Bent out of Shape/The Boldness - s/t

Demons Rum Amok Entertainment - EP -

1260_20210317BOOS_BOLDNESS_SPLIT_ARTWORK_FRONT.jpgSplit EP from Dutch band Bent out of Shape and The Boldness who come from Bali in Indonesia is out on Demons Run Amok and each band has there teo songs in English. BOOS has there True Colors and We Rule OK and The Boldness Skinhead Warrior and Bintag Boys (which is cover from The Stomper). BOOS plays in four (but with two guitars) and since the first song you will really hear it. I described them in the review on their debut EP. It is middle rhythm and fitst song is anthem about true friendship which is shown in hard times (dead of friend, divorce,...). Their second song is nice singalong whcih desrbibe the band. The Boldness are playing in three (but you will not hear it). Bintag Boys is nice singalong about Friday night and Skinhead Warrior is the “hardest” song from whole album (hardest is meant in context with three other songs). Cover is nice drawn by guys from Tattoo Ronda. Inside are lyrics and on the back side are band photos. Fine
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 21.05.2021

Bridgehead - Lockdown EP

Nordic Noise - EP -

1254_bridgehead.jpgAnother project where plays Tomppa (Wrongdoers, Kings Cross, Ukonnaula) is called Bridgehead and this is their debut four piece EP called Lockdown and it is out on their label Nordic Noise. Project contains two persons – Tomppa from Finland (on instruments) and Henke from Sweden (who sing). Songs are in English and they are called The Oi! Sounds, Emissions or Emotions, How It´s Gonna End and No Sympathy. All songs are about actual topics – ecological fanatism and b/w view on the world (miss Greta) which is nonsense (Emission or Emotions), Covid 19 pandemy (How It´s Gonna End) or red students which are calling themselves working class and they didn´t hear about night shift (No Sympathy). Last song is classic topic about all PC punks and skins which are hidden safetly in thei clubs and who deny their own history (The Oi! Sounds). Musically it is not as hard as Tomppa´s previous projects…vocals are catchy without roughness, guitar is lightly boostered and full of nice tunes and solos. In How It´s Gonna End is also acoustic guitar. Most of all I like How It´s Gonna End and Emissions or Emotions (both can be found on youtube) Cover is done by Muna and it is perfect with heraldic attributes of Sweden and Finland. Inside is paper with lyrics and band members photo. This is perfect without any doubts.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 13.04.2021

Butcher´s Nail - Para Bellum

Oldschool Records/Askania Productions - CD - 49:36

1259_BN_PB.jpgSecond album of this all star band from another side of the pond is out (so far) on CD through Oldschool/Askania Productions with 13 songs including spoken intro. Line up is similar to their debut No Will No Way so it means people from Alliance, Shock Therapy, Kriegs Legion, ... The band plays dirty rock´n´roll with perfect guitars and bass and singalongs which goes straight under your skin. I really like their lyrics because they go straight to the problem and they describe current situation in the States and whole world so - You Don´t Matter and Protest? are about “peacefull and right” protests, Serf´s Up and It´s Sick is about big differences between social classes and difficult life of workers, When did Punk Rock Get so Safe? which asks THAT question why the fuck we should take care about what we are saying and reading in punk rock or the last one Pay Attention which is about corporations which control and own everything. Good one is also depressive piece You Don´t Belong which is completely sung by female (similar to Free Me From the Dark from their first album). Booklet is done in b/w in simple style – celtic entagled symbols, lyrics, short thankslist and photos of band members. This is perfect balanced album for me without any weak song.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 20.05.2021

Celková Impotence - Nacionalismus

DIY - CD -

1270_ci_nacionalismus.pngThird (and probably the last) album of this band is out again in DIY style 30 years from their foundation and you may check 11 new songs on it. Two of them (Matka – Mother and Kupředu! – Forward!) have lyrics from the Viktor Dyk poems (Viktor Dyk was nationalist Czech poet). Again you may found here many historical and patriotic songs – 805 which is about fight between Slavs and Franks, Obrana národa (Defence of the Nation) and Nebezsští jezdci (Sky Riders) is about resistance in 2nd World War and No 311. Czechoslovak Squadron RAF, Pravda (The Truth) and Ve jménu kalicha (In the Name of Calyx) are about Jan Hus and his followers. There is also very personal song Matka (Mother) Válka s mloky (War with Newts) inspired by Karel Čapek novel and lightened last song SKblb (SKAjerk). Music is in middle rhythm and the qualities of the band members are rising – there are some guitar and bass solos (for both check Válka s mloky, Nacionalismus or Nebezští jezdci) and for bass the last song SKAblb. Musically it is difficult for listening and it is not kind of music for relax – like old Straw Dogs for example. Booklet is ok – lyrics, pictures/photos to them, section “what the poet mean”, few words about the album and band photo. For me the best album from them.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 30.11.2021

Concrete Gods - Whatever Happened To The Angry Brigade?

TASM Records - EP -

1276_concrete_gods_Ep.jpgThe first single of this British mod band is out on Try And Stop Me Records and you may find the title song on it and also song called Tommy´s Song which is adapted poem from R. Kipling. Line up is Pat on drums and you may know him from Superyob (Concrete Gods music is similar to their last album Quality Street), Straw Dogs, Aceface or AKK, Rob on bass (AKK), Phil on lead guitar (heavy metal band Blackmayne) and vocals and Dave on second guitar. The band has already released two full albums and this is first new stuff after 12 years. Single is out on black and yellow/red splattered version. First song is about the fact that the generation of rebels disappeared and second Tommy´s Song is how people treaat soldiers during peace and how this change when war is started. Music is not hard but melodic (like their previous albums which are really really underrated) and Dave´s vocals are clear and nice. At the end of the first tune you may check nice guitar solo. Inside is paper with lyrics and band photo near war vets memorial. Nothing more or less then British classics with intelligent lyrics. Perfect.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 07.03.2022

Criminal Outfit - A Million Saturdays

Longshot Music/TASM Records - EP -

1252_criminal_outfit.jpgCriminal Outfit is four piece band from L.A. with members from bands like Vis Vires, Combat Force, Aggroculture US or Even Score. The band has released online demo from 2020 which you can check here and two songs from this EP can be checked here in raw version (Criminal Outfit and Drown You Out). EP was released as 12´´in black and oxblood version and it contains six songs (two mentioned above plus Up Yours, Give it Up, A Million Saturdays and Last Love). Band plays in classic four piece line up but the guitar and bass are on top quality and in many parts the guitar is doubled during recording which make the sound stronger. Bass plays nice tunes in each song. Rhythm is faster, vocals are not rough but shouted (for example the first song Up Yours sounds like from faster Alternate Action). Next nice song is Give It Up in rnr rhythm. EP ends with song Criminal Outfit which is about the band and members. It is nice mixture of Oi! and little bit of HC. Cover is drawn with lyrics and many photos inside. Nice one.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 05.03.2021

Crown Court - Sect Fifty Nine b/w The Scum

Rebellion Records - EP -

1263_cc_sfn.jpgFifth EP/single of this band from London which play since 2013. EP is limited to 500 copies (150 black and 350 yellow) and both songs can be checked on and both songs deal with football (first one is number of sector where band goes). Music is straight forward with fast rhythm of the drums and guitar with no booster effect and together with bands like B-Squadron, Arch Rivals or (disbanded) Last Crusade makes new blood of British Oi! music. First piece Sect Fift Nine is faster, second one The Scum is slower and more melodic (mainly in refrain). Cover is in blue/yellow colours and on the backside is nice photo from away match. Perfect.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 30.07.2021

Cœur Vaillant - Mercenaire

Combate Brutal Records - EP -

1272_coeur_vaillant.jpgSome of the last releases from Combate Brutal were French bands/projects and the last LP from them is in that way also. Cœur Vaillant (Brave Heart) is project with Dave (guitar) and Jibé (bass and vocals) from bands such as Tchernobyl, Faction-S, Toholl´s or Chrome Reverse for example. How it is with the drummer I can´t say. The band released three songs demo on tape this year and this is what you receive now on single sided LP with black or whit cover (100 copies from each). First two songs are from the boys - Mercenaire (Mercenary) and Croix de Feu (Cross of Fire) and the last one Porte Tes Docs is cover Boots on his Feet from Scottish Skin Deep. Rhythm is slower with nice and catchy guitar (Mercenaire with sounds of battle) and both members are helping each other with vocals. I really like (and I was quit surprised with the topic) second piece Croix de Feu which sounds like Portuguese Gume (many chants and slow rhythm) and it is dedicated to French organization founded after the 1st World War (on lyrics sheet is their logo). Cover from Skin Deep is smoother then original version from 1985. LP and graphics are perfect (illustrations from Dürrera, Burgkmaira, Morrise and Wood-Stevense), inside is paper with lyrics, band photo and short thankslist plus big A2 poster with the title picture. I also like the band logo. If you like bands who know how to play something more and something out of standards, this is directly for yo (but it is sold out I think) so check them on Really great tunes.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 19.12.2021

Driák - To není jak to vypadá

DIY - CD -

1265_driak_ntjtv.jpgFourth album of this punkrock band from the foothills of Krkonoše is out as CD packed in digipack with 9 songs on it including instrumental Intro. You may know two songs from videos - Tady je Krakonošovo (, which is ode to their region (which is really beautiful) and older song Starý rybář – Old Fisherman ( – so together five new songs (there is also re-recorded song Poslední vlak – The Last Train from the last album). The band plays in six (three guitars but they never play live with all of them because one of the guitarist is fireman and he can´t attend every gig). On vocals is Průža from Arrogants with accordion. Topics of the lyrics are serious and non-cliché – Sorry Jako (about our prime minister), Atentát (about Operation Anthropoid), Boží mlýny – Wheels of Justice (about the fact that one day everyone should pay their bills), To není jak to vypadá (Things Are not How They Look Like) then personal song Poslední Vlak (about the death of close person) ond Na tenkém ledě – On Thin Ice (about the fact some things are forbidden – like dating your friends girl). Musically it is fresh punk rock with accordion in spirit of bands like The Rumjacks or Tři Sestry or Cenzúra (if we stay in our area). Průža knows how to sing melodicaly (like Na tenkém ledě or Boží mlýny) and harder also (Sorry jako, Atentát or To není jak to vypadá), songs are slower (beginning of Atentát, Poslední vlak) but also faster (To není jak to vypadá or Sorry jako), but all are really melodical. CD is packed in colour digipack with lyrics and contacts but no band photo. Really nice punk rock with something to say.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 11.08.2021

Forca - s/t

The Firm/Tough Ain´t Enough/Clocwork Punk/Can I Sa - LP -

1271_forca_LP.jpgAfter the split tape with US band the Sentinels (which was released last year and review can be checked here) are these four songs from this Portuguese/brazilian project out on single sided LP (300 copies on black wax). LP is out due to cooperation of five smaller labelrs. All songs are in their native language - Nova Praga (New Plague), Odiados e Orgulhosos (Hated and Proud), Valhalla and Transvessais (originally written for Honor Ferox). Songs are faster and the end of the first piece Nova Praga is perfect, the last one Transvessais is most chatchy and I have to mention also refrain and solo in song Valhalla. According to the cover you may see inspiration in bands like Hammer and the Nails or Battle Ruins and somewhere you may hear also Templars (Odiados e Orgulhosos). Cover is black/white and on the back side of the cover are lyrics, photo and thankslist. I gave 9 to their split and I will keep it because all songs deserved LP version. The band has made some new songs (vocals will be recorded soon) and one of them will appear on compilation which will be released on United Riot Records
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 10.12.2021

Hammer and the Nails/Exili - s/t

Disco Nightmare/PST Records - EP -

1266_hatn_ex.jpgSplit maxi EP of US band HatN and Catalan Exili is limited to 500 copies on black wax and it is out on Disco Nigthmare/Pretty Shitty Town Records. Each band has there two songs - HatN has there End to Yourself and Not Yet Ruined and Exili´s songs are All Hail New Masters and Vella Glória (Old Glory). HatN are experienced band from Boston with many records behind them. Middle rhythm, intelligent lyrics, rough vocal and nice guitars…this is what you het from them and as a bonus you will hear keyboards at the beginning of Not Yet Ruined. First piece End to Yourself is spit in the face to all advocates of globalization, corporations and modern world where money has no real value and rich countries exploit poor ones. Second one is about the fact that sometimes you should work through the storm and dark to get in the better times. Both songs are fuckin´ great and I didn´t expect anything else. Exili comes from the city of Lleida and in their line up is Pep from Codi De Silenci. Band has already released two EP´s from 2018 and 19. Their first song is in English (which is for the first time, all songs from previous EP´s were in their mother tongue) and I have to say that their music is quite similar to HatN except the vocals which are not so rough. First song is about the fact that man should go always forward and be brave even the imaginary ship is broken. Song has great refrain. Second song is in their mother tongue and it fits better to the band (or to the vocalist). Both bands have two guitars and you may hear it in their music. When comes to the cover – it is perfect – unconventional motive drawn with water colours, initials (like in middle age books) and lyrics inside (with changed names in HatN side). This is absolutely perfect and must have release!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 13.08.2021

Hombres de Barrio - La Última Estirpe

Olifant Records - LP -

1291_hombres.jpgOi! band from Columbian city called Medellín and their compilation released through Olifant Records in 2021 on CD and LP. LP version contains also two English versions od their songs Desterrados and Primitiva Y Ancestral. Band name and album title can be translated like Boys from Neighborhood and the Last Breed. On LP you may check 11 songs, 9 in Spanish and 2 in English. Compilation contains 5 songs from their debut Desterrados which was released on all possible formats in 2020 on their home label Inatoxx Oi! Records. Song Hombres de Barrio is from compilation Banned From the Chaos Vol. 1. New songs are Mundo Perfecto, Guerra Urbana and Supervivencia. Band plays in five and on guitar is Daniel who is known from other bands like Resilienca or Toxxina and who is owner of the label Intaoxx Oi! Records. Album contains perfect songs with viking rock touches like the starts of Mundo Perfecto (Perfect World) which is best song from the LP for me, Supervivencia (Survival) or Primitiva Y Ancestral. In all songs is perfect loud bass line and singalongs (like in Primitiva Y Ancestral or title one Hombres de Barrio) and solo guitar (like next perfect piece called Sin Ley (Lawless) or Vieja Estirpe (The Old Breed)). The band knows also fast songs like Acción Directa (Direct Action). Cover and graphics are perfect with paper with lyrics and big photo inside. Flawless piece!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 05.01.2023

Jednota Kolín - Kuráž na život

DIY - CD -

1261_JK_KNZ.jpgThird album from this band is out again in DIY and you may check it all songs on There are some changes in line up and from the original line up is there just singer and guitarist. They play still in five and during recording there is also support from third guitarist. Album is called Kuráž na život (Courage for Live) and to this song there is also video ( with legend from the boxing ring Rosťa Osička. Together you may check 12 songs and in the last one Poháry (Goblets) there is accordion (by Průža from Arrogants and Driák). Songs varies from harder pieces (Vítr – Winf, Šváb- Cockroachor 1437) through melodical pieces (Pěsti ve tmě – Fists in Dark, Tak jako správnej chlap – Just Like the Right Man, Poháry - Goblets, Louky - Meadows) to almost country stuff (Tak nejedeš sám – You Are not Alone) and slower (but strong) pieces (Lidice). If you check the song titles and go through the lyrics you will recognize that there are many patriotic/historical songs (Topoly – Poplars, Lidice, Pěsti ve tmě about fallen boxer and gunner from Liberator bomber Vilda Jakš or hussite one 1437), friendship/hostility (Poháry, Švá), online age (Telefon), love (Tak jako správnej chlap) to for me little bit naïve (but it is probably the purpose) songs like Louky and Tak nejedeš sám. The band has perfect sound, singer can sing hard and also melodic, guitars with bass are perfect (just check solos in Telefon, Šváb or Kuráž na život). Each song is different but there is no weak piece. Booklet was done by Tlustej Tony so you may expect perfect work – lyrics, photos,from recording/shooting and short thankslist. This is top CZ/SK album from 2021!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 01.06.2021

Laki & Järjestys - Kuka lystin kustantaa?

Hellstone Records - EP -

1255_laki.jpgDebut EP of this band from Finand can be translated like Law and Order and it is out on Hellstone Records (300 pieces). The band members have experience with bands like Anal Thunder, Rejected and Kyre & Duunarit. EP contains 4 songs in Finnish, digital version has one bonus - Idiootit. Band plays in four in classic line up. EP is opened with song Kuka lystin kustantaa (something with payment), second one is Suomi, oi Suomi, first on B side is Kermapersejulkkikset (something with celebrities and ass :)) and the last one is Reilua peliä (Fair Game). First song has great title riff and guitar tune, second one nice singalong refrain with vocals from whole band. Third one is in slowest rhythm/tempo compared to previous songs and the last one has almost spoken vocal. Bonus song Idiootit can be checked on I really like guitar which is playful in each song. I can´t tell you about the lyrics because I have just promo CD, graphics is drawn – empty wallet on the front side and some hooker on back side. I do not know many Oi! bands whose sing in Finnish – Ari´s projects, Rangaistuspotku, Ukonnaula, Brewdriver, Tammerfist, …so thumbs up for using their native language. All songs are good and for me fine surprise.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 14.04.2021

Lawmaker - All Work No Class

DIY - EP -

1257_lawmaker.jpgLawmaker is band which is consists from guys around San Francisco´s Bay are and Swedes from Stockholm and this is their debut EP with three songs. Interesting is that the EP was released in normal but also in unplugged versions. Members has experiemces with playing in bands like folk punk The Judas Bunch or Bum City Saints. Songs on EP are Lionhearted, Working Poor and You Can Not Stay. Other songs can be checked on their Spotifiy channel (All Work No Class and all unplugged versions…so eight songs together). The first piece Lionhearted will kick your ass with raw punk rock energy, singalong vocals and perfect solo at the end. Second one Working Poor is similar and maybe better again so much energy and perfect guitar especially the solo at the end. Song is about the fact hor working class became working poor. Last one You Can Not Stay is in similar spirit and it is about the fact that even if you work, the society wants to destroy you because you do not fit in. Song has totally perfect end. As you see all songs are about working class and the oppression. On the cover is US/Swedish coat of arms. I do not know much about the inside because I have just promo copy. This totally perfect!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 22.04.2021

Lazy Class - s/t

TNT Tunes - CD -

1269_lazy_Class_new.jpgSecond full album from this Polish band is out as CD on TNT Tunes and as LP on Contra/Tough Ain´t Enough Records. Together you may check 13 songs including one in Polish (Pamietaj) and one in Spanish (Incapaz) and the rest is in English. The band has changed its lin-up compared to previous releases but they keep playing in four with two guitars. Since the tunes of the first song One of the Million it is still very melodic with perfect solo guitar (just check solos in Always Too Late or World of Your Own). Lyrics are quite serious - One of the Million deals with 1. WW and Battle on Somme, 1905 is about Bloody Sunday which was workers uprising in Saint Petersburg, The Other Side of Reality is about the fact that some people are trying to get closer to their photoshoped idols from media, On the Right Track is about false promises of politicians which disapeared after the elections or The Boats Are Coming about migration and the fact that new Babylon statrs falling. You may also find simplier lyrics like Real Man´s Therapy which is classic ode to Friday evening or Stay Lazy, Stay Rebel. CD is done as nice digipack with photo near Mermaid of Warsaw and lyrics inside. Who likes melodic stuff will like this album as well.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 12.10.2021

Live by the Sword - Exploring Soldiers Rise

Rebellion Records - LP -

1247_lbts_esr.jpgSecond full album from this Dutch/US project is called Exploring Soldiers Rise and it limited to 500 copies (400 clear with blue/silver splatters and 100 black). On LP you may check eight songs with epic names like A Glorious Iron Blaze, Into a New Dark Age (which is nice slower song and you may check it on, Scars of the Ages (demo version of this song was released on flexi disc two years ago) or The Inevitable Fall. From the song titles you may see that the band (or specially Wouter who is responsible for music and lyrics) is interested in history, battles and other musical styles from viking rock to metal (just check his solo guitar almost in every song). It is hard to pick one or two best songs but I really like A Glorious Iron Blaze (with perfect vocals mainly in refrain plus nice guitar) than Whispers of a Vicious Kind with nicely distorted guitar at the beginning and next one The Inevitable Fall which are both fastest songs from the LP or The Great Mountain with perfect main riff and dramatic pause before the end. In booklet are pictures from Michiel Eikenaar (who was singer from Nihill who passed away two years ago) and from Johan Pregner who is also into dark arts. This is perfect album which combines catchy streetrock, viking rock and epic metal into tasty musical cocktail. Great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 19.01.2021

Lupara - Dluhy se platí...

DIY - CD -

1256_lupara.jpgDebut CD of this three piece band from Pardubice city contains 5 songs (4 are from them and one is Too Good To Be True from Motorhead´s album March or Die) which were recorded in 2016, in 2019 they put them on the web (, where you can check them and now they put them on CD which was released DIY. On bandzone you may find also two more songs called Salvatore Riina and Stará kovárna (Old Forge) which has also videos on youtube. Song titles are Bedny (Gambling Machine), SHARK, Omerta and Lupara. On the line up is interesting that main vocals are done by drummer. Music (and mainly due to guitar) is into dirty rock´n´rollu which I like and typical you may hear it on cool solos in each song. First song Bedny has great rhythm thanks to drums and it is about the fact how man loose himself in gambling, title song is slowest one and it is about great design of sawed-off shotgun. In same spirit is song Omerta – both Lupara and Omerta are long guitar solos with spoken vocals. Their last piece is called SHARK and it is about pub/bar where band used to go. From the song titles you may see the inspiration with gangsters and mafia. Booklet is ok – lyrics, photos and a few words. I am really glad that band don´t hesitate and put older material on physical copy which you may order for 8 Euros on Good one, really good one.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 16.04.2021

Nápoi!ka - První šnyt

DIY - CD -

1258_napoika.jpgDebut CD of this eastern Bohemia band with Slut on vocals (východočeské kapely, kde najdete na vokálech Sluta (zines SkinRead, Crime Pride, etc...), Jindra on bass (Hovorkovi Chuliggáni, Svarog,...), Venda on drums (Lupara) and Tonda on guitar (Defenestrace, Krizový štáb). CD or mini CD contains four songs - – Nápoi!ka (Pod rouškou) (Behind the Mask), E-xtremisti (E-xtremists), Plíseň a tma (Mold and Darkness) and Víkend (Weekend). The first song sounds like early stuff from Operace Artaban mainly due to changing in vocals in first strophe and it is about the destiny of band which was founded in the times of pandemy and restrictions. In similar spirit is the third piece called Plíseň a tma and it is about garage band and rehearsals with many beers. Second song E-xremisti is classic topics about denying and despising politics and all “isms”. Interesting is guitar which goes there from two tone to HC sound. Last piece Víkend is anthem to all who are working all week long and who are looking forward to rest with friends in a pub. I like their sound which is very compact together and as I wrote before it reminds me early stuff from Operace Artaban. CD is done as digipack with lyrics (also in English), photos and flyers from the gigs. You may order it on Very nice debut.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 17.05.2021

Oldarkor - Ezpata Hotsak

Disco Nightmare/PST Records - LP -

1268_oldar.jpgOldarkor band (which means something like Aggressive) comes from Basque country (Bardulia area) and they sing mostly in their native language. This is their debut album (the band has released single EP before) and the title can be translated like Sound of Swords. LP is limited to 500 copies and you may check 8 songs on it including cover Stolz from Onkelz in their mother tongue. Two songs (Skinhead and Still Fighting) are in English. The band plays in five pieces and since the first song (with their friend from Orreaga 778 as a guest) you may hear it on guitar. Most of their songs are in middle rhythm with nice solo guitar and I hear some viking rock touches in their music. If you like to compare their music with some bands from Iberian Peinsula I will chose Brutal Cropped or Drakkar. Song Still Fighting is little bit faster and into classic Oi! sound but you don´t miss guitar solo. Some song titles asre Ohorea Eta Harrotasuna (Pride and Honor), Otso Bakartiak (Lone Wolves), Nafarroa (Navarre) or title one Ezpata Hotsak. Cover is b/w with knight on horse, inside is paper with lyrics, photos and drawings (again in b/w) and all this is done in nice oldschool way. I really like songs Ortzi, Otso Bakartiak and Ezpata Hotsak. I have to say againt that mother tongue fits more to the band than English. Perfect album which I have to recommend to all.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 05.10.2021

Orgullo Sur - Viento Divino

Rebel Records - EP -

1267_osvd.jpgViento divino (Divine Wind) is 12th EP from Orgullo Sur I think and it is limited to 414 pieces (180 on yellow vinyl). On EP are two songs and the first one on A side is brilliant cover from Slegehammer (Kamikaze) and on B side is song Firme Y Fuerte (Firm and Strong). First piece is absolutely great even it is “just” oer version. Whole concept of the song is faster and sound is more modern than original and Carlos plays great guitar tunes and solos (especially at the end of the song). Video and lyrics on this piece can be found on Second song is faster and as I wrote in review on their full album Defiende Tu Hogar the rhythm of OS compared to previous albums is faster and I like it more than before. Again you may hear nice guitar and in both songs is also cool bass line. You may check the song here Graphics is done as tribute to Japaneese pilots so planes, sakur blossomns, toast before the last flight…inside are lyrics in Spanish plus short text in English about Viento Divino lyrics. Absolutely great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 26.08.2021

Östra Aros - Stormvarning!

Pretty Shitty Town Records - LP -

1273_OSTRA-AROS-stormvarning.jpgÖstra Aros Stormvarning! LP Pretty Shitty Town Records 2021 Third album of this Uppsala based band is out as LP on PST Records. Blue or black LP (250 copies each) is packed in the gatefold sleeve with all lyrics and some pictres (four horsemen, skulls, boots or viking symbols). Together there are 11 songs (on playtime around about 30 minutes) including one cover from Great Funk Railroad but with swedish lyrics - Vi Är Ett Svenskt Jävla Band (We´re an American Band). Östra Aros consists of three rockers (two with walrus mustache) and one skin and this combination makes fuckin´ perfect music which hit you like steamroller in high speed. Rhythm is faster in dirty rock´n´roll style with steel sounding guitar like in Den Sista Striden (The Last Battle), Guld Till Sand (Gold on Sand) or Uppsala Rock´n´Roll. Sometimes you may hear touches of viking rock (Vila i Frid – Rest in Peace where a part of the song is sung a capella or the beginning and main riff of Vanligt Folk – Normál People). All songs are melodic and have catchy refrains – just check Bränna Broar – Burning Bridges, slower Medelklassens Barn (Middle Class Kids) or above mentioned Den Sista Striden. This whole LP is perfect hotchpotch which takes their best from rock´n´roll, punk, blues rock or metal. Vocals are rough just right and it fits perfect to the music. This music drag you in even if you will not understand the lyrics. This is as perfect as their previous album!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 21.12.2021

Savage Beat - New World

Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl - LP -

1248_sb_nw.pngSingle sided LP of this Dutch melodical band is limited to 600 copies (all in black but 150 with red, 150 with silver and 300 with blue printed band logo on picture side). On A side are 5 songs with around about 16 minutes playtime and you may know song Trapped from split EP with Death Ridge Boys. The band has already released one album plus some singles and splits and in their line up are musicians who are/were active in other bands (just check previous reviews). On the song New World is preparing videoclip All songs are in great rhythm with steel sounding guitar with perfect solos (Trapped, All Bars In Town, New World) or melodical riffs (League of Fools). You will also hear some singalongs for sure (Trapped). I really like the second songs League of Fools and the last one how to drink the city dry – All Bars In Town. It reminds me some songs from Buzz Off! (because of tambourine in Killing Time) or faster Hard Wax. It music which you can hear again and again and it didn´t become boring. Add perfect graphics (the picture on not playing side of the LP) and you have another perfect release at the beginning of 2021.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 20.01.2021

Still Defiant - Fight the Evil

Rebellion Records - EP -

1262_sd_fte.gifThird EP from this German band is out in 500 copies (150 black and 350 orange) and you amy check two songs on it - Fight the Evil ( and Digital Age. Music is similar to their previous releases and this three piece line up really know how to play. First song starts with nice bass and guitar tunes/riffs and it has great refrain with vocals of all band members. Second song I like more. It has darker sound again with nice tunes of bass and guitar and reminds me The Transitions from Australia little bit. Both pieces are in middle rhythm with clear vocals without roughness and hardness and it listens very well. Cover is done in similar way as previous stuff – punk font, two colours graphics, etc… I wrote more about the band in previous review on their full LP from 2020. Nice single!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 28.07.2021

The Choice Few - One Way Street

Rebellion Records/LSM Vinyl - LP -

1250_ch_f.jpgThe Choice Few is new band with Mike (Last Crusade, Victim´s Choice, Thankless Graft or No Heart) in line up which came from Vancouver, Canada and this is their debut which will be released through Rebellion/LSM. On album you may check seven songs including cover Nobody Loves Me from The Letters (which was originally released as a single in 1980). LP will be out in the middle of February and it is limited to 200 black and 300 silver copies with lyrics and download code inside. Tha band plays in five and their music is mixture of pub rock, glam and sreetpunk. Do not expect hard and heavy and fast stuff, melodies are slower, guitar is without booster with some nice tunes and solos (just check the first song on B side Ain´t Got a Clue for example) plus covered vocals (first song Out on a Tenner for example). If you check the title song (which is really slow :)) One Way Street on youtube you will recognise how the whole album sounds. It is hard to pick one songs which is above the other but I really like Start Anew with perfect melody and vocals in strophes. If you like above mentioned bands plus some mod stuff like Giuda or Hard Wax, this is exactly for you.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 03.02.2021

The Trade - s/t

Rebellion Records - EP -

1264_thetrade.jpgThe Trade is Dutch-British project with Lliam (guitar in Close Combat and Priorities), Ronny (drums in The Reapers, Discharger) and Toma (Hard Wax, Hostile Minds, Arch Rivals) in line up and this is their debut single. This project has been in their minds since 2019 and this is the result. Two songs in English - All Grown Up ( and The Chosen Few ( on EP limited to 300 pieces (100 white and 200 black). Tom´s spirit from Hard Wax can be heard mainly in second songs The Chosen Few which is more into bovver rock with silent guitar at the beginning which come into nice solo. First song has great melodical refrain. Both songs have classic/cliché lyrics about skinhead way of life. Cover is quite simple in black/white. These songs won´t bore you for sure.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 10.08.2021