1. Hi so at first can you introduce yourself like name, age, hobbies, work, etc…

My hobbies are drinking beer, listening Oi! music, gather in group, get along and if there is a fight then go after the ones who harass my friends.

2. When and why came decision to start label? I know you used to release some stuff under the name Crowbar Records, why did you change the name to This Means WAR Records?

I started Crowbar together with a friend, when that person started doing nothing then I started something on my own

3. As a Crowbar Records you used to release things also on CD format (Guadaňa, The Wrongdoers, Offensive Weapon) but with This Means WAR you are doing just vinyls (except one black metal cassete Frost am I right). Why did you make this change?

Each recording goes with it's format, if I do not release cds then it is because it is impossible to sell them, at least for me, even though I do not completely put it aside, as said, each recording goes with the format we deem fit (the bands and I)

4. You are playing also in Glory Boys am I right? Are you taken also part in Glory Boys releases?

I do not play in Glory Boys, nor have I played, they are midgets and I measure 1'85 and the band requires not to be over 1'60 in order to play

It would be ok to release something from Glory Boys, they are friends of mine since forever , give or take, but precisely due to this fact it is a pain in the ass to work with them, taking liberties sucks and one of them takes one too many

5. Are there some differences between stuff released by Crowbar (Comando Suicida, Retaliator, Offensive Weapon, Glory Boys, Join the Rejects, Guadaňa, Mercancias and The Wrongdoers) with stuff released by This Means WAR (Orgullo Sur, Kareliaani, Kalevalan Viikingit, The Prideful, v/a Werewolves…)?

There is no big difference, same kind of bands, etc ... it is basically the same label with a different name and trying to make things the least bad possible

6. On some releases you cooperate with labels such as Pure Impact, Hostile Class Records, Southerner Records, Actua Records or Wolf Pact Records (never heard about the last two labels). Can you told us anything about the cooperation with each label?

Cooperation came like this, for example: the cooperation with Actua was because one of them was part of the band we were releasing by then and we decided to release it like that, even if Actua was an openly anarchist and antifascist label ... well , they are friends in the end , no one is perfect hehehe except the Mercancias 7" done with HCP I have always sent the releases to the factory, so there is not such a difference whith making them on my own

7. How are you choosing the stuff which you are releasing?

I release the bands I like , I write them and if we make a deal then it gets done, sometimes the band has contacted me but normally it is me who searches what to release

8.  Some people on my guestbook asked me to ask you about the swastika on the Kalevalan Viikningit cover, can you explain it to them?

There is no censorship in WAR, if a band sends me a design then we use it. Well, for those who started crying on their facebook, even if only retards need explanations: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tursaansyd%C3%A4n


9. We can order your stuff on your webpage http://warhq.bigcartel.com/. Are you planning to make your distribution wider? Like changing your limited editions with other record labels specialized on limited vinyl stuff (like Shout Proud Records, Ediciones Limitadas, Pride and Passion or Bigorna Records)?

Think will remain like this for the while being. Anyway, I've done or I still do trades with almost every label you mention, I tend to trade my releases with other labels, I have no problem in doing things like that .

10. What do you think about downloading the music from internet?

Truth is I don't care

11. Do you know anything about the scene in Czech Republic?

I know very little about Czech Republic, I bought in the 90s the Skin Songs Vol I compilation, "Fire and Ice" from Buldok is a good record to me, I got to know this band through a CD they released many years ago on the Spanish label Rata-Ta Ta Tá

12. Can you told us anything about your future plans in releasing?

Right now on the pressing plant we have the reissue of "in veneration of fallen heroes" from First Strike, the following will be the vinyl edition of "33" from Crucial Change and obviously the new LP from Orgullo Sur ... there is some material planned but nothing clear yet

13. Words on the end….

Fuck Off to Old Firm Casuals and labels that support that kind of shit

Keep up the fight and never say die