B-Squadron - Sons of Tigers

Rebellion Records - CD -

1104_bsq_sons.pngIn 2015 released this English based band from Leicaster their debut EP Saturday´s Soldiers wuth four songs – Saturday´s Soldiers, Means of Escape, B-Squadron and Scratchcard Nation. Then they go underground and it looked like that they have broken up but at the end of January 2018 they are going to release brand new full album called Sons of Tigers. It will contain 13 songs including the old one (but re-recorded), Intro and two covers - Evil from 4Skins and Rapist from Combat 84. In song Day to Day you may hear also Timmo from The Glory. Sound of the band is the same – rough and raw as on their debut EP and it proudly refers to 80´s – just look at the choice of the covers. Sometimes you will hear guitar solo but I think that no one will recognize without info that the album comes from 2018. Also the sound of the covers is the same as the rest of the songs. This is really sound nostalgy and I also hear in their sound Condemned 84 (and their Gang Warfare or When Saturday Comes) or Bootprint from the new breed bands. It is mainly in middle rhythm but there are also some faster songs like This is England which is about English subcultures. Other songs are Mongoose Patrol, Keep the Cover, Means of Escape, Woking Class Heroes and last but not least Sons of Tigers. Raw sound with no compromise, violent and simply good!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 28.11.2017