Lazy Class - s/t

TNT Tunes - CD -

1269_lazy_Class_new.jpgSecond full album from this Polish band is out as CD on TNT Tunes and as LP on Contra/Tough Ain´t Enough Records. Together you may check 13 songs including one in Polish (Pamietaj) and one in Spanish (Incapaz) and the rest is in English. The band has changed its lin-up compared to previous releases but they keep playing in four with two guitars. Since the tunes of the first song One of the Million it is still very melodic with perfect solo guitar (just check solos in Always Too Late or World of Your Own). Lyrics are quite serious - One of the Million deals with 1. WW and Battle on Somme, 1905 is about Bloody Sunday which was workers uprising in Saint Petersburg, The Other Side of Reality is about the fact that some people are trying to get closer to their photoshoped idols from media, On the Right Track is about false promises of politicians which disapeared after the elections or The Boats Are Coming about migration and the fact that new Babylon statrs falling. You may also find simplier lyrics like Real Man´s Therapy which is classic ode to Friday evening or Stay Lazy, Stay Rebel. CD is done as nice digipack with photo near Mermaid of Warsaw and lyrics inside. Who likes melodic stuff will like this album as well.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 12.10.2021

Oldarkor - Ezpata Hotsak

Disco Nightmare/PST Records - LP -

1268_oldar.jpgOldarkor band (which means something like Aggressive) comes from Basque country (Bardulia area) and they sing mostly in their native language. This is their debut album (the band has released single EP before) and the title can be translated like Sound of Swords. LP is limited to 500 copies and you may check 8 songs on it including cover Stolz from Onkelz in their mother tongue. Two songs (Skinhead and Still Fighting) are in English. The band plays in five pieces and since the first song (with their friend from Orreaga 778 as a guest) you may hear it on guitar. Most of their songs are in middle rhythm with nice solo guitar and I hear some viking rock touches in their music. If you like to compare their music with some bands from Iberian Peinsula I will chose Brutal Cropped or Drakkar. Song Still Fighting is little bit faster and into classic Oi! sound but you don´t miss guitar solo. Some song titles asre Ohorea Eta Harrotasuna (Pride and Honor), Otso Bakartiak (Lone Wolves), Nafarroa (Navarre) or title one Ezpata Hotsak. Cover is b/w with knight on horse, inside is paper with lyrics, photos and drawings (again in b/w) and all this is done in nice oldschool way. I really like songs Ortzi, Otso Bakartiak and Ezpata Hotsak. I have to say againt that mother tongue fits more to the band than English. Perfect album which I have to recommend to all.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 05.10.2021

Orgullo Sur - Viento Divino

Rebel Records - EP -

1267_osvd.jpgViento divino (Divine Wind) is 12th EP from Orgullo Sur I think and it is limited to 414 pieces (180 on yellow vinyl). On EP are two songs and the first one on A side is brilliant cover from Slegehammer (Kamikaze) and on B side is song Firme Y Fuerte (Firm and Strong). First piece is absolutely great even it is “just” oer version. Whole concept of the song is faster and sound is more modern than original and Carlos plays great guitar tunes and solos (especially at the end of the song). Video and lyrics on this piece can be found on Second song is faster and as I wrote in review on their full album Defiende Tu Hogar the rhythm of OS compared to previous albums is faster and I like it more than before. Again you may hear nice guitar and in both songs is also cool bass line. You may check the song here Graphics is done as tribute to Japaneese pilots so planes, sakur blossomns, toast before the last flight…inside are lyrics in Spanish plus short text in English about Viento Divino lyrics. Absolutely great!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 26.08.2021

Hammer and the Nails/Exili - s/t

Disco Nightmare/PST Records - EP -

1266_hatn_ex.jpgSplit maxi EP of US band HatN and Catalan Exili is limited to 500 copies on black wax and it is out on Disco Nigthmare/Pretty Shitty Town Records. Each band has there two songs - HatN has there End to Yourself and Not Yet Ruined and Exili´s songs are All Hail New Masters and Vella Glória (Old Glory). HatN are experienced band from Boston with many records behind them. Middle rhythm, intelligent lyrics, rough vocal and nice guitars…this is what you het from them and as a bonus you will hear keyboards at the beginning of Not Yet Ruined. First piece End to Yourself is spit in the face to all advocates of globalization, corporations and modern world where money has no real value and rich countries exploit poor ones. Second one is about the fact that sometimes you should work through the storm and dark to get in the better times. Both songs are fuckin´ great and I didn´t expect anything else. Exili comes from the city of Lleida and in their line up is Pep from Codi De Silenci. Band has already released two EP´s from 2018 and 19. Their first song is in English (which is for the first time, all songs from previous EP´s were in their mother tongue) and I have to say that their music is quite similar to HatN except the vocals which are not so rough. First song is about the fact that man should go always forward and be brave even the imaginary ship is broken. Song has great refrain. Second song is in their mother tongue and it fits better to the band (or to the vocalist). Both bands have two guitars and you may hear it in their music. When comes to the cover – it is perfect – unconventional motive drawn with water colours, initials (like in middle age books) and lyrics inside (with changed names in HatN side). This is absolutely perfect and must have release!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 13.08.2021

Driák - To není jak to vypadá

DIY - CD -

1265_driak_ntjtv.jpgFourth album of this punkrock band from the foothills of Krkonoše is out as CD packed in digipack with 9 songs on it including instrumental Intro. You may know two songs from videos - Tady je Krakonošovo (, which is ode to their region (which is really beautiful) and older song Starý rybář – Old Fisherman ( – so together five new songs (there is also re-recorded song Poslední vlak – The Last Train from the last album). The band plays in six (three guitars but they never play live with all of them because one of the guitarist is fireman and he can´t attend every gig). On vocals is Průža from Arrogants with accordion. Topics of the lyrics are serious and non-cliché – Sorry Jako (about our prime minister), Atentát (about Operation Anthropoid), Boží mlýny – Wheels of Justice (about the fact that one day everyone should pay their bills), To není jak to vypadá (Things Are not How They Look Like) then personal song Poslední Vlak (about the death of close person) ond Na tenkém ledě – On Thin Ice (about the fact some things are forbidden – like dating your friends girl). Musically it is fresh punk rock with accordion in spirit of bands like The Rumjacks or Tři Sestry or Cenzúra (if we stay in our area). Průža knows how to sing melodicaly (like Na tenkém ledě or Boží mlýny) and harder also (Sorry jako, Atentát or To není jak to vypadá), songs are slower (beginning of Atentát, Poslední vlak) but also faster (To není jak to vypadá or Sorry jako), but all are really melodical. CD is packed in colour digipack with lyrics and contacts but no band photo. Really nice punk rock with something to say.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 9  •  Date: 11.08.2021