3:2 pro MH - Nová Krev

DIY - CD - 24:41

933_32mh.jpg3:2 pro MH is one of the oldest Czech Oi! Bands and their history is dating back to 1996. The band has many line up changes during their career and from the original line up is there just guitarist Spac. They have released one demo, two DIY albums and compilation to their 17th anniversary (released on Rabiat Records) and this is brand new album called Nová Krev (The New Blood) which was released again in DIY style. The band continues to play in their classic four piece line up and on the album you may check ten songs (including Nádhernej svět which is 4Skins – Wonderful World with Czech lyrics from Houba). In one song you may find also ska motives (1460) and the last one Emo Song is slower. Other songs are in stely of straightforward Oi!/streetpunk in middle rhythm. Some lyrics are more serious about the fact that our country is between East and West and those titans fighting for territory of our land (Dějiny - History) or about the war which harms young soldiers and civilians too (Válečná – War song), but most lyrics are about the fact that you should not solve politics which you don´t understand (Systémový rozhodnutí – System Solution), but you should solve money which everyone needs (Prachy - Money), fun (Zařvi si Oi! – Let´s Shout Oi!) or idiots which you have to deal with on the streets and in your job (Debílci - Idiots). By the way the vocals in 1460 really reminds me old songs from Tři Sestry. Cd can be bought on their gigs or write on spac@32promh.net. Booklet is done as folded with big band photo from the gig and some other smaller (but done in professional way) and lyrics (hand written). Album is done in DIY way which I really like and if you like local bands which rocks buy this piece and support the band. I wish them good luck mainly in the stabile line up!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 11.02.2016

Abuse - s/t

Primátor Crew/Poch Record - EP -

1032_abuse.jpgThis is debut three songs EP from French band Abuse which comes from the city of Rennes with members from DeathxSquad, The Headliners or The Decline in line up. Three songs are in English and they are called Tomorrow, Internal War and Enough is Enough. After the first song Tomorrow you will surely compare them to Canadian Bishops Green due to higher vocals of singer Stew. He also whisper in this song which reminds me some stuff from Aussies The Transitions. Music isn´t hard so you can expect middle rhythm (but the first piece is the fastest) with nice vocal and inspiration from 77 punk rock bands like Slaughter and the Dogs. In last song Enough is Enough (which is the slowest from EP) you may hear nice guitar with plenty of solos. The cover of the EP also reminds me Bishops Green, especially Pressure LP. Inside you may find paper with lyrics. Songs (with some bonuses) can be heard on https://abuseabuseabuse.bandcamp.com/releases. More than fine debut.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 16.11.2016

Aggroknuckle - Violent Action Early AK Complete Tracks

Total Noise - LP -

1075_agkn.jpgAnother Japanese stuff out on Total Noise is compilation of early Aggroknuckle stuff which came from Nagoya city LP is limited to 300 copies with 10 songs. First one Rising Sun Flag is from Fight Back for Rising Sun compilation, second one Un Mask and third one Smash the Wall are from 1994 compilation with bands like Eastern Youth, Sledgehammer, Growl Strike, Ouka or Layia. Other seven songs are from live/demo tape from 1993 but songs like Stand and Fight are also on Unshakable Determination album or Here Rise was recorded by Cannons on EP Guts and Truth released by Vulture Rock. Songs Un Mask and Rising Sun Flag are there also in live version and there is live cover I Don´t Like You also (which is also on Unshakable Determination). So again we have typical Japanese rock/metal sound of SSS bands (and you may hear it in Un Mask or Get Over). Quality of live songs is quite good (even the guitar is sharper and higher than in studio songs and also bass is very significant) and vocal is clear. Graphic is Japanese also – some kind of demon on cover and posters from the gigs inside plus some photos. This compilation is made from stuff which is hard to buy and I really like it but I will leave it without rating because there are no new songs.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 06.04.2017

Alliance - Evil

Rebellion Records - LP -

1016_alliance_evil.jpgThe band Alliance from Ontario in Canada released last year three songs EP including Retaliator cover Sarah (which really impress me). The review and interview with them can be found here on BB. Evil is six piece album which will be out LP but also on CD (with three bonus songs from the first EP). Song titles are Evil Has Landed (it is not cover from Arresting Officers), See It All, Better Days, Four More Years, Freedom is Found and Warriors (which is immortal song from Blitz played more rough then original one). Music is brickwall Oi! in middle rhythm with solid sound (mainly due tu two guitars but also due to covered vocal of the singer and the rest of the band – mainly in song Freedom is Found where the band shouts over his vocal or in Better Days with great singalong). Also there is some metal riffs which I like ((Freedom is Found) and some guitar solos also (like the beginning og See It All which sounds like from The Corps or newxt piece Four More Years which is the best song for me). I have just the cover from the LP (it will be released at the end of September) and its graphics is mixture between Templars and Battle Ruins. Hard music with no compromises and this is the way it´s gotta be.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 02.09.2016

American Eagle - s/t

United Riot Records - EP -

990_AE_cover.jpgAfter their maxi EP which was released last year and which contains four songs from 1989 release United Riot Records EP from this band (200 on beer vinyl, 100 on black one) with their two forgotten songs. On side A you may listen to Land of the Free Home of the Brave and on B side is song called The Gallery. The band used to play in classic four piece line up and they are planning reunion this year. First song starts with shouted army song for marching. Song is faster with singalong refrain and clear topic – defending of the flag, national pride and fight with commies. Circa in the middle of the song is guitar solo. Second song The Gallery is about bar on the suburb which band likes in spite of the fact that it is nothing nice. Music is slower than first song and guitar solo is there also. Both songs contains loud bass. Cover is done by Muna again which is great as usual, on the back side are lyrics and band photos from the gigs. It is some kind of lost and found songs again which are released by URR and which are influenced (little bit) with hard core. Fine and big thumbs up for the graphics.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 30.05.2016

Angel Crew - XVI

Strength Records - CD -

1029_angelcrew_xvi.pngThird album from this Belgian/Dutch pack Angel Crew is called XVI and it contains 12 brutal songs including killer cover Beat the Bastards from The Exploited (with official video https://youtu.be/UvxM9V9LtMg). In band are members from Backfire, Pro Pain, Deviate or Length of Time so you may realize how does it sound. They have released previous albums in 2001 and 2005. You will also hear great guitar with nice changing riffs (like in Skulls and Bones or Dead Beat where are also nice solos),heavy metal drums with the use of other drums instead of snare and kick drum (Stabbing Bastards) and changing of melodic and shouted vocal (like in first piece Bombardier which reminds me Earth Crisis, then in Broken Promises or The Fear of Fear Itself). Other songs are called Nothing is Wrong, Road to Redemption, Crucify Me (fastest one), Crushing Innocence (which is really into metal especially the middle part which is slower), King of Dogs, etc… really nice mixture of HC, punk and metal which I like. Who likes harder stuff will love this band.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 08.11.2016

Anti Clockwise - EP Sammlung

DIY - CD -

1026_acw_2cd.jpgAfter their five EP´s and appearance on three split EP´s (with Open Violence, Rien Ne Vas Plus and Spy Kids) released this band from Magdeburg their double CD with all songs from their EP´s plus four bonus tracks which are previously unreleased (first song on first CD called Hamsterrad and last three on the second CD – Magdeburg, mein Vaterland, Poser – from Combat 84 with German lyrics and Ohne Sinn). On first CD are 14 songs on the second one 15. It is all packed as a nice digipack with similar graphics as their EP´s Vol. 1 – 5 plus 24 pages booklet with band photos, testpress photos, lyrics and few words to the lyrics and posters. Songs are sorted from the newest to the oldest. Because of the fact that you will find here all reviews on their previous EP´s it is not necessary to speak about it in more details. For those who like the band and saw them live for example and they do not have gramophone, it is the opportunity to get a lot of music for little money with some bonus tracks. Nice pice but I will leave it without rating because it is almost nothing new. Try to contact them on facebook for the CD.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 18.10.2016

Assault and Battery - All the Shades of Truth

Rebellion Records/Oi! the Boat Records - LP -

993_assaultandbattery_alltheshades.jpgThis is first full album from this Milwaukee based ba. You surely know them from splits with DDC or with Concrete or from Voice of America Vol. 3. Together you may listen to 13 new songs in faster rhythm of US Oi!/punk. The band plays in five and their members have experiences from bands like Get Rad, Brutal Dildos (:)), Reckless Reason or Cry Coyote. Singer is helped by other members in vocals – changing of vocals in singalong refrains typical for US bands (like in 1944, faster Fight and Win, Bay View Tragedy, which is about the massacre of workers during strike in 1886 – 7 were killed or No Hope) or in completing his barks. Five piece line up means two guitars and in their music you will surely hear it (Three on Floor which is most melodic piece from the LP or in One Thing Left or No Difference which sounds like 80´s classics at the beginning). Also bass is very playful with solos on high strings. You may check song Shades of Truth on youtube (https://youtu.be/g8nAOIvm2HM). I really like this full album because on splits you may like one band more than the other one and it is seen in rating. LP is out on both labels, CD version will be out just on Rebellion. A must have for tall fans of US Oi!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 06.06.2016

Backfire!/Cornered - s/t

Strength Records - EP -

1000_backfire-cornered.jpgSplit EP from two quite well known Dutch bands which are really experienced and in last year they have released albums like Where We Belong (Backfire!) and mini album Hate Mantras (Cornered). Each band has there one song. EP is opened with Backfire! and their brand new song called Mosh Minable. On B side ou may check Time Has Come from Cornered which was already released on CD version of Hate Mantras but here is its first time on vinyl. Song is opened with intro from Skarface movie. Backfire are playing brutal fast HC which kicks you in the head right from the start. Cornered song begins with swinging HC rhythm but circa after 40 seconds it went faster. Rhythm is more straightforward (more into punk rock) but the guitar sound remain HC (mainly the end of the song with squeaky guitar solo). Cover is HC classics – moshing singers and crowd. Fine piece for the lovers of European HC.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 17.06.2016

Bad Rep - Knights of Freedom

American Defense Records - LP -

930_BAD REP COVER.jpgBad Rep was five pieces US skinhead band from Florida which was active during 1985 – 89. They have recorded two demo tapes (1986 and 1988) which were tracked by Peter from Pure Impact and together with thee band guitarist who found some photos was released this LP after 30 years. The band played mainly local gigs (with Anti-Heros for example). They have also some interviews in few zines but no official release. Songs for the LP were cleaned and remastered. Together you may check 11 songs called American and Proud, Knights of Freedom, Death before Dishonour, Liberty, Friend to Foe, Attitude or Too Much for example. Musicaly it varies from middle rhythm through faster punk with raw sound (Knights of Freedom) and old US HC touches (Strength) to melodic pieces (Too Much for example, which is the most melodic one for me or song Attitude). It can be said that songs at the end of the LP are more melodic then those on the beginning. Album can be download on http://tinyurl.com/jtvr353 but I think collectors will search through labels and they will buy it because it is well done – splattered LP, few words about the band, photos, lyrics, drawn posters and few words from label. I will leave without rating because it is demo but it is well done and you will feel nostalgia from it.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 08.02.2016

Balsall Heathens - Life´s Too Short

Violated Records/Creep Records - CD -

979_bals.jpgBalsall Heathens is acoustic band with two people in line-up – man (Jock Blyth from GB) and woman (Sam Springer from Eastfield for example) and this is their debut CD/EP. As I wrote it is acoustic project, Jock plays guitar and Sam plays violin and sings. On CD are five songs (including traditional Wiskey in the Giro which is first on CD and instrumental one The River). Due to violin it will sounds to you like Dubliners, Pogues or Greenland Whalefishers. Songs are quite long, each has at least four minutes. Instead of classic folk/punk songs you may hear also blues song (Dogfood Blues). Last one Get Jiggy With It is quite good singalong where Sam sings just with the guitar. I have just electronic version so I do not know anything about inside, but on the cover is photo of band members. Songs Life´s Too Short and Get Jiggy With It are about good times during drinking which make your short life happier. Nice CD with funny melodies which force you to have a beer or sshot and sing ith the band.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 12.05.2016

Bandeira de Combate - Cantos do Campo de Batalha

Arcabuz/Oldschool Records - CD - 41:28

1019_bdc_cdcdb.jpgAfter participation on many compilations, splits, live albums, tributes (there is also one tribute for them) comes this Brazilian living legend playing from 1988 from Sao Paulo (originally from Salvador in Bahia state) with brand new album. On Cd you may check 12 songs in Portuguese (and the last one Jornalistas Terrorista is cove from Peggior Amico with more modern sound). Sound of the band is hard and straightforward (which was proved on Histeria tribute with their song Histeria Oi!), with great guitar (but also bass) solos and light touch of metal/viking rock (like the beginning in Lutarei - Fight or Desbravadores - Pioneers) or rock´n´roll touch (Pró Pátria which is about the fact that skins from all federal states of Brazil should unite under one battle flag and this is one of the greatest songs from the CD). I also like rhythm section especially cymbals. Next great songs are Pela Nação (something like For Nation) with nice refrain, then Marcha Nacional (National March) with great bass and Skinheads Sempre (which is most melodic piece from the CD). In booklet are all ylrics in their native tongue, thankslist and band photo (just in three pieces, drummer Alexandre is temporary). Great album which kicks your ass but nothing for pussies.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 21.09.2016

Bishops Green - Back to Our Roots

Rebellion Records - CD -

1008_bishopsbacktoourroots.pngBack to Our Roots is mini CD from this Vancouver based band is out also (instead of bonus songs) as two 7´´ EP singles on Rebellion Records and Randale Records. On CD version you may check six songs. Burn the Bastards is from Greg´s previous band The Lancasters (released on Alexander and Gore album) and Christmas in New York is from compilation Cashing in on Christmas Vol. 5 (which is really great piece about Xmas time during starvation in 2828). Burn the Bastards is there also as an acoustic bonus (which is sung by unknown singer and also the band wants to know who is it). Next piece is immortal classic Do Anything You Wanna Do from Eddie and the Hot Rods. So together there are two new songs called Wake Up and Trouble. Sound of Bishops Green remains constant and it is the same also on this record. Song Wake Up with catchy refrain „Wake up Johnny wake up, wake up from the death“ shows you how the record will sound. In Burn the Bastards and Trouble (about the fights and broken glass on the streets) is nice solo guitar. Album will be released on 4th August (I think in both versions). If you like Bishops Green, and I hope you like them, let´s check this new piece from their discography.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 20.07.2016

Black Ball - Never Regret

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music - LP -

936_BlackBallNeverRegret.pngAfter the Coward´s Punch EP release this band from Australia full album on LP called Never Regret. Band is one man project of gutarist Bevan who you may know from The Corps, RUST, but also from harder Throwdown SCHC or metal band Cremator. On LP you may listen to 10 songs. In many of them his colleagues from bands like The Corps, Plan of Attack, Mouthguard, Marching Orders, etc help him with vocals… (you may hear in in Unveil the Truth with changing in deep and shouted HC vocals). Most of the songs is also in middle swinging Aussie rock/streetpunk rhythm which makes difference between Aussie bands and bands from the rest of the world (just check Always Remeber or Old School). In all songs is great spirit and feeling for guitar melodies (with slide technique which I really like) with great support of many kinds of vocals and their combinations. I really like song called Journey with easy rhythm but with great vocals. There is also great pub anthem Friday Night. Besides the bands which will mentioned you will hear Aussie bands mentioned above. If you like extra melodic pieces from Argy Bargy (like Polar Oposite, which reminds me These Streets from their last album) or Cock Sparrer this is directly for you. But this is not any kind of cheap imitation but great independent unit with only one minus – it is just studio project. Album will be out at the end of March so again nothing about the ccover but this is clear 10 from 10 because I can´t get enough of it. Check song Always Remember here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mFfvO9RsD4.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 23.02.2016

Bloody Mary - Poslední přístav

DIY - CD - 36:34

992_bloody_mary.pngThis is 2nd album from this band from Brno city and it is called Poslední přístav (The Last Harbor) and it contains nine songs. The band has little change on the bass player post and they have also shot two videos to songs Přístav (Harbor), which is really hit song with great melody and singalong (https://youtu.be/KTMOwfsvT5A) and also on Madam Lue (https://youtu.be/fwnoZK0PxYY). First of all I would like to say some positives about the booklet because the cover is absolutely great (cover and the whole booklet also) and it is in pirate style (ships, old maps, naked women, spirits, gold, compass, …). Really great job. Their music is still melodic punk rock/streetpunk with nice vocals and catchy refrains like in song Přítel – Friend) and guitar solos (singer Rorýsek plays some guitar tunes also). Lyrics are more into waters of gothic/horror punk (like Jak the Ripper, Truck, Temný Tom – Dark Tom – so you may see fascination with murders, crime, vampires, etc…) but there are normal lyrics also. So we have there evolution from kid to a man (Vzpomínáš – Remember), gamble (Gambler), freedom which is represented by sailor´s life (Přístav – Harbor) or motorcycle (Noční život – Night Life), light girls (Madam Lue) and friendship (Přítel - Friend). I really like Přítel (with acoustic beginning and nice refrain) and Přístav which is really hit song. Inside are all lyrics, band photos and thankslist. Great job and I wish them all the best and see you on the gig!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 02.06.2016

Brassknuckle - Skinhead 82

Rebellion Records - CD -

1027_brassknuckle.jpgBrassknuckle is the band which comes from Edinburgh in Scotland, they are playing in five and this debut CD called Skinhead 82 (packed in digipack limited to 300 copies) contains 12 songs and it will be released by Rebellion Records. Song titles are Skinhead 82 (which is nice singalong), Skinhead on the Inside, Ska Band, Junkie, Lies, One for All, We had and Empire (about opening gates of Albion to scum), Another Tory, Your Boots Have Gone (which is great singalong again), etc… In songs you will hear exactly what you expect according to the title – sound of 80´s and classics of the genre - 4Skins, Blitz, Combat 84, Condemned 84, Criminal Class or Last Resort (I hear it mainly in songs Ska Band and Junkie) but also new breed of British Oi! which are under the wings of Rebellion Records like B-Squadron, Top Dog, etc… As I said they play in fice which is good for guitar sound (like solos in Politics, Your Boots Have Gone or in the first one Another Tory), vocals are more shouted. CD will be out on the 1st of November. If you like rough bands from 80´s, this is exactly for you.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 24.10.2016

Brewdriver - Pystykorva

Mvk/Grinding Hall Records - EP -

1009_brew_EP.jpgAfter their self-released demo on CD-R came this band from Finland with their self-released debut EP called Pystykorva (300 copies on black vinyl without any graphics). Title referrers to Finish spitz. EP contains 4 songs in their mother tongue called Pystykorva, Onneks Tein Lapsia (Luckily ´ve got Kids), Nuoret Saapasjussit (Young Bootboys) and Sika (Swine). I really like bass (mainly in second song Onneks Tein Lapsia). Next great song is the first one from B side Nuoret Saapasjussit which is in great rhythm. The last one Sika starts with rnr guitar and it is the fastest from the EP. In the first song is also nice guitar solo. Inside is paper with lyrics and photos. Lyrics are there in Finnish but there is also some kind of explanation in English. Topics of the songs are pride and self-confidence represented by the national dog of Finland, the fact that if you have kids you can skip a party without any excuses, about some rehersal room in the woods when punks and skins are playing and drinking whole weekend and the view on the world from the point of old man. If you like underground and DIY releases (graphics not the sound which is OK) this is exactly for you. Try to check it somewhere or write them on brewdriver@gmail.com.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 09.08.2016

Bronco Army/Sorry No! - Skins for Skins Connection

Dunkel Records/Olifant Records - CD - 38:04

1006_bronco_sorry.jpgSplit album from Brazilian Bronco Army and German Sorry No! is out due to the cooperation of Brazilian label Dunkel Records and Polish Olifant Records. Both bands are not necessary to introduce and they have played together during Bronco Army´s tour in Europe. Members of both bands have experiences with playing in different bands before (Tumulto 64 in Bronco Army´s case or Brachial, Insidious Skins, Rampage, Backstreet Firm or Schusterjungs in case of Sorry No!). Bronco Army are opening the CD with their six songs in English (including Blitz cover New Age), Sorry No! are in second half with their seven songs (six in English and one in German – Chaos, and yes it is 4Skins cover with nice changes of male and female vocals). Bronco Army is playing melodic Oi! of slower middle rhythm and there is help in vocals by drummer Jacksie (like in The Old Ways). Songs are mainly about cult (Trendies, The Old Ways about the fact how is important to defend your values, Show Your Pride about the traditional dress code or King of Rumours about rumors). From this topics stays out song Heroes (1932) which is about constitutional revolution in 1932 and it is the most melodic song from them. Sorry No! are interesting mainly because of female vocals (which are similar to Rianne from Les Vilains and which have the same accent). It is typical German, faster (except Time Went By), straightforward music like above mentioned bands but in English. Lyrics are also quite clear and similar – non-conform life which force people to love you or hate you (Love Me or Hate Me), snobs pretending to be skins (Snobs), loss of friend (Time Went By), Saturday night in great style (Skinhead Club), booze song (Irish Drinking Song), freedom of speech and nonsense of wars (I have a Dream) and the last one Chaos about the skins who are coming back. Graphics of the booklet is quite similar to booklets from Rampage a Brachial – lyrics and photos as background. There are also some contact information, If everything goes well you will hear Sorry No! in Prague during autumn. Fine piece from bands which are true and which are doing things in their own way.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 29.06.2016

Carcereduro - Ad Honorem

Bords de Seine - CD - 49:05

1031_carc_ad_hon.jpgThis is third album of this French viking rock band Carcereduro called Ad Honorem and it is released on their home label Bords de Seine. Album contains 12 songs (including Intro and Outro) from which are 9 in French and one in English (Edda II). The band plays in six pieces with Suck from Les Vilains on vocals. In line up are also two girls. Instead of classic musical instruments you may hear also accordion. Topics of the songs are mainly about history (like Mort a Crécy about Battle of Crécy where Frenchman were beaten by English archers or Les feux de Beltan about the Gaelic spring ritual on 30th April) and mythology (Yule, Edda II, La rage du Berserker,…). Sometimes you may hear also metal touches like in Yule or Chant de fidelité but also acoustic pieces like the beginning of Edda II with dominant female vocal. This vocal can be heard also in Chargez!. I really like their bass which is booming in the background. Booklet is done in middle age style – the font of the letters plus pictures of middle age paintings with skull, deaths, devils, creatures, warriors or knights. Lyrics are in the booklet also plus band photo and thankslist. CD is limited to 500 copies. Surely as good as their previous stuff.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 15.11.2016

Codi de Silenci - Crucificat

Lleida/Roca Sobirana Records - EP -

1060_codi_cruc.jpgSecond EP from this Catalan band is out now on local labels as 7 inch EP with three songs Crucificat (Crucified), Orgull i lleialtat (Pride and Loyalty) and Ronin. EP is limited to 330 copies. This cover is limited to 200 copies (100 black and 100 clear), 100 are with ronin cover (90 black and 10 clear and cover as gatefold) and 30 is with cover of hanged wolf (all black). The band plays in five pieces but I don´t know if there were any changes since their debut És el moment. On BB you may find review on first EP and also interview. First song has rock´n´roll guitar with nice solo at the end and I shouldn´t write about the content I think. Second is about the fact that people look at you with respect but also with envy because they don´t know what is dignity and faith. At the end you will hear piano in the background. Last piece describes feelings of samurai without lord (which can be related to current skins), lone wolf who is free and who is led by his rebel heart. Song starts with acoustic guitar supported by guitar solo (like By the Grace of God from Retaliator or Real Heroes from Disdainful) and there is sound of sea waves in the background. After circa one and half minute the song goes into normal rhythm with dominant bass and this song is the longest from the EP. On the cover (of this version) is band photo, on the backide is collage from photos and inside is paper with lyrics in Catalan and also in English plus thankslist. Really great piece as good as their debut.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 31.01.2017

Combate 49 - Puro Poder

Total Noise - EP -

1057_combate49_EP.jpgEP of this band from New Jersey is called Puro Poder which means Pure Power and after their full LP and some compilations (Freedom of Speech, Werewolves 1 and 2) is this their first official EP. You may find three songs there - Pack Mentality and Tribus Urbanas (Subcultures) on side A (but they are switched) and Simple Man on side B. EP is black and it is limted to 250 copies released on new label Total Noise Records. Tribus Urbanas is in Spanish and it begins with simple guitar solos and whole song is under simple rhythm of drums like Pulling On the Boots. Pack Mentality is not so simple song, there are changing in vocals and guitar solo again. Simple Man begins with acoustic guitar and it is dedicated to friends who passed out and at the beginning you may hear piano and mouth organ. It is the best song from the EP. In all songs is also great bass. Sound is unpolished and covered but I think the band wants it in that way. Graphics is quite easy and thre is no sheet inside. On EP is depicted gang of latino skins and band logo on the second side. Who likes orthodox Oi! this EP is for him. Tribus Urbanas Cabeza Rapadas!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 20.01.2017

Complaint - Take a Stand

DIY - CD -

1058_complaint_take.pngAfter We Are Right You Are Wrong CD released Dutch band Complaint brand new album (in DIY style) called Take a Stand and it contains 11 songs (as previous album and last song Still Right is also on the first lbum but in different version I think). Playtime of the CD is around about 17 minutes so you should expect faster songs. The band also knows how to play melodic pieces so check the second one called On the Frontline with nice guitar tune, One More Drink with nice refrain (so the band is not sXe) or Coming After You (where the singer goes on the edge of his vocal in strophes and also the song is quite long – 2:40). You will find there also fast songs like Locked Away, title one Take a Stand, Just another Day (about boring work and early waking) or Unity with chopped guitar. CD is done as a nice digipack. If you like their previous album We´re Right..You´re Wrong released on Rebellion Records in 2015 you will like also this album. They’re right…You’re wrong…Fuck you!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 23.01.2017

Cornered - Hate Mantras

Strength Records - CD -

944_Hate_Mantras.jpgCornered is Dutch HC band in style of Backfire or Convict, they are playing since 2009 and they have released two full albums and many split EP´s. Singer Niels has experience with bands like Straight A´s or with supporting vocals in doom metal Herder. At the end of March 2016 they are going to release this mini album called Hate Mantras which will contain six songs (LP) plus CD bonus Time Has Come (which will be released also on 7´´ in the future). Other songs are called GTFO (six seconds piece Get the Fuck Out), Love is Pain, Wasting My Life, Chosen Few, Pressure and Untitled (which is just instrumental piece and some kind of outro on LP version). Other songs have “normal” length. Sound is rough and vocals raw and sometimes deeper (like in first two songs), sometimes shouted (Wasting My Life) but this is what do you like on HC. Most songs are in middle rhythm in classic HC beat (Love is Pain, Chosen Few with double pedal and solo guitar at the beginning), some are fast and furious (GTFO) and some are in fresh punk rhyythm (Pressure or bonus Time Has Come). Topics of the lyrics are corresponding with the song titles. Album has great cover art which will look 100% better on LP version then on CD. So you should wait circa one monh and you can order it. Album has playing time around about 12 minutes and it is not boring at all. Good one.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 04.03.2016

Crown Court - Capital Offense

Rebellion Records - CD -

1017_cc_co.jpgAfter three EP´s and compilation CD with those songs come this London based band with their first regular album called Capital Offense with 13 songs. The band plays straightforward style which kicks you back to 80´s (check song Park Lane Boys for example) with non-boostered iron sounding r´n´r guitar (but with solos also), faster rhythm (due to hi-hat) and rougher voice of the singer. Just check their first song Sammy Skyves which really kicks your ass. There are also some exceptions like Hated but Rated with bluesy start or Thames Sake with long part just with guitars, kick drum and vocals. Refrain is in normal rhythm. Similar start has also the next piece called Breakout. I will compare them with their colleagues from B-Squadron or Hostile Minds. As I said there are 13 songs with circa 2 minutes length each (also there are some exceptions like the last one Shapes of the Day). Other songs are called The Province (about Ulsteru), Attack, Disco Nightmare, 22, Brotherhood of Banned, Blackout, etc… Cover is done again just in black and white like their previous releases. It will be out at the end of September. Good one…
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 09.09.2016

Crucial Change - The Watcher

True Color Records - EP -

1028_cc_watcher.pngNowadays four piece band from Seattle is going to release DIY five song tape (limited to 100 copies) on their label. Tape is called The Watcher and the songs are going to be released also in digital form. It is their fourth release. Songs are called July 26, Final Call, The Watcher, Solidarity and Beds are Burning (which is cover from Australian band Midnight Oil which is about giving back the soil to native inhabitants of Australia). The band has two guitars which can be heard on the sound quality and singer Tyler plays bass. Lyrics ae about freedom, justice, truth, workers and international solidarity with oppressed people. Title track The Watcher (which is about some watcher of the ages who watch the world from its beginning to its end) can be heard here https://youtu.be/SzsC_VfbYfA and if you check the song you will realise that Crucial Change didn´t change their style too much. So you should expect great melodies which are supported by guitar and bass solos and singalong refrains (like in the first one 26th July). The bandis working on their full album which will be called The Fire Next Time so this tape is something like taste but this taste really worth hearing/buying because it is great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 26.10.2016

Deafness by Noise - Long Way Down

Strength Records - CD -

948_DBN_ALONGWAY.jpgDeafness by Noise is one of the oldest Croatian HC bands. It was founded back in 1991, they come from the city of Samobor and they have released four albums and two EP´s. This is fifth album with 11 songs in English including A Tribute to our Friend with official video https://youtu.be/e1Qx1-WxRB0 which is dedicated to Onno Cromag and with many people from the scene in it (like Lars, Roger and Vinnie, Wattie, Tech 9, Spider Crew and many more. Main guitar riff in the song is like from Ramones. Besides classic instruments and street styles (mainly HC but there are also pure Oi! songs like Renegades which is dedicated to skins or punk rock like in the last one A Long Way Down and its beginning with just vocals and guitar) you may hear piano (Major City Brain Damage), rap/hip hop (beginning of All Systems Down) or saxophone in Sledge Hammer. The band has great vocals – which are shouted (The Crooks or All Systems Down) but the singer also knows how to sing (Over the Top). The graphics side of the album is also cool – bomber which drops down headphones. Album will be released on CD and LP again with bonus song on CD (song I and I with video on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlPRsIlm3AI). On this album you may see that the band can play hard and heavy stuff but also melodic songs and I really recommend this to you. Physically it will be out at the end of April.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 10.03.2016

Discipline - Stake Your Claim

Rebellion Records - CD -

988_discipline_stakeyourclaim.pngJust today is out on CD brand new album from this well-known band from Holland after 11 long years. LP version will be out in summer. The change on vocals does not surprise anybody. There were rumors that this place will be taken by Hardsell singer but on vocals is Merijn from The Young Ones, Banner of Thugs, Close Combat ro his last band Sparrow Falls. They have also new guitar player Dave (Angel Crew). Together you may check 12 new songs (including Generation X cover – Your Generation). I have to say that everyone is fuckin´ curious how Merijn do this job after Joost (even all of his bands and projects are cool). I have to say that he done in on 100% in songs like We Can´t Be Beaten (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qdURRBNQic) which is catchy singalong hit, surely in The New Bovver Boys with nice guitar (which you expect from Discipline) and refrain, next one Sad Disgrace, which is the hardest (thanks to the level of Merijn vocal), The World´s To Blame, Get Me Out of Here (most melodic song from the album) and last but not least Stake Your Claim (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTPvfKGkcCc). Merijn vocal is more covered then Joosts´s but it doesn´t matter. He also changes its level from shouted one to normal vocal (like in Troublemaker). The crucial question is: “Are they still Discipline?” For me the quote: “Discipline are dead, long live Discipline!” fits well. Album surely worth hearing and I think that many people looking forward to hear it. Topic of the songs are quite clear. On engineering of the album is involved also Bart from Agitators. I wish them all the best to next career and keep on rockin´.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 25.05.2016

Dive in the Box - Relegation Battle

Violated Records - CD -

1005_diveinthebox artlarge.jpgDive in the Box came from the city of Philadelphia which is becoming a cradle for good Oi!/punk bands. This band says about themselves that they like football (soccer :) and team Philadephia Union) and punk rock so you can imagine how does it sounds and what they are singing about. This is their second full album and they have also release couple of singles. They are playing in four piece line up (according to photo one punk, one skin, one hairy guy and casual guy) and on CD you may check 10 songs. I really hear there older Blanks 77 (song Away Match Rules), then Sniper 66, Dog Company, Bad Engrish and many other US streetpunk bands. Simplicity and singalong – these are the attributes of Dive in the Box. Song titles are Relegation Battle, Away Match Rules, Too Drunk, Don´t Tell Me How to Union (with acoustic guitar and folk punk touch, Turn the Tides or C U Next Time. Cover is done in colors of Philadelphia Union (but also in colors of the city flag), on the backside is band photo before the stadium and song titles are done in style of sport table. CD is packed in digipack.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 28.06.2016

Diverze - Tvoje Volba

DIY - CD - 21:06

946_diverze.JPGDebut album of brand new CZ band is out. Now it is from band called Diverze! which comes from Kralupy nad Vltavou and which is playing in classic four piece lune up. On debut CD Tvoje volba (Your Choice) you may listen to seven songs in CZ called Beerceps, Kapitán (Captain), Pekelná noc (Hellish Night), Prokletá heroin (Damned Heroin), Skinheads, Volba (Choice) and Za pradávných časů (In Ancient Times). CD is just in paper sleave but the graphics is great and I support this DIY record. Their music is straightforward but guitar tries some solos in songs Skinhead or Za pradávných časů, but it has rhythm and idea. Most of the songs are faster but there is also slower piece called Kapitán about the fact that you should rule your life similar to captain who should lead his ship. This song was a blueprint for the cover I suppose and it is best song from the album. There are also some darker songs (like Prokletá heroin or Pekelná noc, with drak and gloomy bass). Lyrics are related to the song titles so there is quite funny song Beerceps about training your stomach muscles in the pub – “my gym is the nearest pub” or Za pradávných časů about sick society of today which is full of cowards compared to ancient times where people fight for themselves and protecting each other. You may listen all songs on http://bandzone.cz/againstthestream but if you want to support them, come in May on their gig Prague or write them on Diverzecrew@seznam.cz and buy this CD. I don´t know the exact prize but it shouldn´t be expensive. If you like bands like Konec Hry, early Operace Artaban or more Oi! sounding Normals?! don´t hesitate and buy it. The beginning of 2016 looks really great for CZ bands because there are plenty of new albums (from Neparkovat Vjezd/Normals?!, 3:2 pro MH, Jednota Kolín and now this). CD from Orthodox is in the pipeline now. Fine.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 08.03.2016

Dowina - Brezalauspurch

Tough Ain´t Enough Records - EP -

977_dowina_ep.jpgDowina was from Slovakia and they released well received mini CD back in 2005 called Brezalauspurch (which is old name for Slovakian capital) and which was reviewed there also. They have few songs also on Czech and Slovak Streetkids compilation and Werevolves Japanese – European Friendship. This EP is re-edition o this mini CD and it is out in 250 copies with same graphics like the CD (graphic similar to Templars). The band really knows how to play and they used viking rock tunes in their music and also all songs are in English. Together you may check five songs – Betrayed Warriors, Endless Blue, Like the Thousand Times, Little Alex and Where Are You Now. First side of the EP is really great – Betrayed Warriors about the revenge of betrayed warriors who plunder and pillage whole land and half-acoustic ballad Endless Blue about the fascination with ocean. In both songs is great solo guitar. Like ten Thousand Times is musically great again, Little Alex is classic topics with lightly booostered guitar and the last one is about friends who left you. I don´t know about the distribution in CZ or SK but the band has some pieces so try to write them on dowina_svk@hotmail.com. To CZ it is 10 euro with postage. CD version received 9 from 10 so now I have to give full points. Great piece. All songs can be checked on http://bandzone.cz/dowina.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 09.05.2016

Dr. Martins - 1903

Terceira Facada Records - EP -

1010_dr_m_1903.jpgBrand new EP from Brazilian band Dr. Martins (whose singer is tattoo artist in Ireland) is called 1903. Title is derived from the year of foundation of football club Gremio from their city Porto Alegre. EP is limited to 300 copies (100 blue, 100 white and 100 black which are the colours of Gremio) and you can buy also scarf Dr. Martins in similar colors. Now to the content of EP. You may check four songs, two in English, one in Spanish and one in Portuguese. Side A contains their song Cry Monkey and Soy un Barrabrava (I´m Hooligan) which is cover from legendary Comando Suicida. Side B is opened with Saída do Jogo (Exit from Game or something like that) from Brazlian band Contra Ataque and last but not least Boots Go Marching In from Condemned 84 (which is there as a bonus song because it was recorded in 2011). From the song titles you may recognize that they will deal with football, hooliganism and violence. Just listen to the lyrics of the first song with offenses on their big rival SC Internacional 1909 in red colors (they call them macacos – monkeys). Soy un Barrabrava is great singalong which you surely know. Saída do Jogo is faster and shorter piece from the band which I know just by name and the last song doesn´t need to introduce. Inside is paper with lyrics to Cry Monkey and a few words about the club and band relationship to modern football. This relationship is depicted also on the EP - old leather ball which can be seen by the hole in cover. Try to order this piece on 3facadarecords@gmail.com – it costs 8 Euro. Because it is mainly covers, I leave it without rating but I will recommend it to you because it sounds great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 19.08.2016

Facção Opposta - Da luz a obscuridade

4Subculture Records - CD -

1014_fo_new.jpgNew CD from Portuguese band from Lisboa Faccao Oppostais out as 29th release on 4Subculture Records and it is called Da luz a obscuridade which can be translated like From light to Obscurity. It is second full album from them. On album you may check nine songs in their mother tongue with bonus O Tempo Passa which you may know from split single with FAVL and also cover Dans Les Tribunes from Komintern Sect in Portuguese with Wattie from Lion´s Law on vocals (he has project Atlantes with their bass player Rattus). The band plays still in five piece line up with two guitars which are nicely heard in their music Their sound is darker (like in first piece Isto é o que eu vejo – This Is What I See about the decadent world of today), guitars have metal sound and middle rhythm. Next songs are Veterano do Ultramar (War Veteran who should not be forgotten), Anjo da Morte (Angel of Death about the fact that you can not beat death – gain great and dark piece), Recordações (Memories from the past), Da luz à obscuridade (From Light to Obscurity about two faces of their hometown Lisboa), Farsante (Poseur with nice choirs and bass line) and Opinião Publica (Public Opinion which is trampled in the mud and lies of politiacs). Booklet is nice wwith all lyrics (in Portugues), band photo plus artwork photos (building of the bridge of 25th April in Lisboa). I hope the vinyl version will be out soon (Bigorna Records?). You won´t be disappointed.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 30.08.2016

Facção Opposta - Lendas Urbanas

Bigorna Records - LP -

1062_fo_rep.jpgBigorna Recors decided to make a repress of Lendas Urbanas album from Faccao Opposta which was originally reelased in 2013 on LP and in 2014 on CD through Dunkel Records. 2013 version was on 180 grams vinyl and it was limted to 130 copies and inside was paper with lyrics in English and Portuguese. All is done as some kind of sleeve as usual on Bigorna Records. This version is limited to 200 pieces, cover is done in regular way and the cover is in silver (instead of gold of original version), inside is also paper with lyrics and photo but also poster of the band with their logo and label logo. I have to say that even Bigorna Records things that this version is better than the one from 2013 original. I wrote about the music in reviews from 2013 and 2014 so you may find it. Nice re-edition which is at least on the same level as original one but I will leave it without rating because songs are the same. Those who haven´t got original LP may order this one and get nice and limited piece of wax!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 03.02.2017

Falcata - s/t

Zerowork Records - CD - 6:38

937_falcata.jpgFalcata is new three piece band from Portugal and the title of the band is derived from the sword type weapon which was used in Iberia in BC times. In the band plays Joao who sings in Faccao Opposta and play drums in Asas da Vinganca. Other members are his namesake Joao on drums and lady Ines on guitar who helps in vocals (I really like it because it is always mistake when some band has woman in the line up and they don´t use her vocals). Other vocals are done with the help of Sun Do who you may know from Gume project. Compared with other bands mentioned above the difference is that Falcata has songs in English (three pieces) which are called (about the life on the edge and reasons to fight for something), Modern Football (about giving football back its old glory and about the sponsors who act like vultures) and Dark Times (about the fact that you should tear the chains which society and sometimes you bonded yourself with). Their music is middle rhythm with powerful sound (and they play just in three with one guitar). Most of all I like the song Modern Football. The last one Dark Times has nice bass solos and very interesting banged out guitar and it is (regardless of its name) most gloomy one. CD is limited to 100 copies and it is probably sold out but Bigorn Records has EP version in pipeline so if you wait you can get it. CD is “just” in paper sleeve and EP´s from Bigorna have one of the best graphics I´ve ever seen (CD graphics was done also by the guy from Bigorna). So if you are interested just keep on checking it out. Check the teaser on https://youtu.be/xUEObBfWg0M. On the backside of the cover is band photo (and they are into old French bands like Skinkorps and Snix according to their t-shirts) and thankslist. There are no lyrics but if you listen well you get it. Nice work and my hat´s of to Joao activity!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 24.02.2016

Falcata - s/t

Bigorna Records - EP -

1061_falcata_EP.jpgDebut of this Portuguese band which has been already released on CD through Zerowork Records is out now also on EP through Bigorna Records. EP is limited to 222 copies (111 on black wax with white cover, 111 on white wax with black cover and 20 testpressings). The band plays now in four (they added one more girl on guitar). Song are three again (like on CD) and they are called On the Edge, Modern Footbal (both on side A) and Dark Times (side B), where is misspell on cover and it is written as Dark Days. Detailed description of the band and songs can be found in review on CD version. As I wrote before Bigorna is really great in graphic and manufacturing of the cover so again you may expect offset printing, band photo on the coast and mainly the lyrics which are not included to CD version. Graphics is done in historic style so you may check statues of old warriors, falcate swords, shields and culture of old Iberia. EP itself is put into sleeve with band logo – crossed hammer with pliers (bigorna means anvil in English but you surely know it because you read what I am writing :)). I really like the last piece Dark Times with nice refrain and dark sound and lyrics. I am really looking forward to their future songs because this EP is great and I am glad that these songs are out on EP!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 01.02.2017

Fatskins/Fear City - s/t

Rebellion Records/Crowd Control Media - EP -

918_fear_city_fatskins.pngNext EP which will be out due to cooperation between Crowd Control Media and Rebellion Records is split EP of two US bands - Fatskins (Phoenix) and Fear City (Chicago). Each band has there two songs. Fatskins are opening the EP with their SFFS and second song is called Nation at War. Fear City has there Our Way of Life and Class War. Fatskins are powered by shouted vocal which can be heard mainly in the first song. Second piece is slower and more melodic (maybe because of the fact that the topic is more serious) and the refrain is really great (and the whole composition also). Fear City has released full album back in 2007 (review is here on BB and interview with the band also but on older version - back.backstreetbattalion.com) which is called also Our Way of Life (but the song is new). Vocals of Fear City are not so shouted but rough and their music is more straightforward but Our Way of Life has great refrain for example. Class War is faaster piece with clear message. Cover is quite simple – bootprints and EP is limited to 500 copies (100 clear, 200 red and 200 black). Both bands are playing typical US Oi! and the winner of this split is definitely Fatskins for me de to their song Nation at War. Fine split
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 30.12.2015

First Assault - Final Stand

Powerfist - LP -

1007_first_assault_final.jpgOn brand new label is out brand new mini album from Aussie band First Assault called Final Stand. Together you may listen to six songs - – Patriotic Voice, Driven to Drink (it is on youtube) and Final Stand on side A and Forgotten Troops, Faceless Warriors and Hang Up Your Boots (it is on youtube) on B side. Topics of lyrics are quite clear – patriotism, booze which helps you to free the stress, motherfuckers who used to be skins and they keep you telling stories from their glory days, ANZAC vets and faceless and nameless cunts who are spreading rumors but they keep silent when their face you. There are some changes in line up compared to their last EP Our Way – the band play in five and they have new guitar player and bass player. Singer Boothy has rough vocal which really fits great into unpolished and raw British-US Oi!/RAC sound with time to time solo from James the lead guitarist. You will hear old Condemned 84 and Close Shave, Sons of Liberty or Straw Dogs. In Forgotten Troops is guitar with light booster effect. None of the songs is better or worse than the others and all are on the same angry level but most of all I like the last one Hang Up Your Boots (great guitar in pre-refrain) and the first one Patriotic Voice which shows you the LP will sound. Inside is paper with lyrics, band photos and picture of historical Eureka flag from the middle of 19th century. LP is limited to 300 copies on black vinyl plus 10 test pressings with different cover. The band kicks you back to old days with their sound and attitude. Great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 15.07.2016

Fred and the Perrys - Xa Non Hai Xustiza

Common People/Secret Bridge Records - EP -

1064_fatp.jpgThis is debut EP from Spanish band with quite funny name and the title can be trasnlated like There is No Justice and it is in Galician language. EP is limited to 320 pieces (110 orange and 210 black). On EP you may check four songs called Estás Aí (Are You Here), title one Xa Non Hai Xustiza, then cover from Trotskids Fillo De Lucifer (Son of Lucifer), which is Geule d´Enfer in original and No Corazón (No Heart). The band is playing in standard line up. Music is standard streetpunk with normal vocals (sometimes more shouted), guitar and bass solos (like in Xa Non Hai Xustiza) and singalong. Sound of the EP is little bit unpolished but I think it purpose. I really like the last one No Corazón with fine solo and melody. Also the EP cover is great and it looks almost metallic, inside is paper with lyrics and band photo. Fine piece.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 14.02.2017

Gatans Lag - Alla hängda rövares själar

Pretty Shitty Town Records - LP -

1053_g_l_alla_2LP.jpgRe-edition of the frist album from Gatans Lag is out on double LP through Pretty Shitty Town Records. Colors of the wax is random again (I have blue and grey) and it is limted to 498 copies in gatefold cover with lyrics and thankslist. Artwork is same but one in different way (different drawings and background colors). Together you may listen to 18 songs in Swedish which are divided 5 and 5 on first LP and 4 and 4 on second LP. Title can be translated like All Hanged Robbers Souls (in the lyrics to this song is mentioned Jesse James or Joe Hill). First album (this one) is more straightforward then later stuff like Boråspolisen Blues and Från Fest Till Arrest but you will hear for example acoustic guitar here (in Hjälplös – Helpless, beginning of Jak hatar folk – I Hate People, Hank or Farsan – Father),rnr or blues solos (Vakta din tunga – Watch your Mouth), great singalongs, guitar with no booster like Chickswick times (En Shot Jäger Sen Går Det Åt Helvete – One Shot of äger and Everything Goes to Hell) and playful bass (like Supa och slåss which is something about fighting). In Farsan are also keyboards and in Ta En Öl Så Blir Det Bra Igen (One More Beer and Everything will be OK Again) accordion and two tone guitar. From the song titles you may recognize that they know how to play funny but also serious songs. Really great piece
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 11.01.2017

Glory Boys - Su Democracia

This Means WAR/Hostile Class Productions - EP -

981_glory_su.jpgEP Glory Boys contains four songs recorded back in 2012 in Valencia and it is out due to cooperation of WAR and Hostile Class. From these songs are three ins Spanish - - Su Democracia (Their Democracy), Alta Tension cover - Ciudadano Engañado (Betrayed Citizen) and Masa Conformista (Conform Mass) and one in English - Calm Before the Storm. You may know Su Democracia from foursplit with Pitbullfarm, Battle Scarred, Glory Boys and Thumbskrew. The band plays in four but they have two catchy guitars (solos in Calm Before the Storm and Ciudadano Engañado are played by friends David and Juan). Since their first song Su Democracia the band kicks you with their hard music with rougher vocal. In this song is also nice guitar now played by band members (Nestor or Santi). Also in Masa Conformista is nice solo. On EP is no weak song, tempo is in middle rhythm and accurately hard and rough. Inside is paper with lyrics and band photo from the gig (I think it is from Live and Loud in Belgium back in 2009 with Ian from Retaliator singing with the band their song Fighting in the Streets) and dedication to death friend. Spanish language fits more to the band mainly to the vocals but the English piece is not so bad at all. The band is not active anymore (I think) but this EP is really great and it worth hearing. EP was released on black and blue (150 copies) version. Super!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 16.05.2016

Grade 2 - Mainstream View

Contra Records - CD - 43:17

968_grade2_full.jpgAfter EP´s Broken Youth and split EP with Saint and Sinners release this (recently) teenage Oi! band from Isle of weight their first regular album called Mainstream View. The band is playing in same three pieces line up and as I wrote back in 2014 “if they keep on playing we will hear about them”. And it looks so. On CD which is packed in digipack you may check 14 songs and last 6 are taken from above mentioned EP´s (which are both reviewed there with detailed description of these songs). So it means 8 brand new songs. Some of them are All I Know (about traveling to gigs which you like), title one Mainstream View (about the fact that you shouldn´t live according to TV soap operas), Rise Up with great refrain and perfect guitar (about the fact how should man keep on walking forward and never give up), Forever (do not regret what you´ve done and stay forever young), Speak Your Mind (about the lies of elected “elite”) or Be the Better One (about hypocrisy). Vocals are changing and singing along which is ok because the music is not monotonous (like in Is this You) and in each song is great guitar/bass. In digipack are all lyrics, thankslist and band photo. The band proves that they are playing very good music and who doesn´t own their previous stuff this is the chance to have whole discography on one CD (instead of their demo).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 25.04.2016

Grebol - Fyrtio Års Slit

Pretty Shitty Town Records - LP -

1037_grebol.jpgThis is debut single sided LP from five piece band from Sweden called Grebol and the title can be translated like “40 Years of Work”. Side A contains five songs in Swedish called Inget Liv (No Life), Grånser (which is Swedish version of song Borders from Contemptuous), För Sverige Ur Tiden (I can´t translate it but it is song for Swedish royal family and it is not too complimentary for them), Fyrtio Års Slit and Våra År (Our Year). Three from these songswere released on band promo CD which was out in DIY style last year. Side B contains 3D graphics of the cover which is carved into the wax. There were many of single sided releases in this year and I really like it because cover is big and recording is in better quality then small EP. Songs are in middle rhythm with bass lines in the background and time to time solos (the band has two guitars). In song För Sverige Ur Tiden is guitar without booster effect, the fastest rhythm of the drums and bass played on high strings. Next piece has really smooth guitar but the drums rhythm is changing during the song as so as the intensity of vocalist voice. Last song starts with melodic solo and it becomes most melodic song from whole LP. Some songs can be found on youtube and please check them because I can´t think of any band which sounds like Grebol. LP is randomly colored again and it is limited to 452 copies, inside is paper with lyrics and band logo plus band photo on the back side. Fine debut with fine graphics.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 28.11.2016

Haragan - Nadciaga Sztorm

Olifant Records - CD - 48:09

1131_harp.jpgHarpagan is Celtic punk project of singer/guitarist/bassist Adam (Contra Boys for example) Album Nadciaga Sztorm contains 12 songs in Polish and they were recorded in five persons (including female vocal in Prosto pod Stól) including last one instrumental piece Saragossa (with nice solos on many instruments). I will call Celtic punk just a few pieces because all together sounds to me very crossover (in good sense of this world). You will hear there classic rock instruments but also mandolin and accordion. Songs are in middle/slower rhythm (like the first one Nadciaga Sztorm) and it sounds really nice and professional (like Wszystko Schodzi Na Psy with nice metal/HC solo guitar). Adam is Mr. musican and singer and he is also doing sound engineer job so he know what to do. Great song is Pytanie which starts very fresh, the next one To Niwazne with nice refrain acoustic piece Chroniczny Brak Horyzontu or Nowoczesny Czlowiek. Song Gdzie Są Chłopcy Z Tamtych Lat is Polish version of Where Have All the Flowers Gone. CD was released by Olifant Records with standard booklet – lyrics, few photos and thankslist. It took several time to me to get into this album and it is really not the album which you will like or understood after the first hearing. Sound is really complex and from the music you will feel that every tone of each instrument has its own place.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 12.04.2018

Hard Evidence - s/t

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music - LP -

978_hardevidence_st.jpgAfter their debut LP and split EP with Butcher Boys (reviews are there) comes this band from St. Louis new s/t album. There were some line-up changes in the band (both guitarists) so I was afraid about their sound where American Oi! meets old British bands (The Crack a Cock Sparrer) and softer sound all packed in middle rhythm. But thanks to god the sound is still great. On album you may check ten songs and in the last one (City´s Burning) you may hear also the piano. Song titles are Yesterday´s News, Drums of War, Some Promised Land, Dirty Town, Draw the Line or Some Day for example. The band plays again great guitar tunes which are background to melodic vocals. You amy hear it in Strange Ways and in the next one Drums of War (with nice refrain). Then we have there It Won´t Be Long (which is one of the best song from the album and it reminds me mod beat bands, mainly at the beginning of the song), rock song Draw the Line, Electric Shock (which sounds like Slaugter and Dogs from Do it Dog Style era), Some Day (with nice rude vocal of the singer) or the last one City´s Burning with piano. Album contains no weak song. Again I know anything about the inside because the album will be out next week. Nice one!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 11.05.2016

Hard Wax - Kings of the Weekend

Rebellion Records - EP -

997_hardwaxep500x500.jpgFirst single of this bovver rock/mod beat band from Tom who can be known from Hostile Minds or from Arch Rivals contains two songs. First one is Kings of the Weekend on A side, second one Unstoppable on B side. Both songs can be checked on youtube. EP will be officially out on 8th July so I have just electronic promo. Cover is done in old graphics style. First piece Kings of the Weekend is in middle rhythm with steel rnr guitar (with solos) and bass plus vocals which are easy to understand. There is also clapping to rhythm (like some Slade songs). Second song is slower with all instrument attributes as the first one but with louder and playful bass. You will surely hear bands like New Chords, Templars, Clichés, Hawkins Thugs, Shandy, etc… Lyrics are quite clear bunch of friends which is going out on Friday/Saturday´s night. If you like above mentioned bands and also other Tom´s projects you will like also this EP. It is good!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 14.06.2016

Hateful - Noize from the Streets!

Rebellion Records - CD -

1025_hatefullnoize.pngFifth album from this Scotish band Hateful iss out on rebellion Records and you may check 15 songs (including instrumentál Intro and Outro) on it. The band is playing nice and calm punk rock with touches of The Clash, Cock Sparrer (which I hear in Acces All Areas which starts like Get A Rope), The Crack and many more. Music is calm, nice and sound is sometimes very poppy. The band knows how to play acoustic songs and ballads, like the beginning of The Art of the State (which is the strongest song from the album for me) or Happy Now (with almost country start), where I hear The Clash mainly due to to effects and echoes on guitar and vocals also. Also keyboards are there with sound of violin. Clash can be heard also in the next piece Caught in the Sound which is into ska/2tone with brass instruments. Singer has nice covered and rude voice which is maybe because of his Scotish accent. (like in song v Livin´ the Dream). Guitar is perfect also and you should expect some solos. Other songs are called Hit and Run Away, Bulletproof, Static, Retribution Rock, Empire State Building for example. I also like the artwork of the cover. The CD will be out around about the middle of October. Great album as so as their previous stuff.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 13.10.2016

Hostile Minds - Violent Society

Rebellion Records - CD -

986_hostileminds_violentsociety.jpgAfter their EP released by this British band with Tom from Arch Rivals in line up (he recorded whole LP at all) comes this band with full album called Violent Society. It contains also three songs from the EP - No Innocence, Same Old Shit and Been There (which aren´t re-recorded because the EP was released this year). Together there is 9 songs which means that there are 6 new songs. Musically it is more into Chickswick/Templars sound which means guitar without booster and playfull bass. To this you may add fast drums and guitar solos (like in Snakes or Psychopath) and covered vocal. New songs are called Snakes, Class Pride (great piece by the way), Psychopath, Your Own Agenda (another great song about liars), Nasty Bastard a Growing Old Gracefully (this one I like most and it is the anthem for those who won´t get older and responsible). Cover is done similar to Crown Court´s releases – old skins against cps. Tom is also involved in new band called Hard Wax which plays bovver rock/ mod beat. The band stands out of the line of the sound of new breed British bands but it doesn´t matter. Also they have regular line up so maybe we can look forward to some live gig. On the first hearing it doesn´t cought me too much but after some time you will get into it.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 23.05.2016

Hostile Minds - No Innocence

Rebellion Records/Crowd Control Media - EP -

917_hm_ep.jpgHostile Minds is English band where Tom from Arch Rivals plays drums. But this is the end of similarity of both bands. Hostile Minds are playing more straightforward and rawer sound which is based on lightly boostered guitar. This is their debut EP which contains three songs called Same Old Shit, Been There (which is the fastest song from them) and No Innocence and it is limited to 300 copies (200 black and 100 clear). This is also one of the first records released in 2016. First and last song are in middle rhythm and most of all I like the last one No Innocence which is most melodic. Few songs (and some more then on this EP) you may check out on youtube. As I wrote above, sound is rough and songs are very angry. With this corresponds the cover of the EP with some kind of prison cell on it. Next EP from isles which proves that scene there is not dead.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 29.12.2015

Império Sulista - Nunca Desistir

Terceira Facada Records - EP -

1011_imperio_sulista_nunca.jpgSecond album from Império Sulista is out after two years again on Terceira Facada Records, again on cassette (just 50 copies from which 15 are going to the band to Brazil) and again with four songs in Portuguese. Songs are called Nunca Desistir (Never Surrender), Sim Eu Sou Do Sul (Yes I Come from South), Nossa Origem (Our Origin) and Princípios E Conduta (Principles and Behavior). From this you may recognize that the lyrics are mainly patriotic (like fight for better south and its defense), cultural heritage and topics about the Santa Catarina region with strong European traditions. Songs have nice rhythm and Nossa Origem is partly acoustic (and really long – almost 7 minutes). Musically I will call it streetrock. Compared to the first cassette the line up is little bit different (just three pieces and bass player sings but the guitar player do vocals also – like in Nossa Origem). Inside are lyrics, b/w photo and short thankslist. Cover is done by Vlad and it is variation on classic motive. Most of all I like second piece Sim Eu Do Sul. Try to buy it on 3facadarecords@gmail.com, it costs 5 Euro. All songs can be checked on youtube. The content and the music are as good as their first cassette so my rating will be the same.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 22.08.2016

Incident - Pouličná odysea

Rebel Fest Records - LP -

1052_incident_po.jpg20 years on scene is quite solid time (especially on our and Slovakia scene). Incident celebrates it with releasing brand new album called Pouličná Odysea (Street Odyssey). It is their firth regular album and their first vinyl (250 copies on black wax). Since 2004 they have been playing in similar line up (but they´ve always played in three). On LP you may check 15 songs in their mother tongue including two covers (Náhlenie - Rush from poppy stars Hečkovci with female vocal and Krajina času – Land of Time from Ex Tipu). Choice of their cover was always interesting just remember song they´ve taken from Tublatanka. The band always knows how to make strong singalong songs but also acoustic or semi-acoustic songs (like Oči plné nenávisti – Eyes Full of Hate or Malé modré oči – Little Blue Eyes). Really nice one is Nikdo sa nás nepýtal – Nobody Asked Us which is about dividing of Czechoslovakia which was done by politicians and not by ordinary people and slower one Puto – Bond about friendship. Other songs are about hools (Zákon ulice – Law of the Street), looking forward to the weekend (Weekend), power of internet (Hero from Internet), circle of life (Eternal Story) or love to you kids (Malé modré oči). Their sound is typical for them and if you like previous stuff you won´t be surprised. Inside is paper with lyrics and thankslist plus photos of old and current line up. I think that the cover graphics should be better because of 20th anniversary but this is balanced by top quality music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 06.01.2017

Jednota Kolín - Každej je rád mezi svými

DIY - CD -

923_jk.pngJednota Kolín is new Czech Oi! band which recorded their debut album (check all songs here www.bandzone.cz/jednotakolin or here http://www.jednotakolin.cz/hudba.html) and which will have release party this March. Album is called Každej je rád mezi svými (Everybody Is Happy Among His Friends) and it contains 12 songs in Czech on circa 35 minuts (which is accurate for me). The band plays in five which means two guitars (which can be heard in their music) and they have also very playful bass (just check the beginning of song Cesta – The Way which is like Sexual Favours on speed or song Fešák – Mod). In some songs there are also ska influences (Mámě to neříkej – Don´ Tell It to Mum or Všichni spějem k svýmu cíli – Everyone Headed for their Targets) or just acoustic (the last one Džony Pleš – Johnny the Bald) with country influences (like Grázl – Bastard with nice country influenced refrain). Mostly it is faster middle rhytm with funny tempo/rhythm. In lyrics are classic skinhead topics (Cesta – The Way, Jedna scéna – One Scene, Grázl - Bastrd), through more personal stuff (Mámě to neříkej – Don´t Tell it to Mum with slow part just with bass and drums or Brána – The Gate about life and death) to historical/patriotic stuff about journey of Czechoslovakia legions through Siberia during the 1st WW (From Zboriv to Bakmach which is best one for me mainly due to the refrain). I have no information yet about the booklet (because it is the pipeline) but lyrics can be found on the web (just in Czech language) and on cover will be “just” band logo. Really pleasant surprise which I didn´t expect. Reaction from my friends are also very positive so I really look forward to physical version of the CD. Great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 19.01.2016

Kalevan Soturit - Demo

Hakkapeliitta Records - CD - 8:00

975_kalevan_soturit_demo.pngNext Ari´s project is called Kalevan Soturit (Kalevan Warriors) and this is one song demo which contains eight minutes song called Kaukomieli which is one of the heroes of epic poem Kalevala which was written at the end of 19th century and which is based on oral folklore. Nowadays it is common Finnish name. Song starts with some hum and samples, later is added guitar, acoustic guitar and middle age sounding accordion. After circa1:30 minute it sounds like regular rock song with drums and Finnish vocals. Then came again middle age part. And this shape is till the end of the song. CD is just CD-R (or promo better to say) with no booklet (just the graphics which you may see on the left) and it was released in 20 copies but you may check the song on https://youtu.be/VutgQzf3qwI. It is some kind of info about the future project so I will leave it without rating but I have to say that the sound quality is OK and I am curious about the future of this band. I will leave it without rating but as a taste it is quite good.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 04.05.2016

Kareliaani/Diamond Axe - s/t

Hakkapeliitta/Nordic Pride Records - CD - 66:50

965_diamond_axe_karel.jpgSplit CD from Kareliaani and their colleagues from Diamond Axe (probably with Ari in line up again :)) is out on CD on above mentioned labels. Kareliaani has there nine songs (some in Finnish, some in English), Diamond Axe has there eleven pieces (all in English instead of instrumental Intro). Kareliaani mix again some samples and hums (like in song Vikings, instrumental 1323 or Nordic Freedom) but also traditional instruments. Drums are again in march rhythm and their sound (snare drum mainly) is little bit wooden. Ari also tries to sing more in this project. Song titles are Pohjolan Lapset (Children of the North), melodic Auringonpyörä (Sun Wheel) or Yön Soturit (Dark Warriors) with fast beginning for example. Songs were recorded between 2014 – 2016. Diamond Axe sound is more metal (guitar and bass solos), drums sound classic and it has more studio sound then Kareliaani part. Again you may hear traditional instruments (flute in Nordic Pride Metal Attack). Songs were recorded in 2014. Some song titles are – Heavy Metal, slower Messengers of Norden (which sounds like from Kalevalan Vikingiit), Only the Strong or Europe. Many songs are on youtube. Booklet contains just two pages with ino about the records plus picture of Vikings and band distro. Lyrics topics can be guessed – northern culture and identity, homogenous society based on traditions, history, etc… Fine.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 18.04.2016

Komintern Sect - D´Une Même Voix

Contra Records - CD - 17:49

961_komintern.jpgReunions of famous 80´s bands can be illustrated on two cases – The Last Resort (OK) or 4Skins (bad one). That´s why I was quite curious about this band which released their last album in 1986. Their drummer and guitar player play also in Lion´s Law. This is mini album which is released as mini CD in digipack cover or on cassette. On 18 minutes you may listen to six songs in French - – D´Une Même Voix, La Belle Vie, Unité (Unity), Nous Marchons Dans La Rue (We March on the Streets) and Pour La Glorie (For the Glory). The last one is cover from Camera Silens and in song you may hear their guitarist Benoit. After few tunes from the first song you recognize that this won´t be bad but it´s a shame that it is just mini CD. Their music follow their previous melodic stuff from 80´s (anthems such as Dans Les Tribunes, Les Années d´Acier or Dans la Nuit). Singer has melodic vocal which is supported by fine guitar solo which are almost in each song and singalongs (like in Unité or Nous Marchons Dans La Rue). Inside the cover you may check lyrics to all songs except Pour La Glorie, band photo from the gig (probably PSK fest from Sweden) and thankslist. Nice piece and really looking forward to next CD´s or vinyls!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 05.04.2016

Kriegs Legion - The Anti-State Warr Machine

Streetrock Records - EP -

984_kriegs_ep.jpgNext thing from this angry bunch from Detroit is four piece EP limited to 330 copies (clear red) with download code. EP is out on Streetrock Records. Songs on A side are The Anti-State War Machine and Resistance is Fatal, on B side are Monsters Under Your Bed and While We Sleep. Firt one is about the fact that people should become a tank and grind every oligarch and pimp who exploit them on red paste, second one is about coppers who need to fulfill their standards so sometimes they beat innocent person, Monsters Under Your Bed is abou 24/7 brainwash from TV and media which fed you with their opinions which are just propaganda and dogma and last one While We Sleep is about your apathy and phlegm which make you sleep but others are in nightmare. Lyrics are really spit in the face or kick in the balls of the state and its representatives. Music is angry dirty and hard rock´n´roll based on Motorhead and raped by HC/punk/crust (Anti Cimex). But the sound is really pure and in top quality. It is based on guitars (which are often play alone without drums like in first or third song), solos played by guitarist Ed (in each song) and fast drums. Cover is also in HC/punk style – b/w tanks, paper with lyrics and nice professionally smudged band photo and thankslist plus sticker with download code. Two songs are just on this EP, two other will be on future LP. Nice piece!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 19.05.2016

Larry Noseman - Short Hair, Sideburns, Bovver Boots

Pride and Passion/United Against Society Records - EP -

1013_larry.jpgLarry Noseman is artistic name of Lars whom you may know from Buzz Off!! or Shaven Heads or from label Pride and Passion Records. This EP is interesting in that fact that it is one man project and he recorded all instruments himself. EP has big hole in the middle (so you have to use reduction) is limite to 203 copies (151 in black and the rest orange). And it contains three songs in English - Short Hair, Sideburns Bovver Boots on side A and The Drug Called Love and Working Class on side B. The first song is nothing more than Go Johnny Go from Chuck Berry with changed lyrics where Johnny is angry tattooed guy who wants to play in rnr band. The first song from side B is in similar bovver rock/glam rhythm with significant solo guitar with high tunes. It is called The Drug Called Love and it is about your girl and your addiction on her. The last piece is called Working Class and is tis in blues swinging rhythm (with nice solos again) about the trouble of working man who do his best for his family. Sound is great and you may hear that Lars is really multi-instrumentalist. If you like The Clichés, Guida, Hard Wax or similar bands you will love this sound also. Inside is Lars photo, short thankslist, some grahice and lyrics. Really nice one one man project!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 24.08.2016

Lion´s Law - Faceless Victim

Pretty Shitty Town Records - EP -

1036_ll_faceless.jpgSingle Lion´s Law is out in 550 copies with red cover and 508 copies with blue one. Color of the EP itself is random (I have green one). On the single you may check songs Faceless Victim (with Lars Frederiksen on vocals) and Can´t Stop. First is about dead soliders and their honor to fight but when they´re gone no one remembers. Song is in middle rhythm, more singalong and with serious topic then the side B. Second one Can´t Stop is about looking forward to have a beer with friends at the end of the working week. Sometimes it is pretty wild, sometimes you feel sick, but you will like it. This song is in faster rhythm with some rnr touches and steel guitar and bass in the background and in second part of the song there is nice solo. On the cover is solider, inside are lyrics, thankslist and band photo. Graphic was done by Ramon Diaz who made covers for 45 Adapters, Toughskins, Gatans Lag, Stars and Stripes or Legion 76 for example. Standard songs from LL.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 24.11.2016

Live by the Sword - LBTS/Soldiers

Rebellion Records - EP -

925_lbts.pngLive by the Sword is brand new international project with singer Eric from Strongarm and the Bullies (USA) and Wouter from Razorblade and Rebellion Records (NL) who is probably playing guitar(s). They have some drummer for sure but I do not know anything about him. This debut single is out as 150th Rebellion Records release and that´s why it is done on extra heavy weight vinyl plus thick cover. EP is limited to 500 copies on black wax. Cover is simple but it corresponds with the title of the band. On EP are two songs - Live by the Sword and Soldiers and both songs are possible to check on youtube. Eric has great covered voice which willy-nilly sounds like Scott McGuiness vocal. Maybe some of you will not like this comparison but it is the fact. Guitar is just right boostered and songs are in middle rhythm with nice change in tempo in first song. This song is faster then second one and it has great suggestive rhythm of drums. Second song is slower with more guitar solos and also Eric´s vocal has more space (again check the end of the song). Refrain is: „old soldiers fighting in a world ruled by gold, old soldiers fighting, for a different cause.“ EP will be out on 16th February but it shall contain paper with lyrics. Really nice tasting single but we want more!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 01.02.2016

Live by the Sword - Pillaged Hinterland

Rebellion Records - EP -

949_lbts_ep.jpgFirst single of this Dutch/US project just left the gates of pressing plant and they recorded next one. Again it has two songs which are called Pillaged Hinterland and State of Emergency. Behind the band is singer from Strongarm and the Bullies and people around Razorblade, Stealers and Cornered. Detailed description of band members can be found in previous review. Both songs contains touches of viking rock which can be heard in guitar solos which kicks you back into the middle ages and plunder and pillage of the cities in hinterlands (again according to the name of single). The first song Pillaged Hinterland contains great part just with the vocals and drums. It is about what I wrote above – plunder and pillage and scorched earth tactics so „staring to the distance, keep watching burning land, staring to the face of total destruction“. In second piece State of Emergency I really like the bass. It is about the streets which are full of envy and hate which comes from unjustice between people – minimum wage, crimes of the rich, etc… Again it is limited to 500 copies on heavy weight black vinyl (70 g) with extra thick cover (350 g). It really catch me but after few times I listened to it and I can´t erase the melodies out of my head. 9 points again as their previous EP.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 11.03.2016

Lost Warning - Blod & Eld

Pretty Shitty Town Records - EP -

1048_lw_be.jpgThird EP from this Swedish band from Malmö with members from Royal Stakeout or Vindicate This! On previous EP´s was also Per from Oldfashioned Ideas on guitar. Title of the EP means something like Blood and Fire and instead of this title song there are three more in Swedish -– Väl valda ord (Well Chosen Words), För manga människor (For Many People) and En dedication (Dedication). EP is limited to 524 (z154 black, 255 red and 115 yellow). Lost Warning are playing melodic faster punk rock (something like harder Saturday´s Heroes, Battle Scarred or Projekt 9 which were reviewed earlier) with all those singalongs (and also changing vocals) and guitar solos. Graphics of the cover is into navy style, inside is paper with lyrics and on the backside of the cover is band photo from the gig. Sweden is a birthplace of many top quality bands in all genres and Lost Warning aren´t exception. Good one!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 16.12.2016

Lumpex 75 - Sen Wariata

Olifant Records - CD - 31:46

1050_lumpex75.jpgAfter 8 long years from their last album came Polish band from Gdansk with their brand new album called Sen Wariata (which can be translated like Madman Dreams and the cover corresponds to it). Album is out traditionaly on Olifant Recrods and it contains 10 songs in Polish on cca 30 minutes playtime. The band plays in four but singer Kula also plays guitar. Both guitarists Cinek and Kula are playing in band called Lamia Reno (which released regular album and promo CD). Two guitars (and also two vocals) can be heard since the first song Krucjata (Crusade) and also in title Sen Wariata for example. Bigger or smaller guitar solo is in every song. In Jeszsze raz (Once Again) is also bass solo. I really like darker Dzielnica (City District with nice singalong at the end), Walcz o wiare (Fight of Faith – about modern world of liberalism and equality bullshit :)), faster Polityczny Terror (which shouldn´t be translated and where guitar solo is alomost into metal). In Tancze na skle (Dance on Glass) and Cyrk (Circus) is great refrain and riff. Booklet is nice, lyrics and band photos from bedlam. After long break nice album which continues the story of Błyskawic Ślad.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 04.01.2017

Menace - Rogues Gallery

Violated Records - CD -

1043_248.f_c.jpegRogues Gallery is album from 77 punk band Menace which was released in 2004 on Captain Oi! Records. Violated Records are going to release re-edition of this on CD. In the line-up you may find singer Oddy (from Resistance 77). Menace re well known from their singles like GLC, Screwed Up or Civilized. I really like their album Crisis with songs like jako Suburban Queen or Monuments. The first song here is called Test of Time and it really puts you in the 77 atmosphere and bands like early Angelic Upstarts, Resistance 77, Chelsea, etc… Whole album is in that spirit and you may find songs which are faster (Oliver Reed, Belive, Bad Cards – with singalong a capella or S.O.S. with bass solo), some are slower (In Gods We Trust, Lottery, London Town or Wot´s It Like – with part with accordion). Inside are lyrics plus many band photos (and one is from their tour here in Czech republic back in 2003). I leave it without rating because it is just re-edition of album which is still available.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 08.12.2016

Might Makes Right - Bombs not Ballots

Violated Records - LP -

1022_Might Makes Right Cover Front.jpgBombs not Ballots is debut album of this HC/punk/metal band from Pennsylvania. The band plays in four with ex-members from Violent Society or No One´s Hero. On album you may check 16 songs and on Cd version you will find 5 bonus songs from demo DEMOlish (but they are here also in regular version). Take nowadays Exploited, Discharge, Negative Approach, mix it and you will have sound of Might Makes Right (or check http://mightmakesright1.bandcamp.com/). Music is fast and violent and songs has around about minute or two (rather one). There is also instrumental song with funny name Short Smoke Break :). Other songs are called Relax It´s Just Murder, Hulk Smash, Angel of Meth, Cluster Fuck Bombs, Making Headline, Isolations, etc…Cover is done according to the title – raining bombs and its technical drawings. This is not for pussies.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 03.10.2016

Moonstomp - They Never See

Disco Nightmare Records - LP -

1129_moonstomp.jpgMoonstomp was Atlanta base band which was active at the end of 80´s and beginning of 90´s . They have released one and only album They Never See which was released in 89 on LP on Link Records or on CD with Kicker Boys on Step 1. Re-edition of the LP was release in 2016 on Disco Nightmare Records under license from Captain Oi! Records. Album was recorded in four piece line up and behind the drums was Kevin who is now playing in Turbo A.C.´s. As I said the band has released just this album but you may know them from compilations Us of Oi! or Spirit of Oi! American Style, etc with songs like Head Kicked In, Streets at Night, Strong Free Nation or Havin´ Fun. Together you may check 14 songs together around about on 35 minutes including one instrumental piece called Satch and one just with singing a capella – Blue Ridge Moutains. Music is quite nice with bass solos and you may feel the spirit of old times. LP is opened with great tune called Nothing at All, then came Too Proud to Beg (which is about the fact that you should work for minimum wage then be on the dole), next nice piece is called Stars and Stripes. From the B side I really like Strong Free Nation, poppy Oi! Get your Back, Honest Working Man or Havin´ Fun. If you like US bands with patriotic and anti-commie attitude whose were quite in common in those times (like Uprise, YDL, Kicker Boys, Allegiance, Stars and Stripes, New Glory, etc…) you will like this album Inside LP is old interview with singer and few photos. Interesting is the fact that the band mentioned big friendship with Anti-Heroes in spite of different opinion on politics…which is not so common nowadays. On the backside is few words from the singer about the band members and what are they doing now. LP is limited to 300 copies on black wax. Great re-edition.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 05.04.2018

No More Lies - Fuori dal Coro

DIY - CD -

1047_nml.pngSecond album from this Italian HC band from Rome (with singer from payback) is released again in DIY style and it is called Fuori Dal Coro (something like Out of the Crowd). On CD you may check 11 songs in Italian language. Again it is mixture of classic HC (Riflesso – Reflection or Odiati e Fieri – Hated and Proud), punk, but also some metal touches (last one Rivolta or Notte Nera – Dark Night). So you may expect brutal guitars (great guitar and bass solo is in Non Finira Mai! – It Never Ends), rough vocal or double pedal. Other songs are called Odio (Hate), Condannato a Vita (Condemned to Live) or Infame (Infamous). In booklet you may find photos of band members and lyrics to all songs and it looks fine. It is as good as their previous album. A must have for the fans of Italian HC like Woptime, Plakkaggio or Payback.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 15.12.2016

No Shame - Trouble

Dim Records - EP -

1049_no_shame.jpgOne of many side project of Ultima Thule band members is called No Shame and according to the cover with punks and skins it will be Oi!/streetpunk. This is their first single with songs called I´ll Lead You, Trouble and Remember those Days. But the tracklist on the cover do not suit to the tracks on the EP so on A side i sone song Remember Those Days and on B side are I´ll Lead You and Trouble. Again in this line up is not Jan Thörnblom so vocals are done but guitarist Nicklas. Again it was out in black and yellow version (limited to 100 copies). Surely you may compare it with The Headhunters but the sound is rawer and Nicklas has softer vocal than Jan had (mainly in Remember Those Days with great choirs at the end). In Trouble you may hear little bit of two tone guitar and this song reminds me Headhunters most. The last one I´ll Lead You is the fastest from the album. I love Ultima Thule and also their projects but when there will be no photo of members I won´t recognize that this is some of their side project because I didn´t know Nicklas voice before. On the backside is photo as I said before and the cover is classic picture from the 80´s. Again there is no info or lyrics sheet inside. I am quite curious about the next stuff from them, as a taste it is good.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 20.12.2016

No Thrills - Razorblades

Violated Records - CD -

1023_No Thrills Razorblades CD Front.jpgNo Thrills is band from northern England which was founded in 1998. This is their third album but the line-up changed little bit and original member is just singer Pez. The band plays in classic four piece line up, two of them are earlier born :) and two looks younger :). On title song Razorblades and Piano Keys is vido which can be founded on the web (https://youtu.be/DYbZZNXC1RU) and on the beginning you may hear keayboards. The album contains 12 songs with funny and easy topics like Janet´s Had a Boob Job (about local punk girl who has her boobs done), Porky Was a Punk Basher (about chief of local gang of punks who rule have ruled the streets since 1982) or 4 Days of Chaos (about Rebellion festival), but there are also serious topics like Jack Shit (about guy who left his family because of younger chick), We Don´t Want Your War (it is not necessary to speak about it), Drunken Generation (about next bored generation in UK which wasting their lives away) or Don´t Do That (about kids who have drunk or whore parents and their difficult life). The sound of the band is in faster middle rhythm with singalong refrains (just check first three songs for example) and you will hear classics like Subs, Vibrators, Ruts, etc… Fine piece for fans of classic punk.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 06.10.2016

No Time - You´ll Get Yours

Six Feet Under/Phobiact/ Rebellion Records - CD -

1003_notime_youllgetyours.jpgNo Time is Pennsylvania based band (Pittsburgh) and they are playing in four pieces line up (with members from Heartless or Masakari for example) and they have already released demo, cassette and split EP with February 2014. Demo songs are there as CD bonus (tracks 12 – 17), on LP which is out through Six Feet Under and Phobiact are “just” 11 songs. There are also songs from their split EP (Bow to None) and from cassette (Anti-Social Today, You´ll Get Yours, No Enemies) but also brand new stuff (8 new songs). There is no difference in sound quality so I suppose that all songs were re-recorded. Demo songs are OK also but they are more quiet. Their music is rough, unkempt Oi! with HC touches, lightly boostered guitar (like in Anti-Social Today, You´ll Get Yours or in Gutter Dreams), with small solos (again in Anti-Social Today, Make No Mistake or Headache and Perpetual War from demo part of CD). Vocals are rough and covered. Their sound reminds me little bit Hostile Minds stuff. Cover is right clear and it points to those who will receive what they deserve. Check their page http://notimepgh.bandcamp.com/ where you may check all their recorded stuff.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 22.06.2016

Normals?!/Neparkovat Vjezd - Split

Cecek Records - CD - 38:51

942_norm_nv.jpgSplit CD of Normals?! from Prague and Neparkovat Vjezd from Carlbad (but almost from Prague also :)) is out on Cecek Records and you may check 8 songs from Normals (including Intra) and 6 from Neparkovat Vjezd. Songs from Normals?! are called Nevěřím (I don´t Belive), Čau (Hi), Práce (Work), Seš dobrej (You´re Good), Hej chlapče (Hey Boy), Nemysli (Don´t Think) and R´n´R. Normals?! are playing streetpunk with thrashy guitar which is better and better with each released album and solos are growing and growing. Lyrics are very soulful based on life about drinking, boring work, fights or playing in a band :). Singalong refrains and changing in vocals are matter of course. I really like the fast one called Seš dobrej and Práce with slower beginning which went into regular rhythm after or serious song Nevěřím about current world, big brother, world conflicts and smartphones. Sound of Neparkovat Vjezd part is smoother compared to Normals?! but maybe it is just my opinion after the jump from last sharp song from rawer sound of them to first song from Neparkovat Vjezd. Their songs are Lázeňský šviháci (Spa Dandies), F.T.W., Riot v nás… (Riot in Us), Chuligánskej život (Hooligan´s Life), Sladkej domov (Sweet Home) a Utop se, nebo plav (Drown or Swim). They are playing also in four and in melodic middle rhythm again with singalongs and some pieces of classic rock (like in Riot v nás…). Also the vocals are not shouted as Normals?! vocals. Topics are classics – social exclusion, hometown, love to your country (but hate to the government) or life traps which you cannot affect. Booklet is quite poor, but I think it is not bands fault – inside are just photos and song list of each band (which doesn´t fit to line up of Normals?! songs). Playtime is accurate. You can buy it through the link below. Fine.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 02.03.2016 •  Buy HERE

Núcleo Duro - Ódio Eterno

Forca Brutal Discos - EP -

1042_nucleo_duro_odio.jpgThird EP from this bunch of Sporting Lisabon hools is out on limited EP (60 black and 40 green EP´s) released in DIY on their label Forca Brutal Records. On EP you may check four songs in Portuguese called Skinheads, Drogado (Junkie), Núcleo Duro (Hard Core) and Ódio Eterno (Eternal Hate which is dedicated to Benfica Lisabon for sure). Sound is again very rough, cumbersome and dark with short guitar solos (in Skinheads and Núcleo Duro) and it reminds me Latino bands around Battalion 49 and 211 Bootboys. They also sing in chorus (like in Núcleo Duro). In Drogado you may listen to keyboards and in the last piece Ódio Eterno you will hear also saxophone and it is the most melodic song for me. But do not expect any ska tunes, it is in style of Insidious Skins with touches of saxophone into hard music. Booklet is made from photos from the football ground and there is also paper with lyrics plus contact on the band nucleodurooi@gmail.com (I have no idea where you can order the EP). Who likes their previous EP´s Má Onda and Sporting Hooligans will like this also because the band did not change too much their style.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 06.12.2016

Oldfashioned Ideas - Another Side to Every Story

Contra Records - LP -

953_oi_another.jpgFourth full album from Oldfashioned Ideas is out on Contra Records just on LP. You may listen here 15 songs in English (including instrumental Intro). The band keeps on rocking in three piece line up but they have girls support on vocals in refrains of many songs which is really great. Patricia and Gabi really spiced up songs like Remaining Days which is the best song from the LP for me about the fact that you shouldn´t turn away and go straight because you live just once or in We Are What We Are which I about other people who advise you how to live. In the Intro you will hear also violin. The band plays in three but their music is really great and ass-kicking with many solos (like in Northern Nights about never ending nights on the North or in Still Waiting). On vocals participate all band members so bassist Per, guitarist Niclas and drummer Gus (cheers mate). Songs are varying from serious topics (Weight of the World about the stereotypes of working man or Trying To Stand Strong about money) through funny songs (Beer Fear) to songs about the scene situation (Confirm My Loyalty, Bombs Away, Fuck Off!). Booklet is done in similar graphic as previous albums – girl on the cover plus historical war photos and band photos on the back side. Playing time is around about 40 minutes and it seems that 15 songs are enough and boring but not. It is still great as previous albums.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 21.03.2016


DIY - CD -

1001_olr.jpgGreek band which has released s/t EP in 2015 on Lone Wolf Productions is back with a full album which is released just in digital form. It contains 10 songs, 4 are in English, 5 in Greek and 1 is instrumental intro. First English half of the album is aggressive HC with intros from some movies and songs have titles like Shit for Brains (about people who are trying to brainwash you), War (hell of war which is good just for the politicians), Enemy (we are your enemy) or Don´t Belong (about people who pretend to be someone else. First Greek song is Metpo and it is really fast HC but next one ZOUME ANAMESA SAS (We Live Above You) is much more melodic. Other Greek songs are VOULOSTO STOMA SOU (Plug Your Mouth), ADERFE (Brother) or EGO DOULEVO KAI I TYCHI MOU KOIMATAI (something about work and luck). It seems to me that Greek part is not as hard and heavy as English part. Cover is done in style of underground Oi!/HC bands like Negative Approach, All in Brawl, etc… If you paly the songs in Media Player you will see also the lyrics but it is not so helpful in Greek songs :). Fine piece which will be out on cassette during July with some extras..
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 20.06.2016

Orthodox - s/t

Rabiát Records - CD - 30:36

996_orthodox.pngPrague band Orthodox has released their debut after circa half and year of having this material recorded. They´ve released it through Rabiát Records and on this CD you may check 10 songs. They are recorded in five piece line up with Safy on vocals but he left the band and mic was grabbed (and guitar dropped) by Jirka. Their music is simple Oi! of German type so it means faster music (due to drums) like Rampage, Brachial, Backstreet Firm…, with changes in rhythm, some guitar solos, loud bass and changing of vocals. In song Barikády (Barricades) is also drums solo. From 10 songs are 8 in Czech and 2 in English (Not the Fashion and Skinheads don´t Like Antifa). Other songs are about violence around us (Budem se asi bít – We Are Going to Fight), about barricades on the left and right (Barikády), atheism (Original Sin), about the fact that siting on the chair and doing nothing is always easier than doing anything more (Pozdě se omlouvat – Too Late To Apologize), band anthem (Orthodox) or the bands who sold themselves (N.F.M.O.), parasites (Parazit), Muslim invasion (Stíny minaretů – Shadows of Minarets) and band opinion on AFA (Skinheads don´t Like Antifa). I really like songs Barikády, Dědičnej hřích and Pozdě se omlouvat. Booklet and cover is done quite simple but it has everything which needs – lyrics, band and their friends photo (in shirts of Orthodox including Jaksie from Bronco Army). This is straightforward Oi! which can sing about the unpopular or taboo topics. My personal opinion is that lyrics seems little bit humorous to me because of the singer who left the band but I think that new singer Jirka will deal with it. I am also curious how the band will sound with just one guitar but I hope it will be good. Release party of the CD is 18th June in Brno on Streetkids festival.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 13.06.2016

Out of Order - Stuck in the Mud

DIY - CD -

999_Stuck in the Mud Cover.jpgOut of Order is five piece band from Canada (originally Halifax then Montreal) which released their debut Better Days (out on Vinyl 4 Bootboys Records) plus split EP with Gag Order. This album is released in DIY style and together you may listen to 12 songs in English (even the band is from Montreal :)). First points are surely for the cover – tanks, mud and dead cities. Musically it is melodic brickwall Oi!/streetpunk with rough vocals, nice solo guitar and melodic refrains (like in Last Warrior, No Cares or Old Days). In title song Stuck in Mud you may hear two tone guitar, in Trafalgar you will hear mandolin which puts the song more into folk punk. The band has also slower pieces, like the beginning of How Do You Sleep where singer sounds like Ozzy Osbourne :) and in the song are keyboards also. In On the Outside is great bass solo. Lyrics are about the atmosphere on the gigs, about the heart of warrior which can be recognized in childhood, naval battle of Trafalgar, hard life of outsider, escape from the big city and freedom or memories of good ol´ days. In booklet are all lyrics and thankslist. Great piece!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 16.06.2016

Para Elite - Push On

Streetrock Records - CD - 40:04

929_para_elite_CD.jpgAfter the split album with Total Annihillation Para Elite released their debut full length called Push On. Line up stays the same – four pieces (but emeritus drummer Cliff Warby is not written there). According to the CD cover there should be 9 songs but there are 11. So you have there two bonus tracks – live version of Hang the Bankers and cover He´s Red from Skullhead. In 9 remaining songs there are two songs from split CD re-recorded so we have Patriot and Battlecry in 2015 version. Other seven songs are called Who´s To Blame, Should´ve Seen It Coming, We Bleed For You, Fuck Islam, When We Were Younger, Rivers Run Dry and Glory Bound. Most of the songs is in middle rhythm with rock souning guitar but there are pieces which stands out of this line – surely Battlecry which is rock anthem (and which I wrote about in previous review on split with TA), then slower and dark song Fuck Islam (in booklet band condoles to all victims from Paris, Russian civilian flight or victims from San Bernardino which is really close to Los Angeles where the band is based) and surely When We Were Younger which is really melodic tune reminding me older Sean´s band White Flag Down. Lyrics are pretty clear – uncompromising patriotic pro US band which does not mess with any kind of PC, hates commies and calls a spade a spade. So the topics are about lies of the rich which are felt by the poor, lack of patriotism today or more personal stuff like remembering good old days when we were young or your life which runs through your fingers and you sometimes did not recognize this fact. Cover is done in black and white (or greyscale) and inside is all you need – photos, thankslist, lyrics and few words from the band. There will be a vinyl version of this album in the future. Who likes US bands like First Strike, Nation of Suspects, Combate 49, Lonesoldier or Offside and Combat 84 from Europe will love this. This is not recommended to censor crybabies or sneaks. Great album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 05.02.2016

Plan of Attack - Pain

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music - LP -

935_RR137.pngAfter two albums, single and few songs on Oi! Ain´t Dead comes Plan of Attack (Brisbane) lead by Barry with next single called Pain. There is some changes in the line up compared with previous records – guitarist Victor ((Mouthguard, Shandy, …) is not here for example but thwo guitars stayed. On A side you may check song called Take the Pain with rock and hard rock touches which is typical for Aussies influenced by the bands like Rose Tattoo, The Angels or AC/DC. There is main guitar riff which repeats from the beginning till the end plus nice solo in the middle of the song. On second side is song called Revenge which is more straigforward (but there is also cool guitar solo) with shouted refrain where the rest of the band helps Barry. In refrain is also significant crash cymbal. The band plays classic brickwall Oi! and this is proved by the fact that they have songs on Oi! Ain´t Dead compilation with subtitle This is Brickwall Oi!. Also the song titles are pretty clear so you may recognize what you receive. EP will be out this week but I have no information about the pressings. Check the song Take the Pain on https://youtu.be/orQOEFLlY-c. Great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 22.02.2016

Prins Carl - Bow to None

Rebel Sound Music/Noise of Sweden - LP -

1039_prins.jpgThird full album from this Swedish band is called Bow to None and it is out on Rebel Sound/Noise of Sweden. Musically it is really melodic but the sound of guitars (bass especially) is little bit rough but this is the fact why it is fine. Together you may check 10 songs in English, 5 on A side, 5 on B side. Most of the songs are in classic faster middle rhythm but you will find there also acoustic piece (Submit) and little bit of country in I Only Had a Few. I really like solo guitar (with acoustic solo in Submit) or in War, Damaged (which reminds me Bishops Green, mainly the beginning of the song), Little Puppet (with bass solo and part where singer sings a capella) and Rats which is ultramelodic piece. The band did not sing about classic topics about booze (but there is one – I Only Had a Few) but they sing about social topics which deal with workers, unemployment, etc… On the cover is band logo which is depicted also on the first LP New Order. On the backside is band photo. I do not know anything about inside because US version will be out in December, European version in January. Good one.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 30.11.2016

Projekt 9 - Vi Är Bättre Än Dig

Pretty Shitty Town Records - CD - 29:36

1038_projekt9_uiar.jpgFull album of Projekt 9 (with people from Åvga, Frenzy Four or Lowlifes) is out on PST Records (even it was recorded back in 2014) and it contains 12 songs. 4 songs you may know from Storebror EP (2014) – Storebror, Politiker, Clockwork Orange Horrorshow and En Vanlig Är Glömt. You may find here also two covers – Utanför (Outsider from The Restarts) and Elak (Evil from 4 Skins). So it means there is 6 brand new songs in Swedish. Title of the album can be translated like „We Are Better than You”. If you like melodic Swedish Oi!/punk and you like previous EP there is no doubt that you will like this album. Melodies and singalongs really flows out of this. Just check songs like En Gång Till which means Once Again with many many different guitar solos, Fylla (Fill In) or Så Jävla Ful (with beginning motive like Sexual favours but played on guitar not on bass) and it means So Fuckin´ Ugly. Best song is En Vanlig Helg (Normal Weekend). Bass player Arthur helps singer on vocals and in Utanför they shout over each other in strophes. In booklet are all lyrics, short thankslist but no photo. Playtime is also OK. I really like it but I will add some photos in the booklet. Perfect!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 29.11.2016

Pulhas - s/t

Zerowork Records - CD - 5:24

1040_pulhas_cdep.jpgPulhas (Bastards, Vilains…) is three piece band from Lisboa and this CD single was recorded back in 2014. In the line-up are members from bands such as Faccao Opposta, Albert Fish, Gume or Falcata for example. Rattus on vocals and guitar (he plays bass ordinary), Sandro on bass and Joao on drums. On CD which is paper cover are two songs in their native tongue - Velha Guarda (Old Guard) and Pulhas. The first piece reminds me with their dark chants Gume and their song Lisboa. Guitar is little bit garage at the beginning but it comes into dark slow solo. Second one is faster and there is spoken vocal at the beginning but the refrain is sung. Graphics of the cover is really nice (rails) on the backside is band photo and short info about recording. I am glad that this is out because boys spent some time in studio for sure and maybe some label will find this worth to put it on the EP. I think it worth it!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 01.12.2016

Queensbury Rules - Bristol Elite

United Riot Records - CD -

982_bristol.jpgFour piece band from Bristol city has released their debut album on US label United Riot Records called Bristol Elite. Together you may check 13 songs on the album including instrumental Intro, Bridge the Gap from first EP, Workers of Britain and Queensbury Rules from 2nd EP and Return to Agincourt from New Breed Rising compilation. All old songs were re-recorded for this album (for example to Return to Agincourt was added acoustic beginning). So together 9 new songs. The band plays in four piece line up and I really like bass guitar which is played by Neil and Wojciech´s guitar solos. Music is straightforward as usual British Oi! but you may hear also influences from other non-British bands (guitarist comes from Poland). Apart from classical topics the band deals with historic ones so we have here songs like Rorker´s Drift (about the battle during Anglo-Zulu wars in 1879), Return to Agincourt (about battle against French in 100 years war) or the first one Dogfight (about battles in the air during 2nd world war). Other topics are classics - rumors (Get the Fuck Out), new generation of skins (Today´s Generation), Tony Blair who forgot his labor roots (Betrayal), overcrowded scene where every wanker needs to comment something (Scene Politics) or the last one Bristol Elite which is not necessary to introduce. Great songs are Today´s Generation, Rorker´s Drift, re-recorded Return to Agincourt with nice refrain and the last but not least Britol Elite. In booklet are all lyrics, photos of band members and thankslist. On the cover is cartoon of Tom Cribb (famous bareknuckle boxer from 19th century who comes from Bristol). Great album from new breed of British Oi!. Recommended.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 17.05.2016

Radiostorm - Age of Thoughlessness

Abbruch Records - CD - 29:20

994_radiostorm.jpgRadiostorm is Slovenian band from the city called Šentjur, they are playing in four pieces since 2007. They have already released album The Chaos Station with eight songs and then this album with 10 songs in English. The band is playing some kind of crossover between punk rock, skate punk, metal and HC which you may hear in first three songs – like melodic Truth and then faster piece Consequences. Singer really knows how to work with his vocal because he know deep and rough level but also shouted one. It reminds me Italian band Plakkaggio which is harder and I also hear US bands like Ignite or Avail. On song For the Sake of Society exists also official video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35oS_UQ3v9k). The band sings about plastic celebrities (Social Wreck), government (Government Thirst), about the truth which you should tell to yourself (Truth), way of life (15 Years), about the fact that you should catch your chance (The Shadows of My Past), about civilization which is going to be destroyed and which you do not fit in or about politicians (Misery). I really like the work of singer and guaitrist because the sound is really compact. I like their melodic pieces like Future + Past = Present, The Shadows of My Past or the last one Misery. Check the band web www.facebook.com/radiostorm or contact them on radiostorm@outlook.com. Fine European band with US sound.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 07.06.2016

Red Alert - Excess All Areas

Violated Records - CD -

1018_Red Alert Excess All Areas Front Cover.jpgThis is reedition of Red Alert´s album which was originally released on Captain Oi! in 2005 and it I the last album with Tony Van Frater on guitar (he went to Cockney Rejects). Last year Tony passed out and this re-edition is dedicated to him so compared to the original release it contains memories from singer Cast Iron Smith (where is written that Tony was preparing solo album Blessed which will be released) and some (previously unreleased) personal photos. You surely know the songs from the album like singalong anthems Tale of War, Somewhere in England, A Face in Crowd, partly acoustic Seize the Day and many more. Together there is 12 songs In nice poppy Oi! rhythm like Soundtrack of our Lives from Red London (where is same singer and drummer) or legendary Welcome to the Real World from The Business. I would like to mention also the last song called Preporodenji Beograd which is nice ballad with quite serious topics. CD is out as a digipack with lyrics inside and also some photos (as I wrote above). Cover stays the same as original version from 2005. I will leave it without rating because it is nothing new but thumbs up and cheers to guitar heaven to Tony who was an inspiration for many Oi!streetpunk guitar players.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 20.09.2016

Rien Ne Vas Plus - Spiegelbild

FK Produktion - CD - 49:32

1020_rnvp_spiegel.jpgSecond album from this Magdeburg based band is out on FK Produktions (CD and LP also) and it contains 12 songs in German language (sorry 11, the first one is Intro). Their first album Arbeitersohn was released on Aggressive Zone Records was really great (especially songs like Verlorene Generation or Schützt die Bewegung) in music and lyrics part also so I was quite curious how will be this album. The band plays in three but there are tons of guitar and bass solos and changing and doubling the vocals (shouted and smoother one like in songs Spiegelbild or Jochen is ´ne Metalsau). Lyrics are great again – just check the first song Kauft und habt Spass (Buy and Have Fun) about many Oi!/punk bands which are singing same songs about booze and rebellion and every different idea vanished away. Other songs are called Wir schulden euch Nichts (We Owe You Nothing about the scene police who is monitoring everything), Zurück zum Untergrund (Back to Underground) about two extremes of the scene with empty gigs on one side and big festivals on other side, Es funktioniert (It Works) about the system which works and which make people feel fear from everything, Technik-Zombies about data maniacs (with spoken intro when is said that people are not thinking anymore, they are googling instead), Schatten der Stadt (Shadows of the City) about dark places of the cities which are hidden behind all those colored advertisements or Spiegelbild (Mirror Picture) about the fact that clothes and attitude didn´t make a better person from you and if you are an asshole it doesn´t matter that you are skinhead or not. Many songs are slower with bass solos, half-acoustic (..mal weg) or some r´n´r (Kauft und habt Spass) and together it has darker sound. Booklet is black and white and it contains lyrics and many photos which are in horror topics. Rien Ne Vas Plus clearly proved that underground band can produce high quality music which is not cliché (music and lyrics also) and which can be levels above many bands whose are under big labels because they are singing about nothing. Great piece!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 22.09.2016

Sabotage - A furore Normannorum libera nos, Domine

Pretty Shitty Town Records - EP -

1035_sabotage3ep.jpgThird piece from Swedish band Sabotage continues in griff series of the cover and the EP title can be translated like "From the fury of the Northmen deliver us, O Lord” which is part of the prey against the Vikings who plundered Britain. EP is limited to 533 copies in random colors (I have violet one). EP contains three songs in Swedish called Stolt svensk arbetarklass (Proud Swedish Working Class), Näven i fickan (Fist in Pocket) and Nordmäns raseri (Rage of Norseman). Compared to their previous 12´´ there is change on bass (Johan instead of Slebbe) and they keep on playing in four pieces. The first song is in slower middle rhytm with non boostered guitar which plays viking rock solos in some parts. Also bass is very playful there. Second song is faster and it starts in normal rhythm but later it “falls” to non boostered guitar sound again. The last piece is most melodic and nosltagic )according to the title) and it reminds me Saga from Righteous (where Robban used to play guitar). At the end it became faster. Inside is paper with lyrics and some information about line up and thankslist (including BB so cheers to you), on the back side of the cover are photos of band members. Reviews on their previous stuff with more details about experiences of band members can be found on BB. Again great stuff, they know how to produce quality!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 23.11.2016

Stealers - Street Law

Rebellion/2 Life Sentences/Stolen Recordings - CD -

1002_stealersstreetlaw.jpgSecondd album from this Dutch band (from Rotterdam) with members from Aggro Culture, Razorblade or Cennobites will be out and you may check 10 songs in English on it (including re-recorded song Breakout which was previously released just on single). And here they come again – faster and dirty rockn´n´roll which really kicks you to road rage or rage on the dancefloor for example :). Band is surely inspired by Motorhead, Rose Tattoo, Nashville Pussy, The Angels, The Bones, The Carburetors or Chrome Division for example. Since the first song Blitzbomber (which is here for example https://youtu.be/Z2VfG-0gl04) you will know what to expect. I really appreciate guitars with their great solos (like in Back At It, Knife Point, Swept Away or Fast and Loose). Singer´s vocal is sometimes higher (or better to say on normal level) in most of the song but it can get rougher (like in the last one Born to Steal). Album will be out at the beginning of July. Do not except any change compared to the first album or single – it is fast, melodic and I enjoy it!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 21.06.2016

Stranglehold - Hold On

Contra Records/Longshot Music - EP -

1030_strangle_holdon.jpgFifth EP from Aussies Stranglehold is called Hold On and it is released on Contra/Longshot. EP is limited to 600 copies (200 black, 200 blue and 200 red – which I have) and it contains 3 songs – Hold On, Legacy and Fire. If you download EP according to the download code you will realise that there is one more bonus song That´s Entertainment which is cover from The Jam). All songs can be checked on youtube. The band is led by Lisa who sings and plays guitar and she has really great rough vocal but I wrote it in previous reviews for sure. First trck Hold On contains great part with just vocals and drums (without bass also), second one Legacy is great melodic singalong with fine strophes and refrain and nice guitar solo and the laast one Fire is most melodic in slower middle rhythm and Lisa´s vocal has the biggest space in it. Cover version of That´s Entertainment isn´t half acoustic as original but it has classic rock guitar and I think it could be added regularly on EP. On cover is band photo on both sides and no lyrics sheet. Stranglehold are growing like wine and this EP is really great! Nice work!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 11.11.2016

Strong Island Bootboys/Skin Disorder - s/t

United Riot Records - EP -

987_sibb-sd_front.jpgUS label United Riot Records continues in releasing vinyls of older US bands around 211 Bootboys from NYC and their demos. So they have already released EP´s Strong Island Bootboys, N.Y. Hoods, Frontline Soldiers, Brute Force or American Eagle. These songs are the last one´s recorded both from SSB and SD. EP is opened with Skin Disorder (which are more known because of their release through Bords de Seine) with their two songs - American Style (check it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HBTznTDMoA) and Offensive Action. The band plays in four piece line up and it is classic stomping US Oi! sound in middle rhythm like Boot Party or song Pulling on the Boots. Topics are quite classics – US Oi! style which is different from British one or time for radical offensive action. Strong Island Bootboys plays in four also and they have there one song called Brass Knuckle Negotiation. Song begins in slower rhythm, then it gets into similar rhythm as Skin Disorder and then it gets slower again. The vocal is more covered and I like it little bit more than A side. EP is limited to 300 copies (200 clear red/transparent and 100 black) and 14 testpressings. Cover is from HM design (Muna) and it absolutely fits to the atmosphere of the EP. There are no lyrics inside but it doesn´t matter. Fine piece with songs that probably never see the light of the day if URR didn´t release this EP.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 24.05.2016

Sweet F.A. - Mission Accomplished

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music - LP -

1045_SweetFA.pngSweet FA (Fuck All) is band from Philadelphia with members from Knucklehead, Legion 76 or Thunder and Glory. The band has already released digital demo and tape called Live by the Sword (both can be checked on https://sweetfaphilly.bandcamp.com/) and some songs from these releases can be found here on their debut LP called Mission Accomplished. Together you may check 12 songs of pure skinhead rock (and roll) with non boostered guitar and fast hi-ht which gives the rhythm. From the first song Mission Accomplished you will surely hear bands like Templars, Brass Tacks or Bridgeburners – simply the Chickswick sound as fuck. Songs are in faster rhythm (like American Skinhead Pride, Thursday Night,…) but also in slower one (1000 Yard Stare, Dark Ages or Paths to Glory). Other songs are Anti World, Anti Religion or Anti Anti Anti Anti Anti Anti Anti Anti Anti Anti Anti Anti Anti Anti Anti Fascist :)). Good one.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 13.12.2016

The Black Marias - Still Wearing Our Boots

Contra Records - CD - 35:44

995_black_still.jpgThird album of this British streetpunk band is out on Contra Records as well as their previous stuff – split EP with Oldfashioned Ideas. Together you may check there 12 songs recorded in five piece line up. Musically it is melodic and singalong punk rock with (mostly) easy lyrics with touches of 2 tone (song „the Patriot“, which is about the fact that you are all welcome in Britain and you have to do anything you wanna do but respect their rules and traditions). It reminds me bands like Agitators, The Suburbs but also classics like Cockney Rejects (song Who the Fuck Are You which is about the fact that you met a guy who talk to you like friend, you do not know anything about him and at the end he left you and greet you with different name), etc… Music is in middle/slower rhythm. Songs are called Crossroads (about the fact that you always have to decide wither sinner or saint is whispering), Never Alone (with nice refrain especially at the end of the song), Rebels with a Pause (about reunions of bands after 30 years from break up), Eastgate Kids (is band memory on their youth and if you look at the line up you will know why :)), Back on the Road Again (about the fact when your wife kicks you from the house) and maybe the next one continues the story - Lights Out (about the murder in anger which you have to carry on till the end of your life), Rancid Heart (about the black widow women who are destroying men´s hearts and for me it is the best song from the CD), Freddie the Phraser (about people who work hard to build this country and they have nothing in their hands now), Hobo in a Hostel (about hobo who is shouting nonsense at people and Football 2015 (football is really not working class game anymore). CD was released as a digipack, in booklet are all lyrics, band photos and photos of their members. Also the graphics of the cover is nice – DM´s logo. Nice piece which really worth listening.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 08.06.2016

The Detained - Iron and Blood

Contra Records - EP -

1034_thedetainde.jpgAfter the EP Aghet release this HC/Oi! band from Berlin new EP called Iron and Blood. EP was released on Contra Records and it is limited to 300 copies (200 on grey wax and 100 on black one). EP has great graphics (quite similar to Battle Ruins stuff) and you may check four songs on it - Good Old Days, You Never, Iron and Blood and Wrong Place (Here to Stay). Sound is little bit clearer then the first EP released on Lionheart Records. Songs can be checked on https://thedetained.bandcamp.com/album/iron-blood. Inside the gatefold cover is paper with lyrics, band photo and photo collage under the lyrics. Lyrics are about posers who spoke about good old days back in 69 but they were hanging in father´s ball at that time, about the guys who are joking till the jokes were on them, about wrong place which you may enter but your pride won´t you leave or about working class which was exploited by students so call revolutionists. Music is cumbersome and heavy Oi!/HC/streetcore (mainly the song You Never) with nice drums (like in Iron and Blood with changes in rhythm). Who likes Oi! with touches of HC (or vice versa) like All in Brawl, Hired Goons or Impact Zone for ecample, this is exactly for him!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 21.11.2016

The Franks - s/t

Pretty Shitty Town Records - EP -

1063_franks.jpgThe Franks is fourth piece band from Gothenburg and they are playing in classic line up. This is their single released on Pretty Shitty Town. Instead of this EP the band has released also EP on DSS Records back in 2000. EP is limited (but I do not know the number) and it has many colored versions (like black, purple, pink, red, …). On single you may check songs called Break Up and Dead End Weekend which were recorded in 2003. After the visiting PSK festival and speech with Niclast came these songs to PST Records and they released them. Sound of the band is non-polished Chickswick with rock vocals (especially in Dead End Weekend). Inside is paper with band story and also with the lyrics. First Break Out is about the fact that you should break up from the facts that people telling you since your birth and you should keep walking your way. Second one is about getting wasted on Friday and Saturday and Sunday after it. Graphics is really nice and it is analogy to Built Up, Knocked Down EP from Skrewdriveru. Nice piece from almost forgotten band.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 09.02.2017

The Strike - Oi! Collection

Violated Records - CD -

983_The Strike Front Cover.jpgCollection of songs from legendary British Oi! band was released in 20014 through Captain Oi! (Cd) and on LP through Rebellion (2014) and you may listen to 14 songs on it including three in demo quality Victims, When the War is Over and Anthem for the 80´s. These songs are there also in regular quality but the Victims song has different lyrics. Band comes from Scotland and they were active in 1979 – 1983. Last year the band was re-united again by Fergus (who lives in Canada nowadays) with ex members from Hammerboiz and Angelic Upstarts. You may know their songs from Strength Through Oi! compilation (Gang Warfare, Skinhead), Back on the Streets (Victim) or from split with Betrayed (rest of the songs). Here you receive everything on one CD. You surely know second song Victim (I know it from Worldwide Tribute to the Real Oi! played by Awkward Thought). The sound is pure 80´s. Middle rhythm, easy guitars and rude vocals like Cockney Reject plus singalong refrains. This you may listen in first piece Gang Warfare, Anthem for the 80´s or in Hungry Gun. In Cry of the Youth you will hear guitar with strange effect (if it is guitar:). In lyrics you may hear denying of the war (the band was active during Falklands wa) so you have songs like When the War is Over, Action Man, Anthem for the 80´s (which is about Cold war) or Agony of a Nation. In booklet are lyrics, photos but also biography from Fergus. I leave it without rating because it is re-edition.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 18.05.2016

Top Dog - s/t

Rebellion Records - CD -

970_topdog_st.jpgAfter four piece debut s/t EP release this band from Carlisle full length on CD. On album you may listen to 13 songs including first four from EP called Welcome to My World, Botchergate, Violence and Clockwork Warrior (reviewed in 2015). So details there. We have there nine new songs with titles like ACAB, Were You a Bootboy, Real Heroes, Carve Her Name with Pride, Shoot to Kill or 69 Stiches for example. Neither ACAB (which is faster) nor Shoot to Kill are covers (4 Skins and Retaliator). The band plays in four pieces. In previous review I compared them with Gundog and I still hear them in Top Dog songs (also because of heterogeneous sound quality). Bass is very significant and vocal is angry with typical British accent (song Monster for example). There is time to time solo (like in ACAB, House of Pain or Shoot to Kill). I really like songs Carve Her Name with Pride about the tattoo of your girls name, Real Heroes about war veterans (really fast piece) or the last but not least Shoot to Kill which I like most. It is really straight forward and people who like typical British Oi! will like this. On the cover is band photo with dog :) and I have no info about the inside because I have just electronic version of the album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 27.04.2016

Ultima Thule - Sverige, Sverige fosterland

Dim Records - EP -

1044_ur_sverige.jpgTo 30th anniversary of the band existence Dim Records released re-edition of their debut EP Sverige, Sverige fosterland. EP contains four songs – title one, then traditional Engelbrektsmarschen, Swedish anthem Du Gamla Du Fria and Friday Evening. All songs were re-recorded in 2015 in current line up plus former singer Bruno. EP was released last year as mini CD (also on Dim) and EP version is out now in black and yellow version (just 100 yellow copies). Songs are surely known from the old EP (which costs around 130 Euro on discogs) or from Hurra För Nordens Länder or from The Early Years. Original songs were sung just by Bruno and Jan was just playing guitar. Here on re-edition they are singing both. Cover is also based on the original one (but it is put into color version) and on the backside is current band photo (with guitarist Nicklas). It´s a pity that Dim did not put any paper with lyrics or information to the EP because I think that this band and this EP deserve it. There is not too much to write about the music because I think who listens to Ultima Thule surely know these songs because they are 100% classics. One point minus just because of the cover.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 12.12.2016

Ultima Thule - Så Länge Skutan Kan Gå

Dim Records - EP -

1046_ut_sa.jpgOn brand new single from Ultima Thule you may check title song on side A which can be translated like As Long the Ship Can Go with the help of Marcus Öhrn on vocals. Marcus is Swedish singer who used to had his own reality show. Main singer is Bruno Hansen in this song and you mayknow him from the beginning of Ultima Thule story or from his project Karolinerna. Refrain is sung by both of them. On the song was made also video which you may check on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBF2V6xdw5Q. You will surely agree that it is really nice and singalong piece. Second one is called Visa Vid Vindens Ängar (something about wind and meadows) and here sung “just” Bruno. The song is more into folk due to the melody and guitar solo. In the line-up on this EP is not Jan Thörnblom. Cover is done in classic viking spirit – head of the dragonship and same picture on the backside but now with band members. EP is done in black and yellow (100 copies) versions and again no info sheet inside. Do not expect nothing more or nothing less than northern classic.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 14.12.2016

v/a - Boots on the Streets Volume 2

Streetrock Records - CD - 32:29

931_va_boots_2.jpgSecond part of Boots on Streets compilation is out now on Streetrock Records and it contains previously unreleased songs from four bands. Now we have there two US bands (Thug Boots and Working Poor USA, both known because of their EP released on Streetrock Records), Nippon HC Beyond Hate (which has released some albums and EP´s) and German band Barricades (they have DIY EP out). Each band has three songs there except Thug Boots with four pieces (including cover Fleur de Leave from Your Mistake which I do not know) which means thirteen songs together. Also each band except Beyond Hate sings in English. Thug Boots are playing quite interesting HC/Oi! style with drown-out and covered vocal and rhythm changes and I have to say that some songs are really hard and fast. Lyrics are about fake people (Dropout), discos in 2015 (New Disco, which is best one from them) or about media lies which are belived by people who buying newspapers ever day (Media Farce). Beyond Hate is playing angry metal HC like Bagnag or Samchung from Korea and they have most compact sound from the featured bands. In their songs is mixture of Japanese with English shouted refrains and slogans (which Japanese bands like). Most of all I like Saturday Night. In the vocals there are also guests from bands like Bound, 288BB or The Scooterz. Barridades is German based band (Saxony I think) and according to them they are playing „wrestling punk“ with shouted vocal (and you didn´t recognize that they come from Germany) and sound on HC/punk borders which can be proved by the song Forever 21. Lyrics are about youth and fun which stay in your soul forever (Forever 21), about the golden youth and their “success” (Smash Yuppies) or classic agains cops like Army of Assholes (FCK PLC). Working Poor USA is playing music with rnr guitar and shouted vocals. Songs rhythm varies from the faster one (The End of the Day) to middle rhythm (Never Surrender). Lyrics are about the end of your working shift which sometimes turn into overtime (unpaid) or big brother who is watching you. Cover of the CD is done similar to Para Elite album – just black/white with lyrics, band logos and photos inside. It is compilation so I leave it without rating but it worth buying because these songs can be found just there.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 09.02.2016

v/a - Oi! Ain´t Dead Vol.5 USA Attack

Rebellion Records - LP -

1015_oad5_final_web.jpgFifth compilation from Rebellion Records Oi! Ain´t Dead focuses now just on US bands. On Lp you may check eight bands with genre classics like Agnostic Front (and their cover Iron Chin from The Bruisers with guest guitarist and singer from them) or Rancid but also new breed bands such as Oxley´s Midnight Runners, DDC, No Resistance, Live by the Sword, Hard Evidence and Concrete Elite. Just Hard Evidence has there previously released song called Drums of War. The rest are brand new songs recorded just for this compilation. Musically it varies from harder brickwall Oi! pieces (like Concrete Elite, Live by the Sword) across melodic pieces (Hard Evidence, Oxley´s Midnight Runners) to pleasant sound of No Resistance which stands out of the line of (not just) this record. I really like Rancid with their Silence is the Only Rule which is harder than their other songs. Concrete Elite with their Above the Rest and Live by the Sword with Broken Voice are faithful to their style. DDC has there song called Nerves of Steel with great solo guitar which goes with you through the whole song. Oxley´s Midnight Runners has there song American Made with really old school sound without booster effect. The last but not least you may check No Resistance with their Just a Little Bit song with keyboards/synths in the beginning. The have there also tambourine and clapping hands to the rhythm. Nice cross-section of current Oi! bands from the other side of the pond with their brand new songs (probably) recorded just for this compilation.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 01.09.2016

v/a - Cashing in on Christmas vol.7

Rebel Sound Music - LP -

1033_cashing7.jpg7th part of this compilation released on Rebel Sound Music is out again on LP with nice graphics. Now you may check 13 songs from well (or not so well known) bands such as Old Breed, Bonecrusher (!!!), Automatics, He Who Can Not Be Named, Hardknocks, 7er Jungs, Seaside Rebels, The Mistletoads (with owner of the label and Rachel from Droogettes on vocals), JJ Speedball, Lazy Class, Bastard Monster, Pisstons and Riotgun. Most of the bands play nice and calm Xmas tunes with jingle bells at the background. Hardknocks has there also some ska tune, JJ Speedball rnr tune Xmas Twist but there are also harder songs (like Christmas of Doom from Bastard Monster). There is also nice cover of Emergency from Girlschool played by The Mistletoads which is called Decorate the Christmas Tree. Next nice song is the last one from Riotgun with poetic title Beer for Xmas. Inside is standard info about each band plus photo and contact and it is done as desktop game. Graphics of the cover is also nice in style of previous compilations. If you want to get in the Xmas mood without Xmas carols check this LP.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 18.11.2016

v/a - Great Thieves Escape

No Panic/FLIX Records - EP -

998_4split.jpgFour split EP of punk rock bands from Germany, England and USA is out in 500 copies (blue, red and white with splatters). EP is opened by Walk the Plank from Washington with song Dying on the Vine. Then came No Fun from German with their song Cheescake. In No Fun is girl on vocals and it is most melodic band from the EP. Third band is Such Gold from New Yorku with song Choosing Cages and EP is ended with Harker from England and their song Sometime Dead Is Better. If you check the songs you will realize that everything is really melodic and Harker use acoustic guitar in their song which gives a folk tune to it. Third band Such Gold is the hardest and most screaming band from EP. Most experienced are Walk the Plank and Such Gold with two regular albums and many EP´s and splits. I have to say that I don´t know any of these bands before :). So it is split EP of the band I´ve never heard about before. I really like Harker and No Fun. It is for the fans of punk rock (maybe indie rock also) and melodic new hardcore.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 15.06.2016

Victory - The Code

Longshot Music - EP -

1024_victory_code.jpgFifth EP from this five piece band called Victory which came from Minnesota is out for first time on Longshot Music (previous EP´s was out on Oi! the Boat) and you may check two songs on it – Piss and A Whsiper and The Crew. EP is limited to 500 copies (300 black, 100 blue specially for Midwest Live and Loud festival and 100 orange specially for Beach Beer Chaos festival). Single is something like taste befor their debut full album which should be released at the beginning of 2017. Both songs have great guitar tune at the beginning (and the loop in The Crew is nice and it reminds me something…). What should you expect? Exactly everything what you like on US Oi! bands – singalongs, changing in vocals, playful bass and all this in middle rhythm. Vocals are not rough and everything sounds clear. First song is more melodic and second one is harder and vocal is more covered. In band are members from Subversives, Eightysixed, The Virgin Whores or Pist & Broke. EP was released on 1st October so you can order it somewhere. Artwork is in similar to their EP Twin Cities. There is no surprise nothing more or less than good job.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 11.10.2016

Violent Society/External Menace - Split 12 ´´

Violated Records - EP -

1055_Front Violent Society Cover.jpgSplit EP of two punk bands – Violent Society from USA (singer is also owner of the label) and British External Menace is out on Violated Records and it contains three songs from Violent Society (Simcha, Abandoned City and All the Same) and two from External Menace (Citizen Caned and No Uniform). Violent Society are playing hard and fast punk like Discharge or Exploited. The first piece is about city rebellion, second is about Pripyat as eternal reminding of nuclear catastrophe and it is softer then the first one. It begins with the sound of Geiger computer which measure radioactivity. Last one is not too serious as the first two and it is about punk bands which have similar lyrics and after one year they disappear. Songs from External Menace are from 2014 (it were recorded circa after 10 years of inactivity of the band). The first one is really into Clash sound and it contains two tone guitar. No Uniform is classic UK 82 sound (and I hear there One Way System). Inside is paper with description how the split was recorded and lyrics from Violent Society. Who likes classic punk stuff from melodic things to UK 82 will buy this split EP.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 16.01.2017

WDRS - 1986

Highway Records - CD -

952_wdrs.jpgThe Wanderers is one of the Japanese oi!/punk bands founded in 1983 in Amagasaki/Osaka. They have reunited in 2011. This is their second album and they have also out many EP´s (after the reunion). This album is called 1986, it contains ten songs and it was released on their label Highway Records. Music is calm slower middle rhythm with many singalong parts and with changing of Japanese and English language. Besides classical instruments you may hear also synths which give to the record the 80´s feeling (like Adicts/ADX in their poppy era). This is significant in the first two songs called Asia and Before Dawn. You will hear also acoustic parts (Still, Shooting Star or Blossom in Desert) or more swinging stuff in rnr rhythm. All songs are little bit sad and melancholic. I do not know their previous stuff so I can´t compare but do not expect classic Oi!/punk sound (teaser to the album can be checked on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQ4YD3Mui9w) or metal touches typical for Japanese bands. But I think it finds its listeners. Thanks to Phil for sending.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 18.03.2016

Yesterday´s Heroes - La Llama Que Nunca Se Apaga

Streetrock Records - EP -

991_yesterdays_EP.jpgYesterday´s Heroes comes from Columbian city Medellín and this is their debut stuff which is out on US label Streetrock Records. EP is limited to 240 pieces on black wax which is hand numbered. On EP are four songs in Spanish called La Llama Que Nunca Se Apaga (something like Unquenchable Flame and here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfmuKKwd008 you may check official video), Donde estan? (Where Are They?), Mi Tierra (My Land) and A Mis Enemigos (For My Enemies which contains acoustic beginning but it went into normal rhythm with great refrain). Songs contain short solos, shouted vocals and refrains with overshouting of band members. Also bass is great and loud. Lyrics of the topics are quite clear from the song titles. Cover of the EP is full of old people which represent those “Yesterday´s Heroes). Inside is paper with all lyrics (just Spanish), band photos from recording and thankslist (also in Spanish). It sounds to me like hard Spanish or American Latino bands and in vocals I really hear Offensive Weapon. Streetrock Records are releasing not so known but high quality bands and this is not exception. Pure skinhead band from quite exotic country. Great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 01.06.2016