1) Hello, at first can you introduce your band little bit (hobbies, work,...) and told us how you met each other?
Rachel (bass): Jenn (vocals) and I used to work together. We stayed friends and are both in the beauty industry. Later on we met Frankie (guitar) who wanted to start an all-girl band too.
Jamie (drums): Frankie and I work for the man. I met Rachel at a basement show in West Philly where our mutual friend’s band, Death of Kings, was playing. They’re the best Epic Power Death Thrash metal band in Atlanta.

Rachel:As for hobbies, Jamie is an avoid photographer, Jenn has been kickboxing since she’s been a kid, Frankie runs marathons and I do no physical activity at all, haha.  I am a bit of a WW2 buff tho, it fascinates me. We’re all major animal lovers too (specifically cats!).  We have played benefits for animal charities in the past and have a song on the latest Punkaid that came out in September proceeds of which benefit NKLA.

2) When and why came decision to start Oi! band and why you choose line up just with girls and was it difficult to make line up like this one?
R: I had the idea to start this band for quite a while before I actually did around 2011. We didn’t play our first show until the spring of 2013 though. I’ve always loved Oi! and also loved all-girl bands like The Slits and The Runaways. I wished there was an Oi! version of those types of bands and finally, I realized maybe I just had to get off my ass and give it a go myself. Putting a band together is never easy, especially one with a specific vision, but it all came together in the end. I can say being a girl playing Oi! music is like being an exotic endangered species – some people want to pet your head and protect you; others want to shoot you and pose for pictures with your carcass. Either way, it’s never a dull moment.

3) Have your members any experience with playing in bands before The Droogettes?
: I was in a couple of bands before this one.
J: For the rest of us, this is our first band.

4) Your band is strongly influenced with Clockwork Orange...can you tell us anything more about this influence...?
R: I first saw A Clockwork Orange as a young teen (and read the book shortly afterwards). The imagery was so strong and that entire world was so much more badass (for lack of a better term!) than anything I’d encountered in my little suburban existence up until then. I pictured myself riding in the Durango ’95 with my droogs or hanging at the Korova. It wasn’t until later on that you get the message there isn’t really a place for you and the gang. Girls were definitely on the wrong side of the ultra violence in that movie and that was not where I saw myself. So it was like let’s have a revamp – bring on the bovver birds, we’ll start our own gang!

5) There was also band The Devotckas which were influenced with the Clockwork Orange...are you influenced also by them?
: My main influences were the first wave of Oi! bands. The Devotchkas were great though, they brought a breath of fresh air to the scene when they were around. And you can’t beat that band name!

6) Your debut CD was released through Creep Records....can you describe the cooperation and tell us anything more about the label?
: Creep Records is a record label and also a record store based in Philadelphia. They’ve released albums by bands like the Bouncing Souls, the Boils, F.O.D and Cranked Up! I first worked with Arik Victor (the owner of the label) when he recorded my last band for a comp. When I put this project together, we recorded the handful of original songs we had on my iPhone (just us playing them in our little practice shed) and emailed them to him. I think we had played two shows at this point. But he came to see us and saw the potential and was into putting our stuff out.

7) In your music I hear Cock Sparrer and Vanilla Muffins...which other bands you like and do you prefer older or new breed bands?
J: I prefer older bands, especially in their early days. Their first albums affected me most because that’s when they were full of idealism and raw energy. That sound is the most memorable.
R: I love The Oppressed, Cock Sparrer, The Business, Hard Skin, Cockney Rejects, they’re just classic!  I also like newer bands like Saints & Sinners and Gimp Fist. I’ve also been pretty inspired by the stuff Jenny Woo puts out.  She is a true pioneer; I’d love to have a drink with that gal one day!  

8) Can you describe your sound on the CD and also the topics of the songs?
R: We recorded the CD in the summer of 2013. It was basically a snapshot of a band forming. The subject matter reflects things that happened in our lives. For instance, “Montreal” is a song about my trip to Canada to see the Oppressed. The band was brilliant, but the trip was miserable.

9) You are going to release split EP with External Menace and EP through Shout Proud...how do you came in contact with Dirk?
R: Dirk contacted us through our Facebook page. He’s been extremely supportive of the band and is a great guy.

10) Do you prefer CD or vinyl and why?
R: I love it all!
J: CD because I don’t have a record player.

11) You come from the city of Philadelphia; can you describe the city from the tourist point of view and skinhead point of view (bands, pubs, crews, scene...)? I know just Thunder and Glory band from your city...
R: Thunder and Glory are great. I’ve known Greg Boil for a long time. He’s one of my husband’s best friends. His previous band The Boils were also amazing.
J: Amazing because years ago they gave me a ride down to the Beer Olympics (GMM Records)!
R: There are a lot of great local bands like Duffy’s Cut, a mod-skinhead band on Oi! The Boat Records, and the Missile Toads, a really fun band that does Christmas-themed oi! covers like “Reindeers in the Night” (“Razors in the Night” by Blitz). And from a tourist’s point of view, there’s cheesesteaks, pretzels, and the Eagles! The city’s had many influential bands come through like Ruin and Violent Society who’ve been like big brothers to us. There’s a strong soccer scene here too. Philadelphia has its own team now called the Union complete with its own group of supporters, the Sons of Ben, which is the subject of one of our newer songs.

12) What about the gigs...how many do you play and which was the best and worse one?
: We play regularly but there were definitely some shaky shows in the beginning when we were finding our footing playing covers, lol. The best shows for me are getting to open for bands that inspired me to pick up an instrument in the first place like Hard Skin, The Business, and Slaughter and the Dogs.
J: We’re looking forward to playing outside of the tri-state area and beyond in the future.

13) Do you know anything about Czech Republic...?
: I visited Cesky Krumlov this past spring for about four hours which was more of a tease than anything. I would love to go back to the Czech Republic and experience the country properly, especially the music scene. I loved the food I want some more of that please!

14) Where can we order your merch?
R: Rebel Sound does our merch  They have been so great to us! 
J: And of course, merch is available at our shows.

15) Plans for the future?
J: More rehearsing, more recording, lots of touring, making videos and drinking whiskey.
R: We would love to play in Germany and the Czech Republic one day ;)

16) Last words....
R: This is the kind of band you’ll either love or hate. Good or bad, we’re grateful for all the support we’ve gotten along the way.
J: See you at the next show!

R: And follow us on all the usual social media stuffs:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/droogettes

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A sneak peak of the videos we have coming out: http://vimeo.com/108739344

Get merch here: http://rebelsoundrecords.com/index.php?main_page=index