1. So at first can you introduce little bit yourself (age, hobbies, work...)


I'm Dirk, living in Germany & meanwhile an old Bastard means Skinhead for more than 20 years.

2. When and why came decission to start the label?

It was 2008 when I got the latest Hawks CD & was wondering why no one put this great album on vinyl. Around 100 emails later (to Japan) I started my own label with this release. The idea was to release even good Bands which bigger Labels won´t support. Especially good "exotic" Bands are welcome on SPR. Mainly lookin for the music i personally like than the stuff which only sells good - think that's the point...

3. Can you name your releases and said a few words to each one?

#2 Klase Dirigente 7" - I got in touch via Myspace. The music sounds rough & the background was just funny as there only latin americans in this New Jersey / USA based band. Watch ot for the upcoming compilation on WAR where they featured with some tracks.
#3 Kalevalan Viikingit 7" - The mix of Oi & Vikingrock is unique & singer Ari works hard (also in other Bands).

#4 Mercancias 12" – Don´t know how I found them but i loved the music with their "historic" lyrics & solid music. Think it´s the most wanted of all SPR releases, the record was sold out in less than 24 hours! if you find a copy anywhere just grab it...
#5 Legitime Violence 7" - Band from Quebec / Canada with aggressive songs smashin right in your face. What do you need more for a good release? I just heard that Hostile Class Records put their full-length album on wax in the near future...watch out for it.
#6 Orgullo Sur 7" - Willy contacted me for this job, I heard their music...all songs arranged very well with his cool voice & lyrics so it was no question...real singalongs - no matter if I can´t understand the language.

#7 Paris Violence 12" – I´m a kid of the 80th so the mix of Punk, Oi & New Wave goes straight to my ears. Wasn´t a typical SPR-release but Flav´s offer to make a record with older unreleased stuff was great.

#8 Bulldroogs/ Bronco Army 7" - It was almost funny when Bronco Army send me their demo & i didn´t agreed cause they only sing in English & I prefer bands using their native language. I contacted Bulldroogs which close to BA - they recorded some songs in their own language & we made this split.

#9 Section 5 12" - Well i grow up with their music & when I got their last album & realized its CD-only... This record was everything else than a bestseller, but it must be done.
#10 Brutti E Ignoranti 10" - Was searching long for a good Italian band which isn´t far left or right so this guys where exactly what I want. because it was my number 10 i made a embroided patch & a nice shape design as an extra special bonus.
#11 The Choice 7" - I got 3 unreleased tracks from Smitty & Mike when i started my labelwork but because of the low quality i never made a normal release of it.
Thought the glorious #10 release would be a good moment to say "thanks" to my label supporters, made 100 copies & gave them away for free!

#12 Ressiduo 7" - They contacted me at a time where another release where cancelled so i checked their demo album & taken some tracks on this 7". Great band & good music.
#13 Nobody's Fools 10" - Collecting records for years & knowin´ there was a release missing from American Defense Records (ADR 007) so i found out it was NF & they played very classic US Oi ...so I finally did what ADR never made. Checkout the booklet of the 2nd ADR compilation - you will find a picture from this record as a upcoming release.

4. Your main orientation is on limited vinyl releases, why did you choose vinyl instead of the CD´s?

I´m a true vinyl fan & just do what I like. That´s it!

5. How you came to the bands which you´ve released (because some of  them are from exotic countries for us, like Columbia for example).

First it was Myspace a good tool to get in touch with bands & other vinyl fans. Today its Facebook which I don´t like so much but anyway it works. Often a Band member contact me & if i like what I hear...Not long ago i just seen a picture of a Demo CD on Facebook, i bought it & now it will be my 14th release *haha*

6. What do you think about downloading music from internet?

Very different - if it´s a legal download direct from the band it can be a good chance to reach fans but there to many web-pages from people who don´t respect the work of bands & labels. That´s somewhere between Punkrock & asocial Bullshit.

7. What about the cooperation with other labels which are releasing also limited editions (Bigorna Records, Pride and Passion Records, Ediciones Limitadas...). Do you changing the music with them?

I have no distro so trades only possible for my own collection + close friends.If we talk about co-productions: it´s very difficult cause every label works different. I hate things like preorder/-sale cause that´s just rip-off, so I go my own way...I´m close to Bigorna Records (Portugal) & like their way of releasing stuff so maybe in the near future...?

8. Have you got some kind of official e-shop when we can buy your stuff or it is just across the mail shoutproud@gmx.de?

No - wanna hold it small. Most of my release sold via Newsletter or Facebook/ Myspace-Page. Sometimes you get my releases from German Distros but often they are sold out very quick. If someone want info via Newsletter just drop me a line.

9. Do you know anything about Czech scene?

I always love this Question *hehe* - easy said NO! It´s a shame - I know your country is nice, people are very friendly & there some really great gigs in my "neighborhood". Only had a weekend in Praha about 15 years ago..i travelled with some Workmates - we enjoyed the Alcohol & local Niteclubs but that´s another story *hehe*!

10. Can you reveal little bit some of you future releases?

#14 will be a double 7" with Toholl's from France. Probably no one know them but it´s a (side-) project from Jibe & Ulysse which also play with West Side Boys so it can´t be bad! After this SPR moves back to Japan with a release which I´m planning about 2 years. It´s the 3rd Strong Style album & I´m fuckin´ proud of this!

11. Last words....

Thanks to the people who buy my releases & the bands which don´t stop with playin good music! I have to say thanks to you for this interview & supporting my label.