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The latest news:

New album from Unite Against Society

x_1492_uas.jpgUnite Against Society are going to release their fourth album in DIY style on digital platforms but also on LP.
Author: Peddy  • Date: 25.01.2021

EP from Bent out of Shape

x_1491_boos.jpegOn Demons Run Amok will be out EP from Dutch band Bent out of Shape.
Author: Peddy  • Date: 26.10.2020

The latest reviews:

Lawmaker - All Work No Class

DIY - EP -

1257_lawmaker.jpgLawmaker is band which is consists from guys around San Francisco´s Bay are and Swedes from Stockholm and this is their debut EP with three songs. Interesting is that the EP was released in normal but also in unplugged versions. Members has experiemces with playing in bands like folk punk The Judas Bunch or Bum City Saints. Songs on EP are Lionhearted, Working Poor and You Can Not Stay. Other songs can be checked on their Spotifiy channel (All Work No Class and all unplugged versions…so eight songs together). The first piece Lionhearted will kick your ass with raw punk rock energy, singalong vocals and perfect solo at the end. Second one Working Poor is similar and maybe better again so much energy and perfect guitar especially the solo at the end. Song is about the fact hor working class became working poor. Last one You Can Not Stay is in similar spirit and it is about the fact that even if you work, the society wants to destroy you because you do not fit in. Song has totally perfect end. As you see all songs are about working class and the oppression. On the cover is US/Swedish coat of arms. I do not know much about the inside because I have just promo copy. This totally perfect!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 22.04.2021

Lupara - Dluhy se platí...

DIY - CD -

1256_lupara.jpgDebut CD of this three piece band from Pardubice city contains 5 songs (4 are from them and one is Too Good To Be True from Motorhead´s album March or Die) which were recorded in 2016, in 2019 they put them on the web (https://bandzone.cz/_103714), where you can check them and now they put them on CD which was released DIY. On bandzone you may find also two more songs called Salvatore Riina and Stará kovárna (Old Forge) which has also videos on youtube. Song titles are Bedny (Gambling Machine), SHARK, Omerta and Lupara. On the line up is interesting that main vocals are done by drummer. Music (and mainly due to guitar) is into dirty rock´n´rollu which I like and typical you may hear it on cool solos in each song. First song Bedny has great rhythm thanks to drums and it is about the fact how man loose himself in gambling, title song is slowest one and it is about great design of sawed-off shotgun. In same spirit is song Omerta – both Lupara and Omerta are long guitar solos with spoken vocals. Their last piece is called SHARK and it is about pub/bar where band used to go. From the song titles you may see the inspiration with gangsters and mafia. Booklet is ok – lyrics, photos and a few words. I am really glad that band don´t hesitate and put older material on physical copy which you may order for 8 Euros on lupara@post.cz. Good one, really good one.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 16.04.2021

The latest interviews:

Hammer and the Nails


Author: Peddy  •  Date: 15.03.2017



Author: Peddy  •  Date: 23.01.2017