1.     So at first can you introduce your band, members (hobbies, age, work...) and how you know each other?

Gan: So, we are Gan and we play patriotic rock & roll, Mucha is vocalist, She works as a judicial clerk and as She said lounging in, is what she likes the most. Dmuchacz (drummer) and Miro (bassist) are true working class. Dmuchacz in free time rides on his vintage scooter. Miro is going on dates with his best porn actress, with his hand :), and “Gouda” of course. They all finished more than 40 years old. Maks is 25, He works as graphic designer/front end developer typical html and graphic stuff. After work, he trains in a gym. On Sundays we are playing together. How we know each other? Maks, Mucha and Dmuchacz is family, and Miro is close friend. Mucha is mother of Maks, and Dmuchacz is brother of her husband, so Maks’s uncle, rock and roll “Kelly familly” hehehe.


2.     When and why came decission to start GAN?

Gan: Gan was started after retirement of our previous band The Blakauts in May 2013. We decided to form new band with catching up Mucha on vocal, with patriotic and more serious lyrics, cause We thought that after those years, there is no sense in singing about drinking, fucking, fighting and that violence is cool. Maks had few ideas for start ready. Track Gan was written in 2008, and was played by two Maks's previous bands.


3.     I know that Mucha had some experiences with playing in band before but what about the other band members...?

Gan: We’ve been playing since a lot of time, in most of more known Szczecin punk and oi bands, hard to count on fingers, actually now We really don’t want to build Gan on names of previous bands. If someone really want to know there will be no problem, there are some services like Wikipedia or Discogs ;)


4.     You choose your name from nickname of Rafal Ganowicz...can you tell us why and also tell us something more about that person?

Gan: Gan was first track wich we were playing, when we played few times, and created about 5 tracks, there still was no name of band. There was some ideas, but once Mirek asked “why not just Gan?” Rafał Ganowicz was Polish soldier of fortune “condottiero”, his father was killed in Warsaw uprising, and mother in September campaign. He was left without anyone. In post-war Poland as a teenager he created a clandsestine anti-communistic organization. Commies fell on his trail and he had to escape from Poland. He went a long way to Berlin under the chassis of the train, only with a gun in a pocket. After few years, trainings and guard duty in Paris, he received a lieutenant patent from Anders. In 1965 and 1967 he fought against commies in Africa. It was actually his private war no matter with who and for who important for him was only that it was private war against coummunism. There is a really awesome autobiography book, that everyone should read named “Kondotierzy”.


5.     Your first album was out on home label of Polish skins - Olifant Records...can you tell us something more about the cooperation with Bosy

Gan: We know each other since long time as friends, and it is not our first record in Olifant. He know what we want and what we need and vice versa.

6.     All your lyrics are inspired by Polish history and wars.....who is responsible for the lyrics and why do you chose this topic? And what about the future...are you going to write similar lyrics to your new stuff?

Gan: Lyrics are written by everyone who wants to do it. We are using our lyrics and even lyrics written by people from outside of the band, like Maks’s wife “Anja Kilmister” or grandfather “Tygrys”. Each of us has a family, kids,job. We are really sick of singing and hearing about that you need to get drunk, we will…. but why should we write about it, it is not reason to be proud of, or that violence is ok and we will smash people faceswith heavy boots just for fun… it will be ridiculous. We love our country, and there are still a lot of really interesting heroes and topics in Polish history to be proud of. So next album will be similar with lyrics.


7.     Can you introduce little bit your album Przeklety Polak and your songs?

Gan: About Gan We wrote earlier, “Rozstrzelana armia” is cover of polish bard Andrzej Kołakowski and it is song about mjr. “Łupaszko” and his executed army of “Cursed soldiers”. Title track “Przeklęty polak” is about destroyer polish ship serving in Polish navy during II World war. “Blada ballada” is sad little bit poetic song about material situation in Poland. “Hymn do Bałtyku” is original polish navy anthem, but we’ve changed music. “Słowiański temperament” is song about Slavic temperament, it means that Poland will always uprise, no matter when, how and in what situation. “Generał Maczek I jego pancerni” is about leader of tank division in 2nd World War. They were the terror of the Germans, and Germans shit up their uniforms only when they heard of Maczek and his tank division :). “Panie Janie młodopolski” is little bit similar to “Blada ballada” but it is written like it’s shouted from mouth of young Polish person with lack of prospects, the song has overtones of Anti PO (ruling party in Poland). “Westerplatte” as title says it’s about battle of Westerplatte. “Ojczyzna” is written by Miro, in short almost always people turns to their homeland here homeland turns to people in thanks. And last two songs is brutal song about Massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia, how it really was. Part of Mucha, Dmuchacz and Maks family was there in those times, and they survived this. So we know the true about what UPA and Bandera did, how horrible it was.


8.     I really like your music, which bands inspired you?

Gan: Actually we are listening to almost everything that is not POP and is made with hands, each of us been brought up on metal, Szczecin was capitol of metal in Poland. Mucha (Slayer) and Mirek likes more metal and hard music, Maks rac/rock and roll (Social Distortion, Kill baby kill, Skrewdriver) and Dmuchacz rock and roll (Slade, Motorhead). We can say that as band, we are inspired by bands from punk trough rac, rock and roll and few types of metal or even ska/rockabilly. We don’t listen to music cause if ideals or means of communication. We listen to good music.


9.     You came from the Szczecin city, can you tell us something about from the tourist and skinhead tourist point of view (bands, pubs, football...)?

Gan: Most tourists in Szczecin are from Germany, so we can’t tell more about them. In Szczecin it is hard to make concert for people because there is no interest in town. Last time when here was typical skinhead gig there was about 100-150 person, most of them were tourists. From the other side here are a lot of really good bands in punk/oi even metal and Hip-hop style. We have a local teamPogoń Szczecin, wich after many years finally is conducted on normal terms and is seriously growing in strength. Pubs are changing, opening/closing really fast, so we have no typical place to stay.


10.  Can you introduce some bands from your area?

Gan: From Szczecin comes a lot of more known Polish bands, in punk/oi and especially in metal and hip-hop, and a lot of bands is not existing anymore. Now there are really good band growing up, we are playing in the same place. They call Dirty Bastards, young guys about 16/18 years old, playing like AC/DC – Motorhead with Iron Maiden solos from both guitars :) when we listen to them play we get complexes:), really great musicians with huge future.

11.  What about the gigs...you played in Scotland...can you compare it with regular gigs in your country?

Gan: Gigs in Scotland for us was more journey than gigs :) we spent there one week. It was really awesome, thanks for Kogut and Krzyżok and everyone else for really nice adventure! It’s hard to compare, in Edinburgh there was many people, but in Glasgow there was only 6 tickets sold, maybe because there was not much advertisement of it, and we were not known band. We existed only 5 months.


12.  What should we do to invite you for a gig, what are your requirements?

Gan: You should contact us on facebook, generally it depends of the type of journey how much it will cost. We don’t have any bus or car, in Poland we are always traveling by train. We need revenue of travel, hotel or normal place to sleep, food, beer, and some money for typical away expenses, playing concerts away is really expensive for us too :). We will play on Streetkids party 13, in Brno 21.06, so there will be opportunity to see us.


13.  Do you know antyhing about scene in CZ and about CZ in general?

Gan: We know few bands, like Pilsner Oiquell, Operace artaban. As Junkers (Mucha, Maks) we’ve played with Disdainful in Żory (Poland), from the other side Buldok and Orlik nice rac groups. We know of course that there was few nice festivals, like Antifest or Mighty sounds.


14.  Where we can order your merch?

Gan: We don’t have it yet, Olifant have only our CD-s, few pins and stickers, We have it too. We are planning to make some shirts in the near future, pattern has been already done.


15.  Plans for the future?

Gan: Play concerts, meet new people, create and record second album.


16.  Last words?

Gan: See you on the concerts!