Laki & Järjestys - Uusi aika

Hell Stone Records - LP -

1286_laki_full.jpgFirst full album of this Finnish band is out on CD/LP and the title can be translated like New Age and you may check 9 songs in their mother tongue on it including Sparrer´s cover I´ve Got Yout Number under the name Pidä varas). Playing time is around about 25 minutes. CD version will be out as a digipack in the middle of July with bonus songs from the first EP, gatefold LP will be out at the end of the year. Song titles can be translated like Streets of Tomorrow, Fire still Burns, Evil World, Horizon or song dedicated to Rebelllion festival or Fair Game II (on their first EP is first part of this song). Whole album is well done and I like when the band sings in their native language...I really like (best from the LP) second song Huomisen kadut (check it here, then Rintamamiestalo with fine acoustic beginning and covered vocals or classic fast one Perjantaina illalla. Fine piece.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 27.06.2022

Hammer and the Nails - s/t

Lionheart Records - EP -

1285_hatt_sac.jpgBoston based bandwhich has already released many singles has now brand new EP, now out through Lionheart Records. EP was made in four versions (green and red cover with soldier – 110 and 125 copies, 10 gold test pressings and 325 with bunker cover). Together you may check four songs – Sparrow and Crow and It´s Never Enough on side A, theese songs are new and re-recorded East Meets West and cover from post punk/new wave band XTC No Thugs in Our House on side B. The first song Sparrow and the Crow is absolutely great and it follows the footsteps of their previous albums and it is about hypocrisy. Second one It´s Never Enough has great guitar which is little bit drowned in strophes but during refrain it rises. Original version East Meets West can be checked on We Breed Ugly compilation. This version is new recording and it is about the clash of cultures. I can not rate the cover because I don´t know the original tune. To the EP is added paper with lyrics, small card with info about your version and sticker. This is perfect EP and who like Boston bands must have this in his collection (if it is possible to buy it somewhere).
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 14.06.2022

Sabotage - Alla Uppgifter Om Att Motståndet Skall Upphöra Är

Club Underground Records - EP -

1284_sabotage_new.jpgAll Information, that Resistance Should End Is False…is the title of last EP from Sabotage with three songs - Rock Mot Globalismen (Rock Againt Globalism) and Gränsvakt (Border Patrol) on side A and Masspsykos (Mass Psychosis) on side B. They play in three pieces line up (guitar and bass is recorded by Erik) but live line up is in four pieces. EP is limited to 300 copies on black vinyl plus five testpressings. Songs on A side has around about five minutes each and you will really like it. Rock Mot Globalisten is faster piece with clear title, second one Gränsvakt is even better (guitar is perfect!) with lyrics about how border patrol risked their lives to protect motherland and nation from enemy. Last piece Masspsykos is about the topics which cause mass hystery se dotýká témat, která způsobují masvou hysteria (change of climate is mentioned). Song is again in middle rhythm with perfect combination of guitar riffand drums at the end of the song. Graphics is quite similar to previous pieces – head of gryf, band photos, paper with lyrics and short thankslist. Lyrics are perfect about the things which make angry a lot of people. Rock mot globalismen, rock mot liberalismen! Perfect.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 16.05.2022

Sledge Hammer - Samurai

Diwphalanx Records - CD -

1283_sledgehammer_22.jpgDiwphalanx Records 2022 After never ending time which was filled with some singles is out brand new full length album from Japaneese SSS gurus called 士 (Samurai). Together you may check 11 songs in their native language and the song titles can be translated like Prayer, Samurai, Wind is Silent, Hard Steel, Song About Mercy on Humankind, Clear White Snow or Iron Blood Sign. Most of the songs are in middle rhythm with metal guitar (riffs, solos) – just check the beginning of 鐵血符 which sounds like Iron Man from Black Sabbath. At the beginning of かみさりthere is some traditional Japanese musical instrument. Perfect are songs like 梟雄, 百狼夜行 and 激鋼 (with perfect guitar), acoustic one 雪純白く咎知らず or 風は静寂に with female vocal. CD is done as digipack with flyer and obi strip. In booklet are lyrics and album info (but just in Japanese), nice graphics to each song, band members photos and something which looks like mandala with SSS logo in the middle. It is not easy to listetning, you should concentrate on the music but it is perfect
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 06.05.2022

Crashed Out - Agains All Odds

Demons Rum Amok Entertainment - CD -

1282_co_aao.gifEight album of this British veteran band is out on German label Demons Run Amok in CD and LP version (black and red). You may check 16 songs of perfect combination of streetpunk and rock (like Rose Tattoo) full of singalong refrains (Warchild, Leave him Alone, Raise a Toast...) but also acoustic/semiacoustic songs with Dropkick Murphys touch (The Chancer or the last The Coat). Mainly it is in middle rhythm with nice and clear vocals, accurate bass in the background (with nice tunes in Hypocrisy which is together with Four Words hardest song on album) and guitar solo in each song. I really like pieces like The Banks of the River followed by A Cry for Help or two tone Wor Geordie. If something can be called excellent streetrock it will be Crashed Out and this perfect album without mistakes!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 04.05.2022