Alternate Action - Violent Crime

Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl - LP -

1175_aa_vc.jpgAlternate Action was disbanded around about 10 years ago and they ended ther career with compilation Thin Line and singer Greg went to form Bishops Green. They have released many albums/singles and now in 2019 Greg reformed also Alternate Action and this is their first record after rebirth. It is single sided LP called Violent Crime with five songs. Album is out as CD but also as mentioned LP (350 silved and 650 white pieces). There are four new pieces called Violent Crime, One Way Street, Antisocial and Pushed Aside plus re-recorded Skinhead Way of Life which you may know from several compilations. Greg has characteristic voice which is typical for all his other bands (like Subway Thugs, The Lancasters, etc...), but I think that here it is the hardest but it is natural voice no plastic roughness (for example in One Way Street which is top song). The first piece Violent Crime kicks you back to 2008 where the band stopped. Next great piece is Antisocial which you may check on and Pushed Aside which is the slowest/most melodic song from the LP with nice guitar tune and lyrics about that even you crucify us and push us aside, we will still be here. The band starts on the spot where they ended years ago plus I really like the format of the album – single sided LP with nice silk screen picture on empty side. Nice one!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 25.03.2019

Asas da Vingança - Dor e Gloria/Rock dos Subúrbios

Doutor Skinhead Records - EP -

1171_asas.jpgNew single from Asas da Vinganca is out also on new label Doutor Skinehad Records and it is limited to 200 copies (100 with helmet on cover, 100 with abandoned amusement park and 20 testpressings). I have the helmet version where is also an quote to war in Vietnam. This is also in spoken intro before the first song and it is from Apocalypse Now – Smell of Napalm in the Morning. Song title can be translated like Pain and Glory. The band kicks your ass after the intro with riff like Motorhead and great singalong refrain. Second piece Rock dos Subúrbios is more melodic and it has great refrain again underlined ith nice guitar tune. Also great solo is at the end of the song. Songs are in Portuguese. EP is done in oldschool way – black vinyl with big hole in the middle, cover is just pocket wit lyrics on the backside, band photo – they play still in three pieces line up and short thankslist. Backside is same in both versions. Graphic of the cover is done by Eis who is responsible for many Portugal releases. EP is sold for 8 Euro which is good prize and I am glad that new labels are still founded and that they are doing vinyl releases. Both songs can be checked on youtube. Fine piece!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 01.03.2019

Celková Impotence - Nezapomeň!

DIY - CD - 38:00

1173_ci_II.pngSecond album, four gigs (including future release party of this CD) in 28 years of their existence are not standard numbers for the band :). So let´s go the review. Together you may check 11 songs with more or less serious topics from history since antiquity to present time. Interesting is the fact that songs are in chronological way so we are beginning in ancient Sparta with Lakedaiom, going through pagan stuff of old Slavic tribes to prince Boleslav, than we move to 20´s century – song Země Mluví (The Motherland Speaks – which is poem from Viktor Dyk) to Czechoslovakian legions – Plukovník Švec (Colonel Švec), than 1938 and Munich Agreement– Měli jsme se bít (We Had to Fight), than 1942 to destruction of Lidice village, beginning of 50´s and Mašín Brothers resistance group to nowadays/future – ideal society Junta and despise of modern society – Nový člověk (New Human). The band plays in three but this album is musically much better than their debut- just check guitar in Sclavinia, Plukovník Švec or in Lidice which is nerve-wrecking, bass is also playful (Lidice – Nezapomeň or beginning of Bratří Mašínové). Lyrics – I wrote that they are serious and it will be controversial for many as band itself – so 1938 and giving up without fight and Beneš – intriguer who gives mat to himself, (in song Měli jsme se bít), Mašín brothers and their acts or junta as ideal form of state. Cover is done by Tlustej Tony but no comix style but pictures which deal with the lyrics topic (to each lyrics there is short comment from the band) like statues of soldiers/legionaires, photos of Mašín brothesr, ancient warriors, etc….I really like it more then their debut! Thumbs up!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7/8  •  Date: 12.03.2019

City Miles - Social Upheaval

Rebellion Records - LP -

1172_city_miles.jpgCity Miles is new band from UK which you may know due to Oi! Ain´t Dead Vol. 6 compilation and their song Away Day (which is also here but re-recorded) which was the most melodic song from the compilation. This is band´s debut called Social Upheaval and you may check 12 songs on it with playing time around about 30 minutes. Since their first song No Guts you will know what to expect from the rest of the album. On album are also faster songs (like Criminals or Choose Your Glory) and also more melodic pieces (Empty Vessels, Enemy, Away Day, Long in the Tooth – which is the best song from the album for me, Every Road or Dan Damage with nice refrain). But this doesn´t mean that the faster songs aren´t melodic. On the link you may check song Choose Your Glory. The band plays in five and two guitars can be really heard, vocals aren´t rough but melodic and everything is clear. Cover is done in standard way as well as the music which is classi British melodic Oi!/punk like older stuff from The Business or Red London.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 04.03.2019

Codi de Silenci/Sabotage - s/t

Bords de Seine/Fénix Records - EP -

1180_sab_cds.jpgSplit EP which is out as 12´´ from Catalan Codi de Silenci and Swedish Sabotage is out on Bords de Seine and Fénix Records and it is limited to 500 copies on black vinyl + 12 testpressings. Each band has there two songs in their native language and everyone who is looking for the news know that all are covers. EP is opened by Codi de SIlenci with their song Records (Memories) which is originally Moder Svea from Enharjarny and second song is El Futur (Future) and it is nothing more or less then cult piece Ny Tid from Midgards Soner. So for me perfect first side. Second side is opened with Stolt och stark from Ultima Thule which is only one song with same lyrics as original version and Skitgata (Shitty Place) and it is again nothing more or less then Zero Street from Detroit´s finest Rogues. So the second side maybe better then the first one. So Codi de Silenci plays their stuff quite similar to original versions and before El Futur is spoken intro as in original version. Song Records is personal about the fact that when you loose someone close everything looks dark but memories in heart change everything to bright light. El Futur is about the fact that sometimes you have to go forward to the future without fear even you may loose. Skitgata is about streets and quarters in Stockholm which are dangerous and ruled by fgangs and Stolt och Stark is quite well known so I will not comment it. Cover is in dark style and it was done in cooperation with Tlustej Tony, inside is paper with lyrics and their English translations, many photos and thankslist. I will not rate I with number because it is ”just” covers but I really recommend this because the covers are from bands which are on my personal top list and it is perfectly played. Great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 13.05.2019

Concrete Elitee - The Survival EP

Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl - LP -

1164_cets.jpgBrand new 12´´from Concrete Elite is called The Survival and you may check seven songs and in title one Survival you may hear Carl from Templars. Concrete Elite or just Concrete, plays great brickwall which is heavy duty like steam roller but on the other hand it has fuckin´ fast acceleration and unbelievable anger, brutality, energy and great guitars. Last piece Razor Boys you may know from split EP with Savage Beat (limited to 100 copies on flexi disc), Power Over Power, Got To Get Out and Survival was released on demo tape to their European tour. Mostly it is middle or slower rhythm (like parts of Power Over Power, Against All Odds or Survival), but Concrete Elite knows to play also faster pieces like Got To Get Out or Razor Boys. On youtube you may check Razor Boys (which is there for 0uite long time) and Survival. Most of all I like Scavanger and Power Over Power. Almost each songs begins with some guitar solo and after that came Manny with his powerful vocal. LP is limited again to 500 copies (350 bone for Europe, 150 black for USA/Canada and 15 testpressings) and it has great cover design. You can find wrong album in the deiscography of Concrete Elite because each piece, which they have released, was brilliant.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 20.12.2018

First Strike - The Only Good One...Is a Dead One

Powerfist Records - EP -

1178_f_s_new.pngAfter five years came this US band from New York with brand new single called The Only Good One…Is a Dead One. EP is out on Powerfist and first 50 records will be with the t-shirt with the test pressing graphics. On side A is title song and on side B is song called Drugs. The band keeps on playing in three pieces and Unknown Soldier plays bass nowadary and the drummer si known :). The band is lead by singer and guitarist Rich. On the regular cover is iconic photo from Vietnam war where general Loan is executing captured Vietcong captain Lém. And about this is the first song on EP – how to deal with red murderous scumbags. Song starts with half acoustic solo which went into classic tune which you may know from First Strike previous records. Second song starts with simple guitar solo and you will surely know about what the song will be – drugs which bring you faster to your grave but also things which they affect when you are alive – robbing, stealing and begging. Around about three minutes there is just guitar part and then the song started again. Both songs have great refrains. On second side of the cover is also some war photo. Inside is paper with lyrics and band logo. This is pure US Oi! which is conservative, anticommunist, anti drugs, for America, militant, with no compromises and and meaningful for circa 21 years. Cool.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 12.04.2019

Gol Nord - Llevant U.E. Rock´n´Oi!

Prevail - LP -

1182_golnord.jpgThis is repress of Spanish football project with members from Glory Boys, Riot Squad and Shaved Dogs which is out on Prevail Records. Original version was released on CD in 2006 and on LP in 2007 on Dim Records. Current version is out in two different colors and two different covers (which I like more then original one) plus test pressing (with rip off cover from Tolbiac Toads). On LP you may check 14 songs (including Intro) with 7 covers from 2 Minutos (Todo lo Miro), Dimple Minds (Durstige Männer), Dire Straits (Walk of Life with keyboards at the beginning), Zóna A (Cervena Armada), Skinkorps (Vive la Biere), Cockney Rejects (Hate of the City) and Sham 69 (Ulster). Covers and also their own songs are put into football topics which deal with their club Levante UD founded in 1909. Band plays in five pieces and you can really hear it…covers are great but their own stuff also – just check songs like Forca on Tour, Sempre Presents or Llevant + Alcohol with nice refrains and singalong melodic music but also heavier things like Llevant U.E. Skinheads or faster 3u24. Inside is paper with lyrics, photos, short story of the band (just in Spanish) and two postcards. In some songs didn´t fit lyrics to the song title but when you pay attention you will get it. Who likes Glory Boys, Mercancias and other Spanish bands will like this project because simply it is Glroy Boys with different vocalist. Nice reedition on quite new label which started to release top quality records!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 22.05.2019

Grito! - Maldicao

Zerowork/Bolhao/No Exceptations Records - CD -

1183_grito_maldicao.jpgGrito! is streetpnuk band from Portuguese city Oporto which was founded back in 2010 and this is their third full ablum (they have also split EP with Albert Fish). CD was released due to cooperation with labels above and it is just in papr cover. The band recorded this album in three pieces but it didn´t affect the sound and you may check 11 songs in Portuguese (including Intro). Album title means something like “Curse” and in the first song you will catch from refrain that “punk is my curse”. This song can be checked here There are 77 influencese for sure like I songs A T-Shirt dos Ramones or the next one Porto Arder with nice refrain and great loud bass (which has nice sound in whole album). Next great singalong is Último Gang da Cidade (The Last Gang of the City) or Os Putos Estao Aqui The Bitches Are Here). Last song Porto d´Abrigo is acoustic and I thing that it is some kind of traditional tune. Acoustic is also their song Pirata. And the last song which I like is called Guerreiros sem Armadura (Warriors without Armor). For me really nice surprise from the melody point of view but it’s a pitty that it is just in paper cover but baybe someone will release it as an LP, because it is really great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 23.05.2019

No Heads - Pressure Cracks

Six Feet Under/Refuse Records - LP -

1174_no_heads.jpgNo Heads is brand new three piece band from Richmond in US and they are going to release their debut LP under Six Feet Under Records in States and Refuse Records in Europe. LP will contain 8 songs which you may check on The band plays in three and that´s all I know about them. Their rhythm is from the slower tracks (like Future or Cracks which are both great and they are best songs from the LP for me) to middle rhythm pieces (like The Power, Can of Worms, where the title riff sounds like faster Face the Aggression from Condemned 84 or No Heads). The band is critical to rich bastards above who are exploiting poor and sending them into wars – just check the lyrics to The Power or Battle Plan. The band knows how to play so check ´em.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 14.03.2019

Orgullo Sur - Solo nunca vas a estar

Oldschool Records - EP -

1176_orgullosur_snvae.pngNew Orgullo Sur single was planned to be released through Total Noise under the title A Nuestros Amigos (For Our Friends) but finally it is out on Oldschool Records under the name which means something like Only You Will Never Be. On side A is the title song and on Side B is song called Mi fiel Amigo (My Loyal Friend). EP is limited to 370 copies (170 blue and 200 black). Both songs are about death and friendship topics and I really really like the first guitar and its solos in both songs (but especially in Mi fiel Amigo) which are really great and four piece line up with two guitars really fits to the band well. It is still faster middle rhythm and B side song is little bit faster (but it starts slowly). Both songs can be also found on youtube. Inside s paper with lyrics plus band photos. The band has already released 2 albums and 11 EP´s/split EP´s and this is really great music with all necessary things around. Great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 03.04.2019

Reconquesta - Valors Perduts

Disco Nightmare/Pretty Shitty Town Records - LP -

1179_reconquesta_valors.jpgSecond album of this Catalan band Reconquesta is out on their “home” label Disco Nightmare and PST Records on LP (500 copies on black wax) and CD. Title of the album can be translated like Lost Values. So on one hand you can not judge the book by its cover but on the otrhe hand I really like the title and I think it will be fine. Together you may check 10 songs – 9 in Catalan (including cover from Rabauken Momente im Leben) and one in English called Real, Dirty and Raw. The band plays again in three but the sound (studio sound) is still great. All songs really catch you for the first time. I really like Jove i Rebel (Young and Rebellious) with totally great solo guitar and refrain, then English one Real, Dirty and Raw (about the fact that someone still tries to tell us what to listen and play but we will do what we want in our way - real, dirty and raw), and from the B side surely Canigó (about the mountains which is symbol of home for Catalan nation) and last but not least the last song Valors Perduts (about the fact that yo ushpould believe in lost values which are part of you and which are not just empty phrases – loyalty, honor and pride). Music is perfect from all views – melodies, solo guitar (like in Per la Teva Sang – For Your Blood for example) and changing in vocals. Lyrics are meaningful (like the first one El Conqueridor about James I the Conqueror for example). All previous covers were in black and white and also this one is in that style. Inside is A3 insert with band logo, thankslist, photos and lyrics in Catalan (with pictures near each lyrics), English and Spanish. Great album and a must have record for those who love real music.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 23.04.2019

Savage Beat - Wired

Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl - LP -

1166_savage_beat_wired.jpgAfter minialbum Trench Warfare came these Dutch guys with full album called Wired with ten brand new songs. In the band are experienced musicians from bands such as Wanderlust, Heroes and Zeros (Marko Petrovič) or Open Wounds for example. From the beginning you have to listen their fast Chicskwick sound with steel guitars without booster with their r´n´r guitars (some are really great), use of tambourine (Tar and Feathers) and fast drums. As I said the rhythm is faster and the hi-hat plays almost nonstop but the band knows also slower things like title one Wired with blues touches raped by dirty rock or Leather On Leather. You may also hear great catchy melodies (not just in refrains) like Man´s Thunder or All Odds Against You. Other great songs are Down the Drain, On the Outside or the first one Take it Further. LP will be limited to 500 copies – 150 black for USA and 350 green for Europe. I can guarantee that not a single song will bore you! Great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 10.01.2019

Sledgehammer - Gekikou

Oldschool Records - EP -

1177_sledgehammer.pngThis is EP version of CD single from Japanese Sledgehammer released in 2017 by Diwphalanx Records. EP is released by Oldschool Records and it is limited to 400 hand numbered copies (165 blue and 235 black). Graphics of the EP is different then CD (where was some demon) but it is typical Japanase art. Inside is paper with lyrics which are also translated into English which is cool because it is not usual on Japanese releases and there are also band photos. Now to the music, the first song on side A is called Sledgehammer (circa 3 minutes) and on B side is called The Barbarian Sun (circa 5 minut). In both songs you will hear hard and heavy metal guitars with nice solos. In both songs there is also great vocal of the singer which varies from rough deeps to high tunes. Second song starts slower but after circa 25 seconds it wents into normal rhythm but it is still slower then the first song. Around about the middle of the tune there is acousit guitar which goes slightly into standard solo. This music is not simple and it is not also easy for listening or for whisteling but it is really great. Cult band since the beginning of the 90´s.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 11.04.2019

The Reapers - Rip it Up

Rebellion Records - LP -

1167_reapers_RIU.jpgThe Reapers is Dutch band from Utrecht/Rotterdam which was founded on the ruins of Discharger after the Tim went to for Haymaker. They play in four but they have two guitars and all members are helping in vocals. This is their debut album but they´ve already released three songs on Oi! Ain´t Dead 7 compilation. Together you may check 13 songs in English plus spoken intro from some movie called Things Are Bad. Music is somewhere in middle rhythm and two guitars can be really heard. Their sound is inspired by Templars, Legionaires or Janitors – just check the songs like Ugly Mug or Wrong Side of the River (with great straight forward drive) but there are also melodic pieces like Always the Underdog (with nice guitar at the beginning and great refrain), Bankers (which starts similar to Get a Rope from Cock Sparrer) or Sirens of Sorrow with slide guitar which reminds me many Australian bands. Here you may check the first song from the album called Ultra Violence The band brings what I like in Discharger songs and they´ve added more hardness which make the sound perfect. To all of this you may add nice dark cover and you will receive great albumfor the beginning of 2019. Perfect.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9/10  •  Date: 11.01.2019

Ukonnaula - Vanhan Vallan Kahleet

Nordic Noise Records - CD -

1168_ukonnaula.jpgMembers of King´s Cross (Tomppa and Sanntu) founded new project called Ukonnaula (which means something with nails). The band name is in their native language so the songs will be in Finnish also. On demo tape will be six songs but on their web you may check first three songs. Also one song will be on EP which will be released with Spanish skinzine called La Veu de València. On the tape are three songs on side A (Vanhan Vallan Kahleet – Old Strong Bonds, Pimeä Puoli – Dark Side and Verijäljet - Blood) and three on side B (Köysi Kiristyy – Tightening Rope, Tuomittu - Doomed and Vapaa, Vankka ja Vakaa – Free, Strong and Stable). Since their first song Vanhan Vallan Kahleet the band kicks your balls as hard as King´s Cross – guitar with solo in each song, great bass in the background and singalongs (like in Verijäljet, Pimeä Puoli, with one vocal over another and with mutings and drownings or the last Vapaa, Vankka ja Vakaa). Solo at the beginning of Tuomittu is really into hard rock for example. Graphics of the tape cover is also OK. The band says that these songs are demo records but the sound (and mainly music) quality is OK for me and I hope the songs will be later out in some standard way. I really recommend it to all who likes quality music without compromise and people who are behind this project are the proof of quality. Great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 15.01.2019