1. Hi so at first introduce your band, members and how you know each other. Tell us also anything about your reunion after the breaking up in 1998.
Jeff on Vocals, Tim on Guitar, Lloyd on Bass, and Jeff C on Drums. We have all known each other and been friends since the late 1980's. Tim and I first had the idea to do the band in 1990. The band officially started in 1991. Lloyd joined us in that year. Jeff C joined the band in 1994. This is the line up that played until our breakup in 1998. After 8 years of being broken up, in 2006 we decided to do a reunion show to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of when the band started. The show went so well that we decided to start playing yearly reunion gigs. In 2007, we again reunited to play some gigs with Condemned 84. In 2008 we played some more reunion shows. The East Coast Oi Fest being the big one. We also played a few other local shows. After that, we didnt do anything in 2009. In 2010 we reunited again to play a series of shows with Condemned 84. Now it is 2011. The 20th year of when we started the band. More shows and the discography CD are planned for this year.
2. You have started under the name Moral Outrage and after the demo record you change your name on Stormwatch...why?
At the time we just didnt feel the name fit us. It was just one of those things where we were young and wanted something that sounded more "skinhead" related. The name Stormwatch was never meant to have any ties to any political stance. To us, it just seem to fit to how skins were viewed by the public at the time. As skinheads, we felt like a "stormwatch" to everyday society. The way we were always being watched, in the news, etc....
3. Your members played also in bands like Combat Ready or Blackthroat...are your members playing nowadays in any side projects instead of Stormwatch?
Right now no. I was the vocalist in Combat Ready from 1998-2000. It was short lived. Tim has played in "Metal" projects like Blackthroat and Onita as well as a "Hardcore/Metal" project called Bad Luck 13. Lloyd did vocals in a short lived "Hardcore" band called Dead Wrong. Jeff C played drums for "Hardcore" band Hard Response, "Punk" band Hurt, and most recently he played for another local Oi! band called The Barons. As of right now, all 4 of us are back fulltime in Stormwatch.
4. Since 2006 you played on some shows and now you are going to release album with your discography...what should we expect? Will be there any new songs? And does it mean that you are definitely back with the bang? Who will release this album?
The discography will contain re-recorded versions of the best songs from our 1992 demo and both of our previous albums. 1993's "At War With Peace" and 1996's "Right To Remain Violent". It will also contain some previously unreleased material and yes. A few brand new songs. Yes. We are now back. We wanted to release a best of type album out of respect for our past and release a few new songs with it as a teaser to our future. It will be released on Pure Impact Records. We are long time friends with Peter Pure Impact and always talked about working together. Now is the time.

5. Do you personally prefer CD´s or vinyl?
I personally have always preferred vinyl. Its just tough these days to do vinyl releases. Not to many labels do vinyl anymore. Record players are also hard to come by in the states. CD's are more easily accessible but nowdays even they are kind of dying off. I once had hundreds upon hundreds of Lp's and 7 inches. My record player broke and it was tough finding a replacement. I just got to the point where I sold alot of my vinyl on ebay and replaced them with CD's.
6. Tell us something about your musical influences and who is responsible for making lyrics and music?
Biggest influence period is Condemned 84. They were always our favorite Oi! band. Outside of making great music they had an uncomprimising attitude that we ourselves had and related to. Outside of them our influences are a mixture of early British Oi! and early American Hardcore. Basically if we listen to it and like it, it is an influence.
7. Your band was active in the 90´s and now. Can you compare the gigs, scene and all the stuff around skinheads in 90´s and now?
The late 80's throughout the 90's were great. That was our era and we have alot of great memories from then. It was very tough getting gigs back then however. It is alot easier to get gigs nowdays but thats also because skinheads arent what they once were either. Back then it was dangerous. Skinheads were always in the news and it was a violent era. Many crews, gangs, brawls, etc...Adversity builds character however and alot of skinheads from back then were the real deal. Nowdays, its easier to be a skinhead. Its more socially acceptable and there isnt the resistance there once was. Which of course means that when its easier, alot more fake trendy fashion kids filter in. I see alot of kids out at the shows these days, but I dont see that same fire in their heart that those of our generation had. We all helped paved the road for the young kids to have an easier time of it. Sometimes I am not sure if that is a good thing. I am not talking about all current skins. Obviously many are in it for the right reasons and have heart. Its just that there are far more image/fashion skins around now then back then.
8. What about the scene in your area...any new breed bands worth hearing, clubs, pubs, crews, zines...?
Active Oi! bands in the area are The Barons and The Incited. Both have stuff coming out on Dim Records. Many other good punk, hardcore, and metal bands are going strong to. Mojo 13 is a local club that has hosted numerous great shows. We have played there, Condemned 84, Resistance 77, Agnostic Front, Murphys Law, and many others. There are some other good clubs/pubs to but Mojo 13 has definetely been the most open to hosting Oi! gigs.

9. What about the gigs in USA? Is it difficult for patriotic Oi! band to find the place for playing? And what about the laws, are they so strict, like no smoking in the bars, no drinking on the streets?
It was alot tougher to get gigs back in the 90's. We havent had any problems playing gigs since we reunited. Back in the 90's we encountered far more hassles than we do now. Laws are increasing strict however. You are right. Smoking in bars is no longer allowed, drinking in the streets will get you arrested, etc...
10. What about the playing abroad? Do you ever think about touring Europe?
Yes. In fact. Gunk from Condemned 84 was going to get us some UK gigs this year, but we wont be able to make it. We were going to line up a series of gigs across Europe but it wont be happening in 2011. A few members cant get the time off from their jobs.
11. Do you know anything about Czech Republic?
Yes and no. Not too much nowdays but back in the 90's I was in contact with alot of bands and people from there. I heard about alot back then, but I am sort of out of touch nowdays.
12. Plans for the future?
First thing. Release the discography CD followed by gigs. After that.... all new album.
13. Any last words...
Thanks for getting in touch and cheers for the interview. Greetings to all of your readers. We wish you all the best. Anyone who wishes to get in touch for any reason, feel free to do so through our Facebook page. Thanks again and best wishes from the USA.