1-Hi, so a first you can introduce your band, members (age, job, hobbies) and tell us show they met each other?

Hi, first thanks for the interview, we are DRAKKAR and we are a Viking rock band. We are members of different ages, Josep (drums) and Alexis (bass) are the most veteran of the band, they met in high school. Mini (guitar) and Victor (voice) are a little younger, Mini does not reach 20 and Victor, Josep and Alexis are in their thirties.

Alexis and Josep are always known and have shared several bands, Mini is like the little brother of Victor ... Josep and Victor met in a fighting gym in Castellón.

We combine our work (mechanic, factory worker, official and student) with making noise with Drakkar and different sports and family, in addition to other bands in which we are bundled ... so little time remains!!!


2-When and why came the decision to start a band and have your band members experience playing somewhere before?

Well the idea was started by Victor and Mini, who also play in a band from Oi! Which is called CASTILION. We wanted to make a powerful Viking rock like the 90's Nordic bands, so we started and called Josep. We started some rehearsals and the thing started to sound good, so we got in touch with Alexis and so far we are the current training.

As I mentioned Alexis and Josep have another parallel rock'n'roll band in Motorhead style, Victor and Mini are in CASTILION, and also Mini in REVOLTA that is a good band Oi!


3-your name is DRAKKAR and you play Viking Rock which is quite rare in Spain, tell us something about that ...

The members who started the band the crazy Viking of the 90 and wanted to do a project with a sound similar and totally removed from politics.

In Spain there are few bands of viking because they are very poorly seen and unfortunately politicized ... it seems that if you do viking you have to agree with someone or something, and in our case it is not. So we decided to form a band of viking rock without politics or clichés, only viking rock.


4-I heard your song Ocaso (Sunset) on Youtube (which is the cover of Varingarna), can you tell us why you chose this song?

 As I have commented, Victor is a freak of the nordic bands of the 90 and always liked this subject, so he proposed using an adapted letter. We tried the song in the rehearsals and the members of the band liked it, so we decided to record it along with the others in what is our demo.

Varingarna is a representative band of Viking, undervalued and with few versions, so we thought that making a cover would be a good tribute.

5-Can you tell us more about your songs (titles, themes, music ...) that are unknown to most of your readers? Do you sing in Spanish or English?

Well, the letters go of glory and battles, mythology, weapons, fire and burials ... bloody invasions, calls to honor and war, 100% viking.

Usually the song guide is composed by Mini with the guitar, then between Alexis, Josep and Mini adjust them and give them that epic touch. The lyrics make them Victor, some are in English, but little by little we are going to introduce more letters in Spanish.

Dragonheads talks about ships and raids, about how the fog and the darkness hid the looters ... Odin's Law is a theme that talks about the value in the battles, tells that it is necessary to fight and to die in combat like the Ancestors who accepted their fate and perished with guns in their hands, Weapons and Flames is a very epic song that tells what a man asks if he dies, thinks to fall in combat and speaks to his people about how he would like his burial, Blood in Europe is about the European incursions, how souls broke and plundered temples without mercy ... Barbarians invade your land ...At the Gates of Hel tells a man's path to the Hel, of what he feels and observes, and when he is before the doors of the Hel, he challenges him to a fight, 7 is a song about the evils of the world, metaphorically is a 7-headed devil to behead, is a dark, fast and heavy subject, breaks with what we are accustomed to touch, but gives him rudeness and heaviness, Sounds of Battle is a song written to the newborn daughter of Victor, very sentimental written from the depths of the feeling.


6-Are you going to release Cd or Ep in the near future and you have a label for it?

Our dedication is to take vinyl and cd edition ... the bad thing is that we do not have clear yet the themes that will go in each format, since in summer we enter to re-record all the subjects and some more to gain more quality to the songs. ..but soon there will be a decision !!


7- Can you describe the city when you live in skinhead (pub, clubs, record stores ...) but also from the tourist point of view..

Drakkar is not a band of skinheads, since neither Alexis nor Josep on ... but I tell you how the situation is from the point of view of Victor and Mini. Our town, Castellon, is small although it has quite a few bars and pubs where to spend the afternoon drinking and with friends, although unfortunately, most are quite politicized and you have to choose either side.

Castellón has enough concerts of punk rock, revival and metal during the winter, in summer being a city of coast and with a very good beaches it seems that everything is paralyzed ... and in October everything is put into operation.


8-What about the scene in your area ... can you recommend us some new bands around?

Well there are many bands in Castellón and the area of Valencia ... the bands Oi! Previously mentioned as Castilion and Revolta, there are also punk rock bands like Rebel minds or Delest, metal bands like Razón de Odio or Runic ... the great ones of Furious People making a sound to the Glucifer ... very good Furious Pople! !!!

In the area of the Levant are returning bands like Hairdryers and Mercancias, a very good new bands!!!


9-what about your merch, I saw you have a shirt with your logo, where can we order it?

We send to everywhere, no problem for that. Each shirt is worth 10 euros and the shipping costs are paid by the buyer. Currently we do not have shirts with the logo, we will do more in the future ... now we are working on another model to present at the next concert


10-In addition, what about the concerts, I saw that our debut with Reconquestou and Revolta, do you plan other concerts and it is difficult to find a place for a concert in your area?

Yes, on March 4 we played with Reconquesta, which is a very good band that you have already interviewed and with Revolta, the other band from Mini ... hopefully it's a good debut !!!

In our city everything is very politicized as we said before, then it costs a little to select pubs and bands with which to share time and noise. We are open to play wherever, where they call us there will be, the only condition we put is not to touch anything or anyone political, just noise, beer and viking rock!


11-Do you know anything about the Czech Republic?

Good beer, lovely cities, great bands from Oi! And Black Metal, very cold and some very good derbys between Sparta and Bohemians !!!

Some of our members have traveled to Prague and are in contact with people from football fans...


12-plans for the future ...

Keep making music, have fun in each rehearsal with a few beers, improve day by day taking new issues that do not disappoint the people who follow us ...

And make more direct, we would like to play abroad and move more ... to see where we are called!

But above all to follow in the same line, not to enter in dirty games nor to fall in the usual topics that dirty the viking spirit.


13-Last words ...

Thank you enormously for the time you have lost in preparing the interview with Drakkar, the interest you have put on and publishing it.

Just say that if you liked "Ocaso" soon we will hang more songs from our demo and hope not disappoint anyone

If you are interested in buying material from the band or calling us to play only you have to put in contact on our facebook page ...

Will see in Valhalla !!!