1. Can you introduce your band, members (hobbies, age, job...) and tell us how you know each other?

Sure thing! First we have Johan Westmar, he's 45 years old and lives just outside Boras-city and he works as a tattoo artist and has he's own studio called Black Scar Tattoo in the city. He's our vocalist and plays the guitar in Kombatants and also vocalist in the band Heroes. Then we have Wictor Persson, he's 24 years old and lives an hour from Boras in a city called Varberg. He works as a car painter and plays the leadguitar in Kombatants. Third, we have Pierre Andersson, he's 25 years old and also lives in Varberg. He works with car engines and building bicycles. He plays drums in Kombatants. Last but not least, we have Robban Carlsson, he's 26 years old and lives just outside Boras city. Currently he is enjoying life to the fullest! He's the bassplayer in Kombatants and use to play bas in S.O.T

2. Some of your members used to play in S.O.T. (viking rock band with folk influences) and Heroes...is this band still active? And why did you move and start Oi! band Kombatants...

S.O.T is not active anymore but Heroes still has a couple of gigs every year. Well, Johan, Pierre and Robban got together at the Kuggnas-festival 2011 and talked about how cool it would be to start a Oi!band-project, so they rehearsed a couple of "oldies", Cock Sparrer, Sham 69, Blitz and after a while they wrote a couple of songs on their own. Then Wictor joined them in september/october 2012.

3. Why did you choose this name?

We came up with the name Kombatants just for wanting something hard and easy to remember, its Combatants with a K (a little bit of swenglish) and then we noticed that we could break down the name to Ants, so there you have the Ants Firm.

4. You have released solo album on PST and split CD on Skinflint...can you tell us about the cooperation with the labels and how did you find Bakers Dozen for the split CD?

We put some songs on youtube and started spreading the word about the band, and in the summer of 2012 PST contacted us and wanted to release a debut album with us. And Skinflint is a kind of funny story, we had a contest on facebook and i picked a winner and it turned out to be Dave, runner of Skinflint Music. And we had no idea that he was, so when PST turned us down on the split Jon in Bakers Dozen contacted Skinflint and he knew who we were and had our cd, so everything just went downhill from that point. And Bakers is because of Jon's girlfriend Vicky, she took interest in us when we started. So alot of everything is thanks to her.

5. Can you introduce your sound little bit?

It's kind of a punk/rock'n'roll/SKA type of sound, very different from all the other Oi! bands. But it feels like it's our sound, so we will stick to it!

6. Do you like older bands more then new breed bands? And which of them influence you?

We like both new and old, Cock sparrer, Sham 69, Blitz, The Last Resort, Cockney Rejects, Guttersnipe,  Bakers Dozen, Hooligan UK and the list continues..

7. Do you prefer CD or vinyl and why?

Well, CD is modern, but "just a CD", vinyl is more real, it's another feeling when you listen to it, it's another kind of sound.

8. You came from Boras area...can you told us something about the city from the tourist and skinhead tourist point of view (bands - I know Gatans Lag, pubs, crews, bars...)?

The city of Boras is totally dead from a punk/skinhead point of view. No gigs and all pubs turning into hipster/brat/discos. We've been looking for a venue for a while to do some gigs but it seems we have to look elsewhere.

9. What about the gigs...do you like playing live? You played in Scotland...can you compare the gigs in your country with this one?

We love playing live, and the gigs are very different if you compare the UK to Sweden, Sweden the scene aren't so big, but the gigs are very good organized but in the UK there is a different kind of spirit, but it doesn't matter, it's always fun as hell to play!

10. Where can we order your stuff...?






11. What should we do to organise your gig...what are your requirements?

Beer. If it's outside of Sweden, it's flightcosts and accommodation, and hopefully money to bring our instruments, but there is no problem if we have to borrow equipment. In Sweden it's about 300-400 Euro, but then we fix travel and hotel by our self. And Beer!

12. Do you know anything about Czech republic?

Staropramen and Karel Janoušek (from Sabaton song – Peddy´s note).

13. Plans for the future...

We are starting a "secret project" in december and next year we're starting to work on a new split together with a really cool band. When it comes to gigs, we only have one booked so far and it's Bootboys are back vol.4 in Czech republic!

14. Last words....

Support your scene, buy our cd, book us and drink a beer!