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Jonesy, if it is not so secret, please tell us your age, your hobby and family status and your could start everything :-)
Well, I have been on this earth for almost 43 years now and my whole life since my teenage years anyway has been in and around music. Like a lot of working class people, I have spent a lot of years doing shit factory work or anything that I could get, and I should be going back to a new factory job real soon, but for me the music and the scene has always been that escape from just being a number in society’s hell. My hobby and part time work is ‘MFS’ and I fuckin’ love doing it, but in January I will become a father, so me and my girlfriend ‘Nicole’ have a new life around the corner. But I will continue with ‘MFS’ and help bands get their music out to the world, upset the system and stick 2 fingers up to the P.C brigade, life goes on for this tattooed mother fucker.

You established 2 bands called Disturbed Mother Fuckers and Tattooed Mother Fuckers. Tell us any differences between these 2 bands, please. Do you have any other bands beside these 2? Are you going to establish any other musical project in the future?
‘TMF’ is my kind of angry and rebellious side, while ‘DMF’ is more about my personal and mental side. My dedication these days is with ‘TMF’ but not everything I write and record fits in with this, so occasionally I like to record solo albums or actually get involved in other projects. For example, I am also involved in ‘Outclass’ which is more street rock sounding, and we are actually writing a full length album now. We hope to demo 5 more songs in the coming weeks. Watch out for this as it is really different and have a real good feeling about this.

I have recently recorded 10 new songs as ‘DMF’ and they are punk classics by bands like ‘Sex Pistols’, Menace’, ‘The Exploited’, ‘Sham 69’ and more, but I have changed the lyrics. They are now a kind of tribute to my football team ‘Leicester City’ and hooligans etc. 6 of the songs will feature on a split and maybe 1 or 2 songs on a 7”, I am not sure yet.

I think you are the most active man in the scene! Where do you find inspiration? Do you read books, newspapers or just do you only walk down the streets and feel the hard reality?
It just happens, that’s all I can say. I have seen a lot of things in life and travelled and experienced more than the average person ever will, a lot of this finds its way into my song lyrics. Looking back on my life, I have released a lot of stuff eh! And while I’m still alive and kicking I can promise you there will be more, music is my life, my rebellion, my weapon of choice. I think I always have to have some kind of recording lined up, or record to release, it makes me feel alive.

Your music is fuckin strong, brother! Which bands did influence you and with which bands would you like to share the stage? (It could be bands which are just R.I.P.)
There are so many bands that have influenced me from the punk, Oi!, hardcore and even rock scenes, to list them would take me days. But bands I still wanna share a stage with would be like this

1.      Cock Sparrer.

2.      Cockney Rejects

3.      The Exploited.

4.      Rose Tattoo.

5.      Blood for Blood.

6.      Condemned 84.

7.      Lars Frederickson & the Bastards.

 The chances of playing alongside any of these bands is like a dream, but I know with the stigma of my past that it will never become a reality, but I will keep dreaming and see what happens. But until then I will share the stage with the bands that are keeping the underground scene alive, the bands that will never get the big festival offers, the big record contracts and money they deserve for their effort and dedication.

You are full of tattoos. Do you have any free place on your body or do you still permanently write on your body? Which tattoo is the newest and which one is the best?
It has been a lot of months again since I sat in the chair of pain, so maybe I should make another appointment. The last tattoo was my lower left leg which was actually inked by ‘Deranged’, the guitarist with ‘TMF’. He is more into black & grey designs, demonic and dark stuff, so I let him sleeve my leg. He made a fuckin’ good job of it too. The best tattoo, that is difficult, but I still like the ‘hate edge rock n roll’ piece on my chest. Every tattoo I like and I remember for one reason or another, they really are a map of my life.

I know you had some musical project in past. Will you record anything new in the future or is it definitely „dead“?
Those days are over for me, but I can see another goodbye recording coming. We said goodbye with ‘Bulldog Breed’ by playing a couple of gigs and releasing the ‘Complete Collection’ double CD/book, that was a nice farewell, a nice way to lay the band to rest. For me ‘English Rose’ deserves a farewell piece also, and I plan to record something in the future along the lines of ‘No Politics – Just Memories’. But those days and those bands are gone and never to be re-born, for me anyway, the rest of the boys might decide otherwise. But the doors are closed on them days for me. I will hold the memories and remember the good times and friends, that is for sure. And there are no regrets.

Are you interested in politics? Is there any European party which you like and follow or read their steps? I think it is very hard to find some good choice, so many people are boring by political „scene“.
Politics is everywhere and it really affects us all, but being involved in politics is everyone’s personal choice, I’ve seen enough political bullshit in my life. I live life first these days and politics is at the back of my mind. I see a lot of people get involved in politics and they think they know everything by the time they are 21 and by 25 they are gone again, they burn themselves out with their blind dedication. There are too many people trying to dictate rules in the scene, acting like politicians, and we all know politicians work for one thing, themselves. That is my view on politics.


I love your lyrics about hatred to drugs and religion. BUT...Some stupid people say that drugs are acceptable inside the skinhead and punk movement! Arrgh...I think skinheads were always against this madness! Maybe rude boys smoked marihuana, cannabis, but who knows? Is it truth? I am not into ska etc.!
This is another personal choice, mine is to stay away from drugs as I have seen the problems they cause. Saying that, I have also seen a lot of people fuck themselves up on alcohol, and that is very acceptable in the skinhead scene, and that is a drug and a killer. Most people might act ignorant to the fact, but drugs are just as popular in the skinhead scene as any other scene, I guess people just disguise it better.

Some boy from London said to me that England is very, very violent land and that violence is everywhere on the streets. Is your reality really so hard there? Did used to be England less violent when you were young or child? What was changed inside the society? Where is the reason and is there any solution?
Society has rotted since I was a child and I have seen it first hand, England is a very violent place and I don’t think it is going to get any better. Government turns a blind eye to many things and they have become too scared to tackle the problems in case they hurt some people’s feelings, and the only solution to them is to imprison everyone. Prison just breeds a more pissed off individual, prison doesn’t fix things, the government needs to fix the mess that they have created and just admit for once that they got it wrong.

You were a punk when you were younger, I guess. I was always skinhead but I became punk when I was a daddy, ha-ha. Which culture is closer to your heart from your personal point of view? Skins or Punks?
Me and my friends all started out as punks, but I was always shaven headed, never did I have a Mohawk, I was more of a skunk in the early days. I listened to punk music and Oi! for a number of years before I realised I was a skinhead. I have been connected to the skinhead way of life since the early 80’s, but always with that punk spirit inside me, always rebellious, always sticking 2 fingers up to people who tried to control me.

This Question you will be able answer after this Saturday, ha-ha:
You organized THUG FEST near London. Was there a great atmosphere? Will you organize another one in the cradle of the punks and skinheads?
Well as you might already know, we had some problems with ‘Thug Fest’ and it seems that the police decided to stop it late on the Friday night. There is still confusion to why it was stopped at the original venue but we managed to find another place on the Saturday to play. It was a lot of stress and chaos for us and people who wanted to come, but around 200 people made it to the gig to see 7 bands play and have a great evening. Sorry to anyone who didn’t make it because of the venue change; speak to Kent police about it. And a big thanks to all those involved in making the gig happen, those who helped provide a replacement PA and back line, the bands that made it a great night, all those who turned up, and especially to the venue owners for putting us on at the very last minute…… you are stars.

At the time of the gig I said I would never do it again, but we will be back next year with ‘Thug Fest 2’ and other gigs here and there. I like to play my part in keeping the scene alive, maybe other people should also think about it too. Maybe find a local music venue, ask if they will put on our kind of bands, book a place and play your part.

What about British cops? Everybody knows a lot of songs about ACAB etc. but which is the reality? Are they really waiting for a trouble and for any victim?er2.jpg
If you ask me, that don’t do the job that they are paid to do, they are just pawns in a game for politicians to use to crush any kind of opposition or rebellious voice. We were born to enjoy freedom of choice and expression, but it seems that is not always true. Just look at the way they act at demonstrations, all dressed identically so you can’t identify one from another as they use their force.

The best concert which you have ever visited? Have you ever been to the Czech Republic? Is it hard for you to travel and spend the time and money on the roads during your singing? Is it hard to find any free time for doing this?
I have travelled a lot over the years, seen a lot of countries, which includes yours, and visited many gigs. It is not so easy these days with money, time and life.

Political Correctness is a cancer, isn’t it? Do you think it is nowadays enemy inside the society? Or what would you like to change now if you could?
Unless you follow the trend and play under ‘love music – hate fascism’ or ‘good night white pride’ kind of slogans you can’t be accepted in the punk and Oi! scene, and if you don’t follow the rules you will be blacklisted. But hey, isn’t punk about rebels and breaking rules? The P.C scene can go to hell for all I care. We will continue as a band and if we don’t get some gig, record deal or distribution because of this we ain’t gonna cry. It amazes me how some people think they know me and the band and they can decide our future. True punk is about breaking rules and breaking free from the control freaks, I am more punk than some of these PC punks could ever be.

Me and nobody here remember what was happened in 1969. But it was the start of the skinhead increase! Do you follow „the spirit of 69“or do you call yourself more modern skinhead or punk?
I was 2 years old, so I can’t claim to be a skinhead from them days. I became a skinhead in the early 80’s, that is my generation and that is where my roots are. I hear all this spirit of 69 talk from the younger and older skinheads, but can’t relate to it, I am an Oi! boy, a skinhead with a punk spirit from the 80’s. Some even try to tell me that I am not even a skinhead. I don’t need a rule book or anyone to tell me what or who I am.

Is there strong Scene in the UK? Are there new bands, new crews? Or are there only a few mates from past and make new songs under the old bands? You remember better days for the scene, I think. Am I right?
The scene has stood still for many years in Great Britain; it just never seems to get any new blood. Yes some young ones do join, but not enough. The old bands seem to make come -backs, play gigs for large amounts of money or for promoters who use them in a political puppet show, but I don’t really believe that what they sing comes from the heart and that is not what the scene is about. A lot of respect is being lost, and since when did we become puppets and play under political slogans just so we can play, that is not what it’s about.