1. So at first can you introduce your band, members, age, hobbies, work and
tell us how you met each other.

Nico: My name’s Nico, 17 years old, I like the colour mauve, horse riding 
and the smell of a freshly cut field of daisies. I model for a famous brand 
of shampoo : (Skin)Head & Shoulders. Shameless began in 2010 after I had seen an ad in the culture section of Mickey Mouse Magazine : “Wanted : good-looking blokes for boys band”. I knew this was for me. I had no idea who the other guys were and had no clue what 
Oi! was either. We were all given a makeover, I had to drop the “tektonik” 
style I had and shave my head. Now my manager told me to say that I am a 32 
year old order processor. My hobbies are: Shameless, every bits of the punk subculture, graphic design, Computer - Assisted Music, and full contact (pretty cool though I’m not that 
good at it). I met Pépito at the time I was playing in the Rude Gones. Then a 
common friend introduced us to Scooter, then Scooter introduced us to Gilles, who then introduced us to his car, which then introduced us to its airbags 
before passing away.

Pépito: I’m Dorian, aka Pépito (cheers for the nickname , Nico!), 25 years 
old, maintenance technician in the metal industry. My hobbies are: 
Shameless, eating, sleeping... I moved to Lyon 4 years ago and met Nico and 
that’s how he turned gay it all began.

Scooter: My name’s Scooter, most senior member of the band as I’ve turned 49 
years old this year, I’m an administrative officer at the departement council 
of le Rhône. My hobbies are: Shameless, sex, drugs, alcohol and 
Shameless... or the other way round, don’t remember...

Gilles: My name’s what ‘s written at the start of the line. I’m going on 47 
and a half, and I work as a prison guard in a juvenile detention center (= 
teacher in a secondary school for vocational training) and pedestrian since 
recently after my car hit a huge pole.

2. Have your members any experience with playing in other bands?

Nico: I used to play in the Rude Gones (Oi! band from Lyon). We sounded a 
bit like West Side Boys. It wasn’t the most memorable band... and I also 
played in less memorable bands such as CDT!, Gang des Lyonnais...
Pépito: The bands i’ve played in are so unmemorable that i’m gonna pass on 
that one.
Nico: but you did play drums in that Spanish band... what’s it called... 
Skin something... some original band name...

Scooter: At the beginning of the 80’s I played for 3 months in … can’t 
remember. Then at the beginning of the 90’s I played the drums in the Urban 
Gones, legendary Oi! band from Lyon.


Gilles: I played guitar in the same legendary band Scooter’s just mentioned 
(forgive me for being an old man with slight senile amnesia).

3. When and why came decission to start Shameless and why that name?
It came naturally, since the band I was in was splitting up and Pépito 
and I had already talked about putting up a band. We knew quite straight away 
we wanted the project to be serious, in other words something that would 
enable us to pose as pretentious cunts, and I must say we've been quite good 
at this. We opted for singing in English cause we wanna play everywhere and 
cause Pépito sounds great when he sings in English. His dad was an English 
skinhead his mum met in the summer, back in 1978... some guy called Ian 
Steward or something. Then when Pépito was born, in 1988, the guy had already 
left France and gone back to working in his hardware store in Derbyshire.
More seriously, we named the band after the English tv series of the same 
name, cause we think this tv show has a real punk spirit. We also liked the 
sound of it.

Pépito: There you go then ! The whole truth !

Scooter: |I second that !!!

Gilles: My mom met my dad at a certain point in her life and that's why I 
ended up being who I am. Astonishing, innit? More seriously, I lost my cat one day, and the guys from Shameless came into my life and brought me a lot of comfort. I am not lonely anymore, thanks to them.

4. Your LP was released on Bords de Seine...can you tell us anything about 
the cooperation with Nico? Are you satisfied?

Nico: It's a coproduction between Bords de Seine, Lion Records and Last 
Rockers. Working with Nico of Bords de Seine is just awesome : he gets us all 
the cocaine and whores we want. Most importantly, he plays a major role in 
keeping the skin scene alive and is always willing to help Oi ! Bands, no 
matter how good they are. The album was recorded in my home recording studio. 
Past experiences of recording studios had not been so good so I didn't want 
to take the risk of spending money on a recording I wouldn't find satisfying 
in the end. So if this album has its flaws, then we can only blame 
Pépito: Hail to Nico BDS!

Scooter: Respect to the man!!!

Gilles: Nico's a real nice guy, who's doing his best to keep the French scene from dying.

5. Cover was made by Abu from Minsk, how you came to that skinhead artist?

Nico: We didn't want yet another record cover with a bunch of lads arms 
crossed, or with the name of the band written Lonsdale style, or with the 
Perry laurel. That's why we agreed on having a drawing. I instantly liked 
Abu's style. Plus he's an ace guy who likes our music and would like to 
release our next EP on his record label. He's not a show off and did the 
cover drawing for free. What people don't know is that there's a real 
concept behind this album cover. A bit similar to what Iron Maiden did. All 
our record covers will show the same teenage skinhead called Guilty in 
different situations. He will then grow old with us. It's something we 
thought hard about. And it means Abu will keep on making beautiful record 
covers for us.

Pépito: In twenty years time, Guilty will probably look a lot like Eddy on 
the Iron Maiden covers, haha!

Nico: Why don't we release a split with Iron Maiden then, so we find out 
who's more badass?

Scooter: That's no fair play, these guys are like 100 years old …
Nico: and so are you !

6. Your sound kick me back to the 80´s especially because of the guitar with 
no (or light) booster effect, which bands influence you? And do you prefer 
older or new breed bands?

Nico: The sound the album has we really got by ear. In the end it sounds a 
lot like a live sound. I personnally like bands with a crude sound as much as 
bands with a “lighter” sound. Like the Business, Skrewdriver, etc...Today 
bands I like have that sound as well : Perkele, Evil Conduct, the Clichés, 
Booze and Glory... I like Oi! bands from every decade if I think the songs 
are good.

Scooter: Same here! Could'nt have said it better !

Gilles: we don't change anything to the sound if we think it's well 
balanced, cause it shouldn't be bad but it shouldn't be too clean either.

7. Your album came out on CD and LP, which format do you prefer and why?
I for one definitely prefer the LP format : it looks good and it's a 
real pleasure to collect them. Im looking froward to releasing an EP, it's 
rad. People who don't have a record player can still buy our LP cause it 
comes with the cd version. It also comes with a poster, a fanzine and a 
sticker. We really wanted it to come with loads of goodies, cause we thought 
about what people would like.

Scooter: Same here ! Could'nt have said it better!

Gilles: It would have been strange to release a record with such an 80's 
sound only in CD format. Releasing both formats was a great idea cause the 
true purists will appreciate, and so will them teens with spotty faces, 
braces on their teeth and who are still virgins.

(FYI : in Shameless, there are two old guys = the « true purists » and two 
young guys = « the …... ).

8. Can you tell us anything about the scene in Lyon and in local area?
We're the only Oi ! Band in Lyon. The other band in our region is 
Shoot the Dogs and they're brilliant. There are punk concerts sometimes but 
nothing too crazy.

Scooter: Same here ! Could'nt have said it better!

9. Can you introduce us some new breed bands from France which worth hearing?
Shoot the Dogs from St Etienne. You should check ou their tune : « Jo 
is a skinhead », truly a blast. Another great band : The Headliners and also 
Lion's Law, which has a lot of great tunes, still waiting to hear the album 
will be like.

10. Are you supoorting Olypique Lyon or some different club from your city?
I'm not that much into football but I do support OL because I love my 
city and my friends who are all OL supporters and members of the Bad Gones 
supporters club. They're very close friends.

Pépito: And they lend us their headquarters to rehearse, which is really 
nice and they are all very enthousiastic and welcoming.

Scooter: I've been a OL supporter since I learnt how to read and write.... 
and I'm a member of the Bad Gones supporters club so it goes without saying. 
I also support the Croix Roussien football club which is a smaller club in my 
area and for which I was still playing last season.

Gilles: As I'm from the deep south of France, I grew up with duck grease and 
rugby. Lyon, Gerland and the Bad Gones supporters, it was a real turning 
point in my life. OL : I 'm forever grateful.

11. Wine or beer?

Nico: Wine plus cheese, then beers plus chocolate bars.

Pépito: Both, one at a time.

Nico: You pervert!

Scooter: Wine and beer altogether, plus pastis cause it's from Marseille and 
everyone should know their enemy's drink.

Gilles: Silly question !

12. How it is with the gigs in France? Is there problem for skinhead band to 
find a venue for playing?

Nico: We're not often asked to play gigs in France whereas we're getting a 
lot of proposals from England, Germany and Indonesia ! The only gig we've 
played outside of Lyon was organised by a dickhead whi treated us like shit. 
But to be honest we're mostly interested in playing abroad. There's nothing 
big happening in France, really. But if we get a proposal we think is worth 
it, we'll go for it.

13. Do you know anything about Czech republic or scene here?
I like the bands Pilsner Oiquel, Orlik... I love a lot of bands from 
east Europe and I hope we'll play there soon. Prague must be a beautiful 
Pépito: I would also love to play in your country, there seems to be a lot 
happening in the Czech skinhead scene, and your country's said to be really 
beautiful. As far as Czech bands are concerned, I really need to start 
listening to more of them cause it's not the first time we're asked this 
question !
Scooter: Prague... it makes you dream, doesn't it?

Gilles: And your music culture is just as impressive as Czech girls' tits.

14. Where can we order your stuff like t-shirts, CD´s ....?

Nico: You can order the album through Bords de Seine 's website and for the 
other stuff go to our website : shamelessoi.com.

15. What should we do to organise your gig?

Nico: Ok hang on! This is serious business here cause we don't play around, 
as you know we're a bunch of stingy, pretentious cunts. More seriously, it 
all depends on the type of concert : if it's a festival, it's 300 euros, 
travelling, catering and accomodation included (hostel or couchsurf). If 
we're getting ripped off we'll figure out quickly and we'll react 
accordingly. We don't play freebies so other people can make money off our 
backs. It has to be a fair deal. We can make concessions but we don't wanna 
be cheated. We careful not to lose any money in the process. Nevertheless we 
are open to negotiations and discussion (as french singer Florent Pagny would 
say). So don't hesitate to contact us at this address : 

Scooter: Florent Pagny ! What a bastard !!! Sorry I got carried away 

16. Plans for the future...

Nico: Certainly a split record with Shoot the Dogs, a co-prod with KB 
Records, Bords de Seine, Lion Records and Last Rockers. Also a split 45 with 
Gvaltu on Tolik Records and a 45 on Lionheart Records. We're also organising 
a gig in Lyon in December with Shameless, The Crack and Shoot the Dogs.

Pépito: And by the way if any one from Czech Republic wants to come over, 
we'll give you a guided tour!

Nico: And we're also working on a very big project which will make Oi ! 
History. Something that was never done before, that will be on television 
worldwide. But it has to remain a secret for the time being, and we shouldnt 
say more about it, in case it never happens..

17. Words on the end...

Hi! We’re Shameless and we shag your moms! !!