1. So at first can you introduce your band, members (hobbies, age, work, etc...) and tell us, how you met each other?

Hi , we're Queensbury Rules, we have been together now for 2 and a half years..,, we all met through going to Oi, and punk gigs..... We all like the usual stuff! football, drinking, music etc.,.., our ages range from 25 to 45!!

2. When and why came decision to start a band and why the name Queensbury Rules?

We decided to start a band because we all love hard hitting music and thought that Bristol, UK needed a real Oi band!!!

3. Have your members some previous experience in playing in a band?

Woj (guitar) used to play in a death metal band..... Neil (bass) used to play in a punk, rock n roll band and Barney (our new drummer) is a veteran of playing in bands! Jordan (vocals) is the only member who has never played in a band before, but it certainly doesn't show!!

4. You have two EP´s out and one compilation...how did you chose the labels and how are you satisfied with them (Lionheart, Greyzone, British Oi! production/Rebellion)?

We are so happy to have had the chance to put out some proper recordings!!..... The labels sort of chose us, it was a natural progression and being in the right place at the right time!!!.... We are real happy with all of the labels and feel honored and humbled for the opportunity!!

5. All of your stuff is on vinyl (except CD version of the compilation) so it looks that you prefer vinyl instead of CD´s am I right? Why? Do you consider yourself as music collector?

We all like to collect music in any format! The older members started with vinyl and cassettes years ago!! Our youngest member (Jordan) probably collects the most vinyl these days, so it's gone full circle!!! The fact that most of our releases so far are vinyl is purely coincidental!!

6. What are your musical influences, do you prefer older or new breed bands? And are you just into Oi! music or do you listen some other styles?

Musically our influences are quite wide. We all have a deep love of Oi, punk and metal, ranging from real old school 60/70's to the current day!!! Old or new, it doesn't matter, so long as it's good and is played from the heart!! 

7. Can you introduce to our readers your songs and topics of them?

Our songs, for the most part, are about everyday life on the streets, dealing with the usual social bullshit that we all have to put up with!! Also we sing about historical events and tales from the past, for example, our song "return to agincourt" is all about old battles involving British archers fighting, coupled with more recent history from W.W.1 

8. You came from the city of Bristol, can you introduce it little bit (from tourist -monuments, etc...and skinhead point of view - pubs, clubs, record stores...)?

Bristol is a pretty diverse city with plenty of subcultures. It's an old shipping port that has a long history involving the slave trade etc..., this influences its evolution! Today skinheads are always on the outside in Bristol, but we stand strong against the usual backlash, rubbish and slander!

9. What about the gigs, do you like playing live and how often do you play?

We love playing live and we don't play often enough!..... Due to all the blatant lies and rumors that follow us, we are limited to how often we can play.... We would love to play more, people shouldn't listen to what is said about us because for the most part, it is total bullshit!!!

10. What about your stuff, where we can order your records and merch?

You can order our merch directly from the band FB page..... A private message is fine!! 

11. Do you know anything about Czech Republic?

We don't know too much about the Czech Republic music scene!! Woj (who is Polish) is the nearest we got!! Neil went to Prague years ago on a stag weekend and absolutely loved it!!!

12. Plans for the future...

We are currently finishing writing tracks for our debut full length... We will be going into the studio in January 2016, so keep an eye out!! 

13. Last words...

We'd just like to thank "Backstreet Battalion" for the interview, and hopefully one day we can get to play a few gigs in your country!!!!

Thanks a lot guys, QR!!