1. So first question is classic one, so introduce your band, members, work, age, hobbies and tell us how do you met each other?
Kev-vocals , flooring contractor,37,jujitsu,judo etc..
Ade-bass, engineer, 39, running, jogging....
Rich-guitar, surveyor, 25, drinking...
Stu-drums, unemployed, 17, god knows wot he gets up to
2. When and why come decision to start a band and why name Pressure 28? Did any of your members played in any band before?
Started the band originally cus the Oi! scene was dead at the time, we got the name from an old scooter club who were all skinheads from our town- its the rear tyre pressure of a lambretta scooter(28 psi).  Kev has only ever played for Pressure 28, Rich used to play guitar in a Oi band called Scum, Ade has played for a few bands but played for years for ska band the Uplifters,, Stu on drums used to play in a punk band from Blackpool called the Tartan Scars.
3. Your band had pause since 1995 till 2009 when you released a mini cd 'Dodging the Bullets'...why did you decide to put the band back together again?
Didn´t really want to pack the band in the first time, it was just circumstances at the time, no money nowhere to practice we were letting people down cus we couldn´t do the gigs etc, so its took all this time to get around to starting off again ha ha so we got a few new songs together and brought out the 4 track demo cd 'Dodging the bullets' just to let people know we are going again.

4.Pressure 28 belonged to the 3rd wave of British Oi like Boisterous,AMP, are there any differences between gigs nowadays and the early 90´s,also you play often abroad so are there any differences between gigs in the UK and Europe??
Yeah there was not as many skinheads around these days, and also not as much trouble/fighting/politics as there used to be.. we´ve not really been abroad much we played in Belgium and also done two gigs in the USA, the scenes are very different to the UK, more skinhead birds in Belgium ha ha.
5. Your best of CD and Dodging the Bullets were out on Big Dog Records.. can you tell us anything about that label?
Yeah its just our own label,we thought we would self release them on that, cut out the middle man etc and also have a bit more control over what we were doing.
6. Onyou last CD you have a cover from mod band Secret Affair,why did you choose this one and do you play any other covers?
Yeah always loved Time for Action and no one else covers it Oi band wise, so was something different to do a cover of.. we do lots of covers, we usually put one or two in our set when were playing live,,, Chaos, One Law for Them, Rapist, War on the Terraces etc etc

7. What about your plans of a regular long playing album?
I know it´s a bout time we released an album, everyone keeps going on to us about it,, we are currently writing the new songs for it, hopefully have it finished by the end of the year.
8. Can you describe the scene in your area.pubs,venues,crews and new bands worth a listen?

It´s ok around here(Manchester) it´s quite a big city and surrounding areas so get a few at gigs, there are more of the older generation though than the younger ones coming thru, a couple of venues put on Oi bands, Star and Garter in the city centre, the Witchwood which is in Ashton, also the Retro in the centre, the Witchwood is the best though,.I think were the only Oi band in the area.
9. What about the football thing are you interested in terrace culture?
Ade is a Man city fan, Rich is a Sheff utd fan cus he´s the only one in the band from Yorkshire, and Kev is an Oldham fan... Kev been a football hooligan for years and years, but doesn´t bother as much now due to getting sent to prison every time.

10. Do you know anything about Czech republic and scene here?
Not a lot to be honest, hopefully we can come and play over there and experience it all first hand.
11.Plans for the future?
Get this album written and out that everyone wants us to bring out, also get more gigs abroad play throughout Europe etc, cus we tend to play quite a lot in England and we need to spread our wings so to speak..
12. Last words
Cheers to Peddy for taking the time to interview us, sorry about the delay in getting back to you mate..any info people want on the band just get in touch thru myspace, also our new single (7" vinyl) is now out on sale so give that a listen if you can. All the best and see yer all soon at a gig somewhere.