Beber´s Operário, Rollmops, Resistencia Oi!, Bota Gasta (their songs are from Todo Dia!!! album), Honor Ferox (with girl behind the drums and their songs are also from regular album), Garotos Estúpidos, Expulsos do Bar, Explorados and Entre os Vandalos (songs are taken from Nunca se Renda! album). Some bands and their regular releases can be found there on BB, some are more known, some are less known and their songs are probably recorded just for this compilation. All songs are in Portuguese. Musically it is mainly in middle rhythm with rough vocals but there are also bands with vocals on normal level (like Honor Ferox or Resistencia Oi! with shouted vocals but with great refrain in Guerreiro Suburbano). I will surely recommend you band Rollmops because their great bass and Honor Ferox with their bovver sound and guitar solos (song Ameaca). Garotos Estúpidos are more into rock´n´roll sound (both Orgulho and Vou Vivendo). Booklet is similar to the first volume, logo, band photos, line-up and contact. On the cover is picture from Pirelli factory in 50´s. Nice compilation with man unknown bands.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 20.05.2016

v/a - Cashing in on Christmas vol.6

Rebel Sound Music - LP -

788_cashing6.jpgSixth issue of this Xmas compilation is out or better to say will be out in January 2015 because of some troubles in the studio or pressing plant. On double LP you may listen to 19 bands from Europe and USA - Priceduifkes, Saint and Sinners (with Liz from Deadline as a guest in their song and you may heare piano also), Oldfashioned Ideas, Keyside Strike, Halbstarke Jungs, Droogettes, The Hulls, City Saints, Gimp Fist, Shameless Assault and Battery, Destructors, Drug Shock, Vibrators, Brassknuckle Boys, Pariah Carey, Concrete, DDC, The Traditionals and as a bonus the same song from Keyside Strike (Stuff Your Christmas) with guest vocalist – Wakey from English Dogs. From the band titles you may recognize some really well-known names in punk rock and Oi! scene but also young fresh blood and (for me) unknown bands and I would like to focus mainly on them. Common topic is Xmas or Santa Claus and in most of the songs you may hear bells, jingle bells and parts of Christmas carols. Priceduifkeis coming from Belgium and they are playing faster punk rock spiced up with rock´n´roll sound, The Hulls came from Connecticut and they are playing in five pieces their melodic streetpunk and the last band which I didn´t know is Pariah Carey with their slower song.All I Want for Christmas Is To Be Accepted Back Into Society. Other bands varies from faster punk like Keyside Strike, across streetrock like Halbstarke Jungs, female band Droogettes to old punk rock like Vibrators or classic rock´n´roll sound in The Traditionals song. One serious song (maybe baased on personal experience) is Christmas in Prison from Brassknuckle Boys. LP will be limited to 500 copies but if you preorder it now you receive download code so you may listen to those songs before New Year´s Eve.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 11.12.2014

v/a - Oi! Ain´t Dead Vol. 4

Rebellion Records - LP -

891_OAD4.pngFourth part of compilation is named This is Brickwall Oi! so we may look forward to hear some harder bands. So we have ther Comncrete, Razorblade, Plan of Attack and Iron City Hooligans. Compilation is done as two 10´´ (400 black and 100 clear) and each band has three new songs there (Plan of Attack has there cover Riot Squad from Cock Sparrer and Concrete has there This Is Rock´n´Roll fron The Kids). Concrete has there their hit Strike the Rat Down (on which is done official video), Crane City (which really typical for the band) and the cover (which is played much harder then original version). Razorblade plays the style which we like and they have songs called Thunder (about the war and bombing of Rotterdamu), With Maltese Cross Flag Unfurled (which is the best song for me from them with nice guitar solo which reminds me viking rock or middle age music) and Hate. Aussies Plan of Attack has there Here for a Good Time…(which is to all those who passed away especially to Colin from Runnin´ Riot with nice bass line), Hellbent and Hellbound (with great solo) adn the Cock Sparrer´s cover. ast band is Iron City Hooligans which are after the change of the singer. Their songs are called Another Streetfight, Murder of Self Defense and Rivers of Steel. Their music is most straightforward but Murder of Self Defense has great melody and the last is in typical rock rhytm (with continuous drums and few guitar tunes into the rhythm). Yes it is compilation but it contains just new songs so I recommend it, it worth hearing for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 09.10.2015

Vanilla Muffins - The Drug Is Football

Rebel Sound Music - EP -

877_vm_drug_double.jpgVannila Muffins released back in 2003 cult album Drug is Football through Knock Out Records which contains 15 songs. In 2013 other German label Lionheart Records released EP with the same title with four songs taken from this album. Now US label Rebel Sound Music comes wiith double EP with eight songs from the album which were picked by the band. They have break for some time but their back with single Goal of the Month or A Little Night Music EP. So on EP´s which are done as gatefold and limited to 500 copies (200 black, 200 red and blue – colours of FCB and 100 blue and yellow) are eight songs No Punk Rock in My Car, Brigade Loco, All Roads Lead to Rome, Comrades, The Drug is Football, The One and Only, The Gang from Kannenenfeldpark and The Mob from Kannenenfeldpark. I don´t understand this release. It is cool to make nice collector edition of 8 from 15 songs from cult album but why they did not make a proper reissue of whole album which is sold out for some years. Well it is quite nice especially the inside – lyrics framed with tattoos related to the band and photos but I will leave it without rating because it is nothing new.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 04.09.2015

Vanilla Muffins - Goal of the Month Jul/Aug

Spirit of the Streets Records - EP -

915_vm_jul_aug.jpgAfter EP Eine kleine Nachtmusik Vanilla Muffins decided together with their label Spirit of the Streets (Bandworm Records) to make new EP single serie called Goal of The Month which will contain two new songs every two month. Well nice idea but I am scarred little bit with quality to quantity ratio. First single was released for July and August with songs But I am the Only One and Japanese Amp. EP is limited to 200 copies (100 black and 100 blue) and cover is drawn like old EP´s from Templars (Clockwork Orange Horrorshow or split with Devilskins). Music is still their sugar Oi! but the beginning and parts of first song are spiced with keyboards with 80´s sound like The Adicts in Fifth Overture era. Second one contains guitar solo in style of Japanese music. Both songs are in middle rhthm and the sound is too sugar (even on them) for me which is caused by the 80´s synth which doesn´t fit too much to their sound. Topics of the lyrics are quite easy – missing amp and messing points from me and I am looking forward to the next issue.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 22.12.2015

Vanilla Muffins - Goal of the Month Sep/Oct

Spirit of the Streets Records - EP -

920_vm_sep_oct.jpgSecond single from Goal of the Month serie contains two songs again which are now more into football stuff compared with the first issue. Just check the song titles - Scarves and Fire and The Kids behind the Goals. Also sound is shifted more to classic Vanilla´s as we know them (not too 80´s sound like on first issue and no keyboards) with their melodic guitars. EP is limited again to 200 copies (100 black and 100 blue). Cover is drawn again by same artist as first piece. But I can´t understand one fact about it – scarves on the title and back cover are in white/blue colours. Who knows FC Basel and songs from Muffins is sure that these colours are blue/red (just check songs like Blue Red Rose, Blue Red Forever, etc…). The song titles speak for themeseves – football and its fans side so pyro, choreo and match which is escape from regular boring life. I like the first song little bit more because refrain is more melodic. Inside of the cover is done in similar way – lyrics plus photos. This is little bit better then first part of the serie but there is still not hit potential like in older songs from The Drug Is Football for example.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 05.01.2016

Vanity - Vain in Life

Rebellion Records - CD - 34:23

834_vanity.jpgVanity is two piece project of people from bands such as CREEM, Natural Law or The Rival Mob and this is CD version of LP which was released last year on Katorga Works in 550 copies. Compared with LP version, you may listen to four bonus songs (which are here also in regular versions - – Fuck Right Off, Might Trumps Thought, You Don´t Know and Bit´n Turned Rabbit). These four songs should be released as promo cassette and their sound is little bit rougher. The band has released cassette before this LP/CD on Rock´n´Roll Disgrace Records. Bands which I mentioned above and which the people of this project come from (Colman Durkee and Evan Radigan) are harder and faster, and that´s why I was surprised with the sound of Vanity. It is some kind of street rock´n´roll in style of Chikswick 77 bands with guitar with steel sound, fast hi-hat which gives nice rhythm and bass with its solos like Slaughter and the Dogs in songs Victims of Vampire or Boston Babies. To this add vocal full of melancholy and you will receive Vanity sound. Together there is 16 songs and some of them are pure rock´n´roll - like Off Ya Go, Fuck Right Off (with nice changings of vocalists) or hit song The King Drinks which is representative sample of the album sound for sure. There are also slower pieces like Bal des Ardens or the last one New York City (the beginning of the song) with nice and long guitar solo. Me personally get little bit lost in 16 songs even the fact that the playing time is around about 35 minutes. I really like the cover because I like the use of classical paintings (battles or anything else) in combination with street band and this really fits to the band and album title.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 08.04.2015

Verboten - Deutsches Hertz

Oldschool Records - CD - 18:52

941_verboten.jpgVerboten is five piece band from Germany in style of Les Vilains, Short Cropped or Abtrimo and their members play also in HC project Straight Right. On this mini CD you may listen to seven songs (including spoen Intro) and they are in German and also in English. Songs are faster and melodic (just check refrain in Deutsches Hertz, where guitar tune fits great with vocal or Vereint), but there are also slower parts (beginning of mentioned Vereint?!) but also faster things (Alcohol Caused Violence). I think that their native language fits them more. Lyrics are about people in scene who do drugs and who pretend to be someone else, bar clashes, band opinion on Churchil or the fact that everyone must stay in the row with sheeps who have no opinion and who are tolerating dangerous things. In booklet are photos, lyrics and long thankslist, cover is done in oldschool tattoo way. If you like bands around Oi! Ain´t Red Records you will like Verboten also.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 01.03.2016

Wolf Bites Boy - Family Isn´t Always Blood

Fight to Win Records - LP -

938_wbb.jpgWolf Bites Boy is three piece band from the Stoke on Trent/Sheffield area and this is their debut LP released on Spanish label Fight to Win Records (200 red and 100 orange wax). CD version will be out on US label Crowd Control Media. The band is quite new but musicians are experienced and you may hear it in the music because all instruments are well played. Together there are twelve songs (including Buzzcocks cover What Do I Get which is spiced by the female vocal) in nice, calm but melodic punk rock with ska influences and keyboards (in some songs with classic Hamond sound). It reminds me stuff like Rancid, Topnovil, Dropkick Murphys (beginning of the song Fighting On) or their colleagues from Arch Rivals or Argy Bargy again (which I mention in previous review on Black Ball). One of the biggest hit sis the title song Family Isn´t Always Blood with great guitar solo at the end. In songs Big Man in a Small Town and part of I´ll Be There for You are ska influences, in the first one Gotta Get Away you can hear rock´n´roll (but also two tone) guitar. Vocal of the singer is great and he can switch from different levels of the voice (like in Back Street Kids or The Streets that I Call Home). Some other songs are called Wear Your Heart with Pride, Rise Again, Stupid Boy, My Friend (where is classic piano sound), etc… Cover graphics is something between Clockwork Orange and last Batman. This is for the fans of melodic music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 25.02.2016

Working Poor USA - s/t

Streetrock Records - EP -

867_working_poor.jpgWorking Poor USA are hailing from Cape Cod in Massachusetts and this is their debut released on Streetrock Records (500 copies, 200 red, 200 blue and 100 black). On Ep you may check five songs and if you use download code you may listen to two more bonus songs. The band plays in classic four piece line up and song titles are Working Poor, Headcase, Middle Ground, Lion for a Day, The Stand (these are on EP) plus Freedom and Pill Junkie. Their music is the mixture of backstreets styles (and you may listen to changes from faster punk rhythm to slower HC like in Lion for a Day or in bonus track Freedom) with rock´n´roll guitar (like in the first track Working Poor or in Headcase) with rawer and garage sound. Guitar has also many parts where is playing alone without other instruments (Headcase, Middle Ground). Song is shouted which fits to the faster music but sometimes it sounds little bit drowned behind the significant sound of guitar. Topics of the lyrics are the necessity of paying bills even if you aren´t earning much, patriotism which stands above the left and right, pride, necessity to stand against or addcitction to the pills. Inside the cover is download code (done as a sticker), lyrics to the five songs from EP, band photo, thankslist and photo collage from US history in the background. Who likes rawer US sound will like Working Poor USA and I am curious what we hear from them in the future.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 19.08.2015 •  Buy HERE