Albert Fish - Live Ericeira

Fightback Records - CD -

1221_af_le.jpgLive album of this Portuguese band, where Rattus is on the bass and which came into some line up changes (female vocals instead of male ones) – vocalist Ines from Nostragamus and Booby Trap sings, is out now on Fightback Records (which are responsible of Clockwork Boys, Gimme Five or 53A releases in the past). On drums is Saavedra who play also in Falcata and two guitarists – paulo (which is band for quite long time) and Alexx. Record was done in august 2019. Together you may check 19 songs including two covers - Angústia from Censurados and Puto de Rua from Opiniao Pública. Other songs are from all albums like Strongly Recommended, Ao Vivo Na Feira Mix, News from the Front or split Friendship with Blind Alley Dogs. So you may check their hits like Sindelar, City Rats, The World is Ours Tonight, Do it All Again or Future for example with female vocals and in raw version due to live recording. You should expect nice punk rock in middle rhythm but Innes knows how to shout (just check songs like the las piece called Broken System or Politrics with melodic/shouted changes in her vocals). Instead of covers are all songs in English. Booklet is two pages with photos from the gig and sound is OK because the band is playing for quite long time (first album was recorded in 2002). I leave it without rating because it is live gig but I will look forward to their new records in new line up.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 30.06.2020

Albert Fish - Strongly Recommended

Zerowork Records - LP -

1228_ac_sr.jpgDebut album of Portuguese band Albert Fish is out on vinyl after 18 years. Single sided LP is on black was and it is limited to 200 copies and it is released on their home label Zerowork Records. Together you may check 9 songs (including instrumental piece Nothing instrumentálka) in English played by first line up of the band. In current line up remains just ne original member – bass player Rattus. Songs are remastered compared to previous CD version. Their music varies from melodic punk rock (songs Future, Alone or Sindelar) to faster HC songsa (Killing Time, Copycat Rebels or the last one Turning Point which has both attributes – melodic punk rock and HC). In Sindelar you may hear also acoustic guitar. Lyrics are about the fact that even you have some kind of nice promises the future will not be happy and easy (Future), melancholic Alone which is about tha fact that be alone and don´t care about the others is not always mistake or about the fact that you want to live in peace and free but the others didn´t let you (Wicked Scheme) or about so called rebels who are repeating given consume schemes (Copycat Rebels). Cover is done in similar way as on CD, on backside are lyrics, band photos and thankslist.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 22.09.2020

Anti Clockwise - Volume 6

DIY - EP -

1241_acw6.jpgSixth four song EP from Magdeburg band is out in 300 copies – 250 in their classic comix graphics and 50 with their friend Krauti on in who has also song dedicated to him there. Both vinyls are green. On EP are four songs – Sind Wir Die Letzten? (Are We the Last?), Für Krauti (For Krauti), Mieten Runter, Loehne Rauf (Rents Down, Wages Up) and Strassenkoeterblond (Street Blonde). First song Sind Wir Die Letzten? has nice singalong refrain (like Buzz Off! for example) and nice guitar and bass tunes and it ask the crucial question if we are the last generation which will attend the gigs and cause troubles sometimes….hopefully not. Second song is dedicated to their friend Krauti who is almost on every gig here and there with band or without and really enjoy everything (and we can prove it that Krauti is really perfect guy and friend). Third piece is about classic topic which is solved almost by anybody that the half of your money goes on living and rent and it is the fastest and shortest piece from the EP. Last one is classic “skingirl” song. Since the EP Vol. 4 they have two guitars and it can be heard on the sound and all those solos and it reminds me Templars singing in german. Booklet is standard – lyrics, short description of the lyrics and photo from the gig. ACW is getting mature like wine and this EP proves it for sure!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 23.11.2020

Antisocial Skinhead Club - s/t

DIY - CD -

1243_assc.jpgNew German band which has released their debut album in DIY style on CD and LP (both 300 copies) is made from five guys and some you amy know from other bands. Bassist Ian is from Buzz Off!, drummer is from Schusterjungs and guitarist Schlick plays in Sorry No!, Insidious Skins, Brachial or Backstreet Firm. Most of above mentioned bands play typical stomping German Oi! with some faster ska touches. Music of ASR is little bit different (but also faster ska motive is there in song Vinyl). Rhythm is middle/faster and two guitars are perfect so you may hear nice tunes in songs like Hoch in Ehren, Angepasst, Ausgebautet or in Out Of My Way. Vocals are not rough but shouted. On album are 13 songs – 8 in German and 5 in English including covers from Vengeance and Brutal combat with their lyrics (Für die Skins – Pride and pain and Skinhead). This choice may show you what you should expect – 80´s with all the roughness and sincerity. This can be heard in music but in lyrics aalso which are about skinhead cult and all the stuff around – pride, music, drinking, memories, friendship, etc....On cover are band members and isnide are lyrics and some other photos. Graphics is similar to releases from Sorry No! so I think it is done by the same person. If you like classic sound and above mentioned bands with some mode melody this is excatly for you.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 26.11.2020

Bakers Dozen - Frightener

Askania Productions/Oldschool Records - CD -

1223_bd_fright.jpg7th album of this Scottish band and 11th if we count splits is out due to cooperation of Askania and Oldschool Records. CD is packed in perfect digipack with CD and DVD inside with documentary called Still Divided from the Masses on it with comments on Dozen from other bands. On CD are eight new songs and even the musicians are different (guys from Thumbscrew), you may hear the typical Dozen sound with Jon Scott on vocals. First song Frightener kicks you in the balls with nice refrain and it is about what happened when you piss off wrong people. Then come The Offense which is spit into the face of British justice who betray many people due to power of the press (song has perfect guitar solo at the end). Ode to Mediocrity is about all those reunions of small local bands from 77 which made comeback, big tour and then split up again, in A Complaints Been Raised is perfect solo again and it si about complaints which no one cares about. Fifth one is The Lines have Been Drawn and it is about anger of people who goes on the streets for direct actions, Up with the Lark is about some bills, taxes and work…and again perfect solo guitar in both songs. See it, Say it, Sorted is true story about how ex-solider save the bus from the terrorist attack and the last one Razorblade Alliance is description where the band stand and what they think about it. On DVD which has around one hour and twenty minutes are many archive materials from the gigs in Britain (oldest one is from 1999) and also from Skinhouse Menfis in Germany where our band Disdainful played with them back in 2006. There are comments from Dozen´s friends like Pressure 28, Queensburry Rules, Retaliator and Breakout. Booklet is perfect with lyrics, photos and description of the album and DVD from Jon. Album is out also on LP with different (nicer) cover. Perfect.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 28.07.2020

Bent out of Shape - Who Laugh Last

Demons Rum Amok Entertainment - EP -

1235_boos.jpegOn German label will be out debut EP from Dutch band Bent out of Shape with members from bands like Spirit 84, DSS, Icepick, Dead Horse Running or No Denial and this EP contains four songs in English - Who Laugh Last, Paying Tribute, Lost in the System and In Fryslan (which has refrain similar to In Britain from Red Alert). Band plays in four but it has two guitars. First song I hear vocals similar to The Lancasters or Alternate Action. Two guitars can be heard and in each song you may hear nice guitar tunes. Also melodies are catchy and supported by singalong – just check the song Lost in System for example. If you like melodic stuff in middle rhythm this is exactly for you. Check some songs Cover of the EP is photo in front of the court in the city of Leeuwardenu. Nice one.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 27.10.2020

Brutal Cropped - ¡Guerra!

Contra Corriente Records - EP -

1233_brutal_cropped.pngDebut EP from this three piece band from Madrid is out on new label called Contra Corriente Records and it is limited to 300 copies. Memberes have experience with playing in bands such as Los Prudoms and Rough Punch. Two of them are from Spain, third one is from Chile. On EP are three songs in Spanish called Joven Incorrecto (Incorrect Youth) and Marchando (which is cover of song Väldtäkt from Enharjärna but with different lyrics and you may check it here and it means something like Marching) on side A and Condenado (Condemnded) on side B (check it here The band plays mixture of hard but melodic Oi! in combination n with viking rock solos and at the beginning of Condenado you may hear keayboards and for me this is the best song from the EP. First song is little bit faster and it stands out of the line from the other songs. Cover is done by Sauvage Design. Inside is paper with all lyrics and on the backside is band photo with quote “To all those who came and those wo leave.” Nice and pleasand surprise and I am looking forward to other stuff from the boys and from the label also.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 19.10.2020

Concrete Elite - Absolute Guard

Rebellion/Oi! the Boat Records - LP -

1206_cd_guard.jpgAbsolute Guard is new single sided LP of this steam roller bunch from Austin, Texas which is out in 500 copies (150 black and 350 silver). Together you may check 5 songs on side A on circa 12 minutes. Songs are called Maximum Force, Outsiders (, Death Comes Knocking, Knife Edge and 2000 Tons. On side B is silkscreen picture of rose in barbed wire. Now what should you expect – simple all you want from Concrete Elite – hard cover vocals, heavy guitars and drums of war which lead this insane machine straight forward like in Mad Max movie (just check the end of the first song). Songs are not so long (three are under two minutes). I really like Death Comes Knocking (with perfect main riff) and Knife Edge where singer Manny shouts really nice :). It is simple brickwall Oi! which I really love. Inside is paper with lyrics (or their fragments). If you like their previous records and records of Concrete just check this album because they are still standing in their hard line.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 11.03.2020

Cuttin´ Edge - Face Down

Rebellion Records/DME Distribution - CD -

1207_cuttn.jpgCuttin´ Edge comes from Scotland and it is mixture of punx, skins and metalheads which seems to me quite nice. This is their debut album which is out on CD and LP (100 black and 400 orange copies). The band plays in classic four piece line up and you may check 10 songs on the album. Guitarist Luigi used to play in Last Stand before and his guitar is really top especially due to solos (just check Shit Generation, Genocide and almost all other songs). The band describes themselves as Motör Oi! and also that they are (not only) for fans of Motörhead and Exploited. And their riffs are really like that and I hear Exploited in Massacre and Beat the Bastards era in it (just check songs Face Down or Only the Strong) and also Kriegs Legion, Butchers Nail or Dead Nation when I compare them to current bands. By the way singer Roddy looks little bit like Colonel Sanders. They also know how to play singalong refrains like in Accident Emergency or How Do We Know. There is no slow slow songs and almost all have more then 3 minutes. Booklet has 8 pages with lyrics and photos and the cover reminds me Massacre from Exploited. This is no poppy Oi!, 77 punk rock or ska, this is true rock´n´roll massacre which you have to like.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8/9  •  Date: 17.04.2020

Dead Masaryx - Otrokracie

DIY - CD -

1234_DM_O.jpgDebut CD/EP of this new band from Brno with old faces from Bootboys Social Club (guitar and bass) and Konec Hry (drums) contains four songs – Otrokracie (Slave-cracy), Boží láska (God´s Love), Duch 90tých let (Spirit of the 90´s) and cover from HNF To svět se posral (The World´s Gone Mad). In other songs there is strong inspiration from these classic punk band. CD is just in cardboard sleeve (so no booklet) and I think it is more demo and introduction of the band. Last BBSC album Obrazy smutku (Pictures of Sadness) was quite depressive and this is similar (maybe except song Duch 90tých let) and the first song Otrokracie is like that when democracy is based on principles like “we will not tolerate your intolerance” or “kill a beaver to save a tree”. 1984 in the clothes of liberty. Second song starts with solo guitar tunes and after cca half a minute it is turned into harder level (it is hardest song from the CD) and lyrics are about blind and nonsense killings in the name of god. Duch 90tých let is about the fact that things in the past were more sincere and in spite of the fact that youth is gone, and man have to work and take care about the family a few faithful is still there for great show. Cover from HNF is surely with modern sound compared to original version from 1986 and singer nicely sings like Peter from original version. I am really looking forward to other stuff from the band because the potencial is surely here!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 20.10.2020

Diamond Dogs - s/t

Rebellion Records - EP -

1230_dd.jpgDiamond Dogs is new band from Netherlands with members from older HC bands like Mainstrike, Justice, Reaching Forward or Cornered and this is four song EP which will be officially out in the midle of November. What will you see on the first sight is the cover which is similar to classic Combat 84 – Rapist. First song called The Executioner has really dark sound and it reminds be US bands like Battle Ruins, Hammer and the Nails or Fuerza Bruta. Other songs are called Fortress of Hate (check it on, Raw Visions and Ship of Fools. Songs are middle/slower rhythm, sound is dark and raw like the names of the songs. Bass roars dark in the background and guitar is play her solos (like in Raw Visions or in Ship of Fools where sounds like passing-bell). Each song has around about two minutes and it is hard to find any which will stand above the others....everything is depressive and dark with dripping hate to modern bastard society hwere money means everything. Perfect!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 13.10.2020

FAUL - s/t

Olifant Records - CD -

1211_faul_20lat.jpgTo the 20th anniversary of this Upper Silesian band is out this CD which contains re-recorded songs from their previous albums (4 songs), Prostacki Punk (2 songs) and Lozdupc (3 peices) plus two previously unreleased songs Patriotyzm za 8 Dych and Hit. So it means 11 songs together. The band is preparing brand new material and they are going to release new album. They are playing in three pieces and you may know them also from live gigs here in Czech republic. Their music is typical Polish Oi!/streetpunk with lot of melody, faster rhythm and fine solo guitar (check songs like HC Skinhead or the first one Czorne Dzieciaki) and vocals from all band members (AMF, Rock´n´Oi or Zawsze Zli). They know also how to play harder pieces (N jako Nienawisc). Both new songs are really nice especially the one called Hit with nice singalong refrain. I leave it without rating because it contains just two new songs but I am looking forward to their new stuff.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 19.05.2020

Forca/The Sentinels - United as One

Skinhead Core Records - LP -

1224_forca_sentinels.jpgSplit tape of Portuguese band Forca (with members from Kontrattack, Asas da Vinganca, Honor Ferox, Doc 21 etc..., so it means Portuguese and Brazil bands) and US band The Sentinels where Steve from 86 Mentality used to play is out on Russian label Skinhead Core Records (which is run by Nick from Brutal Savage). For Forca it is debut release (even their members have many experiences in playing in different bands), The Sentinels has recorded one album and few songs for 211 Bootboys compilation. Each band has there four songs, album is opened by Forca, all songs are in their native language and first one is called Nova Praga (New Plague), followed by Odiados e Orgulhosos (Hated and Proud), Valhalla and Transvessais (originally written for Honor Ferox). Their sound varies from Chickswick bands (second song Odiados e Orgulhosos) to Hammer and the Nails/Battle Ruins. Tempo is faster with some guitar solos (like in Transvessais). The Senintels has there songs called Nova Minora, Social Insecurity, Brotherhood and Jaws of Life and all four are taken from their album Minority Report (but I don´t know if they are re-recorded or not). Sound of Sentinels is not so raw as Forca sound and also guitar tunes are more playful (like the beginning of Nova Minora). In Social Insecurity are nice HC tunes and in Brotherhood is some guest vocalist. Tempo is slower compared to Forca. Nice underground record!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 11.09.2020

Fuerza Bruta - Verdugo

Rebellion Records - CD -

1208_f_b_v_cd.pngCD version of Verdugo album from 2017/2018 which was already released in circa 10 modifications (tape, LP, single sided LP, …) is out on Rebellion Records on CD now and you may check here 8 regular songs from the album plus 12 bonus songs. These are from EP´s Somos el Mal (instrumental track Xibalba which is some kind of underworld in Maya mythology, Cabeza Podrida a Somos el Mal) and All Cops are Bassheads (with crazy electric remix of Nacion Divida and Feos por Naturaleza and live version of Asocial from Brazil) then previously unreleased Desemprego (which is also here and also many new/old version and mix of songs Verdugo, Intolerancia, Cabeza Podrida and Somos El Mal plus audio to video Feos Por Naturaleza ( Playtime is more then 47 minutes. Their stuff was released just on LP or tape and now you receive all stuff on one CD from Spanish singing band from Chicago. You may check detailed review of Verdugo in reviews from 2018. Artwork of the cover stays the same and CD is out as some kind of super jewel box. I leave it without rating because it is some kind of compilation.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 27.04.2020

Horda - s/t

Combate Brutal Records - EP -

1216_horda.jpgAnother project in which is Rattus and Combate Brutal Records is called Horda and it is studio project. Rattus is doing vocals, guitar and bass and João Guerra (originally from Falcaty) on drums. Single is out in two versions (black and white cover each limited to 100 copies). Song on A side is called LXSH and on B is called Vida Conflitiva. First song can be checked here Beginning is some kind of electronic intro played on keyboards/syths. After circa half a minute came guitar and other instruments (with perfect loud bass). Song has great refrain and it is about skins from Lisboa. Second song is Vida Conflictiva (Conflict Life) and it is maybe better then the first one even it has different composition. It is harder, faster and you will hear saxophone in it which reminds me French bands from the 80´s. Song is about eternal fight against hypocrite society. EP has big hole in the middle and inside is paper with lyrics and thankslist plus envelope with record logos. EP is sold out I think but if you have a opportunity don´t hesitate and buy it! For me it is really great and it´s a pitty that it is (now) just a studio project.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 29.05.2020

Ihle - In Allerbester Jesellschaft

Ihle Records - CD -

1240_ihle.jpgIhle is band from Magdeburg with members from Anti-Clockwise and this is their debut album which can be translated like In the Best Company. I think the band gives someway a tribute to the beginning of the skins and punk subculture in old DDR (photos in booklet, song titles, …) and bands like Daily Terror or Deutsche Kinder. Musically it is harder and faster then ACW and it doesn´t have the “Templars” feeling and the sound is more into 80´s punk. Together you may check 13 songs in German and one of them is with Czech refrain and it is called Ahojky Kamarádi (Cheers friends) and it is dedicated to Czech bands (Neparkovat Vjezd and Normals!?) and gigs here in Czech which band likes to visit in passive or active way. Other songs are about history of German skins in DDR (DDR Skins 1 -3) and their problems with Stasi or about the fact that Germany skins are different then English ones and all the things around spirit of 69 and clothes looks like fake. Some songs criticize consume way of life which sometimes infiltrates punk, etc… In last song DDR Skins 3 are in lyrics mentioned songs from bands like Troopers, Fasaga, Rabauken, Daily Terror, etc... Cover is done as a digipack with lyrics and photos from 80´s - skins, suburbs, factories, etc… My German language is nothing special so the lyrics are deeper for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 20.11.2020

Kolpeka - Demo

Mendeku Diskak - EP -

1236_kolpeka.jpgKolpeka (which means something like Hit by Hit) is new band from Basque country (city of Gernika) and this is their five songs demo tape. In band are four young lads (in age between 15 and 17) which is great because there is new generation of troublemakers. Songs are in basque also and their names are Posturetas (Positions), Argi Ta Zuzen (Clear and Straight), Siempre Rudo (Forever Rude), Bakarra (Only One) and Kolpeka. Musically it is mixture of punk, oi! and HC which you may gues due to the cover of tape which reminds me similar HC/Oi! bands like Forca from Portugal, All in Brawl from Australia or Faction S from France. It is quite fast music with slower songs )around about 2 minutes) and with shouted vocal which can be heard from the first song. Sound is good even it is demo. I really like songs Siempre Rudo with nice guitar start, Argi Ta Zuzen where the vocals are not shouted and the last piece Kolpeka. You should expect straight harder music without guitar solos…simple everything is driven straight forward. I really like the fact that in this fucked up commercial world there is still bunch of teenagers who hide themselves in garage and play these sicnere tunes in old school way!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 04.11.2020

Komintern Sect - Plus Fort Que Tout / Quand Meurent Les Légendes

Combate Brutal Records - EP -

1249_ks_ep.jpgThe first ever (!!!) single EP of this French legendary band (founded in 1981) is out limited to 200 copies (100 with black and 100 with sivler cover) on Portuguese label Combate Brutal. Both songs are from the first era (1981 – 87) – first song Plus Fort Que Tout (Stronger than other) is from Les Uns Sans Les Autres album from 1986 and Quand Meurent Les Légendes (When Legends Die) is from Dernier Combat from 1985. Song on A side is absolute anthem, singalong, ultramelodic, call it as you wish…simply perfect piece from the beginning till the end and it was chosen right for this single. Second song is harder (mainly due to vocals) but in refrain it switches again on more melodic level. Inside is paper with lyrics, poster (different in every version) and short comments to both songs from singer Carl. Graphics of the cover is perfect again (as usual on Combate Brutal stuff). Content is not new so I leave it without rating but I really love whole album graphics, old photos and whole idea to put some songs from them on 7´´.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 02.02.2021

Mess aka The Terribles - Intercity

Mendeku Diskak - EP -

1246_mess.jpgMess si Mexican band with members from Himnos and Sparrow 68 and their five songs (four in English one in Spanish) is out on mini LP through Mendeku Diskak (365 black and 165 yellow). Songs are called True Love, Street Boys, Authoritarian Tools, The Only Judge and Sospecha. Since the tune of the first song True Love you will hear Exploited due to main guitar riff (like from Punk´s Not Dead era) and vocals in refrain. Street Boys reminds me Blitz in All Out Attack and Voice of Generation era again duie to guitar. Authoritatian Tools has nice guitar solo, The Only Judge and the last one Sospecha (Suspicion) are more into Exploited and UK 82 bands. Cover is also in UK 82 style – b/w skull. Check it on Fans of classic sound will be surely pleased.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 11.01.2021

Nessuna Resa - Memorie Dall´Oblio

Dodici Raggi Edizioni - CD -

1231_nr_mdo.jpgSingles collection of this Italian band from the city of Lucca contains 14 songs – 4 pieces from their split with Lemovice (except cover Questi Anni from HC punks Kina), two songs from split EP with Dr. Martins (including cover from Incivili), two songs from split with Garrota (without Infrangete La Legge from Gangland), two from split with Orgullo Sur, three from their last single Orrizonti di Liberta and last but not least unreleased caover Rivolta from Plastic Surgery, which you may know from youtube, with the help of Legitime Violence. Title of the CD can be translated like Memories from Oblibon and I think that band want to say that they are not active anymore. To their music…they didn´t sound like typical Italian band (and you surely know what I mean). Their music is slower with absolutely perfect melodies (their guitar solos but also whole concept of each song) and you will hear this from the fist tunes of Ragazzi Come Noi till the last one Rivoltu. The band is not afraid to use acoustic guitar but also piano and saxophone (in brilliant song La Cittá Del Silenzio which is here in different version than on albunm La Stagioni Della Vita). CD has playtime around about 63 minutes and it is packed in nice digipack with all lyrics, band photos and tattoo photos. Nice compilation of all singles from EP´s and splits on one CD but I don´t understand while the band didn´t put on CD two above mentioned covers because I think that there is enough space on CD for them.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 14.10.2020

No Quarter - Society Falls

Askania Productions - LP -

1218_nq_sf.jpgSecond full album from this Birmingham band was released on tape and CD back in 2018 on Askania Productions and now in 2020 it is out on LP (300 copies on white vinyl). The band has released also EP, some compilations and split with Bakers Dozen. On CD and LP are 11 new songs but the graphics is different (cover of LP is taken from the photo in CD booklet). They are playing in five and Jedd is now just on vocals except songs The Kids Aren´t United and Fuck Your Agenda where he is responsible for slide guitar (which I love). Songs are faster and you may hear it nicely in songs like Society Falls, Facemelter (with perfect solo guitar) or Fight or Flight. There re also slower stuff like Adam Johnson (which is dedicated to ex football player who is now in jail due to sex with underage girls), Heads Held High or Taxi Driver (with nice refrain). Topics of the songs are downfall of society where everything weird is excused by democracy, cowards (Facemelter), poseurs and so called original and true skins (Yellow Lace Brigade with nice rnr riff, The Kids Aren´t United and Try Hard), killing taxi driver (Taxi Driver) or sung history of the band (last song That´s That with acoustic guitar and which is the best song from the LP together with the first one). Booklet of the CD is done better for me then paper added to LP but on both are lyrics plus band photos. One of the best new breed British Oi! bands mainly due to the rhythm and solo guitar. Really great album!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 05.06.2020

Núcleo Duro - Noites de Terror

Combate Brutal Records - LP -

1242_nd_ndt.jpgNúcleo Duro is hooligan band from Lisboa and if you are checking BB regularly you surely know reviews on their four EP´s - Sporting Hooligans, Má Onda, Ódio Eterno and Botas which are all released through Forca Bruta Discogs between 2011 and 2018. Noitas de Terror is complete discography and you amy check 16 songs on the LP. EP´s were strongly limited and the LP is limited also – 2x 100 copies with different cover (black and gold) The band plays slower and raw Oi! with keyboards in some songs (Sporting Hooligans, Má Onda ,Sempre a Combater, Freak) or saxophone (Ódio Eterno). Because you may check BB for reviews of all EP´s I will not write too much about them here. Musicaly it is similar to bands like Warboots, Klase Dirigente, Combate 49 or Portuguese project Gume, but with harder sound. Cover is perfect (as usual on Combate Brutal stuff) – there is paper with llyrics, pictures, photo of Sporting Lisbon firm plus history of the band (but just in Portuguese). Nice discography composed from things which are hard to buy on one LP. I am interested if they are still playing and if they are working on some new stuff.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 24.11.2020

Orgullo Sur - Defiende tu Hogar

Hostile Class Productions - CD - 37:16

1209_o_s_dth.jpgThird album of this band from Chilean Puerto Mont is out on Hostile Class Records and it could be translated like Defend Your Home. Album is out after six years since Sureňo, Rural y Brutal album but the band has released many singles and splits in the meantime. Current line up is four pieces but they still hold two guitars and solo guitarist Carlos really plays better and better – just check solos in Mi Ciudad (My City), Identidad, Madre (Mother) or title one Defiende tu Hogar. It can be said that there is perfect solo in each song which underline well melodic link of the whole song. It seems to me that the rhythm is faster compared to previous albums but it doesn´t matter it has great drive. In the last piece called Alyún Dia Regresaré (Onde Day I Will Return) you may hear also acoustic guitar and bes Willy´s vocal from all songs. Other songs are Nunca Lo Voy A Dejar (I Will Not Leave), No Me Voy A Rendir (Never Give Up) or Luchar (Fight). From the songs list you may see that topics are classic but also personal. Cover is done by Gustavo (as usual) – drawing in old school style, lyrics, photos and thankslist – standard. This really top stuff and if you like melodic music this is exactly for you.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 15.05.2020

Out of Order - Life Sentence

Randale/Bad Report/Rebellion Records - LP -

1244_ooo_life_sentence.jpgFourth album of this Montreal based band is out as gatefold LP (black and splattered vinyl) with lyrics, thankslist and photos inside. It was released due to cooperation of three labels (and I haven´t heard about Bad Report yet and I think it is band label because there is also song called Bad Report on the album) with 14 songs in English (7 on side A and 7 on side B). The band plays in five and and since the first song Camels till the last one Fate it is really nice. Thythm is faster and sometimes you may hear other musical influences like metal/crossover (at the end of Berlin Wall) or ska/two tone (in the part of Peoria where you may hear also harmonica). As I wrote above there are some songs which are faster and harder (like No Heroes, Playground or the first one Camels) but most of them are melodic (like Bad Report which reminds some older Patriot stuff, Winds where I hear their friends from Tailgunner, beautiful Wasted Days or Peoria). Singer has nice covered vocal I nsome songs (Colour of the Rose) but there are also nice singalongs with the help of other band members (Life Sentence). First guitar is not afraid to play solos (Fate or Berlin Wall). You may know the band from the album Better Days released on CZ label Vinyl 4 Bootboys back in 2014. Nice piece which will not bore you for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 05.01.2021

Paris Violence - Quad Les Berges Se Resserrent

Casse-Os Records/Islika Produktions - CD -

1237_pv_quand.pngTwo years have passed since Paris Violence have released their last EP´s. In the fall of 2020 come this Oi!wave band with brand new mini album released on CD through Islika Produktions (limited to 100 copies) and colourful LP released on Casse-Os Records (300 copies). Flav invites on this album some other musicians so it is not just him who is taking care about guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. On the album you may check six songs all in French (except instumental piano intro called Le Long Des Quais). Second song De L’eau Sous Les Ponts is about similar topic as intro (which has something to do with waterfront and this song is about water and bridges) and musically it is 100% in style of Pariss Violence – guitar solos, keyboards, catchy refrains and playful bass. Third song is called Pertes Et Fracas (Losses and Falls) and you may hear sound of accordion and chorals and it has some kind of middle age depressive feeling and it reminds me early albums from Dan Landa. Next songs are Les Berges de la Quarantine something like Banks of Quarantine) in slower rhythm, Alerte au Malibu (Baywatch) and the last one Les Jours Reculent (Days are Flowing) which is slower and it is some kind of outro with recited vocal covered by effect. Paris Violence have very interesting cover graphics amd it is also on this album which is in style Lovecraft on LSD :). Inside aree lyrics, band photos, photos of flooded areas (again maybe context with some songs) and ilustration drawn by Flav. Great piece and it´s a pitty that I can´t speak French becuase there is no English info about the lyrics content inside.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 11.11.2020

Paris Violence - L'âge De Glace

Islika Productions/KB Records - CD -

1251_pv_ladg.jpgIn 2020 celebrate Paris Violence 25 years anniversary of the band and they have released some stuff in re-edition and this is one of them. Album was originally released back in 2001 (as 9th album of the band) and now it is out CD in digipack through Islika Produktion/KB Records and on LP through Common People Records. Both versions have new cover art (and on both albums is booklet with original art which I like more) and songs are remastered. Together you may check 10 songs in their classic style of Oi! wave – keyboards, amples, acoustic guitar, solos, etc.... (check the beginning of Psykhouchka or Troisième Nuit Dans La Bagnole for example). Compared to current records this is little bit rawer and twenty years abbys between the records can be heard mainly on Flav´s vocals which are rougher. In that time only Flav recorded all instruments. Topics of the songs deal with history (Proti současným nahrávkám kapely je tohle trošku hrubší, přecejen odsup dvaceti let je poměrně dost a nejvíce je to asi patrné na Flavově vokálu, který prostě kdysi zněl hruběji. Taky to byl pouze Flav, který v té době nahrával všechny nástroje. Témata songů se týkají opět historie (Paris Commune for exaple in song Raison d´Etat) or lonelines of man in modern city which looks live but finally it is desert (Dur d´etre un ange) or the time when idols fell (Le crepuscule des idoles). In booklet are all you need – lyrics, photos, pictures plus a few words about the record (all in French). Classic.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 09.02.2021

Pressure Trap - Walls

Oldschool Records - CD -

1239_pd_walls.jpgSecond album of this Polish mod beat band is out on Polish label Oldschool Records (do not confuse it with the German one) which is releasing bands such as The Analogs, Lazy Class, Zbeer, etc... First album of the band was called All-Nighter and it was released two years ago in cooperation with Contra Records. The band plays in three pieces and CD contains 10 songs in English (some of them can be checked in the youtube channel of the band CD is done as a digipack completely in red color with lyrics and band photo and musically it is really nice and melodic music in the line of The Manics, Cock Sparrer , etc… In song called Bombs you will hear keyboards and two tone guitar, in Pleasure Trap is nice change in rhythm from slower to faster and back. In Needful Things is noce fast rhythm and perfect guitar solo. Lyrics vary from serious topics like the fact that you don´t have to play roles which society wants you to play (Roles), walls (imaginary or real) which are built between poor and rich (Walls) or war which affects those who are not interested (Bombs) to personal things and feelings like in songs Pressure Trap or Red Rose (with keayboars again). I don´t know the band before but it really worth listening if you like melodic stuff.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 16.11.2020

Repeat Offender - Demo 2020

Mendeku Diskak - EP -

1245_repeat_offender.jpgRepeat Offender came from Los Angels and this is their six song demo debut released on EP (373 on black and 158 on bone coloured vinyl) on Mendeku Diskak. Originally it was released on tape but it was sold out. According to the graphics you may guess that this will be fast and raw hardcore/oi/punk in style of bands like All in Brawl, Impact Zone or The Detained. As I wrote above on EP are six songs but the play time varies from 53 s to 1:47 so is fast :). Songs are called Prime Suspect, Blood Feud, Con Job, Debt Collection, Consequence and Fraudulent. Sound, vocals and whole concepction is very raw but I think it is purpose. Songs are faster but two are really fastt - Blood Feud and Debt Collection (where the snare drum sound melts into one). I really like songs Consequence and Con Job. Cover art is done by Nicky Rat. Who likes bands which are really straightforward check it there It is demo, so I leave it without rating.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 08.01.2021

Roials - Zeit zu Handeln

FK Produktion - CD -

1219_roials_zzh.jpgAfter thirteen long years came this band from Dresden (which is playing for 25 years) their third (or better to say fourth) album called Zeit zu Handeln (Time to Act). Compared to their previous album (and also compared to their live gigs) they have change on vocals and bass but they are still in four pieces with only one original member Timo on guitar. Album is out on CD (digipack limited to 500 copies) and LP on FK Produktion with 11 songs in German language including instrumental intro (which has nice western touches and acoustic guitar like Ghost Riders in the Sky). In some songs you may hear fast two tone guitar (Überzeugungstäter – Persuader and Fuck You). Sound is typical German Oi! in middle and time to time faster rhythm with singalongs and nice guitar tunes (for both just check Egal or 25 Jahre). Lyrics are about friendship (Alter Freund – Old Friend), things around band (Wir sind die Roials – We Are the Roials and 25 Jahre – 25 Years), tabloid news which media presents to cover up the real problems (Egal – No Matter), results of drinking (Nie wieder – Never More) or about the fact that we don´t care what sheep think about us (Fuck You!). I like songs Alter Freund, Nie wieder or Therapie. In booklet are lyrics plus photos. I really like all their previous stuff and I am always looking forward to see them live (playing and also have a drink with them). Great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 22.06.2020

Squelette - Tentative d´Homicide

Bigorna Records - EP -

1227_squelette.jpgNew EP of this band from Paris called Squelette (Skeleton) can be translated like Homicide Attempt and you may check two songs on it. In band are people who arearound bands like Lion´s Law, Rixe, The Sultans etc... Band plays in classic four piece line up (vocals, guitar, bass and drums) with female on bass – Eve. Bigorna release EP in three versions (blue, red and black cover each limited to 123 copies) plus 23 test pressings with band photo on the cover. Songs are called Tentative d´Homicide and Passagers (Passengers). Musically it is rough French Oi” with the touch of classic bands from the 80´s but also newer bands like Oeil Pour Oeil. First song is really dark and hard and its title describes what is the song about (also the cover of EP deals with this topic and it is inspired by Jack the Ripper). At the end is some kind of interlunde followed by spoken vocal. Check the song here Second piece is more melodical (mainly refrain with deep choir in the background) and it is about life balancing of people after their thirties. At the end is again some kind of interlude. Graphics and the cover design is really great (but we know that Bigorna Records knows this very well). Whole cover is full of skeletons, skulls, spiders and webs. Paper with lyrics is cut into coffin shape and EP sleeve contains quote “nous les os qui sommes ici, attendons les vôtres” which is took from the entrance into d´Evora ossuary and it means something like “we bones who are here are waiting for you to join us.” There is also band photo and thankslist. Those who like the French sound check them for sure!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 21.09.2020

Sta. Cruz - s/t

Mendeku Diskak - EP -

1229_sancruz.jpgBand called Sta. Cruz came from Basque city of Bermeo and this is their original demo released now on EP through Mendeku Diskak limited to 511 copies (308 black, 98 red and 105 white + 20 test pressings). Band plays in four and on EP you may check also four songs (two in Basque and two in Spanish) - Asedio Constante (Constant Siege), Askatasune (Freedom), La Muerte Por Babor (Death in Harbor) and Bermio 1937 which is about naval battle during Spanish civil war. Music is in faster straightforward rhythm and you didn´t recognize that it is demo. It has rock´n´roll Chickswick sound with all its drive and nice playful bass (just check Askatasune or the beginning of La Muerte Por Babor). Sometimes there is singalong or change in main vocals. Cover is in red/white which are the colours of city flag and inside is paper with lyrics. On test press cover is band photo. For me big and pleasant surprise.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 05.10.2020

Stealers - Never Enough

Rebellion/Stolen Stereo Records - CD -

1220_steal_ne.jpgThis Dutch band has already released two albums and one EP and this is their third full length pice and it is called Never Enough. In band you may find Rudo from Razorblade on guitar. Compared to their previous albums they have just three piece line up and main vocals are now sung by bassist Jesse. On album you may check nine new songs in English – see album teaser All nine songs are in perfect rhythm of dirty and raw rock´n´roll with touches of Rose Tattoo, Carburetors or Nashville Pussy. I really like songs like slower Little Bit then Shoot the Man Down, Ride, Game and the last one Crawling with perfect start. Who likes sharp guitars (riffs or solos) and rnr vocals with all those yeah stuff this is just for him (again check the teaser to hear it). Cover is done similar to previous graphic – gangsters in masks, guns, etc… I don´t know much about the inside because it is just in electronic format.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 29.06.2020

Still Defiant - s/t

Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl - LP -

1226_still.jpgStill Defiant comes from Germany and they have already released demo and EP Till the End and on this album you may find songs from both releases. They are playing in three – guitar and vocals by Lars (Shaved Heads, Buzz Off!, Larry Noseman), bass – Matze (Endstufe) and Nikky on drums. LP is out limited to 500 copies (350 on clear vinyl with black splatters for Europe and 150 black vinyls for USA). Together you may check 10 songs in English (including covers - For You from Anti Nowhere League and Fatigue from Blitz) and in some songs you may hear piano (Fatigue) or tambourine. Brand new songs are two - SHR Rule OK (classic rnr) and Young Warrior (with slide guitar and female vocals). If you know project Lary Noseman you know the sound of Still Defiant – music is on the borders of punk rock, bovver rock, rock´n´roll, etc…(cover of the demo is based on Joy Division cover but drummer has Begbie´s head from Trainspotting). Whole sound is great and nostalgic and it has realyly 70´s/80´s feeling. Most of the songs are fast but there are two slover pieces – last one sie A - Total Surviolence and the last one Go Your Way with nice singalong. From the new bands I will compare them with No Resistance and their albums like VITRIOL or Nova Methodus. Inside is paper with lyrics and some band photos. Really worth listening
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 17.09.2020

Strike First - Wolves

Rebellion Records - LP -

1222_sf.jpgStrike First from Atlanta was built on the ashes of DDC which were going to release brand new album this year. So instead of this there is a debut record from Strike First released on LP (100 black and 200 splattered) From DDC there is singer and guitarist Wynn who played also in Fatskins. On LP are 8 songs including Bring It On Down from Oasis (in harder version) and re-recorded version of Fight Like Hell (about fighting the cops) which was released on split with Assault and Battery in 2015 (and I think there is different singer). Song The Enemy can be checked on You should expect perfect streetrock with nice guitar/guitars and playful bass and singalongs (check the last Wolves for example). It is hard to pick some song which is above the others. The first one Unbreakeable is anthem dedicated to all friends and family which are behind you, next one Dead End Boys is about all backstreet kids, The Flame is about the spirit which is inside you no matters how old are you and Dirty Kids which is similar to Dead End Boys. Inside is paper with lyrics, photos and destroyed bomber. Perfect streetrock!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 02.07.2020

Tchernobyl - s/t

Combate Brutal Records - LP -

1238_tchernobyl.jpgDemo of Paris based band was released on 2019 on Le Diable Au Corps (which release also demo of Faction S which was later released also on LP through Combate Brutal) contains five songs plus song Arsenic which is hidden on the tape is now released as single sided LP: In the band are members of bands like Faction S, Outreau, PMS or Chrome Reverse and on bass is girl similar to their colleagues from Squelette. Current line up contains five pieces. 100 copies was released with black cover, 100 with gold cover plus some testpressings and cover is similar to the demo tape cover. You can check whole demo here Songs are called Molosses (Mastiff), Peur Sur Le Nil (Fear on Nile), Vierge de Fer (Iron Maiden), Coup de Grisou (Gas Blast) and Arsenic. Total playtime is little bit over 10 minuts and only last song Tchernobyl has more than two minutes. Sound is rough (but top quality) how the French bands can do and I feel spirit of the 80´s here. Brutal Combat can be really heard in songs like Peur Sur Le Nil – singing together and faster change in rhythm at the end of the song and I hear them also in Coup de Grisou with nice guitar solo or the last one Tchernobyl which is the fastest from the LP. Inside are lyrics, band photo and some pictures of zombies (which are also on tape) and mascot of the band – Godzilla skinhead destroying the city. This is absolutely perfect record.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 13.11.2020

The Hard Targets - The Hard to Kill

Longshot Music/TASM Records - LP -

1253_hard_targets.jpgHard Targets came from Melbourne in Australia and their first record is from 2012 – EP called File Under Maximum R&B. This is their first full album and you may check 11 songs on it. Band plays in four and in line up is guitarist Phil who may be known from Marching Orders, Blister or Bulldog Spirit. LP is limited to 300 copies and graphics is done by Brod (who is also playing in Marching Orders, Stranglehold or RazorCut for example). Abum opens songs called Life at the Top which reminds me Get a Rope from Sparrer with its beginning, second one is Gotta Be More Alive which is more into bovver rock sound. Musically it reminds me classic bands from England (just check the guitar in Government Bedsit Blues which sound like Cockney Rejects). Side A ends with nice song called Best Years of Your Life. Rock sound has also first song from B side – Nothing to Prove. Next B side songs Home But Far Away and Hard to Kill are slower comapred to the other songs from LP but they have great refrains with nice vocals. Overall the B side is slower than A side but I really like it especially the ballad start of the last piece Kiss Me Deadly. Thumbs up for the guitar because solo are really great. Inside is paper with lyrics with cross outs so you may see the evolution of the song and also chords to some songs (I never see it in any other booklet). The Hard Targets are another band from Australia which has something to say.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 09.03.2021

The Janitors - Backstreet Ditties

Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl - LP -

1232_janit_bd.jpgAfter seven years of waiting we have brand new full CD/LP from these La Rochelle based classics of 77/Chiskwick sound. LP will be out at the end of October – 350 pieces on red wax for Europe, 150 black ones for US with different cover and 20 testpressings. Together you may check ten songs in English with playtime around about 25 minutes. From the first one Don´t Wanna Do It it is the style you are used to hear from them – guitar with light booster and sometimes pub piano. You should also expect singalong melodies with nonchalant vocals which sings in “by the way” style, faster rhythm and guitar solos which are in the places you expect (just check songs like Back Street Ditty, Ain´t That Drunk or No Turning Back). There are also slower songs like You´re A Disease, Fancy Pills or the last one Hate At First Sight (whichs sounds like there is different singer). Inside is double sided insert, printed jacket and download card. On the cover graphics is the title of their first EP written on the wall - Bloody Boredom. I think the longer waiting worth it and you will receive exactly what you expect from The Janitors.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 15.10.2020

The Reapers - Kill´em All

Rebellion Records - LP -

1225_reapers_kea.jpgSecond album from this band which was founded on the ruins of Discharger is out on Rebellion on LP and CD (where you may find three bonus tracks from Oi! Ain´t Dead compilation – Tough Control, I´ve Had Enough and Self Destruction). After spoken intro (from 1982 Vigilante movie) you may check to six brand new songs from them plus cover version of Fortunate Son (from Creedance Clearwater Revival) which is put into the harder and faster rhythm. From the first song Tained Streets the band really kicks your ass and balls especially with song Kill´em All which begins on the spot where Dsicharger ended with their Sword of Our Ancestors. Next two songs are really ultramelodic - Rat Race and From the Gutter which is the best song from the album for me with nice singalong at the beginning. Then came Skinhead Rock´n´Roll with fine bluesy rhythm and solo at the end. Whole song sounds like Chickwick bands with modern sound and arrangement. In similar spirit is their last new song called Through the Fires. Imagine faster Templars or Legionaires spiced with more rock´n´roll and you will receive the sound of The Reapers. Perfect album which will be out on 9th October.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 16.09.2020

v/a - Worldwide Viking Rock 2

Vikingarock France Records - LP -

1205_vaviking2.jpgFirst review of 2020 will be compilation called Worldvide Viking Rock 2 which is out on CD and LP through Vikingarock France. Bands which are here are bands in which play Ari so on this issue it is bands such as Mtorr, Rockarska and Seppä Ilmarinen. Then you may listen to French band Carcereduro, Spanish Drakkar and Swedes Vindvak and Hednaljus. Instead of song Faravid from Seppä Ilmarinen and stuff from Carcereduro - Chevaliers Templiers and Napoléon Et Sa Grande Armée are all songs new. Songs from Carcereduro are in new version. Together you may check 12 songs and Seppä Ilmarinen and Mtorr has there just one piece, other bands have two songs. Perfect is that most bands are singing in their native language so you may check mixture of French, Swedish, Spanish, Finnish and English also. After the first hearing I really recommend both Swedish bands. Vindvak are known because they have EP released on Powerfist and in their first song Skogsfrun you amy hear also keyboards and Hednaljus (according to the photo they have two members but due to info on their web they are playing in three). I was quite surprised by Rockarska and their first song Rock Hard for Norden, their second song The Norhtern Lands is in typical marching rhythm of Ari´s projects. Stuff from Drakkar are in slower rhythm. As I wrote above album is out on CD and LP and inside is paper with lyrics and band photos. Cool compilation which is introducing known and not so known Viking rock bands from Europe. Great.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating:  •  Date: 14.02.2020