1. Hi so at first, can you introduce your band, members (age, hobbies, work, …) and tell us how you met each other.

Alright well we're not used to getting into all the stats Tiger Beat style but we'll give it a shot. As far as how we met, we have all been friends for 10 to 20 years and we're in our 30s/40s.

Brian -microphone, hobbies, etc.: dad, peristerophile, job: marketing. Matt - drumming, hobbies, etc.: logophile, parent, job: percussion science. Josef- jun jun jun guitar, hobbies, etc.: mycology, exploitatation paper archaeologist, job: truckin'. Lance - noodley doodley dee guitar, hobbies, etc.: cerevisaphile, dad, job: computer shit. Greg - bassmaster, hobbies, etc.: parent, polandaphile, job: other computer shit.

2. When and why came decision to start new band and why name Hammer and the Nails?

Lance, Matt and Brian had talked about doing a side project based around the harder, meaner style of Oi! that we liked at the turn of the century and it took about 100 other names before the pointless one we landed on ultimately stuck.

3. Your members have experiences with playing in bands such as Tommy and the Terrors, Close Call, Battle Ruins, Rival Mob or Lovely Lads…can you compare playing in these bands with Hammer and the Nails?

Yes this is more of a side project. Something we get together and do as friends with no real aim or ultimate goal for the band other than writing songs we like and putting out records we ourselves would tend to appreciate.

4. Your sound is really dark....can you tell us which bands inspire you (old, new, US, Europe, ...) and what are you musical influences at all (which styles)?

Yeah we all dig plenty of more upbeat shit but I guess with this band we have sort of made a somewhat conscious effort to play more plodding and be less cookie cutter than what a lot of folks would think of when terms like street rock or Oi! are tossed around. On one hand we had that very exacting ideal of what we wanted to sound like with bands like Strong Style, Bull the Buffalos, Straw Dogs and Komintern Sect in mind (just to name a random few) but then we started to let other influences sprinkle in other shit like 70s glam and pub rock like Slade and Mott the Hoople, and some earlier hard rock and metal such as Maiden and Thin Lizzy.

5. Your lyrics are also without clichés, can you tell us more about them?

The lyrics are even more random than the music. A couple of us contribute in that department and all we really agree on is what we DON'T want to sing about (see: havin larfs/says and getting in rucks/pulling byrds) but other than that its just whatever is eating away at us at the time, be it personal or current events-based.

6. You released maxi EP, single EP and split EP with Butcher Boys + complete discography...tell us more about cooperation with labels like Rebellion, Spirit of the Streets, Disco Nightmare or Rock´n´Roll Disgrace...? Tell us also about the split with Aussies Butcher Boys...how did it happened?

Rebellion is fantastic. We've been talking to Wouter for a long time and he is the most pro dude we've worked with. Honestly everyone is fine he just does things at 110% all the time. As far as that split, that was a long long time in the works. We'd been talking with Alex from The Corps about his side project since they first started writing material and we decided pretty early on to release something with them. Solid dudes. Great music. There were other good songs from that session that didn't end up on the record too. We have turned down loads and loads of splits and record releases in general. We really pour over each one to make sure every aspect of the record is interesting and well thought out. So it takes up a lot of time that we just don't seem to have anymore and, more often than not, when we're turning down an offer its because we don´t have any songs left...or the fact that Johnny Street Punk Band du jour is shitty and we don't need to polute the planet with more mediocrity from us or any other two bit hack band.

7. It seems you prefer vinyl instead of the CD...are you consider yourself as music collector?

We don't have very strict ethics around that issue. I mean the demo was on CD, the maxi ep was available on CD so whatever makes the most sense at the time is usually what's chosen. But yeah, we probably do lean toward vinyl for the primary manner in which we'd like to put shit out, having grown up with the format and the fact that a couple of us are collectors of sorts.

8. Boston has great scene with many good bands, can you recommend us any from your area? And can you tell us anything about your city in general (pubs, venues, crews, interesting things…)?

Boston goes through major ebbs and flows on all levels...from the availability of reliable clubs and diy spots to the activity level of bands in general. The late 90s for example saw an absolute explosion of new bands and bands that got big in other states/countries. Right now I guess you'd probably say there is a lull but then again, we are now those creepy out of touch old dudes we all used to wonder about as kids. The bands we like are defunct for the most part but there are a handful of great, active bands nonetheless. Bands like THE BOSTON STRANGLER, PANZERBASTARD, PEACEBREAKERS, MAGIC CIRCLE, BURDEN, and a few others.

9.  What about playing live, do you like it? And it is problem to find a place for playing in your city?

Like the records, we get offered a ton more shows that we usually have to turn down for scheduling conflicts. I'd say we are primarily a writing and recording band but when we get a chance to play out a few times a year it's a lot of fun. Its more of an excuse to go to small breweries, go fishing or just share scatological humor in rented vans. Seriously though, its obviously cool to play elsewhere but usually because we're finally getting to spend time together as friends instead of these surgical strikes for band practice (we sandwich those in when possible, between family and work bullshit).

10. Where we can order your stuff (and do you plan some t-shirts, etc…)?

This changes fairly frequently so your best bet is to check our Facebook page which is bizarely current and accurate for a band of our ilk in 2017. Just search hammerandthenails on FB. Yeah new shirts are in the offing probably for April.

11. You are going to release brand new EP, can you tell us more?

At press time this record has already come out and for all intents and purposes pretty much sold out. Its two "new" songs and a cover. Typical shit for us with the only unique thing probably being the (depressing) fact that the songs were recorded a couple of years ago.

12. Do you know anything about Czech Republic?

We are finally clear that it is no longer Czechoslovakia and Prague seems to be a glorious city. We salute you and your Bohemian cuisine.

13. Plans for the future...

We have a handful of songs we're finalizing so those will need to be recorded within the next several months. We're hoping for an extremely punctual label to come along and sweep us off of our collective feet. We were supposed to play in Germany this year but a delusional promoter from The Fatherland overpromised and undelivered (read: said he was booking a fest and then strung us along for months). Another bad lesson learned.

14. Last words...

We really appreciate you taking an interest and apologize for the delay in putting this thing together. We applaud people like yourself who stick their necks out there and do something constructive as opposed to those who just defacate on the Internet and chalk that up as involvement in some kind of "scene". You represent a rare bread. Keep up the good work.