Anti Clockwise - Bluthochzeit

DIY - CD -

1085_acw_blut.jpgFirst regular album of this Magdeburg based band is out again in their DIY style after many EP´s and split EP´s and one complete discography on double CD. Album contains 13 brand new songs in German. The band line up is steble – 4 pieces but two guitars. ACW music is in calm middle rhythm with lightly boostered guitar with time to time solo and some songs sounds like from Chickswick Records (like German Angst – German Fear or Hallische Strasse). Their biggest advance are great lyrics which are intelligent and without cliché like Die neue Stasi (new secret police), Wir stehen uns selbst im Wege (We Stand in our Way) or the last one Kaiserliches Landsknechtlied (Song of Emperor´s Soldier which is just guitar and vocals). Other things are about society and life, city history, media and TV but also personal stuff. I was quite surprised with the cover and inside graphics (compared to their previous releases. It deals with the destruction of Magdeburg in 161 during 30 Years war (Magdeburg was almost deleted from the map with more then 20 000 civilian casualties). The album title is also from thuis time and means something like Bloody Wedding. CD is packed in nice digipack with 16 pages with lyrics and comments and it is limited to 500 copies. Many songs from this album are on youtube where you can check them (like I really like it and 100% support for this band which do everything by themselves.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 28.06.2017

Asas da Vingança - Sangue Lusitano

Combate Brutal Records - EP -

1095_adv.jpgThird EP from this Portugal based band is out on new label Combate Brutal Records. Single contains two songs in their native language called - Nao Queremos Saber (We don´t Want to Know) and Sangue Lusitano (Lusitanian Blood). EP is limited to 200 copies (100 with black and 100 with Bordeaux cover + 20 test pressings). Band plays nowadays just in three and vocals are done by guitarist Helio. Behind the drums you may find Joao (who plays also in Falcata or Faccao Opposta). Intro to the first song is from Clockwork Orange movie. Then came guitar with darker solo played on deeper strings. Second song contains also playful guitar and singalong vocals when singer shout the beginning of the strophe and the rest answer him. Both songs have around about 3 minutes. Musically it is in middle rhythm and I really like the guitar in both songs which sometimes took the solo under the vocal. EP is done in oldfashioned way with big hole in the middle, inside are lyrics, thankslist, photos of band members and photo from Clockwork Orange when Alex´s crew is fighting with Dim´s crew. Songs can be checked here Fine as their previous stuff and I keep my fingers crossed for them and especially for the new label.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 05.10.2017

Bakers Dozen/No Quarter - Bootboy Rock´n´Roll

Olifant Records/Askania Productions - CD -

1135_bd_nq.jpgSplit EP of two bands from British Isles is out due to cooperation of Olifant Records and Askania Productions is called Bootboy Rock´n´Roll. Each band has there six songs. CD is opened by Bakers Dozen from Scotland. The band was founded in 1995 and they made up their own style based on Jon Scott vocals. On bass is playing Gordy from On File. Their part of the album is opened with song Just a Boys Game, followed by great tune One for the Ladies, then we have Streets Run Red with Anger (for me the best song from Dozen) against all who are denying rising crime and violence on the streets, then came Witness Protection, Re-Invented Man about all the so called skins who knows everything from the books and internet and Sex Tourist about those who are travelling for the payed pleasure. Second band on the split is No Quarter from Birmingham, which are younger but they find their way to their listeners. Their music is fresher and more aggressive and you may hear it from the first song Bootboy Rock´n´Roll which hits you with classic rnr sound. In similar way is the next piece We´ll Never Be Beat which is about band story. Then came Pack Mentality which was released as digital single before, 2013 is about the band and their lives in Birmingham back in that year and last but one Council Scum. Last song on CD is called Play it Loud and it is from glam rock band Rabbit from Newcastle where used to play original AC/DC singer Dave Evans by the way. In booklet are lyrics and photos. Both bands perform their best on the CD and I have to recommend this album for sure. By the way No Quarter are going to release brand new album called Society Falls.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 23.04.2018

Bomber 80 - Contro Il Tempo

Hellnation/Timebomb Records - CD -

1165_bomber80.jpgBomber 80 is streetpunk band from Italian city Firenze and instead of demo from 2009/10 they have released also album called Cambia Il Vento. This piece is out on Hellnation label, band plays in five pieces and on album you may check 10 songs in Italian language. Album was released as LP and CD is added to it and title can be tranalsated like Against the Time. You should expect classic Italian sound with all those singalongs, singing just with the drums, changing in vocals, guitar solos and all other stuff which we like on Italian bands. Songs are in middle rhythm but sometimes there is faster (Guerra) or slower piece (L'Amore Mio Non Muore). Song titles can be trasnalted like Raw and True (Cruda e Vera), which is the first one and which introduce you to the sound of the band, Strong Feeling (Picachia forte), War (Guerra), Street Law (La Legge Del Marciapiedi), My Love Will Not Die (L'Amore Mio Non Muore) or the last one While I Look At the Sky (Mentre Guardo Il Cielo) which has great singalong refrain and it is one of the best song on the album. Booklet is standard – lyrics in Italian, photos from the gigs and short thankslist. Classic Italian sound which didn´t become boring.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 09.01.2019

Celková Impotence - Nikdy se nevzdáme

DIY - CD - 47:34

1100_ci.pngDIY album of re-united band which is very controversial for some people (because for they pro-nation and anti-communists stands - punk´s not red since 1991) but to be honest – fuck off I´m judging people after some personal experience and not because some Mr. Know it All says some rumors about them which are not based on the truth. On 28th October the band played their 2nd gig in their existence after 25 years where I bought this CD. From the original line up is there just singer and guitarist Jarda, bass player and drummer are new (drummer is son of guitarist). The band never say that they know how to play (their name means Total Impotence and it is because in the beginning no one can play any instrument) but for the example the beginning of song Má vlast (My Country) is solo from classic music Vltava. Bass is very significant and sometimes it hides the guitar (which is not doubled in the songs) and drums are quite simple. When you compare new and old songs on youtube you should compare their musical skills then and now. CD contains 10 new songs, 3 from 1994 – 1995 (Štít a meč – Sword and Shield, Očista – Purge – boths songs are second best from the CD for me and Nový svět – New World), and one song from 1992 Jinak CD obsahuje 10 novejch songů, 3 z let 1994-1995 (Štít a meč, Očista – oba songy považuju za druhý nej věci, Nový svět) a jeden song z 1992 (Manybeast which is inspired by sci-fi novel and where is guitar without booster). All old songs are re-recorded again. New songs are Nikdy se nevzdáme (Never Surrender which is the best from the CD), Rudý bastardi (Red Bastards), Fuck Off Eu, Přítel (Friend), Umělý svět (Plastic World), Hate Punk, atd… Booklet is nice – one page dedicated to the band history, one page about the current line up, all lyrics, old photos, etc… I like their live show more than CD versions but I think it is more about lyrics and putting their thoughts into them then some high quality music – just check the part of the first song “Nice people, nice things, nice music and nice craps, this is what you won´t find here “. It is good that they released this CD but I think they should work more on their sound from the studio.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 5/6  •  Date: 01.11.2017

Coldside - Fuck Your System

Strength Records - CD -

1103_coldside_system.jpgFourth album of this HC band from Florida is out on Strength Records on CD and LP should be out in January 2018. Together you may check 10 songs (including cover I´ve Had Enough from Slapshot). The band also invite many guest musicians so you may hear Roger Miret (second song Forever), Greg Huff (Bishops Green, Alternate Action…) – he sings in Street Warriors, Skam Dust (in Untied States of Regression), Pat Edge (in I´ve Had Enough) or Scopes. On this album are great mixture of music styles so you may hear that Coldside can play classic HC which can be heard in most part of the album – songs like Fuck Your System with intro from The Great Dictator movie or Full of Rage, Paid our Dues and Defeated but also streetpunk/Oi! Singalongs like Street Warriors or football (soccer :)) Lion´s Pride dedicated to the supporters of Orlando Lions. Total playing time is under 30 minutes and you may hear many guitar and bass solos. Cover is similar to previous album Outcasts, Thugs and Outsiders – eagle holding the weight of justice. Great album which you will surely like!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 27.11.2017

Concrete Elite - Iron Rose

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music - CD -

1079_rr177_1.jpgFirst full album of this Texas self-propelled howitzer massacre is out on well known label combination on LP and CD. On album you may check nine songs called Stronger Than Ever Before, She's A Hammer, Death Drums, Men At Peace, Last Of The Gang To Die, Iron Rose, No Filth All Fury, Arise and Tryhard with playing time around about 23 minutes. In interview the band spoke about the topics of the lyrics and you may feel it since the first song (loss of mother/father). Similar topic is also in the song Last of the Gang to Die swith nice refrain and great guitar tune in the background (both songs are one of the best from the album). If you didn´t know what is brickwall Oi! check any album from Concrete Elite. Rough voice, cumbersome sound, shorter songs (just two of them have more than 3 minutes), HC touches and killer guitars. In song Death Drums is nice ending of the song (tuning down of the instruments one by one). Last song Tryhard has great singalong refrains and song Men at Peace can be checked on Who likes early Razorblade stuff in slower rhythm will love this album. On the album cover is death plus roses on barbed wire. I really like Cocnrete and this debut full length proves it. Killer!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 23.05.2017

DDC - Unite and Conquer

Rebellion Records - CD -

1105_ddc_uinite.jpgAfter EP´s Fist of Fury and split EP´s with Antagonizers ATL and Assault and Battery released this Atlanta based band debut full length called Unite and Conquer. Nice thing is the fact that their frontman Shane is back. Their guitar player Wynn plays also in Fatskins but you surely know this fact because I wrote it in some previous review on their stuff here on BB. The band has two guitars and you will fuckin´ hear it in guitar solos. Album contains 10 songs and We Are United is here twice (two different versions and the last one has more singalongs), then you may check cover (covers) from Razorblade – Days of Glory and Warriors which are put together into one track. In song We the People they invite supporting vocalist - Ryana Cadaver from horror punk band The Casket Creatures whose come also from Atlanta. His vocal is really in contrast with Shane´s because it is higher. These two vocals change in strophe but in refrain they sing together. DDC music is on the border of brickwall and melodic Oi! sound, Shane has accurately rough voice (the rougher sound for me is in song Revolution which you may check on You should surely expect singalong refrains - Call to Arms, Comply or Die which is about US cops or Feast for Vultures which is one of the best songs from album for me. Other songs are US classics - Spirit of 76 or Stand and Fight. Nice album which kicks your ass with each single song. In last time I am giving just 9 from 10 but these albums from Rebellion are really good and each one in their own way.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 29.11.2017

Dead Nation - Hate Crew

Total Noise Records - EP -

1088_dead_antion.jpgDebut EP from Finnish band Dead Nation is out on Total Noise Records and it contains four songs in English - Bullshit, K.Y.L.D.D. (Kill Your Local Drug Dealer), Self Defense and title one Hate Crew. Members are playing in four piece line up but with two guitars. Main vocals are done by bass player and other two guitarists are helping him in vocals. Members are mixture of punks, skins and metalheads so the whole sound is dirty and raw rock´n´roll whoch reminds you Motorhead (the beginning of the first song especially with bass line) or from newer bands Kriegs Legion or Malignant Tumour. Sometimes it reminds me Bloodline (mainly the song K.Y.L.D.D. due to its guitar solos and covered vocal). Vocals are raw and rough ,guitars are sharp and bass plays its line in the background. I really like third song Self Defense and the last one Hate Crew which is most catchy. But all four songs are in similar rhythm and tempo. To the cover – I have just information about the front side – black/white Viking cartoon. Nice piece for all who likes dirty rnr.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 11.07.2017

Falcata - Forged in Blood

Combate Brutal Records - EP -

1096_falcata_fib.jpgSecond EP from Falcata contains three English songs again - Barbarians Rising and Mr. Know it All on side A and Forged in Blood on side B. Compared to the first EP they have change in line up – they add another girl on guitar – Bruna (and yes, you can hear it and Ines can focus on solo guitar– just check the solo at the end of Barbarians Rising). On vocals and bass is Joao again - Faccao Opposta (vocals), Asas da Vinganca (where he is behind drum)s. EP is second release from Combate Brutal and it is limited to 200 copies again – 100 with black and 100 with bordeaux cover + 20 test pressings. Sound is darker (which I like) and the band use female vocals in singing which is also great. Sometimes when I hear the combination of male and female vocal it reminds me Insidious Skins but there is no saxophone (most of all in song Mr. Know it All). First song is about how Lusitanian tribe stood against Roman empire. Second one is about those who were everywhere and knows everything. Last one is about backstreet unity which is forged in blood and which stood agains all. On vocals you may hear also Sun Do from Gume and Jefferson – drummer from Faccao Opposta. Cover and pictures inside are from British fantasy illustrator Angus McBride. Concept of the cover is similar as on Asas da Viganca EP– lyrics, pictures, thankslist and band photos. Fine!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 09.10.2017

Faul - Lozdupc

Olifant Records - CD - 32:16

1072_faul_loz.jpgThird album from three pieces Polish band from Slask is out now on Olifant Records. On CD you may check 12 songs in Polish and last three (Wybory, Owieczka Dolly and Dosc Terroru) are some archive pieces but there is no difference in sound and music quality compared with the rest of the CD. Musically it is faster streetpunk similar to other Polish bands which is full of nice melodies, small guitar solos and singalongs. CD begins perfectly with title song and it goes in similar way through songs Ultras (with refrain Jebat PZPN – Fuck Polish Football Association), 67, great song Patologie (with rock guitar), Rock´n´Oi! (with nice changing in vocals), harder HC Skinhead (with really nice and long solo), Nikt nie Zabroni to last three bonus songs. Booklet is drawn and to each piece of lyrics is there small picture. At the end is big thankslist with greetings to almost all Polish bands you may imagine. Classic Polish skinhead sound with classical topics ideal for drinking season.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 28.03.2017

FAVL - Prigioniero

Mohican Tunes Records - CD -

1107_FAVL_prig.pngPrigioniero (Prisoner) is second full album from this Italian band from Viterbo and it will be out on tape throuhh Clockwork Punk Records, CD on Mohican Tunes Records and LP will be out also with cooperation with Steel Town Records and Oi! The Nitsche Records. On CD version is 10 songs from which Tramontato Il Sole (Sunset) is taken from four split with Bronco Army, Reconquestou and Asas da Vingaca and last one is live version of Ace of Spades from their US and Canada tour. On LP version there will be just 8 songs. The band on previous releases have songs just in Italian or just in English and all this album it is mixed (instead of Ace of Spades there is also their song called Asshole´s Generation and T.N.T. which is cover from AC/DC). I have to say again that Italian language fits better to them because Alessandro´s vocal is rougher. You should expect rocky Oi! sound (which is not typical for Italian bands) and in the first song called FAVL (where the band introduce themselves as Viterbo Rock´n´Oi!) you may hear slide guitar. Great solos are also in Asshole´s Generation or in Etrusco. In the title song Prigioniero are listed classic Oi!/punk/rnr bands and their famous songs and albums plus there is passage with drums/bass and vocals. You may check it on Other songs are called Scoppio (Outbreak), Etrusco (with nice singalong refrain), Rumore (Noise) or (compared with the other songs) slower one Amarcord (which is title of Fellini´s film). Cover is in oldschool tattoo style – anchor and eagle (btw this is fourth album in a row with some kind of bird on the cover - Coldside, DDC and Hardsell :)). Songs are on same level and whole album is listening very well. If you like FAVL there is no time to hesitate in buying this album!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 07.12.2017

Foreign Legion - What Goes Around Comes Around

Violated Records - CD -

1091_Foreign Legion Front.jpgRe-edition of the album from this Welch band which was originally reelased in 2002 on DSS Records and as a cassette on Jimmy Jazz Records (one year later). Re-edition will be out on US label Violated Records and album was produced by Mick Jones from The Clash. The band plays clockwork punk (they have released also split album with Foreign Legion and they have been active since 1984 with little break between 1999 – 2000. Album was recorded in five piece line up, it is nice middle rhythm with no hurry, smooth vocals which are easy to understand and the first song Wake Up proves it for you. I really like bass line in Valley Mentality which is about stereotype life on countryside. Best song for me is Wish You Were Here about traveling and clockwork one called Smiling Assasin (with two tone guitar). Some other songs are FL (Foreign Legion), Another Day, My Town, Power Game, Where´s Johnny, … Booklet is gatefold with lyrics, many photos and thankslist. Nice re-edition but I will leave it without rating because it is nothing new.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 14.07.2017

Gan - Wilcze Czasy

Olifant Records - CD -

1132_gan_wc.jpgSecond album from this Polish band Gan is called Wilcze Czasy (Time of Wolves) and it is out (as usual) on Olifant Records. On the album you may check 10 songs in Polish including Diversity from KBK with Polish lyrics. The line up Is still in five pieces but there are few personal changes. Base of the band is wife Mucha (vocals) with her husband Dmuchacz (drums) and their son Maks (guitar, vocals). On bass is Marek and on guitar also Adam. Band members have experiences with playing in bands such as Junkers, Analogs, Anti-Dread, Hunkies or Blakauts. Lyrics are again patriotic - like Moskiewski Szal (Moscow Scarf) whoch has playing time around about 9 minutes, it stars as acoustic piece which turns into rock ballad, Hold Ruski (about the wars between king Zygmund III and Russian tsar Vassil IV) or Nie Zapomnij (Do Not Forget) wghich is about Katyn massacre, and again strongly anti-communist - like Jack Strong which is about colonel Kuklinski who became secret agent of CIA and who stood against Soviet Union after 1970 and who is considered as a traitor because of fake commie propaganda or song Czerwony Klaun (Red Clown) which is about red bastards (not only) from Poland who are heading into European parliament to make themselves rich which starts with the tune of Polish national anthem. Other songs are called Wegielne Lzy (about closed mines and consequences for workers), Jacek i Wilk, Wilcze Czasy or NWO. I really like songs Jack Strong, Czerwony Klaun (great refrain), Jacek i Wilk and the last but not least Moskiewski szal. Guitar is really really great just check solo in Jacek i Wilk. Booklet is in standard way from Olifant Records – lyrics, photos, thankslist. If you like their first piece Przeklety Polak from 2014 this is at least as good as the first album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 16.04.2018

Guttersnipe Army - Never Die

Powerfist Records - LP -

1113_ga_nd.jpgRe-edition of this cult album was released in 2017 on Spanish label Powerfist Recrods and it is limited to 300 copies on black vinyl. Original version is from 1989 and it was released on Link Records (interesting is that they had offer also from Rebelles Européens with the possibility to have songs on Debout compilations) and it was released also as a split CD with The Glory on Step 1 Records. The band comes from Leicaster and it was founded on the ruins of bands called British Born and Destroy the Reality. Their founding members Spen and Kelly were co-founders of English Rose which frontman Jonesy helped Guttersnipe Army since the beginning with lyrics for example (like to the song British Born). This album was recorded in five pieces and it is pure Oi! with no compromise similar to tbands like Condemned 84, Close Shave (they have first live gig with them) or early Section 5 so it means middle rhythm, time to time solo and rougher but clear vocals. Topics of the lyrics can be guessed from the song titles like The Real Oi! (patriotic music for British youth), Never Die, England´s Soldier (about the situation in Northern Ireland), War Dead (anti-war song about war victims), Armed Robbery (about dangerous streetlife), Maniac (with nice solo), Just the Same (about cops) etc... Inside the cover (which is same as before) is A4 booklet with many photos, three zine interviews and short story from the book Here Comes the New Punk. Great re-edition of classic album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 22.01.2018

Hammer and the Nails - s/t

Rock´n´Roll Disgrace/Spirit of the Streets Records - EP -

1069_hatn_EP.jpgNew EP from Boston based Hammer and the Nails is out on Rock´n´Roll Disgrace and Spirit of the Streets and you may check three songs on it - Badge of Dishonor, The More it Gets Better and Shape of Things to Come ( which was originally written by duo Barry Mann and Cynthie Weil, which were responsible for poppy lyrics from 60´s and this song was originally sung by Max Frost and the Troopers. All three songs were originally recorded in august 2015. On side A you may check the first song and I have to say that it won´t disappoints you. It starts in slow and dark rhythm but the drums went to stable frequency. On side B you may check two songs - The More it Gets Better is faster mainly due to the drums and cover song which is very heavy and cumbersome compared to original pop version. EP is done just in black version and there is no paper sheet inside. Cover is made with two crossed flags and band logo plus strip of paper with bands name. On the backside is band photo from the gig plus some information about the recording. Hard music and lyrics without clichés, this is what you´ve should expect from HATN. Great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 14.03.2017

Hard Wax - Diamond in the Rough

Rebellion/Contra Records - LP -

1067_hardwax_diamondLP.jpgDebut full album of this bovver rock band will be out on Rebellion Record as LP and on Contra Records on CD. Together you may listen to 11 songs and the first one Bootboy Stomp has also official video ( The band was founded as project by Tom from Arch Rivals and Hostile Minds but it became regular band which plays in three pieces line up. So you may expect glam/bovver rock sound with steel sounding guitar on rock´n´roll and blues (like Bovver Love Blues) base, playful bass and singalongs. Topic of the lyrics are quite common but it fits to these musical style so drinks, weekends, work, dancing, girls, fights,… Music is ultra-melodic and songs like In the Know, Diamond in the Rough, Bringing back the Noise or Fight Tonight find way into your head. In Keep Shouting Out Loud is also pub piano like from Frankie Flame. So who likes Giuda, Clichés, Faz Waltz, Shandy or old Slade will found himself in the sound of Hard Wax. Graphics is in typical style of bovver rock. Good one.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 24.02.2017

Hardsell - Subculture Criminals

Rebellion Records - CD -

1106_hardsell_subculture.jpgSince the last released album called Pissed and Broke, which was released by Hardsell on Bandwormu back in 2004 have been 13 years (their previous stuff was released on I Scream or Hit Records) and you surely remember their songs like The Underdog, This One´s for You or Satan was a Skinhead. There were some rumors that their singer should became frontman of Discipline which didn´t happened and now they are coming with their brand new stuff called Subculture Criminals (5th full album) which is out on Rebellion and which contains 12 songs. Line up is made by singer who lives in States and the rest are members of bands such as Beltones or Sniper 66. So it means completely US based band. Music is melodic and almost each song finds a way to your head like the first one Toe the Line, title one Subculture Criminals, Suzie Brass Knuckles about skingirls with nice female vocals or slower pieces like I don´t Live for You or Where Are the Heroes (which are the best songs from the album for me). You will find there also short and fast tracks like Freak which has little more than half minute playtime. You may check song Coming for You on You should expect guitar (almost in each song) and bass solos (in Stuck in the Web) which are on high level and which puts the sound under honest streetrock cloak. I think this will be the last stuff from Rebellion Records for this year and it 100% worth buying.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 06.12.2017

Hated and Proud - American Blood

American Defense Records/This Means WAR - LP -

1115_hap_ab.jpgCompilation American Blood was released on CD back in 2008 on Diehard Records. This is vinyl version when you may find 4 songs from 2003 demo, 5 songs from demo 89 in 2000, one song from 2001 demo (cover Wonderful World from 4 Skins), 3 songs from unreleased RSN compilation and one song from studio which was never released in that version. LP was released through American Defense Records and This Means War. Band was founded in Detroit back in 1999 and they´ve released album Let Freedom Reign and EP Can´t Hold us Back. The band broke up because of personal and political differences – part of the band goes into garage/punk bands and psychobilly (Dealing with Dead), part want to stay in current line and part goes into RAC (Max Resist, Blood in your Face). But as Hated and Proud they always were typical representatives of US Oi! like Sons of Liberty (just check song #4699 - Daniel Faulkner), Lonesoldier, YDL, Vanguard, etc… (so nothing for crybabies – conservative patriots for those are US of A on the first place, fans of 2nd amendment and who are against the reds). Songs Red Skin, Double Standard, VFW, Spirit of 89, National Traitors, American Blood and Natural Born Citizen you may know from their album Let Freedom Reign. So the songs which you may here just there are Still Skins, #4699, My Nation, Strength and Honor and Newfound Glory. Even if they are called demo version, the sound quality is OK. Cover is great and it corresponds with the band and their attitude, inside is interview for United Skins from 2001 and lyrics to demo 89 in 2000. On the backside is nice collage from band photos. Nice vinyl version of older compilation.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 25.01.2018

Haymaker - We Are Haymaker

Randale Records - LP -

1076_hay.jpgThree piece Czech/Dutch band Haymaker with Tim (ex Discharger – guitar and vocals), Tiger (ex Saint and Sinners – bass and vocals) and Vlad (ex Disdainful – drums, vocal) released on Randale Records mini LP/CD with six songs in English (including Skinflicks cover – What I am). Tim used to cooperate with Saint and Sinners on Alcoholic Anthem song and with Vlad on song Change the Establishment. Album is opened with We Are Haymaker (video is here, Skinhead (video is here and you may see that the blueprint is similar to Saint and Sinners videos like Keep Hold or Skinhead 4 Life or some Evil Conduct clips – walking the streets, drinking beer, and some shots from the gig) and First to Die (which reminds me most the Discharger songs mainly due to smoother and acoustic guitar and nice refrain – again the video is here On side B are songs Hold on to Your Dreams (no it is not cover from Stars and Stripes and according to the title it is great singalong with passages just with guitar and vocals), then above mentioned cover and tribute to Chicago crew Fear City Skins (which is a big hail to this crew which invite them behind the pond). Lyrics can be guessed from the titles but for me they are not in quality of Discharger´s best Sword of our Ancestors era. Music is surely above average band ant it has all it should have. Tim is great composer with no doubts and also lyricist and that´s why I want to hear more his personal and deeper lyrics in Haymaker´s music. But maybe he has them just for his solo acoustic project. Cover is professional according to the photos and graphics but it is nothing more or less then photo of three lads in front of railway station. Inside is paper with lyrics plus some more photos from the gigs and contact. As I wrote before surely above average music but I miss there THE spirit which Discharger had.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 28.04.2017

Headcase - Satisfaction Guaranteed

Greyzone Records - LP -

1108_headcase_sg.jpgAfter great album Glory Boys from 2008 came this Belgian Oi! classics with brand new (fifth) album out on Greyzone Records. I have to say that previous album was top so I was quite curious about this one. It is out on CD and LP also (300 copies, 100 white and 200 black). Together you may check 13 songs (6 on side A and 7 on side B) including cover Das Model from Kraftwerk, which is quite unusual choice for Oi! band but why not. Title melody from original is played on guitar for sure and not on synths. I think it is not necessary to introduce Headcase to you because you may know them also from some gigs here in CZ. Also their line up is almost similar as line up of The Pride. The band is playing melodic but just right hard Oi! Great songs on first side are Wake Up (about grey days which are repeating) and the title one (quite nostalgic) Satisfaction Guaranteed with nice refrain about runnin´ riots on Friday nights. You can check it on Both songs has great bass and guitar line. The next one Remembering the Days has quite similar lyrics (about meetings on Friday and going downtown which are the things you should not forget). From side B I really like Legacy (about the fact that you can become ruin even you were on top), dark one Troubled Streets (about the part of the city which change), anthem Hard as Nails (about skins who aren´t changing their ways) and Broken Hearts and Shattered Dreams (which is nostalgic again and it is about memories on growing up and first kicks from life). There is also one instrumental song called Empty Threat. Lyrics and thankslist are on the back cover, inside is no paper with photos and info. I think this is last album of the band so that´s why there are nostalgic songs and I will put more effort into the graphics. I really like the album but it need more hearings then one to let the songs go under your skin.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 08.12.2017

Hostile Minds - Life on File

Union Records - EP -

1136_hostile_minds_EP.jpgLife on File is EP from Hostile Minds released last year on Union Records (which is probably label which belongs to Hostile Minds). On EP you may check four songs. It is opened with No Fucks Given (with Carl from Komintern Sect on vocals) followed by Life on file, Diehards (there is a clip on this song and All our Lives (there is also clip on this piece The first song kicks your balls - it has nice refrain and I really like the French part which refreshes the song. At the end is great guitar solo. Title piece Life on File is shortest one and whole song is underlined with higher guitar tunes. Diehards is another killer with significant vocals. Last one steps out of the line because it is ultramelodic singalong (in strophes Tom is supported with drummer vocals and in refrains sings whole band) and it is more into stly of Hard Wax (where Tom plays also). Cover is black/white and on the backside is band photo. Inside is EP on black wax. All songs can be checked on Great stuff.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 03.05.2018

Jednota Kolín - Je to jen na nás...

DIY - CD -

1065_jk.jpgSecond album from Jednota Kolín is out year after their debut and the boys released it again in DIY style which I am a fan of. On album you may check 12 songs in Czech language. In the last one Holka s tulipánem (Girl with Tulip) you may hear also saxophone and vocals from Staré pušky band members. On other vocals there is also help from other mates of the band (mainly in song Barvy klubový – Colors of the Club). CD has really great sound mainly due to guitar solos (like in Varty ztracený – Lost Guards, Braň svůj svět – Defend Your World, Ráno - Morning, …) or bass solos (Vlaštovky - Swallows, Plameny - Flames, Braň svůj svět – Defend Your World, …), but you will hear also two tone guitar with interesting effect (in Vlaštovky). On first CD there was one song dedicated to mothers here is song dedicated to fathers which makes your eyes wet. This song is most melodic from the CD with fine guitar. Next great song is Braň svůj svět about the fact that your home is your castle and also Pod křídly RAF (Under RAF Wings) about Czechoslovakian squadrons in 2nd World War. Tenhle večer patří nám (This Evening Belongs to US) is little bit into HC (not so much but mainly due to vocals and guitar). The band knows serious songs about history, patriotism or personal feelings but also classic rock´n´roll topcs about drinking, dancing and music. Booklet is really great and it was designed in cooperation with Tlustej Tony ( and it is done in retro style of 1st and 2nd republic so mobilization posters, soldiers, border fortresses, old posters with advertisement on boxing and Czechoslovakia map on the background. On the backside is band hpto in front of old pub. I am not afraid to say that this will be the best album from CZ/SK in 2017. Great one!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 17.02.2017

Kalevan Soturit - Hail Ukko!

Hakkapeliitta/Vikingarock France/Rolling On - LP -

1077_kal.jpgAfter demo CD-R Kaukomieli (check the review on BB from 2016) comes Ari with full LP of this Kalevalan Warriors called Hail Ukko! (Ukko us Finnish god of thunder, harvest and weather). On LP which is limited to 300 copies you may find 9 songs (last one is Kaukomieli which you may know from demo) in their native language. Songs are called Metallisoturi (Metal Warriors), Korven Kutsu (Call of the Wild), …Ja Hän Taistelee (…and he is Fighting), Alakulo (Melancholy) and Mennyttä On (The Past Lives). These songs are on side A. Hail Ukko! (it is not necessary to translate and in this songs you may hear also roaring thunder), Linnavuoreen! (Castle), Kalevan Soturit and Kaukomieli are on side B. Rhythm of the drums is not marching as in other Ari´s projects and again you may hear keyboards, samples and humming, acoustic guitar, significant bass and metal guitar (like in Alakulo or Menyttä On). There are also parts where Ari recites but also melodic singing (like in Kalevan Soturit). Inside is paper with finish lyrics and Nordic graphics (hammers, Vikings, runes, …). Topics of the lyrics are quite clear from the titles – history, mythology, nature… Ari told me that now he will have break and we should expect just some re-releases and compilations. Instead of this LP they release also single EP Valkoinen Myrsky/Eteenpäin.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 01.05.2017

Kareliaani - Suomalainen Sisu

Total Noise - EP -

1054_karel_SS_EP.pngEP of third Kareliaani EP can be translated like Finnish bravery (Sisu is Finnish word which I untranslatable and Finns use it to express their national character) and it is out due to cooperation of Total Noise (which is new label from Spain) and Hakkapelita Records. EP is limited to 300 copies and it contains four songs (two in Finnish including British Pride cover from Skullhead and two in English). Songs are called Hämäläisten Laulu (which is traditional song), Northern Brothes, title one Suomalainen Sisu (which is British Pride cover without Land of Hope and Glory beginning on bass and also rhythm of the drums is faster) and Allfather. All songs were composed by Ari again and you may hear keaboards in the first song Hämäläisten Laulu. In Northern Brothers is noce guitar solo between strophes and also nice rnr riff. In the last Allfather is great guitar again with nice singlong. Graphics is quite simple but clear and sound islittle bit covered which sounds great especially in the cover song. Standard Kareliaani EP with more guitar solos. Who like their previous stuff won´t be disappointed.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 12.01.2017

King´s Cross - Break the Silence

Powerfist - EP -

1071_kings_cross.jpgKing´s Cross is two piece project from Finland (Helsinki) which was founded on the ruins of The Wrongdoers. It consists from Tomppa who plays all instruments plus voice and Santtu who is playing solo guitar. EP will be out on Powerfist from Spain as mini LP with four songs. All will be in English and they are called Break the Silence and Lost Spirit on side A and Thoughts and Prayers and Not My Battle on side B. The band had recorded also song called Land of the Proud (which can be checked on Some songs (like Lost Spirit or EP teaser can be found on youtube). Musically it will remind you The Wrongdoers but tempo is little bit slower to me and vocal is different but playful bass and guitar remain and singalong refrains which are also hard (like Lost Spirit where band sings about returning the lost spirit of once great nation destroyed by current plastic generation or Not my Battle about manipulating society which tries to force you somewhere you don´t want) remains also. Whole EP is great and most of all I like songs mentioned above. Inside is insert (with lyrics maybe) and on backside is photo of band members. It will be limited for sure but I have no info about the numbers. Really good piece (but evil and with no compromises also :-)). Great!!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 20.03.2017

Krawal Banda - Skazani na V Lige

eNtivi/U-Boot Bootleg/Anty Records - CD - 8:55

1089_krawall.jpgAfter the full album from 2014 release this Polish band with two members from ex Rezystencja four songs mini CD called Skazani na V Lige (to this title song you may check official video on The band comes from the city of Ustron and this song is dedicated to local football team KS Kuźnia Ustroň. Other songs are called Pogo Pogo, Punks and Skins a Punk Rock (all are in Polish and they were recorded back in 2015). Their topics are quite clear. The band plays in five with saxophone. It is not some kind of reggae/ska/two tone but classic streetpunk music spiced with saxophone. It will remind you Insidious Skins but the tunes are more funny and rhythm is faster. Interesting is song Punks and Skins with nice guitar and bass creations in the beginning and at the end. The last song Punk Rock has guitar solo in whole song. CD is done as digipack with band photos and photos around football plus lyrics.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 12.07.2017

Kriegs Legion - Awaken the Iron

Greyzone Records - LP -

1109_kl_awaken.jpgSecond full album from this Detroit based machine is called Awaken the Iron and it is out on Greyzone Records on CD and LP (400 copies, 150 grey and 250 black) and it contains 12 songs including The Anti-State War Machine which you may know from the EP. Line-up is still in five but the drummer is different compared to previous releases. On A and B side are 6 songs. Musically it is still the same mixture of the harder and dirtier side of punk, thrash, rock´n´roll and hard core and lyrics are still about problems of current society which people didn´t want to see or which make people close their eyes. Album is opened with song Witch Hunt (which you may check here, and which is about the fact that medieval times are back and angry mobs still judging people with their truth. Then came Lobotomized by Nature (about people who lost all critical thinking but they are still influencing our lives), Stockholm Syndrome (again about people who are living like hostages of system but they didn´t care), Freedom for Whom (about freedom and the fact that you should decide who you are and what to think), Peace, Love and mass Murder (oabout religion and its dark sides) and the last on A side Old Punks, New Hate (about old punks who become cogs in wheels of the system machinery and also about the fact that we still can think and do things which we want). Side B is opened by Awaken the Iron (that is necessary to awake the animal in yourself when you want to survive the life on the streets), then came Cheering on Tyranny (about those who are protesting against all but their politics is the same), Children of the Slave (about today´s generation which lives in bubble which is made to control them better in the future), Nothing for Something (about those above who live from your blood, sweat and tears for their own success), One-Way System (about the one way direction of current system which leads into black hole and collapse) and the last one The Anti-State War Machine which you know from EP (and from the 2016 review). Sharp guitars with nice solos, faster rhythm and spit in the face to all oligarchs, tyrants and crybabies who are squealing to the system. Cover is in war topic again, inside is paper with lyrics, thankslist and photos of band members from the gigs. As good as their previous stuff.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 11.12.2017

Lex Talionis - Con La Guardia En Alto

DIY - CD -

1086_lex.jpgThis is third demo from this Columbia based band (but the first one with female singer Karen). It was released again in DIY style and it contains eight songs in Spanish. Title means something like On the Guard. The band plays in four pieces but Karen plays guitar also. In vocals (in refrains mainly) the rest of the bands helps her – especially in first song Sagrada Clase (Holy Class) sings Karen just strophes and the rest of the band sing refrains. Sometimes they are singing all together (Nos Mantenemos – We Will Stay). Vocals are shouted (like in Cultura del Valor – Culture of Values). Musically it is faster oi!/streetpunk with playful guitars (like song Farsantes or La Daga – Dagger, but you will find some small solo in each song) and bass. Most melodic song is Tiempos de Rigor (Rigor Times). Booklet is standard – lyrics (just in Spanish), photos, logos and pictures. Cover is nice drawn picture of the band running down the street. CD has regular sound (no demo quality) and also booklet is done as in classic album but the cd is just CD-R- For me really great surprise. Teaser can be checked on (but whole songs are there also). Fine.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 30.06.2017

Mr. Teddy and the Sidekicks - Born in Wrong Time

Ambrak Crew - LP -

1078_teddy.jpgMr. Teddy and the Sidekicks is Slovak rockabilly band which comes from the city of Martin and this is their debut album released on LP in DIY style (496 copies – 100 red and the rest on black). The band plays in five piece line up with two guitars (main vocals are sung by second guitarist Mako) and they have also saxophone which gave them big beat sound. Together you may check 10 songs in English plus instrumental Intro. Sound is really good and who likes old stuff from The Sharks or The Meteors for example. Swinging and slapping double bass, guitar solos with steel r´n´r sound (which are in each song) and singalong refrains. In song Last Night I hear dark country like Johnny Cash or P.Paula Fenech projects. Lyrics are about classic topics of this genre so dancing (Just Bop, don´t Stop, Shake it Up), drinking (Booze Ale Wine), youth (21), cars and speed (Pedal to the Floor), bad boys (Bonnie and Clyde, Jails) etc… Inside are all lyrics plus many band photos in retro b/w style. I will leave it without rating because I am not too much into this style but check them, they sound good!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 10.05.2017

Nalkas - Rock´n´Calle

Total Noise Records - EP -

1119_nalkas.jpgNalkas is brand new band from Chile (city of Puerto Mont) and they have two Orgullo Sur members in line up (singer and guitarist Willy and bass player Carlos who helps also on vocals). On Total Noise Records is out their debut EP (but as 12´´) with four songs in Spanish - Perdedor (Loser) and Los Mejores Tiempos (Best Times) on side A and Nunca te Dejaré (I´ll Never Leave You which is in spite of romantic title about booze :)) and Rock´n´Calle (Street Rock) on side B. The band plays in four and they have two guitars. Sound of the band is more dense to me then Orgullo Sur (just check the beginning of Los Mejores Tiempos, which has also great solo guitar at the slow beginning and fast end) which is done by the main guitarist Alex I think. Guitar is really plaful and in each track is nice solo. Most of the songs are in middle rhythm but the last one Rock´n´Calle is the fastest and Nunca Te Dejaré is most melodic. If we compare them with Orgullo Sur (which are really melodic) this band is little bit more melodic then them and Spanish language really fits into this kind of music. Vinyl is black and inside is paper with lyrics, band photos and photos from the Puerto Mont area. Nice piece. By the way some songs are on youtube.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 05.02.2018

New Dawn - A New Dawn Awaits Us

Total Noise - EP -

1073_nedwawn.jpgTwo songs “compilation” of Japanese band New Dawn is called A New Dawn Awaits Us and it contains songs called Kanenaru (something like Crown of Cherry and it is from one song CDR released in 2001) and Ima, Yoake Wo Matsu (something like Right Now and it is from CDR released in 2010). Both CD´s were limited to 100 copies and I suppose that it is very difficult to buy them somewhere so release of this EP (which is limited to 250 copies) is nice idea. The band plays (used to play) in classic four piece line up and they come from city of Nagoya and it consists of members from Cannons, Aggro Knuckle or Strong Style. You should expect rock/metal sound with solo passages (which you may know from other SSS bands) supported by vocal which is not afraid to sing in higher tunes. Cover is done in simple way but in tradition of Japanese bands, on the back side is thankslist and some band photos which are dark. Inside is no paper sheet with info or lyrics. In spite of this fact this is really good EP and we should expect some more cool stuff from Total Noise.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 04.04.2017

Orgullo Sur - Justicia Y Libertad/Revuelta

Raven´s Call Records - EP -

1081_o_s_just.jpgAcoustic single from Orgullo Sur was recorded on live session in November 2014 (you may hear applause at the end of each song) and it contains two songs - Justicia Y Libertad, which you may know from Sureňo, Rural Y Brutal album and immortal cover Revuelta from Plastic Surgery. Music is played just on acoustic guitar plus vocals from Willy and Patty. EP is ultralimited - 50 (!!!) copies which are not numbered but everyone who buys it will have his name inside. I will not speak too much about the songs. First one can be checked on youtube – in normal and acoustic version also and I think I should not introduce you Revuelta. Cover is black and white (cougar) and inside is two pages with lyrics to Justicia Y Libertad, photo of Puerto Montt bay and name of the owner. On the backside is short info and thankslist in Spanish. Nice piece to collection and whole profit from this EP will fund recording of the new stuff. I will leave it without rating because it is nothing new.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 29.05.2017

Para Elite - Do What We Do

Streetrock Records - LP -

1120_pe_dwwd.jpgThis is the last album of the US band Para Elite which was released in 300 copies (100 black and 200 red/black) on Streetrock Records. The band was disbanded because singer Sean moved into another state. On LP you may find seven songs (including re-recorded Don´t Wanna Hear, which you may know from split with Total Annihilation and cover He´s Red from Skullhead). So it means five new songs which are called Do What We Do, Take It or Leave It, …to You, Funeral Pyre and One Voice in the Crowd. Line up is similar as on previous album . four pieces with one guitar., but the guitar is really great with solos (just like in Don´t Wanna Hear or the last one One Voice in the Crowd). The guitar is really cool and it sounds differently in each song. I was quite surprised with the song Take It or Leave It with keyboards and tambourine which is into mod beat sound like Secret Affair or The Manics. Some songs have nice rock sound like the first one Do What We Do. Lyrics are about giving back the cult and Oi! into the right hands and about the fact that we don´t really want anyone to told us what to do and what should we think (Do What We Do, Don´t Wanna Hear), about the fact that we don´t want and we can´t be what we are not (Take It or Leave It), song for those who don´t give up the fight and who still stand against all (…to You), about dying nation which is led by fools (Funeral Pyre) or about the fact that you should face the problems and you should not hide and keep on slowly dying every day (One Voice in the Crowd). Inside is paper with lyrics, band photos and thankslist. Are you into pure skinhead bands with no compromise attitude – so check Para Elite.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 14.02.2018

Paris Violence - Pour le Repos de Nos Ames – In Memoriam 1914-

Shout Proud Records/Islika Produktions - EP -

1110_pv_plrdna.jpgBrand new four songs from Paris Violence were released at the end of 2017 on Shout Proud and Islika Produktions. Maxi EP I limited to 150 copies in German edition (50 with CD) and 100 copies in French edition (25 with CD). There were also 50 copies in wooden box (with CD, t-shirt and badge) plus 20 testpressings and 15 promo copies. Title can be translated like For the Peace of our Souls. EP was released as single sided LP (black) with songs on side A and figure of solider (which is also on cover of German edition) on side B. Songs were recorded by Flav but also by Yann (guitar and bass) and Manu (guitar). Whole EP is dedicated to 1st World War and in that way is done also cover which includes (instead of band photos and lyrics) photos from battlefield, medals and quotes from Remarque, emperor Wilhelm, Barbusse, (for someone controversial) Céline and Clemenceau. The cover itself is done as a sleeve. Song titles are Premiére Charge (First Charge), Le Ciel Plonge (Heaven Plunge), La Mort Couleur Garance (something like Crazy Color Death) and Tombé en 18 (Fallen in 18). We should expect again classic style of Paris Violence which means middle rhythm, keyboards and samples and especially intelligent lyrics. I really like last two songs. Fans of Paris Violence (and others also) will be pleased with that EP.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 02.01.2018

Projekt 9 - Älskar att ni hatar oss

Pretty Shitty Town Records - EP -

1090_projekt9_EP.jpgAfter full EP and CD comes this Swedish band with next EP and its title can be translated like We Love that You Hate Us. EP is out through PST Records and it contains four songs in Swedish - Livet som jag valt (Life I Chose), Älskar att du hatar mig (I Love that You Hate Me), En runda till (Next Round) and Sjuk värld (Sick World). I wrote about tbe band in previous reviews so you may read if you want something about members, etc… This record was done in four (guitarist Arthur left the band . maybe he is focusing just on Åvga) and it can be heard. Songs sounds rawer and faster to me (maybe the beginning of Älskar att du hatar mig is exception). But you should surely expect typical Swedish melodic sound and the title song proves it well with nice guitar solo at the end. In En runda till vocalist shout over the rest of the band but there are also nice chorales. The cover graphics is quite simple but it contains everything you need – lyrics (just Swedish), thankslist and small collage from band photos. EP is good but I like their previous stuff more.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 13.07.2017

Ratzekahl - Haare Ab

DIY - CD - 34:00

1111_ratzekahl.pngHaare Ab is debut album (or better to say demo) of band called Ratzekahl which you may know under the name Grandmaster Jay and which have already released one demo called Was Soll Maximal Schief Gehen? (they´ve done couple of videos which can be found on youtube but you should have patience because Grandmaster Jay is also some kind of rapper :)). Demo is packed in DVD cover and it is limited to 50 pieces. CD looks like vinyl and it contains 12 songs in German. Even it is demo (according to the cover) the sound and especially music quality is really high and there are plenty of melodies, solos and cool singalongs and tunes. Sometimes you may hear also ska/two tone rhythm with keyboards (like in Haare Ab, Alltag – which you can check here or in So land vorbei which is completely sung by girl). Mostly (like in many other German bands) two tone rhythm is changing with the normal one. Most of the songs are in classic rhythm but you will surely find some great hits like Totalschaden with hard start and nice refrain, Von einem anderen Stern with nice vocals of the singer and with slower passages, hard one called Reise zum wahnsinn or rock´n´roll one Ich hab dich Satt. Inside the cover is just paper with short story of the band plus description of the music which take inspiration from 80´s and 90´s classics. I can´t tell you much about the lyrics instead of the last piece Ich mag das Bier. For me really great surprise which will fit into some regular album on regular format with nice booklet artwork because the band 100% worth it. I give 8/9 because of the cover but the music is perfect! If you are interested in details write them on Super!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 15.01.2018

Reconquesta - És per honor

Pretty Shitty Town/Disco Nightmare Records - EP -

1112_rcqs_eph.jpgThis is promo single to the brand new album called Valors Perduts which will be probably ou this year. Single contains two songs – title one És per honor (For the Honor) in Catalan on side A and Unbeaten in English on side B. Cover is done similar to their previous releases – it means black/white drawn cover and paper with lyrics inside. On the backside are photos to each songs – battlefield with graves and fight. Vinyl is black with big hole in the middle. First song starts with nice guitar tune, it is in middle rhythm and it is about the fact that man should not betray his ideas even for the highest price. Second one Unbeaten is little bit harder maybe because of the fact that English doesn´t fit to singer as much as Catalan language. Song is about the fact that you should stand your ground even you are part of one man army. At the end of the song is nice guitar tune again. Instead of lyrics there is no info about the band inside but you should read older reviews and interview here on BB (but I don´t know if the line-up is still the same or if there are any changes). In line-up were some members which play also in Codi de Silenci. The band keeps their music on same level and I have no reason to change the rating…and by the way the title song is really great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 19.01.2018

Sabotage - Den nya värdegrunden

Bords de Seine/Club Underground/RPO Records - EP -

1082_Cover.jpgNext 10 inch from Sabotage will be out due to cooperation of Bords de Seine Records, Club Underground and RPO Records and it is called Den nya värdegrunden (New Values). It contains again four songs in Swedish called Vedergällning (Vengeance) and Ni hatar oss, vi hatar er (You Hate Us, We Hate You) on side A and Något Måste Brinna (It Must Be Burned) and Seger (Victory) on side B. Song topics are quite clear from the titles. The first song puts you into Sabotge “mood” (if you do not know their previous releases). Light guitar almost without booster with small solos, parts just with bass and little guitar (almost two tone). Second song is quite similar but it sounds darker to me because of more bass. It also contains singalong refrain where other band members help Robban with vocals. Third tune is most melancholic and sad and the last one Seger is most swinging for me. The sound of Sabotage is quite unique because bass guitar is sometimes more significant then guitar. On the cover is griffin again but drawn in more comix way in boxing position. Inside is paper with lyrics and thankslist (thanks for shout out for BB). On the back side of the cover is band photo. The band is on its top now, everything works well and fits greatly together (calm vocal with softer music). Nice one!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 20.06.2017

Savage Beat - Trench Warfare

Evil Has Landed/Rebellion Records - CD -

1098_savage_beat.jpgSavage Beat is new band from Dutch capital Amsterdam and this is their debut which is out on mini LP through Evil Has Landed Records and on CD (digipack) through Rebellion Records. The band is new but the members have experiences with playing in bands such as The Shining, The Works, Wanderlust and Lords Of Altamont. On album you may check six songs in English called Always Dreaming, Revenge, Through with You, Trench Warfare, The Drinking Song and Easy Way Out. Their sound is led by guitar without booster with „Chickswick“ sound but in several songs the guitar is quite playful – title one Trench Warfare or the first one Always Dreaming which is really great and it opens the album well (solo guitar in it reminds me Yesterday, Today and Forever from Brute Force). Second one Revenge is classic straight forward with no booster which kicks your ass. Melodic and faster songs are changing regularly. Last one Easy Way Out is melodic one again and it reminds me songs from No Resistance. Band helps each other in refrains so there are some singalongs. LP will be limited to 200 copies, CD to 300 pieces. Who likes garage but melodic sound will like also this album from Savage Beat.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 23.10.2017

Shipwrecked - s/t

Pretty Shitty Town Records - EP -

1084_shipwrecked.jpgThird song EP from Shipwrecked is out on PST Records on 300 black and 300 clear copies and after the Arctic Nights it is their second 7´´. They have also released LP called The Last Pagans (which was mainly fast violend HC like All in Brawl, Impact Zone or The Detained). On side A you may check song called For the Fall, on side B songs Onward and Right and Reason. The first song is dark and on the beginning you may hear some kind of ship horn. It is about fallen ancestors, ships which escape from the depths of oceans, iron age, crimson horizont, etc…I was quite surprised because it is not fast and violent noise like The Last Pagans stuff but it is slower and it contains guitar solo. But if you put side B on the record player the song Onward will kick you in the head with their familiar sound and music style and you will realize that the band is “last of the past and the first of tomorrow”. Last piece is slower again and it starts with bass line and whole song is in some strange rhythm which is determined by the bass line. Cover is with the ruins of medieval castle or fortress and inside is band photo, lyrics to the For the Fall and thankslist. So two slower songs and one faster and I have to say that slower songs are really ass kicking and you may find similarity between Shipwrecked and bands around Brendan Radigan. Great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 22.06.2017

Suede Razors - Razor Stomp

Rebellion/Longshot/Randale Records - CD -

1074_suederazorsstomp.jpgAfter five singles come US bovver rock band Suede Razors with six songs album which is out on Rebellion on CD or Longshot/Randale on mini LP. In band you may find members from Harrington Saints or Sydney Ducks for example. Songs are called Ready to Rock, Tv 175, Bovver Girl, Berlin nor Burst, All Nighter and Keep on Rocking. Berlin or Burst is already out last year on single together with song No Time For You). You should expect musical style like Hard Wax, Shandy, Giuda, later The Clichés etc…In each song you will clap your hands or stomp your feet to the rhythm. In Bovver Girl ( or Berlin or Burst (check official video on, which you may know from last year also) is also classic pub piano and in All Nighter there are Hamond keyboards. You should also expect singalong almost in each song. There are only lighter topics in the lyrics like dancing, boozin´, rock´n´roll, girls or drink. Who likes previous stuff from them won´t be disappointed.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 05.04.2017

The Old Firm Casuals - Wartime Rock´n´Roll

Rebellion Records - LP -

1066_OFCWARTIME.pngNext stuff from The Old Firm Casuals is out as single sided LP with four songs or as CD with bonus song Sanctuary City (which you may know from split EP with Sheer Terror which was released last year). Other songs which are on side A are Hell´s A Lot Better, Sex Case, 1312 and Wartime Rock´n´Roll (which you may check on On side B is etched picture. First song is in bluesy swinging rhythm with slide guitar solos and it will reminds you Aussie bands like the Corps, Rose Tattoo or Angels. Also main vocals are not sung by Lars (but other songs yes). Sex Case is in standard middle faster rhythm of TOFC. 1312 is slower and title one Wartime Rock´n´Roll is again very characteristic for TOFC especially due to Lars vocals. Both songs have great melodic refrain and Wartime Rock´n´Roll is really great anthem. Nice piece with nice graphics of LP itself.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 22.02.2017

The Sandals - F.T.W.

DIY - CD -

1093_sandalsftw.pngThird album from this Poznaň based band is out in DIY style and you may listen to thirteen songs (one is in English, the rest is in Polish). English one is cover from Marching Orders – Australian Made which was renamed to Fuckin´ Polish Made). There are some other covers - Clockwork Army from Black Marias, Glowa do Góry (from Polish pop rock band Banda i Wanda) and Nie Mamy Nic (which is Vi Får Ingenting from Agent Bulldogg). So we have four covers and nine original songs. Graphics of the cover was done by tattoo artist Abu (oldschool picture), inside are lyrics and thankslist plus photo of band members. Band plays in five and all members helping vocalist Kotek in singing. Two guitars are well heard just check the songs like Rozstanie (Farewell), rock one Czekam (Waiting) or title one F.T.W. (with great singalong). You surely find out that all songs are really melodic just check the last one Fyrtel, Bledy (Mistakes) or Jak tu źyć? (How to Live Here). Sandals played many times here and I have to say that they sound live as good as on CD. Nice piece.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 18.07.2017

The Trolls - Tylko Twardziele Pierdza Przy Sikaniu!

Olifant Records - CD -

1087_trolls.jpgDebut album from Polish band from Wroclaw can be translated like “Only Thugs Fart During Pee” and it is out on CD through Olifant Records. Band plays in four piece line up but they have two guitars and on CD with ideal playtime you may check 12 songs in Polish. I really like the graphics of the cover and booklet which remind me mixture of comix Sin City and Tank Girl. Songs are about classical topics - Szare Zycie (Grey Life), Dwa Kolory (Two Colors – white and red for sure :)). Zycie jest jak talia kart (Life is Like Deck of Cards), Gorsi od samego diabla (Worse than Devil Himself – about punks and skins and their streetlife), Krajina latajacych siekier (Land of Flying Axes – about Polish cities where you should be beware what you say/wear) or Ulico prowadz mne (Street, Lead Me). There are also more serious songs like Czesc i chwala bohaterom (Honor and Glory to the Brave which is about Katyn massacre and it is the saddest song from the CD) or Mistrz i Malgorzata (about lost love – nice song with great guitar at the beginning and for me one of the best songs from the CD). You will find there everything you love on Polish bands – catchy tunes and vocals with singalongs (like in Magiczne noce – Magic Nights), guitar solos (like in Gorsi od samego diabla for example) and accurate rhythm which didn´t keep you calm. The band plays two time in our country (Brno and Pilsen) and I think they played Terpentin from Bohse Onkelz live. Nice album and two thumbs up for the booklet.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 10.07.2017

The Unborn - Obey

Skinhead Sounds/Chosen Few Street Productions/Tusc - EP -

1068_Cover art [web quality].jpgThe Unborn is band which comes from Italian city Viterbo and this is their debut single which is out two years after the founding of the band. Ep is out due to cooperation of many small independent labels and it contains two songs La Città Verrà Distrutta all'Alba (video can be seen here and They Live. Single is done as single sided and it is limited to 300 copies. Both songs are inspired by sci-fi /horror/post apocalyptical films. First one by The Crazies from 1973 and second one by film They Live from 1988. First song is in Italian and it is really melodic and it reminds you all Italian bands you know. Second one is in English and it is faster but with nice solo. Band plays in five so it means two guitars. On vocals you may hear also Alessandro from FAVL because they come from same city. Graphics of the cover is done according to the songs topics, inside are lyrics and band photos with masks like Headhunters. Fine piece.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 07.03.2017

Top Dog - Razor Reg

Rebellion Records/Longshot Music - EP -

1080_rr178.jpgAfter full album and single comes Top Dog with brand new Ep called Razor Reg. It contains four songs - – Razor Reg (check it on, Our Turf, The Riff Raff and Fear No Foe. First song is dedicated to famous ganster from the 60´s whose name is known by everybody and I think that it is about Reggie Kray. Song starts with nice steel bass. Second one Our Turf is about the quarter of town or land where do you come from. Third one The Riff Raff is about life of man who was born to bad conditions and it follows him during his whole life – troubles and jail. The last one Fear No Foe contains steel bass again and there are vocals from other band members. In each song you may check some small guitar solo, sound is rawer and vocals is more shouted then rough. This EP continues in their previous stuff and I like more side A (first two songs) then side B. Cover reminds me Sin City graphics and in the figure I see drawn Marv. Fine.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 26.05.2017

True Aggression - Manns genug!?

Oldschool Records - CD - 36:00

1070_true_agg.jpgAnother band which comes from Upper Lusatia is called True Aggression and their debut ise released by Oldschool records. CD is out in normal version plus 77 copies in wooden box. The band plays in four pieces but the singer plays guitar also. You may listen to 13 songs (including instrumental intro with double pedal), three of them are in English and nine in German. Instead of classic streetpunk tunes you may hear also half acoustic things (like the third one Aussenseiter - Outsider or sixth Freundschaft – Friendship about god old days). You may expect singalong refrains where band sings together or overshouts each other (English songs We Are the Pack – about the band which is ready to piss people off, All Your Words – about the breaking chains of modern slavery made by media and their propaganda or the last one Stell dir vor! – Just Imagine!) and many guitar solos (like in Wehr dich lieber nicht – Better not Defend about the fact that many people nowadays close their eyes to the problem even it is 5 to 12 or Menschenfeind - Misanthrope). You may find also fast songs like Artig sein! (Be Good!) about the work of normal people which is insurgency of the system or Think for Yourself which has playtime under one minute. Title one Manns genug!? (Man Enough!?) is most melodic from the album and it is about each man and his way to inner freedom and Menschenfeind about the hate which rules you. This song has great refrain and I play it three times. In booklet are lyrics with pictures and CD is done in vinyl style. Great thing from experienced musicians with lyrics that force you to think.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 17.03.2017

Ultima Thule - Vingslag

Dim Records - EP -

1094_ut_ving.jpgVingslag (or Wave of the Wings) is new EP which is out on CD or 12´´(black, blue and yellow) on Dim Records. It contains four songs Vingslag and Trolltider (Age of Trolls) on side A and Tröstlisedens Sång (Song of Solace) and Titta, Se Och Lär (Watch and Learn). On last two EP´s (Sverige, Sverige Fosterland and Så Länge Skutan Kan Gå) was on vocals original singer Bruno Hansen but on this EP Jan Thrönblom is back in line up. Whole EP has more than 13 minutes so it means more than 4 minutes average on one song. It is hard to pick the best songs but I really like Vinglsag and Trolltider (with nice refrain and typical beginning – dampened guitar, simple drum rhythm plus Jane´s vocal). At the end of Titta, se och lär is nice guitar solo. On the cover is raven flying above Scandinavia, on the back are band photos and photo from the gig. Inside is no paper with information but this is how Dim Records do it in case of Ultima Thule records. Nothing more or less then classic in style of the last albums.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 21.07.2017

Ultima Thule - Jämtlandssången

Dim Records - EP -

1101_ut_jamt.jpgNew single from Ultima Thule is called Jämtlandssången and it is out on Dim Records in 500 copies (100 yellow, 100 blue and 300 black) and it contains two songs. First one Jämtlandssången is dedicated to the Jämtland area (on video you may check its landscape which is historical province of Sweden in the middle of the country. Second one is called Nordens år – Odens vrål (Northern Year – Odin´s Roar). There is also official video on this song - where you may find shots from studio. Jämtlandssången is originally written by Wilhelmem Petersonem-Bergerem which was Swedish composer and writer at the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century. Second song is slowest and Bruno can show his vocals quality. When I compare these songs, the first one is faster and more singalong with the beginning just with vocals and guitar, second one starts with typical Viking rock tune. I have to say that both songs were recorded more than half year ago. On the cover is Jämtland coat of arms, on the back side is detail of roaring Viking plus song titles. There is no info paper inside. Both songs are great in their own way. Great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 16.11.2017

Ultima Thule feat: Bedärne Barn - Spegelbild

DIY - EP -

1102_ut_spegel.jpgUltima Thule invite on next single band called Bedärne Barn (Beautiful Child) with Marcus Öhrn on vocals. People from this band are helping in the first song called (Reflection). Singer Marcus and bass player Peter are singing and the other help is done by guitarist Jesper and keyboards player Jimmie. At the beginning you may listen to the main part of the melody supported by keyboards. Janne from UT sings the first part of the strophe and the rest of it and refrain (which is great by the way) is sung by Marcus. Second song is their Storm i Natten (Night Storm) which you may know from 30 Åriga Kriget or from Trägen Vinner. This version was recorded in 2017 with orchestra so you may hear piano, strings, accordion, kettledrums and also choirs in the middle of the song. I can´t evaluate if this is done with the help of computer or live. I like the original version so it takes some time for me to get into this one. EP has no official label (neither Ultima Thule Records nor Dim Records) so it is DIY with graphics typical for Ultima Thule EP´s. Again it is out in 500 copies (100 blue, 100 yellow and 100 black). Nice one but I like Jämtlandssången more.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 20.11.2017

Union Blood - Working Class Pride

Crowd Control Media/Spirti of the Streets/Crom Rec - EP -

1059_UB_COVER.jpgSpanish band Union Blood comes from the city of A Coruňa and they are releasing their debut EP on Crowd Control Media in USA and Spirit of the Streets/Crom Records in Europe. On EP yyou may check four songs called Working Class Pride (on this is also official video, Reckless and Bold, Blood on the Streets and Brawlers. The band plays in four but singer play guitar also so you should expect two guitars and also solos! Musically it is melodic Oi!/streetpunk similar to bands like Agitators, Prins Carl, Harrington Saints or Booze and Glory for example. In first song you will hear also nice bass solo (just with drums), in second piece is nice singalong. Third one is little (but very little) slower and fourth is the most melodic singalong about sharing memories during drinking. Cover is band logo. If you like bands mentioned above there is nothing to solve. Melodic, catchy and singalong.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 27.01.2017

v/a - Som das Ruas

Sindicato Records - CD - 71:21

1097_sdrIII.jpgThird volume of Portuguese compilation of local Oi!, punk, HC, psycho, garage, surf… bands is out on Sindicato Records and you ma check 25 bands with 25 songs. I know just four bands from it (Gume, Pulhas, Blind Alley Dogs and Núcleo Duro) and I have their songs on solo records so I can´t say if other songs from other bands are new or not. Songs are in their native language (most of them) and in English. Other bands from the compilation are Trinta & Um, Booby Trap, The Psycho Tramps, Dr. Frankenstein, The Dirty Coal Train, Cadáver N' Roll, Broken Distance, Challenge, Clean Break, F.P.M., M.E.D.O., Scum Liquor, Systemik Viølence, Um Trinco No Mamilo, G.B.D.P., Era Uma Vez Um Tímpano, C4, Konflito Social, Surfenstein, Atlantida On Demand and Judeus. I really like harder stuff like Trinta & Um with their song Auto Estima (Self-confidence) and their metal/hc guitar and pure HC bands like Broken Distance (sXe) with their Sunset, cumbersome Challenge with their Coward (really great song), Clean Break (sXe) with their Hate Culture, Atlantida on Demand with their Drown the Sky and F.P.M. with their Contraste. There is also one crust/d-beat band/song - Systematic Violence - You Are Free to be a Slave or one grind G.B.D.P. - Orgia Funebre. Cover is quite simple and inside (but it is quite common in compilations) – band list with contacts plus their photos. Interesting crosscut through Portuguese street scene with covering almost all genres and fine piece for those who want to have some complex view how it is with music in Portugal.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 11.10.2017

v/a - Summer Hits 17

Sindicato Records - CD - 37:16

1099_summer_hits.jpgSplit CD of four Portuguese harder bands is called Summer Hits 17 and you may check 16 songs on it. It means that each band has there four songs (and only band which sing in English is Albert Fish). CD is opened by Acromaníacos which play quite too long (their first album was released in 1997). Their first song Relvas Daninhas show you the sound direction which is led by heavy guitar and rough vocal. Second band Albert Fish is most melodic and also very experienced (just check their albums, singles or splits) and I really like instrumental piece Handfull of Nothing. Third band 53A is hc/punk from Lisboa and they have been playing since 1996. Their sound reminds me Italian HC bands like Woptime or Plakkaggio. Rhythm is led by fast drums /like in Porco no Espeto with great solo guitar) and their songs has playing time 1:30 max. The last band Nostragamus is youngest band with one release from 2016 – album called Profecias no Feió (checkofficial video on song Inquisição They have female vocals – Inéz and she knows how to scream (like in Apatia or Fatos de Esgoto) Cover is done in style of crazy 80´s – girls in swimsuit or jogging dress. Inside are band photos, thankslist plus contact. Compilation of harder bands which were (except one) unknown for me.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 26.10.2017

Victory - S.O.S.

Pirate Press/Oi! the Boat/Rebellion/Longshot Music - LP -

1118_victory_SOS.jpgAfter some singles, split EP´s and compilations is finally out LP from this five piece band from Minnesota. It is out on CD version but also on LP – 1000 copies (100 black, 250 white/blue, 250 blue and 250 white/blue splattered). Together you may check 13 songs but Enemy of the State you amy know from split EP with The Clichés, Midwest Unrest from Voice of America 3 and Piss and Whisper (with catchy refrain and nice bass solo) and The Crew from The Code single. So it means 9 new songs. Music is playful and you should expect typical US OI! sound with singalong refrains and choruses (like in True Breed or Piss and Whisper). Song topics vary from historical ones (Silver Bayonet about the battle in Ia Drang valley which was one of the first battles in Vietnam), across songs about the friends who are not here anymore (Frank´s Song), about big brother NSA and their eyes which are everywhere (Enemy of the State) to the songs about their crew (The Crew) or drunken nights (One Last Chance). To the S.O.S. song is also official video which you may see here and together with Cut Throat these are two hardest songs from the LP. I really like the cover which is put into patriotic style – personalized Statue of Liberty and sign Victory on the back side which is made by Marines. Inside is paper with lyrics but I miss some band photos. So first LP from Victory with few songs from their previous releases with great cover and nice playing time. A must have for the fans of US sound.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 31.01.2018

Violence Station/Boot Boys Social Club - s/t

Oi! the Picnic Records - CD -

1083_vs_bbsc_split.jpgSplit CD of two Czech bands – Violence Station and Boot Boys Social Club is out now in DIY way. Each band has there three songs in Czech. For Violence Station this is their debut studio recording and their songs are called Něco je špatně (Something is Wrong), Tanec mezi paragrafy (Dance between Paragraphs) and Way of Life. First song is the best from them I think and it is about modern age, celebrities, EU or people who want back the commie state…Second one is about the border between jail and freedom and the last Way of Life is quite clear. They are playing in classic four piece line up. BBSC has two guitars so their sound is more compact but the voice is not as rough as Violence Station. Their songs are called Lobby, Corgito ergo sum and Životní styl (Lifestyle). Song Lobby has serious topic about the chemical age f nowadays with pill on each bullshit and we find it normal. Second one is about free mind which is quite rare in current times. Last one starts as acoustic one and it is about the change of the city part you live when rich from behind their walls decide that they move criminals and losers to it. This song is best from BBSC. CD is just CD-R, booklet has two pages with photos of band members and description of the line-up. Fine piece for good prize.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 21.06.2017

Zex - No Sanctuary

Violated Records - EP -

1092_zex-NOSANCTUARY-front1.jpgZex is four piece band from Ottawa in Canada which has female vocals (Gretchen). They have been playing since 2014 but they have already released two full albums and six EP´s. On this single are songs No Sanctuary and More Time. Sound is really melodic and after the first hearing I was thinking that they sound similar to Finnish Dead On´s (and Gretchen has also similar vocals to Hanna) but Zex are little bit slower in rhythm. You will think about other female fronted bands like Violators or Vice Squad for sure. To the title song you may check official video on and you may know this song also from their full album Uphill Battle. When you browse through youtube you will find some other official videos to their older songs The band plays in classic line up but the guitar and bass aren´t afraid to play solos. Second song More Time is slower and more melodic and it is about that the world is so nice and when you look at the sky, ground or sea you need more time in living to watch it again. I do not know anything about graphics because I have just promo but the music is great and who likes melodic stuff with female vocals this is exactly for him.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 17.07.2017