1. Hi so you are playing for really long time so can you told us how did all start?

Hi. Ok, but I don´t know if I remember all things well. But I know that band was founded by Novko and Slaďas. They were playing in their drummers flat, but the drummer was soonly replaced. It was at the end of 1990 when we were visiting their flat and they were playing really loud. It was the really old school stuff, you can imagine this I think. I was caught by this so I ran at my home with idea that I wanted to be a drummer. I was 13 at that time. Parents helped me with this, which was great, so when I met other guys I told them if I could play with them and they agreed! So all band with bunch of fans moved to my parents pub to rehersal. So parents finally realised what they done hehe…


2. Who came up with the name? Was the band name influenced by the fact that you started playing after Velvet revolution?

I think it was idea of Novko and Slaďas, we were visiting one school together, but I was some classes under them. I think that they came up with it on one of they way back from school to home, when they are making mess and little riots and the name fits really well to the situation around us. It was the time of split up and also of the birth of something new but no one knows what he should expect. We can´t stare of ACAB provocations which happened before when you were punk..but some of the cops didn´t realised this till today….


3. You have good music and also great lyrics…who is responsible for this?

Thanks, we are glad when people like our music and we know that hours of rehersals worth it. Novko came with basic riff, line and vocal and then other add his piece. And I made some lyrics into this and song is done. It is like when you are making new recipe for some good food.


4.ZK had also some crisis during your career..the biggest one was I think in 2007 when you stopped playing…why?

The crisis started in 2003…we were in pressure, many gigs, alcohol, problems inside the band so I left the band. The rest continues but the drummers were changing very often so Novko and Slaďas realised to stop playing. They found new drummer, but he was into metal stuff so his style didn´t fit to ZK music, so they made HC project but they also call it a day because of ZK.


5.Now it is year 2009 and you are back with bang. Who came with idea to make a reunion of the band? And why?

So we were playing and composing together really well so we came together after a while and after few tunes we are back together. I really missed this after this years of playing..I was trying to found some projects but I never believed that we can play together again.

Of course that the idea of reunion came in the pub. We met each other after a long time, we get drunk and we made a deal of the reunion…The break was good because everyone clear his mind so we are back together and we are playing together better then before.



6.After your reunion came new guitarist Sparky…how he came to the band?

We wanted to play only in three pieces but we realised that we need 2nd guitar..so we started searching for someone. We tried some guys and we found Sparky. He is great and he do his best. He is younger and he has to come to rehersals from different town but he is making it.


7.Are you planning any new album, video or something like that?


We aren´t planning many things..what goes around must come around. We are looking forward to studio at the beginning of 2010 . We want to make something like memorial CD. It will be 20 years anniversary of our band so we want to rerecord some older stuff for new fans, find old photos etc. We will make some release party, video and maybe some gigs…


8.Which bands influence you most?

So at first it was old pun bands like Exploited, GBH, AF, Spermbirds but we came to other..we were listening to allmost everything from punk, hc, oi!, ska...To be specific it was no conrete band…we were making songs according to momentary mood..


9.You were playing for long time…so do you think that anything changes in the scene?

Well good question. Many things changes. And it is changing every 2-3 years. You will see how many people and things will dissaper and wery few stay the same. But that´s life..people are changing, the old goes and new blood will replace them. And this is good because the young streetkids keeps the flame alive. We just thinking about lyrics to song Jedna scéna(One Scene) and we realised that we have to change the lyrics because the things are different after some years. We are little bit worries because of ignorance, apathy and tolerance to right wing tendecies which weren´t there before. Many people hiding themselves behind non-politic attitude but their oppinons, arogance and false patriotism speak about opposite.


10.What is the worst and the best thing which happened to you on the gig and where? Luckily it happens nothing big, some attacks of nazi children who try to cancel our gig etc…but the worst thing was I think in Nove Město nad Metuji where was problem with some organisator friend who have hidden swastika tattoo on his arm. Someone start a fight with him but he had broke his head because he was attacked from behind. No other people joined the fight so I was disappointed of those people.Anyway every our gig makes me happy and lucky…but I can´t describe it with words…


11.Where and with whom did you play gigs preferably?

So nowadays we like to play with Muerti..old friends of us and we are glad that they started a band…and they are very good. When the things go like this..we will make them a support band in near future. We like to play gigs at our home in Topolčany and regular good gigs are in prague, Plzen, Jablonec and Hradec…..great fans there…


12.Any words on the end? Some greetings, thanks, swears…

No swears…we don´t care..but greetings to all fans in Slovakia and Czech republic and also in some other countries if there are any. Thanks for support..it helps us. Stay true to yourself and don´t care about the prejudice, support the scene and keep on drinking tasty beer and listening to good music!


13.Thanks for your time and anwers. All the best and good luck and ideas tothe future! Thanks for questions and all the best!


Interview made by Alexxx