1. Hello, so the first one will be classic one, can you introduce your band, members (age, hobbies, work) and tell us how you know each other?

I’m Nate and I play bass. I'm 35, and I work as an illustrator and graphic designer for a living. Ryan, is our singer, is a tattoo artist. Luke, our guitarist is a bricklayer and teaches guitar on the side, and Dave our drummer is a high school art teacher. So I guess we all do some creative work to earn a living! The rest of the guys are 32 or 33 years old.

We've all been friends for years and years. We met mostly just through the punk scene in st. Louis.

2. When and why did you come to the decision to start the band and why did you choose the name Hard Evidence?

Luke, Dave and me were playing in a band together in 2011 that didn’t really work out with the vocalist, so we decided to start something new with Ryan. The name was a bit of an inside joke that came about when watching a television show. Luke liked the sound of it and joked about how it worked well with a cockney accent. ‘ard ev! Stupid, really, but it made us laugh so we liked it.

3. Did your members have any experience with playing in different bands before Hard Evidence?

Yes. I played in the Bridgeburners (on Dim Records). We put out a 12” record back in 2008 or so. We actually have been kicking around the idea of doing another record recently. Dave, Luke and I also played in Pist ‘N’ Broke (Randale records) and Southpaw Manners before Hard Ev.

4. You founded the band in 2013 and your debut was released on Rebellion/Longshot, which is quite successful, how did you come to work with those labels?

We sent our record out to a few labels and Mike at Longshot was the first to get back to us. He really liked what he heard. We sent Wouter at Rebellion the record at the same time. Wouter just hadn’t received the package in the mail since it takes longer in international mail. Once Wouter received it he was just as excited. Mike and Wouter both know each other from co-releasing records in the past. It really is a great scenario. Mike can cover US distribution and Wouter handles Europe, so shipping to people on both continents isn’t going to kill the recipients financially. We couldn’t be happier with the arrangement! They both put out solid music.

5. Are you satisfied with their work?

Absolutely. We are already talking about the next release with them!

6. Your debut was released on CD and also on LP, what do you prefer and why?

I like the vinyl just due to the tactile nature of it. It’s heavier and has more presence on a shelf! You get large artwork to look at and you really feel like you get something for your money. The record comes with a digital download too, so you kind of get the best of both worlds. It’s great to have a CD as an option though. I know a lot of people these days don’t want to bother with records.

7. In your sound I can hear Cock Sparrer and mainly the Crack (especially in vocals of some songs)...what are your other musical influences and do you prefer older or new breed bands?

Cock Sparrer and The Crack are definitely huge influences on us. Our song “All the Answers” was written as homage to The Crack. Luke and I are huge fans of Steve Whale/MarK Brennan era Business as well. “Welcome to the Real World” is one of my all time favorite records! Slaughter and the Dogs, the Dictators, the Professionals, all that stuff has had a huge influence on us.

As far as newer or more recent bands go, Victory are solid, and good friends of ours. Discharger’s last record “Desecrated Ground” is great. Battle Ruins, Brassknuckle Boys, Giuda, all of them are killing it.

8. Can you introduce songs and their topics from your debut CD Last One Standing (I really like the Rising Sun and All the Answers)?

“Rising Sun” is about World War 2 kamikazes. The Spirit Wind! The idea of death before defeat, it doesn’t get heavier than that.

“All the Answers” is about overcoming overwhelming odds.

We really tried to write songs that aren’t typical topics in Oi! and streetpunk music. A lot of bands have said a lot of the same things over the years. We felt there were plenty of things to talk about out there besides drinking, boots, braces and running down the backstreets.

9. You come from the city of St. Louis in Missouri, can you introduce little bit your city and area from the skinhead point of view (bands, pubs, clubs...) and from tourist point of view (I know just your hockey team Blues)?

St. Louis has had a few bands related to the scene, most notably Last Year’s Youth (GMM Records) and Pist ‘N’ Broke. There are a few good clubs. Fubar puts on most of our shows. Our booking collective, the Wolfpack Syndicate, does most of the punk/oi! shows there.

As far as what the city is known for, Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser) is headquartered and was founded here.

10. Let´s stay by the hockey, in your logo is word "casual" are you going to support your hockey team as a casual or is there some kind of casual culture in some other sport (soccer, baseball, basketball, american football...)

There isn’t much a casual culture in the traditional European sense in the States. In hockey the players do all the fighting! We were playing off the classic Agnostic Front skinhead shirt with the boots. Adidas sambas are literally a much more casual choice of clothing, so we thought it was funny. The link between casuals and skinheads is just an added layer to the design that makes it work so well.

11. There are some Czech hockey players in the team of Blues, do you know anything about Czech republic?

Our record was pressed there! Pirates Press does most of their record pressing in the Czech republic. I’ve never been there, but it’s smack in the middle of my favorite part of the world. We hope to get to come play there!

The US gets quite a few hockey players from there, don’t we?

12. Where can we order your stuff (mainly t-shirts because I found just some american webside)...

The only place to order our shirts is through our collective, Wolfpack Syndicate. 

13. What about the gigs...do you like playing live and is it problem for oi! bands to play in your area?

We like playing shows! We don’t have a lot of problems at shows. St. Louis is an anomaly where most right wing and left wing punks and skins actually tolerate each other. There is the occasional fight, but its usually taken care of within the scene. It helps that the bars and clubs we play at are run by like-minded people. It makes for some great shows.

14. Are you thinking about European tour?

That is our primary goal! We would like nothing more than to do just that!

15. Plans for the future... We are talking about doing a split 7” record with another band yet to be announced. It will be on Longshot/Rebellion as well, so keep an eye for that!

We will also be playing at Live and Loud in Chicago this May 23-25. It’s a great lineup. Noi!se, The Templars, Oxblood, Bishops Green, Forced Reality, Fatskins, Those Unknown, Victory, Brassknuckle Boys and many more.

16. Last words....

It was great talking to you! We hope tomake it out to see you sooner than later!