Albert Fish/Crucial Change - s/t

Esnaquiza!/ Can I Say Records - EP -

1144_cc_af.jpgSplit Ep of Portuguese band Albert Fish (which have so many splits that I can´t count) and US Crucial Change is out on Portuguese labels Can I Say Records and Esnaquiza!. Each band has there two songs in English - Dead City and Plastic Age from Albert Fish and Forgotten Identities (which will be out also on The Fire Next Time album) and Why We Fight from Crucial Change. Albert Fish´s side should be played on 45 RPM. First song is slower melancholic piece about city concrete jungle where rats with angel wing shiting on people :), second one is faster thing about current material world where people need nonsense things for being happy. Albert Fish are playing in classic four piece line up. Crucial Change plays also in four but bassist Tyler sings (or singer Tyler plays bass :)). Their side should be played on 33 RPM. Songs are slower and technicaly more advanced. The lyrics are far from their previous albums but the sound stays the same. Both songs are about nation, oppression, capitalistic values which stand on building a career and necessity to fight against it. In first song is nice guitar solo and in second one nice bass solo. EP is limited to 300 copies on black vinyl, inside is paper with lyrics, photos and line up. Nice one!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 13.08.2018

Alliance - As the City Burns

Rebellion Records - EP -

1153_alliance.jpgThird record from this Ontario based band from Canada is out on Rebellion Records again. EP contains three songs and as on previous records there is also one cover - One Law For Them from 4Skins. On the previous records it was Sarah from Retaliator and Warriors from Blitz. Other songs are title one called City Burns and the last one The Other Guy. First song is really great , it is opened with drums, then the guitar tune is added (band has two guitars) and rough vocal. You can check it here Cover version compared to original piece has better sound and it is really great. Last song The Other Guy is similar to the first one. Rough vocals with nice solos and singer Ben shows there many forms of his vocal. It reminds me their colleagues from Bootprint. EP is limited to 500 copies on black wax. Cover is in middle age style and just black and white which I always like and which band has also on previous record Evil. Nice piece which follows their previous records.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 17.10.2018

Arogants - 1

DIY - CD -

1151_arogants.jpgDebut album from Arogants which hail from east part of Bohemia contains two record sessions – Epizode 1 and 2. Difference is that the 1st one was recorded with two guitars. Both contain 6 and 6 songs. Boys have experiences with playing on deifferent bands like Driák, Everyday Hate, Svarog, Todleto Rebels or Out of Control so it varies from punk, Oi! to HC and you may hear and feel in their sound. There are ultra melodic songs like Skinhead Rock´n´Roll ort he last one against war Nezažiješ, Nepochopíš – No Experience, No Understanding (which has acoustic start and you may hear keyboars in it), but also harder stuff like the first one Arogants, Závidíš (You Envy) or Loser Skinhed. Singer has really nice vocal and he knows how to work with it so you may hear many levels from melodic to rough, guitar has nice riffs and you may hear that guitarist likes harder music (but there are also solos like in Timebomb), bass in the background with the steel sound (like in Pijavice – Bloodsucker). I really like song Pokrytec (Hypocrite) with nice singalong like from Normals?! Lyrics are both serious (like Čikatilo or Nezažiješ, nepochopíš) and classic topics like Working Class, way of life (Žádný vyzrálý blues – No Mature Blues), fun on gigs (Arogants), violence (Vem ho tyčí – Hit Him with Bat), etc… Booklet was done by tlustej Tony so whole stuff is in comix/cartoon style, inside are lyrics in Czech (English version can be found on their bandzone), short thankslist and band photo from the pub. Nice debut.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 18.09.2018

B-Squadron - Sons of Tigers

Rebellion Records - CD -

1104_bsq_sons.pngIn 2015 released this English based band from Leicaster their debut EP Saturday´s Soldiers wuth four songs – Saturday´s Soldiers, Means of Escape, B-Squadron and Scratchcard Nation. Then they go underground and it looked like that they have broken up but at the end of January 2018 they are going to release brand new full album called Sons of Tigers. It will contain 13 songs including the old one (but re-recorded), Intro and two covers - Evil from 4Skins and Rapist from Combat 84. In song Day to Day you may hear also Timmo from The Glory. Sound of the band is the same – rough and raw as on their debut EP and it proudly refers to 80´s – just look at the choice of the covers. Sometimes you will hear guitar solo but I think that no one will recognize without info that the album comes from 2018. Also the sound of the covers is the same as the rest of the songs. This is really sound nostalgy and I also hear in their sound Condemned 84 (and their Gang Warfare or When Saturday Comes) or Bootprint from the new breed bands. It is mainly in middle rhythm but there are also some faster songs like This is England which is about English subcultures. Other songs are Mongoose Patrol, Keep the Cover, Means of Escape, Woking Class Heroes and last but not least Sons of Tigers. Raw sound with no compromise, violent and simply good!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 28.11.2017

Battle Ruins - Glorious Death

Rock´n´Roll Disgrace - LP -

1138_br_gd.jpgSecond press of second official full length album from this Boston based band is out on Rock´n´Roll Disgrace now on blue vinyl and limited to 500 copies. Band is lead by Brendan and whole bunch around bands like Hammer and the Nails, Boston Strangler, Rival Mob, Stone Dagger, Lovely Lads, Peacebreaker, Magic Cirlcle, Mind Eraser, Soul Swallower, etc… The band plays in five pieces and they´ve started their career in 2009 with cassete, then came single and first full album. Since that time they become cult (just look at the prizes on discogs) and there are also three bootlegs of their songs released as three singles through Battle Ruins Fan Club. On this LP you may check eight songs and three of them you may know from promo cassette released last year - Glorious Dead Lay Under Waves, Slain Stripped Skalped and We Are the 10th Legion. Most of the songs are in middle rhythm (so do not expect any doom metal) with nice Brendan vocals with nice high tunes (Same Enemy, Atomic Fire or the last one The Day the Idols Fell) and great solo guitar but there are also faster pieces (Below the Black Sun and Slain Stripped Skalped). Do not expect any kind of cliché – these lyrics are about war (from Rome through Hiroshima to Vietnam), suffering, evil, glory, etc…and be ready for the fact that each song is a top one. Top of tops are for me Atomic Fire and We Are the 10th Legion. Inside the cover is paper with lyrics and picture of dragonship. Really cult album and full points from me!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 30.05.2018

Bomber - Mighty Mighty Bomber Mayhem

DIY - EP -

1116_bomber.jpgBomber is brand new band from Sweden (Malmö) with members from Vindicate This! And Lost Warning. Single is out now as digital promo or on, but later this year it will be out on Pretty Shitty Town Records. Online version contains four songs in English called Working for What, Point of No Return, I´m a Bomb! and The Irony. But the band have recorded five songs in studio so maybe the physical version contains one more songs. You can hear there above mentioned bands, music is melodic (as we are used to Swedish bands from that area), straight forward and songs are relatively short (each has under 2 minutes). Drums are fresh and each song is short guitar tune (best one is in the last one The Irony) and in the background is fast bass (you will hear it best in Point of No Return). Cover and band logo correspond with their title. Nice new band with well known veterans in line up.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 29.01.2018

Boot Boys Social Club - Obrazy smutku

DIY - CD -

1161_bbsc_os.jpgThird full album (and fourt official release) from BBSC is out again in DIY style and it is called (Pictures of Sadness). There are some line up changes again – second guitarist moved to bass. Together you may check 10 songs in Czech. After the first hearing I have to say that this is the best album they´ve released! Music is calmer middle rhythm (so do not expect some heavy stuff), guitar is playful (just check songs Obrazy smutku, Parazit, Divadlo loutek or Naše zem) and I really like Vlasta´s vocals which is not hard or rough and it fits well to the music. Album has also great lyrics which are meaningful and serious so occupation and its consequences (from the Russians point of view - Ие КоLопII, USA – Okupant - Occupier or both - Studená válka – Cold War), hard 50´s when communist system were destroying everything normal around (title one Obrazy smutku – Pictures of Sadness), drugs (Divadlo loutek – Puppet Theater), celebrities which are “famous” just due to their scandals (Produkt doby – Product of the Time) or distorted picture of skins which you know from media (Skinhead Story). Most of all I like Naše zem (Our Country) which has slow beginning just with bass and the title one Obrazy smutku. Booklet is also best from the stuff they´ve released – all lyrics, hand-drawn thematic pictures and band photo. Since 2012 when they have released their debut album they have done a lot of work which end in this album which is really great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 05.12.2018

Castilion - s/t

Shout Proud Records - LP -

1149_castilion.jpgDebut piece from Spanish band Castilion is out now on Shout Proud Records as single sided LP. One version is called Eterna Batalla (Eternal Battle) limited to 100 copies on green vinyl and knight on the cover, second version is called Lista Negra (Black List), limited to 50 copies on black vinyl with dancing skeletons on the cover. There are also 20 copies of test pressing with helmet on cover. On LP are five songs in Spanish and I have to say that I really like idea of single sided LP more then 10´´ with both sides. Even the band is new members has experiences with other bands – there is Victor from Drakkar od Nestor from Glory Boys, Mercancias, Shaved Dogs, etc… Except the two title songs there are three other called Cabalgando (Ride), Terrores (Terrors) and the first one Llorando el Perdón (Crying for Forgiveness). The first song show you how the other will look like – faster music with playful guitar (like the beginning of Terrores or parts of other songs), vocal is shouted and it reminds me older Ultimo Asalto stuff or some Brazil bands and sometimes other members help the vocalist (like in the first one Llorando el Perdón. In the last but one song Lista Negra the vocals are very fast. I really like Spanish language in that project and most of all I like song Eterna Batalla with perfect refrain and beginning. Cover is done as a list with LP inside and from the backside are lyrics, photos and thankslist. Who likes Spanish bands like Asedio, Drakkar or Revolta will like this band also.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 13.09.2018

Codi de Silenci/Reconquesta - La Força de la Raó

Disco Nightmare/Roca Sobirana/Fénix Records - EP -

1130_cds_rcq.jpgTitle of the split EP of two Catalan bands Reconquesta and Codi de Silenci can be translated like The Force of Reason. EP is limited to 500 copies (300 black and 200 maroon) and it was released on Disco Nightmare, Roca Sobirana and Fénix Records (last two are probably band labels). Each band sings in their native tongue and each band has there two songs – Codi de Silenci has there El Complot (Conspiracy) and Descans (The Rest), Reconquesta has there Segueix Latent (Still Alive) and Som Una Nacio (We Are the Nation). Codi de Silenci are playing in five pieces and their music is really great which you surely know from two previous EP´s. Descans is slower one with nice guitar and vocal about dying patriot who is summing up his life and he realize that he would not change anything. Song ends with peeping of cardio machine. El Complot is about unsuccessful attempt to kill king Alfons XIII in 1925 and consequences of this on their region. Reconquesta reduced their line up into three but their music is still great, it is rougher but it doesn´t mean that it is worse. Segueix Latent is about dead but not forgiven patriots and historical persons whose fight continues through us. This song contains great refrain. Second one Som Una Nacio is about the feeling of being part of the land your nation don´t belong to. It is the hardest piece from whole EP due to its refrain. Inside is paper with lyrics (English also) and photos. Who likes bands which are not afraid to stood up for their identity and nation this is directly for him. Full points!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 06.04.2018

Doubling Boys - Bide Luzea

Primátor Crew/No Turning Back/Tough Ain´t Enough - EP -

1121_db_ep.jpgDoubling Boys is five piece band from Basque country which has already released CD Denbora Aurrera Doa in 2010 for example and this album is also out on LP through Primátor Crew. The band plays quite long (their debut was released in 2006 and the band was founded in 2004) and this is their first new stuff since 8 years (line up changes, etc…). EP contains three songs - Bide Luzea on side A and Skinhead and Bad Reputation on side B. Cover can be translated like Long Way. EP is limited to 500 copies, it contains insert and it is out due to cooperation of three labels. First two songs are in Basque language, third one is in English. If you like slower Oi! with nice vocals and melodies, bass solos in the background and singalong refrains, you will receive this from Doubling Boys In their songs Bide Luzea and Skinhead. The last one Bad Reputation is fastest and it contains playful rock´n´roll guitar. Again I have to say that native language fits more to the bands and Doubling Boys proves it again. I do not know much about the insert because I have just electronic copy but the cover is done well. If you like melodic stuff like Codi de Silenci, you will love this. Nice one!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 16.02.2018

Dowina - To Each His Own

Tough Ain´t Enough Records - EP -

1125_dowina_ep_new.pngAfter putting their only album Brezalauspurch on EP came Spanish label Tough Ain´t Enough Records with next Dowina EP called To Each his Own, where you may check their demo songs from 2003 Memories, Victim (which you may know from Streetkids 2 compilation) and Dowina Fortress, song Werewolves from compilation Japanese-European Friendship and previously unreleased track called To Each His Own. Ep is limited to 250 copies on black vinyl with absolutely great cover (which reminds me Templars) with great back side with many colours and archangel Michael. Inside you may check paper with lyrics to all songs. Dowina was quite fenomenous oin their active times because it was first attempt in our scene to play with viking rock touches (just check the tune Dowina Fortress) and also sing in English. You should expect great guitar solos (like in Victim) but also bass solos (Werewolves, Memories) and also singalongs. Lyrics are about memories on glory days when we were young, street justice for all rapist and peadophiles or Dowina and its history. It is hard to pick the best song because event he demos are in perfect quality. This is last piece for making Dowina discography complete and all 10 songs you may check (plus demo from 2015) on For me full points and thumbs up for Tough Ain´t Enough for realization of boh EP´s.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 27.03.2018

Facção Opposta - Da Luz À Obscuridade

Combate Brutal Records - LP -

1123_f_o_LP.jpgWe have to wait on LP version of the Da Luz À Obscuridade from Facção Opposta for two years since it has been released on CD. This LP version was released by Combate Brutal Records for which this was the first LP release. It is limited to 200 copies – 100 with black and 100 with white cover + 20 test pressings. Vinyl is black. Compared to CD version there is just 8 songs (4 on A and 4 on B side) including cover Dans Les Tribunes from Komintern Sect with Wattie from Lion´s Law on vocals. LP version is without song O Tempo Passa from split EP with FAVL. Playtime is around about 30 minutes. Cover is paper with new graphics – death (maybe because of the song Anjo da Morte), band members photos and tracklist plus paper with lyrics, thankslist and photo from the gig. Detailed review you may check on BB in CD review so this will be quite brief. Band is playing in middle rhythm, their sing in Portuguese (with nice singalongs like in title song or in Farsante), they have two guitar and you will surely hear it (like in Recordaçöes or Veterano do Ultramar). I leave the rating as same as in CD version so 9 from 10. You may look forward to their future split EP with Spanish Asedio.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 19.03.2018

Facção Opposta/Asedio - s/t

Combate Brutal Records - EP -

1160_f_o_asedio.jpgSplit EP of Facção Opposta from Portugal and Asedio from Spain is out on Portuguese label Combate Brutal Records in two versions – (black and white cover in 100 copies plus 20 testpressingsú. Each band has there two songs in their native language. FO has there songs Inveja (Envy) and Rapazes Desta Nossa Europa (Boys from our Europe) and both songs can be checked on youtube. Asedio has there songs called Hinterland and Dottore Della Peste (Pestilance Doctor). FO are more experienced so I will start with them. In those 8 years since their first release they grow up like wine and they invented their own dark sound in middle rhythm with nice bass in background, great singlongs and guitar solos which can be heard in both songs. Solos are in both songs but in Rapazes Desta Nossa Europa is great Joao´s vocals in many levels. In Inveja is great refrain. Asedio are playing in five pieces (but on photo are just four members) and the name means something like Siege (cover is done according to the bands name). They have already release two albums (both on Mendeku Diskak). Vocal is not rough like vocals in FO and they music is not so dark. Guitar is also playful and their tempo (or rhythm of the drums) are is faster and more classic then FO. This EP has also big hole in the middle, inside are lyrics, photos and all done in black/white colors. Great split EP from Iberian Peninsula and I really check previous stuff from Asedio. Great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 03.12.2018

Fuerza Bruta - Verdugo

Rebellion Records - LP -

1142_fuerza.jpgThis is repress of album called Verdugo (Executioner) which was released in 2017 throug Under Watchful Eyes and Foreign Legion (two presses) and which was sold out really fast. This LP is limited to 1000 copies (500 bronze, 300 black and 2000 red/white - enemy blood inside bone white vinyl :)). Band comes from Chicago but they sing in Spanish. Together you may check 8 songs and in some you may hear also keyboards (Nación Dividida - Graphics of the cover can be compared to bands like The Detained, Battle Ruins, Hammer and the Nails or Shipwrecked and yes, their style can be compared also (thye played together on gig in Berlin). Band plays in five pieces and it can be heard in sonfgs like Asocial, Hijos de la Calle (Street Kids) or in Verdugo. In line up you may find guitarist Ian, who has experiences with bands like Snake Handler, Lost Legion or Korova and who is responsible for the synths mentioned above. Inside is also insert with lyrics. Graphics is same as in the first press and cassette. Great piece and high amount of pressed copies I good for those who hasn´t got the first versions. Super.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 08.08.2018

Hammer and the Nails - s/t

Rebellion Records - EP -

1127_hatn.jpgFifth EP from this Boston based band Hammer and the Nails is out on Rebellion Records as maxi LP. According to interview with them they didn´t want to release any full length but just EP´s so you may expect more quality then quantity because each of their EP released till know was masterpiece. On this EP you may check four songs - Controlled Rebellion, Hook, Line and Sinker, Ought and instrumental intro Icepicks Coda which you may know from their maxi EP for example and it means three new songs. You should expect really dark and gloomy sound with two guitars and I have to say that solo guitar is really top in each song, then you may hear also distorted vocals (like in Ought) or grinding samples/keyboards (Hook, Line and Sinker). You should also expect middle rhythm which is driven by accurate drums and supported by Brian´s rough vocal and vocals of the rest of the band. I am not afraid to say that everything what band touches is great and yes, each song on this EP is masterpiece and most of all I like Hook, Line and Sinker. I have to glorify the guitar again, mainly in the song Controlled Rebellion. Inside is paper with lyrics and something like poster. EP is limited to 1000 copies (400 black, 400 white and 200 gold). I have all their previous EP´s and I will buy also this one because it is great! Interesting is that every EP they have released is s/t :).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 29.03.2018

Hard Evidence - Last Gasp

Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl - LP -

1163_he_lg.jpgThird full album of this St. Louis band is out and it contains seven songs including cover When I´m Dancing from Slade. Hard Evidence were not into the hardest bands with their previous albums but this is more into mod beat, glam, 77 punk or poppy Oi! sound. In the last Rock´n´Roll Manifesto and in Youngblood you will hear also keyboards. Album is full of great melodies and enery with nice singalongs (Can´t Take It,which is one of the best songs from the album for me with nice guitar solo or Something to Belive). Vocals are quite high and you may hear it song Youngblood with nice bass. You may check the song on On youtube is also the title hit Blaze of Glory which shows you how will the rest of the album sounds. In some songs you may hear new mod revival bands like Hard Wax, Faz Waltz or Giuda, in other you will hear The Crack, Eddie and the Hot Rods, etc … LP is limited to 500 copies (350 oxblood for Europe, 150 black for USA/Canada and 20 testpressings). Cover is great. I prefer more their old sound from the first two albums but this also fine. It is different and unique and these facts I appreciate.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 19.12.2018

Krawal Banda - Czekając Na Śmierć

Olifant Records - CD -

1213_kb_cns.jpgSecond album (and third released stuff) from the band from Ustroň which is near CZ borders (the band is recording their albums in Czech studio) is called Czekając Na Śmierć (Waiting for Death) and it contains 11 songs in Polish including cover from Sztajm from BTM where was singer Jerzy before. He wa also playing in Rezystencja (also bassist Adam did) and in Szczerbiec. The band is playing in five but they have guest musicians who are plaing keyboards and bongos. Music is really calm with lightly boostered guitar (sometimes almost half acoustic), solo guitar is playing her tunes, Jerzy´s vocals is not hard and Adam is playing nice bass solos in the background. Sometimes you may hear ska/two tone influences (Muzyka i Ty – Music and You or faster Nasze Dziewczęta – Our Girls), keyboards are giving to the music nice feeling (like the first one Czekając Na Śmierć or the cover Sztajm) and bongos also (Mówię Tak, Mówię Nie – Telling Yes, Telling No). Music is really different from any standards but this album is really great and I am quite curious how this can sound on live gig. Booklet is nice (with graveyard atmosphere which is related to the title), thankslist, photos and lyrics. I like it.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 22.05.2020

Live by the Sword - s/t

Rebellion Records - LP -

1124_lbts.jpgAfter two EP´s came this Dutch/US studio band with their debut EP. It is some kind of mini album with seven songs including The Bruisers cover Intimidation. LP itself (heavy 180 g plate on black wax limited to 500 copies) is opened by intro Live by the Sword where is just shouting L.B.T.S. but it allows you to guess the type of music which you will hear in next few minutes. Other songs are called Fight for Survival, Rats and Snakes, Jealousy, Attack Attack and Death Dawn. Mostly it is middle rhythm with great Eric (Strongarm and the Bullies) vocals and nice solo guitar (Wouter). Do NOT really expect some kind of cliché lyrics. Songs Jealousy and Intimidation step out from the global sound and there are little bit Chickswick to me. Most of all I really like the last piece Death Dawn with nice guitars beginning, great Eric´s vocals and its whole concept. Cover is black/white similar to previous EP´s . If you like stuff from Hammer and the Nails or Battle Ruins, this is exactly for you. Great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 26.03.2018

Marass/The Nitters - Punks not Red

Olifant Records - EP -

1181_marass_nitters.jpgSplit EP of two Polish bands which are singing in their mother tongue was released in 2018 on Olifant Records and i tis limited to 300 copies (150 with this and 150 with different cover). Each band has there one song called Punx Not Red. Nitters song is taken from their one and only album from 2007 called Nic Nas Nie Paca, song from Marass is released just on this EP. Nitters music is more technical because they are playing in five pieces, tempo is middle and whole song is underlined by short guitar solo. Interesting fact is that this song was covered by Stavros for his project Spirit of Patriot. Nitters vocals are more sang and not shouted like Marass vocals. Marass recorded this song in three pieces and guitar and bass was recorded by one person. Song is faster due to thy drum rhythm and there is also one guitar tune which lead you through whole song. Both songs deal with the problém that reds want to influence punk and your opinions. Bot lyrics are on the back cover of the EP. Fine stuff with typical Polish sound.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 14.05.2019

Mean Streak - s/t

Shout Proud/Bambule Records - EP -

1150_mean_streak.jpgSo I really don´t expect this line up. So Garry Hodges (4Skins) on vocals, Deptford John (Combat 84, Exploited, UK Subs) on guitar, Dave Reese (The Straps) on bass and Mark Hannan (The Crack, The Blood, The Elite) on drums. EP is limited to 500 copies – 100 on white vinyl on Shout Proud Records and 400 on black vinyl on Bambule Recordz (which is label of the band I suppose). On EP you may check four songs called Mean Streak, See No Evil, Still Angry and You Don´t Know Me. If you expect classic British sound you expect it right but it is more clear then in the past. Garry has also more covered vocals compared with older albums. I really like B side of the EP especially song Still Angry when band describes that even they are older they are still full of rage. You Don´t Know Me reminds me B-Squadron stuff and second song See No Evil is like from 4 Skins. Inside is some band photos plus long thankslist. Main cover is done very simple – brick wall with band name. Who likes classic stuff will surely look after this EP, I think that Bambule Records version will be still available.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 17.09.2018

Mercancias - III

Disco Nightmare Records - EP -

1128_mercIII.jpgAfter 7 years came Mercancias from Valencia with brand new EP (150 black and 100 green pieces with this cover and 50 black pieces with different cover) released on Disco Nightmare Records. It is maxi EP called III (because it is their third EP) and it contains three songs plus instrumental acoustic Intro (with acoustic guitar and keyboards). Songs are called Europa, De Santurce al Infierno (From Santurce to Hell) and Seňores de la Guerra (Lords of War). Mercancias plays in five pieces and in their line up you may find Nestor from Glory Boys/Gol Nord/Shaved Dogs. First song is about whole bureaucratic apparatus of current Europe especially of European Central Bank which is enslaving national economics in the name of the trade, second one is about hard life on the streets in concrete jungle, drugs and grey future for those who are already growing up in hell and the last one is about horrors of war. First one Europa is calm song with nice guitar which plays its deep and higher solos, Da Santurce al Inferno is the fastest one with nice singalong and the last one Seňores de la Guerra starts with nice solo (which is repeating during the song) and sound is the darkest (just check the end with bass line and whistle). Inside the cover is paper with lyrics (just in Spanish) and band photos. Who likes their previous stuff will love also this one. Again quality instead of quantity.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 03.04.2018

No Heart - Can´t Get Out

Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl - LP -

1133_no_heart.jpgNo Heart is new band from Canada (city of Victoria in British Columbia) and they members used to play in bands like Last Crusade nor Thankless Graft and you may know them from the split 12´´with Aussies The Opposition. This is brand new album released through Rebellion Records/LSM vinyl with 10 new songs on it. According to the cover the band plays in three pieces and their music is powered by guitar with no booster effect which sounds like steel and which reminds you bands such as Templars, Righteous, Crown Court, Veros, Janitors, early Perkele (Voice of Anger) or Legionaires for example. Most of the songs are hard and straightforward like Can´t Get Out (which is really into Templars), faster Better Way, Come and Gone (with nice solo guitar), Face in the Crowd (great drums and part with bass + drums) or Do it Again (with one of the best songs from the LP due to breaks and singalong refrain). The band knows also slower songs like Same, Left for Dead or Standards. Vocal is rougher but not so much and guitar is really playful. Cover is done quite simply but I think bands wants this. I can´t speak about the inside because I have just digital copy. Great LP which will not bore you for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 20.04.2018

Núcleo Duro - Botas

Força Bruta Records - EP -

1162_nd_botas.jpgFourth EP from this hooligan band from Lisboa (whose 1st EP was released back in 2011) was released again on Forca Bruta Records and this black cover is limited to 69 copies, second version – green is limited to 50 pieces. If you have problem to imagine how sound hard, cruel and brutal Oi!, just take your time and listen to Núcleo Duro. You will hear also keyboards (like in songs Sempre a Combater and Freak) which gives to their music special feeling (but I will put there also saxophone like on their Ódio Eterno EP) and sometimes too much distorted guitar (Freak). The sound is in the traces of 80´s/90´s French bands like Warboots mixed with US latino Oi! like Klase Dirigente or Venganca Tatuada. Together you may check four song called Botas, Sempre a Combater (Always Fighting), Freak and Curva Sul (with great bass). Cover is done in very simply (as usual compared to their previous EP´s), inside is paper with lyrics plus photo in the background with boys from Curva Sul in action on the pitch. I really do not know more about the band, just their email. Cruel, hard, true, fuckin´ limited and the best release they´ve done yet!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 10.12.2018

Oldfashioned Ideas - Still Worth Fighting For

Contra Records - CD -

1155_oi_new.jpgFifth album from this three piece Swedish band is out and again on Contra Records and if you see the cover you will find out that the band keeps their traditions – subculture girl on the cover. Line up is still the same and because you are reading Backstreet Battalion carefuly, you surely know that members are from bands such as Lost Warning and Vindicate This. Together you may check here 13 songs in English (like on previous albums except Hopp & Förtvivlan EP). What really surprise me after first (or second) tunes is the use of saxophone and trumpet, played by David ffrom Gatans Lag (really great idea, just check songs like Let them Know, At the End of the Day and Silver Lining) and also female vocals in singalongs (Linda from ska band The Bustups) which makes final sound really different (just check Let them Know, At the End of the Day, No Go Down, Punches from Bellow. I Know, etc…). I also like the fact that even they use saxophone they didn´t slip to ska or skapunk and it is still straight forward angry (like great tune Time Heals Nothing) but melodic Oi!/streetpunk – like genuine song I Know which goes to your mind immediately. There are also some rock´n´roll tunes like C´mon C´mon. I have received just promo copy so I do not know anything about booklet or inside graphics but vocals are clearly understandable – like This is My Time where band say that this I my time in my life and no one should talk to it or Head Held High, which is about the fact that man should fight to be different then other sheeps around. Another good thing is changing of guitarist and bass player on vocals and sometimes I feel that they have also some guest vocals (like in the last song Northbound). Whole album is great from the first tu the last song and it is hard to find the greatest hit bt for me At the End of the Day, This is My Life and Let them Know (check the video on for sure. Album is out on CD in digipack and on LP also (200 black and 300 blue copies). This is their best album! Always forward!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 26.10.2018

On File - The Real Mc Oi!

Common People Records - LP -

1170_of_trmo.jpgRe-edition of one of the greatest and true album from little bit underrated Scottish band. Originally it was released in 2001 on Screwed Up Records (CD and LP), then came CD re-edition in 2006 and now came LP re-edition limited to 500 copies (400 black and 100 yellow with poster). LP contains one bonus song called The 1990´s way which you may know from compilation Punks, Skins and Herberts vol. 4. We really love this album with our crew back in those times and after the Breaking Rules release we organized gig of On File here and it was huge success (check the videos on youtube On File Vyškov) and I think that Scots like it also – the first day in Prague and second one in Vyškov. Hedgy also had some speech on The Riot release. I have really strong memories on that album for example the first song which we play loud in the pub was kept in stereo around about for three seconds and then waiter stop it :). Or We Are All the Same when band sings about going in van many miles to see the band. We go to This is Belgium in 2009 1000 km without having a place to sleep and after the gig we went back to CZ :). So I reallylove the album, just check the songs Let the Lager Decide, 14 Up, Down the Bingo, Another Day in Paradise from single or slower pieces like Fight in the Dark, We Are the Same, Rather do the Time (with great refrain) or Left it All Behind. This album was recorded in three pieces line up – Hedgy used to sing and play guitar, on Breaking Rules he just sings. Guitar has light booster and do not expect some twenty minute solos but there are some like at the beginning of Tired of Working. Second side of the cover is different then on original LP, inside are lyrics plus many photos. Yes On File are not virutosos and yes it not the best skinhead band in the universe but if ANY band can characterize my teenage years and the first decade of 21st century, it will be On File. And that´s why I really love this album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 07.02.2019

Operace Artaban - Na Hraně

Rabiát Records - CD -

1156_Operace-artaban-na-hrane.jpgAfter three years from releasing Vlastizrada album came Operace artaban with brand new stuff called Na hraně (On the Edge) which is out on their label Rabiát Records with 12 new songs. Line up is constatnt since their album Prozření – three pieces plus female vocals in few songs. Musically it is similar to their previous stuff – it is more crossover genre with rhythm changes in songs (like in Na hraně or the first one Spojme síly), guitar is playful with good solos (like in Spojme síly, Na hraně or Člověk proti světu). You will also hear ska tunes (Mandril). Kabanos change his bass guitar after all those years (paddle is gone for good :) and many songs start with bass tunes. The band ironicly shows their attitude in lyrics to current situations – so called artists and elites which dictate us how to behave, what wear and how to think (Na hraně – On the Edge), criminality of asylum seekers (Mandril where I always laugh when I hear the rhyme about shrew-mouse in the garden :) and Lochneska z plovárny – Loch Ness monster from swimming pool), brainwashing the kids with the “true” fairy tales where two princes live together with absurd refrain how dragons going to beat prince (Pohádka – Fairytale), running away from crowded cities and going back to agriculture rules (Cesta z města – A Way out from the city, with main female vocals) or general stand against modern world and going back to the nature (last piece Člověk proti světu – Man against world, which is written by Milosek and which concept fits more into his solo project Svornost I think), then slower piece which is (according to me) dedicated to god/destiny (Dar života – Gift of Life) or stalking (Udusím tě láskou – Suffocation with love with ocarina at the beginning). You will find also classic topics like Tattoo or skinhead cult (Skinheads Forever) or funny cover Antifanfántulipán which makes surely a lot of people angry. Cover is done by Tlustej Tony again so comix style with many photos in the middle and all lyrics in Czech and English (done by Bobek). Best songs for me are Na hraně and the last one Člověk proti světu. Album is out on CD but I hope the LP version will be soon. Who likes stuff from OA from Prozření till now will like also this album.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 07.11.2018

Pilsner Oiquell - s/t

DIY - CD -

1146_po_st.jpgBrand new album from these classics of CZ scene is out in DIY style and you may check 14 songs on it including covers from CZ bands - Bez boje (Without Fight) from Normals!? and Cesta (Journey) from Hovorkovi Chuligáni. There are some line up changes compared to previous album – bass guitarist Míša was replaced by Jirka. The band has two guitars and it can be heard, just check the songs like Zlí strýčkové (Evil Uncles) which is the best one for me or slower piece Beznaděj (Hopeless) with nice guitar solo. Lyrics vary from personal depressive stuff (like perfect song Samota -Loneliness, Beznaděj – Hopeless, Andělé – Angels) through pub stiff about booze and girls (Tatranka, Rvačky a Chlast – Booze and Fights, Na Baru – In the Bar), about the cult (Starý časy – Old Times, About us, Zlý strýčkové – Evil Uncles) to the lyrics about current situation in scene and state (Dutý hlavy – Dumb-ass ). Great fact is that they still have punk drive which can be heard on previous albums but there are also half acoustic stuff (like the last one Na baru with nice country touches with banjo, mandoline, flute and accordion. There are also nice singlongs like in Mládež (Youth). Booklet is standard and cover was done by Tlustej Tony with lyrics inside and photo on the back. Mujst have album from al CZ/SK kids.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 28.08.2018

Pulhas - Velha Guarda

Bigorna Records - EP -

1141_pulhas.jpgEP from Pulhas which was originally released in 2016 as CD single on Zerowork Records is out now on vinyl on Bigorna Records. There is review on CD version so if you check the history you may find it and find there also facts about the band, members, etc… So on side A is song Velha Gurda, on side B song Pulhas. EP is out in three versions – silver one limited to 50 copies and black and white one, both limited to 90 copies. Cover is nice rip off of Skinkorps classics. Songs were recorded in 2014 and according to insert they should be out on vinyl in 2015 which is year before the CD single. Inside is done in the way you expect from Bigorna Records – lyrics, photos, thankslist and nice insert. Song Pulhas is faster one with spoken vocal (except in refrain), Velha Guarda is darker and more into the unique sound of Gume with nice guitar solo. Title can be translated like Old Guard and it is about people who were born and lived in the real not in digital age and whose opinions are not hidden behind the PC. CD version wa for 7 points, this will be for 8 and I would like to recommend it to all fans of Bigorna releases and dark sound.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 20.07.2018

Rogue Trooper - Class Decline

Rebellion Records - LP -

1143_roguetrooper.jpgRogue Trooper are four piece band which came from Massachusetts and this is their second official release. They have already released EP called Boots on the Ground and demo. From the demo you may find here re-recorded song called Army of One. Both demo and EP can be checked on Together there are eight songs. Music is hard to describe – there are fast songs like the first one The Squeeze (can be checked on but also slower pieces with nice guitar and melodic vocals like Army of One or Structural Steel but also rock stuff - Where are the Townies with nice part at the end of the song. Other songs are Class Decline, Tough Shit, Head Aginst the Wall and Rebel Without a Job. Sound is more to older bands but its quality is clear. Graphics is in the style of their previous stuff – simple black/white cover. Nice album with hard to compare sound.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 09.08.2018

Sabotage/No Heart - s/t

Rebellion/Bords de Seine/Longshot Music - CD -

1148_sabotage_no_heart.jpgSplit from Swedish Sabotage and Canadians No Heart is out due to cooperation of three labels so quality is guaranteed. Both bands has already released something and you can read it hear on BB. They are playing similar style of music and both are working with lightly or non boostered guitar. Difference is that Sabotage are playing in slower/middle rhythm and No Heart are faster. Sabotage opens LP with four songs in Swedish, No Heart has there five songs in English. Sabotage´s songs can be translated like PC Way, Turncoat, Apology and Those who are Coming. I really like their first and last song - PC Väg and Dom Som Kommer. Music is melodic and Robban´s vocal is better and better. Their style is tactful and more depressive then No Heart. They are playing more straightforward music, guitar still without booster, great bass and covered vocal. Great songs are Youth Tribes which gives you information about the music style of the band and last piece Fine By Me with nice singalong. I really like the cover graphics. Nice stuff for the fans of classic sound.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 06.09.2018

Samchung - 滅絶

Total Noise Records - LP -

1147_samchung.jpgTotal Noise released I nthis case older CDEP from Korean HC/metal band Samchung which was originally released on GMC Records. Title can be translated something like Extinction. CDEP contains five songs so Total Noise decided to make it as LP which is always cooler then EP. It has great gatefold cover with brutal art from Bluce666 who is member of Vassline (check them on youtube). This man do vocals also on the last song 滅絶. In the last but one Exterminate is also guest - Sang-hyun Cho from Knockdown. On side A are songs 刎頸之交 (something with broken neck and the song has around 6 minutes) and Panzerfaust, on side B are songs Strength and Honor, Exterminate and 滅絶. The band plays in five and guitars are really nice – hard, melodic, difficult solos plus rough vocal (but with many positions) and metal drums with double pedal. There is similarity with Japanese bands – lyrics are in their native language but in refrain there is bark in English or here also in German (Frisst meine Panzerfaust). If you like bands like Beyond Hate or Bagnag, you will love Samchung. As I said cover is gatefold from three parts with postapocalyptic graphics and lyrics from back side (but if you don´t know Korean language, you can read nothing), band photos on the background and thankslist (where are mentioned all souls of fallen heroes who died defending their homeland). The band has been playing for 20 years and they have released many albums and splits. Total Noise is doing great job so both thumbs up! Check the songs here
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 29.08.2018

Shipwrecked - We Are the Sword

Pretty Shitty Town/Foreign Legion Records - LP -

1154_swd_sword.jpgAfter their EP released last year came this northern band with brand new seven songs stuff released on LP again on Pretty Shitty Town Records. The band has already released full album and two EP´s. LP contains seven songs including instrumental and almost ambient intro called The Gods Know (and I think it is the longest song from the LP). Other songs are called We Are the Sword, The Fires, Excesive Use, Crows in Red, Live and Die For and North by North. Shipwrecked are playing fast oldschool HC like Negative Approach, All In Brawl, Impact Zone, The Detained, Boston Strangler or Peacebreaker. The band didn´t deny their nordic roots both with graphics – photo of dark forrest inside and also in thankslist where they greet Fenriz from Dark Throne. Lyrics are quite dark – cruel north which is not for everyone and where people goes mental (North by North), about the fact that under the normal face of the city is our menace which goes to the surface one time (The Fires), about the fact that you should not give up even if you loose the battle (Live and Die For) or the title one where band sings that “We are the sword that you couldn´t break” (We Are the Sword). First two songs can be checked on I really like their slower piece Crows in Red with great bass at the beginning and the last one North by North. Other songs are faster. Inside is paper with lyrics and thankslist, on the back side of the cover are many photos from the gigs. LP was released in four version (3x on PST and 1x on Foreign Legion) plus two testpressings. Who likes above mentioned bands will like also Shipwrecked!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 24.10.2018

Sniper 66 - Annihilator

Evacuate Records - CD -

1189_sniper66_annihilator.jpgFrom the city of Austin in Texas came many good bands like Concrete Elite, Lower Class Brats or Dog Company (where plays bass brother of singer and guitars from Sniper 66). Annihilator is fourth album of the band and you may check 15 songs on it. The band plays in four with two guitars and behind the drums you may find girl April. kde hraje brácha zpěváka a kytaristy tady ze Sniperu na basu). Annihilator je v pořadí čtvrtéé album kapely a najdete na něm celkem 15 songů. The album is dedicated to the case from the 80´s of 19th century where Austin was terrorized by serial killer with nickname Servant Girl Annihilator and who killed 8 people with axe. There are four songs about this topic - Annihilator, Servant Girl (with perfect vocals in refrain), Psycho and In His Grave (with official video on and each song contains different view on the problem – murderer, victims and press. Two guiatars are always better then one and Sniper knows how to use them just check the reviews on their previous stuff like Caput Lupinum. The first track Annihilator shows you the direction of the band sharp guitars and fast rhythm which was driven by the drums straight ahead, second one Fight Together (about the fact that other from the left or right want to fool you and force you their opinion) will prove it also. Other songs are about running from the problems (When it´s gone with nice singalong), about the fact that you can be yourself but it is hard to resist (fast one called Make it Mine), perfect hit called Not Perfect (about the fact that you can´t change yourself in a minute), then song The Engineer about single mother of five who stood against and the customs and finishes school and has full time job or about the death of friend (Why´d You Have to Die which is dedicated to Christopher Drelinger from Bad Engrish and Frontline Attack). Super is that all band members sing especially April because female vocal in the background makes good sound (like Grind Me Down). Nice is also the cover – ghost of the servant girl and also inside where the lyrics are put into the style of newspapers from the 19th century. There are also information nabout the case, victims, suspects and band photo. Perfect album!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 28.08.2019

Subculture - Tales from Promise Land

Rebellion Records/Crowd Control Media - CD -

1158_subculture.jpgSubculture is the band which comes from Cambridge and this is their first official full album after 35 years on the frontline. They have released many singles/EP´s (like the last one called Ain´t Done Nothing Wrong from 2015 released on Contra Records) and compilations (like split with ABH from Captain Oi! collection). From the above mentioned single is there song She´s so… Their music is melodic and vocals are covered like in song Snake in the Grass with nice vocals part at the end or in song The Clock. There are some songs which reminds me clockwork band Foreign Legion (like Devil Dog and Hark Hark which sound like Smiling Assassin in some parts due tu significant bass and two tone guitar). In song Babylon is great bass solo. Last piece is called Beautiful Pea Green Boat, it is just with guitar and the title is also nema of new wave/dark wave band from the end of 80´s. Hardest songs (if you can say it) are the first one Shipwrecked or Are You Angry. Many songs has spoken intro from the news or something like that. Old sound in new clothes but without the lose of nostalgia.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 23.11.2018

Tachanka - Vengeance de Classe

Mendeku Diskaks - EP -

1137_tachanka.jpgTachanka is band which comes from Brittany and this is their debiut EP which title can be translated like Class Vengeance. Also the band title is quite unusual and it is machine gun pulled by horses. EP contains four songs Une Historie Qui Finira Mai (Story which Ends in May), Né Pour Être Chomeur (Born as Unemployed), Tous Des Salauds (All the Bastards) and title one Vengeance de Classe. Music is slower and sound is quite depressive, dark and post punk and most of all it reminds me Portuguese project/band Gume. At the end of the first song you may hear also female vocals. Most of all I like the second one Né Pour Être Chomeur with nice guitar solo and refrain. Next piece Tous Des Salauds is most melodic mainly in refrains. Guitar has great steel sound in all sounds. Whole EP can be checked here I do not know nothing more about the band and cover. Really cool release because of the gloomy sound and thumbs up for Mendeku Diskak for releasing such bands
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 10.05.2018

Tango 14 - Kioskos, Bares Y Tribunas

Mendeku Diskaks - LP -

1117_tango14.jpgTango 14 is punk rock/Oi! band from Argentina (Boulogne in Buenos Aires province) which is really into football. This is their second album, first one was out in 2012 and it was called Esto es Nuestro. This one is called Kioskos, Bares y Tribunas (Kiosks, Bars and Terraces) is out just on LP on SPanish (or better to say Basque) label Mendeku Diskaks – 500 copies, 400 on black and 100 on white vinyl. Album has been aleready released back in 2014 as a part of the Union y Difusion zine. On album you may check 10 songs in Spanish. I didn´t know about the band before so I was quite curious what style they play. Musically it is really soft, slower and ultramelodic style which will reminds you (also because of the football topics) Vanilla Muffins (but they are faster and they play just in three pieces - Tango 14 plays in five) or slower songs from Orgullo Sur and Salud Por Los Skinheads album. I can hear also poppy Oi! sound like Welcome to the Real World from Business or pub rock influences. Do not expect anything hard/heavy, expect smooth vocal, clapping of hands or slower guitar solos. I will hardly pick up any favourite or best song because most of them are slower anthems like Argentina with nice refrain, Che Barrabrava, Brasil 2014 or Es Mi Vida. Songs are quite long - (playing time between 3:14 and 4:34). Cover is also fine – photo from the terraces, inside are lyrics and long thankslist.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 30.01.2018

Tear Up - Playground Politics

Rebellion Records - LP -

1122_tearup.pngTear Up is British band which comes from the city of Watford and this is their debut album which is out on LP (300 copies) on Rebellion Records. The band has already released EP from 2015 called Fuckin´Av It and instead of the song Moose on the Loose (originally from Vicious Rumors) is everything here on that LP also (but I do not know if it is re-recorded or not). So together on LP you may check 12 songs including The Business cover – Real Enemy. I will compare them with B-Squadron (from new bands) because their sound kicks you back to the 80´s but compared with the sound of their colleagues from Leicaster (whose sound like Condemned 84 or Combat 84) Tear Up is more into Cockney Rejects or Sham. From the first to the last song you will be guided by the rude vocal of singer Jamie. The band plays in four and it is typical middle rhythm British Oi! with some guitar solos (like in Playground Politics, King of the Car Park or No Big No Clever). Topics of the songs are web heroes (Fuck Boy or Playground Politics), irresponsible parents (Dead Beat Dad), no smoking law in the pubs (Smoking Ben), unemployment (This is England) or Jimmy Savile from BBC who was found guilty from child abusing. On the cover is nice old photo of fighting kids. Who likes typical British sound, Tear Up is hear for him.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 09.03.2018

Tropa de Élite - El Sendero Hacia La Gloria

Total Noise/Prevail Records - EP -

1145_tde.jpgTropa de Élite is quite new band from Spain and material for this EP was recorded last year. In band you amy find Revolta´s singer, Mercancias´s guitarist, singer of Tierra Hostil playing drums and their guitarist playing bass (but he is not in the band anymore). EP was released by Total Noise and new label Prevail Records. Title of the EP can be translated like A Way to Glory. On EP you may check four songs in Spanish - Tropa de Élite, Muerte A La Yihad (Death to Jihatd), Heredero (Inheritor) and Antikomintern. Musically it is middle rhythm which is sometimes faster (like in Tropa de Élite and Antikomintern) and sometimes slower (Herdero and Muerte A La Yihad), where the vocals are rather spoken. Cover is done according to the old zine Last Chance and who has EP Skinit Rulaa from Skinboiss will be familiar with the cover. On the back side is b/w photo of the band in front of some castle. EP is limited to 300 copies on black vinyl. Who likes old sound and rational attitudes will like Tropa de Élite for sure. Here you may check all four songs.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 17.08.2018

Ultima Thule - 1458

Ultima Thule Records - LP -

1152_1458.jpgAfter three years come Ultima Thile with brand new full album called 1458. Title is not linked to some year but to the numbers on the cover which are held by politicians (leader of social democrats, speaker of green party, leader of left party and maybe leader of Centre party) who sold Sveden (you will notice it in the song). On last singles you may get used to old/new singer Bruno who recorded this album (plus some song on 25 years anniversary if Fäderneslandet album). On this piece you may check ten songs in Swedish which are equaly distributed on side A and B. The last song En sista sång (One Last Song) was written by Mathias from Mjölner. Since first tunes you will be sure that this is Ultima Thule – title one 613 with nice refrain, Den Höges Visdom (Higher Visdom) with typical Viking rock sound, slower Skaka åldrig hand (Shake Older Hand), half acoustic Håtuna Svek (about some conflict between king and his brothers back in 14th century) which reminds me Bäring Nord, Trollpolska with intro like from middle age, long and accusing 1458, Marnätter (with official video, Gator i Brand, Nya Eran (New Age) and En Sista Sång (which is slower ballad/lullaby with keyboards). Album is out on CD and LP in black, blue and yellow cover plus bookle in 7´´ format with lyrics and photos. Yes it is still Ultima Thule which you either hate or love.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 21.09.2018

v/a - Worldwide Viking Rock Vol.1

Hakkapeliitta/Espina/Rolling On!/Vikingarock Franc - LP -

1114_wwvr1.jpgThis is LP compilation of current European Viking rock bands. On LP you may check seven bands with twelve songs – Spanish Drakkar, Swedish Blå Brigader and French Carcereduro n side A. These bands has there two songs each and one of these two songs is previously unreleased or re-recorded into new version (Carcereduro). Second side is completely occupied by Finnish bands around Ari so Arska & Hakkapeliitat, Kalevan Soturit, Kareliaani and mTorr (which I haven´t heard about yet). They have six songs there and all are previously unreleased. LP is opened by Drakkar with songs At the Gates of Hel and Odin´s Law (from album Dragonheads) and I have to say that this is really nice example how should Viking rock should sound (great metal guitars wih solos). Then came Blå Brigader with their Xanté (which is Swedish liqueur with cognac and Belgian pears) and Dårarnas Paradis (from s/t CD single which means Fools Paradise). In Xanté you will hear also keyboards and whole song is into two tone mood. Carcereduro has there two known songs - Alexandre de Grand (from D´estoc Et de Taille) and Les Feux de Beltan (from Ad Honorem). Second side is opened by Kalevan Soturit with songs Ukonvasara (Uko´s Hammer) which is quite hard and with nice guitar and keyboards solo at the end and traditional folk song Tuonne Taakse Metsämaan (Back to the Woods). Then came Arska & Hakkapeliitat with song Strong where Ari sing more than in previous songs from Kalevan Soturit. Kareliaani has there English song Nordism which is most melodic for me from whole B side and Oravan Laulu (which is poem from Aleksis Kivi – famous Finnish writer from 19th century). B side is ended with mTorr and their song Northman which has almost ambient start and which has nice title guitar riff and samples/keyboards from the beginning. Cover is done thematic to Viking rock genre, inside is paper with lyrics and band photos and on the backside is picture of Viking helmet and long ships. I didn´t rate compilations with points but I will try to summarize the review so seven bands with twelve songs (eight are previously unreleased), nice artwork and also nice music from new breed and also from classic bands of the genre.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 23.01.2018

v/a - Oi! Ain´t Dead Vol. 6

Rebellion Records - LP -

1126_oad6.jpgSixth compilation Oi! Ain´t Dead from Rebellion Records is now focusing on British bands so you may hear bands like Crown Court, Hard Wax, B-Squadron, Tom Dog, City Miles, Brassknuckle, Hostile Minds and Clockwork Soldiers. All bands except the last one are quite new, the last one is pre-Glory band when Timmo used to sing and all three songs didn´t see the light of day for very long time (more than 30 years). Other songs are also previously unreleased. Album is opened by Crown Court with their Made in England which is fast piece without booster but with nice solos in the middle, next two songs are from B-Squadron whose are sounding like from 80´s - Do You Know Stanley and 6-6-44 (about Overlord operation in Normandy), then came Hard Wax with their mod beat/bovver rock sound with blues touches and their songs are called Just One More Drink and Boys are Back, then came Top Dog with their (commercial :)) song Backstreet Battalion and Vigilente. Next band is City Miles which I didn´t heard about and their song called Away Day which is most melodic song from the album and which reminds you genre classics Cock Sparrer or The Business, then we have there Brassknuckle with their Relicts of the Past and Hardkill, Hostile Minds with One Minute and My Way and I fuckin´ like their music – aggressive vocals and sound and one of the best bands on the compilation for me. Album is closed with the oldest band Clockwork Soldiers with three songs It´s a Sham, Out of My Head and 8 Seconds. Inside is paper with lyrics plus some photos. Nice compilation with previously unreleased songs.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 28.03.2018

v/a - Oi! Ain´t Dead Vol. 7

Rebellion Records - LP -

1157_oad7.jpgNext part of copilation Oi! Ain´t Dead is out and according to the title it will contain just Dutch bands. So there are five bands with three songs each (except the last one) - Savage Beat, Live by the Sword, The Reapers, Complaint and Razorblade. Also each band has been already reviewed there except The Reapers which are simply Discharger without Tim. Album is opened by Savage Beat with their steel guitars without booster and except song Revenge two other songs are previously unreleased – Stop Trying and Don´t Hide Your Hate which is cover from old Dutch band Filth and Savage Beat sounds like them (also in other songs). Dutch/US project LBTS shouldn´t be described – they have there their hit song Rats and Snakes, new song Fire and also cover version – now from Templars – Pawns in their Game from Phase II. I have to pick up Erik´s great vocal again. The Reapers didn´t release anything yet (but full album is in the pipeline) and they have there songs Thought Control, I´ve Had Enough and Self Destruction and all are done just for this record. So you can expect steel guitar like from Chickswick time and great singalong refrains. And thumbs up for the solo guitar because it is really great. Complaint is the fastest band on the record and they have there released track Take a Stand and two new songs called Leave me Alone (nice and melodic piece) and That´s No Punk. Album ends with previously unreleased song from Razorblade - New Dawn Rising and part of it was used in LBTS – Dead Dawn Rising – I told to myself that I surely hear the tunes somewhere. Nice compilation with bands which play different styles.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 16.11.2018

v/a - Total Noise #1

Total Noise Records - EP -

1140_total_noise_1.jpgOn Total Noise was released compilation EP with bands like Aggro Knuckle, Orgullo Sur, The Prideful and Battle Cry. Two of them (Prideful and Battle Cry) has recorded extra song for this EP, AK and Orgullo Sur has there songs which were already published (on split CD with Booted Cocks and on maxi EP). These songs are called Forward and Ruinas Del Estado. Prideful has there Burn the Red Flag and Battle Cry Won´t Go Away. Prideful sound is really rough, tempo is faster and guitar tune before strophe and after refrain is great. Title of the song is quite clear. Battle Cry from New York are plying little bit rougher and the song topic is also clear – golden times of skins which are coming back. Ruinas del Estado you may know from 2015 review. EP is closed by Aggro Knuckle and their fast metal sound and English which can be checked just with the lyrics sheet. Cover and also inside graphics is done in style of the original Total Noise EP released in 82 with bands like Dead Generation, The Gonads, The Business and Blitz. Ok so two new songs two previously released songs but from albums which are difficult to order. I hope that Total Noise will release some new stuff from Orgullo Sur, Battle Cry or some unreleased stuff from Prideful (like Riding the Storm for the unreleased split with Pressure 28). Inside is paper with lyrics and Total Noise plan for releases and also photo/logo of each band. Nice compilation numbered as 1st label release released now in 2018.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 29.06.2018

Vindvak - s/t

Powerfist Records - EP -

1139_vindvak.jpgVindvak is brand new band/project from Sweden (Norrköping) with bass player Johan from Sabotage and other members is from Nya Given and this is their debut EP released on Powerfist. I think it is just a project because on the backside are just two members.On EP you may check four songs in Swedish - Vindvak, Borgen (Bail), Stora Döden (Big Death) and Aeter Se Sol. Comapred to Sabotage which are playing mainly without booster this is more into classic rock sound, it is faster and you may hear also Viking rock influences. First song can be checked here and I have to say that it is really great even I can´t understand a word and there are no paper with lyrics. On youtube you may find also two other songs which are not on this EP (demo from 2017). Second song Borgen is lighter compared to the first one but just to the part where vocals starts. Stora döden has great guitar (like the title one Vindvak) and the last one Áter se sol has great refrain and backing vocals. All four songs seem to me very melodical and natural to me. In this point of view it is similar to Sabotage but the sound is completely different. It´s a pitty that it is just a project but Sabotage were starting also just as studio project. Also it´s a pitty that there is no paper with lyrics. But really col stuff indeed.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 29.06.2018

Volver - Burning Bridges

AMTY Records - CD -

1159_volver.jpgVolver is three piece punkrock band from Sweden with members from Gatans Lag (Peter) and Oldfashioned Ideas (guitarist Nicklas) and this is their debut album but on song A Mind of My Own is official vide from 2015 - From the beginning the band shows that they know how to play fast songs like I Don´t Care (hardest song from the album I think) and Drop Dead (which are more into Oldfashioned Ideas style), but mainly they play melodic stuff like Forever with accordion at the bregining, Final Goodbye with some acoustit parts (which reminds me Saturday´s Heroes or Dropkick Murphys), Society, which is totally great and for me one of the best songs from the album or the last one The Stories and the Songs which is fully acoustic. I have to say that it is really great and guitar solos in some slower songs are amazing (No Excuses, Where Do We Go, etc…). There are many parts just with the vocals and guitar which I really like. I have just digital version of the album so I don´t know much about the cover. I really recommend it to all those who likes slower and melodic punk rock.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 30.11.2018

Zóna A - Dneska idem von

Inflagranti Records - EP -

1169_zonaEP.jpgAfter long years an EP from Slovak punk rock legend Zona A is out, it contains 3 songs and it is limited to 500 copies (150 black, 150 clear and 250 purple). Interesting fact is that first song Dneska idem von (Today I´m Going Out) is recorded with different people on bass and drums then two others which you may find out on B side – Já už nebudem píť (I Will Not Drink Anymore) and Prečo ode mňa každý pítá prachy (Why Still Somebody Asking Me For Money). Song titles are quite clear about the content so the day you will leave jail and you will taste freedom again (cover is done according to this topic), consequences of drinking, moral hangover and fights with partner and the last one is about paying the bills for whole month. First song is nice 77 punkrock with solos (there is also second guitarist as a guest) spiced with French horn, second one is similar with fine melody in refrain and the last one is the hardest song (due to guitars) but it is still in Zona standard. Inside is no paper with lyrics and on the back side of the cover are photos of the offenders who did thi EP. You can order it straight on for 9 Euros.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 24.01.2019