Jednota Kolín - Kuráž na život

DIY - CD -

1261_JK_KNZ.jpgThird album from this band is out again in DIY and you may check it all songs on There are some changes in line up and from the original line up is there just singer and guitarist. They play still in five and during recording there is also support from third guitarist. Album is called Kuráž na život (Courage for Live) and to this song there is also video ( with legend from the boxing ring Rosťa Osička. Together you may check 12 songs and in the last one Poháry (Goblets) there is accordion (by Průža from Arrogants and Driák). Songs varies from harder pieces (Vítr – Winf, Šváb- Cockroachor 1437) through melodical pieces (Pěsti ve tmě – Fists in Dark, Tak jako správnej chlap – Just Like the Right Man, Poháry - Goblets, Louky - Meadows) to almost country stuff (Tak nejedeš sám – You Are not Alone) and slower (but strong) pieces (Lidice). If you check the song titles and go through the lyrics you will recognize that there are many patriotic/historical songs (Topoly – Poplars, Lidice, Pěsti ve tmě about fallen boxer and gunner from Liberator bomber Vilda Jakš or hussite one 1437), friendship/hostility (Poháry, Švá), online age (Telefon), love (Tak jako správnej chlap) to for me little bit naïve (but it is probably the purpose) songs like Louky and Tak nejedeš sám. The band has perfect sound, singer can sing hard and also melodic, guitars with bass are perfect (just check solos in Telefon, Šváb or Kuráž na život). Each song is different but there is no weak piece. Booklet was done by Tlustej Tony so you may expect perfect work – lyrics, photos,from recording/shooting and short thankslist. This is top CZ/SK album from 2021!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 01.06.2021

Bent out of Shape/The Boldness - s/t

Demons Rum Amok Entertainment - EP -

1260_20210317BOOS_BOLDNESS_SPLIT_ARTWORK_FRONT.jpgSplit EP from Dutch band Bent out of Shape and The Boldness who come from Bali in Indonesia is out on Demons Run Amok and each band has there teo songs in English. BOOS has there True Colors and We Rule OK and The Boldness Skinhead Warrior and Bintag Boys (which is cover from The Stomper). BOOS plays in four (but with two guitars) and since the first song you will really hear it. I described them in the review on their debut EP. It is middle rhythm and fitst song is anthem about true friendship which is shown in hard times (dead of friend, divorce,...). Their second song is nice singalong whcih desrbibe the band. The Boldness are playing in three (but you will not hear it). Bintag Boys is nice singalong about Friday night and Skinhead Warrior is the “hardest” song from whole album (hardest is meant in context with three other songs). Cover is nice drawn by guys from Tattoo Ronda. Inside are lyrics and on the back side are band photos. Fine
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 8  •  Date: 21.05.2021

Butcher´s Nail - Para Bellum

Oldschool Records/Askania Productions - CD - 49:36

1259_BN_PB.jpgSecond album of this all star band from another side of the pond is out (so far) on CD through Oldschool/Askania Productions with 13 songs including spoken intro. Line up is similar to their debut No Will No Way so it means people from Alliance, Shock Therapy, Kriegs Legion, ... The band plays dirty rock´n´roll with perfect guitars and bass and singalongs which goes straight under your skin. I really like their lyrics because they go straight to the problem and they describe current situation in the States and whole world so - You Don´t Matter and Protest? are about “peacefull and right” protests, Serf´s Up and It´s Sick is about big differences between social classes and difficult life of workers, When did Punk Rock Get so Safe? which asks THAT question why the fuck we should take care about what we are saying and reading in punk rock or the last one Pay Attention which is about corporations which control and own everything. Good one is also depressive piece You Don´t Belong which is completely sung by female (similar to Free Me From the Dark from their first album). Booklet is done in b/w in simple style – celtic entagled symbols, lyrics, short thankslist and photos of band members. This is perfect balanced album for me without any weak song.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 20.05.2021

Nápoi!ka - První šnyt

DIY - CD -

1258_napoika.jpgDebut CD of this eastern Bohemia band with Slut on vocals (východočeské kapely, kde najdete na vokálech Sluta (zines SkinRead, Crime Pride, etc...), Jindra on bass (Hovorkovi Chuliggáni, Svarog,...), Venda on drums (Lupara) and Tonda on guitar (Defenestrace, Krizový štáb). CD or mini CD contains four songs - – Nápoi!ka (Pod rouškou) (Behind the Mask), E-xtremisti (E-xtremists), Plíseň a tma (Mold and Darkness) and Víkend (Weekend). The first song sounds like early stuff from Operace Artaban mainly due to changing in vocals in first strophe and it is about the destiny of band which was founded in the times of pandemy and restrictions. In similar spirit is the third piece called Plíseň a tma and it is about garage band and rehearsals with many beers. Second song E-xremisti is classic topics about denying and despising politics and all “isms”. Interesting is guitar which goes there from two tone to HC sound. Last piece Víkend is anthem to all who are working all week long and who are looking forward to rest with friends in a pub. I like their sound which is very compact together and as I wrote before it reminds me early stuff from Operace Artaban. CD is done as digipack with lyrics (also in English), photos and flyers from the gigs. You may order it on Very nice debut.
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 7  •  Date: 17.05.2021

Lawmaker - All Work No Class

DIY - EP -

1257_lawmaker.jpgLawmaker is band which is consists from guys around San Francisco´s Bay are and Swedes from Stockholm and this is their debut EP with three songs. Interesting is that the EP was released in normal but also in unplugged versions. Members has experiemces with playing in bands like folk punk The Judas Bunch or Bum City Saints. Songs on EP are Lionhearted, Working Poor and You Can Not Stay. Other songs can be checked on their Spotifiy channel (All Work No Class and all unplugged versions…so eight songs together). The first piece Lionhearted will kick your ass with raw punk rock energy, singalong vocals and perfect solo at the end. Second one Working Poor is similar and maybe better again so much energy and perfect guitar especially the solo at the end. Song is about the fact hor working class became working poor. Last one You Can Not Stay is in similar spirit and it is about the fact that even if you work, the society wants to destroy you because you do not fit in. Song has totally perfect end. As you see all songs are about working class and the oppression. On the cover is US/Swedish coat of arms. I do not know much about the inside because I have just promo copy. This totally perfect!
Author: Peddy  •  Rating: 10  •  Date: 22.04.2021